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  1. springwater

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    Hi All

    Great to see a lot of porchies drop by!

    Windytalker, sunflower - great to see you.

    Darrae- it was really comforting to know you can be high functioning at work
    and yet privately suffer many moments of blanking out. My memory is like
    that and ive been worrying.

    Joan - woah! never knew you wrote. you go, girl! i loved reading that. I hope
    your pain goes away soon. Always imagine Maggie having fun in the rainbow land.
    because she is and wouldnt want you to be sad.

    Julie - Lord love us all. what a mess with SIL situation. i guess things had to come
    to a head.
  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Praying for the right outcome. Praying for justice.

    day before yesterday i went with my friend and her three sibs ndSIL and
    twin toddler nephews to this outing i had planned a week ten days ahead.
    it was sort of a reconnecting thing since i had not visited her / them fr
    a long long time due to gastritis, brother getting ill etc.

    took them to the nice restaurant i discovered down behind the monastery,
    they loved it, and got more out of it than i ever did, they are plant lovers
    and went around spying every tree what kind it was (avocado, plum, pear,
    peach) , every fruit, every bush...the food was delicious and fresh, pizza,
    grilled chicken, rice chicken curry, soup, spaghetti bolognaise, dumplings.
    Of couse i stuck to my guns and my veg dumplings and mushroom soup.
    cant afford to be more adventurous with present stomach state. got to
    look after it.

    then i took them around to three monasteries. it was a good good trip.
    did what i had meant it to. smoothed my long standing friends ruffled
    feathers and had all of them happy and relaxed.
  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i paid for it yesterday tho. i had let my brothers come for lunch,
    and got thru that but i was wiped out physically and mentally from
    too many outings.

    aargh, the exhaustion, and i got a lil sore throat too from the dust.
    but my friend phoned to thank and she was right as rain. what
    a constitution she has and what a frail one have i!!!

    well will log off now.

    Granni, Rock hello to you guys too.

    God Bless
  4. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Springwater: quite an outing and that restaurant sounds REALLY good. What state are you in? Don't think there's anything like that in so. calif. Yes, those trips can be really exhausting. Did I understand once that you have a brother that's ill? Sorry....I get all these member's names confused......it's taking me a little time to sort everyone out.

    Granni. I'm sorry the well planned meeting didn't happen. When one of my children is going thru a rough period in their life, I worry something awful instead of doing what I'm supposed to do (giving it all to God).

    Dar: I want to apologize for not accepting the chat. I don't think I'm set up for it and actually the brain stops working past 5 PM LOL

    I've been busy today getting things posted on my ETSY store. It's such a chore, sorting thru stuff, washing what needs to be and ironing it, taking photos and resizing them, then listing them. I've collected sooooo much and I've come to the point in my life that I really need to downsize.

    And everyone who's enjoying my paintings, I thank you very much. It makes me happy that people like them.
  5. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Don't gots no energy for posting. Am keeping up with your posts though. Came across this
    quote today.

    Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you're alive it isn't.
    ~ Richard Bach ~

    Writer Bach had a best seller when we were all decades younger: Jonathan Livingston Seagull.

    Gentle hugs
  6. Granniluvsu

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    Good morning awl ! Just needed to pop in for a minute. DH is coming home from the store and I need to go get dressed and then go work outside. This is none of my idea believe me :)!! Probably already to warm out there. I also need to dress with long sleeves and all in hopes of not contacting something poisonous again !!

    Julie - Good luck my dear. What a mess with your SIL. I can't believe the way she treats her own father. Does Den ever say anything to her about it. He seems like such a quiet guy and leaves the talking to YOU :)!!! he he He is the one who probably should put her in her place but maybe he just isn't that type of guy and too nice :)!!

    Gotta run and go get dressed. Not looking forwards to going outside to sweat. Got a stupid headache, no wonder with what has been happening lately.

    Love to everyone,
  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Julie. I'm so sorry you and your whole family are going thru this. My suggestion is get a hand held tape recorder and carry it with you in case she's around. I make sure I have a pocket I can drop mine into when I need to record something.

    As Christians we are taught that the man is head of the household. Sometimes the husband sits back and allows the wife to do the talking, etc. I KNOW, because my husband does this and so many times I come off as the strong arm of the law. Since it's Den's father and sister he needs to be the authority figure. His sister is very manipulative and it's possible that their father allowed his wife to also be the strong one in their marriage. She's taken over. I will pray for a perfect solution.

    I don't know you, but just reading your posts in the last couple of weeks, you're running on empty, overwhelmed, and if you don't let others step up and shoulder the burdens you've been carrying you're going to crash. Your late nights of stress scare me......I've been there and I see you doing the same thing as I have done. Please take this as one Christian to another.

    Another suggestion is you might look into Meals on Wheels for your dad. When my mom was alive and still living alone I would take things over for her to eat. It was hard for me because we lived 13 miles one way. Meals on Wheels was a godsend. And actually they do come in and visit with the person for a couple of minutes. They were the ones who called me when my Mom didn't answer the door. We rushed over and found she had fallen and laid there....in shock.
  8. Darrae

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    Great idea. Meals on wheels would be good idea for Gpa'. It would also negate the SIS from having to be there and overseeing his meals and fridge. I think your assessment of the dominant relationship and theory may have some validity.

    The tape recorder, however, is inadmisible in a court of law. And, unless you inform the person you are recording that they are being recorded and they agree to it, it's not legal. Unfortunately.

    I used to work for an attorney. We could, when I worked there, however, video tape people without their knowledge doing things they should or should not be doing and those tapes were admissible. Now, videos are totally open season. Heck, people post all sorts of videos on You Tube with absolutely no reprisals. People record things on their phones all the time if their phones have the capability. Not against the law.

    This is exactly how I got my restraining order on the x-husband. I set up the camcorder in a back window with 8 hour long blank tapes day and night, to show how many times a day or night he "stalked" my home, driving up and down the alley and even getting out of his vehicle to look into my garage and stuff, after he was served his walking papers and the divorce was not done yet. Had him dead to rights on film! Judge granted the order.

    I hate it when things sink to this level. But, sometimes, it's the only way to get justice done. As a Christian I will say this, "When told to turn the other cheek", most people do not think about the fact that this was said in Roman times, and during those times, this was a verbal insult, not an invitation to be a doormat.


    Loves to you all.
  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    julie - oh dear, the situation seems to get worse n worse. ive had an episode like that
    with my own MIL. in middle of argument, she caught my shoulders and shook
    me. had i retaliated it wouldve turned into a full scale scuffle. the kind ive seen
    her in with her husband and her own SIL. i didnt react physically. so she couldnt
    hurt me more.

    you pls be careful. the tape recorder seems a good idea.

    Granni - i tried to look for the post about your meeting with DD and what
    it was about but couldnt. i hope things are all right. i do know one of your
    daughters just had some goooood news.

    Dar - we share the gut problem, lol. my diet is very restricted due to this.

    Sunflower - i am not in the united states but halfway cross the world, in
    Asia. ive been to your country tho, last year during summer and fell in
    love with it
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock - hope you feel perkier soon.

    yesterday my daughters friends here on vacation from college
    visited. we had planned this a while back and so i am glad its
    over with. they are lovely girls and i enjoyed myself. they
    had brought me stuff which daughter sent and i was able to
    send some lil things which she asked for.

    i fed them spaghetti n mince, and dh had bought a roast
    chicken, then i added potato curry, okra, mushroom soup
    and pudding, watermelon n cucumbers.
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i was very very tired and also a lil anxious with all
    the cleaning, cooking but so happy i did it.

    this week has been one thing after another. i think
    doing bouts of pranic healing in between working
    helped me get thru yesterday.

    God Bless
  12. Darrae

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    My diet too. I vassilate between intestinal poles, so to speak. IBS, ain't it grand? Eat dairy, can't excrete. Eat rotisserie chicken, run for the hills! Not too much in between. And, yes, some meds are a nightmare. LOL Sorry you have problem too. But, in an odd way, comforted that I'm not alone in this either. Not that I would wish this on another human being mind you! But that somebody else "gets it". :rolleyes:

    Oh, Springwater, forgot to mention, the flare, fog, cognitive thinking problem.....comes and goes. Stress makes it worse. More stress makes it nuts. I try to avoid as much stress as possible. However, work has been overloading me, I damaged my shoulder lifting too much at work so had that extra pain, and my daughter was out of insulin and yeah, put that altogether, it spells FLARE/FOG. It gets better when things slow down.

    Loves to you and all

  13. JerseyNurse

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    I have CFS and I suffered from gastritis for years on and off then I started to notice that whenever I was taking antihistamines, the gastritis would calm down within a couple days. During allergy season my stomach was always fine. Took me years to figure it out. Now I take a very low dose of zyrtec (2.5mg) 3 times a week and it seems to keep it at bay. NO more loud stomach noises, pain or that empty gnawing feeling in the pit of my stomach. I tried acid reducers for years. Acid was not at the root cause of my gastritis. It was histamine causing the main inflammation.
    I'm not prescribing here. Just wanted to let you know what worked for me.