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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Bringing some new hot choc chip cookies from the oven. So everyone please hurry up and grab some before the Cookie Monster gets them :)!! We know who HE is :)!!

    Also don't forget to check the old volume to see Georgia, Teacher, Myself, Spring Water, Julie, Rock and hopefully I didn't forget anyone.

    More later on ! Got stuff to do for tomorrow !
    Love you all,
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  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Starting off with choc. chip cookies sounds good to me,
    Granni. I used to bake them now and then. Don't now. It's
    too risky to put anything in the oven. I'd just forget it.

    My mother and my sister were/are great bakers. My mother
    made great candy too: fudge, divinity, and two other kinds,
    but I can't remember the names. She said the divinity was tricky.
    Could only be made when there was no humidity.

    I was at a mall 4-5 years ago. A Mrs. Fields cookie cost over
    $1.50...@! I was nonplussed. I don't know how teens can
    go to the mall every weekend and shop and eat. Well,
    maybe they don't. At least not nowadays.

    I don't even like Mrs. Fields. The centers aren't baked
    long enough.

    Well, you asked about my memory. Here's an example. Couple
    days ago I went upstairs to get two things. Came down w/o
    either one. Went up again. Came down with one. Went up
    a third time. Couldn't remember what it was I wanted.

    I seldom make lists. Don't have the pep. Can't find 'em any-
    hoo. But a couple years ago I was at the market and had a
    list. Set off to find an item on the list. When I got home I
    didn't have it. On my way to pick it up, I forgot what I was
    doing. It's pretty much like that all day long.

    I still know my name...although I did forget my address a few
    years ago. And I still remember some poetry we learned in
    high school. All very hit or miss.

    Gail, an air mattress to avoid bed sores sounds like a good
    idea. I remember reading they used to use sheepskins for
    that purpose. Maybe Granni remembers that.

    Georgia, sorry you and Gail are having crown problems. I
    remember about 40 years ago. I bought a crown and a
    refrigerator the same month. They cost the same amount.

    Teacher, yes, I'm OK. Unlike most of the country, we are
    having the coolest summer since I moved here over 40 years

    Springwater, I hope your brain and body are less fatigued. I
    think it's great that pranic healing is helping you. Even if it
    only helps now and then, it's an improvement.

    W/ re: 2 Garfield, "Odie" shows up now and then in the cross-
    words. We have an Odie living on Carroll Street. He is a
    big white dog. Very tall. A mix of poodle and something.

    He is very friendly. Like Tigger in Winnie the Pooh, he is
    bouncy. When he sees Zippy he comes bouncing over and
    wants to play. We often see him in his owner's house, standing
    on the white sofa and looking out the window. Somedays he
    barks; sometimes not.

    You ever hear this, Teacher? The way things work out in
    the life, if you have an open book exam, you will probably
    forget your book.

    And here's an example of black humor: It may be that your
    sole purpose in life is to provide a bad example for
    other people.


    Hi Julie I've been trying to post this for ten minutes. Finally shut the computer
    off for a while. Hey, the salt block and bird feeder were a good idea. I remember
    when grocery stores had salt blocks for sale. Sometimes we would see them in
    the cow pasture. Licked into abstract shapes, sorta like a sculpture by Henry

    I don't remember ever hearing of Fort McCoy. I'm sure David and all or you are
    eager for the homecoming.
  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I suggest you go back to bed with all tht you do for everydobby. Glad things are going well at the facility where you mom and dad are. Thanks for your last post but you wear me out !! Of course you are younger than I anyway :)!!
    How old is that baby anyway? Wow, she has a good appetite when she is happy and not cranky or not feeling well !!

    Rock - thanks for posting your last post too. I enjoy them so much ! Full of humor which is a good thing. Most of need a good dose of that to help us through the day. They also have lots of interesting and smart stuff in them so don't sell yourself too short.

    Good morning awl. I need to go get dressed before DH comes home from golf. I have so many things to do. I hope to get something accomplished, don't ask me what :)!!

    Love y'all,

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - glad to hear the dear parents are adjusting
    nd that David is due back soon.

    Granni - hope you achieve your goal of getting something
    accomplished. i know the feeling of arriving at end of
    day and wondering what on earth i actually did.

    Teacher - did you have any luck yet with the house?
    good luck with it. school wont be opening for a while
    yet and i hope you will be able to find something you
    like before that. i laughed so much at your last post.
    you said it, soaps cant do much better. but your family
    is one heck of an interesting one.

    Georgia - how far along have you come with the scarves?
    Come winter youre going to be very prepared.

    Gail - sending you good wishes as you spend time with
    your dear mother. every mum should have caring daughters
    like you n Julie.

    Rock - pranichealing is a godsend. i havent had a string
    of bed ridden days like i used to before and panic because
    i didnt knw what to do. i seem to be able to lift myself
    enough to accomplish an urgent thing or two, like today
    i made myself go with daughter to the monastery. and its
    important for me to be able to stuff while daughter is here.

    The sound of that white dog is so nice. imagine it standing
    looking out of the window. so sweet! memory problems are scary
    and i struggle with a lot. i heard long term depression affects
    memory and heart but then im making out all right so far. my
    memory gets worse when im stressed.

    on jul 25 as dhs b day. we got a lovely cake and i bought
    him a peach shirt which he wore to work the next day.
    he brought some mutton biryani (spiced fried rice) from
    a hotel and i had made chicken salad and tofu, peas and
    mushroom curry.

    we have been hvig some rain and that is a relief.

    god bless

  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    that dish you made and the spicy fried rice your DH brought already made up sounds so good. I would have loved to sample it. I love to try different foods from different cultures and there is very little that I don't like :)!!

    Glad you are having some rain. We surely need some without any damage. The other day there was quite a storm that came through but not here. There was wind damage all around that they showed on TV. We heard the thunder and that was all.

    Gotta run for now. Need to switch the washes and send an important e-mail.

    Hugs to everydobby !

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just try and take it one day at a time. However, I am sure you won;t be able to really relax until the party is over. Glad David will be home soon . That will make for a lot of happy people :)!!

    Have to get off here before DH gets back from the bank. Then I have to take him to his meeting so I can get ready for mine and use our one car. I think I hear him now.

    Bye for now. Will try and check in later. Just remember that all the work you think you have to do will be there forever, waiting for you and life will be the same. Try not to rush or worry about it. No one else but you will probably be worrying about the stuff that "needs to be done". Just feed them of course, or they will probably all complain. HE HE

    Love to you and everydobby,

    Glad your parents are doing well. Hope it continues.
  7. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Just finished another class. Will wirte tomorrow.

    In the meantime:


    It was alwasy getting in the whey!
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    From time to time I like I like to pass along helpful tips so
    my friends will be able to serve their loved ones dishes both
    piquant and flavorful.

    I added deviled ham to my broccoli soup. Thought I would
    beef it up. ( Can you beef something up w/ ham?) Anyhoo,
    here's the tip: don't do it.

    The hollyhocks are in bloom. They pretty much bloom any
    old time of the year, but there are a lot of them covered w/
    flowers right now. My mother had them in one corner of her
    garden. The ones out here grow a foot or two taller than
    back in the Old Country.

    There's a park in Hollywood that has a theater and a house
    built by Frank Lloyd Wright. The house is called the Hollyhock
    House. It is open for tours about 3 hours a week. Could
    never go when I was working. Now I'm too feeble. SOL

    Georgia, did you say you were knitting 3 scarfs? Are they
    the ones you mentioned before; w/ a panel? I forgot the
    name. Gordon doesn't knit in the summer. Says it's too hot.
    In fact, he hasn't done any big projects like a shawl or an
    Afghan for several years.

    Julie, Granni is right. Most of the work will wait patiently until
    you can get to it. I haven't made a bed for years; just change
    the sheets now and again. Used to iron a lot when I was a
    college student and a bachelor. Don't do much of that anymore
    either. Modern fabrics are wonderful.

    Put some of those guests to work. It will make them feel

    Springwater, you said you made chicken salad. Was the tofu
    part of that or a separate dish? I have never had curry.
    They used to serve it 40 years ago in the office cafeteria, but
    it looked kinda funny to me. It was green. I suspect it's too
    spicy for a Norwegian.

    Granni is more adventurous than I when it comes to tryin'
    new stuff.

    Thank you for the humor, Teacher. Your Miss Muffet joke
    was whey too funny.

    Georgia, just thought of it. Well, I thought of Faroe, and
    I googled it. It's Faroese shawl, right?

    Gail, thinking of you. Sending good vibes. Alas, can't do
    much more than that. You and Julie are so strong.

    Time to go water. Did I mention that Gordon bought a new
    nozzle for the hose? It is amazing how much easier it makes
    the job. He bought it from his favorite store: QVC.

  9. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Just did the morning chores and peeked in to see what as what and who was who.

    enjoyed reading all the new posts.

    bit pooped so wont linger.

    Julie - all families seem to have drama, dont they? this one not speaking
    to this one, that one doesnt want to be in same room with that one,
    and it causes tension for all others. we have our share.

    Granni - I have a weak stomach so dont try out too many dishes. but
    i love watching cooking shows and looking at the variants of same dishes
    over the world. would love to have a stronger gut.

    the daughter helps out with chores altho she is not the most energetic
    husekeeper in the world. on the second day she set down and took a
    chart paper and drew up a chore chart. so the duties are divided between
    son, myself and her.

    doing the prayer ritual (which takes half an hour), feeding the dogs
    (we go up to the terrace so they dont pee downstairs on the stairs after
    drinking their milk) and doing the main rooms.

    other sundry things we have to do as and when we are free. of course
    im doing the lions share. the little girl help doesnt come in the mornings
    now because she is taking tutions outside to prepare for her boards.

    this morning son asked whose duty it was to do the prayers rituals and
    she said it was his. he said "in that case, I shall do it............later." and
    ran down the stairs.

    Rock - the tofu, peas and mushroom curry is a different dish than the
    chicken salad. thats a veggie side dish. i par boil the peas, tofu and fry
    the mushroom. then i again fry onions, garlic, and put the already half cooked
    veggies in them, add salt, pepper, green chillies, tomatoes. i use olive
    oil. its an easy dish and popular among my family. i add cauliflower with peas
    when i get them.

    Teacher - hope you feel peppy soon. i used to love Miss Muffet poem when
    i was a first grader. for some reason it used to make me feel pleasantly sad.
    maybe the way teacher used to sing it.

    Georgia - thats such a lovely way to address you..."my girl". Has a lovely
    ring to it. hope you can get your tooth fixed. i just got a phone reminder
    from the dentist, its time for a check up but sheesh, not now. dont feel
    like spending the money.

    Mr Bill, missing your cookies, Gail, thinking of you

    JOle, Carla, Linda, Mickey and all MIAs, think abut you

    oops look like i did linger after all


    God bless

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have been busy running around most of the day today,. Got up early and went shopping with DH for stuff at Sams that we will be needing when the kids come on Sunday. Then went to the church where they were having a good deal on Stroke Scans. It was pretty cheap for4 scans inc an osteoporosis scan (where you put your foot inside) a little gadget and it scans the bones. It showed that I will have severe Osteoporosis according to that but it can't be specific about any areas. It just say minus 3.2 for T scan. Wondering af anyone else around here has had the test and what they thought of it, in comparision with the regular lying down scan. How accurate it was . I was (am) still hoping for a better building of bone on the Strontium Citrate, K2, Boron, D3 and Calcium of course. I take enough pills to kill a course, and that counts supps.

    After coming home we had lunch and DH used to computer. Then I got on but I need to make supper and also fold the clothes in the drier. I only other thing I did that was worth of prase for house sleaning was I cleaned out one droor in the refrig. It is that drawer for the lunch meats and such that was such a mess. I had to fight to get it out of the refrig so I could really clean it.

    Hope awl are doing OK - Rock, Julie, Teacher, Bill, Gail, inc. all the many Porchies that have lost their way and may need a Navigation system to get back to the board :)! Oh, I do miss them all ! I'm sure they know who they are and are just to busy or not feeling up to it to posting. I love you all anyway.




    LEFTYGG Member

    its stifling hot here. im here with mom.

    my dh coaches football and he came home sick and decided not to go to scrimmage tonight. ive never known him to miss anything. he says this is his last year but hes said that before.

    julie great that David is home safe. sounds like your parents are doing nicely. really the care they get is so much better than we can do but i had promised mom shed never be in a nursing home. she doesnt even know tho .

    rock thx for kind words. i have a few flowers but they look pitiful. i have great intentions in spring. i was waiting for your cooking tip then got a good laugh.i watch cooking shows then try re

    LEFTYGG Member

    was it gone? gez

    ill be back
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Did you try to post another one andit just disappeared or was it the first one?

    Sorry your mom is in such bad shape in her mind anyway. It is so sad but I know you will always try and do what is best for her.

    Georgia - sorry about your teeth but glad they can do something for it, even if it does cost a fortune - geez !! Glad things are going well for you and Grandpa and that Alanon is being so helpful to you and others.

    I just wanted to check in before I start getting ready for beddy bye and taking my shower, etc.

    Whoopie, we actually got a little bit of rain today, not much but somethingl. Wondering if we will get some of that storm DON!!! Hope not to much coming up this weekend and eek as we have the grand children coming up for golf camp this week. They will be up on Sunday - two 13 yr old boys and a 17 yr old girl who is more like 30 :)!! She will not be going up to golf camp, not interested in that any more.

    We surely do need some rain though around here and all around TX.

    Love to awl,
  14. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Finished my class. Have a half-day music reading seminar next week and then I'll be done with school stuff for the summer.

    The second Campmeeting of the summer starts Sunday, so I'll be hit or miss next week like I was in June.

    Mom and I aren't staying the week. She reminded me that since I'm house shopping, I need to be readily available. We tend to get to camp and turn off our phones so we're out of touch for a week.

    Doh! I had forgotten that part!

    So, we'll be going back and forth like we did before. Not a problem.

    Just finished weedwhacking my little yard, so hands are shot for the day. So will sign off for now.


    You can use a cowculator.

  15. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    very tired. an altercation with dhs younger uncle and his wife whom i made a polite
    visit to with my daughter. big mistake. they raked up old family issues and said untruths
    and went into paroxysm of rage when i corrected them. ive been taking this nonsense
    for years now every time i visit but this time was once too many.

    not going there ever now.

    today i was to tired to even try and give myself healing.

    God Bless

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    If DH aunt and uncle are being so ugly about and to everyone else in the family, I wonder why anyone even wants go see them any more. Do you think your DH will be upset if you told him that you were not going to go there any more? It is upsetting enough if he has to go and his decision whether he wants to put up with it or not. Does everyone go visit all their relatives (or all get together during your New Years celebration)?

    If your DH wasn't upset with you I would say that they make you physically sick being so critical of you and everyone else in the family. You all shouldn't have to put up with that. Some people are just toxic and they sound like they are both that way. Glad that your daughter saw through them and what they were saying. Maybe if no one came to see them again they MIGHT just straighten up and fly fight. If they can't figure out why no one is coming, just tell them - no one wants to go see them because of their attitude and fighting with everyone else in the family. What does your DH say? Does he just feel that it is his duty to go see them at certain times, esp the holidays?

    I don't blame you for getting so upset. Stuff like that wears me down too. If they are that bad I wouldn't go back unless of course your DH feels like you all HAVE TO do so. Then you would have to make the decision depending on how sick and upset they make you, if it is worth either going to see them and getting sick or getting your DH upset with you.

    Sorry you have such a mess on your hands with DH's aunt and uncle. Why are some people so hard headed and think the world revolves around THEM. Ity wouldn't surprise me if no one wanted to be near them. They sound like very controlling people.

    Nothing else much new here. Things are starting to get real busy here. Will have 3 grandchildren here on Sunday and two will stay through the week. There are 13 yr old twin boys here for golf camp, not that they really donlt play much at home. They are to busy doing other things. One is very into sports and the cother could care less but does do Tae Kwon Do. The GD is into the dance team at H.S. and will be going nto her Sr. yr. in H.S. I think the boys will be in 8th grade. I'm getting tired already and haven't done a think except food shop.

    Hugs to everydobby !

  17. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    So sorry! I don't know why family members enjoy bringing old cwap up. Don't think they realise that clinging to old resentments just makes themselves miserable. I'm sorry that they put all this on you, and I don't blame you one bit for being angry.

    My SIL told me about a year ago that we don't "click" because our lifestyles are so different--ever since she made that statement, and told me not to e-mail her anymore, there has only been silence. I find out about family stuff from my step-mother! Not having contact has been good for me, as I don't get involved with their blather. SIL has e-mailed me twice--in both cases asking for money for one of her "causes." I just delete them, and do not respond.

    My dizziness has gone away since I saw the dentist. She did a deep cleaning of my gums, and placed an abx. No more vertigo! Am thinking it may have been caused by the gum infection I had. Am looking forward to my partial, so I won't look like an old hag.

    Julie, so glad to hear that your parents are acclimating well to the facility. Am also happy to hear that you are feeling better.


    PS: I have really cut back on my driving due to brain fog. Have had several near accidents which would have been my fault. Hope my brain "clears" soon![This Message was Edited on 07/29/2011]
  18. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I did it already!!! Poofed out! OK, start again. I am so sorry that I have been so slow getting b ack to my friends. It is a summer that has flown by-------hot and humid!

    I wasn't sure I waa going to make it back on here. It is so different! But I made it. Remember though, I make typos. I don't remember where I left off in my life! Dawn, (daughter) has been here a few times from MI, and Tim comes about every 2-3 weeks on sat.

    This has been one screwy day. I turned the TV on first thing this a.m. to hear the news and it just uzzed at me - no cable. Then I went to coffee and there was a horrid storm while I was there. Hard, hard wind and I got a 1 1/2" of rain in the guage when I giot home. A big tree in the park was blown down and a tree on my street blocked the street. Again, no cable. Then about 1 p.m.the power went off---again! I called arorund and a neighbor said she had heard on the radio the cable was to be off all day!!! Rats! Power came back on wigth a bang and the Ac's sgtarted going again.

    I have been well as can be expected but I sure don't get a lot done. One so called big thing a day. I was going to the next town to WMart but the weather stopped me.

    There have been several deaths of friends. The gal that I have known since we were 3---her hubby passed away. Then this week, one of the "neighbor hood kids" died on cancer. She was 61, same as my son. She was at all the b.d. parties, they all played together and went thru 13 grades with Tim. ANother friend died on cancer. Her hubby had to have a pacemeker.defib put in as soon as the funeral was over. Now deawr firend and coffee buddy is heading to Mayo in MN Mon. A gal that was one of my bridesmaids had to haver back surgery as she was unable to stand, move herself and dependent on her hubby. Now in N.H. in rehab and will be there a long time. Another school friend broke her foot, had sugery and will be in a N.H. fpr a lomg long time.

    I have kept up a little with my FB friends but didn't know as much as I would have liked.

    Two weeks ago my 2nd son and wife flew to the Phillipines for a week and picked up from the orphange their 2 new children. The came ovwer here to Lola's (grandma) a week ago and they remember me from last summer. They can understand English somewhat but can not communicate very well.

    I have also had distant relatives send me letters for money, usually for a mission trip somewhere. I ignore them. Rock----it was so good to read your posts. the same Rock full of humor to keep everyone entertained. Love you, Rock!!

    Julie: I keep track of your parents thru Face Book. Hang in there and do not feel guilty. You can not take care of them and be true to yourself and family.They will adjust someday.. I know that it is difficult---been thru it wiith hubby. I still miss him so much but know he is in God's hands and pain free.

    SW: How close is Nepal to Mynamar (don't know it that is spelled right) I have a great-niece, her hubby8 and 8 mon. old son go therre as missionaries.

    Well, the phone has rung two times and I am gettikng tired of gettng up to answer it.

    Keep cool dear ones.

    I do so want to keep in touch with all of you. I thhink I know how to get on here now.

    Blessings and gentle hugs,


    LEFTYGG Member

    here with mom. she actually ate some food tonight. id say open wide and say look at me and open my mouth real wide. shed open and id get a spoonful in.now shes asleep.

    hi joan good to see you. its nice your kids visit often. as we get older it seems all we hear is about sickness and death. my dh good friend died 2wks ago. he was a pallbearer. he was 72 and having stress test and collapsed rushed in surgery and didnt make it.

    springwater that family stuff happens alot. we have turmoil all the time.i do try to stay away from toxic people. ive blocked a few on facebook. im trying to just be happy with myself.

    granni youre gonna be a busy woman with those grandkids. just feeding them is a fulltime job. i have my 5yo gs all the time. today he wanted to toss ball outside!!!! its 90 something so i said lets do it in here and whoever misses it has to kiss it. ofcourse i missed it and it rolled into a cobweb and i had to kiss it. yuk he thought it was fun.

    julie thinking of you and all going on. you never get a break with all the company. hopefully when david and lindsey go on their trip you can take it easy.

    teacher what type of camp do you go to. are you a counselor? a teacher from our hs spent whole summer in minesota at a camp.i was reading the counting cow joke thinking is it easier to count cows? then realized it was a joke duhhh!

    take care all. love gail
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad you made it onto the boards again. We've been missing you as well as others of our dear Porchies who have forgotten their way here :)! I know, you just get busy and in a rut sort of and it is sort of hard to do when you haven't done it in a while. Also, you just busy and forget sometimes. I saw you on FB as well as others.

    Mickey I know is also very busy. I don't think I have heard from her lately since I sent her a note but with working and all she does with the family, getting onto FB or the Porch is the least of her problems.

    So sorry to hear about the deaths in your area especially the young ones or used to be, who was friends with your son. How nice that your son and wife got back from the Phillipines after adopting two children., That is wonderful. I know my son and wife would love to do that but do not have that much money to have to go to the country and get hem, etc.

    They still hope to adopt as they have had problems conceiving and she already lost at least 2 children thru miscarriage and one just didn't develop properly. They had gone through the process on foster to adopt and then they got busy with other things probably alot with her father living with them. So they were going to find out again if they had to retake all those classes they took. I have not heard from her about that. They would make such good parents. Both are like kids themselves and so wonderful with them.

    Well, I gotta go for now. Hope to hear from you soon again Joan. It was so nice to see or should I say hear from you again on the Porch.

    Did you read about that neuropathy problems and pain that Elaine has been having? Hope she finds out the cause soon so she can get to feeling better. Guessing that some of it MAY be the taking of Lyrica and its side effects.

    Bye for now. Please come back soon.


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