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Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by mrdad, Jan 6, 2007.

  1. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Gonna see if'in I can do this without any problem while
    things are quiet!
    P.S. AS you well know, all the Posts from the previous
    Vol 68 are still available for your reading pleasure!
    Starting a "New Vol" does not delete the "Old" Ones, "K"?
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  2. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Nice to meetcha Joe & Rockgor. I'm spending a lazy day on my electric blankie today.....many things I should be doing but they will still be there tomorrow.

    Where in the Sierra's do you hang out Joe?

  3. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I spent nine years in Plumas Co. Northwest of Truckee
    where both my children were born! Great time of my
    life! Lived on the So. East Slope of Mt Lassen the year
    Mt. St. Helen's blew! It was food for thought!

    Have you been in the Bay Area most of your life?
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  4. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Yes, I'm in Fremont and have been in the Bay Area all my life. I am familiar with the Lassen area. I have relatives in Red Bluff, Redding and Alturas. It's beautiful country. We are hoping to retire in that direction.

    It must be really strange for you to go from Plumas County back to the big city......which do you prefer?

  5. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    it looks like we have some interests in common. I love antiques and furniture re-finishing (although you wouldn't know it by looking at my stripped but as yet unfinished projects in the shed).

    Do you have a shop in the city?
  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mrdad/Joe - THANKS ALOT for closing the old and opening the porch SO MASTERFULLY !! This way I didn't have to do it <BIG GRIN> ! I know it wasn't any big deal and I'll do it one of these days. Yes, the world is still on its axis - I THINK ! I haven't really looked lately though, so I am guessing so. HE HE It just bugged me that I screwed up. Oh well, so what else is new?

    Oh yes I do try to keep fairly busy but am trying to slow down some. Sometimes the stress can get to me. Went to a meeting this morning. Then fixed a hotdog for lunch and then onto the computer. I could have done alot more like wash, etc. but I said forget that today ! The singing is about to start again this week so I will be busy again.

    Lynna - Hi and welcome to the porch. You will meet so many neat, smart and funny people here. Hope we don't confuse you (or visa versa) to much as we already have a Linda (Lin) here. Just have to remember to spell your name with a y like my daughter and not an i . Actually, she also has an e at the end of her name to make things more different.

    As you say, there are many things also that I should be doing here in the house but I am not going to do them, at least not today anyway. Glad you came to visit. Hey can I use part of your elctric blanket? I am so cold today. Can you believe I live in TX and I am COLD !! It is probably in the hi 50's or so but it is so damp . That really bothers me alot and has for years.

    Carla - So you are taking guai ! How much are you taking and how often? How is it helping you? I have been wondering about that. I do and slwaus have had post nasal drip and that helps to break it up ad hopdully get rid of it. Does it do anything else for you? Hsve you taken the generic form ?

    Lin - I agree that 32 years is indeed enough for almost anything and I know how difficult and rewarding nursing can be. I was a nurse but did not do it for that long. If you can live without the pay I say go for it (SS). Talking about can't take stress anymore or having no energy either !I don't know how long it would take you to get it after filing !!!!! I do not think tht it is a very speedy process.

    Carla nl- glad that youa aren't yellow any ore. That was weird !

    Ali - That is great that you are going to bring big sister out on a date. She will love that I am sure and make her feel special. I know what you mean about cleaning house. I have to talk to myself alot before I get going on the project(s).

    Sweetie - I am so glad you are getting new carpets. Are they in YET !! What else are they going to do to help you?

    Annie - Glad tht your arms are feeling better. Hope everything gets better for you !!

    Rock - I have absolutely no idea how my font changed like that to really dark and bigger print. I didn't intentionally push or do anything but who knows..

    Marta - How are you kitty issues progressing ? Is it any better for you? It is so hard when you get attached to them but then realize that it MAY not be meant to be. Just give it a ittle more time. You certainly will need to start getting some more sleep though,not good for you at all.

    Jodie - How is your infection coming. That sounds so painful!!Of course doig thing one handed or armed is not easy either. I know when i brike my elbow about 6 years ago. Of course it was my right arm and I am primarily right handed. Hard to get much of anything done, even washing and curling your hair or putting in earrings.DH was not a whole lot of help either in tha regard (putting in pierced earrings). Good grief, my ears were already pierced!

    Big Hi also to Gilley and anyone else I might have missed from the other volume. Tried to take some notes but can't figure some of it out. Where are some of the others who are MIA- Mainewheezie . I can't think of anyone else right now. My brain is gone, hit the brick wall again !

    Have to go and finish fixing dinner.

    Lots warm hugs,

    Granni (Marilyn)
  7. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I likes the Mountains very much but after leaving there
    my former wife and I moved to Chico and I lived there
    for 13 years. A great town if ya don't mind the HOT
    summers and lack of employment opportunities!

    Have a Bro. in Union City who bought a new house there
    in the '60's. He also is thinking seriously of retiring
    to The Redding Area where one of his Son's is located.
    The Bay Area has lost it's livability factor. TOO many
    people now! Basically though, I'm adjustable and "fit in"
    almost anywhere. Glad that I experienced what I did when
    I did so that I'm not sitting here wondering "what if"?

    I've just come full circle it seems, but am very comfort-
    able with that. I'm much closer again to immediate family
    which is nice.


    P.S. Don't lend "Guido" any money if he should ask!!
    ( We always have to "coverup" for his character
    here on the Porch!)
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey does anyone have any idea of why my fonts in my posts are going crazy and are much darker and larger when they get posted. It happened again in my lst post and Iknow tht I didn't do anything to make it happen !!

    Any ideas ??? This is really weird !

    More hugs,

    Marilyn (Gran)
  9. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    Lynn: No Ihaven't worked in about 5 years since I became
    ill. I had a shop in Chico for a long time and then
    worked for some other people here in the City when I re-
    turned ten years ago! It's very enjoyable but sometimes
    think that the 30 years of working around those chems are
    a possible reason for my CFS etc. (??) More than likely!

    Hey "Cookie": I see ya found out we have someone new to-
    day to "pick on"! I don't know though, she seems pretty smart
    and wonder how long she's gonna put up wiff us? Right
    Lynn? Trying to cleanup my act before Sister Mary Gregory
    returns from Rome. Cleaned down the PORCH steps with
    Oxy Clean and Wally Water! (You know, holy water from


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  10. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Can I call you Granni? My grannies are gone now and I miss them. I have a nice neighbor who is 83 that "stands in" for one of them but I could always use another. Here, share a corner of my electric blankie, it is set at 6 so it is not too hot.

    Joe: That Guido is a sneaky sucker isn't he? I had a meatball sandwich for lunch but I swear I didn't give him any money! In fact, I didn't even know he existed !

    I hope y'all will be around tomorrow. I'm gonna be keeping my blankie warm while the hubby goes to my neice's 2nd birthday party.....I'm fighting off a cold so I decided to skip this one.

    I look forward to getting to know you all better.

    Lynna (with an A) ;)
  11. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i was in e.r. my incicsion site was oozing! so i got poked w/needles blood drawn. the ortho surgeon order me to either be good tonight and take my meds, ice, elevate arm or i get to stay overnight. it takes alot for kaiser to do that.

    i opted to come home. i drove myself. they shot me up w/cortisone and I&de the area. thru some packing in it.

    no sutures. told me i could take them out on sunday. or wait for my dr. appt.

    i am tired. got to get my clothes. fr bed. cody has his varisty dinner at 5 pm. for football awards. i just don't know if i will be making it. trying not to have the guilts for n ot going.

    his dad already said he wasn't going no mattter what.

    wel gonna go.

    good nigth
  12. gilley

    gilley New Member

    We always enjoy having new people come to the porch. We are glad you brought your electric blanket. Jerome keeps the porch in good condition. He cleans up after us and I see he has made room for your chair already. I am just stopping by to relax and look at the stars. I haven't been sleeping well lately and figured I would make the most of it.
    I see that you do aqua aerobics. I was doing that at a pool near my house and enjoyed it so much. I had a float that would fit between your legs and we would bicycle in the pool. The problem was, that even though I am 50 something, I was a baby in comparison to the folks floating with me. Somtimes I felt like a wus and other times I was standing by for CPR! At any rate, welcome, welcome , welcome.

    Joe - I love chinese, thai and indian food. How nice of you to recognize the chinese new year. You are one funny and thoughtful fellow. I liked your comment about coming full circle. I decided to spend as little time as possible on the past and enjoy the rest of my ride. I am becoming more comfortable with the idea of retiring, which I can't do at the moment. I have wanted to because of pain and fatigue, but I also felt that being a nurse was a big part of who I am and without that, I would be who? Now,I can handle it. I do know that I won't watch too much TV when I retire. I was doing just that today, and there was a show on called "what not to wear". Apparently, I am not as stylish as I thought! Apparently, loafers and moccasins, that are easier to slip on when you have back problems, are not in style. My jeans are passable but my dress slacks didn't make the cut. I like black and wear it frequently. That and the fact that I always match my shoes to fit the color of the outfit, was too blah!! I don't wear high heels very often, but I guess I am supposed to .When they got to the makeup and eyebrows I got up to get some ice tea. I have my own style and it is what it is. Turned off the TV and caught up on some work for work.

    Jodie - I wish I was there to help you. See if someone can tape the awards, hopefully Cody will be a recipient, and you can watch it with Cody at another time. Rest,take your antibiotics and get better.

    Well, I am going to hit the sack. The porch is all set for the morning. Haven't seen SMG in the chapel yet. She should be getting back from Rome soon. I wonder if she will bring Andy back to do some porch art!

    Good night to all, sweet dreams !! Gilley
  13. 69mach1

    69mach1 New Member

    i live in marin county. i've passed thru the sierra's a few times to either go to reno for fun, or to move temp at michigan.

    hi rock anything new and exciting for you?

    mr.dad we know you know how to get the soap for your special ladies. i didnt go to the city tonight. i was too busy icing down my arm and spending time in the e.r. that was so much fun i just feel like doing it over again!

    i just woke up about an hour ago my elbow, knock on wood, seems to be feeling comfortable. the orto surgeon that will be doing my carpal tunnel did the irrigation stuff. said next after this infection clears up, we'll pick out a good time for me to get the cts. i told him how my shots went for the carpal and he stated it sounded like i would get a good result w/the surgery.

    well i have to be good and ice this arm down and all of the doctors orders. it is looking like i may miss out on the novato high varsity football awards dinner toma-oops today at 5. i don't want to miss it we'll see how i feel. cody already said he didn't think it was necessary for us parents to be there. if i don't go this year there will be no holding me back for his senior year for sure.

    just saying hi to everyone. let's hope smg sends out some good prayers for my healing.

  14. Marta608

    Marta608 Member

    I thought I'd sit here in my chair awhile, bundled up in my blanket and watch the sunrise, get away from The Cat. I never did get caught up with the last Porch news and probably won't but I see we have a new Porchie now!

    Welcome, Lynna!

    Granni, I have no idea what's going on with your very bold font. We need a consult from Carla NL on that one.

    Thanks for wishing me well on the kitty issues. My feelings haven't changed unfortunately. She's the best cat I ever had (except for her needineess) but right now it appears that this was not the best decision I ever made. Oh well, there are worse things, right? Like NOT SLEEPING ENOUGH!!?

    Jodie, I'm sorry you're having post-surgery problems and, boy, did your post ever bring back memories of having kids in sports. So hard when you're the only one to show up and you need not to. Your X needs a kick in the bee hind.

    Gilley, I laughed at your note to JoeDad about the fashion show. I gave up long ago trying to keep up - who would want to?? - and just stick to a classic look over all. It's always good if you ask me. I don't watch much TV either because I spend all my time changing channels.

    Aligrace, it seems as if we haven't talked much. You came to the Porch as I was dithering around with a sick son and a new cat.

    My son is doing better and hopes to soon be at 100% from the pneumonia. Now we just have the fractured C-5 to figure out with more tests this week. (To those who might not know, I'm talking about a grown son here but that doesn't reduce a mother's concern. ;.)

    As long as I'm grumping, I'm also finding it hard volunteering at the shelter now that I've been there awhile. I see things that need improvement but I can't do them which frustrates me no end. It's been a very long time since I was a "grunt". A lesson in humility, for sure.

    I see that Jerome has been doing a very good job taking care of the porch and all of you. I hope Jeeves is staying out of the Absolut.

    Hello, too, to JoeDad, the Carlas, Rocky, Linda, Gretchen, Sweetie, Rebeka, Annie - oh oh, I'm in memory trouble now.... and all the rest of you good friends! I've left muffins on the warming tray and Jerome has the coffee going for you. It smells wonderful!


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  15. ckball

    ckball New Member

    Mrdad you do not know how close we were to opening the porch at the same time. I was post 30 and was telling you about the scammers and was going to close the porch. Then I hit the wrong key and poof it was gone.

    I was too tired to try again, then I saw you had done the same thing. We both posted at the same time to Lynn. So maybe SMG was watching. Anyway, we are on the right porch now.

    Welcome Lynn, we are a very varied group of humans and animals (MRdad) you have to keep your eye on that one. JK- he really is a great guy.

    There are 2 Carla's here I am CK Carla or ckball- the other Carla is Carlanl. She lives in the Netherlands. She has not been posting as much lately, she is the one that turned yellow. I am the one with a bad cat bite trying to rescue my cat from my 2 dogs. Everyone is fine now but what a scare.

    I see your beauties in your profile. Great looking dogs. I love my dogs dearly but it is hard when there is only one of me and 2 of them.

    Gilley- I love What Not to Wear, but I am a lost cause now. I was the snazzy dresser in my corp days, but now most of my clothes come from Walmart and the Dollar General store. I wear sweats most the time. I can no longer wear heels because of a damaged joint in my big toe. RA set in it and is now too painful with my comfy Rockport heels. I have been watching the show for at least 5 years.

    It is amazing the people that think they look great, there have been some doozeys. Then when they finally get it they change their whole outlook about themselves. They almost always say it was a spirtual make over as well.

    Marta- I am sorry you are having a hard time with the shelter. Are there any other organizations you could volunteer for? Maybe meals on wheels, Adult Day Care maybe. The hospitals always want volunteers but with all of our immune problems that is not first pick.

    How big is the shelter? The ONE in my town is a small block building with several rooms, one for the kitties and pups and 2 larger rooms for the bigger dogs.

    I love watching animal rescue shows on the Animal Planet. They have HUGE centers in NY, Houston and San Francisco.

    I'm glad your son is doing better.

    Jodie- sounds like you pushed your self a little too hard. We always pay for it too. Stay home and get some rest and take your meds and it will pass soon. My daughter had the carpel tunnell done in late Sept, she had immediate relief but still doesn't have full strengh in her hand yet. BTW I got a AARP info a couple years ago before I turned 50, so it may have something to do with SSDI.

    Aligrace- Glad your baby girl came threw fine. Did you have a good time on your date with your older daughter?

    Granni- I don't know what you did to get the bold letters. I usually open up word pad and type my responses. That way I can go back and forth to reply and not have to take notes I can't read or lose. I am expertimenting with fonts today to see if it works. The fonts did not transfer over.

    Rock- I saw an article about a man who paid 140 bucks for a late fee for keeping a library book out for 47 years, was that you?

    A big wave and hello to everyone else, Lin, sweetie, Carlanl, Lux. Sees where are you? I hope everyone has a great sunday. Carla
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Well porchies,

    As I look at my watch it is almost afternoon, here anyway. Who knows what it is around where you all live, considering all the time zones !!

    Lynna - I see you have been properly welcomed to our porch. It looks also like you have been also making yourself very comfy which is great !! In answer to your questions, yes I will be your almost subsititue granni, here on the porch, if you would like. Although you are closer to my children's age. My children are from ages almost 33 to almost 44. Then I have 8 grandchildren from 16-2 1/2 or so. So, you can guess my age or check my bio which will more or less tell you if you are interested ( I have been counting backwards for years. I have almost forgotten my real age (-: !! You can call me whatever you like ! Sometimes Mrdad calls me "Cookie". I think his siter is nnames Marilyn and they called her Cookie sometimes I guess.

    ******Before I go on, I want to mention to those who might have remembered that my son's (the baby in the family's) wife were expecting a baby. She was about 7 weeks along at the time and the doc did not like the looks of the ultrasound so told her to come back this friday to see if it was develping normally. Well, she did and unfortunatly he saw no more growth or development. So, they were extremely disappointed and she is going to have a D and C on monday morning. How dipressing when you were hoping for a real, and healthy baby ! She has already had one miscarriage. WE all felt so bad for them both. Well enough of that, hope they get wht they want soon !!!

    Jodie - You are SO right when you say no matter how old your childen are you always worry about them, and some probably more than others for good reason. Hope your son will be getting better soon. Also good luck on his tests this week.

    Well, I pushed reply by accident and I wasn't done. So, I will trying editing it and see if I did it right this time.

    Gilley - I know what you mean about trying to be a fashion plate or should I say, NOT one. I think I dress nicely but not worried about turning heads shall we say. esp at this point in my life. Although people seem to think for some reason that I am younger than I am which is a good thing. However, then most don't know I am sick either unless I have told them.

    I think I got some of my mom's genes. When she was alive she also looked alot younger than she was. She was s small person, and stopped coloring her hair or covering her grays just a few years before she died at 93 after breaking her hip (again).

    She also didn't have much money and as very careful with her clothes, They lasted for forever and she took care of everything she had in life, since she never had the extra money to go out buy a whole lot anyway. I think I come from my mother's tough old "Czech stock". She was orphaned early in life along with her sister, pawned off on relatives and then came to the US and pawned off on more relatives and worked on the farm. She came to hate farm work but was a very hard worker at home all her life. She NEVER complained about anything !! I guess that is why I don't complain to much about this DD and lived with it for so long, and sort of still kept my sanity (I think !!) Sorry for talking about genealogy and my mom. Can you tell I miss her so and she was one special lady??? I can say alot more but I won't. She always looked nice and kept a nice home even without alot of the extra nicetys in life. Simple but nice I guess you would say Gilley - that is how I feel too.

    Ali - Hope all still continues to be well with little Amelia and tht YOU are getting SOME rest. It is not good if you fall apart but Iam sure if you know that. Iti s written in the MOMMY's Handbook - Mom's are NOT allowed under any circumstances to get sick. Well that isc one rule we all have broken isn't it (if we are mom's). Hope you do catch up some much needed sleep. Don't want yourself to get to feeling worse than you already are. You have been alot of stress with Amelia's surgery and problems. Did you have a nice "date" with your eldest daughter? I forget when you were going to do that, saturday???

    Marta - Don't give up on "Soapie" unless you really have to . I hope she gets better for you so you can rest. However, you are your first consideration. You can't say that you haven't tried.

    Hi and big hugs to all or my wonderful prchie friends and anyone I haven't mentioned - like the Carla's Rock, and anyone one else that has been MIA lately.

    Big warm hugs to all,

    Marilyn (that Granni)

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  17. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Thank you all for being so welcoming, I love it here already. I brought some freshly ground Peet's coffee and homemade Black Forest Walnut bread for us. Sunday is my "cheat" day.

    Gilley: Yes, I was doing really well with my water workouts until my latest flare started in early Nov....I was going 3x a week, then it got too cold for the outdoor college pool and I haven't forced myself to go back to the Marriott yet.....Soon.

    Ali: Thanks for the warm welcome, you guys might be a "little off" but I am WAY OFF so I should fit right in.

    Jodie: Nice to meet you. I sure hope your arm is getting better. I will be sending good vibes your way so that you can go to Cody's awards dinner. If you can't, try not to beat yourself up about it, your boy sounds like a real "keeper" and I'm sure he will understand.

    Marta: Nice to meet you too. I am having some major CAT ISSUES right now myself. I can sympathize. I have 2 boxer dogs also, my friends all say they hope reincarnation is a reality as they all want to come back as one of my animals.

    I am sending hubby solo to our Neice's 2nd birthday party today. That way I can get the kitchen cleaned up and mess it up again by cooking something for dinner. I should also go get him a birthday present (b'day is the 11th) but I hate doing things on the weekends when it's so crowded, I'll probably put that off till tomorrow.

    I hope Joe hasn't slipped in the bathtub searching for his soap :)

    Enjoy the coffee and goodies.

  18. Lynna62

    Lynna62 New Member

    Granni: Yes, I am closer to your children's age, I will be 45 on June 9th. I just love anyone who calls themself Granni. I look forward to calling myself that one day (not anytime soon though, my kids are not ready for that yet).

    I am so sorry to hear about your grandbaby. That is devastating news. I'll be thinking about you all tomorrow and hope everything turns out okay....well, as okay as possible under the circumstances.

    Carla: I read about your dog/cat fight. All I can say is WOW! We are so much alike! Every once in awhile my boxers will get into it, Jackson is 5 and Jewel is 2. Jack is such a gentleman and puts up with so much but sometimes he has had enough and lets Jewel know she has pushed him too far. I tend to try to referree and jump in the middle of it (hubby thinks I'm nuts). They would never intentionally hurt me but the risk is always there. I am having some major cat issues right now that I may ask for some advice on.

    Linda: At pot-luck in my honor? I am so grateful! Thank you.
    I will bake some bread and bring a batch of hot toddies :)

    Forgive me if I missed anyone, I'm a rookie. I'll get better as I get to know you all.

  19. mrdad

    mrdad New Member

    I keep losing my dial-up and ergo my messages to you all!
    Gonna get back wiff you when things appear better on the
    line. I think AT&T remembers I worked 4-them in the '60's
    and they have been waiting for this opportunity almost
    40 years to get back at ME!!

    "later' Kids, I hope!!
  20. gilley

    gilley New Member

    Lin - I guess I will start the diet tomorrow, lol, I say that everyday. I will bring a reg. and sweet potatoe dish, the irish in me I guess. I make a sweet soda bread and that is in the oven now. Nice day out here on the east coast. I plan on going for a walk before the "porchophile pot luck dinner". With everyone and their problems of late, I think a dinner is just what the doctor ordered!Also,your friend sounds like she means well, but style or lack of it is personal. Maybe if someone gave me $5000 and new hair and makeup I would have a better look. I like blazers and jeans. Work is scrubs or comfortable easy wear unless the schedule dictates something else. You don't usually see nurses, even administrators, wearing high heels.And another week starts!!!!!

    Lynna - You are going to love the dinner, esp. if Rockor has Gordon make the dish. You are right, Way Off, will fit in well on the porch. We sure took the message board less traveled and I am glad we did. Lots of fun here, but, If Mrdad askes you what soap you like, run for the hills!!!! Just kidding, Mrdad is a great guy, with a great sense of humor, and apparently good with soap!!!

    Joe - Sorry about letting the soap out of the bag, so to speak.There are alot of you west coasters on the porch now. Looking forward to a good time at the dinner. Bring booze!

    Marta - sorry Sophie is so needy and the shelter is becoming frustrating. My suggestion is to take a break from it, and as far as Sophie is concerned, I will pray to St. Anthony of Assisi that she becomes a little more independent or at least sleeps thru the nite.

    Grannie - My Mom was the sweetest little irish woman. I miss her so much as well. We didn't have alot of extras growing up and had our share of hand me downs. Clothes seemed to be made of more durable fabric bach then. Dad worked and she stayed home and worked her you know what off. She would take us food shopping in a wagon she pulled. Our treat was to go to the deli counter and get a free slice of balogne. She colored her hair until she was in her 60's. Her hair was a beautiful blue grey. My roots are not that pretty so I change my color to match my mood.She wore plaid all the time and the same perfume for ever. Moms are great, I hope my kids will say the same about me after I am gone!

    Well gang, got to get back to cooking. See you all at dinner.Jerome said he would do the dishes if he could have the leftovers to take home!

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