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    Hi kids

    Don't have the pep for a square dance all. But here's the call for a waltz. ___________.

    Did you know the waltz was once considered scandalous? It was a shock to people who
    were used to the minuet where you just held hands. The waltz had people embracing!

    "Here's a wonderful chicken recipe where you put chicken breasts on the bottom of a baking dish, mix cream of mushroom soup and sour cream and put on top of the chicken and top with the ST Stuffing mix or any other stuffing if you have it already made. Comes out pretty good, after you bake it of course' for 45- 1hr at 350., depending on the thickness of the chicken etc.

    It is easy and I do it quite frequently when I have the ingredients. Sounds pretty good, huh?"
    Granni posted that in 2006.

    "Grandma, your house is clean!" Can't beat little kids for candor. I had to laugh at your
    mower's recalcitrance, Julie. If you just said it stopped, that would be factual. But
    saying it stopped under the clothesline somehow made me laugh.

    Mikie, your "shiny wind spinners" reminded me of those plate spinners they used to
    have on the Ed Sulliven Show. I read a bio of Ed a year or two ago. When the show started
    out, nobody expected much. CBS gave him a budget of about $300 per show. I think it
    was on the air for over 20 years.

    Lilac/Joan, I would love to post pics of some of Gordon's orchids, but I don't know how.
    Don't even know if the computer would do it or if some extra equipment or software is
    needed. He belongs to a couple orchid clubs. I once asked how to send pics on the
    computer. I got back this helpful advice: It's easy. You just attach the photo to the e mail.

    Springwater, I think your short posts are a good idea considering you seem to live in
    a computer tornado alley. I often get antsy about my posts vanishing like the snows
    of yesteryear and just stop; come back later.

    Will try to come back later. All fur now, Y'all.
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    Yep Rock and all,

    That was my recipe but not originally :)! A lot going to be happening here today too so I had better go get dressed.

    Juie - What a mess. Glad all seem to be OK.

    Mort later.

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    Gongrats to the new parents. Yes, a good sized baby. Our son was almost that big , many moons ago.

    Hope all patients are well.
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    Hello All

    well Saturday morning here...

    Rock thanks for opening up..im guessing if we kept doing the square dance
    every morning for a few moments it would be one way to keep fit n limber..

    i am going to try your chicken baked with mushroom soup and sour cream
    recipe..sounded yum..im sure my two men would love it

    Julie - congrats to the new parents ...hope your lil brood is doing good...and
    Red Mittens kitties are also flourishing..i hope Davids parents being there mean
    a lil rest for you and not extra work!
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    I spent yesterday trying to wait out my exhaustion..

    not such a good day. tired and sad. i did manage to go
    and exchange my dhs present of a tee shirt which he
    did not like at all and instead got him four vests instead.

    he was pleased with those! strange man.

    I hope you all hv a good weekend.

    God Bless
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    Congrats on the new God Son Amy. My last child was the same weight. Oddly enough, of the 4 he and my 9 lb. daughter were the quickest and easiest. Go figure. Baby should carry mommy home from the hospital at that size. Definately a "keeper". Hope your days slow down some soon.

    Warm wishes
  7. Darrae

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    Recipe sounds good. I think I'll try it.

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    Oh, my! This is one of those times when I haven't been able to keep up so will just pop in to wish everyone a great day. So far, my Star Wars Initiative Defense System seems to be keeping the crows at bay. For how long? I don't know. Simon came for his breakfast. It always warms my heart to see him lying on the stairs or in my chair like he owns the place.

    Love to everyone,

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    Hey Windytalker,

    Thanks! Brain has been on terminal hold. Bell, Book and Candle was the name of the movie I couldn't remember the name of with Jimmy Stewart? How quickly we forget things eh? I've been in a flare for almost 2 weeks now. Thanks for reminding me.

    I've been losing words I wish to use, and entire conversations with friends within 24 hours of having them. All sorts of goofy little stuff have been problems of late. My thought train has been totally derailed.

    I appreciate the mental "goose". I remember reading the book years ago before it became a movie, but didn't remember the cat being in it. I remembered the movie with the cat being in it, but not the name of the movie. How funny is that!? I think I need a trip to "brains are us". LOL

    It's funny. I look so "high function" at work. If people only knew what it takes for me to do what it is I do and remember all the millions of things it takes to do it......all the minutia, they'd be flabbergasted. Thank God for post-its!

  10. Darrae

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    Well Rock,

    That explains the movie, book, and the cat's name much better! Sorry 'bout that. When the pain level goes through the roof, brain flies out the window! LOL Please excuse presently dysfunctional brain.

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    Julie-------You are the hardest working women I have ever known. You have a right to feel sorry for yourself once in a while. I can understand how you have no "me" time. I get confused trying to keep up with you!:( I really do believe that "families" can be too close in distance. Your dear ones have become completely dependent on you! Please don't be offend that I said that. I know that you love and adore them all but------if you give out or get ill from all of that, you won't be of any help to anyone. I really do worry about you. You are a wonderful and loving lady but------you must rest sometime and let you mind and body just let go and be "sweet Julie". I have said enough and please know that I am just thinking of my friend:).

    I am still lost without my Maggie. My family is trying to be helpful and want to take me to the shelters but my heart isn't in it as yet. I do miss her so much, especially in the evening when I am still looking for her sweet face.

    Today has not been a good day. I am in so much pain all over my entire body. My pain med. disappeared.:( At first I t hought that I had accidentally thrown the bottle away but my daughter talked to one of the officers and realized that did not happen. Rather scary!! The therapy ladies want me to hold my head up straight but i have tried to explain to them that I have spinal stenosis in my top vertabra and it just won't be straight. After therapy and trying that, I have an awful headache. I have my AC off now as it is right beside me when I am on the comp. I close the shade as my window, that I can't open, is on the west and the sun gets the room too hot.

    Dar: know what you mean when you know that the words are there somewhere but you can't find them. i say "oh, you know what I mean". Maybe later in the day that word pops out of nowhere. Halt a min. for potty break!!!!

    I'm back but i have to close and turn on the AC and cool off before supper, I'll to bget back sooner with my complainingo_O

    See you, dear friends.

  12. Darrae

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    Hope things slow down for you. What a pace you've been keeping! Wishing you peace and rest.

  13. Darrae

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    Thanks. Sometimes it's just a comfort to know I'm not alone. That there are others who "reach' but cannot find the words either. I had such an extensive command of the English language before this hit me. I once wrote music lyrics. Was copywritten, published and recorded. I was "eloquent". Then came a point where words became a frustraton. It used to make me so angry.

    Now I just stand there like a deer in the headlights waiting for the word to come. If it doesn't, I just say, "Oh, it'll come later or maybe in a few days". And you're right. It just pops in from nowhere when least expected. I mean, I expect this from the elders with dementia that I work with. For them it's "normal". I've had a difficult time accepting that it's "normal" for me as well. Even after 18 years.

    I have, now, just learned to accept it, and even to laugh at myself and just get over it. Things could always be worse. When I look at the people I work with every day, I thank God that this is the worst thing I have to deal with. I see so much suffering daily in my line of work, that I am thankful for the things that I CAN do.

    I feel your loss of Maggie. It's hard to think of replacing an irreplaceable friend. Been there. Praying for you. It's too recent. Too raw right now. But eventually, a new lil friend will come along and you will fall in love all over again with a little fur ball that steals your heart. I have 3 that have been my constant companions for years. No two are alike.

    There's an "up" side to everything. If you look far enough and observe life around you. Life is good. And, no matter what we lose, we gain something down the road if we wait a while. ;)

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    Dar: Thank you for your beautiful response. I too had a way with words. We owned a weekly newspaper and I wrote a lot of things for it. Thien we sold the paper to a group and I had to write articles for special editions. I loved doing it----but I always said that after I get the first sentence down, it was all uphill from the non. I used to write more interesting things for the porch but it seems now that I just write the "facts".

    Yes, I can always see those around me that are so worse off then I am. I live in an assisted living facility and was so surprised that there were so may that are ill!;) I guess that I expected to see ladies dressed up and getting around so well. That is not so. Of course, I use a walker so I am among those.

    My husband was an example of that! He lost a limb due to a blood clot when he was in his 50's. After 6 mon. he recieved his prothesis and got along pretty well. Our oldest son read about a Golf Tourney for amputees in Indy. How he loved that. He also said that he couldn't feel sorry for himself when he saw men that were missing an arm and a leg and played golf among the best of them. One younger guy was a "thamilamid" (I have no idea how to spell that word) baby and just had very short flippers for arms and the same for feet and legs. He walked like a penquin (I can't spell that either) but played golf like a pro. Very heartwarming.

    Thank you for your kind words and yes, I will find a new feline friend. Family members want to pick it out for me but I said NO.
    I will do that.

    Thank you Dar. You are a sweet lady.

    Gentle Hugs to all,
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    Lilac. I just wanted to tell you about the assisted living facility my mom lived in. Like you said, soooo many people with so many different problems. She was so set against living there but I couldn't take care of her and she was set in her ways, having lived over 35 years by herself. She used a walker when she first got there but with PT she was able to get around without one, going down to the dining room by herself. She enjoyed the company of others her own age and this was good rather than her being by herself all the time where she used to live.

    Have you ever heard of the Christian speaker, Nick Vujicic, from Australia who was born without arms and legs. Talk about an inspirational man of God. He gets around with help from others, has only a tiny flipper for one leg, but God really uses him to speak to others. He has a website, Life without limbs, if you want to see him.
  16. Darrae

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    Hi Julie,

    You and Den are doing the right thing. And, no matter how messy it gets, it's in Gpa's best interests. He knows he's not happy with his present care. He knows you will look out for him. Hope this doesn't stress him out too bad either. Tough situation.

    Sounds like Sis is drama queen. Emotionally "needy'. And controlling. Not a good combination to be caring for gpa. Try not to over extend yourself. You know your body and how much it can take and how much it cannot. Stay well. FYI, your messages show up in my gmail. Then I come to the site here to reply. I tried setting up a new message. I'm not very good at this. Hope it worked for private chat.

    Am praying for you.

  17. Darrae

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    Sounds like your hubby is a real "trooper". And you are an amazing person. By the way, ironically, I work at an assisted living facility. I wish you all good things. Thalidamide babies. I remember when they outlawed thalidamide due to the ensuing birth defects. So very sad.

    Interesting to know that you were once a writer. It's not easy when the cognitive thinking goes haywire and the short term memory gets skewed. I've had residents who also get frustrated by the same things. I always give them the same "pep" talk.

    My pep talk consists of some advice my Mother gave me years ago. She once said, "It's not that your memory is that bad, it's that the mind is like a file drawer that is full, so you only retain what you really need and dispose of the rest".

    I tell them that the important stuff is in that long-term memory is where all our best memories live. The larger part of our lives. Oddly, this seems to cheer them up every time. They laugh and say, "I never thought of it that way before". "I like that".

    And, when you are ready, you will find that furry friend. And I like that you would choose to find that special pal on your own. No one can choose for you. It's such a personal thing. When I first met my Siamese KoKo, 14 years ago, I held her up in front of me and she reached out and put her nose on my nose. I knew. I said "You're the one". "You are going home with me".

    Be well sweet lady.

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    Julie. What a mess! If Den has POA then there is no problem with you moving grandpa AND his cat to your house. Perhaps it's best to inform sis about this now. By the way, you also need a medical POA as a regular one won't work when it comes to a hospital, etc. But if you've seen a lawyer then you probably already have one.

    I didn't know Nick got married. I'll have to do a search.
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    Oh my what a mess you all !!! Julie best of luck with everything happening with Grandpa and Den's sis. She does know how to take advantages, doesn't she ? Hope it doesn't get to messy. I'm afraid that it might with her personality.

    Not much time to really post well. Our motem died and we couldn't watch TV or work on the computer. Finally got a new motem today. Trying to send lots of stuff through the smart phones is tiring and I make to many mistakes.

    Joan - I know you miss Maggie and you will forever. No rush to get a new kitty but maybe sometime you will want another.

    Our meeting never happened. DD screwed up and said she had the wrong day and everyone had to leave. So not sure what will happen next. I haven't been sleeping well lately so I took a nap today..

    Try and TTY probably sometime tomorrow. I have a headache !

    Love to everyone,
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    Sunflower girl is absolutely right. If Den is his POA then he does, technically, have that right. Shouldn't be that difficult to get POA for Medical if he doesn't have it. Though, as Sunflower stated, he probably already does. I gave POA to my son for Property only upon my death, with my oldest daughter as "back up" if he chooses not to accept or cannot perform the task. Three of Four of my children are ok with my Bff of 21 years as my POA for Medical.

    My youngest daughter's not happy that she's not my POA for Medical because she thinks that because she's a CNA she could make better decisions for me. That would be due to the fact that my best friend knows me, my medications, doses, tolerances and my wishes better . Thank God I did it the way I did. When I had an emergency surgery a year ago, she fought like a tiger for me for them to give me an IV drip of morphine for the pain. I had a surgical wound 7" long, 4"wide, and 2"deep under my right arm.

    Because I could only get out one or two words at a time, (as coming out of sedation), when asked if I wanted morphine for the pain, (which was beyond major), all I could say was "not by mouth", which they took as a refusal for pain control.

    Opiates, codeine and a few other drugs I can't take by mouth because they automatically go for my gut, causing major pain ....But I can take them by I.V. with no ill effects. My friend knew this, my daughter did not. My friend fought tooth and nail with nurses and doctors until they finally asked me again and I could say, "Try I.V.", which they took as a go ahead. They gave me the morphine drip I desparately needed for pain. My daughter would not have known to fight and would have let them allow me to lay there and suffer. My BFF saved me major pain.

    Point is, it's not about who "thinks" they should be making the decisions. It's about who do you want deciding these things for Grandpa? Who does he want? Who knows him best? Who is going to do the right thing for him? Who has he already given this decision making power to? Who does he trust? It's all about him. And should be. Sis is just full of opinions and control issues. It's not, however, about her.

    Wishing you Peace and Harmony in your lives,