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    Merry Christmas - I wish everyone a good holiday, warmth, comfort, cheer, rest, relaxation, joy.
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    Merry Christmas, Dear Porchies,

    Spring, thanks for getting us up and going and for the beautiful pic. I'm soooo happy you now have dependable power. We get so used to it that it's horrible when it's gone. I kept trying to turn on lights even though I knew the power was out. Good grief! I think what happened is that a squirrel got into the equipment the first time and that it didn't get completely repaired. Then, when it blew again, they had to come back to fix it for a second time. How nice for your DD and her friend to be able to go to the wedding. Yes, tri-colored hair is very chic. DGS bleached his black hair blonde last year but just in the front. He had his Mom shave a couple of lines on the side of his head. Also very trendy. DD and I laughed because she did that back in high school when it was trendy in the 80's. What's old is new again.

    DSIL's parents don't know what to make of it because they are very conservative. They are also very sweet people and love our DGS soooo much. Good thing he is such a sweet boy. He's kind to the other kids at school, not just the jocks and popular kids, and he sticks up for kids when they are teased or bullied. My color is growing out and I can see some white at the roots of certain areas. I can use my Joan Rivers hair powder to color in the roots for a while so I can delay coloring it. It's just now getting more healthy after the effects of the anesthesia. Glad you don't need wine or booze to enjoy being sociable. I no longer drink because of the kidney stones. I'll sip just a bit once in a blue moon.

    Julie, those cinnamon buns look mighty good. I always made some kind of sweet rolls on Christmas and had coffee, tea, milk and OJ on hand. I hope your headaches go away. I've had them for days and don't know why. I do know that, ever since I painted, everything is sore and I'm exhausted. On the other hand, my lymph nodes have been swollen and I have a sore throat. I'm taking my AV's and think the chronic virus has reactivated. Don't know what I'll get done today. I went over to see Bob yesterday so probably won't go today. Nancy's kids get here the 31st and they will be staying with Bob til Nancy gets home on the 2nd. Yes, this Christmas is different for you. Things completely changed when one DD and DSIL moved away and then, I moved to FL. I just hope you, your Dad and Den have a nice peaceful time. I also hope everyone gets to feeling better. Sorry you didn't hear the cats talking. Maybe the animals can speak early on Christmas Day but are smart enough not to let us know about it.

    Sir Vester was pretty good and let me sleep til after 5:00 this morning. I don't know whether he spoke at Midnight because I was sound asleep. He went out on the lanai this morning to enjoy the nice 68-degree weather and the sounds of the ducks out on the pond. Then, he came in and curled up next to me on the sofa. It is supposed to get to 87 today and may set a record. I crept down to put the little balls which light up on the boys' windowsill at the other end of the bldg. There was a cucumber all torn up. I don't know whether they tell the boys they put a cucumber out for Santa or whether a raccoon found it and decided to have a snack. I'm going to ask them whether they would like my DVD of Polar Express. Andy is too old for it now and I've seen it several times. I read in the paper that there were hundreds of men dressed as Santa surfing over on the Atlantic Coast of FL. Maybe that's how he delivers gifts to kids in FL--on a magic surfboard. We have very few fireplaces here.

    Out on the beach, beyond the turf,
    I heard the roaring sound of the surf;
    Out on the water, the fat man would ride,
    Hanging ten as he surfed the tide.

    The waves how they thundered,
    As they hit the shore;
    He paid them no mind,
    Like he'd done this before.

    Behind him, there were toys in his sack,
    He carried them high up on his back;
    In Florida, he needs not a flying sleigh,
    He delivers toys in a brand new way.

    As he paddled his board safely back out,
    I heard him say with a mighty shout;
    Merry Christmas to you and all you hold dear,
    I'll be back surfing on Christmas next year.

    I started a new book that Amazon offered a while back for a mere $3.99. It is Lift and Separate, a story about a woman whose husband moved out after many years of marriage. He runs the family business which sells bras and other underclothes. The story is told from the woman's view and is soooo funny. Lots of NY Jewish humor, my favorite kind. I got an e-mail from Amazon offering books at up to 80 percent off today only. Of course, I jumped on that and downloaded a number of them. Most were $1.99 but a couple were $2.99. I even splurged and bought one for $3.99! Christmas presents for myself. They all had at least four out of five star reviews and most were newer releases. I got mostly mysteries.

    Another Christmas present--well, actually, a Christmas Miracle. My Amazon Fire box in the bedroom started to work. When the power is disrupted, it can take a while for it to reset but it didn't appear it would. I decided to just try it one more time last night and, behold, it worked. So, I watched Eye In The Sky with Helen Mirren. It is one of the most suspenseful movies I've ever seen and one of the best. It left me seeing things from both sides when there is no perfect answer. One line stood out for me, "Never try to tell a soldier the cost of war." This isn't a feel good movie but it's well worth watching. It kept me in suspense to the end.

    I'm going to go see whether I can close out the old board. It wouldn't load the Edit Thread box when I tried before. Then, I'm gonna go tackle the Sunday newspaper. It's a fat one with the biggest crossword puzzle I've ever seen. There are more that 500 clues both across and down. Yikes! It's supposed to deal with people and events from 2016. Not sure I want to revisit some parts of 2016 but the news won't let me forget them so might as well do the puzzle. Maybe the New Year will bring us peace, prosperity and healing.

    This is my Christmas and New Year's wish for everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hey Mikie -

    Thanks for the jolly ditty...that would be a sight to see ..Santas surfing on the water. Something one never thinks one will see in ones lifetime.

    Yes, I've seen those shaved lines, in fact I find the hairstyles so interesting and enhancing these days. Even the pony tails and Mohawks if cut properly are flattering. Your DGS seems like a lovely boy. I've always warmed upto those who stick up for the more vulnerable.

    When my DD was here last, her room is close to an alleyway, she heard whimpering and howling
    like there was a dog in pain. And then the raucous laughter of boys..thinking some boys were torturing a stray, she called out to her brother to accompany her and took an umbrella with her as weapon in case things got nasty, when her brother joined her at the door, he was wielding his dad's golf stick. They went out around to the spot but there was no dog, no boys. So maybe, it wasn't that serious. I had gone out on an errand and DD was telling me she laughed when she saw her brothers weapon.

    I was trying to make something festive since I saw all the Christmassy posts here, so I looked up a chicken gravy recipe indian. There were comments below and ones was from an American trying to make the indian dish.

    I've pasted below.-
    Have pity on a poor benighted American.

    What is ginger-garlic paste? Is it something I buy or something I make. If buy, where? If make, how? A recipe would be helpful to know the ratio of ginger to garlic.

    You state that the chickens of that part of India are leaner and more gamy-tasting. What would be an acceptable substitute that might be found in an suburban supermarket?

    The recipe calls for 6 Kashmiri chilies - is there an American equivalent ?

    When you say to blend the ingredients of the spice paste, I presume you mean in a blender rather than just stirring them together?

    3 slit green chilies - do you mean a hot chili like a serrano chili, a jalapeno, or something different (like a cowhorn,a poblano, a cubanelle, etc.)?
    Obviously, I'm very interested in trying this or I wouldn't be asking so many questions.

    I found it so sweet. I'm also at a loss sometimes when faced with western food. Like Grannis putting OJ on mimosa.

    Well, everybody, including Barry, Diane, Linda, Elaine, and all MIAs, stay warm, happy christmas.

    God bless
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    Merry Christmas, everyone! A lovely day, but I'm ready for bed before 10:00 pm...

    Spring, thanks for starting the new porch. Your picture shows just how Christmas should be...and how I remember ours of "the good old days"...when I would have everyone come here...grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins...when our girls were still small.

    Mikie, what a cute poem! Glad Sir Vester let you sleep in a bit, and glad your Fire Box started working again. Sounds like you are stocked up on reading material.

    Today was very blessed, actually. I picked up my dad...he was sound asleep when I got to the care center, but woke right up and was ready to go. At our house, he was alert enough to visit and even brought up some memories on his own. During the conversation, and as we chatted on the drive back to town, I came to realize that he is currently (in his mind) in a time several years ago when our girls were teenagers and still at home. I just carried on the conversations, following his lead...we had a wonderful time.

    I had just gotten back home (well, home then to the cemetery to place flowers, then back home again...thanks, Rock, for the reminder) when my brother and his wife knocked on our door. They had been to see Dad, who was napping when they got there, but was able to wake up and visit with them.

    My brother handed me a huge fruit basket and card, and they both came in for about an hour. His wife was just the same as always...sulking, rude to the point of staying on facebook most of the time they were here, and acting like she was sick and they needed to leave right away. But, to my brother's credit...he just kept visiting with us and even took a tour of the new house before they left.

    I will never understand this woman, and perhaps I'm not meant to understand her. My brother said he is off work this week and would like to bring his son and family to see Dad and could I join them for lunch...hopefully that will work out.

    We are planning to meet Amy and the girls for lunch in town tomorrow...Clinton has to help a friend with a project. Then Amy will take Keira to her other grandparent's.

    This weather is pretty crazy today, for December...rainy, foggy, cooler today, but almost 60 degrees this evening! No matter...at least we didn't have slick roads to travel on.

    I'd better get on to bed...a big "Hello" to everyone...winding down to the New Year...

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  5. Mikie

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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Good grief! The strange behavior of my electronic equipment continues. My cable box was not working so I tried unplugging it and plugging it back in. I had to call and have the robot send a signal to the box. Fortunately, that worked. I know people complain about not being able to talk to real people but I find the robots much more efficient. I had difficulty getting into the back site to pay bills but it eventually worked. I think I got them all paid for Jan. A chore I hate doing!

    My neighbor two doors down lost her mother yesterday to liver cancer. How sad for this to happen on Christmas Day. It's devastating to lose one's mother but even worse on Christmas. Losing loved ones near holidays and birthdays makes it forever sad when those days roll around. My other neighbor just lost her longtime boyfriend to two strokes. I saw on TV that George Michaels has died. Carrie Fisher is said to be in stable condition but they didn't say whether she has regained consciousness. My guess is she hasn't. The Queen didn't go to church but sent out her Christmas message.

    The news has featured Red Tide. the worst of it seems to be north of us and south of us but there is still some here. I am feeling really sick from it. It's kinda like allergies and a bit of a cold. There is so much to do that I can't be sick. I need to remove the chairs and little table from the balcony so it can be pressure washed. He is only doing the balcony floor so I need to remove the cobwebs from the walls and under the eaves. If they get wet, they will be even more disgusting. All this hot, dry and windy weather is making the cobwebs worse. I think I'm going to use my Shop Vac to remove the mess.

    Oprah is on saying she has lost 40 pounds on Weight Watchers. Their stock will probably go up again. I did finish most of the Mammoth Crossword yesterday but I finally couldn't keep my eyes open any longer so I left a wee bit of it undone. It's one of those with few 'down' answers so, if one doesn't know the 'across' answers, there is little to help fill in the spaces. There are only a couple of answers I just can't get. We broke the old record of 87, set last year on Christmas, as it got to 88 yesterday. We may break the record today or, at least, tie it. It's supposed to drop into the 70's on Thurs. but will be right back into the 80's. I just feel hot and sick. AACCKK!!!

    , that's horrible to think that boys might be torturing a poor doggie. Still, I have to laugh at your kids all armed with an umbrella and a golf club. Do they have permits to carry such lethal weapons? Does one need training in the art of defense with these weapons? I would love to learn to cook Indian dishes but I fear I'd have the same obstacles as the person who tried and commented. When I get to where I'm serious, I'm sure there are how-to videos or how-to recipes which explain the various ingredients. Stay well, my friend.

    Julie, I'm so glad you had such a good day with your Dad. Also glad your bro came over despite his anti-social wife. Is Keira anxious to give her baby bro his blanket or has she already done it? I can't keep up. I can barely manage to keep up with what's on my plate. Not because there's that much but because I'm not well and my pea brain is in a fog. Glad the roads weren't slick. TX kids called from CO just before they headed for the hills, literally. I told them to be careful. Nothing like navigating I-70 in the mountains when it's icy with holiday drinkers on the road. Yikes! CO DD called and they were going over to DSIL's Mom's house. There are three people, including his Mom, dealing with memory and mental issues. I hope their day was calm. Hope you continue to have a blessed holiday season.

    Gonna take my allergy pill and some acetaminophen and hope it helps me to be able to get something done around here. I didn't see Bob yesterday so want to go over and brush him. So glad his family will be home soon. If I'm not feeling better by mid-week, I'm going to call off New Year's Eve with my Dear Old Friend. I really doubt he will be up to it either. Hope everydobby has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Dear Ones,

    I am not dressed and DH and I have lots of chores to do . We had a wonderful day yesterday and I will come back later to tell you all about it. Don't know how some of the people do it like some of my family who go to all the many family parties not counting any others. MY DD in Houston who is hoping to move went to two of the parties we went to yesterday and then off to her in laws for another party. More about it later if I get the chance.

    Glad so far to hear everyone had a GREAT Christmas or survived it all. Hope to hear from more later. I sent a few pics or others did to FB and hope to send a few more to my page for any still on FB. I didn't take any pics myself. If I did maybe I could figure out how to send to PH:)!!

    MIKIE - Sorry you still don't have the NRG for New Years or anything else right now. Doubt if we will do much other than perhaps go to DD;s here or maybe make the turkey I have had in the freezer a year and make that for us. Lately when we do have turkey it is at someone elses and no leftovers or very little. This turkey however, isn't very larger at all.

    JULIE - Glad you had a wonderful day with your dad and all. I didn;t read everyones posts yet and need to do that later if I can escape from chores:)!!

    Sorry I need to run and get dressed and get busy around here.

    Hope to get back later.

    Love to AWL,
    Granni :)
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    Good morning, everyone! Silly headache trying to take over again, but I'm going to nip it in the bud, I hope. Probably shouldn't have rescheduled my chiro appt. from last week to tomorrow...since a lot of my headaches seem to start in my neck.

    Anyway, Mikie...I hope your kids stay safe and have a great time. Glad the robot was able to fix your problem.

    Granni, you are a pretty busy gal yourself, lol! But, I know, these kids seem to have so much more energy and social lives than we do.

    I got up this morning and made some of that Chex Mix for Amy's family...and will put some in a separate bag for Keira (her other grandparents are driving her up to her dad's, three hour drive.) Also packaged up some of our Christmas ham for Amy's gang...Den, Dad and I barely made a dent in it. And I had gotten a "sampler" of different fancy pound cakes, so am sharing it with the kids also. I don't need the sugar, and it will get stale before Den finishes all of it...so better to "spread the cheer", lol!

    Better get in the shower...we are meeting Amy and girls at the pizza buffet at 11:30...might beat the lunch rush. Then, Den and I will go to the home supply store...we have some gutters in and need to pick them up. The longest pieces are 16 feet, so we'll have an interesting truck full.

    Hope all is well in everyone's neck of the woods...thinking of you all!
  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Just finished bringing in the chairs from the balcony. I'm not gonna get the cobwebs cleaned off. My headache is still with me and I just feel sick. Everything I do makes me feel hot and sweaty. I need to rest and drink a lot of fluids to try to get rid of it. I can no longer take large doses of vitamin C to get rid of things. I did put some colloidal silver under my tongue.

    Jeff just came over to see what kind of litter I use. He got some new and Tweety won't use it. She peed so much on the lanai that he was busy for four hrs. cleaning it yesterday. Nice way to spend Christmas. If she won't use the litter box, he will have to let her live outside completely or take her to the shelter. She asks to come in on the lanai so don't know why she is doing this. I feel so bad for him. She is obviously unhappy about some facet of her life and is peeing to let him know. I think the more he yells at her, the more she will pee. That was my experience when I sprayed her with the water bottle. Between the three of us, including Julie, we've done everything we can. Jeff was amazed at how much Sir Vester talks now. Ever since Tweety growled at him, he doesn't seem to miss her.

    Granni, right now, I can't do any parties. I'm glad you get to go to celebrate with your family. Like you, though, I couldn't keep up with the young'uns. Turkey doesn't even sound good to me. Nothing does. I hope whatever is making me feel so awful goes away. I hope you stay well. I think all your activities help keep you in good shape. Hope you and DH are finding yummy things you can eat.

    Julie, hope both our headaches go away. Mine usually don't last this long. Same when the virus reactivates; it never lasts this long. My neck has been involved too. Seems the painting project set it off. At least, I can lie around. You have family to do things for. You do so much for them. Loooove that Chex Mix. Think I mentioned that my aunt always sent some at Christmas.

    Guess the electronic troubles aren't over. The computer just shut down and I had to remove the battery and restart it. Good grief! I hope everydobby is doing well. I've only responded to the other posts here but I'm always thinking of all our Porchies. I know some of y'all aren't up to posting but I know some read the posts. I hope you see this and know I'm thinking of you and sending prayers your way.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie and Julie. I have terrible neck troubles.....cervical stenosis and cervical lordosis (that last one is congenital) but the pain is getting worse. I woke yesterday morning with neck/shoulder pain and a roaring headache which seemed to trigger the TMJ. I finally was able to get to my DDs right before lunch at 1 PM thanks to 800 ibuprofen, ice and heat. Any type of activity where you have to hold your head in one position longer than 5 min. Will trigger it. Painting a wall is BAD for the neck!!!!! Lifting heavy things is BAD for the neck and shoulders. I wear a heated rice sock around my neck, sometimes alternating with an ice pack, and also a muscle rub which helps a little. Yesterday it was so bad that I was seriously thinking of a chiropractor but I've read up on what's wrong with my neck and do the exercises daily to help it. And I'm afraid to see one in case the could make things worse.

    So getting back to christmas, it was good considering how I felt. The "treasure hunt" went good.....the kids really enjoyed looking. It must have taken them 30-45 min. To follow the clues and find the next little gift and clue. I had to do the "you're hot, no you're getting cold" routine.

    I also enjoyed very much seeing my two little DGDs. BUT......My son was leaning over talking to Mia (age 2 mos) as she lay on the bed.....so cute! I reached up to pull off her little cap and was a little shocked to see a large growth on her scalp. My son pulled it down again and then showed me a "large strawberry" birthmark on her shoulder. Then he told me his MIL is saying their family (vietnamese) didn't have anything like that and it must be the caucasion side! And did OUR family have anything like it. They've read up on it, and I did last night also.....very common. The pediatrician has referred them to a dermatologist for this wednesday to discuss removal. Very worrisome.

    My DGD, age 8, was born with a circle on her scalp where there is no hair. At one point when she was around 3 her parents were debating about having her scalp operated on to correct it, but thankfully they decided against it. Then I remembered my oldest son was born with an oval brown birthmark on his back...which as he grew got larger. So I don't know if this is related to the strawberry one or not. Well.......everyone, everywhere carries some type of defective gene that is passed on.

    And my DIL was a little more talkative, though not really to me. My SILs parents were there for dinner so she talked a little to them. I did offer before they were leaving to let me know if the insurance doesn't cover the birthmark thing, and I would help them. And good news....my son's old company called him to come back to work for about 3 weeks to get things caught up. I said maybe they will decide to rehire him. He's been unemployed again for the last 3 weeks from a temp job.
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    Good evening! Had another nice day, but took a nap when we got home from town...didn't want to sleep too long so late in the day, but knew I wouldn't be able to keep going.

    Sun, you're right...every family has some sort of "thing." One of Den's sister's daughters had a strawberry mark on one of her cheeks. She is nearly 30 years old, but just got it removed a few years ago. My family gets to look forward to "inheriting" skin tags. I have so many, so did my mom. Amy said if I go to her office (she's a medical assistant for a dermatologist) they can remove most of mine.

    Glad the kiddos had fun with their treasure hunt...what a creative thing to do...Go, Grandma!

    My brother's wife does talk to some of the family...those she wants to impress....my very wealthy aunt and uncle, for instance. Well, I had to bite my tongue to keep from asking them to just leave as I'm so tired of "faking"...but I love my little brother too much, and it was good to see him.

    I'm sorry for your pain, and what an effort it is for you to be part of your kids' celebrations, ball games, etc.

    Mikie, what are we all going to do with this pain and fatigue? Wish there was a place to just go dump it...a place to take off the parts that hurt and replace them with better ones.

    Poor Tweety...not being able to tell her humans what's wrong. But I don't blame any of you for not wanting to put up with that kind of behavior.

    These electronic devices are great when they work, but sure can cause problems when they don't.

    Met Amy and the girls for lunch...Den and I got there early (actually, on time, lol) so went on in to pay and get a table. Was afraid they would get really busy, but not too bad. Amy had given us a gift certificate to this restaurant, and they had thrown in a free adult buffet...plus we had $5.00 on our "pizza card"...so the whole meal for 3 adults and 2 kids came to $3.21! That's my kind of eating out, lol!

    Miley has her first loose tooth...Amy said she's already acting pretty "dramatic" about it, lol! I remember Keira's first one...it was a very big deal. And she swallowed one that got lost in a bite of cantaloupe...so had to leave the tooth fairy an explanation note ;)

    Keira didn't want to leave us, but when her mom asked if she'd rather not go to her dad's, but stay with Grandma and Grandpa...she decided she wanted to go to her dad's. I'm glad she enjoys being with him and the rest of his family...they really are good to her. It is so awful to send a child kicking and screaming to the other parent...

    After lunch, Den and I went to the home supply store...the rain gutters were shipped in a 20 ft. wooden crate, so Den had the guy load it with a skid loader...slanted it on the whole pickup (part of it on the roof and part hanging out the back) then Den strapped it down. We can either take the crate back, and get back our $100 that it cost...or keep the crate and not worry about returning it. But, Den didn't think there was $100 worth of 2 X 4's or 2 X 6's in it...I'll just let him decide.

    So...I just set out some leftovers and had Den get whatever he wanted to eat. He doesn't seem to have much of an appetite, but eats too many sweets at work...so I didn't make or buy too much of that stuff.

    I, also, am thinking of everyone on the boards...those who post, and those who can only manage to read. Wishing everyone the best in the New Year.

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  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Dea rOnes,

    How nice to read about all the goings on.

    SUN - So sorry you are in so much pain. I can relate to the neck pain and head too. I t is almost always there. Wow, I can't believe you even made up a little treasure hunt for the kiddos. I am not that innovative about stuff like that and to lazy these days. Hope you get to feeling less painful soon. I also have stenosis (cervical) and other things going on with my vertibrae, not fun.

    MIKIE - So sorry you are still feeling so yucky especially around the holidays when there is so much going on. Hope you get to feeling better soon. This can get old really quick. I just wanted to quickly check the Porch to see if anything was going on of interest.

    JULIE - Glad you had a pretty good time with some of the closer family and that Keira was having fun too. Yes, it is smart if you can to take a short nap so that you don't collapse and then cannot sleep at night. Make sure to set an alarm or something.

    We are presently waiting to find out what is what with our final lab tests for the year. I think mine were Ok when I checked on the phone but it is hard to see everything. Still waiting for DH's which I have a feeling it might not be that great. He kept telling me he would do the pin prick to test but never did. He is such a big baby :)!! We don't eat much sugar other than the holidays but we had lab work done before Christmas. We also might eat little sugar with my diet too but then he has wine almost every night plus occasionally wants his low sugar ice cream. I know DH is worried about it too. We will see what the doc says. I don't always like everything they tell you to do or not do. I also don't tell him everything that is going on with my ND but DH doesn't go to her but he didm't want him to take so many supps. So I cut off some of them. We will see. I hate getting on drugs. DH is lucky though . He is almost 79 and only takes a light b/p drug and diuretic. I take double the dose and Verapamil too plus Naturethroid for my thyroid. I have no worries about my BS. With our diets it should be good. He might have to cut off some of the wine DAILY. Not that he drinks every day or evening before dinner but almost always.

    Had a nice day Christmas day. We went to DD#1 and family to see the DGD home for a very short while from CO. She and her SO came in also to see his mother who is divorced from his dad. So after we saw her and that part of the family she visited his mom and then they went and flew home. He must have lots of money to fly back and forth for such a little time. It was nice to see DGD, so very grown up. We brought some orange juice so they could make MIMOSAS fr the brunch. SPRING-WATER, THAT IS A DRINK MADE WITH OJ AND CHAMPAGNE. Excuse the caps please to lazy to change. They had so much food. Then after that we went to DS and DDIL's for a different kind of Christmas. We didn't have turkey and every year they try to think of something different. This year can you believe it was chili. Good old TX chili with no beans and all meat. It was very thick and then they had other things to put in it if needed like beans, corn cheese, sour cream, etc. A few people came up with the idea of all going to CO next year for cold weather and snow and for the whole family. Well it sounds like fun sort of, but not sure that DH is going to want to go for it. He won't want to drive in the cold snowy weather in CO and not sure he will want to fly for just that. Everyone else will probably go. I haven't even mentioned it to DH yet. Then it will seem like we are the ones never wanting to go anywhere or to see DGD. The other g parents follow her everywhere and have already been to CO. I doubt also if DD#2's husband will want to go either. So we will see what happens.

    We had a nice Christmas with everyone including DCD's x husband and two of the younger boys came. We hadn't seen them in a year and the youngest has grown so much taller and gained some weight. He had gotten leukemia when he was 4 years old and had it for some time and poor kids was so thin and was a rather picky eater which didn't help any. If anyone was wondering , NO DCD was not there and who knows if she will talk to me again. She never did answer my questions when I asked her and she is still as confused as ever, so doubt if she is taking any psych meds.

    Well it is getting later and have to start getting ready for beddy bye. That will take some time. I wanted to write this as tomorrow I know will be very busy. Will try and check in sometime.

    BTW, DD#1 game me a comfy soft vest to wear to keep me warm as well as a stabilizing ball to sit on while I sit at the computer ( orders from DD). That should be interesting. That should be helpful for my back and neck . I know DH will be grumbling about that ball in the way of the computer.

    Love to everydobby, MIAs included,
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  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Kids,

    It's official--I have some kind of virus and not just the chronic one which reactivates. It's upper respiratory with sinus pain and stuffiness. Breathing is a bit labored so I hope it doesn't go into a lower respiratory problem. There isn't the usual sneezing and I'm only coughing a bit. A sweet neighbor I haven't seen lately called last evening and she had the same thing. I was dead to the world when she called. I had gone to bed really early. This is making me feel somewhat depressed. It's not so much an emotional depression as it seems to be physical. Whatever is making me feel sick is messing with my brain chemistry. Appetite is also affected. Grace told me she wasn't feeling well.

    Today, the guy is supposed to come to do the pressure cleaning. I need to go check to make sure everyone took everything in off the balcony and sidewalk, including welcome mats. It'll be nice to have this done. I just wish the board would decide on a landscaper and get our new mulch put down.

    Sun, I'm sorry your neck gives you such fits. I think mine was due to having to look up to paint. It doesn't help that I have to look up even more due to my glasses. My hands, wrists and fingers continue to give me pain and they are still swollen. Whine, whine, whine! I'm so glad the treasure hunt was such a success. When I was a kid, I loved the games where we looked for something hidden and gave hot, warm and cold clues. Sorry about the birthmarks which run in the family. It's so sweet of you to offer to help then. Hope you are feeling better.

    Julie, I'm glad Keira is given a choice with whom she will spend time. I'm glad the other grandparents are good to her too. It's hard to imagine anyone being a better grandma than you. Yes, I also wish we could just dump all the symptoms of our illnesses. It gets so exhausting having to carry this load on our shoulders. I was wondering whether there is a patron saint for electronics. St. Samsung perhaps. Then, when the batteries explode, does one ask St. Elmo for help? These are the silly things which go through my poor pea brain when I'm sick. Too bad Den couldn't rent one of those machines which forms gutters from flat metal on a reel. Hope neither of you works too hard.

    Granni, so glad you got to have Christmas with so many family members. It's sweet of you to invite your DD's ex. How nice that you are now fully vested. Hope it keeps you snug and warm. We are still wearing our summer clothes down here in the jungle. A cold front is moving through on Thurs. and temps will drop into the 70's. I hope all the lab tests come back normal for you and DH. Don't know how mine will be if I can't get to feeling well enough to start working out again. Seems everywhere I turn, someone has a family member in CO. Hope that one of these days, I'll get back there for a visit.

    Gonna go read the paper and make another cup of Joe. Thinking of everydobby and hope all y'all have a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
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  13. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Good morning, Porchies and Pals! I stayed up late, reading a book about giant flying squid off the coast of California. They had migrated north due to lack of food. I'll spare you any gory details, but the most important part was that the divemaster and marine biologist fell in love...after they saved each other's lives, lol!

    So...I set my alarm for an hour later than usual and didn't get up until 8:00. Couldn't remember when my chiro appt. is this morning...glad I had changed the card they gave me...it's not till 12:20. It's a 45 minute drive, and I may go early enough to run errands before my appt. so I can come straight home afterwards. My headache is lurking in the muddy waters at the edge of my brain...hope I can keep it at bay.

    Mikie, I love your "fully vested" comment ;) At first, I thought you meant "invested" in CCD's family, even though she wasn't there...that's a good thing, too.

    I'm glad other people understand the depression that hits when we are "in crisis"...that's the only way I know to explain something other than the regular illness/symptoms. That happens to me sometimes...then other times I can go with it, understanding that it is (hopefully) temporary.

    Sorry that your virus is taking a toll on you...and your neighbor, too. Den is finally starting to show some improvement, but I think it will take awhile to get over the crud he and coworkers have been passing around.

    As for Keira's time with her dad...they arrange times when he is off work. He seems to have a strange schedule (off so many days, then on so many days...but it varies.) And he is scheduled to go to California for most of January for a job. He's a millwright (according to google...a craftsman or tradesman who installs, dismantles, repairs, reassembles, and moves machinery in factories, power plants, and construction sites.)

    Wish he would have held a job when he and Amy were married...she worked while he hung out in the garage with his drinking buddies, buying steaks and grilling them to show off...until she finally came to her senses. But, their marriage gave us Keira...and we are all grateful for that.

    Oh, she and Amy loved the baby blanket...I told Keira to explain to her dad and step-mom that I was having trouble with my eyes, so it's not perfect. But I think they will appreciate the thought.

    Anyway, Granni...I do hope your labs, etc. turn out to be okay. It's hard to always "eat right", but you seem to have done such a good job. Even with a few "cheats" here and there...all in all, you are very conscientious about your eating plan.

    Glad you had a good Christmas and got to see so many family and friends. Oh my, Colorado would be quiet a trip for you guys! And to go for a short while, then back home...that would wear anyone out. Well, you have a year to figure out what to do...

    Glad you got to see some of CCD's family...these things do have a way of working out, eventually. Hard to deal with while it's going on, though.

    I am thinking of our other porchies and hope everyone is just taking a break...and are reading, if not able to post. I have some laundry going...will try to hang out some of the bigger things before I leave home. Even "freeze-drying" saves fuel, lol! And the dryer finishes the clothes up when I bring them in.

    What an exciting life...take care, everyone!

    Oh, I forgot to mention about Snow, the kids' puppy. I sent my big crate down with Susan so the kids could keep her more "contained" at night...she was roaming around the house...pooping wherever, chewing wires and other things that could get her in trouble. So, the crate training was working...until this morning. Lindsey got up and the crate door was open and the puppy was gone. An investigation revealed what happened...one of the kids was protesting "locking the puppy up at night" and got back up when Lindsey fell asleep....got Snow and took her to bed with her. Liora loves animals and she just couldn't take it, lol! I imagine Mom and Dad will have a "talk" with all the kids today.

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  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Not much time as usual to post but wanted to check in some. Nice to read some nice long posts. Got up a bit later and DH wanted to go walk since we are having problems at our club gym that can you believe 4 treadmills and 3 not working, They are waiting for parts now and every time we go there we wait and someone hops on before us or we just give up and go home.

    MIKIE - Sorry you are still feeling badly and hope your doc appt goes well for you. Sorry you have a virus which we all know you just have to treat the symptoms and wait till it is ready to leave. Of course proper rest and eating right helps some too.

    JULIE - That is funny about Liora and the puppy. She felt he was in jail and he had to get outta there as it was cruelty to animals. That seems to be the feeling now with animals. So many things that used to be considered normal are considered cruelty. Some of this is silliness but I am sure little ones think it is cruel to put the puppy in the crate for safety and trying to teach them what to do and not to do. That of course may take a lot of time. My eldest DD is an animal lover and just got another little puppy that some had left on the side of the road in a crate. There was more than one puppy and some busted out. Not sure if it was him or not. That is cruelty leaving those puppies like that. Yes, I am sure mom and dad will have a talk with the kiddos about leaving the puppy in the crate when left there :)!! Lindsey seems to have lots of common sense and I am sure David too. Seems like so many people I know esp in the family have animals. We don't however. I wouldnt mind one but they need care and there is also the vet bills and we are not working. Kitties are easier than doggies as you don't have to walk them but they all really have their own minds and are very independent which is good and also sometimes not so good. We are awaiting to see what is what with my tooth and DH is worried about his cholesterol and BS.

    SUN - Hope your pain is lessening for you. It is good of you to be able to go visit your family even when you are not feeling well. I know driving there is not easy.

    ROCK - I hope you and Gordon are doing OK. Seems like I have been missing you when you have posted or you didn't in the first place. How's your weather? Ours is typical TX, really cold and then back to warm again. Waiting again for the next cold snap not that I love it:)!!

    I need to go and start dismantling some of Christmas not that we have that much really, mostly cards, and the little tree and a few other Christmas items. However, it all still takes time. Little by little. DH is more in a hurry to get the stuff down and back to normal than I am. My mom always kept it all up till after Jan. 6th, her b-day as well as Little Christmas in Europe where she comes from,

    Gotta run for now get a few things done around here. Not that I feel like doing much of doing anything.

    Love you AWL,
    Granni :)
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie. Sorry you've now picked up a bug that's must be going around. Any fever or sore throat? I learned from Suzy Cohen that from the first sign of a flu bug that I take Flunada along with some homeopathic stuff like echinacea, zinc, extra Vit c, elderberry and something from my local Sprouts that contains everything but the kitchen sink!!!! It usually knocks it out. You may remember that last christmas I picked up that BAD bug going to Hawaii, and had to find a urgent care doc. The day after christmas. That bug lasted about 2 mos. I hope it's long gone from California.

    Julie: How cute what Liora did......but she'll need to explain. First time I heard about crate training I also thought it was cruelty, but I know some people who have grown dogs who still head for their crate as a place of security. When my DD's family got their weimeraner, she came in a crate on a plane from the midwest, and they kept that crate for at least a year or more. BUT....poor Savannah was so traumatized by the plane ride that she still suffers from separation anxiety.

    And speaking of Savannah, I'm doggy sitting her, all 100 pounds. She usually sleeps in an old recliner in the back room.....thats her chair, but around 7:30 she came to me shivering! I covered her up with a few blankets and turned on my little cube heater close to her to warm her and kept putting some heated rice socks on her BUT......I was up all night long checking on her.....still shivering. Stayed up late watching her, So I didn't get much sleep, worrying about her being ill and what was I to do. I couldn't get her into my van (she can't jump anymore). She seems fine now but I'll need to watch her. She's about 11 years old. She is a breed that develops fatty tumors and has some removed in the past but she's got several ones on her chest and I've told my SIL she could have it pressing on internal organs. And I also noticed she's got some large ones on one leg too. Poor dog......she's a real sweetheart and I love her so much, I hate to think of the time when we won't have her anymore.

    Granni. How do you sit on a ball and use the computer? Do you put the ball on the floor or a chair or what?

    Yesterday my handyman was here for over 4 hrs. Mostly working on removing the toilet completely and part of the bathroom wall. There's mold so he sprayed with bleach, and I've got a fan going in the bathroom to dry it. Then after it's dry I'm to spray it 2 more times, drying each time. He said after all of that has been done, he will get the PROPER seal for the toilet. That bathroom has been a giant problem since we moved in 32 years ago. About 15 years ago I discovered mold in the closet next to the bathroom so we pulled out all the flooring and sprayed bleach. I've also had plumbers at least 3 times in the past to fix it. And the last handyman (what a jerk) removed the toilet, put on a seal, put it back then did a sloppy job in fixing the wall. GRRRRRRRRRRR

    And I had my handyman show me how to charge my DHs cordless drill put in bits, etc and then I went to Lowes and bought proper wood screws to fix the fence in the back. Slats were coming lose. Just give me a power tool in my hand and I can do anything!!!!!
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  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - I am popping in for a few minutes and I haven't gotten to much accomplished. Your question about the Stable Ball is a good one. Haven't tried it yet or blew it up. It has stuff in the bottom of the ball so it it doesn't roll, I believe which keeps it from going anywhere while you are sitting. It still might be interesting. Hope I don't fall off. DD works with and does all kinds of fitness exercises and such and teaches others some of it. Sh gave on to the other G ma too but it was a bigger ball as she is much bigger lady, taller and bigger boned.. It is supposed to be good for your back for one thing There are all kinds of exercises you can do with it but doubt if I will do a whole lot of the exercises they show on it. You also need lotsof room. However, I will try and sit on it for awhile and while I type if I dont fall off it. Will tell you about it when I try it.

    GO SUN- Good for you with that power drill. I know it makes you feel better and proud of yourself when you can do stuff like that. It also saves MONEY which is a very good thing. Sorry your toilet seal and wall wan't done right the first time and that you had all that mold in the closet next to the bathroom. That sounds like a major mess and could be a large expense.

    Yesterday, I made reservations on our points to fly to Tuscon, AZ the day after Easter to see a family friend that we grew up with and my dear cousin who we were very close to growing up. We still are but haven;t seen my cousin since my nieces wedding in NY I think. He is a special guy and a pretty well known pathologist when he lived in Ohio. Now he writes history books on the Presidents healths, their ladies and is writing another one he is in the process of writing now. It is very interesting to see how health care has progressed over the years. Can't think of the Titles right now but can ck if anyone is interested. He is one smart guy. His sister lives in CA and I haven't seen her in many years. My dear friends sister still lives in NYC and I may never get to see her again as her DH is not that young and has health challenges, inc emphysema and he needs oxygen at times. They do travel once a year to see family in FL once a year but that is about it I think. So we are excited about that trip. We will stay with our friend who lives in a house by himself. So we will have no Hotel bill :)!!

    Still procrastinating and haven't done to much today except a wash. Christmas is still all around me. Gotta run and see what I can DO today before dinner.

    Love to everydobby'
    Granni :)
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Haven't been posting much. Don't gots no energy. Funny. I didn't have any
    energy when I was posting before. Well, now I have even less. AACCKK! Just
    came in from helping Gordon cover the orchids. Gonna be cold tonight. We've
    been having cold weather (by CA standards-in the 50s, maybe 49) and lots
    of rain.

    We drove to Pasadena today. Could see the snow on the mountain tops for the
    first time this year. I wanted to buy some slippers since the last pair (from
    Penney's) started to fall apart after a month or so. Found some slippers
    with the Minnetonka brand. Minnetonka used to be a brand from Minnesota.
    Famous maker of moccasins. Tonka metal toy trucks also came from MN.
    They show up on Antiques Roadshow now and then. All named after
    Lake Minnetonka (great water in the Dakota language) which is near Minneapolis.

    Anyhoo I tried on Minnetonka slippers. They were too tight at the toes and
    two loose at the heel. Obviously designed for people with feet like a duck.
    Were they made in Minnesota? Nope. China? You got it.

    There was a Nordstrom outlet store in the same mall so we checked that out.
    They had a few slippers. Marked down to $60! Didn't bother to try
    those on.

    Granni, I've seen people at gyms sitting on big balls and doing group
    exercises. I 'spect one needs a good sense of balance. There are numerous
    videos of same on Youtube. Yes, Gordon and I are doing OK. Gonna go
    get another lab test to see about that bladder infection.

    Sun, glad to hear you're proficient with power tools. I'm not proficient with
    any kind of tools. I wonder. Is there such a thing as a power paint brush?
    Hope those aches and pains get better.

    Julie, that was the most beautiful baby blanket I ever saw. It was positively
    luminous. My son had a great big white dog. I forget what kind. Anyhoo it
    had a cage where it slept. The door was always open. It went in there frequently
    during the day to nap. BTW I read some years ago that sending pets by plane
    is generally traumatic. And the holds are not heated or cooled.

    Mikie, I'm sorry to hear you are having so many problems at the same time.
    Does that colloidal silver help? Never tried it. I hope you can at least read
    or watch TV. Did you write the Santa the Surfer verse? It evoked colorful
    images. How did the Sunday crossword go? I tried one once in the LA times.
    I think I only got about half the answers.

    Spring, thanks for the colorful antique Christmas image. Not sure if that's
    a Victorian or an Edwardian image. King Edward was Victoria's son. He
    had a short reign (9 years) because she lived so long. Saw lots of chartreuse
    and neon green while shopping today. Lots of folks with tennis shoes that
    color and rows of boxes in the shoe store.

    Barry, have you heard of a cozy mystery writer named Karen Rose Smith?
    The detective's regular job is "home stager". Never heard of such a thing.
    Found a site that says a home stager fixes up a house that's for sale so
    it looks more inviting. Haven't started reading yet so no review. Hope
    you and Richard are OK.

    Hugs Everydobby
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  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hi all...

    Good to read all updates.

    Mikie - I looked up Red Tide. I hope you are recovered soon. My phone battery was DEAD when I got up this morning although I'm pretty sure it was half full last nite..and my computer's battery died when it showed there was 5 percent left as I was typing to you all.

    So I will wait and see what's going in...if someone got into the computer and is tweaking stuff.

    Julie - cute tender hearted Liora. Lil!

    Rock - I'm going to look up peanut brittle go see if it's my peanut candy.

    Granni -/I want go get a Stable Ball. I need to do exercises. My middle and thighs hv gotten bigger so I can't fit properly into my pants and dresses. I get claustrophobic wearing close fitting garments. They hv to be loose. The tailors always get bewildered at my specifications.

    Sun - poor doggie. Can you pray for A shield of light to.protect him when he is asleep? Our doggie used to do that. Scratching at our door at 1am on some nights ...it helps..he wasn't ill. I had to ask a healer for help.

    If you.live near a church..you can sprinkle holy water too. Dogs are sensitive creatures.

    Love to Starlight, Barry, Rock, Diane,Linda and all MIAs.

    I might be a little busy. The Sis in law from Switzerland has come...I went visiting..hv some errands to run too..buy stuff for her. Her DD wants some specific type garments from here..ethnic.

    I bought lots of food but didn't get around to making ...I got side tracked by other chores. Thank goodness for fridge.


    God Bless
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  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    This is the post which disappeared and later came back. Don't know where it went. I'm leaving it as a separate post so y'all don't think it's a duplicate.

    Still sick but may be feeling just a tad better than I have been. These things just have to run their course. I can't take extra vitamin C due to the kidney stone tendency. I do have some Echinacea and zinc so may take that. I gave my good vitamin C to my neighbor. The worst part of this is the slight depression and anxiety that seems to accompany me whenever I feel lousy. It started while I was sick with the kidney stones. I haven't had a chance to completely recover from that. Well, it's usually while we are sick and run down with one thing that we get something else. Kinda like a bonus from the demons who make us sick to begin with. As Rock says, Ratbane! I hope to be able to get some things done in here today. I will take the welcome mats, including Barb's, back out to put on the balcony. Looks as though the guy did a good job pressure washing but I haven't checked everything. I see cobwebs high on the wall on the front of the bldg. where the balcony is. I think they got wet so will probably be difficult to get down. I may use the Shop Vac for that.

    My Dear Old Friend called. I told him I'd let him know on Thurs. or Fri. whether I'd be up to spending New Year's Eve with him. As it is, I usually go to bed at 7:00 or 8:00 but now, I don't even last that long. We are used to seeing each other more often than we've been able to in months but we both have health issues so he'll understand if I can't do it. I watched the Kennedy Center Awards last night after a lengthy and deep nap. It was an excellent show. The singers and musicians were sooooo good. No one hitting sour notes. There was one young singer I am not familiar with and her voice was beautiful. James Taylor and The Eagles were honored, among others. One of my favorite singers and one of my favorite bands. Now that Glenn Frey has died, the Eagles will likely not perform again as a band. I saw them once in concert. Also, just heard that Carrie Fisher has died. Guess that she was on life support and removed. If that's the case, it must have been so hard for her mother, Debbie Fisher.

    More to come but I'll edit and add.
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    I thought I just lost all my original post. It disappeared and reappeared in a few minutes. Even the draft in the box had disappeared. PH's server may have hiccupped. The electronic gremlins are alive and well. Curses! I'm gonna leave this in two separate posts lest anyone think I've duplicated it.

    Julie, I'm sorry for the depression. Yes, it does seem to nag at us when we are run down. What affects the body affects the mind and emotions. From what I've heard, dogs who are raised with crates like them and feel more secure in them. Don't know whether Snow will see it that way now but it's certainly worth a shot. Also, if she's roaming around and chewing on things, the crate would keep her out of trouble. Glad Amy liked the blanket. It is beautiful. Hope your day running errands and seeing the chiro went well. I hope he was able to help you feel better. BTW, going from TX to CO isn't a bad trip at all, even in a car. Flying is just a hop and a skip.

    Granni, glad you will get to go to Tucson. I didn't use my miles for the trip to TX. I can afford it now but may need to use them later. Still, my bank account really took a lot of hits this year. Taking the trip was the best thing I spent $$ on this year. I was surprised when I replaced my old balance ball and the new one had weight in the bottom to stabilize it. That's a good idea. The old one once dumped me when it bounced right out from under me. When I had a tower PC, I used one to sit on at the keyboard. I liked it. BTW, the large balls are excellent to use for stomach crunches. Hope you get all your Christmas stuff put away. This year, I have nothing to take down.

    Sun, yes, I do remember when you were sick at Christmas last year. I am going to start taking some of the things you mention except the vitamin C. It encourages the formation of kidney stones. Yikes! I hope Savannah is around a long time. It's soooo hard to have our beloved pets get old and sick. It's worse than being old and sick myself. I hope you can get that toilet situation fixed once and for all. It's good that the mold is being taken care of. I had that once in my master shower and it made me sick for a long time before I found out what was causing me to wake up in the middle of the night choking and coughing. Good for you for using the power drill. Next thing, we'll see you on HGTV wearing a tool belt.

    Rock, wish we would get some cooler weather. Supposed to have a day or two of it and then, right back to the 80's. I didn't get the puzzle finished. I'm about 80 percent done. I'll finish it when I sit down to take one of my many breaks. In theory, the colloidal silver will help with most anything. In Petri dishes, it kills all kinds of pathogens. I keep a big bottle on hand. I never know whether I would have been worse had I not taken it but, it might help and it won't hurt. That's my threshold for what I'll put into my body. I have been reading and watching TV. I'm binge watching Suits before the new season starts next mo. On Demand only lets one watch for free for a short time and then they charge. Of course, eventually, it ends up on Amazon or Netflix.

    I used to buy those Minnetonka moccasins in my yute. I've seen a lot of slippers since you told us of your search for new ones. Nordstrom is not where I'd look for a reasonably priced pair. I wish you well in your quest. Yes, I wrote the Surfer Santa ditty. Couldn't help myself. We had skiing Santas in CO and I saw some water skiing Santas on TV. One year, when we took a family vacation to LA, it was clear and we could see the snow on the mountains. That was back in the day of the pea soup smog. I'm gonna be watching the Rose Bowl Parade from Pasadena. Hope you are staying warm, my friend.

    Spring, maybe I should surround my computer with protective light. Good grief, my post disappeared and reappeared minutes later. Something foul is afoot! Don't remember whether you have mentioned Raphael the Archangel but one can invoke divine light from God through him. Just read about how good it is to meditate through him for healing and peace of mind. I gotta try that. I'm a hot mess right now, literally. Every little effort makes me feel hot and sweaty. Whine, whine, whine!!! I hope you enjoy your SIL's visit. I looooved Switzerland when I visited. Is she living in the French-speaking part or the German-speaking part? Zurich was beautiful but I preferred Geneva because my French was better than my German. Yes, thank God for the fridge. Of course, it has its limits. :)

    Gotta go read the 'real' newspaper. Just heard that the Washington Post is hiring more journalists in an age where newspapers have been dwindling for decades. Many people still love the idea of sitting with a real newspaper in their hands while they drink their coffee. I think that's mostly us old folks. The Millennials are used to reading everything from small screens. Only problem is that they want everything in small bites, or should I say, bytes. Now, there is the problem with fake news so, unless they are careful where they get their news, they may be easily misled. Yikes!

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful, and healthy, day.

    Love, Mikie
    Last edited: Dec 28, 2016

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