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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, May 17, 2007.

  1. mrdad

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    Hey Kids! I am acting on the direction of SMG who is

    not available to make the Vol Change. In the interest of

    Rel. Economicalism, she, a Tele Tubbie on her lap,

    has flown to Virginia for a certain Funeral of an intimate

    Religious figure! Elton John is composing a new

    "rendition" of an old tune to sing at the service. We

    thank you for your tolerance!


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  2. Marta608

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    It's rare anymore that I get on here this quickly so even though I have nothing to say I'm posting anyway. :>))

    P.S. I just realized I hadn't read the last part of Volume 107. Carla ck, I'm concerned about Sophie because she was so freaked when the neighbors had their roof replaced - and that was next door, not on top of us! Sorry to hear that Missy is still sore but not surprised. She's probably quite bruised.

    Good to see Mainweezie back on the porch again!

    Hugs to all, everywhere,

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  3. 69mach1

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    just got back from chevy's..ate a little...now it is time for a nap..just plain old tired. my math teacher told me to just turn in all my math work and take the final exam on monday...so not much play time for me till after monday.

    my last final is on thursday...but i had a take home one that was due today. so an A in that class.

    thanks linda for the added support. he knows where we stand on that topic so hopefully he will continue w/good help. and he is bonding w/his mother as well...the step dad is a wicked one.

    well off to call my mother then go to sleep for a nap.

  4. maineweezie

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    Hi Friends,

    Looks like I just might do better remembering what I was going to say on this porch. Fog is not so heavy tonight.
    Did get some good news from my pharmacy, my insurance part of the Medicare will do the patches with a small co-pay. I can do that for sure.Those are worth their weight in gold.

    Marta the roofing noises might be reminding the cat of something bad in her past home. They have long memories for that sort of thing.Is she sleeping a little later in the mornings?

    Linda You can do the whole day tomorrow then hopefully rest during the weekend. Sounds like you are going thru a pretty good spell though.

    Jodie an A is for awesome rank. You'll soon be on summer break too I think.Does Cody go to his fathers part of the summer?

    Going over in the corner here to practice my tap dancing. hope that doesn't bother anyone. Granni will back in awhile so I better get in the rythm of things.
  5. 69mach1

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    cody does not go to his father in the summer...for he has football all summer long. technically starts next week practice and training. no rest until the football season is over in the middle of december.

    they allow him 10 days off from football for vacation in the summer time....even if he wasn't playing football. his dad would not take him only make promises too.

    now cody is too old and tired of the games that were played. plus he has his self employed job of website programming for a website consultant. making 17.50 an hour...he will get bumped up to around 30-35 an hr. the more he learns from this man.

    well that is about it kids i ate too much. i just had some yogurt for the ibs...forgot the name of it? it is in the green containers....it helps keep the plumbing clean.

    i have to stay at home and only take care of business this weekend to prepare for that math final. and do any of my homework i have not completed, because i had no help last weekend at all for it. but i do this weekend...i may need to shell out some money for it but it will be $$ well spent.

    i hoped for an A in math but if i get a B that will have to just do.

    love you all

  6. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    he is a little older than the rest of the past men i have been dating...he is 31 years old...age is nothing but a thing...

    he is an electrician...he texted messaged me on sunday or monday this past week i can't remember which day cause i was tired...plus too busy trying to hide them from leo...to spare his feelings if he has any at all for me. other than a friend.

    well leo is supposed to be gone for like a month so that gives me plenty of time to play and date. plus spring semester is coming to an end on thursday for sure on the 24th...then if i stay in summer school that starts on june 18th...not sure if i just want to take the summer off or apply myself to more math classes...monday thru thursday 8=10 am. lots of work and the hours w/be nearly the death of me....yuck

  7. mrdad

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    Yes Kids! It is difficult to believe that yet another year

    has passed and it is time again in SF for the analual

    "BAY to BREAKERS"!! It continues to be KOOL and

    Windy here, and if so on Sunday morning, I shall

    choose to break with tradition and do the race,

    CLOTHED !! SMG "usually" turns a "blind eye" to

    the well publicized event. Hope all will yet be able

    to recognize me this year! Wish me luck my Friends.

    And have a most wonderful weekend.


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  8. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    you gonna do the breaker...how insane are you.just kidding. you better break out those special speedos! that will make you run faster.

    it is interesting the type of customes people choose to wear or not to wear.

    well i am going to be the one wearing only algebraic equations painted on me. so that way i don't feel like i am cheating myself out of math studying.

    gonna try to wake up...i am so exhausted from that oregon drive then the weather here is colder than up there. when i went out shopping some women were wearing the bikini's in the stores with a wrap around. i done that to my car to a friends house...but not to go shopping. guess it is the oregon ducks way to go shopping.

  9. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    the bay to breaker run is a anything goes event...it is san francisco area...ya never know what you might see.

    i had cody's exgf come over and help me w/math that was much needed...and now i had to take a break and will continue on the other assignment...then work on some math re-do's for a higher grade. if i can get a high a in the homework dept that will help out my math test scores and the final exam...

    i am going gung ho for the exam.

    good news in the mail today...since i applied for a doyle scholarship, i was approved for 1300.00 for this coming summer and next year...for i am a student of high academic standing...thank goodness for that.

    still have some things to work out w/state voc rehab paying for all my books and tuition. i need to fill out my financial aid forms yet for federal and state pell grants. i am way behind on that but i am sure it will all work out.

    well gonna go to sleep and rise and shine to math pages of stuff to do.

    the electrician man didn't return my message today so i figure he must think i am blowing him off. just told him i had final on monday for math and busy but could most likely make some time to do something...and i am not talking about sex...he can wait!

    well goodnight to all

    and soon granni will be back

    hi annie rockgor...shoot and all the rest

  10. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I hope all are having a glorious day. It is a little cool here but the sun is out making it bright and warmer.

    I have changed the pic in my profile. It is my house from a different perspective, please look at it, it is kind of cool and give you a real sense of my "neighborhood".

    After tree shopping and being sticker shocked I realized I live in a freakin forest, go find my own tree. I went up the hill beside my house and found a couple small maples, I don't know if they are red ones yet but hope they are. I also found some some pine trees, I may go back up for one.

    Anyway the people that lived here before built, and I use that term loosely, a platform of sorts. You can sit up there and in the fall and winter can see for miles. It is beautiful in the fall with all the colors.

    The area needs cleaned up and small steps dug in the hillside, it is very steep and I use a cane and go up the dog path. Coming down is easy, just drop and roll,lol.

    I haven't spent any real time up there because of the skeeters and such. But since I installed the drain and gravel undergound at the bottome of the hill, leaving my yard dry for the first time in 3 years,NO MORE SKEETERS!!!

    I did add a few pics of my house on my web site but have hit the max and can not add anymore. I have started working on my glass again, I got one peice done then nearly had the second one done and one of the bevels cracked,erggggggg. This is a peice I made several years ago and it fell at the gallery and broke a corner. So I took it apart and re did the whole thing, now I have to take half of it apart to fix this one peice. Very frustrating when these things happen. But I try to look at it as a lesson in patience.

    Marta- I am sorry Sophie is having a hard time with all the roofing noise, can you go to the basement and put little kitty earplugs in her ears or play music? Is the assoc replacing roofs on everyone's place? Could your grandaughter take her to her house for a few days? Hopefully, they will get their act together and get it done soon.

    Linda glad you made it threw another week. In one of my marriages we worked the same shifts as you and DH do. I know how hard it is, but look at how much fun you can have making up for lost time:)

    MRdad- what is this about running the streets of San Fran necked!!! Has your Dr changes your meds??? I will have to check CNN or MSNBC to see if I "see" you. Could you write your name across the back of your behind so I know which necked guy you are? Just watch out for SMG, she might use that ruler on something other than your hand!!!

    Jodie- that is good news about your school funds. I envy you being able to get paid to go to school. Things have been so hectic the last couple of years for me because of my mom, then my house I couldn't even think about going to school. You are a very smart and lucky lady. What do you plan on doing after you get a degree. And wouldn't you lose your SSDI if you do go to work?

    Weezie- you spit shinin those shoes? Granni should be back soon, I am so glad you come by to visit.

    Annie report in- how is your remodeling coming along and how is your brother doing?

    Hey Rock, Sweetie and everyone else I didn't mention.

    BTW Missy is doing better but I think it knocked the sense out of her head and not her feet. She will sit in one place then start her quarelling and moaning. She won't move until I tell her to get up and go outside then I have to show her how to get up and down the porch on the low end. It has been nice having her being more calm and not so hyper, however the old Missy showed herelf last night. She was sitting in middle of the yard just barking away, I guess when I say "hush or enough or stop" it means bark more. Now she can't out run me so I made her butt come and the house and settle down.

    Well I have made up for my posts this week and need to go to Wally's for food and meds, then back to that darn glass panel. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Carla

    PS -Mrdad- don't forget the sunscreen, some areas can be very sensitive to sun when not use to being "exposed"

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    So glad that the weekend is here for all my friends

    that are doing the Job Hours all week! You deserve


    Carla-Ck: Thanks for the advise about the Bay to Breakers Race! The sunscreen should not be a pro-
    blem but the "Niagara" subscription could have been!
    Your suggestion is indeed timely. Sounds like you are
    keepin' busy as per usual. Gonna check out the new
    house-grounds photo, I'm sure it is beautiful. Hope Woo-Woo continues to improve and is back to her "old"
    self soon! Is her appetite normal?

    Jodie: Just think. It will all be over soon! Maybe then you can look forward to a whole Summer of fun by the
    Pool up there with George Hamilton and sipping those
    Mint Tulips! Just think, hah? Gonna warnup over the next few days. I'll keep my speedos handy!

    Linda: Big game this Aft? Will see if'in I can get it out here on the "Left Coast" if I don't get a better offer ! Oops! Aren't the Redwings still in it also? Marta would know.

    Well, hello to all I missed but got ta take a 'puter break
    as I have been doing Emails this A.M. also. "Talk" to all later, "K"?

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings to you all,

    We got back last night and today I am running around trying to get things back in order, etc. You know how that is - washing, trying to find homes for everything you have unpacked and bought too ! Not that I bought all that much. Did buy a magnetic bracelet that I thought was pretty. The price wasn't to bad so I thought I would at least try it and see if it helps ANY of the pain. It is supposed to help with the pain but so far not to sure about that. I did like the design of it anyway. Have any of you tried on and had any successes with it?? Also bought a cute purse with the American flag on it, really cheap, and a cute blouse or outer shirt with embroidery on it for $20 from $62. Is that a bargain or what???

    Had fun with some friends that we met on a European trip sometime ago and we had a great time just being with each other again.

    We went to 5 shows and most of the shows we had fantastic seats- really upclose and personal. Saw Shoji Tabuchi ( a fantastic violin/fiddle player). His shows and costumes are fantastic. He is unreal and extremely talented.

    Also went to see Daniel O'Donnell, who we first found on our public TV station. Now he is pretty popular and sells out pretty quickly. He is an Irish singer but sings everything and I do mean everything. He has a fantastic voice and show. Last time I had to order a CD from Ireland . Now you can buy them in the stores.

    Then we went to "The Spirit of the Dance" with Irish dancing but also did other dance styles too and singing. Those talented youngesters wore me out watching them all. They were so energenic and bodies so flexible. I, of course, just loved their wonderful dancing.. Then we went to Yakov Smirnoff, a wonderful Russian comic who is now a American and is so proud to be so and shows it in his humor and stories. We even got one of his books autographed. Got a DVD and a book for a 1/2 price sale of $20 - pretty good I would say. I am looking forward to reading his bood. You can literally wet you pants with laughter , his stories are so down to earth and hysterical. If you have not been there to Branson, MO you have got to go. There is something for almost everyone and families too.

    Glad to be back and didn't have time to check all the last porch volumes just checked out this one a little.

    Looks like you were all behaving from what I can see. Keep up the good work studying Jodie !!

    What is this I hear about MRdad running the streets of San Fran. neked ???? Oh Oh !! and I thought you all were behaving !

    Linda- thanks for missing me ! Jodie too ! Missed talking to you all too but surely was busy and now I could go and take a rest but have to go and get some more work done around here. Sorry I didn't get the chance to talk to everyone individually. It will take mw awhile to get things back in some kind of order around here.

    Lots hugs to you all here and those hiding out !

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  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    wow i am wiped out today still...i just don't travel very well. i don't know how i will make those 8 am classes m-th. i will need to leave my house around 6:30 am...for six weeks continous..minus the friday thru sunday...

    summer school starts june 18th. i still need to get my fall schedule done.

    as far as when i do get a job...there are like 36 months i think it was that i can collect both my ssdi and any money i may make plus keep my medicare. also state of cali has a program for disabled people that go back to work and lose their medical insurance, it will give me another option to still medical insurance but pay a monthly fee based on my income. so i won't be left out in the cold.

    also i have up to five years to get an automatic reienstatement when i do lose my ssdi some day...also when i turn 50 i can draw the amount that my exhb would be getting which should be more than mine....we were married over 10 years..technically 17 1/2 years...but i got the 10 years in.

    they are having may madness car show here in san rafael cali, i will be missing it. for i will be studious and finish my math w/help of cody and his exgf.

    mr.dad it is breezy and cool but sunny here in novato...it was warmer in bend oregon area.

    well need to take my wake up pills and eat some protein bar. that is what makes my brain so darn smart.lol maybe it is the minute dose of the vavactil that helps. that is one of the old ad's...only one my body can even tolerate. i have to cut th 10 mg. tablet in half or else i will be burning from head to toe....

    ck that house is so beautiful and it just looks so picture perfect....sorry to hear about the bevel....

    gonna brush my teeth and wash off my face. go to the bank to deposit a check. well talk to you all later

  14. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I have some very sad news to share. My friend that was the nurse died. The worst is she died 2 weeks ago and no one called me. She had 2 older daughters and a 14 year old.

    I had been trying to call her for a couple of weeks with no answer. I knew she was having money problems being out of work for over a year. She had an exbf that she was still friends with and he just built a new home and asked her to move in with him, that he would take care of her.

    So I went to her house the day Missy got hit and no one was there, the door was open. So I said hello and went in. Her stuff was there but her daughter's stuff was gone.

    I just assumed she moved into David's and would call me soon.I left a note on the door for her to call or one of the girls to call me. It wasn't unusal to go for a week or 2 and not talk. More so since she got sick. The last time I talked to her she told me her numbers were better. She had Hep C. She in no way implied she was this close. She never was one to complain or tell you how she really felt.

    I feel so bad that I did not go see her but I know that she had to known her condition, she was a nurse for 30 years. She didn't tell her daughters either. Her daughter called me tonight. She went by the house to get some papers and saw my note.

    She apologized but couldn't find her mom's book of numbers. She wasn't the most organized person. I can't beleive she is gone. The shame is her 3 daughters have lost both mother and fathers. Her 2 adult children's father died last year about the same time as Annie's brother was in his accident.

    Her younger 14 yo daughter's dad died when she was 8. Of her 2 adult daughters one is responsible and just had a baby and a good husband will be raising the younger one

    It is going to take a while for this to sink in. I called my other 2 friends tonight and only got to talk to one, the other was already in bed but talked to her hubby. We have all known each other since HS. I actually dated my friends husband when we were in HS. I moved to VA for 17 years and when I came back they were married. We were more freinds than BF GF, his dad owned the movie theaters and the only drive in movie in town, so he was fun to hang out with.

    Thank you for being here, it is good to know I can come here and share. Please don't let too many days go by before you tell that friend, loved one, child how much you love them, we never know when we might not see them again. Carla
  15. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    It's sad to lose a Friend especially a bit sooner than

    expected. Thanks for feeling comfortable eough to

    share your warm feelings and emotions with us.

  16. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    linda-i have periformis syndrome...painful...my hip will go numb especially the thinner i am...having a belt on or elastic waist/hipped garments put pressure on the nerve....

    they can do surgery...but i think i will endure the pain instead. i have had it for about 13 years. i had a neurologist dx me.....there are stretches to do to help loosen up the periformis muscles....

    it's like your hip on one side get pulled tight and forward and twisted...and the other so called good one gets put out of wack. not in proper alignment.

    i had another three hours of tutoring today/night. i need to finish the rest on my own. so i am being a good girl this weekend and seeing alot of my apt. and books w/paper. can't forget the pencils and erasers.

    atleast i got caught up on my math assignments that i just couldn't understand. now i am whizzing through them w/o help...

    now tomarrow i get to review the old tests and stuff and hopefully can pull off a decent grade in the class.

    then i have summer school w/another math class...it's to prepare me for the next level of algebra. learn how to do word problems and geometry better. crammed in 6 weeks. i will sacrafice some of my summer to put me further ahead of the game for me. math is not my niche. so i think. teacher thinks otherwise....i get that math anxiety...i know patience is a virtue but come on it has been so many years since i have done any of this stuff...then have fibro/cfs..

    well you all have a great night i will be thinking of you when i am plugging at math.


  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I was so sorry to read about the loss of your friend. Perhaps it will eventually help to know that she left the way she chose to, with no fanfare. May her spirit comfort you.

  18. ckball

    ckball New Member

    I appreaciate your sympathies. It is just so hard because she chose not to tell anyone. I never got to tell her goodbye. But I did tell her I loved her and would be here for her anytime no matter what. All she had to do was call.

    There will be good come from this. I haven't mentioned my issues with my daughter but we have not been speaking for several months. We have sent simple emails, she is leaving for Ireland to get married this week. I chose not to go because of the money and and in Dec when I had to commit I wasn't sure if I would be able to travel a trip like that.

    I have some issues with her husband to be and some things that have happend to my GD that I didn't feel were handled right. They are so in debt, they both have management positions at Home Depot and make good money but they spend it all. Her dad and I both think going to Ireland to get married and expect us to follow along is not fair to us. Her dad makes a 6 figure income and could very well go but he and his wife chose not to go. So my daughter doesn't like my opinions and chose to pull away. I emailed her last night and we are going to talk today. We get so caught up in life and petty things we forget what is most important.

    Linda go back and read what you told Jodie. I think you menat studying but you wrote studing. Gave me a smile so thank you. BTW Branson is in Missouri

    Granni- glad you are back safe and sound and had a great time, now the getting caught up is the hard part.

    Joe are you going necked or did you decided to go with a speedo, don't forget your binocks.

    Jodie thank you. I know summer school with be hard but it is only in the morning so you can still go to the beach in the afternoon. How far do you live from the beach?

    Marta I hope you and Sophie will survive your roof ordeal and thank for your kind words. I guess she is like Sinatra sp? She did it her way. She truly would have given you the shirt off her back but you never ask anyone for anything.

    I hope everyone has a good happy and painfree day, thanks again for your kind words. I know I can always count on you guys-Carla
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Deqr Porchies,

    Here I sit on the computere while I should be vacuuming and doing some other stuff. I know what you mean Linda. My getup and go got up and went !!!

    Linda - I was going to tell yout hat Branson was in Misouri but I guess you found out for yourself didn't you. I thought I had mentioned that in one of my posts, but who knows?? Most stuff is away but not everythinng from the suitases. Then to carry then upstairs is another project. They are already up part of the way.

    Carka ck - So sorry to hear about your good friend. That is like a good friend of mine in NY tht I knew since HS or before HS actually. She never did tell me if she had any problems or not but I am guessing it was heart related but not sure. Got a call from her brother in NY telling me she had died. I didn't ask him about it at that time but they may not have know about it right after it happened. Of course I could not go to the funeral in NY and it was done quite quickly I believe, no time. Yes, tell them how you feel when you can cause you never know when anything might happen.

    Jodie - Glad things are going your way with school and your scholarship. That is wonderful !!! Keep it up !

    Weezie - Glad to see or hear from you again. Sorry I didn't mention you in my last post. Hope to see you soon again.

    Marta - Sorry that poor Soapie is having problems with all that noise. I like that answer someone gave about the kitty earplugs and playing music in her ears. Somehow I doubt if you could keep any in her ears anyway even if they had them (-: !!!

    Hi to Mrdad and anyone else I might have missed. Have a great weekend if you can.



    Better run and get some things done around here - groan !!!
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    linda..i goggled it(periformis) and i was told by a dr about it as well..the recovery time sounds really painful and they have to cut your bum...how the heck do you sit and lay down..?

    i have lot's of trouble with it for years. i did notice when put on some weight from meds...that i didn't notice the numbness in the outer hip area, but since i am back to my near normal weight...i will wake up at night from jammies on the area(elastic bands), or simple lying on the opposide of the hip that has the periformis entrapment. it will be so numb that i could stab myself w/a knife and not feel a thing.

    i do have bulging discs,ddd....as well. so i have had problems in the past and still do. lately my tailbone will hurt like it is broken. which i am sure i did do that when i was a teenager sliding in the snow...so now that i am at my prime the aches and pains come back to haunt me.

    i would suggest stretches....i have not done any nerve blocks. i gain weight so easily w/cortisone etc. it makes me even more depressed plus they would only work for a few days at the most.

    but you could try it maybe your body doesn't react like mine..i am allergic to nearly every ad on the market.

    did you catch the memo from ck on me? that made me laugh too...i will try to keep up the good studding.lol

    i am going stir crazy today,,i haven't been w/friends...i feel guilty i haven't done anything w/my son....and i am just plain old who i am miss worry wort as my mom used to say.

    shoot i forgot what i was going to say to everyone else...sio i have to read the old posts that i just read...