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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Brought some nice cold drinks, teas, water and snacks for all.

    Please check the last volume for Julie and whoever else posted besides me :)!! Thinking of everyone and all the MIA too.

    Glad so far it looks like Lindsays's babies are staying put inside mommy :)!! So that's a good thing.

    I'll try and pop in later to check. Off in a little while to a crawfish boil. It should be fun .

    Hope Spring Water is having a good trip. Miss her shining face and personality.

    TEACHER, ELAINE, GAIL, JOLE, CARLA, ROCK - missing you all and others too,

  2. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - thanks for opening. And the sweet dear

    This will be a surprise to u all.

    Im in America come to attend the graduation of my daughter
    Arrived 3 days ago. It was a lovely journey, hassle free and
    The three days here were awesome, love the place my daughter
    Is moving into, an ground floor apartment in a two storey house
    In the suburbs. Marvelous weather.

    daughter just got the internet connected today, she is sharing
    the apartment with three other friends.
    Loved her college, met her friends and had meals with them
    (I cooked once), and one friend has invited us to his house
    where he is cooking tonite.

    BUT theres a bit of bad news. I got a call fom my SIL eldest
    Bros wife. I had left him to take care of my son for the couple
    Of weeks we were supposed to be away.
    However, brother has not been well, and apparently vomited
    Blood fom his mouth and nose. SIL had her brothers take
    Him to hospital and get checked, and its not good news.
    Some more blood tests need to be sent to India. on top
    Of that there hv been crippling strikes and indefinite at
    That, so SIL is distraught.
    Ive told her to hang on, if the bad news is confirmed I
    Guess I will cut short our trip and return right after
    Graduation. Daughter was making itinerary for Boston
    And New York. But will just hv to see how that goes now.
    Want to be there for the family and don’t want son alone.

    Would you all pls pray for my brother and for his wife to
    Be able to cope? She’s just come out looking after
    Nephew. And was ill herself and took acupuncture.

    I almost got a panic attack and trying to hold myself
    Together. Going to try and enjoy for the sake of
    My daughter tho. Its just the thought of who is going to
    Lookafter my SIL, and younger brother shud anything
    Happen to my bro.
    I read about Lindsey too, and am praying for Julies
    Family too. That the little ones stay in long enough.
    Take care all.

    God Bless

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  3. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    Welcome to the States! You are in a part of the country I've never been to.

    I certainly will say a prayer for your brother and his wife, SW. I'm so sorry.

    Julie, saying prayers for your family, too.

    Starting to warm up again here. I did my errands this morning while still cool.

    Helped clean fleeces at my friend's ranch last week, and there is much more to do. Am going out there about two days a week. We keep joking that our hands will be smooth and young-looking, after having them in all the lanolin from the fleeces. Some are fairly stinky.

    Thinking of everyone here, and the MIAs.


  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    So glad to hear form you. Somehow I missed which are of the U.S. you were in for your daughters graduation. Glad you had a nice hassle free trip. Please try to enjoy it all while you are there and enjoy your daughter , her friends, etc.

    Hope all goes well for your brother and his wife, etc. As far as I know my daughter still doesn't have a job. I have sent her a few e-mails the last day or two and haven't heard back. Talk about bad timing. The kids in this area will be getting out of school soon and looking for work - great. Talk about being losing her job at a bad time (not that there ever is a good time). She was hoping to get something in her field at first and now she will take anything for $. I am afraid to call her and don't want to get her more upset. Her SO is probably trying to help her as much as he can.

    Please say some prayers for my daughter who still needs a job as far as I know.. I have already sent prayer requests to the Worship Board sometime ago and then I sent another the other day.

    Georgia - Wow, your hands will be so soft when you are done. How long does it take to do a fleece and how many more do you have left to do?

    Jule- Still thinking about you all and those babies. Hope they continue to stay put :)!!

    We left this afternoon to go to the crawfish boil that we though was today. Guess what it is tomorrow? Glad it wasn't really far away. Talk about be preoccupied !!


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  5. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Yes, we actually made it to the crwfish boil today and it was the right day. Yesterday we mistakenly went and they were setting up for a wedding at the K of C Hall. It was a fun time and the crawfish were yummy but messy and there is alot of work to getting the meat out of those little tails. However, they surely were very good.

    I understand about Lindsay. I remember when I was pregnant especially towards the end it wasw hard to tell if it was the baby moving or a contraction. I would think with two of them it there it might feeling like they were contracting all the time if they moved any :)!! Glad she has a doctor appointment Tuesday. Then he can check her to see if she has dialated any more and what to do , if anything. Is she almost 29 weeks now?

    Yes, take advantage of the extra company and get your stuff done for a change :)! You should be napping but I know, sometimes no can do what you want :)!!

    I sent out a note to my grown up kids and told them of the situation with our daughter to see if any of them can help. I will send some more $ tomorrow and our eldest daughter will bring her some food over, real food not all processed. She has lost alot of weigh that she cannot afford to lose. I noticed it when she came for Mothers Day. She has always been slender butnow whe is skinny !! I'm sure she is very worried about the situation. She has one more week to get something. We as a family are trying to figure out what to do . My eldest dauaghter thought at first the same thing that I was thinking to have her come here while she looks, at least for the summer. However, she wants to stay where she is, I think, if possible and we are really to far up for her. She would waste to much gas driving back and forth looking for a job for one thing.

    I know also my DH wouldn't be to thrilled with the idea especially since one of the boys is Learning Disabled. I know I cannot take to much stress either with my b/p and since this FM etc. I haven't been able to take alot of stress. Not taking my b/p since I have been so worried about this situation. Unfortunatly too I know how it goes the many times, these temporary things end up being not to temporary. Our son and dil are already busy with his FIL living there and has been having lots of medical problems with him and sometimes social too. They do live in the area not to far from our daughter. So, we will see !!!!

    Yes, us mothers especially never cease being mothers or worrying about their chicks :)! At least most of them (us) don't. Well, we are all talking about it and hopefully we can come to a good solution for helping her and the family..

    Spring Water - what did I miss about test results. I think I need to go back and re read or something. My brain is out to lunch anyway. I never did figure out where your daughter is going to school (what are of U.S.?) Hope you have a great trip .

    I will try and get back tomorrow. Another busy day. Oh our printer died and ended up having to buy another one. Maybe this one will last longer. It's original price was $129.00 and we got it for $99.00. Of course, with the tax and all it was more. That has been another headache trying to get my printer to work. The new one will be set up on Wed. This will be a very busy week. We will have our last program till the fall on Thursday at the local Methodist Chruch. They have a great program for Alzheimer /Dementia patients and their care givers. One of the gals who sings with us is bringing her husband who has also been diagnosed. I have been seeing much to much of this lately.

    Goodnight to everydobby - Love you all !!
  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni – Im praying for your daughter, I agree once one is a mother
    There is no getting away from worrying about the chicks no matter
    How grown up they are.
    Truly is a terrible time to lose a job. But who knows something may turn up.
    Im having the same concerns re my brother. We had just finished
    Paying off one brothers loans with their rent and now this. Huge
    Expenses. SIL ia distraught. She wants to put brother into this
    Nursing home which is notoriously expensive. And I understsnd
    Her panic. Her relatives are going to loan the money but who is
    To pay back the loan? And it seems horrible to quibble about the
    Money when it s a matter of saving someone’s life. Ive just told
    Her go ahead. I ve decided I will sell what jewellery I can if need
    Julie – Thanks be for the good update. Yes, hope Davids mum
    Can help some. Just make sure you take care of you, its what
    I told SIL. The main caretaker needs to stay healthy.
    Daughtr is taking summer classes here so she has to
    Go every Monday and Wed & we are working our trips
    Around that. Yes it wud hv been wondefrl if u were
    Living around this area.

    Georgia – tks for the welcome. Ive loved every min I ve
    Been here. What a wonderful country. Right from
    Immigration to the bank and shops they are the friendliest
    People ive ever met. The immigration officer at Boston
    Spent a few mins chatting about a Nepalese friend he had.

    Im near Boston and daughter graduated yesterday; the
    Ceremony went well. There were a line of Hispanic ladies sitting
    In front of us and they had come with bugles, horns, balloons,
    A big placard to cheer their ward on; they were so excited they
    Were cheering and making a huge noise whenever anyone s
    Child from anywhere near their row got announced. Lol
    It was wonderful.
    I made my daughter dress in the traditional Tibetan dress
    And did the same myself. And I actually met another Tibetan
    Boy who came and introduced himself. He and daughter
    Apparently are the only two.
    There are four five Nepalese this year. When daughter
    Joined there was one other who was two years her
    Senior. Daughter will be continuing the Masters program
    For another year.

    Weve been driven around the shops and sights by a Nepalese
    Ex graduate friend of daughters who also helped move her
    Stuff out of the dorm. And we had a dinner cooked by a Chinese
    Friend of hers, a guy who stays in an aprtment with
    Six other friends. They were all there at the dinner, they
    Were all Pakistanis, good friends of daughters who is a bit
    Of a tomboy and does all the sporty things with them. We
    Too k over some mushroom dumplings and tomato chutney I made.

    And yesterday we took her gaduate friend and an Iranian
    Fresher who is daughters friend out to this Indian restarant
    Where we found three waiters were Nepalese. They gave
    Us free papads, an appetizer and daughtr a complementary
    Sweet dish to congratulate her on graduation.
    I hv been cooking a lot tho. Brought ovr spices so we could
    Hv our usual fare along with trying out other foods.
    Well , need to go now. Have cooked kidney beans and
    Need to cook spinach curry.
    Im marveling at the hot water flowing freely from the taps.lol.

    Take care all.

    God Bless
  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It will be another busy day and DH is out to the store already where they let some people in early with a certain card. Have lots to do in prep. also for the lady that helps me clean. She will come this afternoon. I already started one wash.

    Spring Water - do you just get cold water from the taps at home? I could see where one would get excited to have it if you didn't see it at home. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers for our dauaghter, #3 It is not so juch the job but if she didn't have a problem with housing to at this time. It is to expensive plus her lease is up this month.

    Julie - Do you have a drier for the clothes besides the clothes line? Oh, I have had to do the closesline many times when we lived up Northeast. My borhter finally bought my mother one and she used iccsionally when needed and still hung stuff outside or down the basement. She was just a hard worker (that is all she has ever know) and didnpt want to waste the electricity I am also guessing.

    Hope to come back soon to check to se for any lost or MIAS Porchies ! Miss them all !

    Love to everydobby,
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I usedc to love washing and hanging the sheets out on the line. They smelled soo nice !! Not so great when they froze, like diapers :)! More later. Have to go work !

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  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - Let us know how the doctor visit goes for Linds. Glad you got to rest a bit from cooking yesterday, even if you did have a mountain of clothes. Did you hand them ALL out (for all those people)? Nice you didnpt have to cook for a change. That ws how it was with me when the kids were all growing up and lived at home plus my fil. He lived with us ever since his wife died and she was in her early 50's. There was 8 of us to cook for every day when I had all the kids here.

    Thinking of everydobby. have to get off now and bring DH to meet his ride for his trip today. More hopefully later. This is a very busy week for me !!


  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - good to know about Lindsey; yes, make sure she stays hydrated.
    and everything else it takes to make the recommended term. praying

    Granni - You cooked for eight people! that is a lot of work to do on a
    regular basis. especially those days. now of course things come packaged
    and stuff and it s become easier tho eight people would always be a handful.

    Its a rainy day today.

    last night we went fr dinner to daughters nepalese friends place. he
    took us to target for shopping for daughters room and then droppd us
    off and went off to cook. the area he lives in was so beautiful, old houses
    which are subject to govt permission before they can build or renovate
    ; coming from where i do, it was a piece of heaven. so much greenery
    all well maintaind and bushes and flowers in full bloom in front of every
    house. however, he stays in a house where the other roomies pretty
    much keep to themselves and the owners live there too, so he doesnt
    hv complete freedom. he said since every room has a bathroom he doesnt
    even see his roomies for days on end. he had made nepalese fare and
    i enjoyed it, been missing lentils since i hvnt been able to buy tht here.

    this should hv been one of my most exciting times, but th news from
    home about brother is not good. SIL cries every time i spek to her.
    and the horrible strikes even make going to hospital a crisis.

    brother is trying to be brave. well what can i say. i try not to look at
    the future. God tests some of us more than some and i dont know
    what to make of it. SIL voiced her fears and what could i hv said?
    told her she was fmily and we would always be there. but if only i
    were a working woman; it would hv been easier.

    even if big brother didnt earn at least he ws the one shouldering other
    responsibilities like hosting nieces marriage and taking nephew to doc.
    becoz i was so out of energy. and now even that is being taken away.
    my middle bro and younger are useless, neither do they earn neither
    do they do family work.

    i still debating do i return immediatley or stay out the full duration
    another couple of days. will it be too late?

    its so unfair on my dh who had been looking for ward to this trip. we
    were lucky to get the visa too. its not easy getting one.

    what do you think? any ideas? u would be objective.

    God Bless
  11. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    That is a hard decision whether to return home early or not--I can't really give advise. When my father was dying of cancer, I was only able to go once to see him--didn't have the financial resources nor the energy to go more. I talked to Dad weekly on the phone, and always told him I loved him, and he knew this. When he died, I didn't have guilt as I did all that I could--the main concern I had was letting him know how I felt about him, even if I couldn't do it in person.

    I will keep you in my prayers, and hope that you recieve comfort with any decision that you make.



    An afterthought: SW, if I was in this situation, I would go home. This is only because I have only one sibling. [This Message was Edited on 05/22/2012]
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    I am as objective as a noun following a preposition. Just a little grammar
    humor there. Ya don't see that very often, do ya? Listen, Kiddo, you
    and your DH do Plenty for your family. Why should you cut short what may
    be your only trip to America? You daughter needs you here. You will
    both have life long memories.

    And her friends from your part of the world are glad to see you. And
    enjoying your cooking. It is possible to give too much. Don't do it.
    Even if you were home you couldn't cure your brother or end the strikes.

    Gordon's brother is like your brothers. Only different as Victor Mollo said.
    He works 6 days a week, but he never has any money. He lives here rent
    free and never pays for anything. When I discuss this with Gordon, he
    just shorta shrugs and says, "Oh, well."

    BTW, you are in Minnesota, right? Should be lovely spring weather
    there now. It's only the 5-6 months of winter that are brutal. Ha Ha!


  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got some gift cards and greeting cards for graduations, birthday, etc. Now I have to leave to go to singing practice. Our last performance till after the summer is on Thursday. So much else going on here with daughter but none of it really good but will get to you all later with that.

    Julie - So glad that Linds is doing well. Looks like she may have those babies when they will be in pretty good shape. Hopefully, they will not have to be in the hospital for long after Lindsey has them. Of course now they throw you our of the hospital the day after the birth unless it is a C section. Babies may stay later esp if are multiple.

    Have to run right now.

    Spring - You have a hard decision. I say stay there with your hubs and enjoy yourself for a change. More later.

  14. Goatwoman

    Goatwoman Member

    SW, hope you have been able to make a decision that you are comfortable with. Thinking of you.

    Granni, you are always so busy! Good luck with your singing event tomorrow.
    Hope things improve with your daughter--is this the daughter who lost her job?

    Have been working at my friend's ranch in the mornings helping to clean fleeces. Alot we've had to throw out as they are full of mold (we wear face masks), and poopy and felted. The fleeces that are good can take about an hour to go through (picking out the good parts that can be made into yarn.) They are sent to a mill.

    Julie, hope everything is going well. Saying prayers about your daughter and those babies!


  15. lilaclover30

    lilaclover30 New Member

    I have caught myself three times just before I fell asleep! I wanted a nap all day but haven't gotten it.

    D. had surgery today, a four hour one! She had robotic surgery to lift her organs that had fallen-----you ladies that have had babies all know what that it. The robotic surgery is fascinating--I looked it up on the internet and saw a video. These long arms punched seven holes in her lower abdomen. they used mesh to keep things where theh belong. It was a 4 hr. surgery and all seems to be OK. Guess that is why I am so tired. Then the toilet ran over!!!!!! You grab all the available towels and I mop sitting on that ornery toilet!Got it done then had to do a load of laundry. All in all, it was a tiring day----just waiting.

    I am still sleeeeepy! I will close and try to get back sooner.

    Gentle Hugs,

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Thanks for all the inputs.

    im thinking it over; but wil prob leave sooner than planned.
    i can tell from their voices; everyone is under so much strain.
    son included.

    Joan - good luck for Ds recovery. you hv also had such a tiring
    time. arent we all?

    yesterday daughter took dh to her uni gym for treadmill and
    she and me went and got groceries. then she went to a dinner
    and dh and i ate home delivery falafel and salad.

    today was such an utter delight except i kept thinking of
    brother and his voice when he asked wen i was coming back
    and tried not to get a panic attack. my stomach was churning
    all the time we saw th sights. id revel in the beauty of the
    city of Boston and the next moment would want to throw up
    in anxiety.

    daughter had a class so couldnt come but her nepalese friend
    drove us and took us around. he said the duck tour wouldnt be
    satisfying enuf and showed us around on foot and subway.
    saw park, financial district, boston harbor (never seen anything
    so beautiful) harvard and the aquarium.

    it was the best day so far where sightseeing was concerned.

    bro starts chemo tomorow but is already sounding so weak
    dont know if he can stand it. they cant operate - too late for that.

    pls keep him in yr prayers that he can be healed; thank you

    i love u all; coming here and venting is like letting a valve loose;
    what wud i do without u all?

    God Bless
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I need to get ready to leave this morning for our performance and last one till after summer. We will also be going out to lunch to celebrate two of our members one wi turning 90 and the other 89. I ama one of the a babies in the group - had :)!! A sad thing is that one of those patients we are singing for is the DH of one of our singers (alz and dementia). So I need to do my hair and put on makeup - ugh !

    Julie - Keep hanging in there with Linds and those babies.

    SW - Thinking and praying for you to that all goes well with brother and all the family. Hope the one that vomited blood will be OK. You didn't mention the disease or prognosis but I can guess.

    Yes, the daughter is the divorced one i have been mentioning.

    Will try and check in soon again. More about my saga going on with our daughter later.

    Love to ALL of you,
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Had a very busy day especially the morning. We went to the Methodist Church where they have a wonderful program for people with dementia/alz. patients come to enjoy along with their caregivers. They seemed to really enjoy it and sang along when they remembered the words to the old songs we sang.

    It was sad though to see one of the singers husband who now has Alz. along one of our local politicians or used to be, how both of them had gone down. Many times we eat lunch there and were invited too. However, we had made arrangements at a local restaurant to go and enjoy a party for two of our ladies, one 90 and other 89 - amazing ladies, especially the eldest one who have been with us for such along time. We bought them each some flowers and gave them cards to read when they get home. Another lady made cupcakes and we all had one and the birthday girl blew out the candle. So now we are off for the summer - except for churach choir :)!!

    The weekend will be fairly quiet, nothing really going on. However, we may be going on Tuesday to help daughter pack but she had written us a note saying that she and her SO had gotten quite a bit done. So we will see. She will stay at her brothers for part of the summer. Hope that she gets a job fairly soon so that she can get an apartment. She also needs a boost in self confidence and some good grooming tips. Having no money you just do as little as you can, not that she wore much makeup ever.

    Julie - Hope all is well withthose babies and Lindsey. Hope to check in with yuou all tomorrow.

    Hope also to see more visitors to the porch. I know the weekend will busy for many. Even though we will not being doing much other than possibly cleaning up the yard some more.

    Love to everydobby,

    LEFTYGG Member

    Ive been Mia for a couple weeks! I have a new grandson! He is beautiful. They named him Cye after Cy young the baseball player. He weighed 6lbs11oz 201/2 inches.

    SW welcome to the states! How horrible to have such sad news about your DB. I hope his treatments work.sounds like they depend on you a lot.i had bad news while away from home and it's so helpless feeling.i want to be like star trek "beam me up Scottie."

    Granni I have same issues with my kids.my sil pay cut $200 a week! My oldest son does manual jobs and it's hit Nd miss. Money doesn't buy happiness but it sure makes life easier.

    I have 2 more babies coming this summer.
    Julie it sounds like Linsey is hanging in there.you all work together so nicely to make it work.we try to around here but we are all high strung. Well not me:) I blame all the bad traits on my dh.

    Take care love gail
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just had to pop in to say HI.

    Congratulations GAIL on a new grandson - so cute !!! There are so many different names now and spelled so differently that when I had my children. Oh well I guess some people named their children strange names but not as often, that I knew of anyway. Cye is a very cute name. One of my neices had her 3rd son and named him ZEN. What does that mean ? It surely is different for sure. Thanks for popping in. Have been wondering how you were since you haven;t been here visiting. If you mentioned why you were gone beforehand. I sure missed it :)!!

    Julie - Glad things are going well for you and family and that those babies are staying out. I'm sure Lindsay is very uncomfortable for sure. Enjoy everydobby !! Also glad your dad is appreciating all you do for him. That makes it so worthwhile.

    SW - So sorry to hear about your brother . I hope and pray the chemo or whatever treatment will help him. I know the treatments are so harsh sometimes and make them feel sicker than they were in the first place.
    This morning we got up bright and early and went into the big city to see grand daughter graduate High School. She was beautiful as were so many of the graduates. There were over 500 of them but they did it fairly quickly all things considered.

    Then the family and a few friends came went to an Asian restaurant. We had appetizers and some ordered food and drinks. We didnpt drink much since we had to drive home again afterwards. It was so nice but I can't believe that she is already going off to college or will be. She goes for orientation to U of Alabama next week with her parents.

    Gotta run for now. Just had to come say hi to all. Still miss those MIA's.


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