Porchlight no. 426 is on!!

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  1. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Opening with bagfuls of energy for those feeling below par. Please just ask Jerome
    to hand you one.

    Also by way of refreshments for those who have stopped by for a breather, a glass
    of sweet juice, take your pick...cranberry, watermelon, mixed fruit. Those feeling
    cold, coffee - creamy and black, both.

    A plateful of barbequed meats..lamb, beef,deer. With nicely done roast potatoes and sprig
    of cilantro and lemon slices.

    Rock –

    So sorry to hear. And understand the pain. Please know it does get better.
    Gordon –thanks for letting us know.

    Georgia – wrote to you on FB in the messages section. Wanted to share
    Some experiences of mine.

    Pippi – great to hear about the free cycling. And about all the goodies
    You got. What a kind kind man to drop them off. Acts like these
    Restore the faith don’t it?

    Jole - hear you about ‘not feeding hubby well when down…hahaha.
    My family has to go thru that too when im ‘down’.

    Granni that’s great to hear about visitors postponing…what a relief.
    You will be able to enjoy their visit more with everything ready, and
    No stress.

    Debra – hi. I hope you visit us often. Lots of us having physical, mental
    And other pains and such a lovely place this board is for some support
    And distractions.

    Julie – looks like youre having fun conjuring up creative ideas for
    The kids meals! The flower jelly biscuit sounded so sweet. Musta
    Been fun to make too! Haha. Those kids are lucky to have you.

    Today i have tons of housework to do.

    Last night DH and me went for a movie on impulse..never again...the movie
    was so bad..i begged DH to let me go after 45 mins. A Nepali movie, it just
    seemed to me someone had given a rich kid a bagful of cash and told him
    to indulge himself making a movie. Resulting in rubbish.

    The son is in midst of exams and i havent been seeing to much of him.
    Cooped up in his room or away at college.

    Yesterday morn i went to visit someone whose relative had expired, (we
    are related by moms side) but didnt meet her. She'd gone off to the
    monasteries . Shes based in America and just flew down because of the
    death of her old mum. But i liked the early morning walk to that part of
    town, its kind of tucked inside the city corner and as yet untouched by
    modern plateglass buildings. Lots of trees and little alleys.

    Got a call from another relative again from mums side who is shirting out
    into an apartment..she's giving her own house on rent. So i told her to
    cal me if she needs help moving. (Smiling to myself) Me. Carrying heavy
    stuff when half an hour of folding clothes makes me tired. But i look
    forward to seeing her new place.


    God Bless

  2. jole

    jole Member

    Rock, I'm so sorry to hear about your uncle! If I remember right, he was one relative you really liked, so I'm sure it's been very hard on you. I'm sure with the distance and everything you're feeling kinda excluded right now, but sometimes it's best to just stay with your memories anyway....especially with some of your family dynamics. I

    t's good you got to speak with other family members for a bit though, and I'm sure they appreciated your concern. Thankfully you have Gordon to help you through this hard time...you two are good for each other!

    Will keep you in my thoughts and hope you feel better soon....love ya! Jole
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Good to hear from you..tho i know you are feeling less than robust....prayers ongoing
    for your progress and recovery

    God Bless
  4. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Elaine: Your comment about "soldiering on" gave me pause...

    I don't remember enlisting for this! Do you?
    Hey! We got drafted! That was dang sneaky of them!

    Can we go AWOL now?????

    But seriously: I'm still pulling for ya, & always will!!!!!
    I would encourage you to "hang tough", but that only applies SOMEtimes.
    Yes, life is like our own personal war (against enemies both visible & invisible), & you're in one heck of a battle right now.
    Always remember that even though it feels like you're fighting all alone, (and you do have the hard part), your support team is here to try to help boost you over each & every barrier!

    Sweet SpringWater: Thanks for turning on the porch light!

    And yes, you're so right! People who get great enjoyment from being generous (as opposed to those who are grudgingly "generous" from a sense of duty), DO give me a little bit of faith that the human race might not be a completely lost cause!!!!



    PS: Rock & Gordon: ((((((GROUP HUG!!!)))))))
  5. jole

    jole Member

    Elaine dear.....Wishing you better days ahead, I hope you know if I could take some of your suffering on and help you through this I would! The fatigue, the puky part...any of it....You are a special lady! My prayers continue also. I know Jesus will give you comfort and strength to get through whatever lies ahead!

    Pippi is sooooo right...and I had to laugh....we certainly were drafted! And I think we should all go AWOL together! The porch is the perfect place to meet up, dontcha think? We'll hide out and nobody can find us...lol...

    So with all life's been dealing out to all of us lately, I think we need some time off to sit back, relax in our wonderful deck chairs/recliners/throw pillows, etc. and just forget everything, feel well, and really enjoy life and each other!

    Elaine, bring JS so we can all meet him. Rock, bring Gordon so we can meet him also (we'll let him help us cook!). Jerome can clean up and deliver our drinks, etc. (Plus be part of the crowd and enjoy the atmosphere). The rest of us can bring our speciality foods, fancy desserts, whatever.

    Nature is still the best healer, in my book, and there's lots of nature to enjoy there on the porch! Oh, all of our SO's can come along IF they behave themselves and add to the festivities.

    I suggest we wait until at least Thursday so Granni can get out of her surgery and recoup on the porch with us! Anybody else have any suggestions? Remember, no one will be sick, hurting, depressed, or in any discomfort there!!

    What do you think????.................Jole
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  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not to much to say right now but wanted to check in. Also have a bunch of things I need to do to get ready for my surgery on wednesday. Go to the doc and the hosp. this afternoon for pre registrataion, test, etc.

    SW - thanks for the bags of NRG you are giving away. I surely could use some. The other things sounded yummy too.

    Elaine - Oh I am so sorry you are feeling so rotten. Did you say that you were having two rounds.of chemo.? If so are you getting a small break in between, like one week or so. I do hope so. If not well what can you do. Wishing we could help in some way. Hope you do not have to do this for to much longer !! Are you able to eat your P B and J? I surely do hope so. It is good for you and should help keep on the pounds..

    Jole - Hi there kiddo. Hope you are feeing a little better than you had been.

    Rock and Gordon - thinking of you both

    Mickey - where and how are you sweetie ? How is your mom doing?

    I can't remember who all posted but do ned to get off here and do something sonstructive.

    Love to everydobby,
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thank you for your kind words. It has been a
    terrible shock. At 81, my uncle was the picture
    of rugged good health. Just a touch of deafness
    in the last couple years.

    My aunt has been disabled for the past 15 years
    or so w/ arthritis and osteoporosis and cardiac
    problems. She and I both expected to check
    out long before my uncle Rod.

    Even though he was only 13 years older than I,
    he was the closest thing I had to a father figure.
    When he came for a visit he would play checkers
    and marbles w/ me. He took me fishing and
    taught me to shoot.

    After my teenage suicide attempt, I lived w/ my
    aunt and uncle and their 4 sons for 9 months.
    What a shock to see how a normal, healthy family lives.
    Nobody was drunk. Nobody was
    screaming. The children weren't frightened.

    People said strange things like: Come in and sit down.
    I'm glad to see you.
    Thank you.
    Oh, I'm sorry.
    (I had always thought apologies were just something that
    people did in the movies.)

    It was a whole new world to me.

    I am not flying back to MN for the funeral. I've
    gotten too claustrophobic in the last several
    years. Gordon suggested I send some flowers.
    I had not thought of that. My aunt called earlier
    and left a message that she had received same.

    Funny, just writing this has made me feel calmer.
    So thanks again.

    Wugs and haves
  8. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    There are SO few peeps in our lives, who show us the GOOD stuff!
    So few who love us & understand where we're coming from...
    So few who say (& mean) those beautiful words you quoted:
    Come in! Sit down! It's good to see you!

    I'm so sorry for your loss.

    My heart goes out to you & I wish I could make things better.
    I know I can't make things better. But I want to...

    Love & Hugz 2 you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    The only thing ya left out is a really big hammock!
    I LOVE to lay back in a big ol' hammock & rock myself to sleep, smelling fresh air, hearing chirps & peeps of little birds, the rustle of leaves gently beginning to fall & stirr on the breeze.

    I actually had a porch like that once, when I lived out in the Boonies...

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Thanks to all of you for your kind words: Spring-
    water, Georgia, Barry, Granni, Pippi, Deb, Jole,
    and Elaine.

    Whenever I have to write a sympathy card, I
    never know what to say, and I figure it won't do
    any good anyway. But actually your thoughts
    and encouragement were of great help. So I
    have changed my mind about that.

    I think I will call my two aunts in MN tomorrow.
    Hopefully I'll be able to talk this time.

    Now, time to move on to other concerns. Pippi,
    that was really a treasure trove you got from the
    fellow on Free Cycle.

    Hope you can get the drafting table put together.
    Whenever something is new here at the ranch,
    Gordon refuses to read directions. I do. Then I
    rant and rave about the modern instruction book:
    written in multiple languages, but generally of
    no help.

    Springwater, that was quite an array of treats you
    left on the porch. Practically a smorgasboard.
    (In Norway a smorgasboard was a table set with sandwiches.
    Modernly it generally means a
    buffet. Rhymes with 4-bus-cord.)

    Too bad you couldn't leave some magic energy
    food. Like potato chips, corn chips and energy
    chips. One can buy "energy bars" here. They
    are like granola. Don't really give one any special
    energy boost though.

    Deb, come and visit any time. Chat or just rest.
    Pull up a comfortable rocker or glider (porch

    Jole, that strawberry shortcake sounds like a
    big undertaking. The kind of treat that's shown
    on the cover of Family Circle or Better Homes
    and Gardens.

    Gee, I don't even know if those magazines are
    still published. Seems like the only magazines I
    see nowadays are at the checkout stand. All full
    of absolutely vital news about celebrities I've never heard of.

    Georgia, you've been goin' like a house ah fire.
    Decades ago when my son and I watched wrestling on TV,
    there was an announcer who
    would get excited and yell, "House ah Fire!
    House ah Fire!"

    You actually walked ten miles?! Most days I
    can't walk around the block. And to think I used
    to Rock Around the Clock! Haha! My sophomore
    year in High School. The dawn of
    Rock and Roll.

    Granni, did you get all your preliminary work done
    today? We'll all be sending good vibes and
    prayers your way on Wednesday.

    Barry, is there anything still to harvest in your
    garden? I don't have enough energy to garden,
    but I can still water Gordon's orchids, etc. once a day.

    Many thanks, Gang. Love to all.


    Just finishing up the shrimp stir fry Gordon made
    last night. He also made a dish just for himself
    which included mung beans. (Required too much
    chewing for me.)

    Oh, great balls ah fire. I typed this in my mailbox
    and got stuff disarrangementized. Well, I'm not
    going to try and fix it. I have discovered that doing so
    is perilous. Likely to lose the whole ball of:

    the foot
    and things too fierce to mention.
  11. jole

    jole Member

    Hey sweetie, you hang in there....nothing lasts forever, it just feels like it!!! LOL Oh wait....Whoever first coined that one didn't have a DD, did they??? I'm so sorry to hear the chemo is pulling you down so badly. I remember watching my mom after her one IV treatment....the first and only....it actually made her feel better for awhile. Strange, isn't it?

    But as a nurse, I watched so many more with terrible side effects....and every one of them would have done it again for a positive outcome, so please know I understand how rough this is for you, and how brave you're being!!!!

    Remember it's okay to have down time...to cry if needed, or even be angry...yes, a positive attitude is important, but so is getting out those negative emotions from time to time....we all know you'll bounce back better than ever!! Here's wishing you lots more good days!!!

    How's JS hanging in? I'm sure this has to be really hard on him also, watching you suffer through. Hope he's doing okay......And thanks for letting us hear from you! We miss you and wish you well....sending a pot of homemade chicken noodle soup and a loaf of homemade honey wheat bread............love ya, girlie.......Jole
  12. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Rock I can relate to your childhood so much. My natural father and stepmother also had drinking and drug problems, it was chaos and/or loneliness that were my constant companion.

    I went to live with my mother and "real" dad when I was a preteen, probably saved my life. My dad was and still is always there for me, always.

    I am glad you have Gordon and he can be your rock:)

    Elaine, oh my heart goes out to you and I hope you are feeling better. You and Rock are in my prayers.

    Thank you all for the welcome back, and yes Spring I agree the porch is a delightful way to spend some time.


  13. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Just catching up after having sick kids all weekend, and being gone yesterday.

    Rock, i'm late, but sorry, no fun to lose someone like that, they leave empty holes in our hearts, but on the flip side, at least you had that person in your life for awhile.

    I want to hang onto people so tight sometimes, i have to becareful, so i don't suffocate my closest friends, and family members.

    Elaine, please continue on, you have an amazing amount of strengh.

    Georgia, i think your dreams are important, hope you resolve it.
    I did something new yesterday, i helped my husband haul junk cars to the salvage yard. A little side job he picked up. It was kinda fun.
    We spent the day together, and he only wanted to throw me out of the cab once!! That's pretty good for us.

    I wrote this poem for a friend last fall, who was dealing with loss, and so was i, i want to share it with you Rock

    Wash Away

    Tears fell like rain today
    my friend put her pony away
    blueprints full of fingermarks
    her pain felt like mine
    no more time to play
    sad day
    gray day

    My grief knows no end
    echos of love gone ahead
    reaching for my eternal place
    beside my Father and Lord
    a garden of joy we were created for
    to be forever - eternally;
    no sorrow, no death, no tears
    that day
    to play
    new day


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  14. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    One serious question, before we get goofy again:

    Do you want us to stop now?
    You know you have our love, compassion, & understanding.
    For me, sometimes, it's harder to keep being reminded of my grief, after my beloveds have let me know they're there for me.

    And you know, whenever you're reminded of Uncle, or experience one of those unexpected pangs of grief, (or remember something about him that makes you smile) it's ALWAYS ok to tell us about it.

    Do you want us to stop now, & let you decide when to talk about him (and yourself)?

    He sounds like such a wonderful man, I really would like to "know" him, through your memories of him.

    Only when you're comfortable telling us, of course.

  15. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    I'm a scary little cuss...
    Well, one would think so, the way the idiots at my hemo's office acted this morning! LOL!!!

    I told y'all about how I've been calling them for a week, simply trying to get an answer to a yes-or-no question.

    They always say: We'll call you back & let ya know!
    & then they always don't...

    So, this morning, I got on the bus & just showed up there.
    I wasn't gonna leave without my answer!

    I VERY politely (smiling & everything!) told the receptionist why I was there.
    As I waited, I heard her whisper my name into her phone.
    (She actually had her hand cupped over the phone, so nobody could overhear.)
    Within 3 minutes, a lady I didn't recognize came out to talk to me.

    It was SO funny! She looked very wary, like a small animal uncertain about getting within claw-distance of a wild tiger! LOL!!!

    I remained polite (downright FRIENDLY!), & was all smiles & sunshiney, as I told the lady about my predicament: Waiting all this time for a simple answer to my question.

    She did answer my question, & I thanked her, & wished her a nice day.
    It was STILL funny, cuz she looked so bewildered - as if she'd been told a raving lunatic (possibly dangerous) had showed up unannounced.


    Now, I have the info I need. The lady who came out to talk to me (probably somebody in management) knows I'm not a lunatic. AND she knows the staff has screwed up (yet again) by neglecting a patient.

    Hopefully, she'll address the staff & demand to know why somebody didn't simply do their job & answer my question a week ago (or any time since).

    Anyhow... Now I can call Good Doc & get things going.

    AND have him find me a good hemo.

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Jole – you must have seen a great many things being a nurse..
    I used to envy the girls in my school who went on to do nursing;
    Envied them their strength and courage to be able to give injections
    And look at all sorts of wounds., and if one looks at in on a deeper
    Level….helping take care of the sick...its a noble profession.

    Granni – good luck to you for your surgery; hope all goes
    Swimmingly fine….and you are soon back with us…prayers
    Being sent for a successful procedure and swift recovery.

    Rock – your description of life at your Uncles..was heart
    Warming..what a vale of peace and comfort his home must
    Have seemed to your poor turbulent mind! How happy I
    Am that you had such a one in your life…to give you
    Hope and show you all was not thorns and thistles in life.
    That there is this other side…bright, good, loving. You
    Will always have those good memories. And you have
    Dear sweet Gordon.

    Pippi – did you mention hammock? Along with birds, bees,
    Cheeps, chirps, rustles, breezes; aaaaaah….take me to the
    Boonies, NOW.

    Julie – sorry to hear about Amys situation…but you all seem
    To be dealing well. Its true, a guy should be responsible and
    Pull in his fair share of everything. Its good to know sooner than
    Later.Amy is young and her whole life is ahead of her. Plus,
    She has the worlds best parents…to back her up.

    Elaine – dear brave Elaine…sorry to hear about the mini meltdowns.
    Keep focused on the end result…tick off those days..on the calendar.
    Its encouraging to see you peeping into the porch and even consoling
    Rock! You can do it.

    Debra – awww…sorry you too had to deal with parents who
    Were addicted to stuff…terrible thing for a child to have to go
    Through…so glad you have your dear dad…who you can rely on.

    Georgia – wow, I wish I could do something that would help me
    Get rid of resentments…I wonder what your dream meant..intriguing.
    I haven’t got wacky dreams for a while now..i dunno..they just

    Morningsonshine – your day helping out your DH sounded like
    Fun. Your poem…”no sorrow, no death, no tears”….what bliss.
    Thank you for posting it.

  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I have been feeling low again since yesterday.

    I got a call from a cousin and had
    a spat with her. My moms elder sisters daughter. She just informed me she is
    coming on 1st Oct with aunt and her DH. She was supposed to come in July and i had invited
    her to stay at our place but she didnt come then.

    !st oct will be the time when my help wouldnt have returned from thier village..they are]
    going on around 24th Sept. Takes them a days bus trip to get there. No way will i be able
    to take care of seven dogs, the whole house cleaning, washing, dishes (we dont have machines to do those), cooking and have guests...with my mood disorder and CFS.

    so i asked her to prepone or postpone but she cant she says. Said she will stay in a hotel
    but she was mad. Said somethng about "people think they wil live forever, they dont realise, they gonna die one day.." What a weird lady. She knows i have depression and that i used to ]take meds for it. I told her i have CFS (not that she would understand).

    I feel terribly sorry and again so so frustrated that i have this DD. If i didnt have the dogs
    and their tendency to bark at stangers and pee around the house when its raining, i could have
    managed. Maybe. maybe not. Most probably not. Oh dear.

    But the fact is i know i cant manage. That, within two days of the festival and doing everything and going out to attend the ceremonies, I am going to be dog tired.Its going to tel on my joints and muscles and every bleddy where.

    Something is karmically wrong with this cousin of mine.

    Last time in the midst of my turmoil
    over my brothers loans and bills, she calls up and asks me to give money to my brother for some work of hers. I told her "no. I had enough money problems of my own. " i know from
    past experience she and her family dont like paying what they owe. Im not going to be made
    an ass of like before. She just disconnected the phone line in the middle of my talking. Talk
    about rudeness.

    And now this. I told her if my help had come back by then, they could stay with me otherwise they would be more comfortable in a hotel...this time for the three days..and next time maybe she could plan a weeklong trip for her mom and others here and they could stay with me. She works as an airhostess and is entitled to free air tics every year..and her husband also is a pilot in same company. She very deliberately let out a huge yawn..as if to say "yeah yeah, sure".That insult did it. I told her brightly "well, you let me know when you arrive okay, bye" and put down the phone.

    Its like i did something bad to her in my past life and she keeps turning up
    like a pesky fly and annoying me. And making me feel lousy into the bargain.WHY couldnt
    she have come in JUly? Oh yes, she had other things coming up. And we are supppsed to
    fit right in with her plans.

    Ive decided to keep my relationship with her to a bare minimum. For familys sake, for the sake
    of past good memories while growing up, I have tried to forget financial wrongdoing on their
    part, and other annoying things..but Im on a completely different wave length to them now.
    Any conversation seems to end up in her being nasty, rude, sly. I dont like the way she talks.
    Shes always showing off.When she came to visit me at my inlaws years ago with another
    air hostess friend of hers, she had told the friend that my inlaws house was HER house. How
    desperate can anyone get? She's cracked!

    I know i should nt let this get me down. But it has. And it is reminding me what a weakling
    i must seem to her and others that i refused to accommodate her. Its bringing all the frustrations of having this DD come up again and showing me Im different from others.

    At the same time, i am glad i put my foot down. The younger stupider me would have rather
    gotten myself sick than say 'no' when i had full reason to say no.

    And I am glad i said No especially to her. She thinks everbodys life has to revolve around
    her and her time tables. Well, they dont.

    Sorry for that vent. Actually, i had written this whole thing down in even more detail
    last night and posted but i deleted it later because i felt calmer...but Im still mad.

    God Bless

  18. morningsonshine

    morningsonshine New Member

    Three rooms down, three to go. Sad part, they will be back!! (My house is full of flys, everyday, more and more!)

    Pip, killing them with kindness! I love doing that! It usally gets better results than the lunatic version.

    Granni – Ditto on what Spring water said. God bless

    Springwater- Don't let her get you down. The way i see it, your lucky she's staying at a hotel instead of your place! :0)

    Just smile and stay up beat with her, and clueless to any comments. She hasn't walked a mile in your shoes, and i bet she couldn't!!
    I say, hotel, GREAT! less stress for me. More time to actually enjoy the company and being able to keep up with any activities.
    If she can't understand, she has no clue.

  19. Pippi1313

    Pippi1313 New Member

    Hi Sunny-Shine! LOL!!! Yes, it IS fun making them wonder which "me" will react to their ineptitude!
    Hopefully, they get a friggin clue & stop being inept!
    Sighhhhh.... Nah, that's just way too much to hope for....

    Sweet-SpringWater: I honestly don't know how you cope!!!
    I'd be SO tempted to just run away from home & disappear!!!

    Well, everydobby, I called Good Doc to see about getting tested for heavy metal poisoning. YIKES!!!!! I got a real surprise!
    The guy who answers the phone (he's cool) asked Good Doc about it.
    He came back & asked: "Do you think somebody's trying to poison you?"
    My response was a very intelligent: "huh?"

    He said peeps aren't generally tested for heavy metal poisoning, unless they suspect they're being intentionally poisoned!

    Wow! Really??? Aren't they familiar with environmental contamination???


    I assured him (I was actually laughing about it) that I absolutely do NOT think anybody's trying to poison me, but I have reason to believe it's REMOTELY possible I've encountered contaminates environmentally.

    The guy was quiet for a moment.
    I told him again, that I do NOT think anybody's "out to get me", but I'm simply trying to rule out any possibilities, even if they're remote, that could answer some of our questions.

    Then I added: "Unless Dr. D----- just thinks it's a totally goofy idea."

    Where it stands now:
    Dr. D. will do the test, at my next appointment.
    They possibly think I've gone nuts / paranoid.
    Even if he didn't think I needed the test, I'd find someone else to do it, just so I'd know (cuz it's NOT actually so far-fetched!).
    My shrink is gonna think this is freakin HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OMG! I'm still laughing!!!
    That's all I need! Having Good Doc suspect I've lost my mind!!!!

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to tell you that I have been so busy trying to get things ready for tomorrow. Went shopping , singing pracatice and some wash. Now I have to go fix dinner for DH and I will have some canned soup since the doc said to eat very light today.

    Hav to go do my hair after dinner. You know how I love to do that. I also need tp out a few things in a little bag in case I spend the night. The doc seemed to think it was a good change foe me to go home late in the afternooon tomorrow. However, that will depeand on how I do coming out of anesthesia, etc.

    Thanks to ALL who sent their good wishes and prayers for me I appreciate everything from you all. Lots of little things to do tomorrow to get ready !

    I cannot remember what all everyone said today. However,

    Sweet SW, I cannot believe your relatives and how they are behaving and the one who got mad cause you were less than pleased for her to come at a bada time for you. Some people haven't a clue how it is to feel badly all the time. I could use some more of the xtra bags of NRG you brought for us al !

    Not sure if I will be able to get on again. Howeer, I will come one when I can again to tell you what is going on and how I feel. I may only be able to sit for short periods, so we will see. Also, hope I can pee when they take out the catheter. Please pardon the subject matter :) !!

    Bye to all. Will come back when I can. Just remember that I love you ALL !

    Lots HUG and LOVE to ALL,

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