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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by rockgor, Oct 9, 2013.

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    Hi, Kids,

    I didn't get online yesterday at all. I binge watched "Scandal." It's sooooo improbable but, sometimes, that makes for good drama on TV. If nothing else, it's worth it just to see what Kerry Washington is wearing. She was recently named the best dressed woman in show biz. I wonder whether the clothes they wear on TV or in the movies helps decide or whether it's based solely on what they wear on their own and to award shows. There is so little occasion to wear nice clothes, and almost no occasion to wear cold-weather clothes, down here. As I've often said, we live in our tees, Capris, shorts and flip-flops.

    Rock, I remembered the name of the McGuire Sisters after I got offline. I didn't know about the mob connection with Phyllis, though. I used to watch Arthur Godfrey every morning in the summer. He would broadcast from Miami and wear Hawaiian shirts. He always said, "How ah ya, how ah ya, how ah ya. I also watched the "Today Show." I remember when Barbara Walters was a "Today Show Girl." I just read my last post and it is filled with typos and incorrect words. I would say I have aphasia but I can't think of the words to describe it! Ravenscroft sounds like the name of a house in Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films. Speaking of films, TCM is playing some great movies today. I don't know whether it plays the same in the West or not. Right now, "Glass Slipper" with Leslie Caron and Michael Wilding is playing. Elsa Lancaster, Estelle Winwood, and Lureen Tuttle are in it--three older actresses I've always loved to watch. It was made in 1955 in color. Leslie Caron is so cute and her short hair looks just like the haircuts today.

    Geez, Windy, that's terrible about the quack doc and your allergy to the plastic tubing. Breathing has been difficult down here because the Mellaluca Trees are in bloom again (they bloom three times a year). This time, the trees are covered in blooms. They are an exotic and when land is developed, these trees must be removed. We have a small strip of undeveloped land next to the hood. Some idiot decided to bring these trees in to dry up the Everglades so the land could be developed. The trees spread like wildfire and they are "thirsty" trees. Ever since I started coming down here, there have been efforts to restore water to the Everglades.

    One good thing about the ACA is that people can get ins. between ages 62 and 65 before they are eligible for Medicare. It may be expensive because of the risk of age but no one can be turned down due to a pre-existing condition. Before, people wanted to take SS at age 62 but kept on working just to keep ins. I've pretty much decided to sign up for the BC/BS plan here. I've decided to keep my PCP too. All my specialists are on it and they've kept their dental and vision benefits. United HealthCare is going to drive members away in droves. Is that correct? Is it droves of patients like gaggles of geese or schools of fish? These are the questions which fill my pea brain.

    I found last night that if I close the vertical blinds on the sliders, the cats sleep later and seem to be more content. Last night, they were likely entertained by the loud mouth people across the pond. They aren't here year round but when they are, they move their parties outside and think nothing of hooting and hollering and disturbing everyone. We've all been told that if they disturb us to come over and they will give us a drink. Oh, goodie, dreams can come true--NOT!!! I usually just turn on the TV and watch it til 11:00. Their parties usually end by then. I'll bet the cats enjoyed watching the show. They've been sucking on their catnip mousies and are sleeping it off.

    Something's been wrong with my TV in the bedroom. The picture part will go out. I've waited to make a warrantee claim until it's doing it all the time. Last night, it wouldn't work at all and a big blue message read "DVI/HDMI output blocked. I traded the HDMI cable and the cable box and it didn't fix it. I'm going to turn it on later to see whether resting and cooling off fixed it. If not, I'll be making a claim. This time, it'll be under the manufacturer's warrantee and not Walmart's so don't know how that'll work. I dream of a world where everyone loves everyone else, electronics work just as they are supposed to work and no one is ill. Is that too much to ask? Apparently so.

    Newspaper is here; cats, including Simon, are fed; and, I think I shall check my e-mails and then read the paper. I already cleaned their litter boxes. I like to keep them clean. These cats are so clean. Sylvester's belly fur is getting lighter and lighter all the time. Soon, it will be snow white like the rest of the white parts on him. All the good shows are on TV tonight, unless there are sports on.

    Sending love and hugs to everyone.

    Love, Mikie

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    OMG, when I came here, the software only showed me one of Rock's and one of Windy's posts. Sorry, I'm not ignoring everyone else. I'm Herxing and need to go, literally!

    You can click on your name, after you log in, in the green strip at the top of the page. It will allow you to do all kinds of things, including checking to see whether you have anyone on your ignore list. Hope this helps.

    Love, Mikie
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    Diane...If anything, I'm empathetic to your DH's plastic problems. And, your sensitivity to meds. Having these sensitivities can certainly keep you on your toes because we never know how they will affect us. I have found travel mugs that are stainless steel w/plastic exteriors. I guard them like a hawk so others don't use them/lose them.

    Can't remember where I read this (or did I see it on TV?), but some cat pros said that petting a cat caused them anxiety (some study or other). I couldn't believe it since I've owned cats that wanted to be petted all day if they could coerce you into it. But, it did explain why my all-time favorite cat (a Siamese) would only let me pet her a few times, then she'd try to kill me...LOL.

    Dar...LOVED your joke!! I'm still cracking up.:) It was good to read you've got more spring in your step. Progress! Doesn't it feel good to feel better...even when it might only be temporary? When others notice, that's progress, too.

    Granni...I was sad to read the shutdown affected your trip. What a bummer!! But, it appears you still managed to have a good time. Not surprised you're exhausted. Back when I was traveling, it would take me 3 days to recuperate once I got home...I'd end up spending much of my time sleeping/resting (but always made sure I had perishables put away first). The rest of the stuff could wait.

    Julie...You had to have been practically out of your mind with worry about Lorraine. Kids can move so fast! Sooo glad it was nothing more than her wanting to ride a trike. We all hear so many stories of predators and this had to have crossed your mind. It would mine. What a relief it must have been when you found her.

    SFG...I've seen a couple of those episodes about Earthflight. Fascinating and very interesting. There was an interesting program about migrating Red Nots and how they fed on Horseshoe Crabs on their trek (thousands of miles) to their breeding grounds in Canada. But, the Horseshoe Crab is declining due to being used as bait and human encroachment. They're working on an artificial bait for the fishermen. Here's an interesting article if anyone is interested:


    Mikie (and SFG)...I think the Biography Channel had a segment on the McGuire sisters...and that's when I learned about the mob connection. Who watches (or rather listens to) a lot of TV? Not me!! (he-he)

    Speaking of TV's...I hope you can figure out your TV problem. Technology is supposed to make our lives easier...HA!

    I do hope your UTI is on the upswing. This has gone on for ages....

    Rock...Somehow I missed your post mentioning the McGuire sisters. Must have been in a different thread. It amazes me how your mind works...and it always appears to be working on many topics. It's so hard for me to accept the fact you have Alzheimer's. You're very "well read" is the best way to describe your posts.

    Do hope Gordon is settling in to his new routine...

    Thanks everyone for your kind words about my difficulties, but I've had 12 years (and then some) to "accept" them. Individually, each and every one of us has had to learn to do this. We all just do the best we can. What I hate the most is when something else comes along like a flu bug and how it can totally upset the applecart.

    I think it was SFG who mentioned the wonderful smell of sheets that have dried in the sun. Oh, how I miss that!! But, my dryer is soooo handy...and far quicker. No place to put a clothes line anyway...

    I hope all of you have a better day than yesterday,
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    Hello, Kids

    Just finished off the potato salad, fed Zipper, did the dishes, and put Zippy to bed. Uff-da!

    Windy, I read about the horseshoe crabs. First time I ever heard they were used as bait.
    As you probably know, they come in various sizes. When I lived on the beach in Ventura,
    it was common to see dead horseshoe crabs washed up on the beach. They were bone white
    and tiny. Smaller than a little finger nail. My son and I used to catch crabs and starfish.
    We always let them go. Could see lots of barnacles and sea anemones on the rocks. In High
    School I gave a report on sea anemones. Didn't have the faintest idea what they looked like,
    but that didn't stop me.

    I found a pic of the world's biggest horseshoe crab. 55 feet long. That's the height of a
    five story building. It's in Ohio. And it's man made. And you can walk inside it. Ta-da!

    Yes, well my Alzheimer's is a puzzle. In some ways it doesn't affect me much. In other ways
    it causes lot of problems. I am having trouble keeping track of the characters in books. And
    keeping things in sequence is a big problem. I sometimes take stuff out of the fridge and then
    put it back before I've used it. Or I put it in the cupboard or the microwave. Also my senses of
    balance and of time have been affected. And typing and spelling have gone to Helen Back.

    Mikie, I remember Arthur Godfrey. Once the biggest thing on TV. Now pretty much forgotten. My mother loved him and his 3 shows. In the early 50s there were only 3 TV sets in our village. My mother used to visit friends in order to see the Godfrey shows. He was on the air for several hours a week. She especially loved the tenor Frank Parker and soprano Marion Marlowe. They sang and recorded duets. Marion was in the original cast of "The Sound of Music". She died last year. Ofcourse you can revisit, or get acquainted with the Godfrey family on You-know-where-tube.

    Julie, sounds like the punkin patch party was lots of fun. Never heard of a jumping pillow, but it sounds like a good idea. Youtube is full of trampoline accidents. Many, of course, due
    to the reckless actions of teenage males. And, yes! Scary! Kids can vanish like a housefly
    just when you picked up the swatter. Hope you can get some rest.

    Well, this is getting pretty long. Better come back later. Hugs to alles.

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    Rock - Yo9u startled me for a minute. Thought you were another new person on the Porch-[ "Raucous" :)!!! Yes, as Windy and others have said you are amazing. Don't feel bad about putting things in the wrong places like keys in the refrig. or milk in the cupboard. Trust me when I say , many of us have done those silly things. Don't you start disappearing again on us cause we all would miss you too much on the PH Boards.

    Have you and Gordon started tripping over each other yet :) ?? Yes, I do remember Arthur Godfrey and his shows and Andrew sisters and all those older stars and starlets. Guess we are showing our age again :) he he !! Speaking of age it is almost time for that birthday again. I am trying to forget it. I doubt if we will be celebrating and the trip we went on is the celebration? Maybe I will get a card or two or three from the kids. DH isn't into cards but he may shock me and get me one since it is the only present :)!! We are having a gathering of friends here at the club for dinner the end of the month. We try and do that for most birthday months and we give each other silly or cute cards.
    Haven't had one in awhile though, it goes in spurts depending on the birthday months.

    You know that I , like you are 29 again, and again and again :)!! I have been counting backwards for some time now.

    Julie - I missed where you were looking for Lorraine. How scary that must have been for you. So many awful things happening nowadays and it is easy to think of these terrible possibilities when looking for lost little ones, and also not so little ones nowadays ):!!

    BTW, did those trail of kittens get brave and find a snack to eat outside? Are they weaned from Momma Red Mittens milk yet??

    You wear me out girl just listening to you going and going like the energizer bunny who has no energy. I know, you are doing what you think needs to be done and you just do it anyway, unless you physically collapse. I know it is hard for you not to be doing for everyone !

    That Pumpkin Patch sounded like a lot of fun. Is that where Lorraine got lost or not . I have been trying to catch up on my reading of posts and still know that I have missed reading a lot of them or not absorbing everything in my brain.

    Mikie - Hope you are feeling better ! This has been going on to long girl.

    Windy - Thanks for your nice newsy post. Glad you were up to posting.

    Diane - Sorry to hear about Kevins allergy or sensitivity to plastic in drinking cups and bottles. Who else had that was it Wiudy or Dar? Sorry I have already forgotten who else had that problem.

    Hi also to Dar, Sun. Soul , Spring Water, Diane and all those MIA's like Elaine, Carla, 1sweetie, Jole, Teacher, and so many more. Missing you all that we haven't heard from in some time.

    Went to the chiro. this morning and he did a scan. There seems to be less inflammation happening in my body so he put me down to 2x a week - Yay ! However, he will be surprised I think, after I have the last visit that we had decided on, when I tell him I won't be signing up for any long term contracts shall we say. Just can't afford it. I may go for awhile a few times a month as that is all I can afford.

    Luv to awl ,
    Granni :)