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    Rosin on the bow and here we go.

    Bow to your corner, bow to your gal.
    All to the center. Wave at your pal.

    Chicken in the skillet. Bacon in the pan.
    Allemande left with the old left hand.

    Go round the circle. Then up on your toes.
    Follow that pretty gal where she goes.

    First 2 couples forward and back.
    The rooster crows, and the ducks go quack.

    Gals to the center; form a star.
    Gents stay put right where you are.

    Do-see-do. Step light as foam.
    Now swing your gal and all go home.

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    Hi Kids

    Once again I had to hunt and hunt to find the "Create thread" button. I'm starting to
    feel paranoid. Well, not really. Actually I feel somewhat shaken. Just woke up after a brief
    but unsettling dream. It must be horrible to have panic attacks. That out of control feeling
    is very disturbing.

    The feral cat was here off and on during the night. Gave it some chicken broth for
    breakfast. The much larger black cat with long hair that Gordon calls "Bigfoot"
    showed up too. We put out food for him when he comes around. He's never hungry.
    Takes a bite or two to be polite. What he mostly wants to do is come in the house and

    Springwater, I looked up paratha to see what you cooked. "Pan fried bread from India"
    is what I found. Reminds me of Parthy, short for Parthenia. (A Greek name, I read.)
    She was the wife of the Captain of the Showboat in the musical of the same name. In
    the 1950s movie, she was played by Agnes Moorehead.

    Julie, shame about Anna being so fearful. She looked utterly content in the lying
    on the sofa picture. I know you hate to take her back.

    Mikie, lucky you weren't in the path of the fleeing shoplifter. Did you see the video
    in the news a day or so ago? Three or four robbers were thwarted by a store clerk
    who was also a champion fighter. He was a young fellow from Sri Lanka. Put 'em
    all on the ground and made it look effortless.

    I am beginning to believe we should all carry a baseball bat and wear armour
    whenever we leave the house.

    Sunflower, I think your idea of a kid's book is purrfect. "Fly With Abby and Clair".
    Will be waiting to see your drawings/paintings.

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    POST FROM MIKIE, AT 7:41 a.m. today:

    Just thought I'd get this started before closing 731. OK, I'm back. Not much to tell. I did some very gentle PT for Impingement Syndrome yesterday after I did my sciatica PT. There is a strip behind the loveseat, which separates the living area from the dining area, which contains balls, my BOSU ball, a little weighted ball to use instead of a weight, a towel and an elastic band. I call it my PT area. I don't know whether I should continue with the gentle PT exercises or not. It doesn't hurt when I'm doing them and that's the std. they use on the You Tube video from the PT tech. I just don't know whether the shoulder can heal until I pretty much stop using it and let it rest for a while. Doc said to take 800 mgs. of ibuprophen three times a day and do whatever else helps it.

    I have some work I want to do in the stairwell atrium outside but I don't think I can spray Roundup until this weekend when it's supposed to be dry out. We've been getting a lot of rain. I need to do some work in here but there's no clutter; it just needs vacuuming, dusting, and cleaning in the baths. My car is filthy but unless I take it to be professionally cleaned, it won't get done soon. It's sooooo hot and humid that I have to start early.

    Rock, BTW, the rumor I heard of Fanny Flagg's death was greatly exaggerated! Can't remember when or where I heard it but it's been a while. I'm glad she's still alive. She's my age--just a kid!

    Granni, yes, the shoplifter chase was exciting but when that woman started to flee, driving like a crazy person, it got dangerous. Considering all the elderly and families with children who shop there, it was lucky that no one was in her path. I forgot to buy some more Roundup for my sprayer jugs. I feel awful using that stuff but I cannot pull weeds by hand, especially the really tiny ones we get. Once I get them under control, it won't take much to keep them at bay. Was DH tired after the wake? I would be. Did he wear his KofC uniform or do they just do that for the funeral. It's quite a sight to behold when they are all in uniform.

    Springwater, I'll bet you are a good cook. Things you describe sound yummy! Thanks for the prayers for the cats. It just occurred to me that I haven't put one in our prayer box for them. I put one in for me and my ailments seem to be getting better (knock on wood :) My DD sent some "Sacred Dirt" from a very old mission in New Mexico. I guess miracles are ascribed to it kind of like the waters at Lourdes. There are several versions of why this dirt is so special. I rubbed some of it on my shoulder and lower back. It is very fine red sandstone, almost the consistency of talcum powder. DD forgot to put info in with it but if it's special, it will work without my having the info. I already looked it up online. Interesting that they employed Feng Shui for a hospital. Good idea! I have used it in my condo as a whole as best I can and one whole room itself. Everyone loves the NRG in my condo. Think I'll add a small group of yellow quartz to the health area of my condo. I can't remember a time when one thing after another has taken me down. I'm going to smudge again, just in case.

    Julie, I think you are making the right decision with Anna. If she's running away, she will take more working with than you have time for. Also, it would be sooooo frustrating and there is no guarantee it would work out in the end. Good luck with finding a dog which fits better with your family.

    Well, Kids, I just responded to the last posts after mine in #731. I send my love to everyone, including those to whom I didn't respond.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi all,

    I asked Mikie to delete her Porch 732 thread. SO PLEASE POST ON THIS THREAD.

    HI TO ALL.

    Busy today, will try to be back later to post.

    Love, Diane
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    Board doing funny things as usual....

    Rock n Mikie tk u for opening up, i love that the threads are going so fast...and upto date with everyone..

    Julie - does seem like taking ann back is the right thing to do, maybe a home with only an adult is the best fit
    Good luck with Lindseys delivery

    Rock - a nightmare is never fun..

    Mikie - make sure you clean the crystals well.

    They can absorb negativity while in the shop or elsewhere, my little emerald stone absorb so much negstivity when i go out, i hv to take it off to relieve the pain in my hand .

    This afternoon i was lookibg from terrace and across a dark grey stormy sky, with the background of green mountains, i saw a flock of white cranes,,,very pretty,, their white wings shining brightly and flapping making them look like butterflies. Wonderful sight
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    Hi Diane, et. al.

    This is all very confusiatin'; in California as well as in Pennsylvania. Mikie's post
    wasn't here when I posted.

    Mikie, Fannie is 3 years younger than I according to Wikipedia. We are all children
    of the Roosevelt era.

    Had an e mail from my sister in Rochester, MN. She went to visit our aunt who is
    in her 90s. Our second cousin was also visiting. He is her nephew. He's only

    I remember a newspaper article from my yute. It said that people in cold climates
    live longer. At the time the longest lived professions were clergymen and farmers.
    (Very few clergywomen in those days although there was a female Methodist
    pastor in a nearby village. She rescued me by driving me home from Bible
    Camp when my wretched parents never came to pick me up.)

    (Additional aside: the village in question was named Mable. One of my
    college friends was from Mable. During Freshmen days he said, "I'm sure
    gettin' tired of telling people I'm from Mable. They always say, "Mable Who?")

    Hugs, Kids
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    Spring: that must have been a spectacular sight.....seeing those birds. I watched a few episodes of this very famous photographer who traveled all over the world with his camera. I believe he was also in Nepal......I'll have to do a search to see if the library has any dvds from Art Wolf.

    Rock: how awful for you not to have your parents come pick you up. I know you've mentioned about your father (or lack of him).......traumatic for a kid I'm sure. I had to laugh over Gordon's name for the black cat.....bigfoot. I think you now get to give a name for the other visitor. Abby's young "boyfriend" was snooping around in the garage this morning when I went to return something. He heard me coming, I hear a loud scrambling around, bumping things (it's VERY crowded and filled) so I just stood still, not knowing what was in there, and he flew out of the open door, me yelling at him!!!! He's a cute catsinova.....just really a pest.

    Julie: we're all waiting anxiously to hear the news! I'm happy you're taking Anna back to the shelter. You can search again once things calm down at your house.

    Diane: doing any special cooking aside from your trout broth? I know that you like to cook up a storm in the cooler months. If you're like most of us, we're all sweltering from the humidity.

    Granni: How are you enjoying your freshly painted house? Nothing like clean walls and woodwork. My house is 50 years old, many coats of paint on the woodwork. Several built in painted drawers look pretty awful. I would have liked to have them sanded and repainted but now just don't know whats what.

    I learned this morning that my benefits will continue. I was told someone would be contacting me so will be waiting.....won't wait longer than 2 days though. I know I will have to pay someone for them.......won't get them free.....so need to get on that immediately.

    I was telling my grandkids yesterday that I'm going to write a story about Abby and Clair.....of course they were full of stories about them.....including what the two furry ones talk about when I doggy sit their big 100 lbs. plus dog Savannah......who by the way will be here for a week starting friday. For some odd reason they know when they heard the car door slam, and they both take off running for their special hiding places.
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    Good afternoon everydobby ,

    Got back not to long ago from the funeral mass for our friend and fellow Sir Knight. Now they show slides of old pictures at both the visitation and funeral in the church before hand of the deceased and family in the olden day to present if they have that many slides. He was such a happy man always smiling and his wife to. Their family, both kids and gkids are so tall like their dad/grandpa and good looking. We had to be there early as the Knights had to be there early as well as the pallbearers. The Mass was lovely and great sermon by our main Priest. Glad he did the Homily as one of the others is foreign and as sweet as can be but very hard to understand. Afterwards thy had a lovely reception. The wife of the deceased went all around greeting people before she eve ate. Such thoughtful people and wonderful couple. It will be hard for her I know after all leave for home .

    Sun - Thinking of you and your similar situation. Hope everything is going well for you and family. You didn't mention when everything was going to happen for your DH and if it already did or not so cannot comment. I do know after things settle down and you have more time to think it will be hard. However, in cases like yours and the funeral I just went to there was a period of suffering for the DH's which made things even harder for the spouses, like you. So that might be delayed a bit since the DH's are no longer there needing their care. I suspect the evening and night times are the hardest for you and for this dear lady. Still thinking and praying for you and family.

    Spring Water - We do not even own a lawn mower any longer. When we moved here there was a very small patch of grass and there is no longer any . Everything we have is trees and greenery and very few flowers due to the lack of sun on our side. Glad you felt well gong into that "new" hospital or whatever you call it.

    Julie - So sorry to hear about Anna. If she keeps running away I guess she is not feeling very welcomed even though she doesn't realize that she was, by you any way. Don't know if she ever will feel welcomed, but perhaps in a home with just one child or an older person without the hustle bustle of a busy household, like yours.

    Well we are ready for the baby. Hope Lindsey has it soon. I know she is ready for it to come, Please keep us informed. I am anxious to see if it is a boy or a girl, and he or she is looking like :)!! Try and take it easy a little bit will you, or is that will ever be possible, in your household. I know after the new baby comes it will even be more hustling and bustling :)!!

    Diane - How nice to see you again. Thanks to you or whoever it was that moved MIKIE'S post over to this volume.

    Can't think of anything else right now and I had better go and water my flowers in their pots today. They are looking a bit droopy and it is in the 90's today.

    DD left me a text saying that there are two lookers on their house today,, one is a re look so they must be interested or trying to compare at least two homes. Hope they get a bid son. One couple was interested in their home the other day but they have to get their home sold first. They said it was on the market for 1 year. That is frustrating for sure.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie - Sorry I forgot to mention you and Rock too.. Sometimes you write so much in your W and P posts I forget everything or almost everything:)!! Just know I am always thinking about you my dear and all my dear PORCHIES

    Rock - Thanks for getting us started again. OMG Rock, I can't believe your parents forgot to pick you up from camp. Was that something they did quite often? I surely hope not !! I never had that happen but then I never got the chance to go to camp or much of anywhere till I got married. We didn't have to much$ and my dad was always working and we only had one car.

    Gotta run for now. Need to water my potted plants so they don't burn up completely. Probably it is in the low 90's today ( cooler weather ) he he :D.


    Granni :)
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    Granni - that family sounds so nice! The one you went to the funeral of..

    Rock - how old we're you when the camp thing happened? I can understand your dad not remembering with his issues but your mum?

    Sun - lol, that catsinova..I'm so glad you will be receiving yr benefits..

    Mikie - I'm glad you got that 'red dirt'...I'm sure it will help especially if accompanied by prayers, also I think it will be a good idea to keep smudging yr place while invoking for divine cleansing and protection..if I had the money, I would love to visit Lourdes all that holy energy..I was fascinated by Gabriel Gargaums miracle healing , quite quite fascinating...

    As neighbor lady two houses down asked if I wanted to do the transcendental meditation she was having a tutor come over..and was trying to get more people, I thought about it but too much on my plate right now besides it costs $ 100.00 and I don't feel like parting with that much money just now

    She was having blood pressure issues and didn't want to take medicine and her doc recommended it

    Good bless
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    Hi Kids

    This is one of those videos that cheers me up. Maybe it will work for you too. It's
    titled "Best Coin Ever Spent" and was filmed a year or two ago in Spain.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Diane, thank you for moving my post over here. I'll get rid of my Porch # 732. If my post didn't show up, it's because the page needed to be refreshed. The refresh icon is at the top of the page and looks like a broken circle with an arrow as part of the circle. Clicking on it will bring up any posts which aren't showing up. I refreshed it when I opened the new Porch but, evidently, it only brings it up on my screen and not on everyone else's. Sometimes, it takes quite a while for posts to show up here. That's probably why sometimes it tells me there are more unread posts, when I'm posting, and sometimes, it doesn't. I'll do away with my thread when I leave here. Diane, again, thanks for telling our Porchies not to post there.

    Rock, sorry you couldn't see my new thread when you came here but thanks for starting a new one. Yes, the world is a dangerous place. I haven't carried my gun in a long time but am starting to question the wisdom in that. I would never use it unless my life were about to end if I didn't and I figure that's a long shot; however, had anyone been near that car, he or she might have been seriously injured or even killed, all for a few shoplifted articles. When I was growing up, the Roosevelts were mostly revered, both Franklin and, later, Eleanor. William Manchester, who wrote the Kennedy book, wrote an historical account, starting with the lead up to the Great Depression. It's an excellent book set in two volumes. It's "The Glory and The Dream." The copyright is 1973 and it covers American history from 1932 to 1972. I've really enjoyed reading it because I was just an infant when FDR was president and WWII was happening. I don't even remember HST but I do vividly remember Eisenhower and Adlai Stevenson, my introduction into politics. Any one of us who love you would have picked you up from camp if we could have. I'm so sorry that happened to you. BTW, I love the name, bigfoot. Julie and I call Sylvester, Hoppy or Hopalong when his paw with the webs between his toes is bothering him. Vet says it isn't a painful condition but I wonder how he knows that. Seems to me that if it weren't painful, Sylvester wouldn't hold it up and hop along.

    Springwater, I keep my clear quartz crystal in a black velvet bag when I'm not using it. I occasionally wash it in sea salt water and put it out under the full moon. I hadn't thought about cleaning the crystal ball I use when I use the crystal hanging over it. The crystal has developed an affinity to the ball and works much better when used together. I haven't used them because it's generally not a good idea to do when one is ill, stressed or injured. I'm very taken with this dirt. It does seem I'm better since rubbing a bit on my injured parts. There are holy places all over the world but many are not well known. The ocean, waterfalls and mountains all have more neg. ions and are very healing. Also, ancient civilizations had sacred places, like Stonehenge. In Boulder, where I grew up, there is an Indian Circle which as considered sacred and used for healing. I've gotten to the point that all I do is stick in a pair of silver or gold earrings because all I've done is run to the doc and the store. Geez, if I did wear any crystals or gems, they likely would pick up plenty of neg. NRG. Your description of the cranes sounds beautiful. We have gorgeous birds down here but, mostly, in the winter when they fly south to get out of the cold.

    Granni, I know my posts are long and you may not want to read all of what I write. I do try to address anyone who has posted, though, and all you have to do is scroll up the page to read whatever I've written to you, if you want to. I also write what is generally going on with me. I understand how busy you are. I just write and there is no obligation for anyone to read my posts. I hope you are enjoying you freshly painted house. Mine is in that stage where it doesn't need to be repainted but has a few dings in the paint. I may just touch some of them up.

    Yesterday, I cleaned out the outside stairwell atrium and got rid of one overgrown plant in a pot. I pruned others, raked and sprayed the weeds. That just leaves the other stairwell and our center area. The rest is grass. It didn't seem to hurt the shoulder but I came in drenched in sweat and soooooo exhausted. I'll take it one step at a time. What I really need to do is clean inside and clean my car. It's all too much piling up on me. Oh well, it'll get done.

    Cats are doing better overall but Tweety has been a pill this morning. She got jealous when Sylvester got up next to me on the sofa and started getting up on every surface she knows is out of bounds. She finally scaled the dining room armoire so I sprayed her with the water bottle. That seemed to satisfy her that she had my attention. She is like a kid. I tried to give her some love too but, when she is jealous of Sylvester, she holds a grudge. So, instead of pos. attention, she goes for the neg. attention. So far, since I sprayed the loveseat, Sylvester hasn't tried to scratch it (knocking on wood).

    Time to end my "W&P" post. My love to everyone whom I've addressed here and everyone who is MIA this morning.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - Didn't mean to imply that I didn't like to read your long posts, just that my memory stinks mostly or I have not enough time to read it properly, OR DH needs the computer.. I could be like you and write W and P posts many times but just do not always have the time . Please keep writing the way you always have. I love it and I understand that if I wanted to I could just skip over it but I WANT to read your newsy posts. Glad those fur babies are behaving somewhat better since you got that spray for the couch and water bottle handy.

    DH is at the store bright and early again and then he wants to go exercise and work outside so I can't stay on long. Still eating my breakfast by the computer.

    Sprig Water - Yes that couple I spoke of was really special and it I very sad that he passed away. She is still a very sweet person ! Hope you are dong well today.

    Sun - Thinking of you and family. Hope things are a little better for you. I know you will always have our DH in your heart. Lots of hugs and encouraging thoughts sent along with prayers to you and family.,

    Hope all is well with everydobby and that LINDSEY's baby is a little closer to being here.

    Sending my love to ALL and hope to get back soon today, again. It is going to be as they say HOT - HOT - HOT !!!

    Granni :)
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    Hi all --

    I don't feel very chatty today, and probably won't be posting on the board for several days.

    We have a kitty cat problem with Beety. She's at the vet right now, with Kevin.

    Kevin just emailed me:

    Saw the vet. They can't get her in for surgery until Monday or Tuesday. They're doing the blood panel today. They're giving us a referral to a specialist, to see if they can get her in earlier.

    They're giving her a pain med, and antibiotics. She should be able to drink, and eat soft food, once the pain med kicks in.

    They're giving her sub q fluids.

    I'll know more when they bring her back to the waiting room.
    Beety needs dental surgery. She's been sorta miserable since last evening. Drooling, pawing at her mouth, a bit aloof. Just can't find a spot to settle down. She wants to eat and drink, but she can't.

    It's a long story as to how this happened. She's needed her teeth cleaned, but Kevin has a phobia about animal anesthesia. I can't go into it right now. I'll cry too much.

    Please, friends, keep your fingers crossed for Beety! I'm sure she'll be OK, right now she needs fluids, and to be able to eat, and ultimately dental work (under anesthesia), which has to be done after fasting -- no food or water the evening before surgery.

    Thanks y'all, for listening to me vent. I'm just soooo worried.

    I'll be back in touch with y'all soon. In the meantime, know that I keep y'all in my heart and prayers.

    Love, Diane

    PS: Just heard back from Kevin. Beety will be coming home today with liquid pain med and liquid abx. Then she has to go back Tuesday evening to be boarded overnight, with surgery Wednesday.

    I'm sure I'll be busy being Beety nurse. They did pull a bothersome tooth. With the pain med, Beety should be able to eat soft food and drink water. Fingers crossed.

    Wish us luck, please. Thanks!
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  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - So sorry to hear about Beety. :(Hope they can get the surgery done soon and that she will be good to go after that. I know how worried you are about her . Maybe they can get her in sooner to the surgery. Sounds like they are very busy over there or does she have to go to a kitty or vet surgeon specialist for her mouth. Will be thinking about her and you too and praying for a good recovery.

    Julie - Sorry you had to bring Anna back but it was the right thing to do. Let us know about any new babies on the scene today :)!!! Poor Lindsay must be so uncomfortable and waiting for it to come but babies have their own schedule. Thinking about you all too !! Yes, this is no time to get a new puppy. You will need an older one that is trained . You have enough diapers around there don't you? How are the twins doing with potty training???

    Gotta run. DH is ready to go work out !!

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Everydobby,

    I'm back because I forgot to delete my Porch thread. I had a spammer to deal with so glad I stopped in.

    Granni, I didn't take offense at anything you said. I just didn't know whether you realized you could scroll up to find responses made to you personally. I don't expect everyone to read my long posts. I do try to start the personal parts to each person with his or her name so people can skip those to others if they don't want to read them. Heck, they might not even want to read those written to them personally. I just write; everyone can read or not read whatever they want. I seriously doubt that much of what I have to say is of much importance but I do try to keep in touch with what is going on in others' lives and respond to that. I'm just a "W&P" person. :)

    Oh, Diane, I'm so sorry about Beety. I'm sending up a prayer and asking St. Francis to watch over her. I know you don't feel like posting but, please, keep us updated on her.

    Julie, good grief, is that baby ever coming out? Must like it in there. I wish you could find a good dog but I think you are smart to be so discerning in finding just the right one. Good for Den for sticking up for you with GPA. He said just the right thing. Your only interest is GPA's welfare. Let us know when that caterpiggy has its babies. Thank you so very much for your kind good wishes regarding not having to have surgery. I didn't want surgery but didn't realize this will likely clear up on its own. As I was walking into the store today, I realized that nothing was hurting. Wow! What a feeling!

    That chicken I got from Costco the other day must have been on steroids. No wonder it didn't get cooked all the way through in their rotisserie. I went to the store and got everything to make some homemade chicken noodle soup. It's unusual for me to feel up to cooking. There was so much white meat that I used some of it to make a Waldorf chicken salad and had it with a croissant. Mmmmmm!

    Since I did some yard work yesterday, I decided to mostly rest today. Just showering and going to the store is usually enough for me. Since the shoulder feels pretty good today, I think I'll do the PT for the impingement again when I'm doing my sciatica PT.

    I called someone to come to fix my sliding doors to appease the grump downstairs. Actually, the doors are 20 years old and they likely need new wheels. They are a bit loud. I looked the co. up on Angie's list and they have great ratings. They are coming out next Wed. The estimate was $159 unless something else needs fixing. I doubt it because I don't use them much. I never even use one panel at all.

    So that's the end to another "W&P." Until we meet again, I wish everyone a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock- hmm computer behaving like Mikies cat when she is being 'ornery'...Mis typing n all and autocorrect going bonkers n over zealous ...and coming up with reely weird things

    Just watched your flash mob orchestra utube..so uplifting..one of a couple of moments when you feel alls right with the world and it's safe to be in..told for uploading

    Hey ..I typed 'thanks' for uploading ..where the heck did 'told' come from ? How is it even remotely similar to 'thanks'? Mikie pls smudge my computer while yr smudging yrs..I think Rocks n suns computers were having trouble too, we could do with a bit o' red dirt too while yr at it

    Julie - I think everyone is anxiet - ing over new arrival in yr family, lol and why not, this is yr 'other' family, good luck

    Granni - you are really inspirational the way you push yrself and go out and do things like working out
    I love that..and of course performing. Good luck to yr DD for her house sale

    Diane - I pray for beety to be healed led soon..what a worry for you when you've just come back from yr own doctors visit

    Was watching the news and the world is a fine mess right now, so I headed out to do shopping and get some moisture laden air into my lungs and maybe cheer up...got my hair roots coloured, goody, can u imagine I'm too tired to do it myself? While my older friends and DHs aunt all do it themselves and save themselves some money? But I refuse to feel guilty, I'm the one with CFS or whatever 'this ' is not them and I'm doing my best, so help me, God.

    On way back, i got caught in an absolute deluge, it just came down in sheets and I knew my flimsy umbrella was not gonna withstand it, neither my nice new sandals, which I've just broken in by wearing a few times .. So I ducked into a nearby silversmiths shop, which had a little roof over the entrance and spent 45 mins watching a mini Noah's flood unfold in front of me..watched the raindrops make huge bubbles on the street and the water from the main road get joined by rivulets of muddly water from all directions and gush down in a roaring torrent and was glad I took cover and didn't hv to wade thru 'that' I've always enjoyed inclement weather when I don't hv to be in it..something so awe inspiring about raging elements...so beautiful...

    At home home I rewarded myself by curling up and snacking on potato chips..I and gloating coz I had already made dinner earlier,,black lentils, okra curry, potato curry n rice..I love when I don't feel pressurized or hv a deadline to meet ..my middle brother was with me for the day and he helped me find my lost recipe books..relief..they had disappeared when last we cleaned..

    God Bless
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  18. ConfusedInPA

    ConfusedInPA Well-Known Member

    Hi all,

    Thank you for the good wishes!

    Beety is home now. For the moment. If the specialty vet can take her in, she'll get looked at sooner. They have specialists there for dentistry, anesthesia, etc.

    If not, Beety will have her dental surgery on Wednesday, at the regular vet office.

    We have the abx and pain med (both liquids -- easier to administer). Twice a day for both meds.

    Beety's problem is supposedly not "normal" periodontal care. It's something more than that. But Kevin's been ignoring it -- Gosh I love him so much, but sometimes I just wanna whack him!!!!!! I told him that last night!

    Beety is doing fine. She's been walking around, sniffing, happy. Coming to me for pets. I think she's "high" on her pain med. The vet said it might make her feel "drunk." LOL I'm keeping an eye on her.

    I keep wishing the specialist vet would call, and say that they can get her in soonest.

    Worst case scenario, Beety will lose all her teeth, except for her front canines. She'll still be able to drink, and will be able to eat pureed canned cat food. So she'll get her nutrition and her liquids.

    Next in the pet series -- Faithy also has to have her teeth cleaned. She hasn't lost teeth, like Beety has, but she has bad breath which is not a good sign, and the vet recommended a cleaning. So -- I'm gonna get after Kevin to get that done too, soonest after Beety's recovery!

    Oh, if it ain't one thing, it's another. (smile)

    Julie, thinking about you and the family and the coming baby. Granni, Mikie, Sunflower (a kitty cat book! how cool!), etc etc etc. I'm thinking about y'all too. Just too stressed out to write more right now.

    Love to you all!

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Diane - So glad that Beety is fine and dandy , at least for now on her meds. That would be interesting to see a tipsy kitty :)!! Hope there is an opening so they can take her sooner. I know you will be nervous about it until she has had her surgery. How many teeth has Beety already lost? Hope she doesn't lose most of them but like you said she could eat pureed baby food that is good for her.

    BTW, I would love to read a book about life with Kitties . They can be so cute and funny. Just went shopping and worked out today and had to repack meats to freeze.

    Mikie - I know you wouldn't take offense at what I said about me not getting everything inside my head after you post your W and P posts. I love them and please do no stop doing it. I love to read them !! Maybe you and Diane could get together and write some kitty stories. I think kitties and other small animals can be quite funny and cute.

    Spring Water - Sorry you got stuck in the rain the other day when you ducked in that shop. Hope you didn't get your new shoes to wet or you either. Wow, sounded like it rained pretty hard for some time. Hope you weren't to far from home. Did you have to walk home or get public transportation?? Awhile ago I got stuck in WW and had pout ice cream in my cart and we heard a large crack. I checked out and it was coming down much to hard to run out. It was still raining when I left to rush to the car but I had already been some time and I figured my ice cream may have melted some by now. Was in a rush to get home after that. I did get wet some but not as much as I could have been.

    You need to do some things for yourself, even if you have to have it done. It feels so good to have someone to wait on you for a change. I always feel great about having my hair done. If I did it myself you wouldn't want to see what I looked like afterwards.

    Thinking of so may of my dear PORCHIES, inc those I have heard from in awhile. To many to mention at this point. Special HUGZ to SUN (missing her DH) , DIANE (sick Kitty) , JULIE ( a new baby on the way soon) and any with special problems happening right now. Also thinking of Windy, Dar, Elaine, Joan et al.

    So many things I need to do on this computer. Need to see if I can delete some of the incorrect or old addresses on here) among other things.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Well, here's what I think: either Mercury is retrograde in the Zodiac or sunspots are disrupting electronic communication, or both! I know there is sunspot activity because in the afternoons, the pic on the TV goes to "tiles." That's what Comcast calls it. The picture breaks down into little squares like tiles. It is caused by sunspots. My computer has just been really sloooow for a while. It's older and I should download my pics and docs and reinstall Windows and Office Works. They charge $100 to do it at Comp World. If I messed it up, I could take it to them. I've done it before without problems. I wouldn't want to have to depend on the new Surface2 for my only computer.

    Diane, Beety has a lot of people praying for her. I'm so glad she is comfortable while she waits. I hope the specialist can get her in sooner. Men tend to go into denial and put things off. It must be something in their genes.

    Springwater, wow! You really are in monsoon season. Too bad you got caught just after having your hair done and with new sandals. We get downpours but nothing like what you get. In fact, there is a storm offshore and I can hear the thunder. If it hits us, it will likely be a short storm; we have a better chance of more storms this afternoon.

    Granni, thanks for your kind words. Just wanted to let you know that it doesn't bother me if people don't read my posts. Don't know why I'm so verbose. I know a lot of us are too busy, or too sick, to read everything and a lot of people just scan the posts. You are one of the busiest people I know and I admire how much you do.

    I think the cats are finally settling down a bit. Tweety will always be ornery but even she is quieter. We are learning how to get along with each other better. I don't put them out on the lanai until they come into the bedroom and meow for me to let them out. I pick Tweety up and put her out as she likely wouldn't go on her own but Sylvester is anxious to go out. Tweety wants to go out the front door. I go back to bed for a while after they go out. Having them on the lanai gives me a chance to put Simon's breakfast out for him and fix theirs. Then I open the door and they rush in and scarf down a bit of food. They don't eat much all at once, though.

    My chicken soup turned out pretty well. I think it's just a bit bland so will add some water, which it needs, and a cube of chicken boullion. I put just the right amt. of curry in it. It gives it a nice flavor but doesn't overwhelm it. I used to be a good cook but I so seldom cook much of anything anymore than I've lost my edge.

    Wishing a very good day to everyone.

    Love, Mikie