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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids! The lights are back, hurrah!!!

    Rocky, I think your Post starting Vol 207 didn't make it!
    So, I started this one.

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  2. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I posted about 3 or 4 posts and they are all gone. Wierd. I think Elaine has something to do with this. She has been gone since yesterday you know. Okay Elaine, fess up. LOL

    How did your interview go???? I can't wait to hear. Part of my job is being an administrative assistant as well and I just love it. There are so many different jobs that entail in being a admin, and so many people are dependant on you. I love that part. Hahahaha. Plus you get Administrative Assistant Day (used to be called Secretary Day). Well Good Luck

    You would not believe this weather, I am so excited I could jump up and down a million times. It is in the sixties, sunny, warm beautiful outside. My daughter came and met me for lunch and we had a good time. I did not want to come back to work at all. The trees are blooming, the spiders are making their webs, the grass is green and the flowers are starting to peek out.

    I can't wait to get home and take Jack for his walk and start getting back in that routine. That is one of my favorite things to do. We try and walk about 2 miles, depending on how I am feeling.

    Well, just thought i would check in with you all. Talk to you later.

  3. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    third time lucky hopefully -I keeptrying to post a reply to Elaine's job interview-hope it went OK. Annie
  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I was really afraid for a while. Thought we entered a "Black
    Hole" and would never return to "normal"! I do think lots
    of Posts here and on other Threads are gone, gone and gone!
    (May not be an entirely bad thing) Ya know what I'm sayin'

    I told my email Friends already today that my SIL has a nice
    Easter planned for Adults and kids alike at, BAY MEADOWS RACE
    TRACK!!! Gotta acclimate those youngin's early to the joys
    of watching the Ponies run and collecting one of life's little
    winnings! (I think she mentioned somethin' about Bunnies,
    egg hunt, games and Brunch too!) My nephew is providing "door
    to door" service as well. Such a deal. "Come on Sea Crumpet"!!

    OK, what plans do you "guys" have for Easter?
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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    BUT I have posted elsewhere and they have not come up yet.

    Candy - I sent you another post also on chit chat but it disappeared into cyberspace also along with everyone elses that are not posted yet. I think I sent one yesterday and one this morning and neither of them are there. So, now everyone is trying to play ketch up (-: !!

    Hi to everyone. I just did some posting this morning , little that it did me and then went shopping. Just found out by DIL that I have to bring 2 veggies. Si I am going to have to figure out when to do them with singing until late on sat and then sunday morning. Also sing today and friday.

    Sorry I forget to hook up with the volume so I DONT know who said what. I just know the porch is a mess along with everywhere else onthe site (-: !! I am sure they are working hard to get things posted.

    Jodie - have a great spring brreak . Work hard but havae some fun too !!!

    Thanks Mrdad and Georgiac for telling me how to sign off properly. Now I am sort of an expert huh ??? HA !Hi also to Linda, CKball, Mickey, Rock, Candy Julie, Jodie and everyone one else I missed etc.

    Bye for now. Maybe by the time I get back here HOPEFULLY things will be straightening out.


  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    of messages disappeared from the previous volume. Oh well, our messages are only slightly more evanescent than we ourselves.

    I have opened Vol 207 twice now.

    A couple more times, and I'm going to give up.

    I have no plans for Easter, Mr.D. But if I run across the Jack Benny Easter show I will listen to that. I have it on tape somewhere. It's the one they played every year. He and Mary walk down Wilshire Blvd and sing "Happy Easter" to everyone they meet.

    Those of you to young to remember radio drama etc, many shows had a program for the holdidays, especially Christmas, that they would run every year.

    My son used to call me up at Easter and sing that tune. Now we don't even speak. What a difference the years (and 1300 miles) make.


  7. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    I have an idea, we could all go listen to Granni sing and then you are all welcome to come to my house. I am having the whole kitnkaboodle over for Easter.

    My house is the party house, and my sister and brother always look for me to give the parties of course. Whatever, it is a good thing I love to entertain. Anyway, we are going to have a big Easter Egg hunt (with money in them)and lots of good food to eat as well. Whenever I was cleaning up last year around the pool landscaping I even found one of those eggs that had a dollar bill in it. That was a nice surprise.

    Rock, bring Gordon, I am sorry about your son. I wish somehow you two could be together.

    Elaine bring your mystery man, everyone is welcome.

    Georgia - goat meat, I don't know if I want to ask about this one. Yikes.

    Lin, I think i found your energy, I am taking Jack for his 2 miler tonight (if i can make it), so sorry about that. LOL

    Well you porchies YCI, Elaine, Mrdad, Carla, Marta, etc............. and anyone i missed have a great evening. It is about time to close up and head home. Yippee

    Love ya all, Mickey

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  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    it is a new dimension here on the porch...

    rock i don't have anything planned either for easter i have my son here but that is the only family i have...i never know if he is going to go to his gf's house or not.

    i will be thinking of you on easter.

    granni i went out and hung out w/some of my friends a couple of beers and nice conversations...i got some great compliments on my attire from some women....

    well guess i shall think about changing out of my jammies...i just feel like staying them, but it is too pretty out today.

  9. bevy2most

    bevy2most New Member

    Just steppin in for a quickie....Went to the Zoo yesterday and fishing all day today. I am pooped.

    Hello to all, my wonderful porchies, and Happy first day of Spring......

    More later,

  10. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    here I am hiding safely with Marta in the cold, wet bushes waiting for every thing to settle down.

    I just wanted to say hello and hope to post more when I feel more comfortable that it will appear.

    Hugs to all!

  11. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    It's Friday!!!!! Yippee. It is so beautiful here again. Already in the 50's and supposed to get in the high 60's today.

    Lincamp and Lydia, I wish i could bring this weather to you, i know exactly how you feel and i am so sorry. It can be so depressing. Close you eyes and just think of the sun beating down on your face and the smell of spring in the air. I think Spring is definetly here and we won't see anymore snow.

    Candy - Hope you have an enjoyable weekend and don't worry about not addressing everyone. I get missed all the time, but i know it is only because of all of our fibro fog and also because i am still kind of new.

    JODIE - Don't you know jammies are in now. Kids are always wearing their jammy pants out for the day, LOL. So feel free to just stay in them and enjoy the nice weather.

    Bevy - I can't wait to go to the zoo, i haven't been there in a couple of years. I think i will bring my niece this summer. Did you catch anything fishing??? My husband and daughter love to fish, unfortunatley I do not have the patience, however, i love to eat it.

    SWEETIE I think it is okay for you and Marta to come out of those wet bushes now. Posting seems to be running smoothly finally.

    Take care everyone on the Porch and talk to you later

  12. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    OK, my last one disappeared into cyber space so lets try this again and see if I can remember everything.

    CKball: Carla, How is Twy doing? Where is the Sacrum located on a dog? How are you doing on the pee patrol? Hopefully soon she will be feeling like her old self and you can put your Bissell away.

    Fibromickster: Could you send some of that warm weather to me? We have a snowstorm here in WI today and they are predicted 6-10" of snow.

    Candy: I'm glad to hear you are on the mend. Take care!

    Mr. Dad: Put $20 on Sea Crumpet for me as well. I've never seen the ponies but I'm hoping we can sometime this summer. I love horses and I think it would be so much fun!

    Rock: Has Gordon come up with any yummy conncoctions lately?

    Gotta run and I know I missed some people and I'm sorry, I will catch up with everyone else when I get back.
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dear Porchies,

    Well, I guess the posts or most of the lost posts are either in or gone someplace. Last night at church went fine but was a little long . hOwever, that is not to be compared to the Vigil Mass on sat whre there are loasds of reads and is also bilinqual Eng and Spanish of course). There are many hispanics in our area of the church. So, there will also be lots of singing with some coming into the church too.

    There is also Sunday morning where I have to go to our sons snd DIL after Mass . Somewhere in between I have to fix the two veggies I hav to bring to the dinner. I hate it when things are rushed like that but oh well!! Not to much time to write to all indicdually but will try to remember a few.

    Elaine - I see the interview went great but I hope mayabe you can negotiate with them to up the amount they want to pay you. Good luck !!!!

    Carla - Hope Twy is doing better and you to with all the mess it makes. Plus, yoou are so busy lately.

    JUlie amd Mickey - I can send you some of our sundahine too, OK? Sounds like you might need it. However, glad that Springs does seem like it might be trying to come a little bit your way, every once i awhile Hope it comes soon. BRRR!! Mickey glad that you are getting a small taste of spring. Hope it lasts.

    Darn I just lost the volume so i can't remember what you all said again GGRRRR!!

    Julie - Thanks for the kid words. Oh I know Ii will be pooped I already am but as they say life goes on !!

    Jodie - Have fun on spring break.

    Candy - Hi kiddo, I saw your post . I will go post there again later if I can. Hope you are feeling better. I know it is not fun , just add it to all our list of symptoms,. Just what we need more illness(-: !! Oh, BTW someone sent you a post on the chat board, I think it was Elaine.

    Hi to Marta, Sweetie, Linda, Mrdad, Rock, Annie, Bevy Kylob and everyone else my brainless mind can remember right now !!! Hope I didn't miss to many of you.

    I know things are going to get busier from here so in case I forget to do so I want to wish EVERYONE a very Happy Easter !! Enjoy your families if you are lucky enough to be seeing at least some of them. I won't be seeing everyone either, never really do as one daughter and sil lives in NC.

    Have some chores to do , even if I really don't want to do them. So, I had better go for now. Will check later or will try to anyway.

    Lots of hugs to you all,


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  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just got a weather report from my sister in Rochester, Minnesota. Seven inches of snow expected today. Big storm from Strawberry Point, Iowa north to Lake City, Minnesota.

    My dad used to sell nursery stock (trees, not babies). His territory included Strawberry Point.

    In Rochester schools are closed. One of the bridges over the Mississippi river is shut down due to a truck accident.

    Similar storm in the same area on this date in 1955. I was a sophomore in high school. Don't remember a thing about it.

    Well, we lost lots of messages last couple days. There were two posts about board troubles. For those of you who missed the funniest comment, MrDad speculated this was a delayed Y2K problem.

    Mickey, I would love to visit you. I read about st. Charles on the net. Sounds like a charming place w/ lots of history.

    Haven't been to the Los Angeles zoo for for over 20 years, Bevy. Used to be able to take a tram ride w/ a guide.

    The zoo is in Griffith Park along w/ the Gene Autry Western museum. A wonderful place to visit, especially for those of us who loved Gene and Roy when we were kids.

    I am reading a book of western history. All these characters from the old west were still alive when my dad was young: Buffalo Bill Cody, Wyatt Earp,

    Frank James, Jack London, Bat Masterson, Quanah Parker, Cole Younger, Bill Pickett,

    Frederic Remington, Will Rogers, Mark Twain, and Annie Oakley.

    Geromino died a few months before my father was born.

    Tom Mix died the year I was born.

    In those days they didn't have Y2K problems. Course they might've had OK corral problems.

    Adios Amigos


  15. jole

    jole Member

    Here on the farm the grandkids are keeping me more busy than I'd like, but they are having fun. They've been playing softball and our Aussie likes to play fetch.

    Well, every time they hit a ball she runs and fetches it. The outfielders just can't seem to beat her to it.

    So as of now, they are all lined up to bat and our dog is the only outfielder needed. It's the funniest thing I have ever seen!!

    Just have a minute since the pile of laundry has grown by leaps and bounds. Moms are coming to pick up the 4 boys tomorrow. Have to say I'll be a little bit relieved and ready for BED!!!

    Happy Easter everyone!!
  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Ya know. Easter at the "Race Track" probably won't involve
    watching any ponies run. I think we're going their to use
    the banquet facilities etc. Don't think it's gonna be a
    long tiring day, but short and fun!

    Rock: Re: Wyatt Earp When a real 'Lil GUY, about 5 y.o,
    my mother would take me for a haircut to this tall, white-
    haired old man. He told my mother that when he lived in
    Arizona, he knew Wyatt Earp. That was well before the noted
    successful TV series! Earp died in 1929 so I'm sure the Old
    guy was being truthful. He was old enough to have been at
    the "OK Corral" but didn't mention seeing the famous gun battle. I'm only living a block north of that Barber Shop
    today or the same street I was raised on! Who says ya
    can't go home? Wyatt Earp is buried just south of San
    Francisco. I remember that 40 years ago his headstone was
    vandalized by "VANDALS"! Who other would vandalize?

    Monica: How's the non-smoking campaign coming? I left a
    Post for you there as yesterday's is in Cyber Limbo or
    worse! (Think the smell of fresh cut flowers)!

    Elaine, it's amazing that some companies expect one to come
    to work everyday for wages that are one step above poverty!
    People don't stay in jobs for years on end anymore as they
    feel insecure with their positions and futures. I applied
    for a job here in SF some years back and the prospective
    employer was verbally impressed with the fact that I had
    stayed about four years at my last job. I worked for a
    publication here in SF from the age of 8 until I was 21!
    The only reason I left was because we were bought out by
    the Sacramento Bee (McClatchy Corp) and all lost our jobs
    as He brought in his own people. That was and is standard

    Well, I'm on "time and 1/2 now"! Gonna have to say a big
    hello to all I've not addressed and get ready to start the
    day! Be good, even if there is NO percentage in it!


  17. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I just started a New Volume. It should come up soon.

    Gonna close this one!