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    Rosin on the bow and here we go.

    Honor your partner; curtsey and bow.
    Grab your gal and show 'em how.

    All join hands and circle round.
    Chase your gal all over town.

    Turn around and chase your neighbor.
    Do yourself a great big favor.

    Ladies to the center; form a star.
    Gents stay put right where your are.

    Do Si Do, then form a ring.
    Dance all night till the birdies sing.

    Allemande left with the old left hand.
    Weave the ring. Now ain't life grand!

    Now all go home 'cause it's quitting time.
    And that's the end of my musical rhyme.

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    Hi Kids

    Did you see the beautiful "wedding dress" SG made for her granddaughter? There's
    a pic on the previous thread. Dressmaking artistry.

    Julie, your turkey pizza sounds delicious. Maybe your Amish friends could make same
    to sell with their pies. A new item might help drum up some business.

    We had rain yesterday. Always a problem with Zippy. I fed him outside as usual. After
    half an hour I tried to get him to come in the house. I patiently explained about the
    rain that was coming, but he was imperious to reason. Since I can't pick him up anymore,
    I went inside for a nap and hoped I'd wake up before the rain started.

    I didn't, but Gordon came home early and let him in before he got too wet. The reason that
    Gordon came home at noon was that he was laid off. Seventeen years with the company. Not
    even a week's severance pay.

    He is 64. Not likely to get another job. Now he'll have to see about getting Obamacare. It
    will be two years before he can collect his full social security benefits. Anyhoo, we will not
    be homeless. The house is paid for, and I have Soc. Sec. and he has savings. He'll just have
    to stop buying all those cookbooks and orchids. Ha Ha! If that doesn't work, I'll send him
    to Cookbooks Anonymous. One good thing. His commute of an hour plus is over.

    I'm going to make some Jello w/ whipped cream (or whatever is in that frozen container).
    A hug and some comfort food are always welcome.

    And hugs to all of you too.
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    Oh, Rock, I'm so very sorry that Gordon was laid off. What a horrible way to go--out of the blue with no severance pay. Can he collect unemployment? It's not welfare; it's insurance, like disability, to which he is likely entitled. One no longer has to spend every hour searching for a job in order to keep it either. You are both in my prayers.

    Yes, Land's name was Edwin H. Kodak made their own version only to lose a court case over patent rights. We had the Kodak model and had to send it in for a rebate at a pittance of the price we paid for it. I've had a bad taste for Kodak ever since. Same with Brother. When computer software was upgraded, the only model for which Brother didn't upgrade the software was the model I owned. As I hauled it to the trash, the only smile I had was thinking, "It ain't heavy; it's my Brother." We put things like that out by the trash for the scavengers who tear it down and resell the parts or repurpose things. They love any kind of metal and electronics. Furniture goes quickly too.

    Speaking of having a bad taste in my mouth--Edison's winter estate was down here by the river alongside Firestone and Henry Ford. Every year, the town has a whole week of festivals devoted to him, ending with a parade. People go nuts. Edison's work was on the back of Nicola Tesla to whom he promised $50,000. He reneged on paying him and Tesla died in poverty but not until he had made a much greater contribution. Edison wanted DC electricity which isn't practical for any large area. Tesla worked with Westinghouse to prove how much better AC electricity was for large grids. Just recently, Tesla has been give credit for the radio which was always believed to have been invented by Marconi.

    Ford once called in the police to beat locked-out workers and their families a long time ago (in the 20's or 30's, I think). The police beat women and children too. One woman's face was so badly beaten that she was unrecognizable. I've had a bad taste for Fords ever since learning about this. I always drove VW's until I learned that during WWII, they were built with slave labor by Jews and other POW's. I'm sure there is shame and scandal related to everything we use but it makes me feel better to vote with my dollars. Some of those things happened so long ago that I would not let them deter me from buying their products now. On the other hand, while KFC was killing their own chickens and torturing them, I refused to eat there. They get their chickens from Tyson now. I will not eat at Chic-fil-et. The man who runs it is entitled to his own opinion but he uses profits to contribute to anti-LGBT orgs. I probably purchase all kinds of stuff with tainted history but I try not to if it's recent. Firestone knew their tires had problems and tried to hide it while Ford Explorers with their tires were rolling over. I won't buy Firestone tires either. Of course, we almost have to buy items from China, a country with one of the worst human rights histories. What's a consumer to do?

    Rock, nail guns now have a kind of safety in that they no longer fire unless pressed firmly against something. That keeps them from firing willy nilly in the air. They save a ton of time. Ooh, ooh, I had a great pun flash into my mind. When I got rid of my contract phone and went with a TracFone, I could have written, "Verizon Lost." :D

    Julie, your kitty stories are so cute. I can just picture them playing. What amazes me is how adaptable cats are. It's taken time and lots of love but these two are really enjoying living inside. I looooved the cold boob idea. After I had laser treatment under my eyes to get rid of the bags and crinkling, I wore a gel mask which I put in the fridge. I still keep it as it feels good when I have a headache. Hmmmm, perhaps bras with gel inserts which can be cooled. They'd sell like hotcakes down here or, coldcakes as the case may be.

    Sunflower Girl, The dress is beautiful. Perhaps this will be the prototype for when she gets married. You are so talented. I took dressmaking in HS and had a really good teacher. Only thing is that I like to take shortcuts, no pun intended, and it always shows up in the finished product. Back when I made clothes for the girls and me, I took care to make them look professional but now, all I do is window treatment or little pillows. Not much one can do to screw them up. Clothing is so cheap now, compared to when the kids were growing up. I got two Faded Glory tee shirts for $4.88 each at WallyWorld. Of course, down here, I live in tees.

    I haven't taken my temp yet but it had been dropping a wee bit each day. I think the ABX makes me feel as sick as anything. My allergies have been bad and I'm huffing and puffing but no asthma. Friends in the hood are having a bad time with it too.

    Dar, did you see your dresser on the side of a milkbox? Sorry, couldn't resist.

    Well, that's about it for my consumer rant of the day. Perhaps when I'm feeling better, I'll have something more uplifting, although the bra idea is uplifting, to speak of. Wishing everyone a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  4. Mikie

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    Hi, Julie,

    Just realized that I screwed up my pun. It should have read, "Lost Verizon." Oh well, y'all know what we mean when our minds are as tired as mine. Thanks for your kind good wishes. I am getting better slowly each day.

    Sounds as though you have really made progress on the roof. It's important to get it waterproofed. I remember that was a major concern when we did our addition. We were fighting the weather. My ex was at work and I had to go up and finish putting the tar paper on the boards. We didn't have the new moisture barriers back then. Our condo has it and the engineer who inspected our roof said that even if we lost every shingle, it wouldn't leak. We only lost a few during Hurricane Charley and it leaked. It was after that that we put the new roof on. Insurance paid for it because, even though only a few shingles blew off, the wind ruined the rest of them. I am so thankful that our bldg. is so well built considering that we are in Hurricane Alley. Our house addition was very well built too.

    That's so cute that the kittens are learning to hunt for themselves. Tweety and Sylvester were about 6 months old when someone dropped them off. They were starving and Tweety had wounds on her. Thank God that Jeff took them in even if he now doesn't seem to care about them. Everyone else in the hood loves them. I'm sure Jeff loved them too but, like with a lot of people, out of sight, out of mind. I am so blessed to have them. As soon as the cats were settled in and getting fed, they were hunting around here. Tweety is especially swift and deadly.

    They are the best and sweetest little kitties. Never thought they could become house kitties in such a short time. It's been hard on me cause I've been sick while trying to train them. Tweety has always seemed to understand everything I say to her. When she was crying so hard to go outside, I held her, petted her, looked her in the eye and told her I just couldn't let her out because I have to keep her safe (from the wicked witch next door). After a while, she seemed to understand. Then, it was the sleep issue. Now, it's perfect with them sleeping out on the lanai. I slept til 5:00 this morning. I feel rested and refreshed for the first time in ages.

    Went to Publix for a few groceries. I decided to make some chicken soup. I had gotten a roasted chicken at WallyWorld and have a bunch of white meat. I don't want to eat it but in soup, it will taste great. I got egg noodles. I am finding that without dairy, I can eat some wheat. I don't eat it regularly but it doesn't seem to bother me now.

    I removed my nail polish before I went to the store. When I got home, I painted my toe nails with a metallic raspberry color. I have yet to put the top coat on but it looks good. I may even do my fingernails. I usually only put the clear coat on them because they seem to chip so easily. I have a lot of stuff to clean out in my one closet. I'll try it and if it chips, off it'll come and I'll be back to clear coat only. I have nice looking nails and it's a shame not to polish them in color. Before the peptide injections, I had that verticle ridge/split on one nail. It is now gone, along with the other symptoms.

    Ran into a Publix employee I used to work with. He's working at this new one near me several days a week. What a nice thing to have happen. Hey, a hug from a good looking, younger, really nice guy ain't a bad thing! He's one of those guys who gets better looking with age. I'm having an excellent hair day so I'm a happy camper. It doesn't take much to make my day.

    Hope everyone else is having such a nice day.

    Love, Mikie
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    This isn't the best pic but, at least, I got both Tweety, in the front, and Sylvester together. They are lounging on their animal print fleece blankie on top of my loveseat. Neither will have anything to do with anything new. After a few days, they give in and accept things. You can't tell from the pic but Sylvester has long silky hair. He's a very handsome little dude. Glad I took the pic when I did as he started biting her feet and she kicked him off her personal aerie.

    Love, Mikie
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    First off I want to say I'm so sorry for Gordon. I'm sure it will take a few weeks to regroup and decide how his life will now be. "Just have to stop buying all those cookbooks and orchids. Ha Ha! If that doesn't work, I'll send him to Cookbooks Anonymous." I love your humor!!!!!

    There's waaaaay too much of those insensitive firings going on all around the country. And Diane.......that's totally the worst that Kevin's co worker received a text!!!!!

    Diane. I hope this flu bout will take a hike for you quickly.

    My husband is past the retiring point, turning 73 in nov, but he's still reasonably healthy and he does need the interaction of working and we're basically banking all of his earnings. He told me there's only one person older than he is and he was overjoyed to find that out!!!!! Our house is paid for and we have savings so I've told him if he gets laid off down the road then he can just collect unemployment and find something else to occupy his time. He's able to take a day off when he wants it because of all the unused vacation time. Yesterday he went deep sea fishing with a coworker, of course it happened to be very rough sea so the boat turned around instead of going to Catalina and they pier fished. I've told him there's no reason he can't go fishing at least once a week to give him a break from the stress at work.

    Julie: I can just picture all those cat cousins hitting the "trail" out in the wilderness, learning their hunting skills. I always loved having a litter of kitten around when I was younger. They're so full of mischief. And Lorraine is really getting a lot of happy country memories that she will always treasure as she gets older. I grew up in the country though no one around us did much aside from one family in back who raised pigs and cows for their own use but I do look back fondly.......being able to wander the open fields and explore.

    Thanks everyone. I love the way the Halloween dress came out, but really, all I did was cut out and reuse the good parts of the original dress. I wouldn't get a prize for what it looks like inside! I used to do a lot of "remodeling" of clothes since $ has always been tight. I discovered thrift store shopping years ago. It's amazing the things people throw away. That's how I started a little antique business when I was younger. Now I'm working to sell everything stuffed away in closets.

    Mikie: I keep forgetting to ask, what does ABX stand for? I'm sorry things are taking too long for you. Didn't I read on some post you were scheduled for another xray or something? I didn't know all of that about all those companies. You've got a terrific memory!

    By the way, we got some real downpours at times yesterday. What a shock......California got some weather. And poor little stubborn Zippy. I hope he was OK.

    Mikie: I think we were posting at the same time. Beautiful, healthy looking cats! You've done good.
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    Hi Kids

    Thank you for all your good wishes. Yes, Mikie, far as I know Gordon can collect unemployment benefits. Can't be too sure of much these days though. The date to collect social security keeps moving farther away. Like a goalpost on wheels. I had a disability pension from the state of Calif. It was for life. Ha ha! It was only $16 a week, but still. Anyway the state kept interrupting paymentsfor 3-4 months at a time because of budget problems. Finally it just stopped altogether. That was about a decade ago. Even at that low weekly rate it would have amounted to over $8,000 in that decade.

    We will be OK financially though. We were never ones to spend money on things that would
    impress people. I am more worried about the economic collapse that several economists have written about. They are saying it will be in the next few years. I probably won't be here which is OK with me. Don't wanna be here when my dementia is rampant. Just to illustrate, I
    cooked some lima beans. this morning. Instead of spooning the beans into a bowl, I put them in the margarine tub. Which still had margarine in it. D'OH!

    Thanks for the Brother-Lost Horizon puns. Here's a Dorothy Parker witticism I just found
    in a book last night. Never came across it before. Someone brought a circus photo to a
    party. It showed 3 elephants in costume. One with a top hat; one w/ bridal wreath; one w/
    a clerical collar. Dorothy glanced at it and said, "I'll give it 6 months."

    Julie, congrats on getting the project completed. Appreciate all your reports on mama and
    the kitties. One of the many good things about the internet is all the animal videos and pics.
    There is a site with the unlikely name of "I Can Has Cheeseburgers". It has oodles of
    animal pics and videos; some of exotic animals like goats and sloths and lemurs.

    Diane, that's terrible what Kevin's company did. Seems to be more and more the norm though. I read a first person account several years ago about an executive who was given the same treatment. He said it was the most humiliating day of his life.

    And don't worry about keeping up. Some days I do, and some days I don't. Just depends. Everybody here understands. I've been posting a lot lately, but there was a recent year when I only managed to post about 6 times. How my posting energy suddenly popped up again is a complete mystery to me.

    You know I appreciate all the support and camaraderie from you guys.
  8. Darrae

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    Hi all!

    Man, I feel like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. People come and go so quickly here! LOL.

    Rock--Thanks for starting up the new Porch. I was sorry to hear about Gordon's job. I'm glad you feel as secure as one can, however. As for anything connected with the government, situation normal..........nothing ever works the way the politicians purport it will. Not surprised your $16.00 per week just up and "poofed" into thin air. Anyhow,
    my thoughts are with you. I'm hoping this is God's way of saying, "I have something better for you on the horizon". Thanks for sharing the Dorothy Parker joke. Made me smile.
    I'm not generally "preachy" and don't often discuss my faith but, I have found that when something like this happens it often precedes something good coming into one's life. Here's hoping that this holds true for Gordon and yourself.

    Oh, and don't feel too bad about the beans in the butter. I lost my cigarette case one day a while back and, after searching for an hour, found it in the fridge where I'd put the groceries away. o_O

    Mikie--Too funny! Lost Verizon and Brother puns. No pics of my dresser on milk cartons at this point, (ha-ha), but I'm not so sure about the rest of my closet floor! LOL.

    I like your new avatar. Sylvester and Tweety are quite photogenic. So cute! I'm obviously a "cat" person as are many of us it seems. Though, I like hearing about Zippy in Rock's posts.

    I see we share another interest. I've read everything I could get my hands on regarding Nicola Tesla. I have a documentary that covers his life, achievements, discoveries and his exploitation in my DVD collection that I ordered long ago from PBS. How very sad that Edison and and Marconi profited so richly from his work and that he died in poverty. He was beyond brilliant! Were it not for Tesla, hydroelectric dams would have been delayed for who knows how long before someone else would have come up with the concept.

    Congrats on the excellent hair day! They can be rare and elusive. As for the hug from a young handsome guy, well hey hey hey! That's a good day too. LOL. :D Here's to feeling better each and every day. Glad to hear that you are "on the mend".

    Julie--Hi! Grand news regarding your roof! It's so neat that all your little furry kitties are making friends with one another. That's got to be so heartwarming to watch. I love your kittie stories. I know how dedicated you are to your kids and grandkids. Such a good parent and grandparent. Just remember to take care of yourself and re-charge so you don't get sick again. You've had a long journey with illness lately with your family. Hope it stays gone now for a while and you can get some well deserved rest.

    Sun--Beautiful dress! When my children were young, I made all their clothes, my clothes, my x-husband's clothes. I made the girls dresses with pinafores and matching bonnets. I made, even their slips. Heck, I even made my x-'s ties. Once, I made him a 3-piece lined suit. It looked great but I vowed never to tackle another one! Way too labor intensive. That dress is another expression of your obviously talented and artistic self. Bravo!

    Diane--I'm not sure we've conversed before. If we have, my apologies. It's that whole brain fart "memory" thing. Glad to see that you are posting though. Thank you for including me in your list of well-wishes. Hope the flu bug scats outa your life asap. No fun, the flu. I agree regarding the insensitive text firing. How rude! I look forward to getting to know you better.
    Thanks. :)

    As for myself, it seems that I have stumbled upon the right combination of supplements and homeopathic remedies. I am still, even after a resident entertainment day full of dancing with the residents and running myself full-out at work all day, feeling better than I have in a long long time. I think it's what knocked down that horrible flare I was in.

    Normally, after a day like I had today, I'd be so sore all over and my feet screaming by the time I got home. I still have pain, but it's much more tolerable than it's been in forever. I noticed today, also, that I'm taking the stairs a little quicker down to my office. I'm still using the elevator to go "up", but dare I hope, perhaps some of my energy is beginning to return.

    After the surgery a year and a half ago, I've never been able to even achieve where I was before it. Wish me luck. Maybe I can, at least, get back to where I was pre-surgery. I wish I had the extra money to go to the chiropractor. I think an adjustment at this point would be highly beneficial. But, too much else on my plate right now. Better is better. I will settle for that right now!

    Love n hugz to all!
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    Rock - so sorry to hear about Gordons getting laid off! but happy you are not that disturbed about it.
    it feels so strange to hear about these things in USA. i pray the economy turns around for this great

    how did you know about festival? yes, its here...the helper who took care of garden and stuff
    and his family hv left for village and so has my little helper who helped with cooking

    but theyre the ones who stole and im more relieved theyre not here, i was advised against
    firing them before getting replacements, everyone knows about my health and depression
    issues, so i was told not to do anything in a hurry

    six days of festival...

    cookbooks anonymous.....hahaha! here, ive cut putting ginger in my tea, and think twice before
    going to a cimema, and taking others. and buying plants. my garden doesnt hv flowers right
    now but i thought the bougainvillae and green plants do all right. no money to splurge.

    sunflower girl - what a beautiful dress! its got an old world charm to it. your lucky GD.

    mikie - thanks for posting the kitties pics, my, but they look smart! very healthy and happy.
    God bless You. and with your being not so in the pink too....this warms the heart.

    Dar - happy to hear you are feeling so much better....i pray you keep improving to the
    levels you want...this is encouraging to hear..

    julie - that is a LOT of cats to feed. ! hahaha, the posse of cats in the wild...tracking, springing,
    and generally going mad...i wish i was there...after i read yours n mikies posts i went searched
    utube and spent the last half hour before falling asleep, laughing my head off....the cat tubes
    are SO funny!!!!!

    granni - enjoy yourself, we are missing you and look forward to hearing about your trip

    diane - good of you to drop in.....pls come again soon

    well, i managed to clear out our downstairs store room of sorts, of five sacks of rubbish!!!
    old kids school books, test papers, my hoard of old magazines, half of them, other half another
    day, old clothes, curtains, plastics, used out of order lamps, ooof what not!

    a pedlar came n helped and i even got equiv of ten dollars for the junk!

    someone asked about sons poetry recital, i hv no idea what he writes about,
    im pretty sure its the modern stuff, coz i never thought about him being very
    literary and never seen him read much..

    he seems to enjoy doing this so its ok by me, its about the only time he
    will try brush his hair into some sort of order and try and press his shirt
    n pant before going. so thats also nice.

    well, gotta go, i thought i wud die of exhaustion the day i cleared out
    the junk , standing around for so long...i actually cried, but now i feel
    good about it and happy to say, my system is sorting itself a lil now,
    not getting quite as much an ache in the legs as before.

    i did rush out and get my herbal massage oil for the varicose veins
    yesterday. i think that and salt water soak helps

    take care, all you lovelies

    god bless
  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, active Porchies today. So good to read everyone's interesting posts. At least, if we have bad news, like Gordon's losing his job, we can share it and get support. Sadness and sorrow are lessened when shared and good news is multiplied abundantly when shared. I'm of the "God never shuts one door but what He doesn't open a window" school. I think we are here to learn and grow in spirit through life's hardships. The trick is often to see the window opening. We may yearn for the open door but if we take time to familiarize ourselves with what lies beyond the window sill, we may find some delightful surprises.

    I'm not a Polyanna, and sometimes, that window view isn't great, but we often don't have a choice other than to make the best of a bad situation. My shrink once told me that when one is in this situation, it is OK to go into survival mode until things straighten out or we find a good solution. That got me through losing my husband, family home, my dog, all to divorce, just when I lost my job in a depressed market. To top it off, it was just after that that my CFIDS/ME was triggered. But, enough about me...

    Sunflower Girl, ABX is a shortcut for antibiotics. I also take an antiviral (AV). Yes, I give away the things that make people wonder why anyone would give away something so nice. I've gotten to the point that if I don't use something, and don't think I ever will, I will give it to someone I know or put it out for the scavengers. I got other things to Goodwill. By next summer, I need to get one of those pet doors which go into the sliders. I wonder whether people ever give them to the thrift stores. On the other hand, I don't want one which is all beat up so I'll probably just buy one. Thanks for your sweet good words about the cats. It's hard to get them close together as they usually sleep apart.

    Rock, I think you would have fit in perfectly to those intellectual salons at the Algonquin Hotel with Dorothy Parker and her sharp cronies. If you haven't seen "Midnight In Paris," a Woody Allen film in which he doesn't appear, I think you might like it. In it, an American travels back in time and gets to meet all kinds of people, like Hemmingway, Picaso, and other artists and authors. It also has a strong moral message but nothing schmaltzy.

    Did you ever hear about the guy who checked into a swanky hotel and put his shoes outside his door to be shined? In the middle of the night, he heard a horrible racket and went to check. His shoes were in shreds and he just caught a quick view of a cat running down the hall. He called the desk and they sent their detective up to check. The man said, "I have a business meeting this morning and no dressy shoes to wear with my suit." The detective swore to get to the bottom of it. The man dressed in his suit and put on an old pair of shoes he had brought with him. He heard a knock at the door and when he opened it, there stood the detective holding a mangy looking cat by the nape of the neck. He said, "Pardon me, Sir. Is this the cat who chewed your new shoes." TADA! I'll be here all week folks. All the talk of trains reminded me of this joke. Pun jokes are the highest form of pun jokery.

    BTW, as I was drifting off to sleep, I heard on the news that doctors and researchers are getting close to a cure for Eisenhower's Disease. I feel asleep and didn't hear any more. If it is true, we are bound to hear more. Of course, we've been hearing these things for years about cancer. Still, great strides have been made in treating cancer.

    Diane, I'm sorry you have had the crud. Thanks for mentioning the kitty avatar. They are so much cuter in person or "catson." They just finished speeding around the condo like little electric cars. Now, it will be naptime for hours. Perhaps that's why those of us with these illnesses like cats. We both only have so much NRG and like to sleep a lot. Kittens don't count; they seem to have endless NRG. I love dogs too but have to be content to love my neighbors' dogs.

    Julie, I'm glad your crud is clearing up. With all you have going on in your life, you need to feel well. I guess we have all either been fired, laid off, or knew someone else who had been. I can barely believe anyone would lay off another through a text. That's almost as bad as breaking up with someone through a text. Are you guys taking pics of your house as it progresses? You'll be glad you did when it's done.

    Ah, Dar, another Tesla fan. Haven't read any books on him but have watched several documentaries on TV about both him and Edison. Edison also participated in developing the electric chair. When they tried to kill the first prisoner, things went horribly awry and the guy suffered horribly and died a slow, painful death (I think he caught fire). It was said that Edison never got over what he saw and lived the rest of his life in regret of the horrific destruction of life he participated in. It is said he never slept well after that. Hmmmm, Karma? Maybe. It's not up to me to judge but I do hate to see history make heroes out of men who cheated and made their fortunes on the backs of others.

    It's funny that my DSIL and I are always reading about the same kinds of things. Don't know whether you know who Richard Fineman was but he worked on the Manhattan Project. An interesting character. There was a movie about his personal life. Can't even remember who played him but the Arnett actress, who play the psychic on TV, played his sickly wife. I was visiting my kids in Atlanta and there, in a stack of book DSIL was reading was a book on Feinman, or Fineman, can't remember anything anymore and can't spell. I've just been sick too long and am exhausted, even my brain.

    I'm still having some symptoms of a UTI. I honestly don't know what the doc is gonna do. I may have to call him before the tests are due. This is getting old really fast. Am going out to buy a self-loading food bowl and a self-loading water bowl. They make a water bowl which recirculates the water to keep it fresh and more enticing to the cats. These guys love their water fresh from the fridge. Of course, when I'm gone, they will drink any water if they get thirsty enough.

    Springwater. That's awful that your household help stole from you. Yes, I'd say it's time to replace them. Is theft there a problem like it is in some other places? Yes, these cats are very smart. At first, I didn't think Sylvester was too bright but it's just because he's so mellow. He's such a sweet little gentleman and very affectionate. Tweety is self-centered and a real princess but ya gotta love her.

    Well, better get going. Microsoft is telling me that it wants to restart my computer to install something "new and improved." Yikes! That's always scary.

    Love, Mikie
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Wow! This is the best thread ever. So many are feeling better in some way: Mikie, Dar, SW,
    Julie. That's great!

    Loved your punny joke, Mikie. New to me. For folks who don't remember the big band
    era, the shoe-chewing cat is a play on "Pardon me boys, is that the Chattanooga Choo Choo?"
    You can hear it on Youtube, of course. Glen Miller, the Andrews Sisters, etc.

    The Andrews Sisters were huge in the entertainment world in the 40s: Concerts, movies, radio, recordings and entertaining the troops. The last of the sisters was Patty who died
    early this year. She was in her 90s. As Marilyn Monroe allegedly said about Einstein, "We never dated" but I did drive by her house once. It was in the San Fernando Valley, about 15 miles from here.

    I read their biography a couple years ago. Like so many great entertainers they were originally
    from Minnesota. Uff-da! That's why they were so good at all those polka songs: Pennsylvania, Beer Barrel, Victory, and Strip. All polkas. That last one was new to me.

    ABX means antibiotic? All along I thought it was an advertising slogan.
    "Always Buy X-lax."

    Gordon was feeling out of place yesterday. He likes to have a schedule. He's not compulsive,
    but by Friday he likes to have a rough plan for the weekend. What errands to run on which
    days; what to cook; what we need to go shopping for. Some of his friends from work called
    yesterday. He was told that in addition to the people who were axed while he was at work, several more were let go including some from a couple of smaller offices.

    He was cheered up a little when he heard that the former owner of the business who does not
    work there anymore but still has some business ties with the company told the managing
    director that getting rid of Gordon was a boneheaded move.

    What was really cruel was that the gal in Personnel who stayed late at work to get all the
    severance packages ready was also let go. One might say, poetic justice" but it really
    wasn't her decision to lay people off. Just another peon like the rest of us.

    Back later.

  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Yes, I'm glad so many of us are improving, even if it's sloooooow. I loved the Andrews Sisters and the three sisters whose last name completely eludes me. One was Phyllis and they were all good looking women who harmonized beautifully. They had a falling out but got together to do one of those PBS specials. And the men--OMG! The Lettermen, the Platters, all the old doo wop groups. Ah, memories. If I had more money than brains (wait a second, I think I do and I'm poor :( Anyway, I'd buy all those Time Life CD's. Glen Miller lived in Boulder and at CU, they have a Glen Miller Ballroom. We always had our HS proms there. In his biopic, some things were filmed on the campus. In the scene where he's supposed to be playing for the troops in Europe, they use the old armory bldg. I had classes in it.

    Always Buy X-lax isn't a bad idea either. Or, Always Buy X-Men Movies. Personally, I love Wolverine. Hey, my tastes aren't always highbrow! I just have highbrow taste is friends, like all y'all here on the Porch :) I hope Gordon adjusts. It's a real blow; I know; I've been through it. Are three ";'s" allowed in one sentence?

    Julie, it's OK to cut things short. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go. If you can't, always buy X-lax. Oh, Lordy, today, the jokes are just writing themselves. Good thing too cause I don't wanna take responsibility for them. Oh, please, somebody stop me!

    Felt well enough to go with Barb to Bed Bath & Beyond. I was looking at their kitty water bowls but they are plug in units which circulate. I don't want to leave anything with a motor on while I'm gone. Got some of my Dark Magic K-Cup coffee and a beautiful shell wreath for the door. I would be putting it out until after the Holidays and couldn't bear to put it away. Then, I thought about my India Hicks beachy room and replaced a small pic with it. Ah! Perfect!

    We Gormet Gals went to Wendy's for lunch. Barb had a BOGO for spicy chicken sandwiches and we got "Senior" soft drinks for free. The whole tab for both of us came to $4.33. She insisted on paying and I let her. Such a deal! In Florida, Seniors are Kings or Queens or some kind of royalty. I could never afford to live anywhere else now.

    When I came home, I took my garbage and recyclables down and got my mail. I'm leaving my United HealthCare advantage plan. They turned it into an HMO only and took away vision and dental care. All my docs are on Blue Cross and Humana so I'll switch to one of them. I'll have to change PCP's unless I go to Blue Cross. Actually, I'd be happy to switch because the only time I see this one is for my peptide injections and I have to pay for them myself. So might as well join another plan and use Barb's doc. Another neighbor, who is a nurse, uses him too. All my specialists are on those other plans. I'm furious with UHC and want out. They are blood-sucking greedy people. The sad thing is that people are blaming it on ObamaCare and that's not the cause. It's greed, plain and simple. I don't know how the ACA will do; I'm sure there will be some glitches at the start but I don't want people blaming everything on it when it's not deserved.

    Jeff, the cats' baby daddy, and their Auntie Julie both came separately to visit Tweety and Sylvester this afternoon. The cats were delighted and it's comforting for Jeff and Julie to see how well they are doing. Both of them just glow with love when given sweet attention (the cats, not Jeff and Julie. I don't know how they act :) The sun is low and casting long shadows on a Technicolor day. Morning and this time of day are my favorites.

    Wishing everyone good health and Technicolor days.

    Love, Mikie
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, you sound so chipper in your post. I can tell you are feeling better. That's
    "Great!" as Thurl Ravenscroft used to say. Thurl was the voice of Tony the Tiger and
    lots of other characters. He could sing too. I used to have a record of Christmas
    Carols with Thurl and some group; the Pied Pipers maybe. Isn't his name one of
    the greatest you've ever come across?!

    And speaking, or singing, of names, it was the McGuire Sisters who were America's
    second most successful female trio (after the Andrew Sisters). In the 50s there were
    on Arthur Godfrey's shows (he had three) and just about every other TV variety

    Phyllis was the classic example of someone who is never satisfied. In addition to a
    sensationally successful career and handbags full of money she had to inject drama
    into her life by having an affair with a Mafia Don. Some years back I was looking
    at crime photos from Los Angeles. There, along with crime scenes and mug shots,
    was a photo of a night club table with Phyllis and Sam Giancana. A killer who was
    more than 20 years older than she and not even good looking. She's lucky she
    wasn't with Sam the night he died in his kitchen. Another "hail of bullets" story.

    In answer to your question regarding semi colons, I checked with Mr. Language
    Person*, the guy who put the "P-U in Punctuation". He said three is perfectly
    acceptable proving you use a transitional infarctive noun with an impacted
    gerund in the predicate.

    Dar, I'm glad to see you are better too. Your cigarette case in the fridge reminds me of
    the time, half a century ago, when my mother finally found her missing purse
    in the fridge. Sad to say it was not loaded with cold cash.

    Gordon and I saw two Lucy shows this morning. One of them was the one with Madam
    X and fingerprints on the cigarette case. Do you still sew? (Maybe you told us, but I
    can't remember much of anything anymore.) When I was a kid almost every living room/
    parlor in town had a foot powdered sewing machine in it. I can sew a button on a shirt,
    but that's it. There were a couple times when I wished I knew how to sew a hem.

    Would like to stay and chat, but I'm afraid the electric gremlins might eat my post. Happy
    to report that Granni is back. Later.


    *Mr. Language Person is Dave Barry.
  14. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    Rock asked about my oxygen needs. I have to use it whenever I'm physically active (mainly outside work) or at altitudes over 1,200 ft. (one reason why I no longer want to travel). I had some difficulties not long ago...just walking around the house, my O2 levels would drop and my heart rate would increase dramatically to compensate. I have no clue why this was occurring and the problem corrected itself not long after. Here's the catch...I'm allergic to plastic...all kinds. And, this includes the tubing (cannulas) for the oxygen. I have to make my own cannulas and, even then, I still end up feeling sicky and tend to bloat. If I use "standard" cannulas, I start going into anaphalysis. NOT a pleasant feeling.

    I need oxygen because during lung cancer surgery 12 yrs. ago, my surgeon (aka "idiot") damaged my diaphragm (along with my right shoulder). Each and every breath causes pain...until I lay down. The majority of this pain goes away and that's when I start feeling all the other pains in my body (like IBS, FM problems, scar tissue, several other heath issues, etc.) If I don't lay down, then the pain just plain escalates until I just can't stand it any longer. If I go into a full blown FM flare and couple it with this pain, I'm a total mess. So, I try to pace myself daily plus watch what I eat (minimal additives*; no gluten*) to keep everything under control.

    Another glitch is I'm chemical sensitive* and can't take pain meds. As the result of chemo and radiation, I contracted a different form of cancer in my breasts. So, I had to have both breasts removed...5 years apart. My last surgery, I was prescribed Percocet, took 1/2 a pill, and couldn't breathe!!! If it hadn't been for ice packs numbing the incision, I don't know what I would have done.

    The shoulder he damaged causes my right arm to quake and I've had to learn to write differently. Some days, I can't control a computer mouse (like now...LOL). I liked to paint and I've pretty much given up on that hobby.:( I've had to learn to live with and accept my pain. There have been times this hasn't been easy...and most don't understand including family. See? Ask for the time and I build a clock!! Now you know why I call myself "Windytalker"...;)

    I totally agree...the dress SF made for her GD is going to definitely a family heirloom. It's beautiful!!!

    I was sad to read about Gordon being let go. No severance? after 18 years?!!! NOT a very nice business. When I was getting ready to retire, I thought I would wait until I was 65, too. But, the woman I spoke to at Social Security explained I was better off starting and explained the $$ figures, etc. So, I started collecting at 64. In one more year, Gordon will qualify for Medicare. I understand it's chaos trying to sign up for Obamacare, so tell Gordon to stay healthy foregoing OC for just one more year. Warning: Us oldies are still waiting to see what OC will do to Medicare...

    Businesses today have no heart...not like in the past.

    Thinning out is also on my agenda. I've been taking things periodically to an animal shelter in a small town where we used to live. If I feel it's something they can't use, those things to a Christian good will-type center here in town.

    Oh, how I'd love to have a kitty...but can't...DRAT!!!

    I'd like to comment more on other topics many of you have discussed, but I've run out of steam...and I really need to get some sleep.

    Hope everyone else is getting some zzzzzz's,
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Zippy and I just had a midnight (more or less) snack. I tucked him in on his blankie.
    I generally tell him, "Sweet Dreams, Patsy." You can tell folks the same thing if
    you are so inClined.

    Springwater, I'm glad to hear you are feeling some better. Congratulations on
    completing your decluttering project. I remember when our neighbors were
    getting rid of stuff prior to moving. One of them kept saying, "It's like we're
    throwing away our past." I thought that was kinda silly. The past is what it is, and
    nobody can change it, redo it or throw it away.

    Post a sample of son's poetry when you get the chance. If it's modern poetry, it doesn't
    need to have rhyme or have meter or even make sense. Some celebrated poets are successful,
    but I wonder if anybody recalls their poetry with affection like the poems of Robert Frost,
    Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, John Greanleaf Whittier, Rod McKuen, Edna St. Vincent Millay, Dorothy Parker, Ogden Nash, Emily Dickinson, etc.

    Windy, I never heard of anyone being allergic to plastic. Is it all types of plastic? Pretty
    hard to avoid that stuff in the modern world. How do you make your own cannulas?
    You have sure had some bad luck regarding health and the treatment for same. I
    was thinking a while back that I've had an awful lot of bad health and bad luck in
    my life. And then I thought, well, bad health is part of bad luck so I've only had one
    big problem instead of two. Ha Ha!

    I'm amazed you can work at all much less play the part of a whirling dervish on
    the dance floor. Sorry your family isn't more understanding. The older I get the more
    I am convinced that many things in life are over rated: family, for instance, and marriage
    and parenthood, and modern conveniences and medical treatment.

    Here's a thought from a female philosopher: Men, chocolate, and coffee are all better rich.

  16. Windytalker

    Windytalker Member

    I'm not alone with my plastic problems. I know of a few others personally (there are many more "online"). The two most distinguishable problems that can develop using plastic is GERD and/or throat polyps (most noticeable by a loss of voice...laryngitis) plus it causes major inflammation in our bodies. I had my "a-ha" moment over 15 yrs. ago while driving to CA. My throat, tongue and lips would "catch fire" if I drank water from plastic bottles. When I got home from my trip, no more plastic reached my lips. Prior to this, an ENT wanted to surgically remove throat polyps, but by removing as much plastic from my life as possible (and it's very difficult these days), my polyps went away on their own. I can't eat anything from a small plastic container these days...I've found I can actually taste it.

    I carry glass straws and metal eating utensils at all times. Teflon-type coatings on pans are a strict "no-no". No microwaving of anything in plastic...it gets transferred to Corningware or Pyrex. As far as I'm concerned, veggies in a "steam" bag are pure poison. Think of this...cancer has increased exponentially with the increase of plastic packaging/containers (along with the use of chems in our foods and some of those chems contain petrochemicals). I believe the reason I can't take meds is due to petrochems in them as well (mainly propylene glycol and/or mineral oil).

    Like Rock, I have a very low opinion of the medical/pharmaceutical/insurance "industries" as a whole. Obamacare (in my most humble opinion) is nothing more than the insurance lobby getting a stronghold on the U.S.A. via our Congress and Obama. There, I said it and glad I did!

    And, yes, I agree about family, marriage, etc. I totally envy people who had loving relationships with their Moms. I didn't. And, as for marriages, this is my third. We generally get along (sometimes bumpy) but we each "do our own thing" and agree on most subjects. My son is illusive at times and we seldom hear from our grandchildren. Are we disfunctional? Yep!!! My oldest stepson had surgery for a kidney stone this past week and we wouldn't have known a thing about it if the youngest stepson hadn't called...from CA!! He found out from the bookkeeper at our business in Missouri.:confused: Sometimes the grapevine works and sometimes it doesn't.

    As a pure dyed in the wool chocoholic, I'll take a dark rich chocolate over the other two any day of the week...LOL!!!

    And, as for Julie...I wish I could steal some of your energy!! I absolutely do not know how you manage to keep up. The field trip sounds like so much fun...and it'll be even "funner" since you'll be with Keira.

    I absolutely do not know why I'm sitting here goofing off...I have 20 things to do and nothing's getting done sitting on my behind.


    (Guess I timed out and had to re-log in...in the meantime 2 others have posted. Busy place!)
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Hi all. And welcome back Granni. Sorry the government shut a few things down but at least you had some nice soaks.

    Julie: Your comments about hanging clothes on the line reminded me of helping my mother hang clothes. And then if it was winter we had to keep a sharp eye out for dark clouds. Nothing like running out and frantically pulling things off the line. Those sheets sure come out nice hung on the line and they smell so good.

    Have fun at the pumpkin patch.....two times. Will the little ones you're squiring around be able to pick their own and buy it or will it be free for them? This is a great field trip for the little ones. I've got some good pics. of my grandchildren when they were little sitting on a large one in a field of pumpkins.

    Rock: I hope Gordon is settling into a new routine. With him home all the time I guess we might not see you as often? And I do love all your history and background you give on so many topics. I knew Phyllis McGuire was the wild one of the sisters group but didn't realize she was into the mob. Is there a book out about their exploits? I loved watching them on PBS specials. I thought they were all so beautiful.......same for the Lennon Sisters. Never could say which was the prettiest.

    Mikie: You're very lucky to have Barb back in town. That's great that you have your "sister" to do things with. In enjoy reading about your little trips to town.

    SW: I don't think you've mentioned how old your son is. That's wonderful that he's into writing poetry and reading it. Any luck with finding replacements for your thieving hired help? That's plain AWFUL.

    I was watching the PBS program Earthflight online the other day. It follows various birds and animals around the world, filming them upclose with pilots holding their cameras while flying ultra lights. It's broken down to about 5 or 6 segments and there's one centered on India and the Himalayas that is really beautiful. Actually the whole program is very outstanding and would recommend it to all of you. There are several segments I've missed and need to watch.

    Dar: I'm very happy that you've found the right "cocktail mix" of supplements. Obviously it's really given you a boost. I'm reading a very interesting book right now by Dr. Lissa Rankin, Mind Over Medicine. After a long involved study of various patients, and medical reports, she says it's basically how happy you are with your life that determines whether you will be ill or healthy. She says that it's so important to have a strong network of family, friends, loved ones around you and obviously you've got that from the retirement home. I know you must feel the love and appreciation from all of those senior citizens, plus your group of friends. You are very blessed.

    Diane: Hope you're feeling better today. I think I've been fighting something off for almost a week because yesterday the fever hit along with terrible body aches and I finally had to give in and go back to bed.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have been reading or trying to catch up on my post reading but now I have to go fix lunch. Will try and get back later. Love to you all !! Granni

    P.S. I think there has been or will be an awful storm in the area of India. I forget exactly where she lives and hops she is OK. I saw one of her posts but she says I may have pushed the IGNORE button by accident. Have been trying to find out if I did and if so undo it. Soul tried to help me and all I could find out is where to put the names of the people I have ignored - of which there are are NONE to my knowledge.

    Diane - sorry you are sick again - what a bummer.

    More hugs and kisses to everyone,
    Granni :)
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    YAY - I heard from Spring Water and she is fine, not near the bad storm. Now we will see if she see's this message from me. I am guessing all is well but one never knows with these technical devices :)! They can drive one nuts, at least me. I cannot live with or without them :)!!! he he Hope this Ignoring and not seeing posts is over. Maybe we have just been missing each other. I admit that I haven't been as good as I had been in reading posts. I know I missed a lot on this thread and the last one too esp since I was gone but just busy,

    Spring Water - Let me know you have seen this message please. I am so happy that I heard from you plus that storm was not near by but if a bad one not good for anyone.

    Rock - So sorry to hear about Gordon's losing his job after working there so long. I am afraid there will be a lot more of that going on ):!!! Hope all goes well for you both and that you have enough $ to live on. I know what you mean. I have been poor before and I can be that way again if need be. I heard that from a friend and I agree with her.

    Julie - That was so cute to hear about those kitties marching off to find their prey someplace, who knows where. They have to learn for sure. Did you say Red Mittens was with them or not?? How cute to hear about Keira turning 6 years old on FB. How lucky you are to get together for her party. Now the bigger Gkids just have parties with their friends . I remember growing up I had few parties and always got something I NEEDED from my parents. I'll be Rock understands about that one :)!! and other too. It was pretty much that way too for Christmas.

    Diane - Hope you are doing better. Yes, I do love pumpkin pie or custard but DH is really not a custard fan. If I made it I would have to eat it all myself unless it was covered with a lot of whipped cream :)!!!

    These foods you talk about making sounds so good. I love to eat but am getting so lazy about cooking. DH is not much help in that department other than grilling on the grill, hamburgers, steaks, etc. I wish he learned to cook more when we were younger. I really never did that much at home either. Mom did most of it and I watched and I guess took mental notes. There was little room for more than one person in our tiny kitchen. When I got married I learned quick or we would have starved :)!! LOL

    Sun - You made a wedding dress. OMG, I cannot believe anyone could sew so well, not me. Mom had to help me finished my graduation dre3ss that we all had to make for 8th grade graduation, in sewing class. Oh, I forgot I did learn some basics in cooking class in 8th grade, but nothing super exquisite. I guess that was somewhat helpful in learning to cook. You are wonderful if you can make a wedding dress. I have to go check the picture. I haven't seen it yet.

    Almost time for beddy bye or to get ready. Hope to check you ALL out tomorrow after church and lunch..

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

    P.S. Where is the pic of the wedding dress Sun sewed all by herself?? How wonderful !!! Not me , he he LOL
  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Porchies!

    Glad to hear Granni's back. Thanks Rock. I don't sew anymore. Only light mending now. I stopped being "domestic" that way when I got the last of my children into school full time and re-discovered my life. It was then, at 30, that I went back to college, re-entered the work force after the 10 year span of raising 4 children full time and running daycare from my home. Then I took classes part-time nights and early mornings while the kids were at school. I also ran our construction business in my "spare" time. Gee, I wish I had all that energy back now! LOL.

    The "Chattanooga Choo Choo" joke I'd heard, but differently. In this joke, it's Roy Rogers and Dale Evans talking, and the punchline is "Pardon Me Roy, Is That The Cat That Chewed Your New Shoes"? Still funny. FYI, Chattanooga Choo Choo and Blueberry Hill were my dad's favorite songs so I heard them a lot growing up. "Cold cash", what a joker! I think if we're going to continue to make such cute puns and jokes, we should take this act on the road. Bet we could make a buck or two. LOL.

    Thanks to all for the "atta girl" regarding my feeling better. I appreciate you one and all. So far so good. I'm praying it continues. My daughter observed this weekend that I am moving about more than usual and am in better humor. This is good.

    Mikie, I just do not know how on earth you've dealt with this UTI for so long without losing your pea-pickin' mind. I feel so bad for you. I've had 3 UTI's before and they are horrid! Mine were nowhere near as virulent as whatever is plaguing you. I sure do hope they find something to provide you relief pronto!

    When you were relating your awful "divorce" experience, I could so relate. Been there. And survival mode is essential to getting through those things. I had similar circumstances. But I didn't lose the house. It cost me $15,000 to get him out of my hair and hold on to it though, (not including 5 years of attorney fees, etc...etc...). I did, however, keep custody of my cat!

    Spring-- I'm appalled that you were stolen from by people you obviously trusted. I'm so sorry to know that you've had to deal with that. It's hard enough just to keep sanity intact when one is already ill and depressed. I was happy to hear that you've gotten some modicum of physical relief now that things are sorting themselves out. Thank you for your prayers and support. You have mine as well. I must have missed some posts. What is this festival you speak of?

    Julie--Happy Birthday Den!! He is my age. So sweet that you sent him off to work with the Happy Birthday song. Great that you found someone who wants to take the "junk" off your hands. Way to go. I'm also pleased to note that there is more "bounce" in your posts. You must be feeling better. Good!

    Windy--With all you've been through, your ability to retain your "wit" is heartening. You've really been through the "illness mill" from the sound of it. Warm thoughts to you and a prayer to go with it.

    For all the Porchies, one of my favorite jokes:
    Jesus, Moses and another elderly gentleman were playing golf. Moses hit the ball and it was headed straight for a water hazard. The water parted in the middle and his ball rolled through onto the green. Jesus hit his ball and it headed toward the water hazard also. The ball just skipped over the water and landed on the green.

    The elderly gentleman hit his ball and, like the others, it also headed for the water hazard. A large fish jumped out of the water and caught the ball in it's mouth, then an eagle swooped from the sky, grabbed the fish, then dropped it on the green. The ball popped out of the fish's mouth and rolled across the green into the hole for a hole in one. Jesus then turned to Moses and said, "This is the last time I go golfing with Dad"!

    Night everyone.
    Good tomorrows to all!
    Love, Dar