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    ....popping in and opening this new porch...


    Mikie - You were dealing with so much with Tweety also acting up...I think taking her away was the best thing to do.

    She got her chances and now it's upto her little feline self what happens. If only that cat hating lady would up and leave.

    My doggies are also peeing inside but that's because it's rainy outside and also because I close the doors for security reasons.. Luckily it's in open areas ..so easier to spot and mop but what an added headache. I hope you enjoy the concerts.

    Starlight - that's scary about the imbalance and dropping off in mid sentence. I only heard of Lyme disease after coming here. I remember my MIL getting dizzy when walking...she went to a chiropractor, I realise that's who it was now to get massage..years back, 23 yrs back maybe..she recovered from that completely

    Granni - nice to hear about all your doings..outings et al. I watched a choir on Britains Got Talent..so beautiful..uplifting...

    Julie - do Take care of yourself and make sure you're kids do too...sure is a stressful time. The pumpkin vines are cut when they're tender and fried with onion, potatoes, garlic, etc to make curry. I think they would be an acquired taste tho..kinda tastes like green leafy veggies. I'm pretty sure they contain a lot of iron.

    I was looking for some misplaced things and found some. Just that I found one of a pair of party shoes, stuffed into a suitcase among clothes hahahahaha...the other was in my cupboard where I kept both.

    Just what am I dealing with here. The opposite of helpful elves?

    My son was staying to look after the house, while I went shopping and texted his friend he couldn't come over immediately, he typed 'my mum has gone to get groceries' and the autocorrect typed 'my mum has gone to gaol.'.imagine if he hadn't caught the mistake. Autocorrect is autoheadache.

    We felled our bougainvillea...it was more than I could handle...very beautiful but it was swamping the whole house so it looked like a house was growing out of a bougainvillea. The help hv plenty of wood now, should another cooking gas crisis arise. I hv plenty of those now..no more shortage.
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    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Thank you, everyone, for you kind words of comfort and thank you, Spring, for starting up a new Porch. I really appreciate everything. Jeff took Tweety after work yesterday in the cat carrier. Sir Vester touched noses with her through the netting on the soft-side carrier. I think it was good for him to see that she left with Jeff. He was the original caretaker when he lived in the next bldg. He lives close by on the next street over. Streets are closer here in the hood than in normal ones. I don't know whether he plans to let her roam and, if he does, whether or not she will find her way here. I hope she doesn't. They never figured out where he had moved to when they lived with Julie and she let them out. The really mean woman has moved in the next bldg. but there is another one there who is nearly as bad. Jeff is now president of the big board so that may help him in dealing with people in here.

    By the time Tweety left, I was so stressed out that I was in horrible pain. I went to bed and it's better today. Sir Vester did cry out a couple of times by the front door last evening. I reassured him and said, "It's OK." Both cats understand what that means. If it doesn't work out for Jeff and Tweety, he will have to deal with taking her to the shelter or find a home. We have all tried so hard here to give these cats a home. It breaks my heart that I couldn't keep her but it had become a health issue; I can't have urine all over, especially in my bed. It really isn't her fault. She is just so demanding and smart. It's her nature to try to get what she wants. Sir Vester was OK all night and this morning. I hope he will continue to be OK. Again, thank you, everyone, for your comforting messages.

    It's early and I'm not sure what I'm going to do today. I feel as though I've been run over by a truck. Stress really is the worst thing for us. Hope all y'all have a good one.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie- I'm sorry you feel as though you've been run over by a truck.
    I'm not surprised with all the worry and work you've been dealing with.
    I reckon you've gone over and beyond with Tweety. A very nice thing you did taking them on.
    Hopefully you and Sylvester can settle down and relax and get out of this ditch health wise.

    Sun-my ears feel fine actually, but definatly something worth looking into.
    No.I don't think it's helped me eigther. In fact I feel even more tired than normal,if that's even possible! But at the same time it's messing with my night time sleep. Not dealing with it anymore.
    How long did you take care of your mum for?
    I don't want that for my Treasures.

    Spring- my dr is actually concerned about my neck and I'm worried a chiropractor may be too forceful,if you know what I mean.
    I'm seeing him in a couple of days so hopefully his education and experience will benefit me somehow.

    Julie-I'm sure you would've crossed off a ton of stuff on your to do list.
    Would be nice to have some quality time with Kierra.

    Granni- hope your time away pays off. Pokie machines have all the bells and whistles now.
    I don't play,but hope you have a ball!

    Barry- how are you doing?
    Some days it takes what little energy I have just to read posts. Never mind typing.
    How's Richard and Shorty going?
    Maybe one day,if you're up to it,you could tell me what religions you studied when you went to school. I'd be very interested.
    For instance,did it include mythology aswell as the varieties of this day and age? How long were you at school for?

    Rock-I know you've said you do crossword puzzles,but how are you at sudoku? I must admit it frustrates me!

    DH has gone to pick Treasures up from youth group.
    Rain is steadily trickling and another day is just about over.
    Soccer tomorrow,so hopefully not too cold.
    School holidays coming up. We don't have summer holidays like they do in the U. S.
    We have 6 wks in summer ,but 2 wks at a time dividing the year into 4 terms.
    Just need to survive the weekend first.

    Our Jack Russell has figured out another escape from the yard. Little terror!

    Take care everyone
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    Hi Kids

    Thanks for opening up, Spring. We have lots of bougainvillea in S. California.
    I remember how impressed I was when I first saw it. A huge patch on a
    hill. It comes in shades of purple and red.


    I consider in beautiful and exotic. Gordon considers it a pest. Our neighbors
    have it and it pushes against our fence. Trimming it is somewhat dangerous
    as it has long (an inch or more) thorns that will go right through heavy
    canvas gardening gloves. Reminds me of those femme fatales in film
    noir. Beautiful but dangerous.

    Sorry to hear you were put in goal. Reminds me of Oscar Wilde's poem
    we read in High School. The Ballad of Reading Goal. (Here was use
    the term jail.)

    Mikie, I'm sorry you're having so much stress as well as physical problems.
    It seems terribly unfair that even when we get some sleep we don't wake
    up feeling rested and ready to face a new day. Maybe at some point you
    will want to try a visit with Tweety and Sir Vester? I hope you have a
    good book or some nice music to spend the day with.

    Star, no, I don't do Sudoku. Too tricky for me. I am only good with words. I only
    knew one person in my life who was good with both words and numbers. He
    was a coworker. I trained him when he was a new attorney. Some years later
    he started his own law firm, and I went to work for him part time. I always
    told the kids right outta law school, "Always be polite; even with the opposing
    attorney. Someday that might be your boss. Or the Judge."

    Ok, Kids. The computer is acting out again. Ratbane!
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    Good morning, friends! I had started a long post on the last volume, but forgot to finish it after taking a phone call then going out with Keira and Den to do some fireworks...just those little sprinklers and those little things you throw on the cement and they make a "bang." Keira had waited so patiently all day for it to get dark enough to see the sprinklers. Most fireworks are illegal in Iowa so we don't get any of the bigger stuff...even though we are only 15 minutes away from the Missouri border where there are many places to purchase.

    Sun, I did read what you were saying and I took it to heart. I think Den and I just need some time (and to get things like the estate taken care of, etc.)...somewhere out there is our "new normal."

    Mikie, I am so sorry...I would think the stress you are under right now falls in the category of a death, divorce or something equally hard. I agree with the others...you have tried so hard and done so much for those sweet babies...I pray it works out somehow for humans and animals...

    Sorry, I can't stay on here...I hear Keira stirring...will go lie with her while she wakes up.
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    OK Kids
    We'll see if this thing is working now. Sometimes I feel like driving a
    stake through its heart. Of course I realize the problem may lie with
    the server or the satellites or the wires or the modem ad infinitum, but
    the monitor is the nearest target.

    Star, I don't think I would like your school schedule. Here we have 3
    months off from school. "No more pencils; no more books. No more
    teachers' dirty looks!" I still remember the utter bliss of the last
    day of school. The 3 month of vacations stretched before us and
    seemed like an infinity of time. Of course, by fall I was glad to get

    What is the name of your Jack Russell? We had some kind of terrier
    when I was very small. We had pictures on the wall of my brother
    and me and some sort of terrier. Looked like this.
    The website said this was Jack Russell. I think it looks more like a
    wire haired terrier. Anyhoo there were lots of Jack Russells in
    show biz: on TV and in the movies. They always seem to be so
    happy and full of energy. We should all be so lucky.

    Julie, I remember reading old books for kids that talked about torpedos,
    fireworks that exploded when you threw them against a hard surface.
    Never saw any when I was a kid, but around July 4th lots of fireworks
    are set off in our neighborhood and the sidewalk and street have
    scorch marks. Gordon said the marks are from rockets and torpedos.

    Sun, we've been having toilet problems too. Replaced an old one. The
    new one didn't work. Replaced that. I think it's all part of the
    shoddy workmanship and incompetence that pervades the world

    I used to have an AAA membership. I didn't renew after they gave
    me a travel map that they mis-plotted. But I would have had to
    switch anyway. I went to work for the insurance company that owned
    the other big auto club. I think it was called The National Auto Club.
    (I am constantly amazed and dismayed at all thing things I can't

    Hugs to Granni, Barry, Mikie, Spring, et. al
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    Dear Mikie, I'm so sorry for the stress you are going through. I can well relate. Special hugs to you.

    Folks, I seem to be in a major flare right now. I am dizzy and anxious, and very,very tired. Flat tired.

    Star, I am holding on. As you asked, I will tell. My religious studies in which I got my degree were concentrated on Eastern religions : Buddhism, Hinduism, and Taoism. When I started, at a different college, to study for a Master's I studied the I Ching, Tantra and Kundalini and some Shinto and Confucianism. I didn't complete though. Wanted to move out of the city into the sticks. We have BIG sticks up here called redwood trees. I drew away from Christianity because being gay was so stigmatized by the American part of my family in Texas (Baptists and holy rollers) that they dropped all contact with me and my mum (English) who was terribly hurt by them. I guess you could say nature is my religion, and belief in kindness to others.

    I am fading now and am going to lie down. I have appts. for ultrasounds of my blocked carotids, and to see a cardiologist. Maybe my heart is blocked too? So tired.

    Love to All,
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    Not much time to get on to write a long post. I see that we are now on a new volume. I did read some of it on my phone before. We had fin at the casino and I even won some money. How about that??? It was nice to get away and we had experience coming home where there was an accident way down the road that we were on, couldn't see it though and we got detoured onto a road we had no idea of where we were. Luckily we did stop at my insistence to ask directions at a small store and they were so nice and even wrote them all down for us. Got home fine.

    Have to go and get ready to go to DD's house for a Fathers Day dinner as they will be gone to see his father in the morning. We are meeting DD#1 tomorrow afternoon and here DH and also our DS and his wife for a late lunch about 1/2 way from where we both live now. So that will be nice even though my DH is not thrilled at having to drive some more after the past few days but oh well and then we won;t go anywhere for some time.. In Aug we will go see our DD#4 and her DH and our other DGS.

    MIKIE - So sorry you are going through so much. I am sure you are sick at having to give away Tweety as I know you love her very much. Your health is most important and glad they are a no killing shelter.

    Hang in there too BARRY and hope all goes well with your tests and results. So sorry you are feeling so very tired. Hope that they can fix that without to much problem for you..

    JULIE - Hope you survive this weekend and all coming after it . Feel so sorry for Lindsey, David and family after the passing of his Dad. Glad you had some time to be with Keira along. You all have been through so much in such a short time.

    Thinking of you all inc ROCK, STAR, SUN, DIANE, SW et al.

    I gotta run and get ready to go.

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    Hi all.
    Soccer success. Three all.
    Found out today my youngest Treasure is vying for top spot as far as how many goals kicked.
    My Dd who is a year older is on the same team And a staunch defender.
    Gee it's cold though,but no fear. I was well prepared with my fold up chair,many layers on, mittens and let's not forget the rug.
    Yeah. Probably over kill, but at least I was warm.
    And there.
    I managed to get some groceries on the way home and prepare lunch for the little tribe
    And now I'm cactus.

    Sorry everyone's feeling so crappy.
    Yes Mikie. I do agree,when one is feeling as such,you'd at least expect the word to be accepted as legitimate health jargon.
    I have a silly question. Why is each thread called a volume?

    Rock-a stake through the heart? Oh the drama and yet I can commiserate.
    Technology -'Tis a bitter-sweet relationship.
    Loved the pic of the bougainvillea. I thought they had those Nasty thorns!
    The pic of jack Russell is pretty close, but I think ours may stand a little taller with perhaps a little larger nose.
    Colouring very close too. Yes,our Harry is energetic and cute and a notorious escape artist.
    I'll have to figure out how to attach and minimise pics I s'pose. Or maybe I'll just put that on the bucket list.

    I must admit,3 months of glorious summer holidays does sound enticing,but then I cast my mind back to our last school holidays, remembering fondly how well our little Treasures got on...NOT. My beloved Treasures were at each other's throats,as the saying goes,and well and truly ready to go back to school after 2weeks!
    Then I suppose most folk over your way (according to my trusted Intel-the TV) send their Treasures off to various summer camps. Forgive me,but flashes of John Travolta and Olivia Newton John singing 'summer lovin'',comes to mind. Not exactly what I have in mind for my lot.(Now that I'm a boring parent and all).
    But now I'm probably stereo typing,so some light shed would be a bonus.

    The school year without any breaks seems tedious.
    Which ever way we look at it I'm sure we'd adapt. Memories are made and many summers will come and go. And children will get up to mischief and parents hide behind corners for a good chuckle and then reappear ,a composed grown up.

    Barry-thanks for the info. Hope I didn't cause more anxiety for you,travelling down memory lane.
    Now the Red trees are something I've heard of. Amazing.
    Yes. I am still a tree hugger at heart.

    Granni-enjoy lunch at Dd :)

    Sigh. DH has recruited Treasures to heighten our front fence.
    Is it All a bit much?
    Necessary perhaps?
    Perhaps after the fence is completed,peace will be restored.
    I guess DH has a heavier burden than I to carry in trying to protect his family.
    Although admirable,this body is prison enough and right now my back is torturing me and I will yield and take something for it.

    Love to all.
    Over and out. (At least for a little while)
  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Woke up at 11 PM. Just in time to hear the fireworks. We are 2 miles West
    of Dodger stadium. I think they played the Milwaukee Brewers last night.
    I believe they have a fireworks display at the end of every game. It is to
    alert the fans that the game is over. They can now put their electronic
    gadgets away and go home. Baseball was once America's pastime, but not
    any longer.

    Gonna be hot today. The temps will be in the 80s and 90s. Supposed
    to hit 100 on Monday. Gordon hates hot weather. Good thing we
    have a room air conditioner. Gordon would love your current
    weather, Star.

    I got confusiated at the end of your post. Is the fence being
    made higher to keep Harry in? Or to keep the treasures from
    escaping and becoming lost treasures? BTW, a person can
    hug a redwood, but not get his/her arms around a mature one.
    They get tall as a skyscraper and you need a baseball team
    (maybe more) to encircle one.

    Speaking (or singing) of Grease, my 7 year old son loved that
    movie. We must have seen it 20 times. When we didn't go
    to Grease, we revisited Star Wars.

    Granni, congratulations on winning. I lived in Las Vegas for a
    year. Only gambled once. Lost $20 in about 5 minutes. Decided
    it was not for me. I feel sorry for gambling addicts. No matter
    how much they win, they can never stop till they've lost it all.

    Barry, sorry you're so short on energy. I have a clogged carotid too,
    and have been taking low dose aspirin every day for the last
    few years. Have no idea what the current situation is. Do you
    have to take something stronger?

    Mikie, I hope you got some rest last night.

    Now I am gone
    May my wish linger on,
    Its echo fall soft on your ear.
    May your riches increase
    May you all live in peace
    And happiness grow every year
    My friend,
    Happiness grow every year

    Rock (The font has mind of its own. Not my idea to
    have such big, braggy letters.)

  11. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    So far, so good. If Sir Vester is missing Tweety, he isn't showing any overt signs of it. I hope he will be OK; he is such a sweet little fellow. He slept on the bed with me, as usual, last night. He wakes up several times during the night and mews or taps me with his paw. If I tell him no and to go back to sleep, he does, unlike Tweety. She would climb on my night table or dresser and knock things over noisily or rattle the closet door or window blinds. I could have put up with that but not the peeing to which she escalated. I'll call Jeff today to see how both of them are doing. I miss her but not her peeing. Again, thank you all for the kind good wishes.

    I feel slightly better but realized I haven't been down to the mailbox in about a week. This level of stress just knocks me for a loop, physically and mentally. I have to take my garbage down and grab the mail. I also have to get groceries and buy one of the $50 gas cards for $40. Gas prices have gone up again. Publix has bags of frozen shrimp on BOGO so I'll pick up two bags. Everything has gotten behind while I've been struggling with this decision. I also have to send my DGS's birthday check so he can use it for his birthday trip to NYC. Wish I had the means and heath to travel. I'm glad my kids can. I did my share of living when I could and I'm grateful for that.

    Spring, glad you came back to post more. I'm also glad you have enough cooking gas. Those shortages have been horrible for you. Glad to hear you aren't actually in jail. Sorry your doggies are peeing inside. My old dog did that toward the end of her life. We just cleaned up after her. Dog pee isn't as pungent as cat pee. Cat pee doesn't smell bad right away. It just ripens with time. I found a spray, Blue Magic, which takes away the stain and smell from the carpet. I need to buy more. Yes, bougainvillas are beautiful but can get completely out of hand.. Some idiot planted them in urns by the pool where the thorns could scratch people going by. I had them removed when I was on the board. Again, thanks for getting us up and running again. I closed out the old Porch.

    Star, my Dear Old Friend, whom the docs suspect of having FMS, has problems with his legs doing what his mind wants them to do. I sometimes feel dizzy but I think it does have to do with my inner ears. I am more clumsy these days and, I suspect, it is from brain fatigue. It's always something with us. Jack Russells are sooo smart and cute but I've read they can be a handful. I think the smarter a critter is, the harder it can be to deal with. Hope you can find a way to keep him in his yard. Most of the kids' vacation here is still in the summertime but usually is no longer three full months. Schools have experimented with vacations throughout the year but seem to go back to the summertime vacation. They have breaks during the winter holidays and again in the spring. Not sure how the threads on the Porch came to be called, volumes. I guess when they started limiting them to 30 or so posts, a decision was made to number them and call them, volumes. Maybe someone who started the Porch can answer better than I. I'm sorry you are so exhausted and hope you can get to feeling better.

    Rock, I'm sorry something has been going awry with your computer. With all the components involved, and the necessity of their working perfectly, it is amazing that our computers ever perform. Ratbane, indeed! Thanks for posting the bougainvilla pic. The first time I ever saw one was at Knott's Berry Farm when we vacationed in So Cal. It covered the top of the walkway along the shops. I loved visiting KBF when we were there on our various vacations over the years. The attractions weren't as exciting as Disneyland but there was just something about the place--the history, the chicken dinners. I can hear the fireworks from the Minnesota Twins' stadium not too far from me. When the Twins aren't here for Spring Training, our local minor league plays there. The Boston Red Sox have a Spring Training stadium out east of town. Sudoku also frustrates me. I am just not good at math. Hope you get your toilet working properly. People here get new ones as they remodel their bathrooms. Mine are working well (knocking on wood) so I have no plans to replace them, just keep on putting new valve mechanisms in the tank when called for.

    OK really feel I should post this and come back to add to it and edit. I'd hate to lose such a long W&P post. OK, I'm back...

    Barry, I am so very sorry you are in such a bad flare. I hope and pray this passes. I also hope the carotid issue can be dealt with. Seems to me that it takes everything we have just to deal with our ongoing health issues without heaping on new ones. Then, in my case, throw in issues related to aging and it gets almost untenable. Your education is even more vast than I had realized. I would love to have studied other religions beyond just what I've read about them. I'm so sorry you and your Mum suffered due to discrimination by family members. I know people like that act out of fear and ignorance but there is no excuse for it. You have the right idea--love and being kind to others is the most important thing. Please keep us updated with what is going on with your health. Hugs and prayers coming your way.

    Granni, how nice to have won some money. I'm glad for you and for all the time you get to spend with your kids. Ugh! I hate traffic gridlock due to accidents. Of course, it's worse for the people in the accidents so I send up prayers for them while I sit idling. Seems when I've had to drive on I-75, there is always something holding things up. I'm glad you got directions and didn't get lost. Evidently in several large cities, navigation systems are able to alert people to alternate routes. That would be a huge help, expecially with the turn-by-turn real time directions to keep drivers from becoming lost. I'm glad you are home safe and sound.

    Hope I didn't miss anything or anyone. I'm feeling better this morning but won't vouch for my brain. I need to get into the shower and go to the store. We may get more rain this morning. It rained last night. Mon. and Tues. will be hot but dry and breezy. Woo Hoo!!! Love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie

    Update: I just called Jeff and Tweety is doing well. She's using the litterbox and rolling on the floor when he brushes her. She cried all night the first night but was OK last night. I told him I called because I was more worried about him than about her. In the meantime, Sir Vester is doing well. I gave him some Fancy Feast Broth with seafood when I got home from the store.

    Just going shopping after my shower has about done me in so I'm resting and about to read the newspaper. I got my mail and the garbage and recyclables down to the dumpster area. That's more than I've been up to doing in a long time. Perhaps all the post-Tweety stress reduction and all the resting I've been doing is helping.

    Got my BOGO shrimp and some A/C filters on sale. Also got my gas card and will fill 'er up when I can. I like to keep my tank at least half-way full, especially during Hurricane Season. Dear Old Friend called and said his legs were OK but he just isn't feeling up to walking over. I am worried about him. He says he's going to call the doc to get to the bottom of whatever is wrong but, so far, he hasn't. Denial and failure to act is a normal part of what ails us so I understand.

    Again, hope all y'all are having a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    MIKIE, et al, Just have time to pot a little bit. Is JEFF a friend that is keeping her for while until she can get into the shelter or what? As you can see, I have missed something along the way? Glad she is doing well and Sir Vester as well. Hope now you can start to resting and being less stressed. We are getting ready to go meet DD#1 and spouse and DS and spouse at a restaurant for lunch for an early Fathers Day gathering. DD has to work tomorrow. We had a nice dinner over DD's house with grilled chicken, corn on the cob and charro beans. It was very nice and watched some TV. It was to hot to really sit outdoors.

    Sorry DEAR ONES but I need to finish getting ready to go meet some of our family for lunch. More later. Tomorrow will be busy with church and I may also be going to a birthday party fr our choir director, a surprise - he is 40 years old. Gosh he sure is young. I don't even have the appropriate care, I don't think ):!

    Love to STAR, ROCK, JULIE, SW, BARRY, SUN, DIANE et al,
    Granni :)
  13. ConfusedInPA

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    My dear friends,

    I'm leaving the message board for a while.

    My reasons are private, and I won't share on the board, or PM, or email.

    Just been too stressful for me lately.

    You all take care. You'll be in my thoughts. Rock, If GB doesn't see this message, feel free to tell her on the Homebound board.

    Love, Diane
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  14. springwater

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    Mikie -

    Popped in to see how it's panning out..so glad to hear Tweety is comfortable. I meant to do more than I actually was able to. Having less energy means lots of things piled up, so when i actually have a energy, i m running around distracted by all the things to do. We cut more trees and overgrown creepers etc. and burnt the branches, it was wet and rainy but surprisingly a bit of diesel and rags served well to start and keep the fire going. The workmen had to make makeshift ladders of bamboo...to get to the upper stories

    Granni - nice to see you busy meeting family, and birthday celebs. Did you go down to the casino? I missed that post.

    Star - im tickled to hear you are wearing wintry things while we swelter here. I've always been fascinated with the different seasons for southern and northern hemispheres. Also the 6 months of perpetual daylight in The Arctic regions...congrats on your lil one scoring so many goals...you seem to be having a bright and talented brood.

    Rock - I hv that bougain you posted the same colour in a pot..we trim it, I am just so fascinated by all the beautiful shades of that flower..

    Grease! My goodness, the movie songs were out when I was in college (6 months of college unfortunately) and in hostel. Somebody had the coveted cassette and we would dance like anything to You're the one that I want..
    It feels like a dream to remember those times..I was away from home and what a beautiful time..just studying, washing clothes, roaming around, messing with friends...

    Julie - we rarely get to see fireworks, the govt has no money..well, once we got a show, a bit of a distance from our home beautiful displays for about five minutes..wondered what it was govt was celebrating...the next day found out it was a private celebration, an indian merchant family, got their first grandson..hence the party! The divide between the haves and have nots is great here, indeed!

    Diane - how are you doing?

    Barry - hope Shorty and you both doing better. You really studied some interesting stuff! In our meditation, we were taught kundalini, but it's very powerful and not for the physically weak, as I found out...I broke out into rashes and started getting such uncontrollable bouts of anger, I wondered if I was me! It was ghastly. I insisted I couldn't do it after that, otherwise our instructor keeps pushing all students to keep climbing to higher levels of meditation. And a lot of them hv...even becoming instructors.

    Seems like DH and me both went shopping and bought same stuff.. Bread, Button mushrooms, so I made dumplings AND curry so as to try n finish them up...bread gets finished since doggies love them..especially if we toast the bread. Sometimes I butter the toast so as they can hv a treat..

    I'm still not done finishing the book on energy healing I started, but it is fascinating..the author is a gifted energy healer, only she said she experiences pain when she heals, now that is scary...a co worker who was in a wheelchair got up and started walking when she got the urge to put her hands on his shoulders and keep them there for a while...he was so freaked out, he ran away from her in the beginning. That was how she discovered her gift.

    God bless
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Diane, hate to see you leave. I hope you will soon feel better
    and return.

    May the good Lord bless and keep you
    Whether near or far away
    May you find that long awaited
    Golden day today

    May your troubles all be small ones
    And your fortunes ten times ten
    May the good Lord bless and keep you
    Till we meet again

    May you walk with sunlight shining
    And a bluebird in every tree
    May there be a silver lining
    Back of every cloud you see

    Fill your dreams with sweet tomorrows
    Never mind what might have been
    May the good Lord bless and keep you
    Till we meet again

    By Meredith Wilson who also wrote The Music Man

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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Not doing too much so decided to pop in for a bit. I'm eating well and resting to try to get some NRG back. I'm watching The People v O.J. Simpson on On Demand. It's hot and Sr. Vester is taking it easy too. I miss Tweety so much but my stress level is so much better without her. Jeff seemed to think she is doing really well. I hope he's right.

    Granni, sorry, it's not you--it's my lack of explanation regarding Jeff's relationship to the cats. He was the one who started feeding them five years ago when they showed up in the hood as skinny, wounded kittens. Someone had obviously thrown them out here. He feed them and they lived outside for three years. Two years ago, a neighbor complained and harassed him so much he started having heart attack symptoms. He had had a heart attack at age 31. He asked me to take the cats and, of course, I did. It has been a challenge to train Tweety to be an inside cat but I was determined to keep trying until this urinating. Once before, I was sick and didn't think I could keep them but started to feel better and kept on working on it.

    In the meantime, Julie, another neighbor who loves the cats, wanted them so she took them for a while. It didn't work out because she would let them in and out. When Tweety wanted out and Julie wouldn't let her go, Tweety would become destructive. Also, Julie started having seizures and was medically unable to cope. So, again, I took them in. Jeff moved over a street to a townhouse from his condo. The cats never figured out he was still in the hood. I know I may have just muddied the waters more rather than cleared things up. In any case, people here have worked heroically to save the cats. Perhaps separating them will work out for everyone. I hope so.

    Diane, Sweetie, I am so sorry to lose you but I hope it helps you to feel better and that you can return soon. As you wish, I won't try to PM you. Feel free to PM me if you want to at some point. I keep you, Kevin, Faithy, Rosie and Beety in my thoughts and prayers.

    Rock, I have always loved that poem. What a sweet thing to post. I hope Diane gets to read it. You have always been such a good friend to all of us and our lives are better for having you in them.

    Spring, you have described perfectly the NRG roller coaster I ride constantly. I try to pace myself but, lately, I've been so far behind and now I'm trying to rest and still catch up on what didn't get done. There has to be more to life than this. Whine, whine, whine!!! Our family loves Grease too. We took the kids to a drive-in movie to see it when they were growing up. Just going to a drive-in movie was a treat. They are almost gone now. I can watch that movie over and over and listen to the songs over and over too. A stage production has been playing but I think it would be hard to beat the movie. On the other hand, I though the movie, Mama Mia, stank but everyone says the stage production is great. The healing you are investigating sounds fascinating. Try not to overdo things and I hope we both get some NRG. Same with everydobby on the Porch.

    Gonna get my Kindle to read while I 'watch' the TV. Of course, no one can truly multitask but I'll give it my best shot. Hope all y'all have a good weekend.

    Love, Mikie
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DIANE - So sorry to hear that you are leaving us again. I wish that you would feel so much better and be back very soon again but I know sometime we have to take breaks from our normal routines and hope that things will change for the better. Hope your stresses or stressors will soon be gone. I just know when you are gone I will miss you and I know many others will too. I have been thinking about you often and may send you a PM but I do not expect you to unload any information on me. Just know I will be here for you if you ever feel like talking about how you are feeling. Just please know that you will be missed when you are not posting on the boards. :( However, I do know that we all have to do what we think is right for us and our health.

    OUR DGD left a few days ago, first to go to Las Vegas to meet her boyfriends parents and others who were meeting there for one of his grandparents I think who was celebrating her 80th b-day. So they were having a party for her or just celebrating there. They put a few pics on FB. They were there for a day or two and then back off to CO whee she will be then working and living. He drove up with her. I hope all goes well for her now with her first BIG GIRL JOB as my DD calls it. I know she loves it there to ski and other snow sports. Her brothers all did some skiing too. I never tried and would probably have killed myself trying especially now. I am now to stiff and hurt to much to do anything of that nature. I might of had I had the opportunity when I was young. However, we had little money for any of it. Ice skating was the biggest thing we did in NY or a cold weather sport. Neither of us parents has any or little money. All my parents knew was working hard and his too. I know she and he are also hard workers. So we will all see and hope she likes her new job.

    MIKIE - Is Jeff supposed to be keeping the Tweety or is it just for awhile? Hope you get to feeling better soon. Glad that you got to do a little more of the usual stuff like shopping , mail, etc. etc. Try and rest !!!

    We went out this afternoon and had a nice lunch at this one restaurant we had never been to before about 1/2 way between our DD's and our house. The food was delicious, just home cooked food, quite a few choices. I was good and had chicken but it was delicious. The only thing I told them to do on the dish was to leave off the cheese. It still had mushrooms and onions along with delicious veggies. and rice. I just ate part of the rice. We were all good and had no dessert. DH got some wine and DSIL paid for all our meals. He makes a good buck but that was so nice of him to do so, maybe also because they will be leaving us soon and who knows when we will see them again.
    So far no takers on their house but they have had lookers.. They know the area they like in Austin but not sure of what they want to buy - not to big, nor to small or whatever, many questions.

    DD#2 and her DH and DGS all left for the 4 1/2 -5 hr drive or so to see is parents, esp his dad on Fathers Day. His mom isn't to mobile and his dad has to do most everything around the house, including cooking. I think they are both close to our age. I surely feel grateful when I hear that.

    I have to go to the doc on Monday. I am not looking forwards t that as I know my b/p will probably spike up and they will panic. I have to remind them when I am there that my b/p is usually OK when I am home although it does spike up some there too but then it goes back down when I rest and try not to overdue or worry about things so much. He wants to check my b/p since it is about 6 mo but also wants to talk to me about my thyroid med.s It looks like he will have to increase the meds which doesn't surprise me.

    Hope everyone else is doing well and all the dad's have a nice day tomorrow. Will try and get on here a bit tomorrow if possible. I am supposed to go to a birthday surprise party close to the church tomorrow for our choir director. I RSVP's that I would try and come. We will see tomorrow. It sounded like a last minute thing esp for the choir members anyway and with it being Fathers Day, who knows if many will be going from the choir anyway.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
  18. gb66

    gb66 Well-Known Member

    Diane, I hope you feel better soon and can be back with us. I do understand the need to pull back from things. I've had to temporarily leave the board a few times over the years.

    Thank you for thinking of me too. Take good care of yourself and know we'll be here (and on the Homebound Board) when you return. Hugs and Prayers for you and your family, GB
  19. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Hi all...Keira and I have been busy today...getting ready for lunch tomorrow and when Lindsey's family will be here. So, I won't stay long...will try to get on here tomorrow after I get Keira home. Amy is sick with fever, sore throat, body aches, chills...they may not get to come. But I will still go get my daddy and bring him out to the farm. May just get KFC on the way back out here. I did get a cherry pie and a pecan pie from our Amish bakery...

    Diane, just know that we love you and will miss you. Hope things work out so you can be back whenever you are able.

    Just realizing how it is such a small world. Some of you in the LA area may have heard about a fire, set by a homeless man, over a dispute over who was supposed to be "living" in a vacant building...I think the area was called Westlake. The fire killed five other homeless people...it turns out that one of the women was the daughter of a guy Amy was going with right before she met Clinton.

    The girl's name was Tierra...she had had a lot of health problems from a very early age, was into drugs and who knows what. She and her boyfriend, and the boyfriend's parents were four of the homeless people who were killed. If Amy and Chris had gotten married, she would have been my granddaughter.

    I think the fire was earlier in the week, but Tierra's dad messaged Amy last night that they had just made a positive ID last evening...so sad. Amy said she had texted and talked to her off and on, to try and encourage this girl.

    Better get back to work. After 9:00 pm and I have several areas of the house "torn up" and need to just get things put back together. I'll check in tomorrow evening.
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Want to wish all of you a Happy Fathers Day. We all are fathers, married to fathers, daughters and sons of fathers, friends of fathers or have children who are fathers. Some of us have had role models in our lives who have been like fathers to us. Even if our own fathers weren't the greatest dads, I think there is something in Mothers Day and Fathers Day for everyone to celebrate.

    I just got an e-vite for another round of meditation exercises from Deepak Chopra and Opera. It doesn't start until July. The Fibro Fix seminar starts tomorrow and I plan on checking it out. Yesterday, I binge watched the O.J. series but didn't quite get to the end. This series exposes a lot of behind-the-scenes info I didn't know. I try to make use of my down time and to get my mind off of my woes.

    Yesterday was another uneventful day for Sir Vester and me. If he's missing Tweety, he isn't showing it but then, he is a very mellow fellow. He does try to wake me early to get up but he is pretty patient until I'm ready. I tell him to go back to sleep and he goes back down to the bottom of the bed and curls up for a while. I don't know how things will work out with Jeff and Tweety but he seems kind of glad to have her. She is so jealous of Sir Vester that she may be fine without him and won't feel the need to act out. Jeff said Julie might take her but I just don't think Julie is well suited to caring for a problem cat. Who knows though. At least now, taking her to a shelter is the last resort. We are playing it by ear.

    While people are still saying that gator attacks are 'rare,' many have been in the media telling of their own experiences with gators. What everyone agrees with is that there has to be better education, especially for tourists, regarding the danger of gators. An employee of Disney has come forward to say that tourists feed the gators and that he told his bosses who ignored him. This is just looking worse and worse for Disney. People have to be educated on the need not to feed them. That is what will cause a gator to identify people with food and make it dangerous. It is against the law to feed them and for good reason. There are more than a million gators in FL, almost one for every tourist. Last year, there were 16,000 calls about problem gators and 7,500 were removed due to being problem gators. I'm so saddened by the preventable death of that beautiful little boy and the anguish it causes his parents. At least, I hope his tragic death will spur the state to make gator education a priority and to make the tourist industry more responsible for the safety of their guests.

    Granni, Wow! So much going on with your family. I know it's hard to have them moving. If DGD loves to ski and do other outdoor activities, CO is definitely the place to be. I had always thought I'd ski into my 70's but don't know whether or not I could still do it except, maybe, on a bunny hill. For me, it's like riding a bike; it comes right back to me. Just the physical stress might be too much, though. Oh well, I'm just glad I did it most of my life until I moved and got sick. Hope your kids can get into just the right house for them. Glad you had such a nice lunch. Yes, it was sweet of DSIL to treat. Hope your doc visit goes well. I have the A/C guy, the dentist and the dermatologist appts. this coming week. I ran into a friend who wants all us ladies of the shire to get together for lunch. I think we decided that the week after this coming week would work better. Do you take your own BP and keep a journal? I do because I have White-Coat Syndrome and mine is always high at the doc's.

    gb, it's good to see you here on the Porch but I'm sorry it's to send a message to Diane as she pulls back for a bit. We will all miss her too. I hope she's able to rejoin us soon. Please join us here anytime you would like to. You are a formidable game player over on the Homebound Forum. I'm so impressed by all you guys and how well y'all play.

    Julie, I'm sorry Amy is sick. Glad you will bring your Dad out to your place. Geez, KFC and homemade pies would be a welcome feast for me. I bought some corn on the cob at Publix yesterday and it looks soooo good. I plan on eating it today. Don't know what else I'll have with it but an ear of corn may be sufficient by itself. I am so sorry to read about Tierra; it's just so sad. DD has worked with the homeless and so many have mental illnesses. I can't imagine the stress of trying to survive on the streets. Sometimes, they form little family groups and look out for one another but fights do break out. How horrible that this girl was caught in the middle. A little prayer going up for her family.

    As I get better sleep and, hopefully, start to feel better, I hope to be able to finally wade through some of what I have to do. It's going to be a busy week. Oh well, it's good to get some of this out of the way. Gotta call Joe and my Dear Old Friend to wish them both a Happy Fathers Day. Hope everydobby else has a good one too.

    Love, Mikie