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    No time to really chat today. Have to get ready now to go to a an anniversary party and need to figure out what to where, put on makeup and all that stuff - ugh !! It will be fun but getting ready is not.

    Georgia - Thanks for the heads up about FB. I have noticed that too but dont have that much personal on there anond one picture that I didn't even put on. Have to be careful though and do want to see pics of grankdkids and family.

    Julie - Gla dyou are getting it all together and that you are feeling OK without those crazy pains you were having before. Soiunds like the lolistic stuff is helping you. Hope all goes well with the Amish lady expecting her baby soo at home by the midwife who lives 45 miles away.

    Everyone check out the last volume ass Joan came to visit and she posted a nice long one for us all.

    Gotta go get busy. I did alot of little stuff today to get ready for the trip to go into DS's home.

    Having problems with computer now and it doesn't want to send messages except through FB - what a bummer. It had been giving me problems for awhile bit it was interemittent but now it is not sending at all.

    Hope to hear from other MIA's and those just to busy to post or not feeling to well.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Granni - tks for opening up for us again. Im sure you will enjoy the
    anniversary do. nice to go out sometimes and meet up and chat with
    others but i know its also a hassle to get ready sometimes, lol. when the
    energy is in short supply. Like me right now.

    Julie - the power cuts hv been upped to 12 hours a day in 6 hour breaks
    so i dont go to face book that much. i hurriedly look up the porch, surf
    and just sometimes my mail. i dont mail anyone much these days so not
    much point opening that.we hurriedly charge the phones and emergency
    lights and iron

    and then i switch off the computer lines so that the inverter can store
    some electricity for sons homework when he gets back from college.
    it died on us a few times lately while watching tv so obviously the power
    we get is just not enough.

    today again went with brother and SIL to doctor. was tired. they dropped
    me off at town and i went and had me a rice curry lunch by myself and
    then i walked a ways to get a cab home.

    son came home and had himself a snack and did his hw while i cuddled
    up in the dark in my quilt since there were no lights. then he finished and
    came and we watched a little tv together.

    i had put the kerosene heater on since it gets real chilly at night and son
    fell asleep and wouldnt even get up for dinner. so i made him get into dhs
    side of the bed and let him sleep. im guessing dh will sleep in my side of the
    bed and i will hv to make up my bed somewhere.

    Poopsie sleeps in our room and Hobbes too because he hurts and doesnt
    want to sleep on his own and so its pretty crowded. i do open out all the
    windows and doors so we get lots of air circulation.

    Julie - its never a good day to be saturated with toxic people. blah. stay
    away from them. if only it were possible to remove oneself entirely but
    thats one of the challenges of life isnt it? one doesnt get to choose
    everybody who one can have in ones life.

    You miss your mum so much dont you? it must hv been a loving relationship.

    I dont miss my mum so much now its been so long but i do envy other kids
    their grandparents. my dad and mum just adored my kids. it was one of their
    special outings to go and meet them. dad would fly kites with them and bring
    out his paintboxes and teach them painting.

    mum would carry them around and make them stuff to eat and dote on them
    all the while they were around her.

    God Bless

  3. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - What a nice long e-mail. It must be something to try and get used to blackouts of electricity when you have things to do that need it. Yes, I still miss my mom and dad too they were both so loving but I had to get used to living far away from them when we transferred due to DH's job early on in our marriage. So, I had to get used to it, I guess. I was also not close by when they passed. So, I still feel badly about that.

    As far as Grandparents go they were much older, as my dad was the baby of the family and all were almost grown by that time. They lived a distance away to in another state we we rarely saw them too. Wish mine lived closer and I felt better and didnpt mind driving such long distances to see them. It doesnt seem to bother others but with my agae and hi b/p, it is mostly holidays if I am lucky.

    Julie - Your NRG just seems to keep on ticking to do for everyone. I could never drive 2 hours to go to a show of any kind. I know you will enjoy Kiera's church performance. They are so cute at that age and no matter what they do it is adorable even when they supposedly screw up :)!!! Have fun my dear. At your age you feel like doing almost anything.

    Went to church today and tomorrow wil be church again and then to our son's for dinner in the big city on Christmas Day. I donpt have to bring anything except some wine - how nice ! What a BREAK !!!!. They are talking about rain storms and I hope that is not so for us. DH hates to drive in the rain esp if bad and we might not go anywhere if bad. I know some of you are getting SNOW !!! How's your weather Julie ?????

    Merry Christmas to EVERYDOBBY celebrating . Hope to see some more Porchies and MIA's drop by before or around the holiday although I am guessing that Christmas Day especially will be very quiet around here.

    Hi To Rock, Joan, Jole, Carla, Elaine, Teacher, Diane, Leah and everydobby else I have forgotten.

    LOVE to ALL,
  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member


    Lots of crazyness going on here with this computer. Unplugged the computer and somehow disconnected yahoo and all connected with it. Was originally trying to fix the problem of our e-mail not sending e-mails. DH came home and fixed the yahoo problem and the other problem was the same. So, I called our server who told me it was not on our endawhile.and to call back by noonish if not fixed. He said that that Thunderbird, etc. was having problems recognizing the passwords or whatever it is. It seems that everytime they think it may be fixed it pops off again. I'll bet this will hang on for a while.

    Julie - take it easy and enjoy but try not to wear yourself out. Glad Kieras show turned out well. They are always fun .

    SW, Rock, Joan, Georgia talk to you later and have a great Christmas , Chanakah (sp) , or whatever you celebrate EVERYONE .

    Love you all


    LEFTYGG Member

    I've been reading but to tired or lazy to post.
    Thanks Georgia for the warning. I'm gonna check it to be sure.

    Joan I'm so glad you like your new place and you could take your kitty. But can't someone do your laundry? That's too hard for you.

    Julie my one son thought my mom could make it snow. She said I. Wish I could just for him. He was one of her favorites! She definitely like boys in the family.i miss her and sometimes think I need to to ask her something.

    Granni Cajun dinner sounds great. I love spicey food.drive safe if it rains.

    Spring water it is sad you son wasn't worried about the world ending. I wasn't worried either there are so many evil people if god takes us all then maybe he could start over.but I want it just to be a better place for my kids and grand kids.

    I'm in Florida right now. We come now because my DH is on break.the weather has been great. I went swimming today. If I lived here I think I'd be in better shape. My DH said he retiring but now he's backing out. Afraid we won't have enough money.hes worked so hard all his life I'm not gonna be involved in that decision.

    I left gifts for all my grand kids. I didn't buy the adults anything. They have to wait til I have more money.i like to buy something they wouldn't get usually.

    I'm missing my grand kids right now. I see them almost everyday. They pop in just to get a snack or drink. It's nice.i watch the babies often.love those babies! The one stares at my hair and ill say I I know it bad!!! He ll laugh.

    Have happy times all. Love gail
  6. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Have been thinking of you all eventhought Ihaven posted.

    Got kinda lost in my head and just found myself. All's well for serious.

    Baby is home for the weekend. She's being sincerely nice! Woo hoo! She's not house/dog sitting this year, but we get to see Doggie anyway.

    Dig this. His people said that the toys we gave him last year, he put away and wouldn't play with them. About two weeks ago, he went and found them. I guess he thought he'd see us since Baby's been watching him for the past three Christmases.

    So, I get to go pick him up at 8:30 this morning. Have to have him back by 8:00 tonight. It'll be a good day.

    Sister didn't have to work last night so we went to Mom's house to open presents. She doesn't have to work tonight either.

    Mom and Dad are holding their own. Learned in October that on top of everything else, Dad has Parkinsons. They're good for now though. They are coming over here to spend the afternoon.

    I was told this October that I'm diabetic. I'm taking pills and will have my first three month check right after New Year's. I don't expect to hear anything bad. I am feeling different. Not so sluggish and I'm able to drink water.

    Concert went very well on Friday. The kids looked marvelous. We were able to get them to dress up.

    It's hard for families to make it to a daytime concert, but we had a lot show this year. Quite a few of them dressed up too. It was really nice.

    Mom was able to make it this year too! Matter of fact, I had most of MY family there. Baby came home just for the event then I returned her to school. Sister went and picked up Mom.

    I was happy.

    So, my dears, it's good to be back. Sorry that it took so long to get here.

    Merry Christmas.


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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas to everyone, We MAY not be going anywhere. They are talking about bad storms. The rain is around us now but we haven't had any since last night. DH's says that he heard that our country is in for bad rain. Of course , it is not raining now but perhaps later. Then there is sure to be rain where we are going too. Good grief, on Christmas day. Right now where we are it isn't doing anything. They are also talking about heavy winds and DH is worried about trees snapping too and about the drive too. He is not thrilled having to drive through any bad weather for an hour or more. DH just spoke quickly to our DS (where we are going) and quickly told him the problem and he understands cause he may be having some of that bad weather too. DH says so far it is a GO, I do hope so. So far I see nothing and hope it would be overwith later this morning.

    Teacher - we have missed you my dear but glad you are back and things are going pretty well at this time. Also happy your music program turned out very well too. This Christmas I sang for less things due to sickness and also conflicts, long story. Glad Baby is behaving herself too :)!! I need to go and get dressed in case we go later.

    I hate this not knowing stuff. It drives me crazy.

    Julie - You are wearing me out just listening to you go go go. Plus your DH is busy I guess with his sown stuff and wouldnt fuss at you for being out so late shopping.. Of course you both are still SO YOUNG !!

    Gotta run and get something done here and pray that we get to go to Christmas dinner and bring our presents to all.

    Love to everydobby,

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Merry Christmas, everyone

    seems like lot of activity..getting dinners ready n all..yum

    Hey Teacher - you came back! I actually started wondering if
    we'd see you again..lemme give you and Gail a big hug!
    so glad to see you guys. had been worrying a little.

    good to know all the news. Im sorry about the diabetes thing tho and
    of course your fathers parkinsons...sheesh...

    good to know babys been good.

    Gail - nice to know youre in florida...nice n warm...im happy i dont hv to
    get any presents for anyone just now...low on energy

    Granni - i hope it turns out well, whatever you do. be careful.
    rains in winter..that sounds brrrr...

    Julie - exciting that..about the presents...waiting to hear all about it.

    ive been sitting at home. not doing much of anything. trying
    to see if the neck/back pain goes away.

    we got a christmas gift basket from hotel where we usually go for
    new years. wine, whiskey,plum pudding, cake, cookies,hotel made
    chocolates, mince pies. a little of each.

    i watched cnn heroes...this year too an activist from nepal won
    cnn hero of the year...she looks after welfare of kids of parents
    who are in jail..when she got the prize she was saying in our language,
    "now, my children, your mom is going to take you all home with her."

    i cried a little looking at all the heroes and their work and love for others.

    also feasted my eyes on anderson cooper and marvelled over his platinum
    hair and sheer beauty and grace for the nth time.

    God Bless

  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    DH is gone to a breakfast but will be home soon. So I really need to get off here and get dressed. It is cold out here but a bit warmer than yesterday. I think it was at least in the low 30's last night but might make 50's later on. Yesterday it started out at 26 and got up to very low 40's.

    Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and was feeling well enough to enjoy the day .

    Spring Water - Love you postings !! Are you "in love" with Anderson Cooper :)!!!!

    Julie - Hope you all had a great time with your family. Let us know all about it.
    We really didn't buy any susrprise presents for ourselves just others and got each other things we needed and didn't bother wrapping. DH got a jacket heneeded, a wallet and some sweatshirts that he wears all the time More on that later. He gave me his old smart phone and got me some perfume and make up that came in a carry case.

    ****BTW, if anyone wants to see a few pics of SOME of our family we are on FB. DIL took some pics at the end of our Christmas Day gathering before we left our sons. They are on my page that I shared from her page.

    Hope to hear from others today. My computer is still not sending but I can go through the back door of sender to send but cannot access my lists. I wish I knew how to cut and paste, then I could transfer my lists.

    DOES ANYONE KNOW AN EASY WAY TO CUT AND PASTE. PEOPLE HAVE TOLD ME IN A VERY QUICK FASHION HOW TO DO IT AND I CAN'T REMEMBER IT. If I could watch someone and do it once or twice then I would remember.

    Wish my brain wasn't so foggy half the time...

    More later .

  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Please see new thread . YAY - doing the HAPPY DANCE DIANE !!! Thanks to all.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - So nice to see you sweetie ! Your surely do have a lot on your plate, as they say. It sounds like Den's sister is very much into HERSELF and that is all. Also, his dad sounds like he is doing pretty well for his age. She should thank her lucky stars he has been so good. Then when problems crop up with him she won;t be able to deal with them and it will probably be up to you and Den. MY SIL probably thought the same of me in some ways cause I wasn't down to help take care of my MOM or to take her in after the first broken hip. We all live in almost opposite sides of the U.S. and with the way I felt and DH doesn't deal to well with stress and change well either even though I had FM and much higher b/p than I. I felt so bad I couldn't do much for her when she had all her medical problems.

    Think they feel better of me since my doctor cousin told them more of my condition and I came to visit them a year or two ago. They probably won't come here though. I am guessing that is why they started to change. My cousin went for a visit and after than there was a change in attitude of womewhat anyway. They are great people and my brother is a saint ( almost) but they think so differently than we do in many ways, politically and other things too. If your SIL is be such a spoiled brat I do not blame you all for not wanting to go.

    Gotta run now as DH needs the puter. Will try and check back later. Time for lunch too.

    Shout outs to everyone I didn't mention right now.

    Love you all,
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    thanks for the uplifting post. Hope you get a good nap in so you will be ready to go on your date. Where are you going, to see the Hobbitt movie??

    Can't really think of anything else to say right now but did want to thank you and also pop in to see if others have popped in their little heads.

    Hi to Joan, Teacher, Spring Water, Rock, Georgia, Elaine, Diane and all I cannot think of at the moment

    Teacher - Yes, I was so happy to hear from you. We worry when our Porchies just up and leave without saying anything. I know you have so much on your plate and hope you are feeling a bit better and tht you can actually enjoy your Christmas or winder vacation from school. I know you need it.

    Hugz to you and everydobby else.


  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Quick post before lights go off.

    Granni-the kind of person you are, whoever knows you, knows
    You would've gone taken care of your mom if u could have.

    The rest don't matter. The only thing that would've happened
    If you ve pushed yrself would be maybe they would've had two
    Invalids to take care of. The body and mind has its limits.

    My husband too doesn't like things intruding on our lives
    Too much. He grew up in a poor boarding school where no one
    Visited him ever, (mum died when he was a baby) so he doesn't
    Really also have the basics to go out of his way for relatives, mine
    Or his own.

    I admire Anderson cooper. Lol. Isn't he. Just perfect?

    Julie -I don't think it's morbid about the gifts. Practical. I think I've gotten
    More mature. And now your kids will hv one less thing to worry about
    When the time comes.

    Your FIL is quite something...he is so active at 90!! I expect to be active
    Too, at that age, running thru wild beautiful countryside, skipping thru
    Flower filled meadows, but not on this earthly plane.

    Your FIL sure takes a lot from his daughter...doesn't he? Considering
    She just came on not too long ago to live with him.

    That's fatherly love coming out.

    Georgia - are you still taking your walks or is the weather gotten too cold.
    I heard USA weather is getting some very erratic patterns this year.
    Yesterday I went out with only a sweater. Because it was scorching and
    Then I was shivering in evening.

    Well like I said I went out yesterday with brothe, SIL and visited three
    Alternative doctors. Want to explore possibility of those instead of or
    Alongside chemo. The last ct scan result wasn't so good.

    Full moon and prayers going on at one stupa. So crowded. People
    Lining up for hours to receive blessings from the high priest who conducted
    The prayers for two weeks. It's a prayer ceremony for world peace. I had
    Donated around seven dollars I remember for it. Wish could've given
    More but....

    Julie -I discovered the pain in my side and shoulders is related directly
    To stress and in particular my brother. (s). It started when I got
    Into car with them and became pronounced as the day wore on.
    At night it was very noticeable. And Im not kidding. This always happens
    When I'm with them and on brothers illness related visits beginning
    With the time I was in America and I got the phone call.

    However I did an exercise which is related a little to energy healing
    It's a utube I found Dr Shas song for soul healing...and the pain
    Actually went away from both shoulders. Then for sides I concentrated
    On the liver (anger) and Breathed out visualizing myself breathing out
    The pain and any repressed anger I had in that spot. It did the trick!

    I was able to get a good notes sleep, if somewhat restless because of
    On going worries. The dh and son had one of their biggest fights
    Earlier in the day when son started getting late for college and dh was
    Shooing him along, son just lost it and screamed and shouted and banged
    Things and raged.

    When I was out it seems they bumped into each other at home and
    Son said sorry and they made up. So I was surprised when I got home
    And son breezed in with a cheery Hi Dad. I had been worrying about
    Tension in the air. Still it shook me up.

    The little boy is no longer a boy.

    He fights back.

    God bless

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    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have so much to do today so don't have the time to do a long post now. DH has all these projects he wants help with - lucky me. We also have to go work out (way behind in that ) and I have to start this bean soup I took out the ground turkey out of the freezer for last night. It is for the crockpot and so I need to get it started. Don't feel like it but if we want to eat I had better. Those lucky ladies who have DH;s that actually COOK.

    Spring Water - Glad your DH and DS made up. Yes, that can be tricky especially when both are hard headed at times :)!! Yes, that tension can be n the air and I throuroughly know what you mean. I found out a long time ago that stress can cause many problems or make them worse. Glad you got a good nights sleep afterwards.

    Thanks also for the sweet words but it is also hard I think when people see you and you look just fine then why all the complaints or why you can't do certain things and help out. I usually do not complain much either and of courst living a distance away doesn't or didn't help the situation. I still would have been in a pickle but would have been able to help my mom mom thatn I did thousands of miles away.

    Did you mean the very last scan (some time ago) wasn't good or did they take one yesterday or the other day you all went out. Hope he is doing better? I know that it is so very stressfull.

    Please continue to pray for the daughter who is work at a place temporarily and she doesn't know anything. They told her it was a possible permanent job position before she took the job at the agency . Thet are not saying anything now. I am guessing if she stays on after the new year the odds are at least better for her to stay. She is undergoing some therapy to which I am hoping will help her. She also has one son , now staying with his dad but comes on weekends, who has learning disabilities and most likely will have to be with one of them , in the future. He is about 16 or 17 now I think. These problems do not help my pain I am sure. Talked to her last night. It was a pretty good and positive talk with her.

    Enough of all that but I need to get off here and get dressed before starting the crock pot soup with beans. Hope it turns out good.

    Julie - Hope you are doing OK too. I know you have your share of stress, even when thingss are going well, or supposedly. Let us know how you are you busy gal:)!!!

    Hugz to everydobby and I am thinking of all of you. Sorry not to name everyone, and ALL our MIA's. Will TRY and check in later.

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    sorry to hear about Lindsay starting to get sick. Hope she can ward it off. What do you put in your hamburgery soup?? We sort of had that too but it was groud turkey with 3 beans, carrots, green pepper, onions, garlic, canned beans and tomatoes in the crock pot. Came out good I thought.

    Stay well please and I am curious about what you put in the soup. I love soups esp. those that are not to involved or have to many ingredients in them or steps. There were of course also the seasonings to put in. You could vary but the thyme, crushed basil ( I think and pepper). It calls for salt but I didn't add any due to the hi b/p but all the othr stuff had some salt to I know. Next time more garlic DH said. We love it .

    Have to go soon to take a shower and get ready for bed and church tomorrow. May hold off on the hair washing production till tomorrow night. We will go out to eat with two other couples for a NYE dinner on Monday night but not the big party, that will last till after midnight, at least 1 pm I guess . If we are lucky we will make our 11:00 PM which is NYC's midnight. That is late enough for us anyway. We will be lucky if we make 11 PM.

    Please try and stay well and Linds and all too.

    Love to all,

    LEFTYGG Member

    Florida is in the 70s but cloudy at times. I feel so much better here but I miss my family.i bought snokeling gear and tried it in the pool. My DH said I looked like carrot top. I don't think that's a compliment:). Good thing I'm not sensitive. I did it for a while but then felt nauseated and shaken.i got out and just sat for awhile.thats how FM affects me.

    Spring water I have that pent up anger too. I hide it well.no one knows how I really feel. I'm going to look on YouTube for the breathing exercises I think fathers and sons butt heads. I have 4 boys and they would wrestle and secretly they wanted to get their dad good. 1 time they had boxing gloves on boxing and my DH got a broken rib.ive never seen him in so much pain.

    Granni my mother made a hamburger and cabbage soup. Everyone love it but me. I don't really like ground beef much.ill post the receipe when I get home. I hope your DD stays at her job.

    Julie you have energy to exercise!!! Good for you.i hope Lindsey doesn't get sick. I hear the flus going around at home.poor Dens dad. His daughter sounds so inconsiderate. How could you yell at a 98 yo?i don't think I ever yelled at my mother. I did slam a door once when I was frustrated.its her birthday New Year's Eve. She use to say everyone celebrated her birthday.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gail - How nice to see you or should I say hear from you again. It seems like awhile. Glad your move to FL is or has been for you. Is it just temporary or just for the winter? I have some friends who live in upstate NY and they go to FL for the winter where they can have some nice warm weather for a change. It was 25 when we woke up. If it makes it to 50 today, I think we will be very lucky. Snorkeling sound like fun I wouldn't be doing it, that is for sure. I can't even stand to get water in my ears :)!! Plus with the pain I have from FM not sure how it would be. I know being in water is sometimes good for pain but trying to certain things and having my head under water probably wouldn't work for me. If it works for you my dear, go for it !!

    That Hamburger and cabbage soup sounds good. I think I have heard of it but haven't made it. Of course I do not have the recipe yet?? Is it made in the crockpot or regular pot?

    Yes, I don't know how Julie holds her cool with her SIL , especially to someone that age.

    Julie - Hope Linds and all are not starting to get sick again. It is so hard with little ones to keep them free of germs, esp. when mommy gets sick and she is not allowed to - nor is grandma too if she lives close enough to watch them.

    Gail (again) -I'm sure you miss your family. I know when DH's company moved from to NY down south it was hard, it was just me, DH and the kids. We did make friends though and had fun and was lucky enough my parents came down when they could, usually at Christmas time.

    I can tell you, when I grew up I never yelled at my parents. I think you either have to have pretty bad parents or be pretty spoiled yourself. I had to much love and respect for them to so .

    Not to much going on now. Went to church this morning and then came home and had some leftover soup that I made yesterday. It tasted pretty good if I say so myself. However, I had to brown meat, onions and stuff in one pan and then put in the crock pot. I like throw it all in the cockpot and turn on :)! I have gotten to be a lazy cook. I don't like to stand to long, sit to long or anything to long :)!!

    DH put on the football game and apparently the Texans aren't doing well and so I am out here playing with the computer. He is flipping back and forth between that and another game.

    Hope to hear from some others, here on the Porch. Guessing some may still be busy with company or cleaning up messes left from company or just resting before New Years Eve. We are going out to eat tomorrow night with some friends and it won't be a late night I am sure. Back to church again on Tuesday and to sing in the choir.

    Well, I had better sign off for now. Glad to hear from you GAIL. Hope you get the hang of that snorkling . Practice, practice, practice !! One you get use to it and feel comfortable doing it it might be very good for you and your pain. I think relaxation is the key or at least one of them.

    Love to everyone,

    P.S. Hope everyone will have a wonderful and blessed New Year 2013 to come!!

  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have to make this quick, as usual, as DH wants to run to the store after I finish eating and get dressed.

    Do you have a recipe for crock pot hamburger stew or whatever you called it the other day? I am trying to find more, esp easy ones you donpt have to brown the meat and stuff first beforeputting into the pot.

    It must be hard to leave out all the good stuff in the recipes while Lindsay in still nursing the babies. It guess itis easier but may not taste as well. My crockpot 3 bean ground turkey soup was good but it took awhile even before i can put into the pot. Hope Linds gets well fast.

    Need to run but wanted to check in. Do you think it would be a good idea to start a new thread with crock pot easy recipes??

    Hope to ttyal. HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYDOBBY !! We go out to eat tonight with a couple of people. It should be fun but won't be late !!

    Love, Granni
  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    To All My Dear Porchies!

    Its NY's Eve here. At last moment DH and me decided to hv a night in
    instead of going out to the usual hotel entertainment.

    Ive been busy these few days running around for brother and i was tired
    today returning from the stupa monastery asking for prayers to be done
    and i needed a bath but was feeling cold and tired.

    then dh came and said would i mind very much if we didnt go because
    he had a tough meeting with a labour strike going on. and he wanted
    to just unwind.

    i didnt mind at all. welcomed a nice cozy night in. we got the gas generator
    going and dont hv to sit in the dark for a while at least. i fixed dh a steam
    fish dish which he hugely relished and said it was better than the hotel
    meal we would have had. hmmm...me thinks it was just hunger pangs
    and fish craving. it just had some lemon, salt, ginger, garlic, and pepper.

    i ate out at the stupa, a nice ethnic meal of rice, lentils,greens curry,
    potato dry curry and three different kinds of chutney..fermented beans
    pickled radish and a chilli tomato paste. i should not hv eaten the
    chutney but couldnt resist. and suffered for maybe an hour while walking
    back home part of the way with a bloated stomach and heartburn. but..
    did breathing exercises all the way and in an hour i was normal. now
    im quite full and will probably just make some porridge if i get hungry.

    the day before i went with SIL in early morn at 7:00 and met doc nd
    we decided on the chemo med. since my bus stop wasnear the tealeaf
    shop i went and got my ration of tea too. the girl there was shivering
    in the morning chill and smiled at me and offered me a cuppa. I was
    longing to sit down with her and chat but chores left undone at home
    so had to refuse.

    in afternoon i went to get something of mine which MIL had borrowed
    and there was everyone, the dhs uncles cousins, toddlers, BIL. they had
    phoned to visit and MIL had rustled up a quick lunch. I should hv been
    inviting thm all, esp the cousin and her dh from abroad, but not been able

    Got dropped off by BIL.

    Today early morning sent the car for dropping brother off at hospital
    and then made chicken soup noodle for his lunch. i sent someone. too
    much work at home to go myself.

    My son is spending NY at one of his grade 10 friends place where a bunch
    of them will be staying overnite. I hope they dont drink beer or anything.
    till last year dh was able to order him to accompany us or come home before
    10pm on NYs but it gets more and more difficult to be strict,now that hes

    Julie - Hope Lindsey gets well soon.

    Granni - have fun with your friends

    Gail - thats a lot of sons you have, must hv been a handful when they
    were growing up, tho fun too.

    the son didnt exactly hv a shouting match with his dad, he lost his temper
    and locked himself in his room and shouted and raged and banged. and
    then took off to college. i remember my dh and his dad hving some really
    fierce arguments, so i know this happens in some or maybe most families.

    well take care all and bless us all this new year and all the years to come
    after this

  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - It is so nice to have friends and neighbors like Kathryn and your Amish friends that are so good wiith the children, especially with the babiesl That gives both you and Lindsay ( and David too) a break. That is wonderful !! Itis also great that David can help a lot when he is home. It was good I didn't have twins myself or it would have been an interesting double duty for me. DH was an only child and really didn't have much experience with little babies. Of course, many time they donpt need experience but it helps to have a natural feeling for caring for little ones. Men, many times are afraid the babies will break when they are holding or feeding them

    While we are thinking about crockpot threads - Have yo ever made a soup or stew in the crockpot without browning the meat first. Especially with low fat meat like ground turkey I might have been able to add the meat first without browning and then adding the onions and green pepper. When doing chuck roasts and such I usually don't brown first. Of course if it is hamburger with a fair amount of fat one might want to do it first and drain the fat.

    Maybe I will start the crockpot thread but no NRG now. Then when it gets worm I am not so much into one pot meals. What is your temp now? Ours is about 55 I think, the warmest it has been in days. We are supposed to get rain tonight and the next few days - we surely do need it. Then it iwll be colder again I think. BRRRR!!!!

    Spring Water - Happy New Year to you and your family. That was nice you got to have a nice dinner yourself with your DH. All the foods sounded very good and interesting !! Did you make everything or did your help?

    Rock - Where have you been. Haven't heard from you in awhile. Is it the cold weather. A cousin in CA yesterday or day before said it was very COLD there. Thought they didnpt have much cold weather, usually very pretty. Lots of cold weather around lately, almost everywhere except perhaps FL.

    Thinking of everyone and missing so many too that have been gone. Teacher so glad to hear from you and that you are OK. Still missing Elaine, Carla, Joan and others who have been gone for some time. Hope the coming year will be a wonderful and much less painless and stressless than the last few.

    Love to awl,