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    I'm copying my post from 830 here. Please go back to read posts from Rock, Granni and Barry.

    Hi, Kids,

    So good to see some of our Porchies here. I did just rest yesterday but can't get away with that today. Too much that has to be done around the condo. I'm still not up to par but think I can manage to do a couple of things. Some days, that's all I get done. BTW, I finished "The River" and it was a very satisfying read for me. The young man overcame his fears and returned to CO to The River which took his father's life. There is a plot twist and romance. Romance is not over done and no sex. It's a wholesome story.

    Rock, speaking of wholesome, I got a good laugh about the woman who died and who had loved beer, cigs, and dirty jokes. A woman after my own heart. I used to read Little Lulu too. I got a kick outta Slugo. I also remember the "Can This Marriage Be Saved?" columns. Now, we have Dr. Phil trying to save marriages. Vanity Fair has some excellent articles on politics, modern life, fashion, celebrities, etc. It has a liberal bent. It's kinda "People" magazine for those who want more meat on the bone. I eat blueberries if, for no other reason, they are as good for us as advertised--one of those darkly colored fruits which are supposed to contain lots of antioxidants. Maybe that's why I don't feel well; I'm oxidized! Yikes!!!:eek:

    Granni, you could have His 'n Hers computers. I once said that my idea of a perfect marriage is His 'n Her computers and a towel mongrammed with "Theirs" on it. As usual, you've been busy. Line dancing sounds like fun but don't think I can manage anything else besides my workout in the pool. There is a new DVD out with dance moves for working out. I wonder how many people work out to their DVDs and keep it up. I have a library of workout DVDs which sit unused. Are you feeling any better from your change in diet? DD started feeling better almost immediately when she stopped most carbs and gluten. I hope this diet does work for you.

    Barry, how good to see you post. I wish you felt better and this horrible heat and drought would come to an end. DD#1 called me from CO yesterday. She said a lot of snow is predicted for them this winter. It's all part of the El Nino weather change. That's good because the snowfall in CO melts into rivers providing water for several states. Also, a good long ski season is a real boost to the economy. Of course, the Maryjane has already boosted the economy to a new high. :D "Rocky Mountain Hight" has taken on a new meaning. My BP med keeps me tired all the time. I think that's normal because they reduce our BP. Mine has insomnia as a side effect. I wake early in the morning and, often, I can't get back to sleep.

    I'm gonna go open a new Porch.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everydobby,

    Thanks for starting us up again MIKIE and so nice to hear from JULIE too. I got up late and are still not dressed and am posting as I eat my cereal. I can't stay on long right now but how to get back later since DH will be at his meeting and will go out for lunch with the guys. After getting dressed I need to get outside to see how wet it is since DH said he watered this morning, and do some more weed and pulling out of other stuff that has grown back there. We haven't been out there for some time and had been working on the front area, when we have been out there. The heat has also kept us from going out and working to much.

    MIKIE - Line Dancing is only once a week and I finally got back there yesterday. Hadn't been there for about a month for one reason or another. We have also been trying to get to work out twice a week at our gym but have been having a hard time trying to get both of them in. Sometimes it is just that we don't feel like it and are to lazy or tired to go. I just pretty much do the treadmill and the leg pushy thingy and then if DH isn't finished I may do a few other arm and back machines. He says he feels better when he does them. Me not to sure. I hurt all the time anyway and still do when I am done ):!! I understand that you don't have the NRG to do any other exercising besides the water aerobics. We have or had that too but it is to early in the morning and I am not a good morning person and hate to rush. So I don't go

    Not sure how I am feeling right now, at least so far. It has been almost a month , I think about 3 weeks on the new diet and just got the goats milk yogurt last week. I am still eating some carbs . She didn't tell me not to eat them but guessing I should be eliminating or eating less of them to get rid of the little boogers ( the fungus or whatever it is). We try to eliminate most or a lot of carbs due to DH and his borderline diabetes. It is hard also when you have one person in the household who shouldn't eat one thing and the other person on another diet. Last night I made my usual pork chop with no fat cream of mushroom soup that DH loves. I know it has some milk solids in there so I didn't take any of the gravy although some of it was probably on the chop. Don't suspect I got too much of the milk solids and even warmed up 1/2 of the canned mushrooms for myself and had put the other half in the sauce with the pork chop while cooking. I am at a loss of how to cook the chops since he or we probably shouldn't have much breading on it either. For the first visit the nat doc said for me just t take those 4 supps (along with all the rest that I take) and eliminate sugars and dairy products. Not supposed to have cheese either ( even thought I know I will cheat now and then):(

    May also be doing some herxing since my head feels like it's about to explode .

    JULIE - So glad to hear from you. Enjoy the rest of your trip. I know you have a fantastic time.

    SUN - Hope you are feeling OK as I don't remember hearing from you but then again I don't always remember everything - duh :)!!

    SW - Missing you too sweetie along with DIANE and others. Hope you have had no more tremors.

    ROCK - Hope you are doing OK and just busy. We need you to keep us going around here and making uss laugh.

    I need to go and get dressed and try and do something outside before it gets to HOT ):!! Hope to get back here later. Need to go outside and sweat - yuck !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my morning nap. Gordon left a note. He's off doing errands.
    Going to stop by Jim's place in Pasadena to see his latest orchids that are in bloom.
    Jim has a green house and even more orchids than Gordon.

    OK, Granni, here's a bit of humor I found on the net. The English county of
    Yorkshire is missing one of its cities. The bobbies are looking for Leeds.
    Barry can tell us if that's authentic British humor. "Bobbies" BTW are
    named after England's Sir Robert Peel, the Home Secretary, who organized
    the first police force. I was reading a book set in Ireland not too long ago.
    It said the Irish often use "Peelers" as slang for cops. Barry can barryfy that
    for us too.

    Your porkchops sound very tasty. Haven't one one of those in decades. My
    dad made wonderful porkchops. Well, everything he cooked was wonderful.
    Not too good as a father or husband though. More along the lines of Homer

    Saw "The Simpsons Movie" last night. Checked it out from the library. I hadn't
    seen the Simpsons for years. Like meeting old friends. But the movie was about
    3 times as long as their TV show. I guess that's what made it seem rather lengthy.

    Barry, I don't think I've ever seen or eaten a huckleberry. (Wikipedia says
    in England they are called whortleberries. Yes?) I would be happy to be
    you Huckleberry friend though. Ah! I hear someone downstairs. Odds are
    it's Gordon or a burglar.

    Well, I'd better come back and post more later.

  4. rockgor

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    It was Gordon.

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Soooo good to see everydobby here. For the first time in a while, I woke feeling less sick. Slept in til 6:00 and the sweet kitties didn't even say a word until I let them in. Both are a little lethargic this morning. Tweety came in from out on the lanai and did her slo-mo walk past Sir Vester. She can moooove sooooo slooooow, like a replay. She does that when she doesn't want him to chase her. It usually takes very little to get him into chase mode. Saw something interesting on the news last night. A man whose cat has kidney disease had kidney transplant surgery for the cat. The donor is a cat from the pound. Anyone doing this has to agree to adopt the pound kitty after the surgery is done. Evidently, they are doing quite a few of these surgeries. Both kitties are doing well.

    Julie, what a great pic. Everyone looks sooooo happy. See, all your fears that the kids would disconnect from you were not realized. They could not ever forget all the love between you. That love will carry them through the rest of their lives. A Grandma's love is a very special thing. I am soooo happy that you are all having such a good time. I pray David finds a job he loves but his plan, to take any job and find a better one later, seems very reasonable. I'm also glad the "Dads" are doing well. I'll bet they, and Den, will be glad to see you come home. I hope Den feels better. I pray you have a safe trip home.

    Rock, my DSIL in CO loooooves "The Simpsons." He got me to watching it but I haven't in ages. It's a really funny show. It started as just a segment on "The Tracy Ullman Show." Last time I went to Joe's Crab Shack for lunch, I noticed that our waitress looked just like her. I asked her whether people often mention that and she laughed and said they do. Used to be a woman working at a furniture store here who looked just like me. My clients mentioned it to me and, sho 'nuff, I saw her on one of their commercials on TV. Do we all have doubles or, at least, people who resemble us? I often see people who fit into a group of look alikes. Remember those pics called, Separated At Birth, in magazines? They featured famous people who could be sibs. Lately, I've been fascinated by ears. No, really! There are so many types of ears and we all seem to have our own distinct ones, like snowflakes--no two alike! This is what it's come to--nothing better to do than check out ears. Or, perhaps, this is all I have the NRG to do. It's a deep question which likely won't be answered soon.

    Granni, I put nothing on my pork chops. I brown them in a bit of olive oil and then add a little water for steam and cover them at a reduced temp. Then, I remove the lid and turn up the burner. They get sooooo nice and brown and taste fantastic. I may add a bit of seasoning salt. My ex's grandmother taught me to cook them this way. I always get them on the bone. The boneless ones have no flavor. I think I need to lift some weights and do some floor exercises. My workouts in the pool are high intensity to get my heart and lungs working to capacity but don't work out a lot of my muscles. Since not feeling that well, I just haven't wanted to do anything. Working out in the pool so hard leaves me unable to do much else for the rest of the day. I hope the diet helps you to feel better. Did the eye practitioner say anything about gluten? So many are now saying it's so bad for us. Pretty soon, there will be nothing but raw fruits and veggies to eat. Actually some of the diets recommend this with only a bit of lean protein added. Good luck.

    Our prayer box/bird house fell outta the tree in front. I need to go to Hobby Lobby to get a new one. These little houses aren't built that well and our harsh weather destroys them. This one was just about full of prayers so it's time for a new one anyway. I also need to go out there and cut down the palm blooms which are so messy. Everything has gone to hell in a handbasket while I've been sick. We've had severe thunderstorms and flooding in some areas. The lightening has been really scary. Our fountain in the pool quit after a lightening strike. I miss it. I sent an e-mail to mgmt. to let them know and also to let them know one of the lights on our entryway was out. I will no longer do work around the hood but will let them know if something needs attention. I still need to take my stuff to their office. Oy! Always something!

    Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning everyone,

    Got up really early this morning and couldn't go back to sleep so here I am. DH ran to the store early and was back as I was fixing my morning shake. I don't make the often but sometimes I make one if I have enough ingredients such as the frozen blueberries. I just used the last of them. DH want to go out soon to work outside before it decides to rain. It may rain some today and tomorrow we make get a bunch but we will see. It wouldn't be the first time they said big rain was coming and we got nothing up here. Wish all this pain would disappear . Driving me bananas.

    MIKIE - Hope you are feeling a little better at least than you have been lately. I agree with you on the pork chops with the bone has more flavor but we usually get the thick ones without the bone. Never had those growing up . DH gets them usually at Sams when they are on the quick sale. You might want to try the Mrs Dash ( no saat) seasonings. WM even has the large bottles of the Garlic an Herb seasoning and has the onion and herb too now in the larger bottle. Cheaper that way. However, all of the stores don't have the large shaker bottles. Most of their seasonings come in the small bottles. I am sure you are glad to get rid of al the stuff pertaining to the Hood's board and all. You certainly don't need more aggravation and things to upset you. It all will just make you feel worse.

    JULIE - I guess you are driving home by now and will be home tonight. That looks like the pic that you posted on FB. It is a really cute picture of everyone. They are all getting so big, those g kids, even Josiah. Glad you had a great time and got to see everyone. Hope David's luck turns around with the job situation. I can imagine how frustrating that must be. I know there must be lost of men and women who need full time jobs in their chosen profession and many get stuck in lower paying jobs just to make ends meet with less hours and benefits, many times too.

    I need to go get dressed and get some things done around here before going out to work. I did a little yesterday but it was so muddy out there after DH put on the sprinkler. Hope to get back here later on today to check and see if any of our Porchies have posted. Thinking of ROCK, DIANE, SUN, BARRY, DAR, ELAINE and so many others. Hope to hear from them soon.

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    Hi Kids

    Julie, what a wonderful picture! And it's expandable. Next thing to life size. HaHa!
    Hope your trip home is smooth sailing all the way.

    And speaking of things culinary, did you guys ever hear of vinegar pie? It is
    mentioned in the book I'm reading about the pioneers. Laura Ingalls Wilder
    also referred to it in Little House in the Big Woods. It's made with vinegar,
    water, eggs, flour, sugar, salt, and flavoring. The flavoring is whatever you
    want or happen to have: lemon, vanilla, maple syrup, berries.

    The pie reportedly has a creamy texture even though it contains no milk or
    cream. The book set in Texas also refers to a meringue top. So the next time
    your are taking a pie somewhere, and are looking for a conversation piece,
    just check the net. Several sites have the recipe. Seems to be quite a
    difference in the appearance of the finished product though.

    Mikie, I remember the Tracy Ullman show. Musta been 20 years ago. I
    thought they had great skits and Tracy seemed to effortlessly morph into
    an endless variety of characters. Once that show went off the air, I never
    heard anything about her.

    I found out our library has the Simpsons on DVDs. Apparently you can get
    an entire season of programs in one package. I put one on hold. We'll see if
    it works.

    Hugs to Diane, Sun, Springwater, Barry, Granni.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Decided to take the garbage down and pick up my mail. Got my Lowe's bill--ACK!!! Good thing mgmt. is sending me a check to cover it as it's for the new pool umbrellas. Nothing else but junk mail. Comcast is offering blast internet, which I have now, and streaming of TV for computers and other devices for not much more than I'm paying for internet alone. I've gotten used to not having the full range of TV so won't do it. I know they are responding to the new wave of "cutting the cord." Younger people want to watch TV when they feel like it and are not signing up for cable TV. It's really cutting into their business. As it is, a lot of cable channels can be found online and they allow streaming of their shows.

    I've decided not to go wild and do too much today. I decided to clean up the lanai while I feel up to it but not to do anything else. I'm sweating out whatever bug I have and I'll only sweat more out there. I need to keep well hydrated. I ran into an old friend on the way to the pool. I think it was smart to decide not to go today but there were four friends and I miss working out with them. Hope I can go Fri. I see Kathy Lee Gifford is back on "The Today Show." I know the loss of her husband has been hard for her and their kids.

    Granni, I can't use the salt substitutes which contain potassium. My BP med increases potassium in the blood so don't need more. It's difficult to find seasonings which do not contain it or MSG. The way I fix the chops, they really don't need much seasoning. The pork is salty on its own. I'm drooling just thinking about pork chops. Think I'll look in the freezer; I believe I saw some last time I was in there. Freezer needs cleaning out. A nice smoothie also sounds so good. I've been too sick to want to fix anything, no matter how easy. I've even neglected filling my pill/supp box. We've been getting BIG thunderstorms lately and I pulled a few tall weeds along the side of our bldg. while I was outside. They came out so easily. There is soooo much which needs doing out there but there is more needing attention inside and it's hot out there.

    Rock, I've never heard of a vinegar pie. Just the thought of vinegar usually gags me but I might give it a try. Those old recipes are usually delicious. I do use Balsamic vinegar in salad dressings. I think it's good to watch funny shows, like "The Simpsons." Laughter really is the best medicine. I hadn't watched a DVD in ages until DGS was last here. I have a bunch of them I got before Netflix had streaming and there was Amazon Prime. I should watch some of them again. Hope you enjoy watching.

    OK, time to get off my duff and start cleaning out the litter boxes.

    Love, Mikie
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    Rock: I've heard of vinegar pie.......its a really OLD recipe, though I never tried it. And I loved the Simpsons when my sons watched it when they still lived here. So many times I was just laughing out loud at something Homer did....or BART! Actually all of them. I've seen the DVDs at the library so I might check it out just to get some good laughs.

    Mikie: I think when we get a bug it stays with US 3 times longer than others. Hope you start to feeling better.
    Like you, that's the way I've always fixed pork chops. I didn't know the ones with bone had more taste. Actually it makes sense. I was watching a segment on PBS news last night about the Iowa county fair. They featured a pork chop booth, and they use no seasonings, not even S or P. It's the biggest draw at the fair with people lining up for an hr. just to get a dinner of PC. They have very huge grills where they put the PC on a rack and cover it with another rack, 1/2 way thru it's flipped. That way they can do at least 50 at a time.

    Julie: great pic! And just look at the size of Josiah!!!! Such fun you all must have had.

    Diane: How are things going with the kitties at your house. How's your stress level?

    Spring: how are things in your life?

    Granni: So......after a month on this diet are you feeling better? I tried going gluten free about 6 years ago. I was on it strictly watching everything, but no change in the pain of FM. Of course I've got stenosis and that contributes. And with myofascial pain syndrome.....what really is the difference in that and FM?

    I thought my blood sugar was doing good, then this morning my fasting rate was 116......freaked me out. So, after tossing 1/2 a gallon of wonderful ice cream down the drain 2 days ago because I have terrible will power it looks like I can't even enjoy a glass of wine in the evening. Bummer. So that bottle got dumped also. I get labs done next week. Actually I'm glad I bought the glucometer otherwise I might have just racheted into diabetes with no warning. And I've got post it notes reminding me to DRINK water!!!! I read that it really helps bring down the sugar in the blood.

    Last night I watched an old movie......Scent of a Woman. Al Pacino won best actor and don't know if Chris O'Donnell was nominated or not for supporting but I was also moved by his acting.
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    SUN, et al - I also have myofascial pain syndrome and OA so who know what pain is from what? However, I have pain in lots of other places too. We are cutting back on our wine consumption for having it almost every day . I didn't know you had a problems with high blood sugar? Do you have diabetes or just BD or just trying to be careful?? Do take any meds or supps for it? I see come good supps but some are quite expensive. DH is borderline diabetic and needs to get checked (AC1) out the end of the year. We both take cinnamon supps and put cinnamon in our cereal too. I was told not to eat sugar due to the little fungus boogers who like to feast on it. I don't eat much sugar anyway but some occasional ice cream ( the no extra sugar kind) with DH but have quit that , and I would like to have a little low sugar candy once in awhile ( the dark choc). Haven't had that in awhile either. I had bought some fruit popsicles with no added sugar. It doesn't seem to have much in them. Originally I thought to satisfy DH and myself I might try a sherbet which I checked out and also has some milk solids in it. Geez, this is for the birds ):!!

    Hi there ROCK and everyone else lurking about. Will try and check back later. I also have heard of Vinegar Pie but never had it either.

    Need to get off here for now. Just got in awhile ago from weeding and as I was getting ready to quit I pulled out some dead leaves from a plant and got stung by something. They were buzzing around (more than one) and must have been just sitting around in the plant when I starting pulling and they didn't like it. Came in washed it and put on some aloe vera. Later I took a Benadryl and put on some hydrocortisone cream. I felt the sting but it no longer hurts. It is a bit red though with a small white center . Looked like a couple of them might have also tried to sting me. It is right on my right elbow.

    Gotta run for now !!

    Granni :)
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    Granni: Was it bees that stung you? OUCH. Did you know that oregano oil neutralizes the sting and also cider vinegar. But it sounds like you got it taken care of.

    I've been feeling awful in the mornings for a couple of years now. I always figured I had low blood sugar. I heard a doctor on PBS say you didn't need a doctor's RX to buy a glucometer and my cleaning lady (she's diabetic and takes insulin) said the least expensive is Walmart. It cost me about $35 for everything I needed and surprise to me....my fasting reading in the morning was 112 the first morning, two mornings later it was 114, and today it was 116. So I can relate those readings directly to what I had consumed the night before.

    And this is what gets me.......years ago I had a 4 hr. glucose test......AWFUL. And it came up negative. Now with spending $35 I can test off and on all day so why do doctors make someone go thru this. Plus the test is expensive.

    And what I've read is that exercise and drinking lots of plain water makes a huge difference in your blood sugar level. I tossed out the ice cream in my freezer and also the 1/2 drunk bottle of wine.......both are the culprits. I have a friend whose DH has been on insulin for at least 30 years. I can't tell you the times she had to call the paramedics for him because he had passed out. I was telling her about my problems and now she is testing her blood sugar. Does your DH test his at home?
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    Yes Rock, typical Brit humour, though you spelled it "humor" which is not Brit at all! I've been to Yorkshire, by the way, but not to Leeds.
    Picked another batch of huckleberries y-day. So TEDIOUS, tasty, --- and free! Whortleberries I have heard of before. There are a number of hucleberry species. In England we ate red and black currants, gooseberries (which I haven't seen in a coon's age), and picked wild blackberries. No huckle or whortle.

    Oh my head is swirling, time to stop. o_O
    Love to all und alles,
    Huckleberry Barry ;)
  13. springwater

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    Hello All

    It rained tons here...torrents, in fact...thank goodness they did something to the drainage system outside our house so the water didnt flood.

    However, my plants got too much water...some of them broke...and for a few hours the garden beds were water logged...

    The day before i was able to nip out and get some exercise...walking around the stupa..replenish my stock of Tibetan incense, buy groceries at the supermarket nearby the stupa. I always feel good when im able to buy stuff i need, so i dont hv to go out at odd times to get something necessary. I bought tomatoes and macaroni which came in really useful yesterday because we had visitors..my DHs cousin sister....and her DD.

    Had a nice conversation because my DH also came back in time to meet them. They too used to be in the carpet manufacturing business which took a terrific hit during the early 2000s because of the civil war of sorts. DHs cousin just got back from the US where their family has a house, and where her DD just graduated out of college. She brought me a lovely handbag and blouse, and Tibetan apron. They are very well off, so i dont even try to keep up with the gift giving...i just give something when i have extra cash to spare.

    My youngest brother came to visit again yesterday and my eldest brothers wife sent this huge huge tent which her BIL who is a devout Christian gave her. The last time when tremors were rocking the earth every few hours, it was difficult sleeping out, since we didnt have a proper tent. This isnt one of the those houselike tents which dot the open fields these days but those thick tarpaulin types which would atleast keep out sun and rain from overhead.

    Sun- my poor head couldnt figure out what you were describing but i think its wonderful how innovative and motivated you are to do things around the house and things like water storage.

    Yes, my cabinets are wooden..and painted...and hung up on wall. I hate breaking the wall line especially because our bathrooms are so tiny. But there wasnt enough space in the corner at the side of the sink...where it would have not taken too much space, our heads would hv bumped against the wood. the house was made flat system with identical bathrooms, two on each floor. Actually the flat where we live, and the kitchen, living rooms, master bedrooms are had only one tiny bathroom when i came to see. It would have been a mad rush for the bathroom all day long so i insisted for DH to take some of the space from our bedroom and make it into a bathroom. Result as all ill planned things nornally go, is a tiny bedroom and tinier bathroom. Whats to do. But preferable to waiting all the time for the bathroom to be free.

    Granni - im happy the bee sting wasnt serious. You are so active inspite of all the niggling mikie and pains.. But i suppose some days are worse than others..it certainly is the case with me. I love the foods you make, well the sound of them, yummy...slurp slurp! We have some toblerones and Daims which DH got at the duty free..i eat them when im feeling fidgety...

    Dear lord, just remembered, i hv to iron some cottons before the lights go off..


    (Be back in a moment)

    Julie - woah..lovely pic..one for the family album most definitely. Loved looking at Josiahs fat curly toes...mmmmmmmmm. Just as cute as cute can be. And all others so pretty and handsome. Your skin always makes me go woah, no wrinkles..love what a smooth unlined complexion you have.

    Mikie - my freezer needs deep cleaning too, but that chore is going to be left on the backburner. No time. And, right now?, no energy. My DH stuffs orange peels into the freezer to keep the meaty smell away.

    We dont have any talk shows on right now. No Oprah, No ellen. I miss those. We do hv Jimmy Fallon, but im not too interested in celebrities at the moment. I used to just love the new age stuff Oprah would explore, but realise its not for everyone.

    Im reading Autobiography of a Yogi. If ever there was a book, i got the full moneys worth out of and more, its this. I skip chapters and yet, it doesnt hamper my understanding. Paramhansa Yogananda describes in one chapter, how his guru knows psychically that the young Yogananda his disciple, has left his ashram doors unlocked when going for a walk... Yogananda has raised six beautiful cauliflowers for his guru and kept them under his bed in order to surprise his guru with them. The guru tunes out and finds an ordinary passerby who was hankering after a cauliflower, leads him intuitively to Yoganandas room, where he looks under the bed and takes one cauliflower, leaving the gold rings, watch, wallet, silver bangle lying on the bed, untouched.The Guru tells Yogananda pursuit of spirituality is fine but he must not become careless of more mundane things either.

    Very fascinating read.

    Rock - i hope Gordon enjoyed his orchid visit. I cant imagine anyone having more orchids than Gordon! Whenever i see The Simpsons, im always glad Marge and Lisa are there to mop up the messes Bart and his dad get them all into.

    Bhaktapur, where the Ghantakanama festival is held, is far away from where we live, so i dont go or participate. In fact, im ashamed to say, i did not know of it. But then there are so many festivals, its hard to keep track.

    Barry - i love the sound of where you live so much, all those varieties of flora and fauna. I wish you had the energy to enjoy it all. The only Huckleberry i know of is Huckleberry Finn. I remember empathising with him when his drunk daddy chased him round and round with a knife. My own father beat up my mother black and blue, kicking her in the ribs and picking up an iron to hit her with, sometimes they both would be drunk. And we kids would try and keep them apart and get bitten, punched and pinched in the process.

    When we grew up, those incidents stopped. Thankfully. But i suppose i will always hate drink. Which i connected with violence.

    Hmmm, its started raining yet again...and the weather is nice and cool. Ive got some corn cobs to boil, and a cucumber to make salsa of.

    You all take care, my lovely ones

    God Bless

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    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Slept off and on til 6:00 this morning. As it gets later, my sleep is more shallow but very restful. Kitties have been soooo good. Both were very interested in the outdoors yesterday when I had the door open to bring in my cart I use to take my garbage down to the dumpster. It always breaks my heart when they obviously miss being able to go out. I had to give them some extra love and tell them it's not safe for them out there. They seem to understand somehow and didn't seem upset by it. They had a merry chase this morning and are now passed out. If there is reincarnation, I want to come back as a spoiled cat.

    I didn't get the lanai cleaned yesterday. I may just vacuum the litter on the floor and forget using the floor machine on it. I'm really taking it easy, trying to get over this crud. My doc said that if there is any acid reflux, I may not be able to get rid of the sore throat. He wants me to take 300 mgs. of Zantac at bedtime. I'm taking 150 mgs. in the morning and the same at bedtime. I don't eat past about 3:00 in the afternoon so 300 mgs. makes me sick. As much as this arrogant doc ruffles my feathers, I'm going to give it a try. At this point, I'll do anything to get better.

    Sun, if I went to the Iowa State Fair, I'd be in
    hog heaven! Yuk! Yuk!!! I loves me my pork roast, pork chops and bacon. Mmmmmm!!! I was concerned that my fasting blood sugar was 105 last time; it creeps up a couple of ticks every year. My doc laughed and said he'd take that result any day of the year. I do think it's interesting that one can get the glucose meter and I may get one. It's better to test now and then rather than wait a whole year not knowing. I drink a ton of water and I'm now working out three times a week except when I'm not up to it. I think the 20 pounds I've lost helps too. I lifted a 25-pound box of kitty litter and realized just how much extra weight I had been hauling around on my bod. They say even a 10 percent weight loss lowers the BP and makes one feel better. I've been sick with this crud for so long now that I'm not sure about the feeling better part. Our immune systems are so messed up that we get some infections which linger and others which cause our immune systems to overreact. It's the overreacting which can cause autoimmune illnesses. It's the overreacting which makes me sick when I get vaccines. If I overreact so violently to the vaccines, I can only assume my immune system is already primed to kill those pathogens covered by the vaccines; at least, I hope so. Keep us updated on your quest to lower your BS. I admire you for being proactive.

    Granni, so sorry you got stung. Insect stings always make me sick and cause big eruptions on my skin. I admire you and DH too for trying to control you blood sugar. Yes, fungi feed on sugar. I really need to get serious about getting the sugar out of my diet. Guess right now, I've got all I can handle to get over this crud. I know my dear old friend will want to stop by for coffee on the Balcony this weekend but I'm not sure I'm up to it. It would probably actually make me feel better. We have another concert on Tues. evening. Then, on Sept. 10, we have a Dick Hyman concert and I think that will be a good one--lots of classic songs like Sinatra and other crooners used to sing in the Big Band Era. I may be happy I have Windows 10. It just restarted my computer because of an "error." It seems to be a lot better at keeping the computer running like it should. I'll reserve my judgement until I've used it a bit more. I may load it onto my Surface instead of the 8.1 on it now. How is your Windows 10 doing?

    Spring, we also have been getting rain in torrents. The lightning took out our pond fountain. Guess it took a direct hit, judging from the deafening clap of thunder and flash of light at the same time out there. I'm sure my living room TV got a surge but the surge protector took the hit. The outlet on it no longer works but, when I plugged my TV into an outlet on the other surge protector, it was still working. I guess those protectors really do work. They are only about $10 and saved my big flat screen. I am constantly working on trying to balance out my spiritual quest and dealing with practical, everyday issues. I have always felt as though I really don't belong here on Earth and felt that my mortal life drags me down. I have to keep reminding myself that it is in the dealing with my physical life that I grow in spirit. Also, I don't want to seem ungrateful for the incredible gift of this life and do want to realize my Dharma.

    Well, Kiddies, gonna go read the paper. Just had another error and the page went away so thought I'd post and come back to edit the end of my post. Not going to proofread my post so I apologize for any errors. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - I love that video. Glad that I could see it. I have been having a hard time accessing videos and stuff posted to here and FB. Not sure if it is Windows 10 that we just installed and if that has been helpful. Those kids are too cute :)!! So sorry to hear that Den is so sick. Does he have any fever? You need to be on the lookout for bronchitis and or pneumonia. Is he coughing a lot? He might need to go to the doc if he has a fever. It can even be low grade. If it was my DH he wouldn't have a clue as to what to do about any medical condition :)!! Hope Den has been taking care of himself. If he is having trouble breathing he needs to get checked out and maybe also get on an inhaler besides possible antibiotics.

    Looks like our area is getting a lot of rain however, our subdivision has not gotten the heavy stuff yet. We sure do need it. Glad to hear from SPRING WATER . Glad she has gotten her rain but hope it wasn't to much. Sounds like DH needs the computer.

    BHye for now.

  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Julie, I can't get your video to play. Maybe it's because I'm not a member of
    Facebook or something. Hope Den's problem is not serious. Is he seeing the
    doc today?

    Mikie, and Springwater, we are not having rain in torrents. We had some in Torrance
    though. HaHa! Torrance is one of 170 communities in LA County, It has some
    Pacific shoreline; is not far from Long Beach. Once part of a Spanish land grant,
    it was named by Mr Torrance, a real estate developer. Kinda like that shrinking
    violet D. Trump who likes to put his name on things.

    Granni, has your bee wound healed up? If you don't have oil of oregano or vinegar
    as recommended by Sun, you could put coal oil on it. Coal oil is kerosene. It was
    used in some Wilder family books for first aid.

    Sun, I had forgotten all about the glucose test. I had one 40 some years ago. All I
    can remember is that it took a long time. I had to sit in an uncomfortable chair
    with a built in writing arm like some school desks. I remember the old school
    desks that were on railroad tracks. You could not move the individual desks.
    You had to move the entire row.

    Gordon is out doing errands. His orchid club meets tonight. They have been
    meeting at the LA County Arboretum for umpteen years. Lately the government
    has restricted their hours. They can't get inside until a certain time and must leave promptly at etc. As Ronald Reagan used to say, the government is not a problem
    solver. The government is the problem.

    BTW, if you've seen old B movies from the 30s -50s, you've seen at least
    part of the arboretum. It was frequently used to film jungle scenes.
    Only last week Gordon and I watched ten minutes of a Johnny Sheffield
    film. Johnny played Boy in some Tarzan movies. Later made several movies
    where he was sort of a junior Tarzan named Bomba.

    And finally, more info about vinegar pie. According to Wikipedia, vinegar pie,
    chess pie, Kentucky pie and Jeff Davis pie are all pretty much the same thing.

    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi ROCK, my sting is almost gone. I think I brushed it or another buddy away before it could do to much damage. I sure did feel that one sting though and think a few others were trying to get ready to sting me , as I found three little white spots on my elbow. One of them had the little spot where the stinger went in. I had never heard of apple cider vinegar though. Also baking soda I think in a paste with water I guess. Also had heard of aloe vera which I had so I also used that. That is a bummer that GORDON's orchid club got sorta got kicked out of their place. It almost seems like that when they make the make the rules so hard to follow. You are right about the govt. sure making things hard for everyone and causing more problems. Like that little pic of orchids I m guessing. Did Gordon post that?? Very pretty.

    SUN - I didn't have any Oil of Oregano but have heard so much about it. It seems when I am buying supplements there are always a lot of them I HAVE to buy and not enough money. Hope you are doing well.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling a bit sluggish for want of a better word. Hope you get to feeling much better soon. Glad you get to go to another concert soon. The old songs sound like a great program.

    SPRING WATER - Hope you get the ironing done before the electricity goes out again. I haven't iron in a very long time. Such a pain just to get the ironing board out. I used to have to iron so much when DH worked especially when we first married before the perma press stuff came in. I had to iron so may shirts and rarely took anything to the cleaners. as many did.

    DIANE - Hope you are reading this. I sure do miss you and am sure many others do too.

    JULIE - How is Den doing? Hope he doesn't get worse. He is such a hard worker and not sure he was taking care of himself while you were gone. Don't hesitate to get him to the doc if he has problems breathing.. I can imagine how busy you are with just getting home from your trip.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: that's a beautiful moving picture but darn....I can't get it to be larger no matter how much I tap.

    Yes, I'm quite familiar with the arboretum. Years ago I used to go out with a local art club and sometimes they painted there. Probably at least 25 or so artists all scattered about. I hung out at the pond/jungle. When my DD was about 5 I was there with a friend and her children too. They were shooting a movie around that area and we had to stop and be QUIET for about 8 min. One man came over to me, gave me his card, said he was a movie producer of Christian films and was interested in my DD. I laughed and gave him back the card. Said she was already a problem and thought she was better than her 2 brothers and I didn't want any more problems.....those actor kids get a real swelled up head.

    Are you diabetic? Just found out yesterday that my brother is......my uncle had it and lost a leg to it. Apparently my brother is on medformin or something like that. He said it helps him lose the weight. At one point he was over 300 lbs. and when he started the med. he slowly lost about 50 lbs. I don't want this pre to advance so trying to keep a control on what goes into my mouth.

    Mikie: wowie zowie you were lucky when the lightening struck. Lightning scares the heck out of me......I turn off all electricity and almost hang out in a hallway!

    Spring: Love the term you use "nipped out" it sounds very british? Is it? Possibly a hang over from when the english were in India? And what a blessing to receive that huge huge tarp. I know they're expensive and I'm sure hard to come by. Isn't your DH's cousin's sister, also his cousin? I get confused....kinda like when there's geneology discussions someone will say my grandfather 8 times removed.

    Granni; last year I was at my SILs beach house up on the balcony. Their was a group gathered around the table and someone decided to turn on the overhead heater. I had gotten up to go inside for a minute, came back and sat down.....put my foot smack down on a bee that was in the heater. OMG......I started jumping around.....ouching...Looked at my foot and saw the stinger. Since it was a vacation house the only thing available was baking soda so I mixed up a paste and smeared it on my foot. It took about 30 min. for the pain to subside but it did work.

    Julie: cute movie of the twins. Be sure to save it. I hope Den is OK......did you drag him to a doctor? I know you said he's stubborn.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2015
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    Another good morning spent in bed til 6:00. I think Tweety and Sir Vester really appreciate being out on the lanai and want to stay out there while it's still dark. I have to close the sliders about mid-morning due to the heat, so they are stuck inside until I put them out at night. I had to trick Sir Vester again last night. I need to put them out earlier so I can snatch him up and haul him out. It's not that he doesn't want to go out; he just wants to play games with me. Little dickens! They had a merry chase this morning, speeding all over the condo when they finished eating. I'm having to play with them more as they are gaining weight.

    I'm going to try to go to the pool this morning. I don't feel that well but just can't stay in bed forever. I'm down to my last novel on my Kindle. Need to go to Amazon to download some more. They have a lot of them for free or low cost. Even best sellers don't stay expensive for long. I don't need to read the latest and greatest right away. Same with TV shows and movies. I'm willing to wait in order to save money. I'm turning into a tightwad by necessity in my dotage.

    Julie, I'm glad you are home safe and sound but so sorry Den is sick. I pray he feels better. I will watch the video when I'm through posting in case I have problems with Windows 10. Come back when you can to tell us all about the trip and how Den is feeling. Despite missing the kids, I'll bet it's good to be home. With gas getting cheaper and cheaper, perhaps you can visit them more often.

    Granni, seems to me that Windows 10 needs to "learn" your habits. I have had problems at first with doing things and then, voila, Windows 10 straightens it out. I think it's more intuitive than the old versions. I hope your stings get better. I have used Pepto Bismol on mine and it has helped. I was stung by two wasps at once when I was only about 3 and it was soooo traumatic for me. I still have a hard time around stinging insects. I hope you get just the right amt. of rain. We are back to our afternoon thunderstorm pattern but the amt. of rain we get is off and on. I have soooo much to do outside before Barb gets here on the 1st. I don't want her coming down to a filthy Balcony. She always returns while it's still so hot 'n humid out. She says she is going to live on her own. I kinda think she is planning on depending on the kindness of nonstrangers. I'll do what I can for her.

    Rock, love your Torrence joke. I've been to a few of the beach towns around LA: Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Venice Beach and Long Beach. I've also been to the one with the merry-go-round but can't remember the name right now (it's on the tip of my brain). Darn this lazy brain!!! That flower pic is beautiful and I love the moving water. Our pond isn't moving and asst. mgr. will be out to check the breakers. I checked them and toggled them back and forth but really don't know what I'm doing. I miss the fountain. Too bad they are making it so difficult to use the arboretum to hold the orchid mtgs. I'm guessing money is tight with the govt. and it affects how they do things. Not an excuse but a possible explanation. Maybe I can ask Trump to fix it if we let him put his name on it.

    Since I got up so late, I need to go read the paper post haste. I hope everydobby has a really wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Yes, the icon in motion I posted yesterday struck my fancy. Just posted it to share.
    I wonder if it uses up a lot of electricity or pixels or pixies or something. Anyhoo, I
    found it at the "Find a Grave" site for Johnny Sheffield. He was cremated, and has no

    Just finished a book about Aaron Spelling. The review on the LA Library site
    indicated the book was rather dull. I thought it was fascinating. You remember the
    I Love Lucy show where they are on their way to LA and drive through Tennessee?
    They stop at a gas station which is out of business. A scrawny hillbilly lives there.
    That was Aaron Spelling. He became the most prolific producer of TV programs
    ever. And filthy rich. He had three things going for him. He could write scripts. He
    was ambitious. And he was lucky.

    His TV shows include Mod Squad; Starsky and Hutch; Family; Charlie's
    Angeles; The Love Boat; Fantasy Island; Dynasty; and Melrose Place.
    Plus about 150 movies.

    Glad your bee wound is healing up, Granni. When I was a kid we used to pet
    bumblebees. They were much more docile than honeybees. And they live in
    holes in the ground. Just small towns compared to the vast population of a
    honey bee hive. If it's any consolation, after the bee stings a person, it dies.

    Mikie, the beach town you were thinking of was probably Santa Monica. That's
    where Jaminhealth lived. There used to be an amusment park on the beach.
    The beautiful carousel is still there. It's protected from the elements by
    a round shed.

    I think there's something charmingly askew about kindness of nonstrangers. I
    don't think Tennessee Williams wrote that. Might have been his brother though;
    South Carolina Williams. I suppose Vivien could face Leeward while reciting
    her lines.

    Sun, Aaron Spelling talks about kids (young actors) getting swelled heads too.
    He said he thinks their agents often contribute to the problem. The agent
    may be able to get the actor another job which is good for his percentage, but
    it may not be a smart career move. Yes, in answer to your question, I have diabetes
    but I've got plenty more (diseases) so I wouldn't mind shedding one or two. I
    used to take metformin, but the doc said they don't make it anymore, so now I
    take something else that costs more. Isn't that the way it goes?!

    I think we're making a library run today. Gordon went to some big
    store like Wal*Mart or Costco yesterday. I fed the cat a couple hours
    ago. I don't have much on my calendar these days. Good thing too.

    Hugs to alles

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