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  1. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Rosin on the bow and here we go.

    Somebody started a thread on t-shirts. I found a couple funny ones on the net including one that was animated. Cost: $40. Washable? Didn't say.


    I Never Finish Anythi

    If it fits on a bumper, it's oversimplified.

    Linda, were you talking about the cookie recipes or is there another recipe thread?

    Note: This was posted w/o harming any animals and w/ no help from mythical or imaginary figures.
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  2. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I deleted mine. We Posted the new Vol. and they arrived

    within 1 Min. of each other! Great trains run on the same

    track I guess. Or sumthin' like that?

    Your Bud,

    P.S. JACK DEMPSEY I met here in S.F. and got his Auto-
    graph when I was about 8 yrs. old! My Dad was with me
    and it was in the backroom of the old Kezar Previlian.
    He was a friend of my Dad's friend who "owned" a couple
    of Boxer's from Nevada! It was at the time of Gene Full-
    mer and BO BO Olsen etc. Saw your reference to him yester
    day. Understand he was a racist in real life and opposed
    people like Joe Louis from Boxing white folk.(??)

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  3. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I was going to delete mine after pasting and copying, but Gordon came home from work and I was interrupted.

    I had to hear a long story about some gal who resigned, then spent hours crying while holding her hand out, palm up, like a football runner, saying all the while, "I'm all right. I'm all right."

    Some people like drama in their life. People who grow up in dysfunctional, alcoholic homes like peace and quiet. (After a good deal of research I have come to the conclusion that "alcoholic" is the most difficult word for me to type.)

    Anyway my father was short and fat and had no athletic ability at all, but expected his kids to be professional athletes. Ditto my mother who couldn't play or sing but thought her kids should be performing at Carniege Hall.

    He-LLO! Reality check anyone.

    Our society is collapsing around us while we pour our resources into entertainment. And the taxes are too high. Exactly like the Roman Empire.

    My crazy brother in Portland sent me some canned salmon. Maybe he's trying to make up for not feeding us when we were there.

    I think I'll make a salmon omelet.If I remember I'll throw some tarregon in there. That's the kind of gourmet touch Marthla approves of.

    Don't know anything about Jack Dempsey's personal life. Only boxer I ever saw was M. Ali. He had an office on Wilshire Blvd. across the street from Hartford Ins Co. Used to see him frequently at lunch time when I was house counsel for Harford.

    Will see everydobby tomorrow.


  4. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thanks for the hopefully good grades.

    i used to kow a girl who used to make stained glass back in michigan. she was really good at it.

    mr.dad they used to have the joe louis arena in detroit, mi.

    i think it is not there anymore for some reason. i will have to ask my friend from detroit that lives here in tiburon.

    her parents are flying back to detroit rock city. they are taking the marin airporter tomarrow. they came out here to see that there little girl, my friendm got a good attorney for her divorce. her hb cheated on her. so mom and pops are coming up w/the money for an attorney to take his butt to court.

    he has been manipulating her. well gonnna go crack some books before smg scolds me. that darn ruler hurts.

  5. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Carla: As with your stain glass project, when I had a
    furniture refinishing prob lem, I'd pick up another piece
    and walk away from the first one for awhile! I always
    like to have three or four idems at a time to work on so
    I could interchange the work. Glad the Kitty has a safe
    and warm spot of it's own to hang out!

    Walked in the Kitchen of my old house one day years ago
    to find my Cat batting and sliding a mouse he had drug
    into the house quickly back and forth across the floor.
    I called out, "what are you doin' Pig-Pen ? He looked
    up as he wacked that poor mouse again across the linoleum
    floor and said, "mice hockey"!! I managed, to his dismay,
    to rescue that poor 'lil mouse in a paper bag and bring
    it outside again! Pig Pen was not happy wiff me at all!

    Jodie: I'll bet ya can't wait to get some "down time" for
    the Holidays. Admire you self discipline with school and
    all as it must be difficult to go back after a number of
    years have passed since sitting in a classroom! Ya done
    good Kid!!!

    I hate to sound cynical about divorce attorney's, but
    in the overwhelming situations, the only one's that come
    out our the two Lawyers who conspire bewtween themselves to
    more bitterly agitate the situation between the two divor-
    cing persons to line their own pockets. My Wife and I
    did our Divorce thru a Para-legal that I never even met!
    The two of us sat down and divided things down the Middle
    that we had worked hard together to accumulate! I willing
    ly kicked in some of my own money to help her stay in the
    house! Bet your friends attorney very well gets lots and
    lots of her parents $$ before this is over!!! Revenge is
    is a divorce Attorney's best friend!

    Anyway hope it doesn't work out that way!
    Have a good day at School tomorrow Jodie!
    "Talk" to ya then, "K"?

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  6. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Yes, I've rescued a few mice and lizards from cats. Now when Huckle has a mouse and he sees me coming, he grabs the mouse and runs.

    Marta, hope the headache is better, or more precisely, hope you are better and the headache is gone.

    Can Smitten sit on the dryer and look out the window, Carla? Cats love to look down on the world from a pearch.

    I once had a cat I took in who was very athletic. In one leap she could reach the top of the refrigerator. Would stay up there for hours watching, dozing.

    Is the plastic to put on the windows and keep out the cold?

    Linda, yes, I'm afraid it's true. Many attys do want to be paid for their work. Haha. Read an article in the Bar Journal decades ago about litigation that went on between two companies. The trial alone took a year.

    Litigation costs were extremely high. The author, one of the many attorneys involved, said it is much cheaper and smarter for the parties to work out a settlement.

    The problem is, of course, that people are not always interested in doing what is smart and efficient. After all, if people were smart would they smoke, get drunk, join fraternities, go to war?

    The worst thing an attorney can hear from his client is, "I want justice." That means I want revenge and will not be satisfied w/ anything less than total anililation of my opponent.

    When a client says, "I want some money," you have a much better chance of getting the case settled in a reasonable time.
  7. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I'm happy to report that I'm back on a sleep med (NOT Rozerem) and the headache with accompanying crankiness is fading. Many thanks to those of you who checked in on me. The basket of goodies was much appreciated, especially the cookies and Absolut.

    Rocky, you're so right about society. How our values got so skewed I'm not really sure but they have. Sometimes I listen in amazement to various people's priorities.

    What about folks who go to a lawyer for a divorce as I did years ago and say, I just want outta there! Should make it easier, right?

    Carla ck: I'm so glad you found a good "cocktail" of things to make you feel better. Are they as good as Absolut? I also like Smitten having her own room. At the shelter last weekend, they'd brought in a cat that had been an outdoor cat for ten years. What an angry feline that was! And how upset all the other cats were! I don't see the point of that, myself.

    Joe, sounds like you had a divorce about like I did only I'm the one who gave it up. Still, bitterness and revenge are poor companions, IMO. If I didn't have CFS, I'd sleep well.

    Linda, so happy you got those lights up! I thought about you over the weekend as I saw people outside with theirs. I may be going the faux route this year on wreaths. There's just too much to getting rid of the dry old things after New Year's.

    Well, friends, so far I have accumulated: cat food, cat litter (have boxes) and today added more (expensive) cat food AND a scratching post. You think I might be getting a cat to add to all this someday?

    I need Annie to tell me again the name of the litter she recommended. Jeeves threw away the slip of paper I'd written it on and I haven't seen anything that might be it in the stores. I may post a special thread to her, in fact. Annie, if you're reading.....

    Hugs all around the porch,


  8. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm so glad to hear that you are no longer "Cranky". I'm
    sure it would all be tolerable though. hahhah!!

    Those divorce things are never a pleasant event, but if a
    third party isn't involved as a precipitating reason,
    it makes the situation a bit more palitable. A lot less
    bitterness and hurt than otherwise the case. After 20 yrs,
    my former and I still are respectful and continue to pre-
    sent an anomaly to most people we know. Continue to share
    Childrens' major events as well as Thanksgiving etc. each
    year. A most comfortable relationship I'm happy to say!

    I think you are indeed close to making a decision on adopt
    ing a new Feline! Ya need a "lap-cat" that follows ya
    around the house whereever you go like my Daughter's Cat.
    Hope you will pick one soon without much further "paws"!
    Would be great if 'in your Granddaughter was with you at
    the time so she will feel apart of your decision if poss.?

    I really enjoyed my Girl's sweet Cat while in Portland.
    She spent alot of time on my lap or up on the Bed wiff
    me! (We both spent lot's of time sleepin') She liked

    We have many MIA's! Too numerous to mention without miss-
    ing someone! Wish we would have them "check-in" soon as
    the weather has been a factor I'm sure!

    Start practicing Marta, ("Me-ow, me-ow, me-ow").
    Later, "K"?
    P.S. Michigan and USC in the Rosebowl??

  9. Cromwell

    Cromwell New Member

    Hy guys, sorry I am MIA such a lot, been having some problems with headaches, leg ache etc. (so what is new???)

    Marta I just posted the answer to the kittylitter Q for you.

    Oh cats and mice. I tell the mice here, "What were you thinking, marching into a house where there are 4 cats?" Guess who is the master mouser? Our cat that has NO teeth, he grabs them in his gums.

    Lincamp, so you have snow in Buffalo? I was thinking of taking the bus up to see Geoff, who is now off all the tubes etc. but getting terrible nursing care in the general ward, due to staffing problems. But am I up to it?

    Here is one for carla nl: A mouse lived in a windmill in old Amsterdam, A windmill with mice in, that's not so surprising, he sang every morning, how lucky I am, to live in a windmill in old Amsterdam. I saw a mouse (where?) there on the stair (where on the stair?) right there! A little mouse with clogs on, well I declare, going clip cloppity clip on the stair.

    That is an old song that ends up with many ,many mice. Have you heard it?

    Canned salmon, sent by mail? Well, it could have been fresh salmon, which may have been worse, Rocky.

    Mrdad, my dad used to listen to all the American boxing on shortwave radio when I was little and (later) he loved Cassius Clay!

    Love Annie C
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Glad you feel well enough to come to the Porch for awhile
    today! My former MIL was an R.N. and use to give herself
    Vit. B injections for her headaches. Is B.12 possible 4-
    U ? I know how debilatating they can be. Ouch!

    So happy to hear that Geoff is breathing on his own. Glad
    he appears to be on the road to recovery although I'm
    sure he has a long way to go unfortunately! I continue
    to hold good thoughts Anne. Is Danny doing better lately?

    My Daughter is just finishing her first 1/4 of Grad School
    Do they have the 1/4 system in N.Y.? I did the Semester
    System here although the Major U. have the 1/4 system
    such as U.C. Berkely etc. I Wonder about the efficiency
    and quality of that eduacational form! Too rapid assimul-
    ation of materials and the stress of it all!! Oh, well.
    As long as those students have enuff student aid $$ to
    buy my TOP RAMEN NOODLE COOK BOOK at the Student book
    store, who care's, huh ??

    Have a good eve Annie,
  11. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    For some reason, knowing better, I have a good day and still cram almost everything into it. But, Who Ray for good days!

    Me-ow? Is that how it goes, JoeDad? I think I remember that sound very well from the two old guys I had only a year ago. Still miss 'em like crazy. I cried for a month each time I lost one. Granddaughter wants me to adopt a cranky four-year old grey cat who growls at everyone "Because you know nobody else will adopt her." I'm not so sure that should be my criteria but I'm pondering.

    Annie, I'll be on the lookout for that Cedarific litter. Did you know that if you type in napco.com instead of nepco.com you get a screen in Japanese? Yup. Good news about Geoff. Miracles do happen.

    Time to turn off the light and go into a no-think zone for awhile. Good thing we have the rheostat on the porch light.

    Hugs allll around,

    Oops. Carla ck snuck in while I was typing. Hi, Carla! I was referring to your supplement cocktail that you said was helping you feel better. m.

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  12. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    If SMG were here she would answer your question with the

    retort: "IT'S A MYSTERY"

    I believe another Holy Card is in order! Apropriately

    A Saint Joseph the Worker!

    Met a beautiful Irish Girl in Cork City 35 years ago who
    when asked what her BF did for a living replied with her
    Irish Accent that he "is a carpenter". Only I heard her
    to say he was a "car painter". Wonder if St. Joe every
    painted any cars in Cork City?? Anyway, the "card is in the

    You are a sweet and devoted Daughter to your parents
    and I'm sure they must be proud!

    Rest up Kiddo,

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  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    they own two car lots in the northbay. he moved her out of one of the mulitmillion homes in tiburon. to a nice 2 bed one bath condo rental. the he started selling like five homes here in marin. they have two in bodega bay, one in ross, and a condo in novato. they owned two gorgeous homes in tiburon overlooking the bay.

    anyhwo. he is saying he is broke the company isn't making any money. the business is only worth about 50k. that is two separate carlots. he said it won't be worth anything because the leases are almost up so it isn't worth anything.

    so they have alot of equity to worry about. she is basically making sure he is giving her a good deal. they have been using a mediator out of berkley. another attorney and accountant. he is paying for it all.

    but she really needs some legal advice.

    i got anonther prfect score on psych quiz 20/20.

    i need to do my math. it is total crunch time. i have cody's game on saturday at oakland coliseum at 4 pm.

    i just got the list sent to my email that i can't bring my skateboard or roller skates to the game.lol

    any size pole or stick. so smg can't come there with that ruler.

    well smg is telling me either i go to bed early or do my darn math homework.

    i have a math test due next week by friday. then all my completed assignemnts by thrusday. then off to the finals on the 20th and 21st.

    down time during break is a b-day on xmas for me....42 years of living fun. movement maybe slower than usual, but i will give it a try.

    then on the 27th is my big day of elbow tennis elbow surgery.

    i think i will be ready for swinging off the chanderliers on new years eve. i will just use my left arm. i am as strong as jane.

    oh i have a friend, cuddle buddy, who checked himself in to alcohol rehab today. happy for him, but sad at the same time. i haven't known him that long. but the guy can play a guitar sing a tune. he has played professionally.

    well i hope he has the strength to come through it sober.

    i haven't heard from him today, but i have his sweat jacket. i guess i should give it to him. it maybe cold in there.

    i saw him this weekend and he was celibrating his b-day. we had a good time.

    well that is all

  14. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i can't sleep well right now. too much on my pretty little mind i guess, i man i met about five weeks ago just started alcohol rehab. i need to return his sweat jacket to him. so a friend of mine said drop it off to him. but i am really not too sure what his hours are there. it is a long term one.

    i may try to call now and see if i can get through to someone and make sure he did indeed check in. i called there yesterday when i found out his brother from my friend.

    he has had his plate more than full. i hope he can pull it through sobriety i guess i meant to say.

    not looking to marry him. but he is a nice man.

    he has two little boys that live in florida, in san francisco area. so that would be tough on me.

    well you all have a great day and thank for the count down on the school time, but i w/be having surgery on tennis elbow 12/27. i will not be able to use my right hand or arm for 3 weeks for sure. that may take a toll on my schooling somehow.

  15. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hello all

    Boy are my ears ringing!! Went to see Twisted Sister last night...FRONT ROW! :) :) :) The show was just awesome, never thought I would get to see those guys live, not to mention so close! They were really entertaining and put on a great show. Got a lot of attention from Mr. Dee Snider, he sang right to me a few times, held my hand, etc. I think my husband was a bit jealous. My cousin who came to the show with us said "Dee loves you! You're just a rockin' with the Snider love" LOL

    I put a pic from the show in my profile and you can see all the rest here

    How are things with everyone? We are getting a lot of snow here *shiver* I'm ready for spring! Haha

    Hope all is well with everyone

    Take care,

  16. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I'm glad you had such a great time atr the Concert! They
    interviewed Saturday on a local S.F. TV station Grace
    Slick of the '60s Jefferson Airplanes! She lives across
    the Bay North of here in Marin Co. not too far from Jodie.
    Starting to look like some of the Rest of us "baby boom-
    ers" now! So is life I guess.

    Left you a message on the previous Vol. 54 about the
    Black and White Pugs at the City Park! Interesting things

    Rest up after your big nite and stay warm!
    JOE aka MRDAD

  17. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    Hello, friends. It's been quiet here today by the looks of things. There's still a bagel left from Linda's stop by this morning.

    Linda, you did a great job this morning at what here says 4:26 a.m. and I sure did need that blanket today. I'm also happy to hear that your folks arrived home and were so pleased by all your hard work. Makes it worth every ache.

    Joe, Car painter.... I can hear the Irish accent! Do you have your holiday shopping done?

    Jodie, very nice work on that psych test. Good luck to your friend in rehab. I hope it works out for him.

    Carla NL, sounds like you're makin progrss with the remodel. Be sure you rest in bewteen jobs, OK?

    Bekah, I must admit I wouldn't recognize a Twisted Sister from an Untwisted one but I'm glad you had fun. How is it that we have all the party girls here on the Porch?? I only wish....

    I'd dilligently packed all the little gifts for my grandkids in California and yesterday got up very early and to the Post Office to mail it by 8 a.m. - only to find that no one was scheduled for the desk. The very nice PO guy who was doing the sweeping up offered to walk me through using the machine in the lobby so I was relieved to have that DONE.

    Today I got the package back. Seems you can't reuse boxes, no matter how clean or how sturdy, that have once contained paint. Now I ask you..............!? So I'm passing on that info to save someone else the frustration. I had to unpack and repack and tomorrow I'll stand in line once more. I am in serious danger of becoming cranky again. 'Tis the season. Ho ho ho and all that.

    Hugs all around,

  18. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    Just a quick fly by..
    Gotta make sure all is well on the porch..

    we have a good mouser as well.. rescued her from the attic at the restaurant.. a stray somehow got up there and had her litter. 3 survived, I have one. Had to feed her with a eyedropper. Best mouser I've ever had.

    Rock.. canned salmon?? boy, that's random!

    love you all and I'll try to catch up with everybody when things slow down a bit. We are so busy I feel like a cat trying to catch my tail.

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I guess your Brother and the Folks are getting fairly
    close to being home! I'll bet your Brother is getting
    a bit weary of their questions by now! "When are we going
    to be there. I'm thirsty. He hit me." etc., etc. etc.!
    Your poor Brother! Hope the roads are OK.

    CK-Carla most likely would know more than I about those
    "smalls" that you rightfully cherish! I mainly did furn-
    iture and antique lite fixtures but enjoyed the smaller
    things much. My "Wife" mainly handled them in the shop.
    For fun it would be interesting to look for the idems
    you mentioned on E-Bay! I like Deco and Art Neuveau
    alot. Deco furniture became very popular right after I
    took all mine to auction and lost my "rear-end" on the
    ones I imported from Britain in the Early 80's!

    That S.F. litehouse you got in "L.A." sounds like the
    NEW YORK Capitol of the World T-Shirt my brother
    brought back to me! Ask him how he enjoyed N.Y. City
    and he said he hadn't gone there! He got the Shirt in
    Philly as they didn't have one of their own Town 4-Sale.
    Sounds like sumtin' W.C. Fields would come up with about

    Oh, I just noticed that the Folks are safely Home. That's
    great. Brother "done good"!!!

    Yes, I have been folowing the Plight of the S.F. family
    from the Start. It is so sad that it has ended with the
    Husband (Fathers) death. The elements were certainly not
    in his favor! It is so sad. Last year we had a Father
    disappear from the Middle of the City and no sign of him
    to this Day! It must be so difficult for HIS wife and
    family not knowing what happened. I believe he had been
    under medication for emotional issues when he disappeared

    I do watch Lou Dobbs occassionally and will leave a note
    for myself to see it tomorrow nite if I'm not across the
    Bay for Dinner wiff my friends and their two "Lil Guys!
    It's unbelievable as to how many E-R rooms have closed in
    the Bay Area in the past 10 years. Heard the fig. of 18!
    Priorities our really "screwed up"! (Oh, sorry SMG)!!

    Got a call from the Sistine Chapel and Andy Warhol did
    not "paint" a very pleasant picture of his assoc. with
    SMG. The ceiling touchups don't seem to ever meet her
    approval! Well your'r about 3 hrs. ahead of us on the
    "left Coast" so I'd better let ya go. Have a restful

  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    and who else....oh metellica, sammy hagar. i am sure there are some more but my mind is not right right now.


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