Porchlight Vol. 46 (New Home)

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Nov 15, 2006.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Welcome to all! Our new home is now here on the CHIT

    CHAT message board. Hope you will be comfortable and

    cozy. SMG
  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yes. We survived the big move. It is so nice to be here

    to continue to share the wonderful support and friend-

    ships! Thank you to all our PRO HEALTH sponsers for

    your continued kindnesses.

    The "Porchies"
  3. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm just checking to make sure I know where to find you all and make sure Jerome got the chairs moved OK. I see we have a lodge and a lake here too, bigger and better.

    As soon as I can think I'll see if I can figure out what Carla NL said about shortcuts through the woods.

    Off to get my hair cut! Gotta look good for the ana-mules.


  4. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    And through the woods and here we are!

    Likeing the new digs and brought some hot choc and fresh coffee to go with the muffins.

    Thanks daddy-o for the smooooth transition.

    Dang! I didn't do the 'Word' trick and now I can't remember what I was going to say to who.

    Carla-nl I read your 'update' post over on the serious side of the fence - boy are you organized!! I hope the nausea is better.

    Marta have fun today with the haircut and the animules. Boy do I need a haircut, I look like a sheepdog. You'ld probably try to put a leash on me and take me for a walk if you saw me at the shelter.

    Hi to Linda too, hope your day goes better today - a little sleep can do wonders (ok, really small wonders sometimes).

    Life is quiet here today, I have to manage a shower and go to my 7 yr olds Thanksgiving party today though so a big day is ahead.

    My mom is going to come out and take me to the big event and I just hope she can wrestle the wheelchair into the back of her car. She pulled her shoulder out the other day and she ain't as young as she once was.

    I'll post a piccie if I can which is doubtful since the last two times I tried it has utterly refused. Oh well, a horses a** is probably most fitting and accurate anyway.

    'Till we meet again . . .
  5. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You did a wonderful job of supervising the move, Joe. It was so kind of you to give SMG directions while she was carrying the old beat-up sofa on her back.

    I guess all those years of swinging a ruler really built up her muscles. Well, at least on one side. Good thing she was only carrying on one side: the outside.

    Carla nl, thanks for the tip on rearranging the favorites list. Now I have two favorites listed for this site: one for here and one for FM/CFS. Hope you feel better soon.

    Have a nice haircut, Martha. Why don't you get one like Froggy. I heard the sheepdog look is au currant these days.

    Linda, the muffins are super. I made some muffins a couple years ago from the directions on a box of cereal. Turns out the directions were wrong.

    So after the first batch came out w/ about the same texture as charcoal briquettes, I added twice as much liquid and then they were fine.

    Seems like everybody is pretty much incomptetent these days. We have so little energy and then we have to do things to try and fix up stuff that other people messed up.

    Today I have to call my insurance agent cause the premium is wrong on my car insurance. We went thru this last time.

    And I have to send yet another e mail about some stuff I order and only half was delivered.

    Apparently all business feel they can operate in a slovenly fashion since their competition is equally terrible.

    I know it's not good to be a perfectionist (and I'm working on quitting same), but there should be some middle ground between perfectionism and abyssmal incompetence.

    I am not a violent person, but now and then I think it might be nice to hit some grossly overpaid CEO w/ a ruler and say, "Get off your lazy butt and shape up this place!"

    I think I need another drink of lemonade.
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  6. 1sweetie

    1sweetie New Member

    you! Thanks for moving our Porch so nicely. I knew that SMG would take care of us and give mrdad proper direction.

    I really want to thank Carla for the 'puter tips. I've got the favorites set up per your direction. I did not know how to move them before. You have helped me so much.

    Now maybe I can help Carla. I was having severe problems with nausea and the computer. I would get so sick when I looked at the screen and finally figured out it was part of Sensory Overload. It reached it's peak when I got my new computer. I could not tolerate the bright lights. I had to lower the resolution to the very lowest the computer would go and then I had to go to the advanced setting to changed the colors on all screens. The colors I use are easy on my eyes...nothing white or bright. It helped so much. I also had to buy special glasses for use on the computer. They have a special anti-glare tint and are designed specially for my use on a lap top. I am leery to even mention to you that I know something about a computer that you don't but if you do not know how to change all the colors let me know. I also had to change all the fonts and font sizes. I will try to put the directions into words. I know how horrible it is to get so sick because of just glancing at a computer screen.

    To all that asked about my trip to the new doc in Durham, I appreciate your interest. He is wanting me to do a detox with a drug called Cholertramine but is afraid for me to do it with my past(removal of part of my colon) and present physical problems. It helps pull toxins that are stored in your body (like your brain). He said my case may be "over his head" and that I may need to go to Maryland to see the doctor that started this protocol. There is a site about "chronicneurotoxins" that you can read about this doctor and his thoughts. The section about FM and CFS sounded as if they were talking about me which means it may sound like you.

    My dog reminds me of Marley from the book "Marley & Me" except that he is not afraid of storms and he is not quite as destructive. I am thankful for that. That is the only book I have been able to read since I lost my ability to concentrate. It was a wonderful book...made me laugh and cry. I envy those that are still able to read as I was an avid reader in my past life. And yes foggyfroggy, his tail can clear our coffee table. He is going to have to go on a diet. The vet wants him to drop a few pounds. He is carrying too much weight.

    I am truly exhausted today...the fatigue is severe. I am going to try to rest my brain for awhile.

    Hugs to all and I thank each of you for your concern. I hope to be able to get back later to talk to each of you.


  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Rock: I would have helped SMG wiff movin' that old sofa
    but my left hand is yet useless from her insistance that
    I become righthanded years ago! Watching her seemed to
    fulfill the need for some Poetic justice! I slepted in a-
    gain this A.M. and I do have lots to do B-4 I fly to
    see my Daughter in Portland Monday nite!

    I always pack more "stuff" than I really use so I'm gonna'
    try and cut down on the clothes! Was thinking on asking
    SMG to borrow that old sofa for a week, but don't want to
    wrestle it up the steps and into the plane.

    Speaking of CEO's, I would ( if a share-holder) be out-
    raged by the vast amts. of $$$ they make espec. since it
    would come right off the TOP before dividends etc. Don't
    understand why investors allow these Corps to do it to

    Carla-nl: Thanks again for your tech. suggestions! I do
    hope your "Computer Tips" on the other Mess, Bd. doesn't
    get lost. Maybe you can transfer it to this Board? Glad
    ya got my email and I do hope you will be better in a bit!
    The Canary Islands Holiday is getting much closer!

    Sweetie: COncerned about you as NC had that tornado this
    mornin' Hope you check in soon!

    Gretchen: Has the rain started again! 'Posta get some
    here today also. I didn't know that you are in a wheel
    chair? Is that all the time or only when you really need
    to? Hope ya have a good time at your "lil Guys Thanks-
    giving event! I'M Sure that you will have the camera wiff

    Marta: My "Old Squeeze" has been a beautician for decades
    and think she does as many free services as not! She still
    cuts my hair (if the timing is right), she knows just how
    I like it. (The hair cut--that is!) Ya know what I'm say-
    in'? Hope the animals still recognize you after your hair
    cut. I bet they do though. Probably waitin' 4-U NOW!

    Linda: Glad you're back on the Payroll and got a good
    nite's rest! The weekend is upon us, so ya made it thru
    that first week back. Congrats!

    Well Kids, gotta do some Laundry!
    "TalK" wiff ya awl later!
    JOE aka JOEJOE aka MRDAD
  8. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Row,row ,row your boat ,gently down the stream....Super, I found the New Porch. Oh it's wonderous! Grabbing the extra blankies I washed fresh this morning. Lots of Snuggles in the dryer.Was he supposed to yell like that?

    Good Afternoon Sister,
    I have my note for being late from the doctors office,here you go. Oh she put down yesterday's date? Impossible but she's busy trying to help patients live a normal life.I go sit now and be quiet. Thank you for your time.

    Nice transition Mr Dad,bon jour,
    Sorry Sister I'll do the new notes after I get settled. Now you did it Joe,she heard you....

    Yummy Muffins Linda. You're a great cook....

    Hi Marta, Hope you got a different stylist than I did last time. Took me a month to figure out he got one side an inch shorter than the other...no I'm not blonde, why?....

    Hi Froggy, see you hopped over the trail safely....

    Hi Carla, Glad you too crib sheets too. OOOPS...Yes Sister I said notes I'm glad Carla takes good notes for the test....

    Hi Rocky, Another Type A persona huh?? You will need to address that but we'll help.

    Licking the pencil stub,smoothing the paper....I will not talk in class,I will not talk in class...hey why does she pick on me?I have excellant penmanship. I will not talk in class.........Maineweezie

  9. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I love it when I can have hair cut and styled and be home within the hour. I'm feeling very fluffy.

    No Shelter today though, it's just too cold, wet and lousy outside and I'm a bit too tarrrred although that sweet collie I love is there and I'm missin' her. No way do I have room for her here though. Wonder if I could adopt her and keep her there except for outings? No? That's what I thought.

    Gretchen; I wish you well at the Thanksgiving play. I remember how much fun those were and how important the kids thought they were. Of course, they were!

    Carla NL, lousy that you're feeling urpy. Not p.g., are we?? Don t throw that mouse at me, please.

    Rock, middle ground indeed. It's pretty sad when I find myself impressed when someone does something right for a change and I'm paying them for it regardless. Here's a ruler; go for it. I snuck it off SMG's desk so don't tell her.

    Sweetie: I'm sorry you went all the way to Durham to see a doctor who's not able to treat you. What's next? Did you get your room back yet?

    Joe: Getting ready for a trip is part of the fun. I do suggest, though, that you use an airplane. Makes the time go quicker and you're not nearly as tired when you get there.

    Maineweezie: Thanks for washing the blankets. They smell so good and are sooooooooo soft. I'll bet you had fun in school. ;>)

    Guess I'll see what Oprah has on today. I sure am missing that darned dog...

    Hugs around the porch and some fresh hot coffee. Ground the beans myself.


  10. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Just wanted to let you all know.. 'Long time reader, first time writer'! lol

    I have a burning question.... Is Welcome Wagon coming to visit? I've always loved their little 'giveaways' and coupons to various local merchants!!! Hee hee!

    Take care!

  11. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm real glad that we finally found you. Know that you

    are going to feel very comfortable with everyone here!

    Well, almost everyone (SMG). Kinda quiet wiff the move

    and all today, but it should pickup later as we all get

    settled in! I'm in S.F. but a BIG "N.D." fan there in

    South Bend! They are having a good year!

    Welcome again Kim!
    JOE aka MRDAD

  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I hope that meeting today at work went well! Thank's for
    the compliments to Kim regarding myself. Had to put many
    of those (2-Fer) coupons in my safe deposit box at my
    bank! Took them up in a locked attache' case handcuffed
    to my wrist! "Guido" was right by my side!

    Flying up to Ore. Monday to see Fredericka and my Daughter
    so I grabbed a bunch of 'em! The last time I was near a
    Plane I think was at Kitty Hawk, and I had to help push
    that one to get it off the ground!

    My Son is flying in from his trip to N.Y. via Montreal
    tomorrow eve. Phoned and emailed me to tell of what a
    good time he had back in your part of the Country!

    The weekend is nearly here and I'm sure you are glad to
    have this week about over and a few days to restup.

    Will "talk" later. "K"?
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    saturday do we have a date at ohio to go kick some buckeye's? wolverine's all the way baby!

    we need to have a real good tailgate party there.

    I'll bring some Win Schueler's cheese and cracker's, sour dough bread w/spinach dip. maybe some down hope ribeye steaks to read us how we are goig to eat the buckeye's.

    i was reading in our local sports paper on how if you are driving from michigan don't drive w/a michigan plate. that is going to be hard to do. but i will start driving tonight from california and p/u in my new nissan sentra-special edition.

    we will have some nice detroit rock city music going rock or motown is fine by me.

    you have any suggestions?

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    what are you all up to out on the porch?

    we don't have any rain today. they had a little up at the school campus.

    but i turned in that term paper.

    check out the post for rocky and bullwinkle.

    i put a little humor in there.

  15. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    done w/term paper yeah! i need to go to class tonight, my choice for math lab to get caught up a little. then the teacher is throwing in test earlier than expected before

    then we have finals on the 20th and 21st.

    i will be doing some extra credit reports. nothing like the term paper but close.

    5 pages gives me 10 extra points.

    shoot i need to turn my books into the library that i used on my term paper.

    got to go i made cody dinner. spinach mozzerella pasta and beef/spaghetti sauce w/texas toast. told him if he wanted some salad, make it.

  16. ksp56

    ksp56 Member

    Thank you for making me feel so welcome! I love Marta's chairs. I will spend some more time tomorrow.. So very comfy!

    mrdad... we are Notre Dame fans, too. Especially our 19 y/o son! With our daughter graduating from IU/Bloomington, I should root more for the 'Hoosiers'. I am a traitor when it comes to being a mom on some things! LOL

    I cannot wait to know you all better!


  17. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    my friend out here, she and her exbf are big norte dame fans. they aren't looking too good this year. but next maybe.

  18. gnanny

    gnanny New Member

    I am glad you are coming to Portland next week instead of this last one. I doubt you are a stranger to rain but it has been super wet and very windy. Down right ugly.

    I hope you have a great visit!

    p.s. what is SMG ?

    p.s.s. did I mention I was nosey?
  19. maineweezie

    maineweezie New Member

    Oh Mrdad did son got up on Mont Royal to see the cathedrel? It's second only to the Vatican in size. It's awesome! We used to go up there a few times a year.Even spent part of the summer and fall on the Monteral islands in the St John river the year I graduated doing a tour guide job for Expo 1967.It's empty shells of buildings now.

    Hi Jodie glad you were able to finish the paper that'll take some stress off.

    Welcome Kim,glad to meet you.

    Chic Lady Marta you hairdo is very nice indeed.

    Hi Susan,you and I were posting same time

    Oh I forgot who but yes I had fun at school. I got lots of awards for my penmanship every single year. We were the lucky ones!And glad you like the fresh smelling blankies. I know I didn't say high to everyone so will do this now.

    Anyone need extra water?? Maine's still having rain. Weather people says we've beat the record for the amounts we have had already and watches for floods have been posted for five days in some areas. Maineweezie

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  20. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Linda: Yea, double check wiff Rock as he was raised up
    there, but the License Plate says: "Land of 10,000 Lakes"
    But I never counted them and wonder who really did?

    Jodie: Are you saying that you will be driving to Mich.
    for Thanksgiving. I'm not clear on that(??) Glad ya got
    that term paper submitted! What a relief that must be.

    Gnanny: Lot's of Porchies and Board people in Ore.!
    Glad we finally found you! (SMG) is Sister Mary Gregory,
    (S.M.), (A.F.L & C.I.O.), (A.M. & F.M) She is our
    Mystical and Mythical mentor who makes sure that all on
    the Porch is kept in an "ORDERLY" manner! Holy Smolly!!
    Wiff luck, you may never have a need to be in her pre-
    sence! Fredericka and Foggyfroggy live in Ore. also!
    Fredericka and I are a number!

    Kim: In 1962 or 63, N.D. came out to the Left Coast and
    played Cal Berkeley! My older Bro. and I went on one of
    two N.D. routers buses from S.F. to Berkely for the big
    game. I know N.D. to out delight won! Don't rem. the
    score anymore, nor much else for long, Tim. My Bro. act-
    ually went back to South Bend to toour the campus a few
    years ago! He always was known for the N.D. baseball cap
    he sported in San Francisco!

    Oops! Gotta make some last min. calls,
    "Talk" on the morrow, "K"?
    JOE aka MRDAD

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