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    image.jpg Hello

    Opening a new porch no. 903 for more gossipp, more rest, more relaxation...enjoy

    Mikie - that school is in india, near Darjeeling.
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    Hi guys. must've been typing when it closed, so I copied and pasted it here.
    Hope it's not too long for yas.
    I don't mind if you skip it :)

    Hi guys.
    I was gonna put my own research into - 'Why July'
    But I I guess I don't have the energy required to follow up on my 'light bulb' moment.
    (The one I had in the early hours whilst trying to sleep).

    I have noticed that so many here have the blues about July and aside from losing loved ones in this month,
    (which is an obvious downer), there are at least 3 birthdays...If memory serves.
    Aren't they worthy of celebration? A little joy?

    True, that only accounts for 3 of the 31 days, but surely your 4th of July, complete with fireworks, counts for something?

    Anyway, (as usual I've side tracked a little in my musings), but as I was saying laziness/ energy deficit has struck so I thought I'd try my luck with google and see what comes up...

    This is according to a US site and I deleted the narrative that went along with it to save space, but if you had energy and time ,be my guest and google it for yourself.
    According to these guys July is The month.

    I mean, you only have to look at number 10,
    which not only has its designated days, but , "oh what the heck".
    "It's July. Lets make it a month! "
    Hot dogs and Ice cream. (Who comes up with this stuff?)

    Although, number 8 could've simply been "fun in the sun'.
    (Correct me if I'm wrong), but doesn't 'too much', imply a negative over tone??
    Nah. Surely not.
    After all, it's July.
    • No. 10 - National Hot Dog AND Ice Cream Month
    • No. 9 - The Premiere of "Camp" on NB
    • No. 8 - Too Much Fun in the Sun
    • No. 7 - Lightning Bugs, Fruit Flies and Nights on the Patio
    • No. 6 - World UFO Day (July 2)
    • No. 5 - Nude Recreation Week & National Nude Day
    • No. 4 - Heading to the Ballpark
    • No. 3 - Summer Weddings

    • No. 2 - Patriotic Bikini Babes

    • No. 1 - Fireworks on Independence Day
    Looks to me like there's something here for every one.
    Please do Not share with me how you intend to celebrate 'Nude recreation week!'

    (PS. Seeing as this is pertaining to the US, I believe Spring and I are quite safe, in this instance).
    I dread to see what Australia has to offer!
    Nope,wont go there.

    On a more serious note, my sympathies for those suffering any kind of grief due to loss.
    I'm Not trying to down play your very real emotion and feelings.
    Please forgive me if I hurt you or have offended you.

    I'll come back and chat properly when my head is screwed on straight.
    (OOH, what if that never happens? Just kidding).

    Take care xx
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    New porch....

    Someone is tampering with my computer and tampering with the URL..I will be complaining to google, meanwhile if anyone can access that image can they paste it? It's Nother porch I found. The hacker has covered the first post in the thread with a portion of the page so that I cannot edit...

    Thanks all

    God Bless
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    Sorry Spring.
    When I pressed the link it said 'page couldn't be found '
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    Happy Fourth of July. This little dinky pic of fireworks isn't very impressive but I'm too lazy to go find a better pic.

    I was so very grateful that DD and DGS weren't in harm's way in Central Park but they were only about 30 feet away from the explosion. I'm sure it was very scary for them. I saw a video on the news from about a block away and the explosion was very loud. The poor kid who stepped on it has lost his foot. Police initially believed that it was the work of an amateur trying to make fireworks or an explosive. They have no evidence it was a terrorist. Even if he wasn't a 'terrorist,' he is obviously dangerous and I hope they catch him. The police used dogs to sniff out any other explosives but they didn't find any.

    I was just drifting off to sleep when the fireworks started at the Minnesota Twins' stadium about two miles from me. It scared me awake and, for a minute, I was unable to realize what it was and it took me to my initial scare of how close my kids were to that explosive in Central Park. Just about then DD sent another text to update me about the investigation into the incident. It was widely covered in NYC but not much on our news until this morning. My prayers go out to that kid who lost his foot. He is only 19.

    Sir Vester and I slept for seven hours last night. He seems to like it if I lay my robe on the bed so he can curl up on it. He is ABB (adorable beyond belief). I can't believe how much he is talking now. He isn't polysyllabic like his sister but he makes up for it in his ongoing monologue.

    Spring, thank you for opening up a new Porch. I love the pic of the simple little porch. I hope you can get your computer straightened out. Hope you can come back to visit longer.

    Barry, same for you. I hope you are up to a nice long visit.

    Star, the duality of July doesn't mean I let the sorrows take away the joy. I have always loved the month of July. My Mom's been gone 14 years now and the grief isn't as raw as it once was. Still, I do miss her every day. I wish I were up to celebrating our Independence Day with going to the beach and staying for the fireworks. I'm glad I celebrated all those years when I could. We have sooooo many fireworks displays here. I was going to post the nude pix but, if you don't wanna see them, I respect your wishes. :D We used to have a nude beach here but a woman living nearby complained so it was banned. Most of the nude beachgoers were old. :eek: Not a pretty picture. What they forgot to mention about July is that appliances are about the cheapest in this month that they will ever be.

    As much as I loves me my Warren Peace posts, I'll leave it at this. Despite all the good sleep I got, I'm tired out. I'm just thankful my kids are OK. Hope all our Dear Porchies are OK. Love, hugs and prayers for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Had fresh carrot juice that Gordon made. Sometimes we add apples for
    sweetness. Last night I was watching a DVD and listening on earphones.
    I kept hearing bangs. Hard to tell if it was the DVD soundtrack or the
    fireworks outside. Turned out it was both.

    There will be lots of noise here tonight. Fireworks are very
    popular in our neighborhood, and Dodger Stadium will have
    a display. It's 2 miles away, but still plenty loud here. Tickets
    are $13 - $25. Active military and vets: free.

    There are about three dozen other fireworks displays around LA.
    Seems like every year at least one "official" display somewhere in
    the country goes awry and results in chaos and injury. You can
    see such events on Youtube. San Diego had a show a few years
    ago. The fireworks all exploded simultaneously. The show was
    over in 15 seconds. (Can't post the video or the URL here.)

    Springwater, I went to the URL you posted. Turned out to be views from
    Viet Nam, Costa Rica, Bosnia, Herzegovinia, etc. All the pics looked pretty
    much alike. With regard to the rock at Moro Bay, Wikipedia has an
    article about it. You can't visit the actual rock. It's illegal. But Gordon
    and I did stop once and view it from the shore.

    In response to your question, I got 3 mis-addressed letters from my
    brother. He never responded to my question as to how many he had sent.

    Star, do you have lightning bugs in Australia? We had them in Minnesota
    when I was a kid. I was glad to see there were still extant when I took my
    son there for a visit. And we still had crayfish in the creek. We used to
    catch them too. (And let 'em go.)

    Not much going on here. I am reading a book called Orange is the New
    Black. It has nothing to do with the TV show of the same name. It's
    about a young woman who illegally carried a suitcase full of drug money
    through customs and wound up in a federal women's prison a decade later.
    Same place Martha Stewart was going. Only Martha was eventually sent
    to a different prison.

    The inmates were disappointed. They wanted to meet her. They generally
    agreed, according to the author, that the only reason she was going to
    any prison was because she was woman who was the victim of discrimination.

    Going back to bed. See y'all later.
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    Good morning, friends! Rock, I believe the answer is Huey, Dewey and John, lol!

    Mikie, I heard about that explosion right after it happened, not realizing someone that I practically "knew" would have been so close to being involved. My goodness, how terrifying! Your reaction to the fireworks afterwards was certainly a normal one...makes me think of our veterans who have such a hard time with the noises of fireworks, etc...takes them back to the war zone.

    We will be celebrating "you" on Thursday...and Rock and Lorraine on Friday? For some reason, this year I had Lorraine's birthday down as the 9th...Amy corrected me. Rock, have I had it wrong for several years...is yours the 8th or 9th?

    Spring, I love the pictures of the porches! Right now the "porch" at our house still has a gravel floor, and much to do to be "finished" but it's nice to be able to go outside and still have protection from the rain or sun.

    Sun, I hope you are feeling better. And that you can enjoy your trip.

    Diane, missing you...in case you happen to read...come back when you feel up to it.

    Granni, you sound so busy...so much fun! I admire that you are doing your best to stay on your eating plan.

    Barry, thinking of you. Yes, I have been taking regular daily naps, lol!

    Star, I love the way you write. I have started calling my grands the "Tennessee Treasures" :) I imagine each month brings its good and bad memories. I lost my mom, maternal grandma, paternal grandpa and MIL all in March. Thank you for the list of "July things"...lots of fun in the summer to be had, for sure.

    Speaking of "weather"...well, I will speak of it now, lol! We have had such beautiful temps the past few days! 60's and 70's...just right for me, although Den still "bundles up" with two shirts, etc., due to his thyroid surgery. But it is so nice to give the A/C a rest.

    I've been taking a little unplanned break from the computer...well, I have only checked facebook once in awhile to check on my kids, lol! Have just been spending time with Den...praising and encouraging his work out in his shop (he's building a huge workbench on wheels that will hold power tools, serve as a sanding base, assembling station, you name it), going out to eat and to the home supply store two nights in a row, then curling up on the couch with Netflix. I also helped him hang our porch swing under the patio roof of the new house, and he humored me by helping me rearrange outdoor furniture under that same roof (we have 10' X 40' of space.)

    And I've been trying to find my kitchen, living room, catch up on laundry etc. again after having the grands here...David started to pick up toys before they left, but I told him I wanted to sort and put them away a certain way since we wouldn't have any "littles" here for awhile.

    Today, Den is going to work for a few hours...they have to hang a huge American flag above the street so the rodeo parade can pass underneath it. I was going to go in with him and watch the parade, but I'm still in a lot of pain and I really would rather just stay home and keep trying to catch up here. Den doesn't care either way...he is going to just go back to his office to take a nap or watch woodworking shows on the computer until after the parade, then they will take the flag down.

    Oh, our little gal from Tennessee (Susan, who is 26) texted that she wants to come to Iowa for about a week. Due to health problems, she lost her job and hasn't found a new one yet...she is a PT assistant...so wants to come up and see Amy's and us before she gets tied down with another job and has to wait to take vacation.

    Actually, she got to Amy's around 4:00 am yesterday...I told her we would be free after Wednesday (I go to chiro tomorrow and will need to recuperate from the trip and treatment on Wednesday.) Susan is not really any trouble to have around, but it sort of cuts in to our "alone time". But she needs people to love on her right now...her home life was very bad (abusive) and she suffers from an eating disorder, along with some sort of very painful nerve condition. It's called a kind of neuropathy, but I don't remember the term. Anyway, bless her heart, we are more family to her in some ways than her own family.

    I hear Den stirring so will start some breakfast. His alarm went off accidentally at 5:30 and I couldn't get back to sleep so I just got up. I took time to do some oil pulling, then took my supplements. Supposed to wait to eat or drink anything, so looking forward to a cup of coffee now.

    Hi to anyone I may have missed...not intended at all.
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    Moving Granni's post over here...her phone might not have alerted her that there is a new volume.


    STAR - I love your posts and they are not boring as you mentioned in another post l. It is just that sometimes the brain does not want to compute if you know what I mean :)!!! Thanks for the list of supposed supposed things to celebrate in July. I love that Nude Recreation Day. You have got to be kidding me:)!! Right now I am waiting for DD to pick me up. No one woud want to see me nude including myself :)!! Going to WM to pick up a few things on sale ad some not. They have some great Easy Spirit sandals for $20. If I can find some I will by them. They are so comfy. They may just have one color but I may buy it anyway as my others are starting to get raggy since I wear them all the time.

    When I get back I do not have much to do except make some shrimp sauce. Will be back later.

    Love, Granni

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    Oh dear JULIE. That is terrible and also those people that got that bacteria that attacked their bodies. One had to have his foot or part of it amputated. However, not sure if that was in the same place at all where they went swimming. That of course is even another issue than the algae. Also, some people also do not take care of our beaches and when swimming or boating just throw their trash into the water. Not good, even though I supposed some of the fish and other creatures eat the leftovers. Other things of course too are not food. I did not read that whole website. I just had time to look into it a bit. Some of the beaches in FL are so beautiful. I remember Destin with there snow white sand and it was so fine. We went there so many years ago when our children were young and we went to Disneyland first.

    Thanks so much for moving my post over. I do not always see it or am to busy doing nothing but just not paying attention , at least to my phone or I pad.:)!!

    Everyone please excuse me for not addressing you all personally. I ran to the store with DD and wore myself out, got two prs of shoes (sandals) , the Easy Spirit brand. The are SO comfy and I like to have some I wear at home and others out if I want to look at least a little clean and put together. I am guessing they started the sale yesterday as there weren't to many to pick from and they had no size 8 but I got away with a 7 1/2 and an 8 1/2. They were only $19.82 or something like that a pr but you cannot always find them and when they get them they go really quick. Also went to see if we could find some 4th of July flag type shirts for ladies. They had little left, mostly kids and mens. So I am now wearing another K of C red shirt with a red, white and blue emblem. Came home and made a little lunch and folded some wash from the drier.

    I really need to go and finish folding what is still in there. I think there is just a few things in it. Going over to DD's house soon for a little celebration of the 4th. Trying to figure out what else to drink besides water and trying to be good and not drink wine although I had been drinking one glass with some club soda in it and drink it all night or day or whatever it is.. It is frustrating . I miss my wine at night and my pizza not that I ate it that much before but I love it. I am a cheese aholic :)!!! I did buy some goat cheese in Sams and I need to try and make or find the appropriate crust to use, besides gluten free, if I can.
    DSIL is making chicken on the grill and corn on the cob even though I am not supposed to eat much corn, we rarely do at home. I will have one small cob. I also bought a small round seedless watermelon. That will probably be our dessert :)!! I will also be bring shrimp compliments of Sams who got them clean, cooked and deveined and frozen. They are now slowly defrosting the the refrig.

    MIKIE - How are you sweetie? You sound like me pooped no matter how much or little I do. Glad you got a nice rest last night. Yes, I wondered why I didn't hear more about that explosive incident in NYC that caused that young person to lose his foot. How awful, I did guess that it was possibly fireworks but did not hear any more on the subject since I heard little more about it. That is so dangerous and wondering who was playing with those things that didn't know how to properly work with them and keep it from injuring anyone.

    SPRIN WATER - Thanks for posting that new porch. Don't know where you find them all besides the computer and then trying to post the is my problem :)!!

    DIANE - Thinking about you my friend and hope all continues to be well with, Kevin and Kitties.

    HI again, STAR, ROCK and everyone else I missed.

    Gotta go and do a few things before we go to DD's house. We probably will come home fairly early . Not sure if we will be able to see many fireworks although they are around the lake where we are, but not just in the right place or go where there is along lone or waiting in the heat.

    Love to everydobby inc. those I didn't mention in this post,
    Granni :)
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    I can't believe I lost my whole post!
    Where'd it go? Cyber space?

    Never mind.
    I mostly dribbled on about our 'Hung parliament'.
    In Layman's terms (mine).
    Can now see the porch pic and that fireworks pic is breath taking.
    Thanks also for all the beautiful sceneries, trees and wildlife pics.They're great.

    G'day! (Again).

    Mikie- We (DH and I), are fortunate that our Mums are still with us.
    We still don't know what we will do when it comes time for them to require extra care.They both live in W.A and have their friends and the rest of our families there...(Even though they hear more from us than the whole lot of them put together!)
    We try our best not to have them together. Chalk and cheese.
    Speaking of cheese, they'd both rather pop some cholesterol tablets than give up cheese! Something in common after all. And I mean big chunks of cheese as a midnight snack!
    Did you know, apparently cheese causes one to dream prolifically ?

    And thanks for sparing me the 'recreational nudy pic'.
    I have a sister who sun bakes nude and had a scary run in with a perv on the beach.
    Many moons ago she frightened the life outta me by not wearing knickers under her see-through dress.
    Traumatised, I tell ya...Eye contact.Eye contact...ugh.my baby sister...
    Ok.Perhaps I'm a prude after all, but even the idea of seeing someone in their birthday suit, makes me blush from my eyelashes to my toes.
    To be fair though, "recreational Nudity" sounds like badminton or volleyball, in the nud... Enough of that.

    Oh, and we got the news about the water in FL and about the foot blown off from a home made fireworks.
    Also about the dude dressed in Arabic attire and speaking Arabic, getting some unwanted attention.Not exactly sure where that was though.

    Spring- I love rice. (my family not so much, but as I am the main cook here, we get it at least once a week.
    My husband came from a kiwi/pommy back ground. (New Zealand/ English) and was brought up with mashed spuds (potato), meat, peas and carrots. Preferably not touching. (ok. I'm exaggerating a little, but that's the gist of it).
    We eat, basmati, jasmine, white (pref long grain) and brown rice. Occasionally we cook it together with quinoa or barley.
    The way I cook the basmati is very simple. (Ate it all the time when I was a young vegetarian).
    Are measurements metric over your way?

    1 Cup basmati tossed in hot oil 'till it goes white, but not burnt.
    Toss in diced onion and stir with wooden spoon.
    Turn heat down and add a cup and a quarter of boiling water with one teaspoon of veg stock stirred in.
    Chuck in some bay leaves and let it simmer with lid on.stir occasionally.
    This is the bones of the recipe.Very basic method.

    I now add diced chili or capsicum with the onion (and sometimes bacon pieces).
    I also add different spices and herbs depending on the mood.
    I sometimes stir in scrambled egg at the end (with or without curry powder or garam masala)
    I even add frozen peas and corn or other veg.
    Oh.Prawns do well also.

    This is actually my cheat fried rice, but is way less oily.

    DH Loves curry. The hotter the better for him, but my stomach and taste buds don't agree, sadly.

    I also like to simply cook up tomato,capsicum,onion, chili, a bit of herb and spice and serve with boiled rice. Yum.

    I still struggle with Rice cream or any kind of sweetened rice, but the rest of the tribe love it, so we have that often as well.
    And now that I have a rice cooker, well, I've gone up in the world and don't have to worry about forgetting the pot on the stove.(At least one less anyway :)

    Granni- why can't you eat corn?
    Glad you got your sandles, even if you had to compromise on sizes. Comfy shoes make a big difference.
    You mentioned something about all the litter, which reminded me-
    I recently watched a wierd, (not my cup-of-tea), Aussie movie.The gist of it was- a city slicker went bush with his Mrs ,camping. All through he littered and then the bush turned on him....dun, dun, dah....It started with a murdered (By plastic bag) , baby manatee.

    Julie- Tennessee Treasures. What a beautiful ring it has to it!
    I tried the rhyming thing with my lot...the best I got was Australian australorps . (a kind of chook/chicken).
    Treasures will have to do.
    Course, there's nothing plain about Treasure is there?
    I'm glad you get some special, one-on-one date time with Den,(Even rigging up your own porch set up). before you have to love on Susan.
    I wish I'd learnt years ago how being DH's cheer leader really improved life all round.
    It costs us nothing to be kind and encouraging, does it?
    There are Treasures in Heaven for you I'm sure.

    Barry- How are ya doin' ?
    If you don't mind, Would you be so kind as to remind me of the name of the book , set on the Castlemaine/ Bendigo train line? (I think you said). No rush.
    I found an old book stall at the last markets and the bloke knew exactly what I was talking about, but couldn't recall it's title eigther.
    He said the last copy he had got snatched up straight away.

    Dh read some where that avoiding anything from the night shade family cleared up arthritis.
    That was way back when he was still trying to cure me.
    Apparently I was also supposed to give up oranges because O Pos blood types don't react well with them, among other things.
    For a while there, I had supplements coming out of my ears! And Rock, if you're reading this too, I drank carrot juice until the cows came home! And I'm sure I was the guinea pig with all the juices.Yuk!
    What am I saying?? I'm sure we are all in the same boat in many ways.
    I'm a terrible patient.
    I am hoping to get an allergy test from the gp that'll answer some questions, otherwise I'll have to do it the hard way.
    Hope the kids are better.( Shorty and Slinky).

    Sun-I'm So ,so ,sorry you've had all those head aches with the insurance mob.
    We recently got a bill from an insurance company that we hadn't even signed up with!
    I'm hoping your war with the white fly is over soon, with you triumphing.
    Holidays sound awesome.
    My friend who went to 'Disney on ice' a couple of days after her hospital stay, is now off to 'Marilyn" in Bendigo on Friday.

    Rock- Lightening bugs, as I suspected ,are fire flies here.I haven't seen any myself, as they're more northerly.
    I watched a movie recently that showed, when captured in a jar, they stopped glowing. Once released, all lit up.
    MIL has brought some movies with her for their trip. I usually don't like Aussie ones, but this one got ya thinking...
    'The last cab to Darwin'.
    In it, there's a line- 'If horses were wishes , then, beggars would ride.' You've probably heard it before, thought provoking.
    Hope things are on track with your brother. My brother is not even 40 yet, but is getting grouchier as he gets older, already, so working at King's Park is great therapy.Keeps him chilled. Somewhat.

    Have traded our Treasures for one little, old dog for the day.
    I think in total our Treasures have been away with out us only a hand full of times.
    They'll sleep well tonight. (Their grand parents!)

    Best to all. catch ya later xx
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. A blissful silence has settled on the neighborhood. Last night was
    the noisiest ever. We had some blasts that sounded like canons. Naturally I
    wanted all the windows and doors closed. And Gordon, who is always hot, wanted
    them open. We had a vicious argument about it.

    HaHa! In 35 years we have never had an argument. If I were to scowl at him
    and say, "Listen, You..." we'd both start laughing. My big plan for the day is
    to shave. I have good intentions, but I can't remember to do it. I don't want to
    go to the chiro tomorrow looking like a bum.

    Julie, how did your chiro visit go? Yes, you're right about the riddle. The
    answer was John. I guess you can do the same sort of puzzle with Snap,
    Crackle and John.

    How did the parade go? I can't remember a parade on the fourth in our
    little town. But we did have one on Memorial Day and one for Homecoming.
    Years later after I got out of college and was working in N. Minnesota I
    saw a Homecoming parade in a village that had a population of about
    4-500 folks. Half the size of the one I grew up in. Our parades had floats
    fashioned from farm wagons pulled by tractors or pickup trucks. Those
    kids in N. Minnesota had no wheels in the parade at all. They just
    walked. I really felt sorry for them. My only specific memory is 4 boys
    carrying a coffin made of cardboard. I guess it symbolized how they would
    murder their rivals at football.

    Granni, are you going to participate in the marathon on Nude Recreation
    Day? If so, you'd better wear something other than those sandals. BTW
    what is shrimp sauce? Same as white sauce? Butter and lemon?
    Gordon sometimes puts shrimp in his stir fry. And sometimes he buys
    tiny dried shrimp at the Asian market to flavor rice.

    Star, sorry you lost your post. I've lost a few over the years. I've
    found the best way to deal with this problem is to jump up and down
    and yell and throw things. Probably best if one doesn't throw the
    computer though. After a certain period of time (roughly 4 months),
    the sense of outrage goes away.

    Yes, if wishes were horses, etc. An old nursery rhyme/proverb according
    to Wikipedia. Have read it, but never heard anyone say it. I have heard
    people say the same thing more or less: Spit in one hand, wish in the other,
    see which fills up faster.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Good Morning, My Dear Ones,

    Hope all y'all slept as well as Sir Vester and I did last night. Hope that, if this continues, I will start feeling better. DD said that when she did the topical chemo thing on her face, she was sick as a dog, only able to lie on the sofa all day. She had nausea and I've had some of the same. I guess that, since things do absorb through our skin, some of the traditional side effects of chemo could affect us while doing the topical chemo. Biopsy sites are looking better and not so raw. She went deep to get them and it will take a while for them to completely heal.

    It's been soooo hot here, 93 yesterday. By Thurs., it's supposed to reach 95 or 96. Yikes!!! :mad: I set the A/C at 77 degrees and it runs pretty much nonstop in the afternoons. It's better to set it and leave it rather than turning it up and down. I'm just thankful for my nice cool condo to hang out in. I watched several Fourth of July celebrations on TV last night. I especially loved the one in NYC with all the fireworks on the East River.

    Kids called last night and that explosion in Central Park was a closer call than I had realized. They were almost to those rocks so DGS could climb on them when the explosion occurred. From the TV news, I saw that the explosive device was placed on the back side of the rocks, away from the path. So, all the kids saw and felt was the big boom from the explosion and the debris flying out from behind the rocks. Had they not stopped to see a swan on the nearby pond, they would have been on the rocks. I feel very blessed that they escaped harm. I also feel so sorry for that kid who had to have his leg amputated below the knee. I pray for his recovery.

    Other than that, they had a really good time. DSIL was able to get off work so all three of them went. I talked to them all last night. DGS had such a good time. We all love NYC. They ran into all kinds of people from all over and everyone was soooo friendly, including a couple from Istanbul who shared some of their food with them at dinner. People think New Yorkers aren't friendly but the kids were overwhelmed with friendliness there. My own experience was that the people were friendly. Same with Paris where people are supposed to be rude to Americans. I would hope the recent happenings in the world help bring us together and not pit us against one another. All we see on the news is the result of hate but I believe most of us are kind, loving and respectful toward others.

    Rock, I don't juice anymore but do make smoothies in my NutriBullet. I like the crunch of carrots so usually snack on them raw. I also love them cooked with a pot roast. I throw all kinds of greens into the smoothies and often an apple or other fruit. The hood here is quiet but it sounded like a war zone last night. According to the news, our local fireworks were amazing and people had a wonderful time. I loved parades in my yute. The Shriners drove all those crazy little cars and motorcycles. People threw candy from the floats. What's not to love? Small town parades have a charm all their own. Very much Americana. I wonder whether the Orange Is The New Black TV show is based on that book. The main character was arrested for unwittingly bringing home drugs. I haven't even started watching the new season. It's become a bit boring. Hope your trip to the chiro goes well.

    Julie, thanks for the adorable pic of that kitty. It certainly raised my spirits. Your outdoor space sounds soooo nice, especially for when you have family there. It's wonderful that you have a porch swing. I grew up with one on our front porch. I think I sat on it at least once every single day in the summertime. I envy your cooler weather. We are sizzling here. How sweet of you to have that young woman for a visit. I'm sure it will be healing for her. I do hope you and Den get lots of alone time, though. Y'all deserve it. It's wonderful Den has a nice big work table. When I do things around the condo, I'm outside using two folding chairs for saw horses. Hope your chiro visit goes well too.

    Granni, I don't like to see myself nude either. As I've mentioned before, my body looks like a big mud slide, heading south. AACCKK!!! :confused: I feel sorry for the docs who have to look at it. I wonder whether they suffer from PTSD when they go home at night after a day of looking at people naked. Glad you get to be with family on holidays. I make sun tea and drink it unsweetened. It's not great but is something different from plain water. There are several things going on with the beaches in FL. One is the toxic blue/green algae, mostly on the East Coast. Beaches all over contain bacteria and, if one has an opening in the skin, the bacteria can cause horrible infections. Our water in SW FL is polluted from fresh water releases from Lake Okeechobee. The water here is murky brown and dead fish wash ashore. It has risen to alarming levels and is affecting tourism. As soon as it affects the bottom tourism dollar, the powers that be scream for something to be done. It's about time. Hope you enjoy the Fourth with DD and family.

    Star, your posts are so interesting and funny. We need humor. The news at first reported that explosion as home made fireworks but it became obvious that it was more of a bomb. I think they didn't want to spread panic in case it turned out to be terrorism. I can't, for the life of me, figure out why anyone, other than a terrorist, would plant an explosive powerful enough to sever someone's foot. They now think it was more of a land mine type of explosive. In any case, we all feel fortunate that our family was spared. I agree about cheese and taking statin drugs. Thing is that it's the sugar in one's diet which poses the most problems with heart attacks, blood clots and strokes. Add hydrogenated and saturated fats to the sugar and it's a recipe for disaster. My neighbors take statins and say that now, they can eat anything they like. Yikes!!! :eek: I also love rice and have a rice steamer. I don't eat too much though. Hope you, DH and the dog enjoy time away from the Treasures. It'll be so wonderful when they return.

    Hope all our MIA's can return to the Porch soon.

    Gonna post this and return to edit. OK, done. I hate to lose posts. My computer has been giving me pop-up screens, supposedly from Microsoft, that ask if I want updates. They don't look Kosher so I dismiss them. I'll go to the Microsoft website to see whether or not I need to download updates. Secretary's computer at the mgmt. co. was evidently infected with a virus and is sending out e-mails asking for people to click on a link. She said she isn't sending them. DD's computer does the same thing and I delete those e-mails too. News says that almost all apps for phones contain malware which allows identity theft and, in some cases, allows the phones to turn into microphones, broadcasting everything said even with the phones turned off. In one case on the news, the camera on the phone was broadcasting everything. That is truly disturbing and one reason that I only use my phone as a phone. All these technological advances are wonderful but have really left us vulnerable.

    Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    I love this cat...fell in luv with his dashing good looks and arrogant air. You know how womem love bad boys.If someone can post its picture please do so? So one doesn't hv to go to the url..

    Mikie - Are the fire works there like the one you posted? Good lord...they are colorful.!! We see fireworks at New Years on TV but fireworks is something you can't really get the full joy out of on virtual reality. Something about them live just makes people go "awwwwwww".

    I hope you are over the nausea soon..glad to hear Sir Vester is doing good..

    !! Explosion in New York Central Park..what next!! That poor boy...I think I remember the rock you are talking about ..I took umpteen pics of my DD laying on it, and goofing around on it...oh..my goodness, so glad your GDs andDD are safe. Talking about friendly, my whole experience in that country was one big honeymoon.

    I left my handbag in DDs friends house, a whole buncha guys sharing space in a cottage, we were invited for dinner and I forgot to pick my bag up..from the floor leaning against the wall, I had lots of money in it, and DDs diamond earrings which I hd brought for graduation day ...the next day DD phoned and although there were a whole bunch of people stomping in and out of the house they out the night , girls ,guys..my bag was untouched, everything intact the next afternoon when DD phoned about it!!! Surreal for me. Living here.

    Rock - I think the first picture which comes up in the URL is my school in india..cluster of buildings atop a forested hill. The one you said had pictures of Vietnam n Costa Rica.

    The Moro bay Rock and Rock of Gibraltar look kinda same except for the location..just rising outta the surrounding environs. I don't think I could've let you shut the windows, I hv to hv my fresh air, like Gordon..I think tho maybe I would've stuffed cotton into the ears...and wrapped myself in a quilt like a mole in its den..and hibernated till Fourth of July was over.

    Star - Australian australorps has a very sporty sound to it..lol! Maybe a future rugby team? I think the kids would prefer Treasures tho. Your rice dish is a different version of our pulao here. Yours sounds much healthier tho..we put clarified butter in ours and fried nuts cashew, peas carrots.

    Granni - nice to hear you got a good bargain on those comfy slippers..I've learnt when one comes upon a good pair of shoes or slippers or garment, just buy - maybe even two or three..if you hesitate and then go back after some months to buy a similar one, you will not find it. And probably nothing as comfy or suitable as what u were looking for.

    I like that you seem to be having a ball going around with your DD. It is so good she moved next door.

    Julie - I remember the pic you posted of your little porch..it looked a nice lil place to rest and recoup in with the potted flowers n all. I guess you will soon be busy decorating as you go building your new space..I love getting things from scratch and buying just what one likes..and building up rather than a ready made space with already there furniture.

    I suppose they chose that cat for its presidential looking face.? His expression is just what I expect a cat president to look like. Very imperious and commanding.!! I wouldn't want to fool around with that cat looking on.

    Sorry to hear about Amy. That's tough. What she has been thru. There's hardship no matter, where.

    Sun - hope the insurance headache is sorted out. When I'm feeling sorry for myself here and getting overwhelmed, I think of you and Mikie taking on what needs to be and am encouraged to be strong. I envy you now making plans for your trip. I hope you hv a good one.

    The book name is the Flight of the Falcon. Pretty interesting. And I now remember my English teacher in grade IX making me choose Hungry Hill, another novel by same author, way back when during Library class.I enjoyed it too.

    Diane - missing you and we look forward when you can come by when you feel you are ready to.

    Barry - I wish it would cool down there a bit. Hope you start feeling better soon. Do people get a lot of ME in uk? I believe it is still treated as a non tangible disorder like CFS.

    Well, I just came back upstairs, a group of men from our neighbourhood, collecting money, for something to be Donets this area. I told them I would stop by at the grocers and leave the money with him..$50.00. Tomorrow. I don't like people thinking they can just stop by and collect money without notice.Slightly irritated. Well, as long as the project comes to fruition.

    God bless
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
  16. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hello, everybody!

    I've been trying to read, and REMEMBER what y'all said! We are having a bad allergy season here (I've had bad pounding sinus headaches, and my eyes are just not wanting to be on the computer).

    Everything's ok with Kevin, the three Kitties and me. Star, FYI, my new avatar is Faithy, our tabby cat. :)

    Kevin is on vacation. Saturday through Wednesday. Today he goes to the dealership to get his oil changed on the KIA (free!). Yippee. Star, I read what you posted on the "car insurance" thread. It's just awful, what these big companies can and will do. I was with this same ins. co. since before 1999. Thank goodness our new insurance has been approved.

    Mikie, how scary for DD and DGS. I feel so sorry for the 18-19 year old who was injured. I'm so glad that your DGS didn't get to climb the rocks, before the blast! Oh, and that yucky tide mess. Why did they release the water from that Lake?? Glad that you and Slyvester are doing well, and I keep saying prayers for Tweety. I hope you recover well from those biopsies, and can be off the topical chemo soon!

    Julie, I never did say condolences on the loss of David's dad. ((hugs)) It sounds like the memorial went well for GPA and you had good times with the family around. I liked the pics you posted. July 4th cat was great! :) Of course, I'm a cat lover.

    Sun, how are you doing from that "spider bite"?? I too don't like ABX.

    Rock, our kitties don't like fireworks. NOT AT ALL. They run around like little rocket-propelled missiles, but look like hot dogs, keeping low to the floor! So, we're done with fireworks??? NOT! Pittsburgh is having a bicentennial celebration this weekend, complete with .... you guessed it .... FIREWORKS! My poor scared kitties.

    Barry, good to see you posting. Did you mention about Slinky's blood test results?? Best to you, Richard, Slinky, and Shorty!!!!

    Can't remember who's been talking about RICE. SPRING? STAR? Have y'all tried WILD RICE?? That's my new favorite. This week I'm eating steamed shrimp with wild rice and Old Bay seasoning. Oh, yummy!

    Granni, I can't remember what you posted, you've been talking about food and shopping. I hope both were enjoyable. And I hope that all is well with you and yours.

    Anyone I forgot to mention ... sorry! Been a while since I posted, trying to keep up with y'all.

    Gotta sign off for now. Eyes are getting tired.

    Talk to y'all later, DIANE
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  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just got back from taking the garbage down and mailing that card to my friend who had to have her cat put to sleep. I've had the card but just didn't get it sent. Maybe it's better now anyway than right away when she was so deep in her sorrow. Of course, when I got back, Sir Vester was pestering me for a treat. I always give him one for watching our home when I'm gone but really? Five minutes? Instead, I gave him a little bowl of wet food--salmon in a bit of fish gravy. Mmmmmm!

    Spring, you are so sweet and generous in your donations. I'm glad your experience in The States was so positive. There are honest people here but crime has skyrocketed. Thieves break into cars and steal whatever they can get. They snatch purses off of old ladies' arms. Several have been injured due to how physical the thieves are when they take the purses and run. People seem more angry and road rage is on the rise. This doesn't mean that I run into crime everywhere. My encounters are usually very positive when I go out and many people are kind, helpful and thoughtful. Our fireworks on Independence Day are mostly red, white and blue. On other occasions, they can be silver, gold, purple, green, etc. The fireworks in NYC were more spectacular than anything I've seen before. They went on and on and on, being fired from four barges on the river. Macy's dept. stores paid for them. They also sponsor the Thanksgiving Day Parade. Their profits are down and they've been closing stores. I hope they can continue the parade and fireworks.

    I just saw a special on PBS about how the North American Continent was formed billions of years ago. The rocks in Central Park, and Manhattan in general, are called New York Shist. I know; it sounds like a bad word. It's very dense rock. The tallest skyscrapers in Midtown and lower Manhattan are built on this bed rock. The outcroppings in the park are all over but some of them are man made, according to another show I saw. That park is huge and very beautiful. How wonderful that the founders set aside the land for it. BTW, millions of year ago, the NYC area was surrounded by big mountains like the Rockies. Hard to imagine. Glad you could stop in. I always enjoy my visits to the Porch when you've been here.

    Diane, we must have been posting at the same time. Sooooo good to see you here. I'm glad you are all doing OK. I season my shrimp with Old Bay too when I cook them. It's sooooo good. Publix had bags of shrimp on BOGO and I got two. Sir Vester helps me eat them. I'm laughing at how your kitties do the 'Hot Dog Run.' I know just what that looks like. Do your kitties ever do the 'Silly Dance?' It's where they arch their backs, get up on tiptoe and almost seem to move sideways. They also get a really silly look on their faces.

    They have to release water from Lake O because they have never fixed the Hoover Dikes at the southern end of the lake. If they were to break, horrible flooding would occur and people would die. There are several agencies who are responsible and it gets complicated. They need to fix the dikes and find a way to store the excess water so the nutrients can be filtered out before it is dumped into the rivers. It's gotten to an alarming state and, I hope, this will spur some action on this mess. Hope you all stay well and survive this new round of fireworks.

    Just walking the short distance to the dumpster in this heat about did me in. I only start to sweat after I've come in from the heat to the A/C. I'm still not up to much. Think I'll do some laundry and put off changing the bed. I'll throw the pillow cases in with the wash so they are fresh. I think I'll set Roomba free on the carpeting. I'll wash the tiled floors later. Even doing a little bit is better than nothing at all.

    Hope everydobby is having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
  18. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    No Fireworks here! Just a few rifles in the distance. Oh happy night.

    Rock, I've been to Morro Bay and seen the"Rock"many times. I lived pretty close to it. Did you hear about the whipper-snapper that got trapped trying to climb the Rock (I think it was last year) and had to be rescued by helicopter? It is illegal to trespass on Morro Rock; wonder if he got fined much....

    Star, so your hubby is a pommy kiwi! I'm a pommy yank (mum's English, and I was born there). I remember a lot of mashed spuds, meat, peas. Oh yes, and cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, and more cabbage. Also lots of organ meats -- which I still love, from tripe to kidneys and tongue. Mum made a wicked good steak and kidney pudding! I like brown rice, wild rice, and black rice -- the latter best of all, and I believe with the most nutrients. I also love quinoa which is very au courant these days. Forgive my French; I don't speak it -- only pig-French!

    Star, the author you asked about is Kerry Greenwood who has published 57 books. She lives in Victoria I believe. Her Phyrne Fisher mysteries are what I have read so far. There are 20 of them. One is 'Murder on the Ballarat Train', another is 'The Castlemaine Murders'. The main character, Phryne Fisher is a well to do woman who likes a Chinese man with whom she has a long affair. He calls her Silver Lady; he is also wealthy. Series takes place in the '20's. She adopts several kids that she rescues from bad circumstances. Another Aussie author I like is Peter Temple. 12 mystery books, if that's your cup of tea.

    Diane, so good to see you! Slinky cat had to be taken to a larger vet about 70 miles away. She was examined by a very good vet. X-rays showed the lungs full of fluid with some bacteria that are now being cultured. She had the liquid in her lungs removed, and was given more Clavimox antibiotic, and a tiny little pill that must be quarterd and one piece every 3 days as an appetite stimulant. She had stopped eating, but now is eating like a pig! Good pig. Total vet bills, $900. So far...:eek:.

    Well, it has finally cooled down here into the lower '80s and high '70s. Such a relief. Mikie, it seems like you are going through a horrid humid heat hell. I don't blame you for staying inside!

    Time for lunch, which is yoghurt or kefir for me. Or maybe a peanut butter with star thistle honey sandwich with walnuts.

    Love to All,
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2016
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi there Dear Porchies,

    Sorry that I am so late and delinquent nowadays. Went early to the very local Health Food store where my ND is located and her family that works there and spent a good fortune and that was not all the supps. It was also a lot of the other stuff like crackers I can't find anywhere else and they are taking off the shelves , changing names, different brands, etc. .. Also bought some tea and will later on order it on line. I bought some Pau de arco tea for one and need to get some Fennel tea as per my ND's instructions a week or so ago. I got my 2 goats milk yogurt and 2 Bubbies sauerkraut which is supposed to be there best. However, I have been trying to ck and see if there are others that might work as well in a larger container and cost less. I did my shopping there today ass one o month usually on the first Monday but today was changed due to the holiday, have their 20 5 sale day and usually I get 105 I think for my sr discount. I also bought some bars or snacks which is very hard to find with no peanuts , loads of sugar and cashews or wheat and milk. Some of the help helped me find something I could eat. What a pain !!

    Then I came home and made some order in one of the cabinets to put my stuff. Then I had to mae order in the refrig. It is tricky as DH loves to shop at Sams for the two of us abd it takes up alot of room. So I had to stuff in my two big g.m.. yogurts and 2 sauerkrauts and tthrow out a few things :)!!

    ROCK - BTW, the shrimp sauce I was talking about before was a cocktail sauce. for shrimp cocktail, a red sauce with mainly catsup, lemon juice, and horseradish which I can't have oar the catsup, However, I made some of that for most of us and for me and also daughter I made one with some yogurt and hot sauce , which I didn't have any so I sprinkled in some cajun seasoning. I got some ideas on the internet. Have to try and get creative when you aren't supposed to eat a lot of stuff. I found some interesting ideas on the net.

    DIANE - So glad to see you back. Hope to see you more often sweetie, not that I have been so great lately. Glad you are all doing OK.

    Hi also to MIKIE, BARRY, SW, and STAR and anyone else I may have missed. need to get off the computer and hope to get back later. I need to at least start my sweet potato in the oven. Then I will put in some salmon later on. I wish DH liked to cook but he does love to eat, and so do I.

    Gotta run for now. Hope to get back SOON.

    Granni :)
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    P.S. OMG, How could I forget JULIE :)????

    JULIE - Thanks for that adorable 4th of July Kitty picture. That was adorable !! Hope you are trying to back to your old self again whatever that was before so many things started happening to you , Den, the family and Gpa, etc. I missed where you said how the chiro went, sorry. Hope you are feeling better.

    I'm back from putting in my sweet potato in the oven. I also got myself some pistachio nuts to eat while I am typing. I am making a mess all over the place on the computer table. I also break a lot of nails while trying to open them. We will have some left over shrimp before hand with that sauce we had leftover from yesterday too. OHH, we do love shrimp. I glanced through the post and am trying to remember what everyone said.:confused:

    BARRY - Hope that the far away vet can help your kitty. It is hard when they become part of the family and they become so ill. Unfortunatley sometimes the bills are so so high sometimes which is very hard. Hope the doc can help dear Slinky. Glad the she is doing better after all the special care. I love all animals to even though I don't have any at the moment. We had a kitty and a dog growing up but not at the same time. Never heard of star thistle to put ina peanut butter sandwich. I like PB but not allowed to eat peanuts - what a bummer. However, have you tasted SUN BUTTER. It may have some other names. it is made out of sun flower seeds. It tastes almost like peanut butter. I am allowed to eat it and it is is good for me :)!!

    DIANE - Hope Kevin enjoys his vacation and you too. I know there is always so much to do on vacation.

    MIKIE - Glad you are doing a little better and got a better nice sleep which always helps. How sweet of you for giving Tweety an extra special treat for watching the house :)!! I know what you mean about the temp zapping your NRG !! I have been pushing myself to do anything and when I can in between DH chores that he wants me to help with.

    Gotta run for dinner.

    Granni :)

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