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    Rosin on the bow, and here we go.

    Ladies courtesy, Gentlemen bow.
    Honor your corner; do it now.

    All four couples circulate
    Around the square, and don't be late.

    Ladies to the center; tap your toe.
    Gents stay put; nowhere to go.

    All step forward; balance and bow.
    All sashay; let's show 'em how.

    Allemande right; and all go home.
    Then do si do; end of my poem.

  2. Mikie

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    Rock, thanks for getting us going with a nice square dance call. I have fond memories of Sat. events for kids when I was growing up. Square dancing was one of the activities. I really enjoyed it. What gets me now is seeing all these Seniors in their 80's and older out there dancing like crazy. Square dancing is very physically demanding. Wish I had that kind of NRG. Sorry the little kitty scratched you. Feral cats can sometimes become domesticated but most will lash out if touched. We took in a homeless cat who seemed fine but he attacked my DD when she was just a kid and when my ex pried him off of her, the cat scratched him. He got red streaks running up his arm. Doc said if they kept going to call him as the infection can go to the heart. We took the cat to the shelter and told them he wasn't fit to adopt. Lo and behold, they featured him in an adoption ad. I called them and told them the cat had the propensity for attacking and should never be put up for adoption, especially in a home with kids. Idiots! As far as constipation goes, buying Kellogg's Bran Buds will really help. It can't just be bran; it has to be bran buds! One-third of a cup gives you half your daily requirement of fibre. Also, look for gummy fibre you chew. I get mine at Costco and two of them give me another 5 grams of fibre. Finally, the Nutri Bullet allows you to make smoothies or green drinks with all their fibre intact. That's good to get things moving too. I've gone back to taking all my vitamins and supps and find my mood much improved. I take 4,000 units of vitamin D3 and I take however much gummy vitamin C as I think I need. It gets me feeling better fast. Hope you feel better.

    Granni, at least, you have a handyman you can count on. Seems the ones around here don't know what they are doing. I'm so glad I did all the repairs and remodeling while I still could. I don't think I can do it anymore. Of course, nothing stays good or in style forever but, so far, my condo looks up to date. Our bldg. continues to settle, even after 20 yrs., causing small cracks above our doors. The same cracks are in the same place in all the condos. I noticed a space between the top of the wall and the ceiling out on the lanai. It isn't too big. I fixed it once years ago and when the lanai is painted again, I'll fix it again. At night, I can lie in bed and hear the attic going snap, crackle and pop. As long as the bldg. doesn't disappear into a sinkhole, I'll be happy.

    Sunflower Girl, I have to go back to find your post on the last Porch. I always have a hard time when we switch with some unread posts left over on the last one. Be right back. Ah, OK, now I have it. I'm glad some of DH's cancer is gone but so sorry it showed up in his lungs. From what I've heard, that isn't unusual. I hope and pray the chemo clears it up. I'm also sorry it makes him sick. How is his knee? It was only after I got the heavy box, 38#'s of litter, up here that I remembered that inside that box are two 19# boxes. Duh!!! I don't like the kind of litter Julie uses so wanted to go back to the one I like. The big box at Wally World is the best deal. Mine clumps better. If I remove the clumps, I never have to completely throw the litter away. With hers, the pee clumps fall apart and, eventually, the whole litter box stinks! AACK!!!

    The only thing I got done yesterday was to wipe down my coffee table with Liquid Gold. It's the one I refinished as a last ditch effort to keep from having to buy a new one at $400. Well, it still looks like new and I'm so glad I decided to give it a chance. Liquid Gold is wonderful. Used to be made in Denver but don't know whether it still is. Plant was out by Samsonite. I am planning to redo just the outside boards on the matching end table which I have next to my bed. I don't think these tables were ever finished with a polyurethane finish. I always have a glass or bottle of water next to the bed and the condensation has caused the finish to peel and chip off. The laminated top itself is fine so this should be an easy fix. Of course, nothing is ever easy; I don't know why I say that. Wishful thinking, perhaps?

    I have another torture session at PT this morning. I hope the myofacial debris is finally broken down and washed away. Tech says it's going much faster than he thought it would. Well, from my perspective, it's going agonizingly slooooooow! On the way home, I'll stop and get the beer and chips for tomorrow's cookout at the pool. If I find I can't go, I'll just leave the stuff at Leisa's and she can take it over. Yesterday, I had to take 800 mgs. of ibuprophen three times. That's unusual for me. I usually only have to take that much upon waking and then, smaller doses the rest of the day. In the long run, the exercises make me feel better but when I feel so sick and am in pain, it's hard to make myself do them. Normally, I enjoy exercising.

    I sent an e-mail to my kids to let them know how it's going. DD wants to bring DGS down this month and I want her to know that it all depends on my progress. The month is young so I'm pretty sure I'll be up to having them down. Poor Andy, all he will have is a memory of one healthy grandma and one sick one. I just had a brainstorm for his Christmas present. He loves money; even when I send a gift card, I always put five ones in his card. I am going to try to find 100 one-dollar bills that are new from the bank and send it to him. One bank in Denver used to make tear off stacks of dollars and I wish I could fine one here that does that.

    Well, Dear Dobbies, I send my love, hugs and prayers for a pain-free, safe and happy Fourth of July!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    Just wanted to pop in for a minute or two. DH will be back very soon from his trips to the store and he will need the puter.

    Rock - Thanks for the nice square dance call and getting us started again. I miss the dancing and the people. I forgot to mention that what JAM said was very true about the magnesium helping constipation. I take quite a bit, also for my high b/p and it also helps my chronic constipation that I have had since birth. Hope you feel well today or better.a

    Mikie - Thanks also for your W and P message. Hope you get to feeling better some today after all your PT and stretches you do. WILL YOU COME AND DO SOME FOR ME????? Nothing new and I need go get dressed.

    Julie - Hope all is well with you and family and getting back into the family groove AGAIN, after your trip.. SO much to do today.


    Have a safe, fun and wonderful day and holiday weekend for those doing special things. We will be HERE !

    Love to everydobby,
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    Hello everyone !!!
    It has been ages since I have been on here. My, has this place got a 'new look".
    Though I am a creature of habit. Hope all are well.

    Dealing with DH's cancer all last year taught me who my friends really are not.
    That being said I cut all of them loose. Don't need the " my cow died , I dont need your bull." I was always there for them. They never once called me to see IF, I was Okay. So, I take life differently now. I know I have good people I have chatted with over the years on here. Who know what I am talking about. Bless you all for being so kind.

    Just wanted to stop by and will you all a happy 4th.

    Better days ahead.

  6. Granniluvsu

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    Hi Wildflowers23,

    Welcome back ! Your name seems familiar so maybe you remember me from way back when, although I usually hang out posting on The Porch, on Chit Chat.. Hope both you and your DH are doing well and that you will come back often and chat. Nothing to exciting going on here really with us. Sounds like we are ready to get a thunderstorm. We can always use the rain. The last few years or sot has been so dry.

    You are right about lots of good people on here who like to chat. All kinds of chatting and venting allowed here . We are all here to help each other if we can.

    Gotta run right now. Hope to hear from you again soon. Have a wonderful and fun 4th or Independence Day.

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    Hi Wildflowers, yes...where are those friends that you bolstered up in the past. A few have stuck with me, but it's hard not to feel very hurt. My DH is also going thru chemo. We got the results yesterday on the new scan.....he's got new ones on his lungs though still small but the ones on the liver are gone. The oncologist thinks it was the very bad IV he had twice that zonked the liver ones, but apparently the pills aren't doing the same. The problem is that he was VERY VERY sick on the IV. He looks like a skeleton and can't afford to lose any more weight.

    What type of cancer is your DH battling? And yes.....only several people ask how I'M doing.
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    Hi, Kids,

    Wildflowers, so good to have you here. Friends here don't let each other down. So sorry others have in your life. That really sucks. Prayers going up for you and yours. Please come again to the Porch; it's a great group of people.

    Granni, I'm not doing any stretches/exercises this afternoon. I'm soooo tired. I did a LOT of them at PT. He didn't do any myofacial massage as most of it's gone, thank God! He did find it in my neck and worked on it a lot. The reason I've been in so much pain the last two days is that my hips/pelvis popped out of alignment. The pain, when this happens, is distinct. He showed me how to pop it back in by myself. That will come in handy, I'm sure. Come back when you can write your own "W&P."

    Julie, geez, it didn't take long for you to get back into the whirl that is your life. I surely couldn't keep up with you. Hope you and everyone else are all doing well.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry the IV makes DH so sick. I hope and pray he improves.

    Everydobby, the update to my back is in my reply to Granni. Not much to tell but I'm glad the Tech showed me how to pop my hips and pelvis back in when they pop out. I only have two more sessions. Wish I could afford to go for a good long time but the co-pays are killing me and I still have the anesthetist and pathologist to pay for the colonoscopy. I just had a $50 co-pay for the followup visit for the colonoscopy too. I see my ortho doc on the 7th and that will be another $50 co-pay. I'm going broke with these co-pays.

    Good news: I let the kitties out when the nasty woman in the next bldg. went out. They stayed out for about 45 minutes. When I rattled the treat box and whistled, Tweety came right up and in. Sylvester, on the other hand, lay in the grass totally ignoring me. I had to take a treat out and let him smell it to coax him home. At least, he did it on his own without my having to pick him up. Both enjoyed their little foray outside world. Now, I have the confidence to let them out and know I can get them to come back home again. Next time, I'll let them stay out longer.

    My kids closed on their house in Atlanta and are on the road to their new one in the Dallas area. DD called while she was in the middle of LA. I know this move is very stressful for all of them. I pray the angels watch over them.

    OK, gotta go. I bought the beer and Doritos for tomorrow's cookout but haven't heard from my friends. I don't think they'll get it together until tomorrow morning. If I'm too sick to go, I'll just give the beer and chips to one of them. Both of them have health issues so they understand. There are others coming too. It'll be at the pool so if we get too hot, we can just jump in to cool off. I hope all y'all have a great 4th.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Kids

    Just got back from the market and two libraries. The current practice of all things mediocre
    and sloppy continues. At the first library branch, we asked to pick up some books. The
    clerk (not an official librarian by civil servant standards) checked the computer. Yup,
    we had 5 books to pick up. So he brought us four. After consultation and searching by
    three people, the missing book was finally located.

    Additionally, there are very nice people who do voluntary work at the library. Now and
    then they put up a sign asking for volunteers. The group is called the Edendale Library
    Elves. Unfortunately the sign maker thought "Elfs"was acceptable.

    And we went to a second library because they were having a book sale that started at
    2 PM. At 2:10 PM there was no sign of same. Gordon asked the gal at the desk about
    said sale. She said she didn't know. He asked if she could find out. She disappeared for
    a moment and came back and said there was a delay. He asked if she knew when the
    sale would start. She said, "No". Customer (or "patron" in Library lingo) service is as dead
    as the middle class or honest politicians or good jobs for college grads.

    Thanks for all the suggestions regarding my failing innards, Folks. I have tried all the suggestions over the years. Some didn't work and some worked, but only for a while.
    I found a site of home remedies for constipation. The oddest one was drink saurkraut
    juice. Since saurkraut juice is just another name for salt water, I didn't bother with that one.

    Mikie, I found Bran Buds on Amazon. You can buy a 6 pack for about $65 @ plus
    shipping. Works out to about $13 a box. I feel sure they are cheaper at the store. Did you
    know they used to be sold in the United Kingdom? I don't know if I could chew them. I
    only have 6 teeth left, and they're all in one jaw. I look worse than Lucy when she would
    black out a couple teeth. (Inside info: they put black wax on the teeth. We had some
    one Halloween when I was a kid.)

    Sunflower and Granni, thank you for your concern. Yes, I washed my "wound" (my
    mother and uncle always pronounced that to rhyme with ground) and put "triple
    antibiotic ointment" on it. Looks fine today. Sorry to hear more bad news about
    hubby, Sunflower.

    Welcome back, Wildflower. It seems to be the fact that all too often friends, relatives, or
    loved ones, are not always as reliable, loving or trustworthy as we had thought.

    I remember saving guy's job for him back in the 70s. He was so grateful. "If you ever
    need anything, blah,blah, blah... About ten years later I looked him up and asked for
    my old job back. Ha Ha! Stupid me.

    Think it's time for me to curl up with my heating pad.

  10. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    DH is a Viet Nam Vet that got Non Hodgkins lymphoma , stage 4 cancer

    Do you have your DH on BOOST original, three times a day.since they loose their taste and appetite that helps keep the muscle on them. walmart sells it...Must be cold to drink

  11. Mikie

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    Happy Fourth, Everydobby!

    Rock, the Kellogg's Bran Buds are $3.99 a box at Publix. They are in the cereal row and when you put milk on them, just like with any cereal, they soften up. I mix them with some granola. The gummy fibre is new; are you sure you've tried them? Everyone who has tried them rave about them. They taste so good it's hard not to eat the whole bottle. I got mine at Costco in a big plastic jar. There are other brands in smaller sizes but I can't vouch for how those taste. Between the bran buds and gummy fibre, I'm regular as the trains in Germany!

    I know that my own pain, exhaustion and slipping cognitive issues make my own spelling and grammar pathetic at times but I would expect a library and newspapers to do better. No wonder kids know nothing about proper use of English. Ads, which take liberties with the language, don't help either. It's so sad; when we get adequate, or good, customer service, we are delighted and surprised. Bad to mediocre is the new std. With so many out of work, one would think companies could hire friendly and considerate people. Why be grumpy on the job? It makes the time go faster when you're having a good time.

    Wildflower, I'm so sorry about DH's cancer. Yes, Boost is so good for those whose appetites aren't good. In her 90's, my Mom had a hard time keeping her weight up. I got those drinks for her. I had them myself when my Sjogren's Syndrome made my mouth too sore to chew solid food.

    Well, I'm up and ready to run to Beall's for their 4th sale. I'll get there when they open so it won't be so crowded. There are only a couple of things I want and know just where they are. Pain isn't so bad today but am sick from all the debris from the myofacial release in my neck. I did some of my own release on those trigger points last night and found a couple more. I used a little plastic ball with spikes all over it and rolled it with pressure on my thigh, which as formerly soooooo sore with myofacial pain. The pain is almost nil there so all must have gotten broken down from prior sessions. Yea!!! Still don't know whether I'll go to cookout. It's next door at the pool so I can decide anytime.

    Celebrate, Everydobby, even if it's only from your bed. That's likely where I'll be to watch fireworks on TV.

    Love, Mikie
  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    happy fourth of july

    wildflowers...hello n welcome...love your name and love the scenes you describe..in its
    summertime..those birds

    i pray you and all the others here..healing for your loved ones who are unwell

    Rock - always feel happy when i see a post of yrs however short..im also short
    on energy..but always look forward to reading everyone else's updates..i wouldnt
    mind being an Elf at that library you described..i dont know when u hurt yourself
    but glad to know its getting better

    Mikie - Tweety n Syl must hv been so excited to go out for a while..i hope your
    hurting parts heal soon..wish i was there to see the Fourth of july

    Granni - i never knew you had chronic constipation..but glad you manage
    it..nowadays we are getting less rain than expected...and we do need it,
    its supposed to be pouring at this time of year..

    Julie - nice to hv u back...happy you got to go on yr little break...Keira
    will cherish it in the future...our grass needs cutting too...
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: Glad to read you cleaned up you "wound rhymes with ground" LOL And what would we do without the LA library system. Most any book I want I can go on the system and place an order. One book I ordered, said it was in, wasn't found......so the aide said he would reorder from another library. Mmmmmmmmm ooks like the gremlins have hit already this morning.....I didn't change the font but I'm typing as fast as I can before it simply stops working.

    Mikie: Hope you're able to attend the 4th party down by the pool. And good luck on your early morning shopping.

    • WildF: My husband has stage 3. The oncologist told us about Ensure, but every morning he makes a fresh smoothy with whipping cream, fruit, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, protein powder and some almond meal. It was when he was on the IVs that his stomach was VERY upset and he couldn't eat anything. He's doing better on the eating, just not consuming enough to put some pounds back on. I'm very sorry your husband has the cancer.
    Per encouragement from Mikie and Granni, I'm going for a consultation for a colonoscopy in another week or so. If my DH had done this years ago he probably wouldn't be where he is now.

    I'm not sure if my son, DIL, and new baby will be over today or sometime this weekend. Apparently the little one is NOT sleeping and hence DIL is not either. So I'm going to store this morning and just getting this and that for incase they do show up.

    I spent a lot of the day yesterday in my studio.....painting and "escaping from life" Was at an artist studio a few days ago and trying something new......dribbled gesso over a canvas and waited until dry then dribbled watered down acrylic paint over it......Hmmmmmm? Don't think I'm an abstract painter!
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  14. Granniluvsu

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    A quick hi to all you dear ones . So nice to hear from WILDFLOWERS again but sorry to hear that her DH also has cancer. It is such a terrible disease and sure takes its toll on its caregivers and not just the patients.

    Sunflower - I am also sorry to hear that there are more tiny lesions I the lungs but happy that the ones I the liver are gone. The Chemo. is so harsh and can be so toxic to the body , as you well know. May God bless you both, your DH's and WILDFLOWERS too. You must be going through such a very hard time and if you both feel bad from your own problems you still have to continue o to continue on to do what is needed for your DH's. Good luck on your consultation for your Colonscopy. Hope you get it soon and that all will turn out well for you. Still trying to get my DH to have a colonoscopy. He has every excuse you can think of ):!! I am lucky he went and got his cataracts taken care of.

    I have heard also about the BOOST being good for weight and muscle gain as long as they can take the sweet taste. Some people can't drink it as they get nauseous. That other drink he makes and drinks sounds good for him too.

    Mikie - Hope you feel well enough to go to your cookout. Sounds like fun !! It is good with everyone brigs something. Hope you get to go do your fun shopping tomorrow.

    Rock - You both were busy today , or was it yesterday, at the libraries. Sounded like a Search and Find Mission :)!!!

    Julie - I know you are hustling around today. Hope Den was off and you cold at least have a quiet family day, if that s possible :)!!! When in August is Lindsay due to have that baby?? Hope she isn't feeling to bad.

    Jam - Hope you are feeling OK and your joints not bothering you too much. Paying Bridge this weekend :)??

    Everyone have a nice quiet and f day if possible, whatever makes you happy. . Right now quiet is GOOD and no big hustle to get anything done, big cookout, etc. Will watch some fireworks on the TV tonight and will listen to some concerts. They have fireworks on the lake but we do not live ON the lake so will just hear a lot of the noise.

    Thinking of all our dear Dobbies as Mlkie and Spring Water would say. So nice to hear from SPRING WATER ALSO TODAY. Hope you are feeling OK and not to HOT with a little bit of NRG at least.!!!! Sorry if I missed anyone today.

    Granni :)
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    So good to see so many popping in.

    Springwater, the sciatic pain was pretty good but I ran down to the store early and it hurt from walking, even with ibuprophen and the TENS unit. I only have two more PT sessions and don't know what will happen affer that. I wish you could be here for the Fourth too. There are fireworks displays all over the place but I don't go anymore. Most don't even start until 9:00. Do you use fireworks for any celebrations or festivals in Nepal? Yes, Tweety and Sylvester loved going out and I'm going to let them out more. They are bored to tears and being disruptive.

    Sunflower Girl, I've seen some paintings using the "dribble method." I haven't tried it. I pretty much only paint abstracts because I can't paint beautiful flowers like you do. I have found, however, that abstracts require perspective, good use of color, brush stroke technique, etc., so it's not just fooling around. That said, though, fooling around is part of the process and can be fun and lead to new ways of painting. I'm glad you got some easel time. It's better than therapy. I hope your kids showed up. I didn't make it to the cookout. My Whatever Herpes Family Virus activated and I'm sick and getting a cold sore. AACK!!! I'm so glad you're going for the colonoscopy consultation. Neighbor just e-mailed from up North. Her DH just had his done and they found benign polyps.

    Granni, have to rtn. a bath mat I bought for another color but, other than that, the quick trip to Bealls was a success, 'cept for the sciatic pain. It's better but not by a lot. Didn't make it to the cookout. As I mentioned above, I was sick. I watched part of the Macy's fireworks on TV. Beautiful! Hope your Fourth was restful.

    Julie, what would happen if you did just say, "To heck with it all," and just go to bed. If you keep up at this pace, you may get sicker and not be able to do everything for everyone. Does GPA have his own mower? If so, what would happen if you didn't mow and it just kept growing? Sis and boyfriend should do their part if she's going to sponge off of him. As long as she can get someone else to do things she should be doing, her behavior isn't going to change. I worry 'cause I don't think you can continue at this pace. No one could, or should, have to. I pray your NRG holds up. I still think Den should handle sis and straighten her out. JMHO and I shouldn't even be giving it but it's done out of concern for you, dear one.

    Everydobby, as I've already mentioned, I did get to Bealls early for a really quick shopping trip but have to exchange a bath mat for a different color. Sciatic was hurting, even with 800 mgs. of ibuprophen and my TENS unit. I didn't get to the cookout as my Whatever Herpes-Family Virus decided to reactivate, cold sore, headache, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat and all. I think it's because of being run down from pain and the toxins from myofacial release. Tech found more trigger points in my neck after doing a motion eval. He released them and gave me even more stretches for that. I worked on the trigger points myself that night and found a few more on the tops of my shoulders. I can only afford two more sessions next week and, after that, everything will depend on my doing the stretches and exercises at home.

    I may have to send the cats back to Julie. They are being destructive and waking me at night. I am going to let them out for a good long time today as they seem bored. They no longer enjoy their toys and just want to seep during the day. I open the lanai door at night so they can go out there but they seem to just want to raise hell inside. I love them and will try to see what I can do but if I can't sleep, I'll have to give them back. I've often wondered whether it would work out to let them out at night. For several years, they lived outside all the time. I'll talk to Julie. Honestly, I think she just got fed up with them as much as with the nasty lady in her bldg.

    My nosepiece on my glasses just broke, my mortgage co. screwed up my loan again (this is an ongoing problem), and my Chase Amazon credit card failed to credit me for a returned item despite an e-mail that they had receved it and were crediting my card. Right now, I'm sick of pain, sick of the cats, and sick of all these little annoyances. Yes, I am whining because it's what I do. So grateful to all y'all who put up with me.

    I hope everyone is doing better than I right now. This too shall pass but, like with Whack-A-Mole, I'm afraid another problem will just take the place of one I get resolved. Seems to be the pattern of late. I'm grumpy so will take a nap and hope to wake in a better mood. Love to everyone,

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good morning awi,

    I know I'll get kicked off the computer as soon as DH get home but I wanted to at least just pop in.. DH ran to the store and Home Depot for some paint samples.

    Julie - I absolutely agree with Mikie . You are being taken advantage of by sis, big time , and I think before this new baby is born you need to do something about it or should I say or NOT do something about having to do sis's /grandpa's lawn situation. When the baby comes you will be helping Lindsay even more and you cannot be at two places at once (and you shouldn't be. ) You are going to get yourself even sicker than you are or feeling a lot worse and you won't be good to anyone, include Lindsay. YOU CANNOT BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE, EVEN IF THEY ARE IN YOUR FAMILY AND YOU LOVE THEM (or most of them) . You should not have to do the mowing all the time even if you enjoy it when you are not otherwise stressed. Just wondering how old is sis ? Guessing she is around your age or maybe a little older. I know she has medical issue but SO DO YOU. I could go on and on but this should give you the jest of it all.

    Mikie - So sorry you are feeling so bad and missed the party last night. Glad you stayed in to rest. Hope you will feel much better when you get u again !!!! You are absolutely right about JULIE and I thought the same things when I read her post.

    Sun -You are lucky you have painting as your therapy. I understand, since singing is mine but will be cutting back on that son. More later on that. DH is home and I need to get dressed and go do some weeding - ugh ! Hpe you and DH are doing better today.

    Love to everydobby,
  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I'm so sorry along with all the pain you're now having troubles with the furry ones. When they went to your neighbor they got a taste of outdoor freedom so now they're feeling caged. How about some of that "magic stuff" you used to give them to calm them down. My two female cats, both fixed, are 8 years old, and thankfully calmed down now that they want in at night. My bigger of the two, a real Alpha cat (Abby) also doesn't seem to want outside at night and she used to refuse to come in during the summer months. Your cats are still young and want to prowl. I wish you luck. We all know how awful we feel without proper sleep.

    Granni: about the colonoscopy your DH keeps refusing......just tell him about my DH who didn't have anything out of the ordinary until he developed blood clots in his leg in sept. The doc said it probably came about because of the large mass on his colon. I've seen my DH go down hill since his surgery in Jan.......physically as well as mentally. He's basically aged before my eyes and I think I'm seeing the "handwriting on the wall". By the way, I think that term came about because of the evil person in the bible who saw what God had written.

    Julie: Just want to ask you one question for you to ponder and pray about: Who fills in for you when you have no more time and energy? And what is Lyndsey's due date? How is she feeling?

    My son and family came yesterday. Always wonderful to see him and hold the little one. As to my DIL......big sigh. She's soooooo rude and cutting to me......when she does speak to me........which she doesn't much. A little back ground......her father basically raised her and her sisters because mom worked nights. I've seen her talk sharply to her mother also and I can see her mom's hurt. She and I had a "big go around" about 18 months ago, and that brought out nothing except a loss of seeing my son. So now I have to just swallow this bitter pill and concentrate on my son and my new granddaughter.

    And a question to all you grandmas and mothers: have you ever heard of cluster feeding? My DIL is nursing the baby basically every l l/2 hrs. whether she seems hungry or not.....if she starts to fuss.....oh she's hungry........of course I'm only grandmother and KNOW nothing. My son let it slip that she's CRABBY because of lack of sleep.....duh! that's a no brainer. Of course I know the real person lurking!
    Last edited: Jul 5, 2014
  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sun - So sorry to hear about your DIL and how she speaks to you. I can imagine how hurtful that must be to you and to her mom when she speaks to her.. Luckily, my dil and sons il are not that way. I was brought up to be very sensitive to others. To my mom saying shut u to someone was a dirty word and we got our mouths washed out with soap. I know also it is not always what is said but how it was said also.

    No, I have never heard of cluster feedings but it cold be what they used to call on demand feeding which is almost anytime the baby opens its mouth :)!!!! My babies were pretty much were on schedule , at least that is what I aimed for- usually close to every 4 hrs..

    Mikie- sorry about the cat and everything. Hope things straighten out soon for you.

    Julie - Hang I there girl ! Hope you do not fall apart.

    DH need lunch so I need to go.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Grief! So much misery in our worlds. Of course, we also have love and joy but, as though our illnesses weren't enough, we have to put up with stressors and stressful, toxic people. I pray for all of us.

    Granni, thank you so very much for your caring and good wishes. To tell you the truth, when I went out in the bright sunlight yesterday, it made me feel so sick, all I wanted to do is come home. One friend offered to fix a plate for me but I wasn't up to eating it. It was sweet of her, though. I have to be in tip top condition to even enjoy get togethers anymore. Don't overdo it on the weeding. I'm going to be buying one of those large Roundup bottles with the target nozzle. I think you pump them up so the stuff is under pressure. I hate to use it but I can't pull weeds right now.

    Julie, I know we are not privy to everything but one thing is for sure: You cannot continue to carry the world on your shoulders. People start doing it over time, slowly. As time goes on, people feel it is normal or that they must continue. If something were to happen to you, all those people would figure out how to carry on. It wouldn't be the same as with your loving touch but they would stand on their own two feet and learn how to get along. How much better it would be if they could learn that now so you aren't running on fumes all the time. It will eventually catch up with you. OK, I'm not going to say any more about this as I've already probably said too much. We all care deeply for you and want the best for you.

    Sunflower Girl, these cats were dumped here as kittens and lived outside all the time for more than two years. When the nasty lady started to complain, Jeff asked me to take them as he is allergic to Tweety. I did but when Julie missed them so much, I gave them to her. She says they don't keep her awake. Now that she is having such health problems and the nasty lady is on her back, she asked me to take them back. They are basically great cats but are bored. So sorry about your DIL. Control freaks like her use the grandkids as leverage to manipulate others. Doesn't speak well for her as a person. I think her mamma shoulda lowered the boom on her years ago.

    I let them out this morning at 5:00 when I brought in Simon's bowls. They stayed out til 6:00. Tweety came right in when I rattled the treat box. Sylvester didn't want to come back and I had to carry him. I'm thinking that they could stay out all night from about 11:00 or midnight until around 5:00 or so. The nasty lady will be asleep and won't see them. I'll get to sleep and, I think, they will be better during the day. I'm going to run it past Julie.

    The Whatever Herpes-Family Virus that has reactivated is at the worst today. I've been icing the cold sore and putting Abreve on it. That whole side of my head hurts, including my eye and throat. That's the virus' signature. I'm on Acyclovir and hoping it will drive it back into latency. I did manage to do most of my exercises. The back is better but still not good. I have a feeling this is going to be a long-term process.

    Thanks to everyone who is reporting all the spam. It's always worse over weekends and holidays. Geez, two of them were written in Russian and one was loaded with URL links. Nothing good could possibly come from clicking on one of those links and possibly something really bad. I try to get them out of here asap.

    I'm doing a bit of laundry so it doesn't get to be too big of a chore. That's one thing I can usually do when I feel rotten. Hope everyone feels better.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Kid

    News Flash! I have just been attacked by another ferocious animal. Well, actually the
    poor thing was just defending itself. I was walking up the stairs and met a lizard coming
    down the stairs. So I caught it. Gordon said, "Watch out!" I said, nonchalantly, "Oh,
    I've caught them before. They don't bite." It bit me.

    Gotta give the little rascal credit. Captured by a giant thousands of times it's size it
    didn't give up. It bravely fought back. Anyhoo I let it go outside and self medicated
    my thumb.

    Mikie, sorry to read you're having problems in so many areas. I guess if we were one-
    celled creatures, we wouldn't have all these problems. Saw a funny sign on a humor
    site last night. From a meat department: Hand crafted sausage. Pork with
    gummy bears. $4.99 a pound.

    There was another sign. Same store? Anyhoo it said " All White chicken.
    100% Beef."

    Gordon went to Costco yesterday. Brought back half a dozen products for me including
    Ensure 'cause "I don't eat enough". Just looked up side effects. Ironically they include
    the possibility of constipation. He did see the gummy bears with fiber, but didn't
    pick any up; figured I couldn't chew them.

    Sunflower, I never thought about the origin of "the handwriting on the wall". Wikipedia
    says you are absolutely right. The prophecy was correct. But it wasn't very helpful.
    The Kingdom of Babylon fell only a few hours later. There was no opportunity
    to implement reforms.

    Too bad about your DIL. I believe a psychiatrist would diagnose her as a "pill".
    Families are just wonderful except for the horrid relations of which they are always
    some. (And way too many in my family.)

    Julie, never heard of a rodeo parade, but it sounds like fun. My brother in Minnesota
    called last night. He and his DW(ife) and our aunt went to our home town for a
    fireworks display on the golf course. Well, I like that. They never had a fireworks
    display when I lived there.

    The aunt is Aunt Izzy. I've mentioned her before. Her father (my grandfather)
    was born when Lincoln was in the White House. Izzy was born during the Roaring
    20s, and is now 92. Been in great health all her life, but getting somewhat
    confusiated these last few years.

    How is Den going to raise the rafters? Block and tackle? Turns out my
    brother is also involved in building. He's replacing his old garage. He figures
    it will cost about $25,00. Gosh, when I was a kid you coulda bought 3-4
    house for that much. Hope you can get some rest, Kiddo.

    Granni, have you found any triangular dances yet? I know folk dances come in
    at least 3 varities: line, round and square. I was reading about the history of
    square dancing the other day. It was mentioned in a book back in 1651. The
    Library of Congress has a copy of the book. The British Government wants
    it back. Apparently the overdue fine is 32 million dollars. They need more money
    to support the royal family.

    Time to lie down with a new library book. Hugs to everydobby, present
    and non p.