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  1. mrdad

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    Thanks my Friends!

    Please also read the important contributions from our

    Friends on previous Vol or Vols.! Thanks again.

    MRDAD aka JOE [This Message was Edited on 12/06/2006]
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    Gilley: Glad ya checked in wiff us tonight! Lots of you

    Friends in the East, Northeast amnd Mid-West! Laughed at

    your speculation about the 120 y.o. Indian Lady with the

    "Wet Bar". Just wanna remind ya that Rock and I are the

    ones that do the "jokes" around here! Right Rocky??

    Did ya put your Xmas order in for the Sister Mary Gregory

    "Bobble Head" doll?? There goin' FAST!

    Did ya know she is at the Sistine Chapel officiating at

    Choir practice for Xmas services? Andy Warhol is wiff

    her doin' the touchup to the Ceiling!

    I'm sure after runnin' in to me, YOU CAN GET BACK TO


    [This Message was Edited on 12/06/2006]
  3. 69mach1

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    dollar tree store. two-fer-one sale. i am buying everyone on my list one. that way no one feels left out of getting the best gift.

  4. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Thanks thats in keeping wiff your very generous nature!

    Hope your friend will be doing alright. Is Cory's big

    game in Oakland THIS weekend? Wish them all the best!

    Hope you're getting enuff rest.

  5. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i think everyone will love the gifts from me.

    cody's big day is saturday at the oakland coliseum.

    i just found out before i went to school to day that i could get box seat tickets for 25 dollars. but you had to fax the order in by 5 pm. today.

    i have a feeling i will be sitting in the rain watching the game. we are not allowed to bring umbrellas. fireworks. nothing fun. there. food must be in a plastic bag.

    we can stay and watch the other game after us and still keep our seats. the soaking wet one that is expected. so this hot momma will not be looking so hot for the game. i should go purchase a rain suit from big five or costco. those poor teeanager boys don't even have jackets to wear.

    funny you should mention rest. i just took my kolonopin and thought i would hit up the board before i left to sleepyland i hope i get some good sleep.

    my friend didn't know if i could stay on the premises. i wa already advised by one of the sobering residents that i could come and eat dinner w/him and that was allowed.

    i didn't mention it to him. i felt he will get the idea sooner or later. and he has my numbers to call me if he chooses too. i think a relationship w/him maybe just too much to deal w/right now. and i personally need someone to understand i have homework, old teenager who competes in sports, and lastly i have to flirt on this messageboard.lol

    i am feeling better about the situation. i know it is needed for him. i have not seen the bad part of him. but i know it has in his past in a way. i don't ask many questions about it. because he told me the second day we were together he was an alcoholic and he wanted help.

    he started aa last tuesday...then friday i bump into him an his brother at the local bar and grill around the corner from me. he was getting hammered and his b-day was 12/2/06.

    so i didn't has questions in regards to his drinking. we just had a really fun night together.

    this guy has a wonderful talent. maybe he can do more later w/it. he has a beautiful voice and plays the guitar, country is his favorite. but he has played in a punk rock band. he has a cd... i heard it..

    well gonna go to bed my back hurts and i think i need to wake up tomarrow and work on some more stuff.

  6. Seeseaisme

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    It's been a while since I visited so I thought I'd drop off these blueberry muffins, should be plenty to go around and they're still warm from the oven, so be careful.

    I have been so sick this past month (November) . I was in a big time flare with the FM and then bronchitis which seemed to take forever to overcome. I had my yearly physical a week ago, with the usual blood work and of course everything comes back normal. But I'm not!! Darn it!! That is, if normal feels half alive and so sore in the shoulders and back that it makes me want to scream, and having muscle spasms under my ribs that takes my breath. Gosh, blame it #@%doctors. Ooops, sorry SMG, sometimes the devil makes me do it.

    Today in KY we have our first "real snow" which consists of flurries only, but it's bitter cold. If we get 3 in. of snow, I swear people drive 30 mi an hour and cause more accidents that way than if they'd just drive normal but cut thier speed down a little.
    Ppl rush to the grocery for milk and bread, it's actually quite funny.

    I guess folks have forgotten about maybe stocking up on powdered or canned milk, I always have some on hand. And nobody knows how to make homemade bread anymore. I was raised in a household of 7 and my dear depression-era Mom and Dad were always prudent about spending. Mom made homemade biscuts every morning. We lived on a farm and never bought milk because my Dad would bring fresh cow's milk with the cream still in it, in the house every morning .

    Good grief how I hated that milk! This happened when I was about 8 years old and spent the night with a friend and her family had store bought milk. Whoo Boy, what a difference. I refused to drink milk at home after that and being the spoiled baby girl,
    Dad gave up and bought a gallon of milk a week, just for me.

    I'm really missing my Dad this year, he passed away last year before Thanksgiving and we go on without him. Such is life.

    Well, I'm really making up for lost time here. I have to get busy now and get some housework done. Think I'll shampoo the carpet in the living room. I'll update you on that.

    I hope everyone is safe, healthy and happy. BTW, CkBall, theres a special post for you about your website.

    Marta, better get you a cat for company, since you have all the do dads for one.

    Dad, and Rock keep up the great job of amusing us with your stories.

    Anne, or is it Annie now , hope you and Danny and the rest of your family are well.

    Linda, thanks for being helpful by supplying us with warm blankies, I need 3 today please, cause I only have one dog and it's gonna be a 3 dog night here for sure this evening.

    Jodie, your friend is so lucky to have a good person like you to stop by. My brother's been with AA and sober now for over 20 years. There's always hope.

    Everybody else, I wish you well

  7. foggyfroggy

    foggyfroggy Guest

    Just poking my head out of the shrubbery for a moment to say hi. I haven't been on the board since Thanksgiving as my eyes have been so strained from trying to use the net to order presents.
    I'm so darn anal I have to research every little thing to make sure it's the right choice. Ugh, I wish I was the sort of person who could just close my eyes and point lol.

    I will try to catch up on the posts a bit over the week so I can respond to people and not just talk about myself ;-)

    I did get older the other day though - 47 on the 5th. My hubby got me a massage thingy for my neck and the boys got me a giant exercise ball which is hilarious really becuz I'm pretty much bedbound and have been for 3 years now but still I can sit on it and balance for a bit each day to help my 'core' muscles and bounce gently for fun.

    It's so cute that they got something that they would really love (so it stands to reason that I would love one too) and even cuter that their dad let them instead of trying to argue them out of it because it didn't really make sense. I have a great family. I'm really so very lucky.

    Well, I hope you are all having an 'as well as possible' day, talk to you later.

    Fluffy warm hugs all 'round,
  8. gilley

    gilley New Member

    MrDad - Please put in my order for a SMG "bobble head". She called me this morning from the Sistine Chapel. Apparently Andy Warhol was touching up the Angel Gabriel on the ceiling and when he was done she noticed that Gab had a campbell soup can in his hand!!! She was mad. Hope she can find her spiritual strength to not pull the platform from under him.

    Back to work!!!!
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just have the time to peek in and see what is going on at the porch before I make my run to the Dollar Store. I was going to pick some of there little gifts to but now think I had better run quickly to get those SMG Bobblehead dolls. I reall DO have do run there.

    This next week will be even worse than this one with singing performancew and practices. Thanks goodness tomorrow one of the big ones will be out of the way. I wish it would warm up around here and is supposed to get colder tomorrow I believe.

    Just wanted to let you now that I am still alive (I think) and wanted to see how everyone else was doing also. Please excuse all the individual posts (or lack of them). Gotta run - still !!!

    Big warm hugs all around to Mrdad, Marta, Ckball,Jodie, Sees and Froggy. Hope I got most of you anyway.

    Bye for now.

    Love to all,

    Marilyn (Granni) (Cookie) or whatever you want to call me. With this DD I have learned to have broad shoulders and TRY not to get hurt feelings to easily which could be easy to do, if you know what I mean.
  10. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Wow! It is sure great to see our "missing" Friends show-
    up on the Porch landing today! I suspected that many are
    not feeling "well" and have been in need to slow down a-
    while. Glad you're BACK! Hope others will arrive soon.

    Jodie: 'Cordin' to the weather report, the bulk of this
    second rain front will not arrive in force until late
    Sat. aft. If so, maybe the game in Oakland will come
    off before the worst of it arrives. We've been fortunate,
    or course, compared to our Friends in the Northwest, North
    east and Mid-West! It started very early for them.

    Sees: Thanks so much for the Muffins! They taste so good
    wiff my French Roast coffee! I wrapped one up an extra 1
    if ya don't mind and have it with my afternoon Tea.
    Lots of Families had to learn how to sacrifice during the
    Depression years but it became a source of bonding and
    unselfish altruistic values. Need to revisit those values
    as a Nation today I believe. Glad you are doing better

    Gretchen: Happy Birthday! It's wonderful that you have
    such a supportive and loving Family! It sure must make
    a differenced everyday. You finally got a break in the
    rain up there? My Daughter in Portland says it has been
    Cool, b ut a pause in the rain must be appreciated. It
    poured so hard on the Hy-Way betw. Portland and Eugene
    Thanksgiving morning could hardly see to drive! At least
    the Driver's in Oregon drive safer in those conditions
    than here in CA.!

    Gilley: Yea. Don't see how that situation betw. Andy and
    SMG is gonna' work out for too long! Don't think God
    could have ever "foreseen" a can of Campbell's Soup in His
    hand. SMG most be undergoing some "justifiable anger"
    about now! He may end up singing there in the Choir!
    Enjoy your humorous observations! Gonna' speak with Rock
    about a Comedy Threesum Team!

    CK-Carla: Ya havin' another busy day I take it! Do the
    Woo Woo's like the snow? I Bet Smittens would just as soon
    stay up and sleep on that warm dryer in the laundry room!
    Has Matt given ya a call yet this week? Sure the Town is
    so excited about the Movie. Are you working the Shop this

    Annie: I understand the Senate is to vote today on that
    new Bill (1 BIL.$$) for Autism research. Finally some
    recognition that this is a serious health issue. Hope you
    are feeling better and that Geoff continues to improve

    "Ketch ya all later"

  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thank you for the deleted post i know you meant well. i am a very open minded person also caring. i thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    my dad is a sober alcoholic, my exhb is bipolar and still self medicates w/booze. sadly, he never has gotten the help he needs. cody, our son, knows what is up.

    i just got the info on his court date this morning. he has to do 15 days jail time, 3 years probation and rehab i beleive until june next year. then he goes back to court to prove it.

    he told his brother he checked himself in because he wants the help. i will be supportive as a friend. i know he has two boys that live in fl, i hope he can sober up and learn a new way of living.

    i don't think he will move to florida to be with the kids, because his dad lives in the bay area, brother and his mother is in reno.

    i will probably go see him sometime soon just to let him know i have had a good friend of mine sober up, 2 years now for her. and my father, so he can talk when he feels like he needs someone to talk to. we will be friends first before anything else.

    i know he has to do the hard work to get through his past of many things. his brother told my friend that he wanted to get some psychological help now. he just came out of a 4 year relationship and thought he was going to marry that one. he ended it according to him. i know there are three sides to each story.

    i was hoping my friend that got the dui would get a weekend pass for the holidays, but he will be in jail starting on 12/21. ironic it is my son's b-day. then mine is xmas day. then i have my surgery on 12/27 on the elbow.

    i am glad the sentencing is over with. now he can work from there.

    thanks ckball i do have my eyes wide open.

    i am so darn busy anyways w/school and the fibro stuff not to mention my son's events. soon track season will be starting in february.

    thank you for your support and kind heart.

    you all mean alot to me.

  12. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i am more than happy to see someone fix their problems than keep making the same one over and over.

    friends first w/us...like i told him. i am not saying i am getting married to this man at all. especially right now. he needs to take care of himself first and formost before he can take care of anyone else.

    he had a father that ran off on him, his mother got married 3 other times. and there was physical abuse from the stepfather(s). so he needs some great help. and i really truly don't need to drink period at all.

    well he has a long haul before him but if he takes the knowledge he will learn it can make a difference for him and hopefully his little boys that live in florida w/their mother.

    it must be heart wrenching to have them clear accross the nation. but the mother's family all reside in florida and my friend's reside in the bay area and reno.

    i will think it will be totally awesome if he can keep himself sober and enjoy life in a different way.

    thank you again

  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i'll be back later today i school in an hour and i still need t get out of my pj's.

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I feel like Linda with her lights.

    I've been decorating today and I took the ***%%# Christmas package to the Post Office again. This time I hope it gets sent!

    Anyway, I'm extra tired so I'm not answered individual notes tonight. I'll sleep hard and do it tomorrow before I go to the shelter.

    Ho ho ho to you all.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    You surely do have alot on your plate with everything going on almost all at once it seems. There is nothing like a child (even if they think they are all grown up)to keep you busy - with sports, etc. We had 5 of them and they were all busy with one thing or another. I think I spent most of my adult life ina stadium of some sort. Sorry to hear about your x HB. That sounds similar to one of my daughter's x who really doesn't think he has a problem. Hope your surgery will goe well with you. I am sure it will!! I tell you that running around with the kids surely did help me sort of forget al of my own problems (for awhile at least anyway). Hope you finally got out of your PJ's. !!!(-: !!!

    Gretchen - Happy Birthday. Sorry I missed you. I didn't get to read all of the last volume on the porch - to much stuff going on. If you are new welcome !! and if not then it is my fautl busy to much running around oh and partof it was running to my new endo. She is now giiving me a different b/p to see if that will help the spiking. Good grief. Hopefully after Christmas, things will slow down a bit. Won't that be something ???!!

    Hi also to Gilley !Hope you are doing well also and sorry if I have missed you also on the porch - maybe that is because I wasn't there myself !! Hi also to CKball !!

    Oh, btw at the Dollar Store the Bobblehead dolls were ALL gone - DARN !!

    Gotta run again and get a bite to eat before we have to go caroling for awhile outsiede (BRRRR) before our last BIG practice.
    Stay WARM and happy !


    Marilyn (granni)
  16. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    Hey gang

    How are we all?

    LOL Lincamp. That is a guy in my profile picture. Dee Snider of Twisted Sister. :) My mom had a similar reaction when I showed her all the pictures. She forgot how over the top glam the band is. LOL I just love those 80's glam rockers. :) Fibro be darned, it's not going to stop me from rockin'! ;)

    It is SO COLD. -19 today! The air literally takes your breath away. I think I am going to hibernate until winter is over ;) The cold today is really making me ache. Yuck.
    Puppy loves the snow, he was racing around like mad in it this morning!

    Ta ta for now


  17. Luxuria

    Luxuria New Member

    I just saw that you live in Kentucky.
    I LOVE KENTUCKY!!! What a beautiful state. I have gone on vacation for years in Lexington with my family, we always stay at the Griffen Gate Marriott.

    My father in-law's company does a lot of work for Toyota so he is always in Georgetown and has now purchased a house there so hubby and I can continue our visits there.

    Awesome basketball team you have, I just love the Wildcats!

  18. dononagin

    dononagin New Member

    OMG!! I've made it on the board two days straight!! QUick in and out though..

    Mr Dad.. Salida.. I never heard of it.. just did a mapquest and looks to be a few hours away. We are on Interstate 5 smack dab in the middle of the state - cross street highway 198. If you do make it down this way swing by the restaurant if I'm working I'll buy you food!!

    I'm actually off this weekend!! Yipee!!!!

    ok, back to work.. love to all!
  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Yea. I watched the last half of the Lou Dobbs program
    at the point they were talking about Health care and
    the lost of jobs to overseas etc. Agree that not much
    othr than a "Town Hall" meeting was accomplished and some
    "venting". I use to watch his program all the time but
    get tired of the same old Blah-Blah-Blah! His subject
    matter is beating a dead horse! Agree with him in many
    ways but one can only say the same thing over and over
    in so many ways!

    Bless your Dad! Hope Mom is doing better tonight!
    Sounds as if they are still very much in love. It has
    to be so difficult for them to have lost your Brother so
    recently. I just can't imagine the pain and rising above
    to move on. But that generation had the kind of courage
    that most of us find difficult to relate too!

    I'm sure they were delighted with your loving attention
    to their home upon their arrival.

    Keep warm,
  20. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    thank you for the pick me up. i did get out of my pj's and went to school. i will find out what my term paper grade is on tuesday the teacher promised.

    i felt like an idiot tonight about an hour an half ago.

    i was on my way to see my friend t. which so happens to be on the way by my male friend that is in rehab right now.
    i was driving down to her house ..then guess who i saw, my rehab male friend. i stopped and he asked what was i doing here i can't be here. i said i am sorry told him i just left his brother a message because i was on my way past where my friend is staying currently in rehab. and i was hoping to get him on the phone so that if jesse needed anything he could just let me know.

    well i will not do that again, for sure. i know he had his court date today he has to do 15 days jail time for his dui, and the judge ordered rehab for like 6 months i guess.

    the place he is at right now allows him to work. i am not sure if he will get a weekend pass or not. i may never hear from him again. but i only wish him the best from my heart and anyone else that is trying to work through an addiction.