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    Sun - I have heard of E Zorb before and have read up about it.. I have other supps I need to take first. I forget why I decided at that time not to take it.

    Julie - Take it easy please, my dear YOUNG friend. I know it is hard for you not to do for everyone. Hope the chiro. can help you to feel better. Was Zachary the name of the little boy who wanted to go home with you and Keira :)!! One of my grandsons is Zachary. I love the name !!!

    Hi also to Jam, Rock and to whoever else I have missed today. Haven't been on the computer to much today. Maybe I can settle down and do some exercises tomorrow and chat with all of you. DH has a meeting tomorrow morning and afternoon and is going with a friend. So I will have some down time :)! he he

    Bye for now.

    Granni :)
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    Hi, Strangers,

    Sorry to be gone so long but that flu-like bug with vomiting and diarrhea has returned. I've been so weak and have had a running headache--not like me. I'm not usually a headache person. On top of that, the cats, who had been behaving beautifully, have started waking at 2:00 a.m. and making a ruckus. I'm afraid the neighbors can hear them out on the lanai and if I let them in, they scratch at my door and climb up on furniture and knock things off. It's like, all of a sudden, they are possessed. I'm giving them one last chance. I'm off to WallyWorld to get a new refill for their pheromone dispenser. I think, hope, this bug is on its way out. If I can keep breakfast down today, I'll know I'm better.

    Just scanned the posts so can't address everyone right now but will comment on a couple of things. We have a large Wal-Mart here that is only a grocery store. I've only been there once. If one has to go to WallyWorld, why not shop where other things are available. Pet supplies there are much less expensive than other stores in our area. When I lived in Denver, we had a chain of Kroger stores called, King Soopers, or King Supers, or something like that. Near downtown was a huge condo bldg. with the market on the ground floor in the parking garage. It was in a chi-chi neighborhood but street people all hung out around the place. Guess they thought it was a target-rich environment for begging. Personally, I didn't like the dark parking garage environment but it was a God send for those in an urban area with no markets nearby. I stopped there once on my way home when it was raining and being in the parking garage was a real plus.

    When my kids lived in the LA area, the traffic was horrible during rush times. And, it seemed that afternoon rush hour started around 2:30 p.m. A lot of Californicators (that's what Coloradans called them) moved to Denver during the housing bubble, making Denver's traffic almost as bad. Except for beaches, CO has a lot of the same things as CA--nice weather, lots of outdoor activites, and an active population. It's also a young population or, at least, it was back then. Good news is that I heard that CA has really gotten its act together politically and is no longer in dire straits economically. I can remember when a college education was free for CA residents. I thought it was a land of golden opportunity when I was growing up. I loved our vacations to CA, especially to San Francisco.

    My neighbors are from the Boston area. They keep wanting me to come up for a visit. I can barely stand to fly to visit my own kids so don't know if or when I'll ever go. Barb says it's very clean for a large city. Denver is very clean too. I'll be glad to go back and get my CO fix. I could never live there again in the wintertime with the thin, dirty air in the winter, but I'll do fine for a few days in Dec. I want to go back in the summertime one of these days. I still have enough points for another trip when Air Tran has one of its super-duper sales.

    I loved visiting NYC but it's prohibitive to live there. We rode the subway during the day and it wasn't bad. We took taxis at night. There's so much there to do. My fantasy is to come back as a beautiful, rich woman, with a penthouse on 5th Avenue, and whose doctor tells me I must gain weight. OMG! I've never seen such food and such portions as I did in NYC.

    My only excitement today will be the trip to WallyWorld. Ours is just a plain one. I avoid it like the plague on weekends when all the rural folk, with their extended families, invade the place--screaming kids running all over. There isn't enough Klonopin for that. I also avoid it when the Snowbirds arrive en masse. They all shop there for everything--white hair or bald heads as far as they eye can see. Snowbirds are mostly very nice people but there's just too many of them during Season. A lot of year rounders resent them but they are what helps keep our economy afloat so, I avoid crowded places in the winter and enjoy the lack of crowds during the summer.

    Honestly, if money were no object, I don't know where I'd like to live. There are so many beautiful places if one has the means. It's beautiful where I live but the summers are too hot and too long. Snowbirds have the best of both worlds. For year rounders, who are homesteaded, this is a very inexpensive place to live. The Snowbirds tell me that groceries here are too expensive but, compared to Denver, they don't seem so to me. Perhaps they haven't gotten the hang of BOGO's and coupons.

    I'm going to make a detour to Bed Bath and Beyond for a couple of Xmas decorations. They are little balls of metallic glitter red and green mistletoe with a big faceted crystal on the bottom. It's excellent Feng Shui to have prisms and crystals all over the place. I have a larger one in red and gold which I got in Denver on a visit a few years ago. I probably won't full out decorate but these would look so pretty hanging on the top front of my two armoires in the dining room and living room. I hang the big one on the large mirror in my entry. Of course, I have a coupon which will make these decorations cheap.

    Well, Kids, sorry not to address everyone but I do keep all of you, my Online Family, in my heart and prayers.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie, glad to see you are up to posting again.

    Things are kinda glum here. Zippy was killed by a coyote Monday night. We took him to the
    vet, but nothing could be done. We will not be getting anymore dogs.

    Gordon is busy jumping through hoops with regard to health insurance and unemployment

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    Oh Rock! This news brought tears to my eyes!!! I am so sorry that Zippy was killed...we have lots of coyotes around here; we can hear them howling in our back pasture at night. I can imagine it would be very hard to replace your sweet little friend.

    And poor Gordon...what a rough time to be trying to deal with health insurance. Sure, the company will try to fight the unemployment...hope Gordon hangs in there and it all gets straightened out.

    Mikie...all I can think of is "NO MORE FLU!" And, like kids, those silly cats seem to be "acting out" when Mama can't be at the top of her game. Whenever I have a headache, I think that is the worst thing...but whenever I get sick to my stomach/intestines, I think that is the worst...but everything at one time is just not fair!

    I did get to the chiro yesterday, then ran a couple more errands (took another two thousand pop cans in, lol) then stopped by Den's dad's on my way back. He has been picking up the drop apples, but can't actually pick them off the tree. He likes to cut them up and freeze them, so I drove his pickup into the yard and picked from the back of it. Also use his picker (basket on a pole) then climbed up in the tree some, to get "the very best, biggest ones", lol!

    It was pretty chilly and windy, so I had him sit in the cab of the truck...with his COPD, he gets out of breath very easily. I have things I could say about his living situation, but will save that for another day...nothing has changed...

    Got home in time to fix supper and crash with Den in front of the TV...we finished up the three episode mini-series on Netflix...the Hatfields and the McCoys. Oh my...how things can escalate!

    Better get busy...need to pick our own apples yet and work up lots of applesauce (or whatever I can think of.) These apples don't keep very well, so they need to be preserved somehow.

    Will be thinking of you all day, Rock...I am so, so sorry :(
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    Rock: I'm so very, very sorry to read this about Zippy. You cared for and nurtured him and I know you're going to miss him a lot. I know how he insisted on being outdoors. You tried to make him sleep indoors but what were you to do? Animals like us people get stubborn in our old age. Coyotes have become so aggressive over years of being around humans and other animals. When my big cat Abby hides at night when I'm calling her (yes, I know she does that) I get mad and turn off the light.......that's when she knows I've won and comes to the door wanting in.

    It's a nightmare having to work your way thru insurance stuff. My prayers go out to both you and Gordon, you guys have been hit very hard this past week.

    Mikie: I figured you were down and out again. I hope now it's all gone out of your poor, rundown body. BAD cats! Don't they know mama is sick!

    I got my new chairs delivered on Monday evening, thought I knew where they would look good, but by around 10 PM I just didn't like the feel of the arrangement. So, I started moving things around. Went to bed around midnight, didn't sleep more than 3 hrs. with stuff going around my head, so yesterday was a total wasted day aside from moving more furniture around! Mikie, I know you understand this! LOL

    I did make some new throw pillows, took some pics. of some furniture I want to sell, and headed to a nice resale shop. Bad news, Victorian furniture is dead, so today I'll try to list it on craig's list and hope someone wants exactly what I have. I need to go to a special lightbulb store, looking to replace a megabulb for an old 40s standing lamp. If not I'll just have to put the burnt out one back in or some how cover the opening. Oh yes, the pool pump was throwing water all around, had the pool repair man out. He has to order a new part for it which will run $140. Everything is so expensive! And he makes $90 an hr. WHAT! My systems analyst husband doesn't even make that!

    Julie: Great idea to pull the PU truck to where you can use it to pick apples.
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    Good morning and I guess almost good afternoon to awl!

    DH left this morning to go to a couple of meetings with friends to see if we can try and keep the money we have, which isn't bunches., unfortunately . I have my oven cleaning which hasn't been done since I got it. Considering its age it wasn't to bad, dirty wise. Tried to clean some of manually especially the glass part you can look through in the door. I did get it a little cleaner ( the glass) but hoping the oven will do the rest. That part was bad !!! Go it the excess off I guess.

    Need to do some exercises, I have been bad lately since we went away on our trip. However, I wanted to check in first. I haven't been to good lately in my posting - so sorry !!

    Rock - I am so sorry about dear Zippy. I know that will leave a hole in both of your hearts for some time. Are you sure you don't want to get another dog or kitty? Of course no animal with replace Zippy but they are lovely companions, most of the time !!! My heart goes out to both of you.

    I can imagine Gordon fussing over all that insurance mess and unemployment. Thank God we did get our insurance info back yesterday that is our secondary to Medicare that is just a little more than it was. At least we have something for one more year. After that, who knows what will happen ):!!

    Mikie - I am so sorry you are still feeling bad. I know that is no fun for you at all and hope those kitties start to behave. Yes, they do sound like toddlers and young children who act up at the worse times when you are far from your best. Hope you get to feeling better SOON !! Thanks for letting us know . I am surprised you wrote such a long post. You need to get to beddy bye but I know there are some things to be done. Try and stay calm on your shopping excursion. Did you say WM and its calming crowds :)???

    I figured that our stupid fire alarm detector would go on and off, now mostly on with the self cleaning oven on. I can't reach the detector to take out the battery. Have to wait for DH to get home of for it to stop on its own. I only put it on for 2 hours instead of 3 or 4 hours.

    Julie - Hope the chiro will help you tomorrow or when you were going. I am not sure I have the right day. You also are writing pretty long posts and not feeling well. Try and take it easy by dear young friend. You surely have been a busy gal and hope you can settle down some soon. That was cute about Zachary wanting to go home with you and Keira :)!!
    was taking them.

    Jam - Thanks for sending that info and review on E Zorb I think I had heard some people say that too. Perhaps that was the reason I decided not to take it. That was some time ago too. I just hope that the gal who sent you the review on it and has decided to go to meds, that something helps her. Nothing I took helped much except for the Forteo injections daily . You can only take it for 2 years. I had no reactions at least not at the time I was taking them . That is also extremely expensive. Couldn't take

    Diane - Hope you are doing better. I saw you lately doing your games so I hoped you were doing better. I know Rock's loss of Zippy is very hard for you and everyone here, besides Rock and Gordon.

    Hi also to Sun, Dar, Joan, Georgia Elaine, Jole, SW and everyone else I can't think of at the moment. Off to eat lunch and do my exercises !!!

    Love to everydobby,
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    I hope I don't catch anybody off guard, but thought this might be a good time to start a new volume...please look for the new porch :)