Porchlight Vol. # 591 is now on !!!!

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    Hope to see you all soon. Try not to get caught in the door . Checkout Georgia on the other side and lots of posts from me, Spring and Gail too I think. Julie was also on there somewhere. Hope she is feeling better and Lorraine too.

    Georgia - Sorry to say I haven't been dancing. Wish I were. They closed down the studio and tore it down a few years ago. So non e of us have been dancing and since then lots of stuff happeneing anyway. One of the other dancer's husband now has Alzheimers and they hope to move closer to their daughter. I have missed dancing a lot and it has also not been good for my weight :)!!

    SW - Hope you are doing OK. I see there looks like some changes will be happening on the boards. Hope we donlt miss this chat board. We'd be lost looking for everyone.

    I hope to back here tomorrow. Miss and Love everyone I haven't seen in awhile and those who I have.

    Love to you all,
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    Yes saw that notice and hope we all will still hv the board.

    if not, we canalways arrange something else. im sure. :)

    todays been a quiet day at home except for preparng and sending

    bros food.

    made flat bread and potato curry and kidney beans stew.

    sent the help. so i could rest today.

    it rained as i was about to go out in evening for shopping but i m enjoying

    the cool fresh air and breeze coming in at window.

    we hv got our guavas now and they are so tasty! except have to look

    out for grubs.

    welll all take care

    God Bless
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    So sorry to hear everyone is still sick and feeling so bad at your houses. All those sick children and worn out mommies and grandma's sounds like a very exhausting situation. I am glad Lindsay is getting some extra help from neighbors , friends and family to come. Just hope they all don't get sick.

    So glad to hear from you but do try and rest some. I know it is an almost impossible situation for one or two people to take care of . Hope David's parents stay well too from all this, when they get here.

    Can't stay on long . Have so much to do with music and other things in the house.

    Sendin g hugs and love to you and all the Porchies, MIA's included. Just TRY and stay well or get better. Not sure what shape you ar ein now.

  4. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hope all the babies are over their sniffles, what an exhausting situation
    it musthv been but glad to know you hv help now with Lindseys inlaws
    too coming down for visit.

    Granni - how has the practising been going on? and how is your dear
    daughter that had the surgery doing?

    Here at the hospital most of the chemo patients seem to be doing well.
    Havent lost weight and seem in good spirits.

    I took lunch today. I am getting bit exhausted tho. Hobbes kept me up
    last nite, he sometimes gets uncomfortable and hurts tho not so often
    nowadays, i gave him his medicine at 2am and thankfully he wentto sleep.

    the travelling thru congestd streets gets to me sometimes, even when
    the weather is cooler like it was today.

    my other brother too came. so SIL was able to go out and get some fresh
    air in the hospital grounds while three of us chatted.

    my house is again needing major tidying / cleaning up. but out of energy.

    tomorrow hv to take lunch and also take son with car and reach bro back
    home. but theres a strike, so not sure what time.

    relieved we get to keep our chit chat and spirituality boards, tho will
    miss those on depression boards, since that is taken off. maybe they will
    drop by and post notes on chit chat.

    God Bless

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just had a lovely day with some friends from our decorator group. We looked at some lovely homes and had a delicious Italian lunch. Sme people just had salads butg I had some wonderful spaghetti and eatball,s something I haven't had in a long time. One of the gals had already had that there and said it was good. Then we went to a store called Trader Joes where they have all kind of foods there. They had some small bottles of wine that some people had said was pretty good for the price - $2.99 for a small bottle. So I bought 4 bottles of different types. I also bought a tube of tomato paste which is usually not everywhere and not to cheap for $1.00 I think. I could have gone crazy but didn't want to have to carry a bunch of stuff home.

    Julie - Hope Liora was good for you when you watched her and she let you sleep a little . You must be so exhausted. Glad David's parents came to help out for a bit. Hope those babies get well soon and Lorraine too.

    Spring Water - In answer to your question - DD#2 is starting chemo on Monday. Hope she will not get to sick with it. She is thinking of having radiation after the the chemo but they didn't even talk about that yet. Hope the chemo will not weaken her to much. DD#3 still does not have a job. Worry worry !!!!!

    Glad you had a nice visit with your brother at the hospital. You surely have been a busy one with your family lately. Hopeyou will have a chance to wind down and gather some strength yourself., maybe some meditation too.

    Rock - How are you doing? Hope you are doing OK.

    Missing so many of you ! Hope to hear from some of you soon.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Georgia - i envy you. i sure would love a trip near the ocean! Your knitting

    project sounds like its going to keep you busy a bunch. how lovely to hv

    something that one is good at and one can do.

    I hv no knitting/sewing skills whatsoever...must hv said this before.

    Granni - your trip sounded great...how lovely to go and look at different

    decors. and then the shopping afterwards.

    Praying for your daughter and her chemo, that it goes well and for your

    other daughter with the job hunt.

    Julie - remember when Keira was little ? and then Lorraine came along?

    And now, the twins are here and will be grown up in no time. I know

    it must be exhausting now but its also a lot of joy, like when the twins

    will start smiling and potty training for first time and then the first doddering


    I didnt hv to go reach lunch today. was going to send my help anyways.

    am wiped out. the strike was on and bro phoned his wifes one sister is

    bringing lunch at midday when strike ends. my son had the sniffles and

    i thought it better if he didnt go anywhere near bro who is weakened by

    chemo. they went back by cab.

    my other bro phoned and i was looking for a friend to go watch this new

    movie about a deaf and dumb guy so i took bro. a break for both of us.

    he is the one with lots of bad stuff behind him....i didnt feel irritated

    this time, just emotional remembering when we were all kids and life

    hadnt yet shown us its scary monstrous side...was there ever such

    an innocent peaceful time? Big brothers illness bringing up lots of

    emotional issues. Feeling teary these last few days.

    And very tired.

    Its still raining buckets. I love. Dont hv to cope with heat and humidity.

    Take care all

    God Bless

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - glad you got some rain. We finally did yesterday. It had rained while wee were in the restaurant eating and when we got home it really poured. Si gkad that we finally got some. Things have been getting dry again and those with boats on the lake have had problems getting them out. I know it cooled you off Spring but has your area been rather dry, like outs has been lately?

    Glad you got to go with your other brother to see a movie to get out but didn't have to worry about fixing lunch for the other brother. How far away do your brothers lives especially the brother that has been having the chemo treatments. That is so nice you all take some turns cooking for him although doesn't his wife do some cooking too ? Sorry you have been feeling teary. I know how you feel sometimes things seems to get over bearing. Or at least feels that way. What will you be doing this weekend? I think ours will be pretty quiet and boring.

    I have a chuck roast with veggies in the crock pot. I haven't done that in some time. The problem with that is you have to start that earlier on the day. I'm not always ready to start pealing and chopping so w early in the morning.

    Georgia - Sound like a good time knitting with your friend. Are you still working PT with the animals? When are you going to the ocean? That sound like a wonderful time and great getaway.

    Julie - Hope you are starting to feel better. How is everyone else doing at Lindsay and Davids. Hope Lorraine ad the babies are doing OK and that Lindsey has the NRG to carry on. Also hope that David's parent's don't get sick too. That is always the fear.

    Thinking about all our Porchies and MIA's.

    Love to everydobby,
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Too exhausterbated to post. But I've been reading.

    Save me some of your chuck roast, Granni. Sounds delicious. I wonder
    if the name comes from the Old West when the cowboys got fed from
    the chuck wagon.

    Been very hot here today. Have been postponing Zipper's walk. Hope to
    have some energy to post later.


    LEFTYGG Member

    Julie sounds like you're at least getting some help and rest. Taking care of 2 babies is exhausting but being sick too! Wow

    Spring water glad your brother is doing fairly well. Families do have to all chip in when there's a crisis.wedid that for mom. Even though I wasn't speaking to my sisters family because of mean and nasty things she said about my kids I still did what I had to do for mom and the funeral.now I want nothing to do with them. I know we are suppose to forgive and I pray about it but it still creeps back in my mind. I try to push it away and don't speak it but the hatred is there.they are toxic. Have argued and not spoken to family members for years. I've never done that. They are the common denominator and I'm in onit this time. But I'm not forgiving when it comes to my children.
    This really prays on my mind because god is forgiving but I can't I want nothing to do to them.i need to put this to rest. No one knows how much it bothers me.i think I'll try to forgive but not forget and never associate with them.

    Any wisdom here on this?love gail
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie -good to hear the Amish neighbours are coming in to help, bless their
    souls. I hope you can get some off time too. Been on the go for past few
    months. Thats too bad about your sil s. You certainly dont need more stress.

    Granni - the hospital its actually a private N.H. doesnt hv a kitchen for patients
    or staff.

    theres a little canteen outside which provides people with basic meals. and basic patent meals like gruel and lentils. but the hospital does not reccomend
    it for people who can get home cooked food. and certainly not for chemo patients whose bodies are very weak.

    my SIL cannot cook meals ther except basic package soup, porrdige etc on the
    little electric stove. she could hv gone forher own meals to the canteen but
    we hv to bring brothers meals cooked from home so we bring hers too.its
    difficult for people who come from far. I dnt know how they manage.

    i take the mid day meals and dinner is brought by one of SILs relatives.

    sometimes i dont hv to take lunch either because SIL has many sisters so
    they do it.

    i do hv to provide most of the transport back n forth. brother lives like half
    an hours car ride away from me and its another half an hour ride to the hospital
    and with the traffic we can be sitting up to three hours in the car.

    i will be glad when this is over. everyone is a tad tired.

    i feel sorry for my brother when he goes for his injections after three days
    of chemo. the injections make him really tired and unwell. but he recovers
    after two days or so and then tries to live a normal life, cleaning and tidying.

    Gail - about toxic relatives, yes. everyone seems to be having them.while
    my mantra is(based on a lot of spiritual reading, ie. books on spirituality and
    religion) to try and forgive as much as possible, it depends on the other
    person. If they are making me unwell i cut them off for the time being.

    when i can face them again i try and reach out. really dont want to leave
    this world with unresolved issues. because we believe in reincarnation and
    that difficulties are sent for us to resove issues, and evolve.

    they will just come back into our lives again and again till we hv learnt
    and resolved our differences. (i know it sounds a bit difficult, but there it
    is, thats what our religion and some new age books say).

    obviously the self comes first. if people are making us unwell with their
    behavior it is wise to stop interacting with them than fall ill.

    nowadays i try to do an exercise where i put on some soft music or
    meditation music and try and relax and then breathe out and say i
    forgive this person in my life or this event in my life...its not easy..
    the mind wanders a lot.

    they say the present should be used to build the future, and not to dwell
    on the past - this is a major issue with me...so much rot, so much i
    resent, but i want the future to be the best i can make it.

    what with the kids n all.

    Rock - sorry to hear you are exhausterbated. so am i. but i think mine is
    due to a bug i caught travelling around in these dirty streets. bit feverish
    from, inside and i hv a scratchy throat and nausea.

    sigh. wanted to be well for my brother. couldnt go visit today.

    I hope Zippy gets his walk soon. i read about him dragging his blankie
    out of the rain and felt so touched by the scene in my imagination.
    i just lve dogs. like i said before i done having them, but i lov them.

    Julie - my middle bro called up asking the name of 'gripe water'. The
    baby is crying a lot and wont sleep unless she is carried and the grandmom
    is exhausted.

    shudder. i remember my daughter. she was like this for three months.

    what is there to do for colic, anyone know?

    A little sunshine came in form of my daughters call. we called and

    she has kind of is settled into her first semester masters programme.

    says its difficult but everyone is finding it so.

    she also passed the interview and got selected for her internship she had

    applied for at this NGO and says she thinks she wil be all right. they hv told her

    they will work her hours around her studies.

    God Bless

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Getting read to go to church so am writing quickly.

    Julie - Glad you are at least trying to rest some while help is here. Sorry David's parents are leaving early but can understand. However, they, like you are still "yougsters" at least to me :)!! Although they are not used to it as much as you and we are all different. I absolutely LOVE babies and little ones but I know I couldn;t do what you are doing between ago and all the aches and pains of FM. Also think I have some CFS and don't have a lot of NRG !

    Gail and Julie - I know what you mean about toxic but thankfully for me since my visit last year to brothes and SIL things may be getting somewhat better. They dont live very close and I may not see them agin. Somehow doubt if they come here from NY. I think they thought I was lazy and not wanting to help take care of my mo when she was alive. Physically I was not up to it but until my doctor cousin talked to them ( I think) about my condition.

    I try not to dwell on it since they do not live closeby and we do m e-mail occasionally. So, that is a good thing. I try not to hold a grudge and hope they don't either. I do still have some hurt feelings though but am trying to get better since my trip there.

    Almost time for church and need to pick up someone with car in the shop.

    Spring Water - Hugs to you busy girl. Will write more later on.



    LEFTYGG Member

    I feel better knowing I'm not alone in these feelings. I have never felt so much anger. Now I'm trying to push thoughts out. Like SW my mind wanders. I picture pierces face and that makes me smile.

    My kids get on my case because I talk about pierce all the time. I've cared for him all his life. He's gotten me through rough times.now I have 3 babies who I'm sure will consume me.
    Spring I don't believe in reincarnation but now when I kill a spider or mosquito I think of you and wonder" what if that was someone".I respect your beliefs and opinions. I don't believe in karma either but I believe you reap what you sow.i love to hear all the different beliefs.

    Julie thank you for your insight and your situations.my sister is always not speaking to someone so now it's me. I'm happy though in the fact I don't have to deal with them. But the revenge I feel is what I'm trying to rid myself of now.

    Granni you should feel good. It sounds as if you've resolved yours. Now they understand. Thank you so much for your help.

    I'll be back later love gail
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    LOL! Its been very quiet. Just hope everyone is well.

    raining here a lot. slush.

    Gail - good u are working on ur feelings about revenge because that
    does sort of eat one up.

    I hope Joan and Teacher everyone is fine. And Granni too. hasnt
    checked in.


    LEFTYGG Member

    Ive taken 2 tai chi classes! With a classmate that I've reconnected with. He teaches breathing and meditation. The movement are slow. I'm doing it for help with balance. I like it so far. Everyone is older except one young guy. I asked him why he was there. He said for his ADHD.

    Julie my sons SO said on FB she now knows what exhaustion is.i offered to keep the baby but they haven't taken me up on it. She's pretty hormonal too. The baby looks so much like my son I laugh every time they post a picture.

    It's beautiful weather here. Granni I even pulled some weeds. :) then I stepped on a rock and feel to my knees. No one around thank goodness.thats why I need balance.

    Spring water I hope things are going better with everyone.on House Hunters a couple were in Nepal. I saw all the crowds and road work. It looked just as you described.

    I was getting ready to make dinner tonight and I thought I wonder when that coupon expires at Kohls. 30% off plus $10. It was today. I had loaned my car to my son so I jumped in my Dh truck which is Diesel and I hate to drive. I got 4 shirts and pants for $42. Nike brand which GS loves.well anyway I got my discount.

    Everyone take care love Gail
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I just wanted to pop inl Nothing to exciting here though I spoke to my daughter who is undergoing Chemo. and so far she is doidnf fairly well, some dausea and tiredness but that is is. She doesn't have ato go back for 3 weeks I think. She already bought a wig and a cap to put on her head and some special shampoo I think, wht a bill. She is hoping the insurance will pay for a lot of it. I sure do hope so, even though they are not to needy in the money dept. like my other daughter with no job.

    The daughter with no job will be coming on Sat. and will stay overnight I think and will go sometime the next day, not sure when.

    Gail - Glad you are having nice weather too. Still warm in the afternoon but much better than in the nineties plus. We get the same Kohls coupons and gift cards I think but haven't been there in a very long time. Haven't done much shopping other than Wally World mostly that is close by. Saving my $ to help the one daughter and the thought of Christmas around the corner is scary.

    Hope you didnpt really hurt yourself badly when yu fell weeding. I need to do some more of that. I went out to do some the other day and my neighbor had a bunch of stuff she was thinning out of her beds. So, I had to go plant them somewhere. We'll see if they even take or live where I put them. We have such very little sun. Looks like you got some good buys at Kohls. Thgat is great !!

    Julie - Glad you are surviving with all those babies and getting better, Lindsay too. She doesn't have much time to rest and get better even with all the help she has gotten.

    Spring Water - Hope you are doing OK and not all wore out with all your family responsibilities. Hope your brother is feeling better with his chemo treatments.

    Rock - How are you doing my friend? Hope you are making it and getting through when not feeling well. We miss hearing from you when you do.

    Gotta run and start fixing dinner. So I need to run.

    Love to you awl,

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - good to hear your daughter is tolerating the treatment quite well.
    and that your other daughter is visiting.

    Julie - try not to stress about your brother and his wife. There always seems
    to be someone or other in a family who gets ones goat up. Thank goodness
    you dont hv to see them too often.

    Gail - wow tai chi. i would love to do that. the movements seem so beautiful.

    Hope the rest of our porchies are well.

    hectic yesterday and today.

    yesterday took my chinese friend and her two sisters and her daughter
    to visit with my eldest brother. they came here picked me up and then we
    went. to help out SIL who is worn to a frazzle with caring for a sick person
    and 10 dogs, i made the food. chicken, bread, and potato curry. and took it.
    so she could serve it.

    the visit went well helped by it being a beautiful day. simply lovely.
    brother was tad quiet, bit weak after last times bout with urinary infection
    and then chemo again. but he spoke a little.

    afterwards friend dropped me at bus stand and i went off to the Monastery
    nearby. almost regretted it, its on a hill and my legs felt like they were falling off.
    but managed to get there.

    today son and i took brother to hospital, measured his BP whch had gone really
    high last time, now its okay.

    we dropped them half way and from there they took a cab and son had to go
    elsewhere. i went browsing in a bookstore.

    taking advantage of the beautiful evenng weather,

    but very tired now.

    everyone take care

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    Julie I know how you feel. My sister didn't speak to my mother for 6 years. Mom even had a heart attack and she didn't come. Then my sister got breast cancer and she came. So for last 2 years she was there but my had dementia starting by then. My mom told me she didn't know who my sister was but figured it out by the conversation. She knew who her kids were but not her. I think the pain of not speaking caused her to erase her from memory.i always say if you don't see me alive don't bother to come see me dead.i know funerals are for the living but I really think its how you treat people. I only regret I didn't realize she had dementia. I got a little irritated at her at times but I tried not to show it. I miss her every day but I know it was time to go.

    Granni I hope your daughter continues to do well.its such a scary time for her. Has your other daughter tried just getting some job out of her field to hold it over? My son just got a factory job and it only pays $11 an hr and it 40 min from here but at least it's steady.

    Spring water I can't imagine how workout everyone is but you sil is probably at the wits end.here at least our care centers provide everything. We did take food she like such as her favorite ice cream.i think it's great how people socialize so much.of course when I'm really sick I want no one around.

    A friend and I had lunch today and then went to garden ridge and walked around.i don't know how they stay open.they don't have much.

    Take care. Love gail
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I have been reading all your posts but don't have much time to post right now.

    Our son and dil will be coming and we are going out to dinner. We haven't seen them in some time. They are so busy the both of them. Hope now they will take the time to try and adopt or foster to adopt since her Father is in a nursing home.

    Hi to Gail, Julie, Jam and anyone else I have missed. Just wanted to let you know how much you all are appareciated. I mentioned that in another post to Frieda and Jam/. I forget who astarted that thread - I think Jam. We were all talking about how lucky we all are even without loads of $$$.

    Gotta run now.

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie Granni and all

    - will come back again.. lights so erratic here. maybe construction work outside

    is the reason.

    julie - hope keira is well soon.

    God Bless
  20. jole

    jole Member

    I know I haven't been here for a long time, but I do occasionally read and keep up with all of you. Everyone seems busy with family members who are having trouble, and I can relate to all of it. Posted on the Loungers about my Sis who has ALS. Watching someone you love, especially your little sis who is your best friend, slowly deteriorate and knowing it's a death sentence is hard.

    Spring, you've been through so much with your brother lately I know you understand.

    Gail/Julie, mothers never leave us. Losing my dad was nothing compared to losing my mother. It's been 5 years now and still so terribly fresh in my mind. But so are all the good memories now, and she pops into my mind at the strangest moments. Sometimes I really 'feel' her.

    Granni, I'm glad to hear about your DD doing well with her treatments, and I pray it all continues to go well for her. I know that adds a lot of stress for you too. Our kids for some reason always remain our 'babies', don't they? I looked at a pic of my son that was taken 18 years ago, and nearly cried that he looked so much younger. Silly that it upset me...we've all aged in 18 years..lol.

    Jam, I'm beginning to feel like you with funerals. Since becoming ill, my friends only kept in touch for a short time, and I haven't seen or heard from them since, except for one. I definitely want a closed casket, and am considering cremation very strongly. I can't go visit my parents or brothers gravesites, and they're not there anymore anyway. No, not a morbid conversation. Just facts.

    I was so excited...had a couple days that I could do some sorting through papers/old photos. Unfortunately, all that ended last night when the clouds rolled in and the weather changed. Hoping for more 'better' days to follow. Hugs to all my friends here....