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    Hi Kids

    Gordon and I took an excursion yesterday. We didn't go as far as Arkansas,
    and we didn't have as much fun as we might have had at a punkin patch,
    but we did see LA's latest Wal*Mart. It is on the fringe of downtown; about
    2 miles from us.

    It is not your usual Walmart. It is just a grocery store. And it's in a building
    of apartments/condominiums. Gordon thought it was neat. I thought it was
    just another supermarket.

    Parking is underneath the building. A tall young man gave us a a ticket and told
    us to have it validated. Gordon asked him where the exit was. When we left we
    discovered that he gave us the wrong directions. Everyone talks about jobs being hard to get nowadays. I don't know how most of these people get a job at all. Of course part of the problem may have been that English wasn't his first language. There were only 2 other Caucasians in the store. I am so tired of feeling like I live in a foreign country.

    Slept much of the day. Just found some boiled potatoes and eggs in the fridge.
    Gordon was cooking while I was napping. All I have to do in assemble, and I'll
    have potato salad. Now let me see; tab A goes into slot B...

    (Cleverly disguised as a responsible adult.)
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    Glad you located something to make potato salad. You're holding out on us....you CAN cook.

    I absolutely HATE to have to drive to LA, the traffic is terrible, the parking is worse, and you're correct when you say you live in a foreign country. And the homeless population has really grown. A very sad situation. Interesting that a Walmart has underground parking but with all those high rise structures I guess they have to go where people will shop.

    I was listening to an interview yesterday on KUSC about a new opera, and get this......to be staged at the Union Station in L.A. Everyone is given top of the line headphones, and the singers wear the proper equipment. It starts out in a large empty restaurant area, then goes out to the area where everyone walks around and then ends up back at the restaurant. I would think that strollers would also hear this but maybe not....just thru the special earphones. It's based on I believe they said......Marco Polo meets Khubla Khan. The creator was saying the acoustics at union station are incredible. Sounds very strange to me. I tried finding info on it by going to their website like they said, but dummy me can't locate anything.
  3. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Interesting to hear about the new opera and Union Station, SG. Folks, even if you've never seen Union Station, you've seen it. Well, very likely. It was built in the 1930s. Has WPA (Works Progress Administration) murals, and has been used in countless movies and TV shows. It still looks pretty much the way it did 80 years ago. Our city hall is also used in a lot of movie shoots. It's always cheaper to pay a fee than to build it yourself.

    Haven't been to an opera since the 1980s, SG. Don't care for the modern stagings and have
    no interest in hearing modern singers. I did listen on Youtube to some excerpts from
    "Anna Nicole Smith" a recent new opera that had its premier in Minnesota. The soprano wears a grotesque outfit to make her look fat and sings notes but no melody.

    Just finished watering orchids. I was doing some laundry, but the washer went into spasms and no workee. Gordon is calling around for a repair person.

    Yes, I can cook. Decades ago I fixed an entire Thanksgiving dinner (including pumpkin pie).
    But while the food was fine, it didn't taste wonderful like the cooking of my folks and various
    relatives. I guess those days are gone forever considering the problems with modern food.
    Nowadays I don't cook cause I forget what I'm doing and burn everything. I just heat stuff up
    in the nuclear reactor.

    Oops, gotta go help Gordon get the wet laundry outta the washer. He's in the middle of cooking some Asian dish. Not sure what. Hugs to everydobby.

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    Hey Rock, et al,

    You are lucky that Gordon cooks. I always have to figure out what to cook and now when I think about it I wonder how I cooked all these years with 5 kids and a FIL and DH. I cooked for 8 daily and now I wonder how to cook for 2 - ugh ! For me I wouldn't bother that much but I do like to eat and DH isn't much of a cook unless he is grilling a steak :)!!! Most of the time he wants a big dinner in the evening.

    That Wal Mart that you were talking about sounds very interesting. Ours is the usual building but there are lots of English non speakers as well. They keep moving stuff though and when you have finally figured out where the stuff you want is, they move it again :)! Hope you get the washer fixed soon for a reasonable price. That is bad when you don't have a working washer or drier. This week coming up will be interesting for you with Gordon home most of the time. I understand about that. It is a very different thing with both home at the same time and hoping not to get in each others way, at least in the beginning. Talk about different interests :)! and things that need to be done by each person or want to be :)!!

    Hi to Sun, Julie, Dar , Spring Water, Joan et al. I need to start the exercises I haven't done in almost a week. Start chiro again tomorrow morning.

    Joan - How are you doing? I know your b-day is coming up like mine. I forget if it is a day before or after, if I remember correctly. Hope you are feeling OK.

    Gotta run for now !

    Granni :)
  5. Darrae

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    Hi Porchies one and all!

    Welcome home Granni! Hope your trip was a pleasure. Glad to see you back on again. So you have a birthday coming up? And Joan as well I see.

    Joan--I hope you are faring well.

    Rock--Now I'm craving potato salad. Talk about the power of suggestion! :rolleyes: Hope your washer isn't in need of replacement. Things are getting so expensive! My BFF just replaced her stove with the most median priced stove she could find. It cost her a tad over $500.00. Woof!

    SG--I don't blame you for finding the L.A. traffic ominous. My poor brother, having grown up here in the sticks with myself, had a daughter attending a school of interior design in Chicago. When they got as far as the suburbs of Chicago, he'd pull over and his wife had to drive the rest of the way. She was acclimated to Chicago traffic. L.A. has got to be as bad if not worse. I've never been to L.A., but have seen things on the "tube" about L.A. freeways. No thank you 'maam! I'd never make it as a "big city" dweller.

    Well dearies, I'm off to watch football on the tube. I leave you with this parting gift. The Wit of Phyllis Diller:

    "Whatever you may look like, marry a man your own age". "As your beauty fades, so does his eyesight".

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Dar - I agree with you on the traffic comment. I can't stand city traffic either or just plain busy traffic :)! We no longer live in the so called city but what used to be country is no longer that either. Everyone seems to be trying to move out of the big cities or many are. When we moved up here to the lake they were working on the main 2 lane road which is now more like s mini freeway.

    The towns on each end of this road used to be so quaint and small, no longer. I guess one of them is still sort of. Hope you enjoy the football on the tube. DH was watching somewhat and we are so sad for the Texans. I wasn't watching. I would just get to upset. What is really upsetting to me I hear is that the poor quarterback, Matt Schaub who has not been doing well of late, got injured and some of the crowd booed him. That is just too mean !! That is crazy for the to do it especially for their team but anyone of the team members to be hurt is a sad thing. Hope your team won.

    Hugs to all ! I need to go finish my exercises or some f them anyway, BTW Dar, I like that last statement made by Phyllis Diller.

    Thanks for the welcome back !

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
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    hello everydobby

    i lost a mammoth post yesterday due to lights going out...sorry,

    i hv to go help my aunt in law with preparations for our festival, the blessing
    part of it today so cant re write just now

    however, did want to say hi

    julie - happy belated b day to both den and keira, i hope the arms gets better

    granni - so happy you could see my posts, wanted to say welcome back

    diane - tks for coping grannis post in the last vol. thoughtful of u
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    rock - good to hear you went on that excursion...i havent been on one for a good while,
    and not much chances in near future...thank goodness for tv. dh and i never miss this
    Highway on my plate show, where two ordinary guys go on a trip along this indian
    highway and to the hills and stop at various eating spots...

    dar - tks for that little advice at the end...gonna pass it on to my daughter...lol!

    hi to windy, soul, sunflower

    joan, teacher, jole, elaine
  9. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie: Be very very careful about "running on adrenalin" so to speak. I'm sure I ended up with adrenal fatigue after years of running on fumes. I've even had saliva tests done. It's taking me a long time to try to get energy back. Once your adrenal glands run out of "steam" then it takes months or years for them to heal. I'm on gabapentin for sleeping every night and work hard to get to bed by 10 PM. It's important to keep a sleeping schedule. You need to stop pushing yourself so much!!!!!!! Set yourself a reasonable bedtime and STICK with it no matter what needs to be done.

    Yes, our little ones set a high store on what their grandparents do for them. And good for you that you're able to be around them so much. Have fun at the pumpkin patch again.

    Rock: Anna Nicole Smith???? Are you kidding!!!! Unbelievable. I can't imagine them putting an opera to her life. Her death sticks in my mind because we were on our last vacation at the time up in Yellowstone, February 2007. What's next? Hugh Hefner? LOL:D

    I think the worst traffic I've ever had to drive in was in Boston at 5PM , far worse than LA traffic. Bumper to bumper at 75 MPH and getting on and off the turnabouts was a killer. At least in LA people do give a little space between cars.
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    I just posted on the old porch. Seems to be a lot ah that going around lately. Uff-da!

    SG, I was in Boston once. Gordon and I took a bus trip of New England about 1990. The
    thing I remember about Boston traffic is the narrow, curving streets. In some places it looked
    like the bus wouldn't be able to get through.

    I also remember 2 churches. The Old North Church where the lanterns were hung to
    signal Paul Revere and Trinity Church. Phillips Brooks, Bishop of Massachusetts, was
    the minister at Trinity. His name is in many hymn books and on lots of sheet music. He
    wrote the words for O Little Town of Bethlehem.

    Springwater, put on your hiking boots and go on some kind of excursion. Get hubby or son
    to go with you. Dance in a meadow strewn with flowers like people in a shampoo
    commercial. Don't you get tired of commercials with perfect families, perfect (and
    immaculate homes) perfect well-behaved pets? And the whole family is ecstatic about
    some brand of insurance or cereal or headache pill. They are so phoney I just get up and
    walk away in disgust.

    I remember Phyllis Diller, Dar. She was all over TV in the 60s. I read some books by her.
    I should check the library. See if there are any I didn't read. I believe she was also famous
    for appearing on the Best Dressed List every year.

    She is a good source for funny quotes: The reason women don't play football is that you could
    never get 11 of them to wear the same outfit.

    Granni and Diane, here's more helpful advice from Fang's spouse: Don't go to bed angry.
    Stay up and fight.

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I loved the city of Boston! It just felt good, all that history everywhere. My mom (age 76 at the time) my 8 year old son, and I walked the freedom trail. Looking back I'm amazed my mom was able to do it at her age....well, we did have to find a bus to get home because she couldn't go anymore.

    I LIKE that idea of dancing in a meadow with flowers. I'm reading an interesting book about our "reptilian" brain. It can't tell the difference whether there is a tiger after us or not when we get stressed over something.

    I forgot to mention the scariest time for "losing a child" for me. My youngest son, about 4 at the time, my daughter 5, and I were on an empty beach at Newport Beach. I turned about only for a few minutes at the water's edge talking with my daughter and when I turned back suddenly my son was gone. I was frantic, looking in the water, all over the beach, my daughter didn't see him, nor the few people on the beach. Then I spotted the little stinker running toward the pier to see his dad who was fishing. I got the fright of my life. All I could think was a wave had taken him out to sea. Kids can do some awful things to scare their parents.

    Julie: I'm forcing myself to sit down, ear plugs in my ears, for 10 min. and closing my eyes, just breathe, following my breath in and out. Everything can WAIT. Work is always there, it never goes away. You remind me of a clock that's wound too tight. If you get sick again you'll be back in bed and you'll have to slow down. Please take this suggestion from one whose been there. I still fight that treadmill.......we're type A.
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi SG

    Well, that musta been scary! Who would think a little kid could disappear in all that open
    space? Ya know, I heard the terms Type A, workaholic, perfectionist for decades. Wasn't
    until I was in my 50s that a therapist told me I was one. It's easier to give it up once you
    quit working.

    Today is Columbus Day. Of course we all know by this time, that Columbus didn't actually
    land in North America, and that the Vikings did 500 years earlier. Columbus landed in
    the Caribean Islands and on the island of Hispaniola. Five hundred years later Noel
    Coward became the first song writer in history to use Hispaniola in a Broadway musical lyric.

    "There isn't a rock between Bangkok and the beaches of Hispaniola,
    That does not recoil from suntan oil and the gurgle of Coca Cola."

    The wittiest song lyrics were written by Coward and Cole Porter and Tom Lehrer.
    Interestingly, all of them also wrote the music for their songs.

    The dryer mechanic just left. $270. Uff-da! But cheaper than a new one. Last time I
    was at a Best Buy, I was shocked at the price of appliances.

    The mechanic who was supposed to come yesterday called and said he was running late.
    So late he never showed up. Gordon called the company and talked to some young gal who
    had apparently been hired only minutes earlier. She had trouble grasping the essence of his call. She did ask if our appliances were "stand alone". I suppose they are since they are not
    in a mall.

    Gotta go. We have errands to do. Happy C.D., Kids.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I did it again folks. I posted before on the old volume. So go check my long post if you are interested. I have been so busy my brain no workey as Rock would say :)!!!

    Since I wrote a long one before I don't feel like writing again. Nothing really new but I did try and chat with you all. Have to go do more exercises so I can not re write what I wrote before or try too.

    I am so mad at myself for writing on the last volume. If you get the chance check it out.

    Julie - so glad Lorraine was found OK . I can imagine how scary that was for you. She probably wasn't, just you :)!! More later on. Choral practice tonight. So I need to go and finish or at least do some more exercises. The chiro just told me I could go to 2x a week from the scan he did.. Maybe now my money will go farther. He will be surprised when he find I an not going to stay around for to many adjustments at $50 a crack. - hmmm is that a pun? I don't need him to crack my bones, they do that by themselves.

    Love to all I mentioned in the last volume !!!

  14. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni. I read that you now have less inflammation. Is this osteoporosis that he's talking about? And since you've started all of these adjustments, can you say that you have less pain? Do you get bone scans from the doctor? Last one I had was about 9 years plus ago. At that time I was told I had osteopenia and it scared the heck out of me and was put on Fosamax. When I went to my gynecologist she looked at the report and said I should never have been put on Fosamax so I stopped it. Since then I read that osteopenia is basically a made up term by the pharmaceutical companies to scare women into taking their product.
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks

    Granni, I got mixed up last night and posted on the wrong thread too. Seems unavoidable some days. Was just checking the weather news. Said some parts of Texas got 10 inches of rain over the weekend. I wanted to check the weather in MN where my relatives live. I discovered there are something like 14 states which a Rochester in them. Anyway the weather in Rochester MN is 25 degrees cooler than we are with rain on the way.

    Gordon and I went to the San Gabriel valley and did some errands. That's about 10
    miles East of downtown LA. I used to live there back in the 1970s. Anyway we went to a Big Lot store which is part of the Pic N Save family. It's changed a lot since we were there a few years ago. They are now selling furniture as well as just about everything except tires, engagement rings and power tools.

    After 10-15 minutes I couldn't walk around anymore so I sat in the car and read. I always take a paperback with me. Gordon went to Mary Sees for some High Class candy and intended to visit a Vietnamese sandwich shop. Alas, it had gone outta business so he went to some sort of Asian store and got some meat. I don't know if it was cooked or not.

    Arriving home I tried to unlock the back door with the wrong key, dropped my paperback, bent over to pick it up which caused my glasses to fall outta my pocket, and then dropped the rest of the stuff we bought. It would have be funny if Laurel and Hardy were doing it. Justmade me mad.

    In closing, hugs to all. Here are the words of a famous educator, Will Rogers.

    "Things in our country run in spite of the government, and not by the aid of it."

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - Not much time to writ now as I have to fix dinner before going off to choral practice. No, the scan and the inflammation had nothing to do with osteoporosis. I have that to but has nothing to do with it. I have been on lots of OP meds and I don't think any really helped except possibly the Forteo which is a daily subcut. shot you give yourself. It is also extremely expensive and if I didn't have insurance I wouldn't have had it. However, it is still not that great. Now just on Strontium citrate and vits and supp. The SC is NOT a drug but a supplement. of course docs will not tell you about it, esp most of them. You have to send for it on line and isn't that expensive, as some supps.

    More later . Have to run and fix dinner.

  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni. Do a search on Ezorb. I used to take it religiously, stopped it because swallowing way too many supp. but need to start it again. There are l,000s of testimonials. I actually started it because of FM but people write about how their bone scans were reversed and bone spurs disappeared.
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - I have heard of E Zorb before and have read up about it.. I have other supps I need to take first. I forget why I decided at that time not to take it.

    Julie - Take it easy please, my dear YOUNG friend. I know it is hard for you not to do for everyone. Hope the chiro. can help you to feel better. Was Zachary the name of the little boy who wanted to go home with you and Keira :)!! One of my grandsons is Zachary. I love the name !!!

    Hi also to Jam, Rock and to whoever else I have missed today. Haven't been on the computer to much today. Maybe I can settle down and do some exercises tomorrow and chat with all of you. DH has a meeting tomorrow morning and afternoon and is going with a friend. So I will have some down time :)! he he

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Strangers,

    Sorry to be gone so long but that flu-like bug with vomiting and diarrhea has returned. I've been so weak and have had a running headache--not like me. I'm not usually a headache person. On top of that, the cats, who had been behaving beautifully, have started waking at 2:00 a.m. and making a ruckus. I'm afraid the neighbors can hear them out on the lanai and if I let them in, they scratch at my door and climb up on furniture and knock things off. It's like, all of a sudden, they are possessed. I'm giving them one last chance. I'm off to WallyWorld to get a new refill for their pheromone dispenser. I think, hope, this bug is on its way out. If I can keep breakfast down today, I'll know I'm better.

    Just scanned the posts so can't address everyone right now but will comment on a couple of things. We have a large Wal-Mart here that is only a grocery store. I've only been there once. If one has to go to WallyWorld, why not shop where other things are available. Pet supplies there are much less expensive than other stores in our area. When I lived in Denver, we had a chain of Kroger stores called, King Soopers, or King Supers, or something like that. Near downtown was a huge condo bldg. with the market on the ground floor in the parking garage. It was in a chi-chi neighborhood but street people all hung out around the place. Guess they thought it was a target-rich environment for begging. Personally, I didn't like the dark parking garage environment but it was a God send for those in an urban area with no markets nearby. I stopped there once on my way home when it was raining and being in the parking garage was a real plus.

    When my kids lived in the LA area, the traffic was horrible during rush times. And, it seemed that afternoon rush hour started around 2:30 p.m. A lot of Californicators (that's what Coloradans called them) moved to Denver during the housing bubble, making Denver's traffic almost as bad. Except for beaches, CO has a lot of the same things as CA--nice weather, lots of outdoor activites, and an active population. It's also a young population or, at least, it was back then. Good news is that I heard that CA has really gotten its act together politically and is no longer in dire straits economically. I can remember when a college education was free for CA residents. I thought it was a land of golden opportunity when I was growing up. I loved our vacations to CA, especially to San Francisco.

    My neighbors are from the Boston area. They keep wanting me to come up for a visit. I can barely stand to fly to visit my own kids so don't know if or when I'll ever go. Barb says it's very clean for a large city. Denver is very clean too. I'll be glad to go back and get my CO fix. I could never live there again in the wintertime with the thin, dirty air in the winter, but I'll do fine for a few days in Dec. I want to go back in the summertime one of these days. I still have enough points for another trip when Air Tran has one of its super-duper sales.

    I loved visiting NYC but it's prohibitive to live there. We rode the subway during the day and it wasn't bad. We took taxis at night. There's so much there to do. My fantasy is to come back as a beautiful, rich woman, with a penthouse on 5th Avenue, and whose doctor tells me I must gain weight. OMG! I've never seen such food and such portions as I did in NYC.

    My only excitement today will be the trip to WallyWorld. Ours is just a plain one. I avoid it like the plague on weekends when all the rural folk, with their extended families, invade the place--screaming kids running all over. There isn't enough Klonopin for that. I also avoid it when the Snowbirds arrive en masse. They all shop there for everything--white hair or bald heads as far as they eye can see. Snowbirds are mostly very nice people but there's just too many of them during Season. A lot of year rounders resent them but they are what helps keep our economy afloat so, I avoid crowded places in the winter and enjoy the lack of crowds during the summer.

    Honestly, if money were no object, I don't know where I'd like to live. There are so many beautiful places if one has the means. It's beautiful where I live but the summers are too hot and too long. Snowbirds have the best of both worlds. For year rounders, who are homesteaded, this is a very inexpensive place to live. The Snowbirds tell me that groceries here are too expensive but, compared to Denver, they don't seem so to me. Perhaps they haven't gotten the hang of BOGO's and coupons.

    I'm going to make a detour to Bed Bath and Beyond for a couple of Xmas decorations. They are little balls of metallic glitter red and green mistletoe with a big faceted crystal on the bottom. It's excellent Feng Shui to have prisms and crystals all over the place. I have a larger one in red and gold which I got in Denver on a visit a few years ago. I probably won't full out decorate but these would look so pretty hanging on the top front of my two armoires in the dining room and living room. I hang the big one on the large mirror in my entry. Of course, I have a coupon which will make these decorations cheap.

    Well, Kids, sorry not to address everyone but I do keep all of you, my Online Family, in my heart and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie, glad to see you are up to posting again.

    Things are kinda glum here. Zippy was killed by a coyote Monday night. We took him to the
    vet, but nothing could be done. We will not be getting anymore dogs.

    Gordon is busy jumping through hoops with regard to health insurance and unemployment