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    LEFTYGG - welcome to the Porch; of course you may join. Anyone is welcome. Share
    your day, your thoughts, jokes anything. We love listening and sharing. I know i speak on
    all the Porchies behalf. For many of us this is our safe haven. Our precious watering hole.

    Ive spread out light snacks for everyone. Sandwiches, veggie and non veg. Coffee, tea, and
    juice. Also in honour of Gail, who just came aboard, a bowl of punch.

    Granni - hope your back is better. These aches and pains are no fun.

    Julie - that is so sweet of the pastors wife, and also your boss's wife. Sounds like
    you have some nice people around. Will be thinking of you this week and next.

    Georgia - no one should have to take abuse. People who shout at whoever they like,
    whenever they like, for whatever they like just dont get it do they? I hope he finds
    a replacement to care for his wife but the same thing will happen if he does not modify
    his behavior.

    On Saturday, I went for a surprise outing because DHs cousin sis decided to take
    all of us ladies (cousins, aunts) to a tea time out. Went to this nice place a ways
    out of from town. We took the baby, toddler all. I wasnt at my best, but there
    were others to keep up the cheer.

    Today i have made appointment with psychiatrist at 3am for niece. But only i
    will be going and briefing him about niece, since she hardly talks. Just kind of
    an introduction to what she is like and what shes been through.

    I will make another appointment for her tomorrow or some time.

    At one pm is the lunch my friend arranged for her friends and im hoping i dont
    get delayed for my appointment. Anyway the doctor comes so late always.

    Im coming out of the horrible slump that has been this past week, but not quite
    out of the woods yet.

    Take care all

    God BLess

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    Julie - i love hearing of single dads who raise their kids alone and do good jobs of it.
    My Chinese friends mom died while giving birth to her youngest daughter and her
    widowed father brought all seven kids up on his own.

    Elaine - that sounded like a right holy mess. Your accident with the vaccumm cleaner.
    Also you seem really busy. Have you started sewing again.

    Georgia - i feel sorry for that mans wife, who has AD. And i cannot abide people with
    control issues. he seems a control freak. heaven preserve us all from those. Take it
    slowly. Lifes road is never straight, there are always bends. You can just feel your way
    around now that you have the luxury of time and options on your hand. Maybe some other
    situation will turn up where you can contribute your skills besides of course the knitting
    which you are so good at.

    Well yesterday i went to the lunch with Chinese friend and her bunch of friends whose
    husbands all belong to the Rotary club. I knew two of them because they worked in
    the same hotel i did before my marriage, one i knew because i meet her at friends parties
    and the others ive met on and off when my friend has inivted me to Rotary dos. So i was
    okay. We were such a noisy bunch in the restaurant. cackling like geese. Its a Japanese
    restaurant and the other Japanese clientele were looking curiously at this bunch of females.
    It wasnt the best time i ever had, still weighted down by my mood but it was okay.

    Best part was i knew one of the group, an older lady also suffers bad depression and we were
    able to leave together and got talking and she gave me some tips on how to manage. I
    have no idea how she manages it but she runs her home, looks after her granddaughter
    and runs her travel agency all while suffering this disorder. She told me she takes Fludac
    and Anxit. But that it only takes the edge off her depression but doesnt cure her and shes
    sad and on edge all the time.

    From the lunch i went straight to my doctors appointment where i briefed him about my
    niece. He was horrified at the story. I asked him to recommend a therapist and he has
    given me the name of a lady..with whom i have made an appointment for niece on Wednesday.

    Today i have to attend a prayer ceremony for the daughter of a golfing friend
    of DH who died in a plane crash three weeks ago. She was Sherpa, which means they have
    Buddhist rituals. It was a domestic airliner. I just cant imagine how parents live thru this.
    They had to collect the body parts in plastic and their remains were only identified thru DNA.

    Take care all

    God BLess


    LEFTYGG Member

    i dont know where to begin. ive read all about you for years so i feel i know you. im 62yo married 43yrs 5 children 6 grandchildren.we all are very close too close sometimes. we all live in 4 houses on 6 acres.my mother also lives here shes almost 92 and is getting very frail and her mind is going too, she has magular degeneration and hard of hearing.

    yesterday my niece came to visit her and found her totaly clothed laying in the bathtub!my son and dh lifted her out and put her in bed i stayed while she slept when she woke up she didnt know where she was she thought she was at my sisters.she was always so sharp smart and hard working it is so sad. i hate that i get irritated at her but sometimes this sweet woman gets very angry shes mad at the world.she doesnt want to live if she cant be produvctive.

    i have fibro am in pain everyday so im crabby too today niwent to grocery bank and garden store that did me in. visited with bunch of family members at moms.she thinks shes alone all the time. we all take turns staying at night because shes afraid.shes lived in her house 40 yrs my son lives in basement apt its a walk out so he isnt up there.

    thank goodnees everyone helps cause somedays i feel so trapped. she wants me the most she thinks im the med manager.no matter whos there she wants me to fix her meds i have them sorted in pill manager so i walk back and poor them in a cup.she has been the queen of the family always giving. if anyone needed anything she gave it to them so now its our turn but i do get frustated then i feel guilty. so much for that,

    the love of my life right now is my 4yo grandson. myDS is divorced so he has him half the wqeek. hes a personal trainer so hes up and gone at 5am so Pierce stays with myDH and me. he makes me laugh but wears me out. well thank you all for leting me vent love gail
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    Not to much to write about right now and I should be in my room trying to dress. I say trying because sisnce I still have my back pains or probably sciatica. Tha makes dress, and undressing sometimes a challenge. Didn't even to to chorale practice last night.

    Leftygg- another big WELCOME to the Porch sweetie. Elaine explained it all very well about the Porch. Hopoe you enjoy it as much I and most of us do. Thanks for telling us alot about yourself. Glad you are enjoying Pierce. They are so cute at that age. I have been a bit sporatic myself in visiting the Porch/ Have either been busy and or not feeling up to it , to posting that is.

    I do not know what is going on with my dopey computer. I keep losing posts that I am writing temporarily.. Tthen keep trying to find them again so I had better get this off.

    Elaine - Yes, while I was correcting your typo on your first post, I made my own type - I said Rockets when it should have been Rockettes. Oh, and BTW you were talking about vacuujming under the futer instead of the furniture :) ! You never know what I am going to come out with when I post as I usually post to fast and so make errors and do not go back to check. Sometimes I see the error and just leave it, to laz to redo.

    Sorry you had such an accident while vacuuming and broke so manay things including your mom;s big plate. Well I had better get this posted before I lose it all.

    Julie - good luck this week and the wedding and all. Try rest when you can before you collapse my dear.

    Love to everydobby inc all our MIA and Geergia, Rock, Spring Water and everyone I cannot remember right now. Better send this off before it al goes POOF !!
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    Welcome to the porch. If you've been reading the posts here for a while, then you
    already know all about it. It used to be the only thread that had no specific
    topic. Now there is the loungers thread which follows the same format; or would
    it be non-format.

    Sorry to hear about your mother. I know what you mean about feeling guilty.
    We are in the middle of cleaning out an old house and moving in. I can't do
    much anymore. Of course I shouldn't feel guilty, but I do anyway.

    Should have seen me last night. Must've looked like something from a Charlie
    Chaplin movie. I was carrying two boxes. The new neighbors keep their
    trash cans on the sidewalk (which violates a city ordinance) so the path is
    somewhat restricted.

    One box hit their fence which threw me sideways so I crashed into the trash
    cans. Boxes and contents went flying. No, I wasn't hurt. Just annoyed.


    Above is the URL for a short and funny video. Scroll down the page to "Helpful

    All for now, Kids. Hope to be back soon.


    LEFTYGG Member

    today was a beautiful day in cincinnati.. i wish it stayed this way but winter is coming and i hate the cold.my dream is to spend winters in florida. i wouldnt want to be away from my grandkids longer.

    i took pierce to basketball practice. hes only 4yo other kids are 7 8 yo my kids are very athletic and he is too. i use to be but now fat and stiff.my DH coaches HS football and is disciplinarian at school

    rock i feel sorry for you moving ive lived here 40 yrs..i grew up in my house.

    springwater you have so many luncheons and events to attend i dont know how you do it/

    it takes me hrs to get ready then m tired.i do love to socialize so when i get somewhere i enjoy it.

    julie ive read your posts for awhile and it exhauts me you are such a giver.

    granni i hoppe youre done with the redecorating i hate the messes. im cleaning a closet i drug it all out today hopefully ill get it back tomorrow.

    Georgia i love to hear about your rottie we has 1 about 10 years ago the best dog where ever i was he would lay.he lived to be 11 now we have a bull terrier i love animals.

    Elaine im lad your getting all your appts done i hate dr appt. when you were so sad i couldnt stop thinking of you. i talk to my DH about happenings on here.

    lilac clover ive read the porch so long i remember when Harvey was put in nirsing home i cried relating it to me and my dh.i think my cousin is a Dean at your alma mater. her name is Jerry Wilkerson .

    its amazing how we can feel connected and have never met. love gail
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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Gail - I have to admit im amazed at how much you know about everyone here, its like you
    have been a member all along and not just joined in. So glad to have you on board and be able to share your life too.

    I love the sound of your home, the way you and your extended family live all nearby each other and how you are able to revel in your grandkids. I can feel your pain at your dear mothers state
    of health and how she is no longer in control; must be scary but yes, it is an opportunity now to give back the love and care you received from her and i can tell how deeply you care for her.

    Granni - hope the sciatica is letting up a bit. I hate to think of the normally busy you, being
    held back by these aches and pains. Even i have been losing posts nowadays and worse, I
    have been getting spam emails from a cousins email a/c which means her ac must be hacked.

    Georgia - I was grinning at the fact that you have already given the mean man a name =
    "The Tyrant". Im happy to hear you have decided to start the knitting group at church. And its lovely to think of the needy getting to wear nice warm things in the coming cold weather.
    There was a time i used to like to write, creatively, but the creatv juices in me just dried up, i can only seem to stick to bald facts these days.

    Rock - love it when we hear from you, i know you have been having some off energy days and
    have been busy moving house. How do you feel about it? Its a good thing in some
    ways isnt it? No landlord making pesky visits. I hope you didnt hurt yourself with that fall.

    Well, today i went to the doctors the psychologist with my niece and this country being what it is, the clerk had messed up and the doc was on leave. So i had to make another appointment for Sunday morning.

    My niece was looking very well, beautiful even and so relieved. I think she is feeling secure and
    relieved that no one is shouting or scolding her. My elder brother had taken her to his place for a few nights and his wife also took her for an overnight at her sisters place. If only she would talk normally. And not be so afraid of everything.

    Anyway, we went and had lunch at a cafe, and then i took her to this Garden of Dreams its a landscaped garden of a nobleman of yore, started in 1923. It has recently been restored and is extremely beautiful with flowers, trees, plants, water pools with lilies - a little piece of heaven in the middle of the city. Those of you on FB might have seen the pictures i put up. Maybe i should put them on Flickr too.

    Yesterdays prayer ceremony function went well altho the sun was overpowering. There were so many people to be fed lunch. I was looking at the father who lost his child in the air crash, she was the air hostess and it was her maiden flight! and he was busy directing all the goings on and looking after the guests. It filled me with admiration that he was controlling his grief and getting on with life. It gave me the feeling that i too should be strong. No matter what life dished out.

    My internet connection has been so erratic today. I tried to come on earlier and the server
    was down. Before that i couldnt even connect to the main link.

    God Bless

  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hugs to you all ! Thanks Gail for the nice post. Now DH is home and I lost my post and I am going to and cry :)!! I am so mad !!!! I can't take the cold either and so I am glad we have been in TX oinstead of NY, es in the winter.

    I spoke to almost everyone in my lost post.GRRRR!

    My sciatica is doing somewhat better but Iknow it will take time. No time to post again.

    DH needs the computer.

    Love you all inc all the many MIA's
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    LEFTYGG Member

    im never up early. i stay up til 2 to 3 am i have sleep issues as most people with fibo but i thought i heard a knock on my door. it scared me cause everyone is gone to work. guess i was dreaming.thats why i like having a dog. they let you know whats going on.

    its sad when you dont work because that was my social outlet but had to quit about 10 yrs ago the pain was too much.ive really lost interest in most things but i am gonna start a bucket list.

    sweetwater i do seem to know about everyone such as your 2 children are beautiful ive looked at many of your pictures and find your country and customs so interesting.how close is town since i see you walk everywhere.

    i always wonder where certain people disappear to such as pippi she lives about an hour or so from me. i felt so sorry for her being so young.

    carla lives a state overnot sure how far but when she had the fire i was speechless. she is 1 strong wwoman i showed myDH the video.

    rock ive always enjoyed your humor but when you talk about how old you are i think hes not that old my brother is 71 and still way ahead of me physcialy.

    i always tell everyone my mother is living proof you dont have to exercise or drink water to live a long life. she did neither. drank mountain dew hahaha now people are telling her what to do. i told her do whatever makes you happy. if eating haugen daus makes you happy eat it. she really doesnt eat much anymore.

    granni i always saw where you were daNCING AND YOU HAD A PICTURE UP ONCE I THINK. IT SOUNDED LIKE SO MUCH FUN.OPPS i dont have any rythym and my husband loves to dance.

    georgia when id read about grandpa i thought you live with your grandpa the i figured out you call yourDH grandpa. i call my husband BIG D for big daddy even pierce calls him that sometimes.

    julie when you were having all those stomach issues i could so relate .about once a month i have colitis where i break out in a sweat and sit in the bathroom in massive pain. i trhink its because i had my gallbladder removed years ago.i hope you probblem has resolve itself. what would every one do without you?

    teacher ive read all your goings on and there seems to never be adull moment with flood baby and all hope your school year is going great.

    weel thanks for listening going to go try to sleep i need 8 hrs or my stiffness and pain is worse. love gail
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    with the wedding and all. Gost, you are so busy I can't believe how much you can do for everydobby. Sure hope they appreciate you !! Of course you are alot younger than I. Iknow I couldnt' do all that you are doing for everyone. I love your pics on FB..

    Did you say that you live 1 1/2 hrs from thechurch? Can that be? At least that is what is seemed like you were saying. Having to do everying yourself, while feeling awful ,ALMOST anyway has got be extremely difficult, even if you love your kids and grandkids, parents, etc.

    Gail - How nice that you live so close to your family. I guess that can be a blessing and a curse sometimes:)!! Therefore, we do not get to see uour kids all that much really. I am mopeing around here trying to decide what I ahould and shouldnpt do with my back, even though my back does feel a lot better. Before, I could not even stand up straight.

    Georgia - Glad you have made your decision and that you donpt have to much longer to go. To bad your clien't hsuband is being such an --- ! I does sound to me like he has his own medical issues. Its sounds like some x friends we used to have. One I think was bipolar and the other extremely paranoic or both. They made so much trouble for so many of us at church and K of C. It can bve extremely hard to work with or bfor those kind ofpeople.

    Elaine- Hope you are behaving yourself sweetie :)!! Pop in when you can and hope things slow down for you in the doctor and threapy departments. Although both can be very important to your heal as you know;. ounds like you ae doign great but know it takes al ot hard work and determination..

    Joan - I have seen a few of your FB pages and pics they are wonderful and hope you are feeling Ok today. Nive you have thoughtful childen around to help you. Pop in again here on the Porch when you can.

    Missing all my MIA's - Mickey, Linda, Carla, Sweetie, Teacher, Rock, Pip, Jole,and everydobby else I can't remember at the moment.

    Love to all,


    LEFTYGG Member

    how is it that i type something then look up cause i type with 2 fingers and the last sentence is in the mddle?

    Julie hope everything goes smoothly at the weddin. I made all the food for my sons party, he got married in Cancun. well anyway i couldnt walk for a week. i crashed and laid in bed but i had fun. we had kareoke and my DH loves to sing i love to watch hes a ham. many in the family sing but not me.

    Elaine im so glad youre happy and doing so well. last year reading your situation i had a lump in my stomach til i cameback and saw you were okay. keep it up girl you deserve it.

    i have all these plans in my mind then when morning comes i cant move. it takes all day to come around.its 345pm and im feeling better need to go to store then my GS has basketball game then DH brother is having 50 th birthday party. my DH is oldest of 6 boys no wonder his mother drank hahaha.

    i really wanted to go but now im not feeling up to it probably go for a little while.tifu

    its beautiful her today hope everyone is doing great.love gail
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not that we are going to do much. i may go to one of the stores around here called Anna Linen's they have so much good stuff for the bathrooms, beds, draperies and all tht good stuff.

    YAY, we found a runner for the vanity in the bathroom. We like it, not sure about what the decorator will say. She has her own ideas but does give good tips. I had a very hard time find grey or mossy green type carpets, most were very busy too which wa I didn't want . Trying to stay from alor more pink (even though I love it) as the Master bathroom is sort of a salmon color with some gold vines she painted on. Actually she couldn't be there so the guy stenciled them on and they look wonderful. Slowly getting rid of the old stuff. Now I have to find other rugs and bathroom stuff.

    If anyone needs any kind of rugs for a good price and they have a THE DUMP in your city do go. They have lots of good stuff at great prices. They have lots and lots of carpeting and all different sizes. Some were really huge !!

    Anyway now I just need to start getting other stuff little by little . I am so excited even though it had some darker pink in it that didn;pt look so dark in the store. However, so many other ones wee just way to busy and or not the right colors. So, things can;t be perfect but we liked it right away esp my DH who really got excited about it. He doesn't usually do that about rugs and stuff.

    Hope everydobby hs a nice weekend. Not sure what I will be doing except perhaps shopping a bit or thinking about vacuuming. Not sure if my back is ready to vacuum but the floors are :)!!

    Elaine - You must have been posting when I was as you weren't there before I posted !

    Gail - I know what you mean when you say you don't have much energy in the morning. However, it is usually worse for me later on. So, if I do not do it right away forget it.

    Teacher - How are you sweetie. Haven't heard from you in so long. I know you are busy at school and probably crash when you get home. Let usknow how you are when you can.

    Love to everdobby inc those not mentioned,

    Have a great weekend everdobby !
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Glad you have been cleaning during your "retirement". I finally have gotten rid of s some of the stuff I have hadinmy closet for ears that I haven't worn for one reason or another. When you have carpets installed in your closet you have to start cleaning. Luckily, the donation trucks were coming around. It does feel and look good after all that work though - phew !

    Julie - Hope all is going well with the wedding this weekend. So much work for you. I'll be Amy was gorgeous and Clinton handsome. Was Kiera going to be a flower girl or anythihg? We want pictures of course !!!

    Hope everydobbyis doing well. I just wanted to pop infor a minute to check up to see how things were coming along. I tried writing to Georgia before and it went poof so I came back later on.

    Have a great weekend everydobby !
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Not much been happening. Today i go to psychologist with niece. Hope all goes well.

    Gail - I love that your whole family sings, im fond of music, and one of my uppers is
    listening to music on my discman. Mostly pop Indian songs. And i always watch Indian
    singing contest shows like Indian idol and other same kind of shows.

    Elaine - its inspiring what you say about Loving Life! It comes out in your writing. The
    way you rush around doing stuff when youre feeling upto it.

    Georgia - I wish that were me, cleaning out everything. Closet, fridge and all. I majorly
    need to clean properly. But so far no motivation. This past weekwent just like that.
    Only getting my mundane jobs done, to get me thru the day.

    Granni - Aah, so you are beginning to see the results of all that work. It did sound so lovely.
    Your bedroom and all.

    The dogs have so many fleas on them, all of a sudden. I need to buy flea powder and spray.
    I must have picked like dozens of them last night. We dont kill so had to throw them out the
    window out into the garden. Im sure Poopsie had a more restful night. The help has shorn off
    all her fur so its easier to get rid of the fleas. she looks like a tiny lamb now.

    My daughter had written to say shes going off to town about an hours bus ride away to meet
    up with her best friend and a cousin bro who just joined college this fall. he has been calling up to ask for advice and theyve made plans to hang out in the city this weekend.

    God Bless


    LEFTYGG Member

    havent done much today. we did go to basketball game of my 4yo GS. so cute he rebounded a ball and shot it a couple times but didnt make it. then we went to birthday party got home at 1130pm.

    georgia theres 2 things i didnt want to do in my later years clean and watch kids but guess what. thats all i do!!1 its necessary right now since my son is divorced and works a lot i watch his son.

    elaine im so glad you are loving life/ it flies by i know that.

    springwater i cant believe you dont even kill fleas i assume youre hindu. i was watching master chef with gordon ramsey and when the chefs lifted their basket it was a live crab. this woman started crying because she said she was hindu and all living things had a soul. gordon said he would put it in boiling water she said no i need to grow up and she did it. i thought wow i want to be hindu if they dont believe in killing anything. at the other extreme this asian chef started tearing the crab apart alive. gordon stopped her and said we dont torture them either.

    but if im hindu i cant kill a fly? cause if theres 1 in the house i will hunt it down. also i do eat meat and fish so i guess thats out.

    we use a product called advantage on our dogs it breaks the reproduction cycle.
    now that ive talked your ear off ill close. love gail
  16. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm sittin' here sticky from Cherry Sunkist catchin' up on this here volume.

    Ain't-a gonna try to read all the ones I've missed. My brain won't take it.

    Skool done startid.

    Baby's skool done startid.

    Baby gots new glasses.

    Sister still living with me. Is nice though. She works at night as she can and I work in the day. We both have time to ourselves.

    Apartment fixin's is comin' along. THAT will require it's own post and I don't have the energy for that today.

    Ever'thing seems to be goin' well heah.

    Kisses to youse all!

    I've missed you!
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    and everydobby else that pops in.

    Julie -Thanks for the neat pic on FB- so sweet and they both look so happy. Glad it all wnet so well. Hope you donpt have to go to work at all this week.

    Teacher - glad you are still among us and thanks for posting in your sticky handed condition, and I am sure being tired and all too.

    Georgia - Hope you are continuing to enjoy your retirement (after you get outta this PT job thanks to your clients stupid husband).

    Actually I have to go and get started with supper. I have the steak marinating and potatoes baking in the oven.

    Hope all is well with everydobby. My sciatica in some ways is better but it just moved to another place. I have to go tomorrow to the dentist for them to start my crown - great. DH just tells me we have aleak in the over flow for the a/c. Great. More fun tomorrow.

    Love you all,
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - congrats to Amy and Clinton and best wishes for a wonderful happy joyous life! The pictures were beautiful, although i wished there were more of them. Like yours and Dens and the little bridesmaid and groom, lol! But Im sure you will post them later when youve rested. Make sure you do rest.

    Granni - glad to know the sciatia is a little better. Hope the dentists visit goes well. I have several places in my teeth where a lot of food gets stuck and then it aches, wonder if i have
    to go to the dentist again.

    Teacher - GREAT to hear from you and catch up. I loved the way you wrote. So precise and the language made me chuckle. I loved it! Take care of yourself and come back soon.

    Georgia - He will be a fool to let you go. Im talking about The Tyrant. His dear wife needs you.
    Seems like you are really on a cleaning spree. When am i going to get the energy to do all this?

    Gail - not HIndu. Buddhist. yes, HIndus dont eat meat. At least the very pure ones. Buddhists do however. This is a thorn in my side. I wish i had the will power to give up meat. Buddhists dont kill where they dont absolutely have to. Im afraid i am prone to clapping mosquitoes that buzz around me. Flies, we open the windows and chase them out. We have Jains here. They are a religious sect who actually walk around with a mouth and nose mask so they dont unintentionally inhale little insects while walking around!

    The info about crabs getting boiled alive just made my blood run cold. Would they do that to a human being? Of course not. It would be considered barbaric. I believe Chengiz Khans partner when he was overrun by an enemy tribe, got thrown into boiling water. Well at least thats what they showed in Discoverys docu movie. Yes, the death must have been fast but horrible all the same.

    Im happy we live in more civilized times. I love how the west tries to give animals their dignity,
    and makes sure they dont suffer abuse. The east too is learning slowly. Not to keep dogs tied up all the time, providing warm shelter for them at night etc.

    Well, yesterday i was very down in the dumps. The nieces appointment with the psychologist came to nought once again. Can you believe it, the doctor had been on leave and hadnt bothered to check in altho she was supposed to have joined from yesterday. I was kept waiting and waiting and waiting till 12 for a 10 am appointment with my niece and bro. After that i went to the reception and screamed the place down. They had called me on Wednesday and done the same thing. They were frantically trying to trace the doc at her home by phone and nothing. Some psychologist! I was sick with disgust. I took back the money which was very exorbitant compared to other fees and went off. Sigh, i have to look for someone else again. I know i shouldnt have yelled at the receptionists, there were five of them, all looking very sheepish and apologetic, but honestly i wanted to let all the waiting patients know the reality of this nursing home which is one of the busiest and premier NHs in this city. Pah! Money grubbers, all. In my fury i even tried to get in touch with one of the partners of this NH who used to be my DHs fathers doctor but he was out of the country.

    Ill try to find another counsellor now. If only my niece would talk like other normal girls.

    Today is my sons birthday. He turns nineteen. DH gave him his b day money as pre arranged and off he went bright and early. he had told us he needs to treat two batches of friends.
    One from his middle school. And the other from the higher secondary. I was wondering why would he need to go off at nine in the morning when i remembered he also has a girlfriend. So he is probably going to spend some time with her too. So three separate places. Lol. His sister apparently called early this morning to wish him.

    I will try and make him a nice dinner tonight.

    God Bless

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia ! I have Mrs Miniver...its a little book one of the older editions i picked once
    at a book sale..i love the smell the paper gives off, love the stories too, the everyday
    doings of Mrs Miniver...there was one about her giving a party and going to hunt for
    a cleaning lady..it really takes you back to those times..in england and the upper middle
    class way of life..:)

    Julie - that is so sad about the kitty, poor thing. yes, no point telling lil Keira about it.
    Its really irksome having a lot of animals about, im always so frightened we will run over
    one of the dogs one day, because as soon as the car drives in the gate, all seven of
    them come prancing around the car barking and greeting. My husband ran over one dogs
    ear once, way back when we were living in ma in laws place..poor thing had to go to vet
    and get stitched up.

    Last night son came home at nine pm. His eyes were red so i asked him if he drank beer.
    he said no but i made him breathe and i could smell a faint beer smell. But i let it go. he
    was completely normal and it was his birthday so..i didnt make a fuss. I had got him a
    sweat shirt which i found on sale and he loved it. we gave him a card and cake too.

    we spoke to daughter on phone. She always does her homework late at night so she was
    up. had a chat.

    Take care all, God Bless
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well, I guess it is Good Afternoon by now. DH wanted to go to the store to pick up what he forgot yesterday and then we stopped at a new little Mexican Place , it is small does alot of takeout but does have chairs and tables. It is called the Chipolte Grill. We didn;t know what to get so we each got a buritto. They were absolutey huge. we should have gotten one and shared. So we ate half and brought the rest home. They we finished off the other one that was left and put the rest back in the rerfig. Maybe for tomorrow. It was interesting but I think next time we go we will try something else. Those burrittos were just huge !!ulie -

    Julie - So sorry to hear about the kitty. You did the right thing. Keira doesn't need to know about that now. Poor kitty but it wasn't anyone's fault except maybe the Kitty and they do not know any better. They just get excited and want to be with or near people (most of the time) unless there is psychotic kitty that one of my daughters had for some time. I think most of the time he didnpt want to be earpeople and you never know if he wanted to be petted or not. He even bit me and I was petting him. Never petted him again ! It was a bad bite !!

    It must be hard for you to know whether to go to work or not. You have to much on your plate. Either way there could be problems. I hope you get to stay at home and Den gets good jobs to support you all. Luckyhe is so talented with his carpentry, etc. etc. My husband wouldn't touch it and putting things together are not his thing for sure. Our son likes to a lot more things with his hand andhe is a whiz on the computer (that is his job)!!

    Georgia - Hope you are feeling OK and the last few days of your other job are working out OK and the client's husband is behaving himself . You talking about Sophie is cracking me up with her showers , etc,, etc.

    Sweet SW - Glad you got to talk to your daughter and that your son had a good birthday. These teenagers can be such a worry, I know. How old is your son, I have forgotten. I know, I had oe daughter that gotten me feeling really old really quick !

    Rock --0 Hope you are oding OK. We miss you when we don't hear from you.

    Hope this finds everydobby feeling as well as can be expected. I am missing so many of you. More later !

    Love to all,