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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Granniluvsu, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    By the power vested in me by SMG I am turning on the porch light for Volume 67. Hope I did it right this time and don't get in trouble !! Good grief !!

    Be sure also to go and read all the post on volume 66 which is now closed. Don't want to miss anything do you ??


    Marilyn (Granni)
  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Which thread should we keep and which one should I dele since there are postings on both.

    I am going to go take my meds and go nite nite. My head is to screwed up at this point. We or I do have to delete one of them by tomorrow or we will have two complete volumes soon with same number.

    BTW Rock, you are the same age as me - yeah that old !!

    Granni, Mar
  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Please use ME first then Vol 68 later, "K"?

    Thanks, Vol. 67
  4. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    "BTW Rock, you are the same age as me - yeah that old !!"

    Actually, Marily, I am 3 months older if the info in your profile is correct. But I think it's safe to say I am substantially more immature.

    Isn't this nice. We now have porch A and porch B. Or I and II if you like. Pretty soon we will be like Wal mart or Starbucks.

    Eventually there will probably be only 50 companies in the world. Those two plus Sony, Toyota, McDonalds, etc.

    This might eliminate wars. "Hey, we can't attack them. We've got two dozen outlets in that country plus a regional headquarters."

    Wouldn't it be interesting if we could come back for a week or two every century, just to see how things turned out.
  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry Mr/Dad and SMG (don't know if she is around anyplace),

    I read your other post MrD saying that we would first post on this one and then go to Vol 68. So, here I am . I decided I had better check and do something before I went nite nite. I was going to make the big decision and delete somebody's volume but not sure whose. I was afraid by the time I woke up tomorrow we would have two mixed up volumes and no one would know what was what and where to post. It is confusing enough as it is. Lots of confused people on the porch normally, and that surely includes ME ! Thanks Mr D for straightening this out for me (us) !!!!

    One of these days I will do it correctly and in a timely manner.

    Rock - I just thought i would also address you on your post to me that you were confused about. (Glad to see tht someone is as confused as I sometimes).

    First of all I was talking about finally remembering to sign my checks with the correct year - 2006, and NOW I have to try and remember that it is 2007 - ugh !! It will take me another year to remember to write that year now. BTW, I checked your bio again and you and I are the same age I believe. I reached the big 65 last year - gave myself away. I think you might have mentioned social securuity but maybe not. I got my soc sec. early at 62 and that was 4 years ago. I can't check what you said on your bio. since I am on the wrong volume.

    Ali - Sorry. I think you were on the other volume that got deleted. I probably would have deleted that right away had you not posted (and Lin too.) I forget who posted on which one.

    Bye to all fr now. TTY all in the morning (my morning anyway), maybe not all of yours.

    Warm hugs to you all,

    Marilyn (Granni)
  6. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Granni, it's no big'in! Everything works out! There are
    always bigger fish to fry, right? Eventually we will get
    "perfect" (??)

    Rock: Your observations on Corporations, War etc. reminds
    me of the fact revealed some years back that GM was making
    tanks through a German subsidary for the Panzer Divisions!
    They played both sides and it mattered not as who won
    that War they would come out winners.

    I believe in the Circular Theory of most things. We need
    to revisit anti-monopoly laws. AT&T just bought up Bell
    South to put them back at about the same point as before
    the Government breakup mandate! The banks
    are dangerously headed full bore in that direction as well
    toward monopoly in the field of finance. Another 10,000
    jobs will be lost over the next three years due to the
    Bell South acquisition! "Power corrupts, absolute power
    corrupts absolutely" This premise still holds don't you
    think? No Haliburton fan here as you can tell.

    A big hello to the Gordon! Keep them Krispies comin'!!
  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm stopping at the Porch this morning to wish Linda a belated birthday. Darn it, I had it written down, too, but I forgot to check my notes. I hope it was a great one, Lin.

    I brought an entire freezer of homemade ice cream to make up for it. It's magic ice cream because it turns any flavor you like and it never adds one pound or one grain of sugar.

    Hugs all around the porch,

  8. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    OK Granni, I am confused but here I am. LOL Confusion is just a way of life for lots of us isn't it?

    They just delivered my upholstered furniture and all other items that had to be cleaned from mold spores. Now we have to buy new electronics (like a T.V.) that could not cleaned without damaging the unit and get the room back together. Everything is packed in boxes. We need an attorney soon to get some type of legal action started. Nice has not worked and it's time for someone other than us to pay for this mess. My other option is to wire Jodie some money and let her win enough to pay for all of the bills that are accumulating. My chances with Jodie winning are probably going to be much higher and easier than getting the money from this contractor.

    The weather is nice today in central N.C....pretty blue skies with the high temp around 70 though it feels cooler to me. There were floods in adjoining counties on New Years day. Lots of water in basements have been keeping my son and DH busy. I can't imagine 3 to 5 feet of water in my house and I know what many will have to go through now....mold. Only a few of the claims called in had flood insurance. I certainly have empathy for them. Their journey is starting and they are just beginning to find out what happens when water enters your home and that their insurance will not cover ground water. Lots of problems for many people...Life certainly has uncertain twists and turns. One poor lady was 87 years old and alone and could not pay for the extraction. My DH decided to do if for free and they during the confusion of so many calls and trying to find enough help, they lost her information. I hope some one helped her.

    Got to go. Will talk to you guys


  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    In view of all this confusion over which porch is the right porch, I believe I should start another porch which will act as the proper forum to discuss the issue. After a suitable period of time, we can then issue a report.

    In the meantime, I had more calls from New Jersey regarding my medical situation. You may recall it took 4 appointments before I actually had my MRI.

    Now they want to schedule an EMG. I said I already had that last Oct. Heather, who was very sweet and did not have a NJ accent, said she would look into the matter.

    The degree of incompetenc in the modern world is staggering. This is said to be a common perception among old people. I can't deny it; I'm pretty old.

    Never heard about GM's panzer division, Mrdad. I know Mitsubishi used to make Zeros (Jap fighter planes) during WWII, but that seems a little more logical.

    Thanks for the ice cream, Marta. Good old chocolate; my favorite. Hope you feel better, Carla nl. Hugs to all.

    In keeping w/ the euphoria associated w/ this time of year, and a certain degree of Peter Whimsey, I am signing all my emils today:

    Alonzo Philco (Skipper) Renfro III

  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Foggy: I went the Drug Store and Groc. Store today plus
    did a laundry before it rains tonite and tomorrow! It's
    beginning to feel as wet as Oregon here! It just rained
    a few Days before Xmas for hours!!

    Ali: Glad you are home and thanks so much for keeping in
    contact wiff us while away. We are all so concerned about
    the Little One and she is in our prayers and thoughts of
    course! It is so difficult to see them ill but
    you are indeed wonderful parents who are going to make all
    the difference to her. I Admire your courage.

    Marta: Glad you are back wiff us. Miss and get concerned
    about ya if you are gone for a few days! The same with
    you Sweetie. I'm glad that you are getting some furniture
    into the house finally. How awful that whole experience
    has been. Legal Aid in your community may be a good source
    of information in how you most likely should approach you
    legal options in this case. I'm sure you would be able
    to win, but it's the time often involved that makes it
    discouraging as like in my case with my Sis's interest!
    Gotta do it though, don't we?

    I had a Black Lab for ten years Sweetie, after a few
    month's, (He had DADD), I had to change his name from
    Boston Blacky to BEN. That way when he didn't pay attent-
    ion or come when I called, I'd kneel down in front of him
    grab him by his cocker chain, look him in the eyes and say
    "you want'a be a HAS BEN!!! It worked for about 5 mins.!!
    Maybe you can find some young people to exercise Doggie?

    Rock: Yea. I was familiar with the Mitsubishi thing! Pro-
    blem was they never "tested" an engine more than
    100 miles before it "fell" on to an Allied Ship or sump-
    Anyway, I'm sure many of the Peeps that profited from
    the War are still making money and were not held account-
    able 'cause we needed them. I.E. Von Braun!

    I have my Meds on Auto-Refill at the suggestion of my
    Chain Pharmacy. I've Been out of one for two days. The
    computer must have known that also? Wasn't a big deal
    to them. (Glad it wasn't the Viagra) Or was it Niagra?
    Must be behind with orders due to the Holiday. Illness
    takes a Holiday I guess! Agree with ya on the competence
    issue is what I'm sayin'!

    Jodie: Hope you are doing better wiff the arm! At least
    you are getting out some and having fun! You're doin'
    very well Kiddo!!

    Hope all are having a good Eve!!

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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Porchies,

    I have been so busy today trying to get the house in some kinda shape as we are having some company on friday evening. So, I had to put away some of the decorations (the little that I put out which wasn't that much) but I still had to clean too. I almost finished. I did part today and then will do some tomorrow afternoon.

    In the a.m. I have to go to my endo for my b/p check on a new med. It is supposed to rain alot. Just what I need. By the time I get there my b/p will be up there. She is trying to keep it from spiking - good luck !! I just hope it doesn't rain too hard !! It is not to close a drive but alot better than I would have if I hadn't change Dr.'s when she decided that she was no longer going to come into my area for one day !! That would have been a 30 mile drive on way. No thanks, if I can help it.

    Ali - So sorry to hear about how much your medicine cost. That is terrible !!! If it didn't help you then you wouldn't need to take it.GRRR !!

    We are so lucky for good coverage besides the Medicare or we would be in trouble.I cannot believe that the Forteo that I take subcut. every day would have cost me about $600 or more without good insurance for my osteoporosis. Some people have so much trouble with needing the drug but can't afford it. I know Eli Lily has some kind of a plan or something to help some of the people needing financial help with the drug but don't know how that works.

    Hope AmeliaGrace is doing well after her ordeal , poor little gal. Just what you need with feeling so badly yourself. I understand, believe me kiddo. Glad you are all home safe and sound. You are a strong gal and a wonderful mom.

    ******Sorry Ali and everyone for the screwup on the 2 porches and all. I will TRY not to do it again. I really think we need a handbook (or instructions) on how to restart a new vol (thread) and close the old one with causing havoc in the ranks !!!

    *******Thanks Mrdad on bailing me out and starting #68. Just hope others will not go there first anyway that do not know the situation.

    Hi again Marta, Sweetie, Carla nl, Rock and Jodie. Don't worry Sweetie you are not the only one who is confused. Like I said I think I need a handbook of instructions and then MAYBE on a good day I would get it right (-: !!

    Rock - I am glad that I found another OLD person on this porch (-: !!!! I try not to act(OLD) but sometimes it is hard. However, I have had others who told me that I don't look my age so I guess that is good. I guess part of it is that I am fairly thin, although I have gained weight the last couple of years. probably my crazy thyroid.

    Sweetie - where in NC do you live. My daughter and family live in Mooresville !

    Well, I had better leave and do some other stuff like go take my Forteo shot, etc. I just have the most fun (-: !!!

    Lots of hugs to you all,

    Marilyn (Granni)
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I can't afford my medicine either. I've become one of those pathetic cases you read about.

    Well, I have to have my antidepressant. Otherwise I not only get depressed, I get so irritable I can't even live w/ myself.

    As for the others, I figured out a plan. I just quit taking them. Haha

    Anyway, the subject of unaffordable meds has come up on the serious boards from time to time. You can search. Also, here are some numbers I've jotted down over the last year or so that might help.

    As Linda said, I've heard some med companies will help you out if you contact them directly.

    1 800 864-1140




    Also, I have gotten some meds cheaper at Costco. Don't need to be a member.

    1 888 4PPA-NOW I think that's the phone number of the Montel Williams show.

    Good luck.

  13. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hope thiorch is still running. I think if who ever ends the last porch with signing off the number immediately starts the new that works. SMG hardly ever follows the porch rules though for sure!!!

    Gee my arms are hurting so badly they feel as if I have been running uphill with a wheelbarrow full of concrete all day when in fact the most I have done is type a little and raise a fork or teacup to my mouth! Won't even say about left side and leg. (scream)

    Just called three doctors to see if anyone could see me and earliest appt with any is towards the end of the month. Don't know 'bout where you guys live but our docs all seem to be working 3 or 4 day weeks and only four or five hours a day these days. A lot of the docs round here have taken off two full weeks or more for Christmas break.

    Yes, if you fall below a certain income and I can tell you a family of three it is about $35,000 cut off, just google in the name of the drug manufacture and google Patient Assistance Program. Dan got all his meds for free this way, the doctor just completed a form they faxed and he collected the scrips from his doctor every three months.

    Since Medicare drug help though, he has had to bump himself off and it is iffier on the new plan, although he qualifies for extra help which is only a $5 co pay, but the low income cut off is about $25,000 for three.

    Hope that helps.

    Good wishes to everyone here. I have to stop typing due to the arm and side pain. Anyone here taking MSM for pain? The B12 someone asked me, is subligual 1mg a day (prohealth) apparently both MSM and B12 are non toxic even very large amounts.

    Love Anniecrom
  14. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gilley: Read your Post on Vol. 68, or was it Vol. 67 ??
    Oh, anyhow. There are so many of you Girls in the North-
    east you should be all able to get together for a "luncheon" some day!

    Ya know. That soap and the bathtub thing wiff the "Old"
    Squeeze, it occurred to me later that she must have been
    poping those bubbles from the bubble bath too before she'd
    called me back in to help her find the soap she kept
    dropping!!! I'm so naive! Just figured that out!!

    Raining here today but I can't complain. Last year at
    this time the weather was wet with heavy rain about every-
    day for weeks. More like the Northwest. I Have a feeling
    SMG is gonna be back from the Vatican soon! Oh, no!!
    Speaking of glummy weather! Glad your winter has been
    mild this year for you "guys" back there! Feel so bad
    for the poor helpless cattle out there in Wyoming etc.
    Goofy weather. Take care!

    Anniecrom: Were ya able to get Danny to go to School on
    Tuesday? You hve so much on your plate and I think of
    you and Danny often. Give me an update on things as you

    Rock: What's the Gordon makin' for we Porchie's today!
    I'm getting bored wiff my own menue and may get a new
    cookbook to expand my options. I just do the simple,
    "geriatric" meals. SIL made a great Chicken, mushroom
    and rice casserole Xmas nite that was a wonderful change!
    Gonna ask her for the recipe. Gotta find the one for
    Chile Relleno also. Will share them with Gordon. Bet
    the sun is shinning down there!

    Linda: So sorry you had to leave work. I really don't
    know how you do it all! Trying to keep up with Family
    duties and work too is more than enuff for WELL people.
    I'm just fortunate that I have few obligations or duties
    other than my own. It must be an envious position to be
    in for most! Hope you are feeling better today.

    "Gotta" make more coffee Kids. "Talk" later, "K"?

  15. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Hello all,

    Joe, my heart truly goes out to you for having (and I quote) A Few Hours Of Rain! LOL! I hope this time you don’t get rain like Sweetie got and like we have gotten – again – for the last week.
    Christmas day we had to make a 10 mile detour on the way home from my moms because the main road that leads out to our area was under water for a half mile. We have a 4wd truck so would usually go on through but it was pitch black and pouring so we couldn’t see clearly and my poor 7 year old said in a very pathetic voice from the back seat “I don’t want to spend the holidays dead”. Yesterday that road was under again and Rog had to do the same detour as his work car is a little Dodge Colt. The road the bus goes over was under in two places and of course all the kids think that’s great fun to go through. Lane was fine with it in the daylight and in a big ‘ol bus. Next week is supposed to be more rain but lighter. It’s been the wettest winter I can remember in a long time. The talking head weatherguys have been putting on their frowny faces and predicting a warm dry El Nino spring. Supposed to bring a drought. Bring it on I say.

    Rock, I did notice the lack of a box of powdered sugar on the Keillor recipe. It sounded sweet enough to me – Voila! Instant Diabetic. Re: the degree of incompetence in the modern world; I imagine the world has always been incompetent, or rather the people on it. And usually it’s the ‘job’ of the young to point out how incompetent us mature ones have gotten and how we have screwed up the world. Every generation they are perfectly right.

    Carla – nl I missed the turning yellow part too! I hope it was too many carrots and not a liver issue.

    Ali I can sympathise with the prescription thing, luckily two of mine were able to go generic last year because I was paying close to 300 smackers a month and had 16,000 on my credit card because of it. I hope you can get some help with it.

    Ok, my computer is having a little tantrum so I’ll post and be back later


  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey Y'all,

    This has been bugging me about the screwup on the last posts/volumes . Could someone please tell me if this is correct or not. So hopefully, I don't screw up again. Then I shan't mention it again K? As Mrdad would say !!

    I am thinking that this what I shouid do and I think I forgot to do one of the parts (#2).

    When the # of posts in a thread (volume) hits about 30 or so you can change to a new volume by :

    1) Close that thread (volume)by saying "This volume #? is now closed, on the old volume.

    2- Then go to "Post Topic" and "officially" close that old thread by stating so on the "New Post" part of the board - "Vol. #? is now closed".

    3- Go to "Post Topic" again and hopefully officially OPEN the new Volume (thread)- "Vol. #? is now Open." Then, make your post on that new volume/thread.

    In between when I tried to get back to do #2 I took so long that Mrdad opened his porch. Also when I tried to close the porch I may have also said open instead of closed. Sorry, I know it is really not a BIG deal (unless SMG catches me) but I don't want to do it again so am trying to figure out what I did do wrong.

    If anyone can make sense of what I said just let me know if this is more or less correct. Mind you, I am not saying I will not screw it up again, just TRYING not to.
    Well enough of that stuff.

    Hope all is well with everyone (as well as can be expected under the circumstances)! I went out in the rain, thank goodness the heavy rain was over and out to the endocrinologist. My b/p behaved itself and so I get to stay on the same medicine. Go back in 3 months for ore bloodwork and a bonescan. Hope this Forteo has been doon doing something good. Oh well, that is another issue isn't it?

    Hi Lin and Jodie - Wasn't it both your birthdays around the same time. I know Lin's was the 2nd I believe. Hope you both had a good time !!

    Carla - I missed the part abut you turning yellow or something.

    Annie - So sorry that your arms are hurting so. I know the feeling except it is usually my neck, shoulders and back of my head that hurts so much - not to speak of my lower back etc, etc. Don't get me started then we all can start chiming in (-: !!

    Ali - I hope you are getting to get some rest at home and that little Amelia Grace is resting well too, big sis. Yes, she needs some attention too ! Hopefully you can get a handle on the problem with her allergies quickly but it may take awhile. As I understand it that is really the best way to find out the problems, is by indroducing one thing at a time and keep like a journal of her reactions to what she ate, and drank daily.

    Hi again also to Froggy, and anyone else that I might have missed.

    Rock ,did you get to bring any of Gordon's goodies to the porch or did I miss them again ??

    More warm hiugs to all,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  17. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Joe we have had to just change Danny's schedule to self contained classrooms as it was all too much. Hopefully he will stay in school more than an hour or so maybe. Not much else new. Still the same old stalemate with the in laws, although they are clearly feeling our absence and must be looking around thinking "Well who the heck will pack and move us now?(cause they know the daughters won't). One makes one's bed I guess. Dan has had a setback with all the stress which lays stress on me. Enrolled with yet another new doc. Who knows, an all women's doctor business. Will report back Monday. Aspercream has helped my arms some.

    Gotta go and beat Dan at Jeopardy.

    I am so thankful (??? name just lost it, sorry,) your little girl is doing better now. It is scarey.

    My mind is now a complete blank on replies I was going to give. They were all nice ones if that consoles!!!

    Love Annie

  18. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am one handed right now. my suture was taken off by a overzealous male bed friend. he thought was just a bandaid poking him. so iwas at kaiser yesterday, they temp fixed me. igot moe swollen. my new male buddy offered to take me to e.r.

    i just stayed with him at his house. he fetched me s/h20 and aleve. made me some toast.

    i called got in w/dr. he put me on keflex, snd if get worse i must check into e.r. i need to take my temp.

    well i have been feeling good up till the steritape getting ripped off w/suture. so i need to ice it down.

    well this it for now. i'll be fine just checking w/y'all.

    he did ask me when my school starts. i have sneaky susepicion i may need to skip this semester or just sign up for a late class instead.

  19. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Yup, tried biofreeze and use it. I find I have to switch creams around, one week Activon, one biofreeze, then Bengay, then aspercream, and that nice spray stuff forget its name.

    Well off to bed to conclude my book on tape which is good but has gruesome details of the murders (writer was an ex Florida prosecutor.

    Have a good evening Porchies.

    Love Annie c
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got back from the chiropractor. I go once a month for maintenance. That way my back doesn't go Kerflooey quite so often.

    I have had a productive day (for a sickie). I paid a bill and drove to the P.O. to mail the check. I wrote a letter to my attorney and an e mail to my former secretary.

    I went to the D.C. and am now doing the dishes. Big nap coming up fast.

    Marilyn, you don't need step two in your close/open sequence. The person who started the post needs to edit by typing CLOSED in the title at the appropriate time.

    Oh yes, w/ re: to the astonishing amount of incompetence in the world, a friend called to say she got the package I ordered for her. Since the shipper did not include the card, she had to call Missouri to find out who the gift was from. Sigh...

    Too tired to type anymore but a graceful wave of the hand (like the Q. of England) and a big grin for all. Speaking of the queen, what is the difference between welfare and supporting the royal family? Other than the amounts involved, of course.

    But every time they do a poll the Brits want to hang onto the royals. Their choice, I guess.

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