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    Mikie: I read that we will be getting lots of solar flares so that's probably the problem. I don't turn on the TV much, usually not until 7 PM. My son installed netflix (a l month freeby) but I looked and looked and didn't see anything I wanted to watch EXCEPT things from PBS and HBO which I can order from the library. As Rock, testifies, we have a wonderful library system in L.A.

    Spring: OMG.....what a monsoon! And here in Calif. we're now having to cut 20% of our consumption, and if some idiot is out hosing off hardscape he is fined $500 a day. Lots of unthinking people let their sprinklers run all over creation. Years ago I used to hose the patio after watering plants, but I got into the almost daily habit of using our leaf blower, and it's actually helped strengthen my back and shoulders. Still can't lift much weight (even have to sit while holding my new DGD.....10 lbs. plus). And speaking of Nika, she will be baptized in a few weeks.

    Granni: I think you asked about a funeral for DH. No funeral but on Sept 6 we'll have a gathering to remember him. He was catholic, went religiously every week, volunteered for St. Vincent dePaul, but hurtful things happened and he fell away. We went several times to Calvary Chapel locally, and he listened quite a lot to the Calvary Chapel pastors on the radio......KWVE.....which can be heard on the internet also. I was listening to a pastor this morning who was talking about having TERRIBLE fatigue and how very vry difficult it was for him to function. Of course I know....CFS. He had reoccurrences 3 other times and was back in bed when he wasn't at the church teaching. When I'm feeling particularly AWFUL and I have to do something, I ask God for EXTRA help to get me thru.

    Diane: I'm happy to read Beety is doing better. They're our little fur babies, and of course, we feel awful that they're hurting. I've never read about teeth cleaning for cats. Actually, mine only went once to the vet and it was a mad house. Abby escaped from our clutches after a quick exam and shots, and it took 4 of us with towels in our hands, to finally capture her and put her in the carrier. They're both fighters......it's even hard to grab them to brush them. We have a hallway that I close all the doors when they're in it.....that way they just head for a corner and suffer their brushing.

    My DS is leaving to visit friends for a couple of days, and my DD and her family are going on a planned vacation so I'll be alone. I'm doing OK. A friend is coming tomorrow and I'm treating her to lunch....her 73 BD was on wed.
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    Another busy day, not really doing to much other than weeding early this morning for a short while ,washing, and to have lunch with DH and then to WM to pick up a few things from there I probably will need for Tuesdays overnight bus trip. On Tuesday we will be going with some people from the Men's club to the George W Bush and George H W Bush libraries and Museums in College Station and Dallas TX. We will stay overnight and have nice meal and am looking forwards to the outing. It should be a lot of fun. The group will not be large so it should be especially nice, I think.

    Oh, while at WM I got a manicure and pedicure for the occasion. Before we moved and retired I only got a manicure for our kids weddings. I never got pedicure before retiring but it seem all the rage here and I can't reach my feet to well to do anything to them and I keep ripping my big to nail apart especially my big toes. My finger nails are bad enough tearing and ripping and don't want to look nice. S once in awhile when I go someplace special and they look terrible it I time to go.

    DH has decide that we have to start working on our outside deck (painting again). Luckily he doesn't like to do it to long in one day especially due the heat but I wish that he would have started later on when it was cooler.s As MIKIE would ay, WHINE, WHINE, WHINE !!!!

    Sun - Sorry to hear about something bad at church to make your DH leave. You and others know he was a good person and that is what counts. That is such a shame. I know of others have done the same thing and it was not just the Catholic church it was also others and could have been due to the Priest, Pastor, teacher or others going to the church causing the problems.. A memorial for your DH is lovely too where people who loved and knew him can gather to grieve and gain strength from each other at this stressful time. You also can remember all the good things that happened with your DH which will carry you through all these stressful days.

    Mikie - Hoping that you start to feel less pain soon. BTW, you can write W and P posts any time for me.

    Diane - Hope Beety continues to do pretty well until she has her surgery.

    Julie - Hope all is well at your house and Lindsey feeling OK until she goes into labor. I know everyone is waiting on pins an needles. With all those little ones at home you all are ready to put your plan into action when everyone knows who needs to take who for babysitting while Linds has the newest baby. When was Lindsey due? I know it was August but that is all I remember.

    It is getting a little late and I need to go take a shower. My feet are hurting along with everything else. Didn't go to Zumba Gold today.

    Hugz to Rock, Spring Water, Diane, Jam, Joan , Windy, Dar and so many others.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Sun, I subscribe to Netflix streaming but wonder whether I should unsubscribe. I love the Netflix original programming, "Orange Is The New Black" and "House of Cards. Both are Emmy nominees. Still, I don't watch it much. There are some good documentaries and I can binge watch whole seasons of TV shows I never watched before. They also still send out DVD's in the mail and those are newer shows but I'd have to pay separately for that. Movies make it to On Demand so fast now that I could watch them that way. Actually, so few movies are good enough to pay for that I just wait until I can watch them on TV free. I think a memorial service for DH is a good idea. We did that for my Mom because all her friends were in NE and she was living down here with me when she died. She embraced her Catholic religion all her life. I am a non-practicing Catholic. I say the Rosary, love the saints, say the prayers I've said all my life but have expanded into more of a spiritual set of beliefs which go beyond what the Church teaches. I'm glad you're doing well and going out with a friend. Take care.

    Granni, I hope you and DH enjoy your bus trip. One of the reasons I try to remain agile is so I can do my own pedicures. I know it's rare that women get those bacterial infections which leave their legs disfigured but I've seen several shows about it on TV and it creeps me out. Thing is that even some of the cleanest looking salons were infected. Yikes! Barb gets the gel nails but won't let them do a pedicure. We have to have nice looking feet all year round cause we wear out flip flops year round. Now and them, I trim my nails and just leave them unpainted to give them rest. Thanks for you sweet good wishes. I do think things are getting better.

    Cats went out on the lanai early last night but were up yowling at 3:00. I was already awake to use the bathroom so I let them in. They have been so sweet this morning. I accidently stepped on Sylvester; he has a habit of coming up behind me and lying on the floor. He knew I didn't mean to do it and I gave him lots of love. Tweety heard him yowl and came running to his side to kiss his face and mother him. She has always watched out for him and been his protector. All in all, things are going pretty smoothly (knock on wood).

    Publix is having a sale on all their house brands of detergent, softener and dryer sheets. Guess I'll run up to the store to pick up some things as I'm running low. I want to start weeding in the other stairwell atrium. I dread it because it's got he worst case of weeds.

    OK, that's it from here. My best to everyone, here or MIA.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everybody,

    Julie, lots of excitement!!!!! We look forward to your update.

    I'm having *fun* with our Beety! NOT. LOL For a 5-year-old, 10 pound cat -- she's FAST! We have to catch her four times a day. She gets her pain med, which she doesn't mind taking, before she has breakfast. Then she eats. Then she gets her ABX, which she HATES! Ditto for supper time -- catch, pain med, food, catch, ABX.

    Too many hiding places in our house. This morning we had a chase. I managed to get Beety sort of cornered under a dining room chair. I had my hand on her scruff, but I couldn't lift or pull. So Kevin had to sort of wedge himself in, and maneuver Beety out from under the chair, while I still had my hand on her. So that was Round 1, for the pain med.

    Breakfast went OK. Beety's appetite is still great.

    Then the ABX. Kevin said, "head to the hallway, and we've got her." Well, we didn't GOT HER. LOL Under the bed. We have a clean "dust mop" that we use for occasions like this. Try to dust the cat out from under the bed! She was being very stubborn. Finally we got her. Gave her the ABX. Now she's hiding under the couch, recovering from her morning chases by the humans! LOL

    And we've got to do this again this evening! And continue pre-dental surgery and then post-surgery. Cats are too fast and too small and too smart. :)

    Thanks for all the good wishes, everybody. My knees, thighs and back are so sore. But it has to be done. I wish we had less hiding spots in our house.

    I can't address everybody today. Just wanted to share some more cat escapades with y'all. Hey Sun, maybe we could collaborate on a book! LOL

    Have a good day, y'all. I'll check back later for updates from Julie.

    Love, Diane

    PS: The specialty vet office called. They would be pleased to see Beety -- on SEPT 26! They were getting a bit rude with me, when I said that Beety's dental problems could not wait until the end of Sept. I got the name and number, and said I'd have Kevin talk to them. I get so annoyed with businesses that advertise as "emergency specialists". This is the second time they've done something like this to us. And this is with a referral from the regular vet, we're not just calling them randomly. They don't accept regular "walk-ins." Grrrrrrrrr. Thanks for listening to me vent. So I guess Beety goes in on Tuesday evening with our regular vet for boarding, dental work on Wednesday.
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    Good afternoon to awl !! I just got off FB and saw that Lindsey and David were off to the hospital to have the baby, EARLY this morning. I thought I would alert everyone to the coming occasion. However, when I got on I saw JULIE had already posted. Babies are always exciting to me. I will be checking back to for more baby updates.

    Diane - Yes, I do think you and SUN should collaborate on a kitty book. MIKIE might even be able to help. She has been having some escapades of her own lately :)!! It would be hilarious Glad Beety is doing better. I do not understand why the specialist vet would advertise as an EMERGENCY vet when they don't even plan on looking at them. If you were referred by a regular vet you are not making up anything. I suspect there are very few of them around in your area unless you live in a big city. I suppose the regular vet will be able to take a good look at her while doing the regular work and possibly tell the vet what the specialist said. Sounds also like he might be swamped and didn't think it was any kind of emergency. However, September does sound like a little too much putting off.

    Think of it this way DIANE, that chasing those kitties around will keep you slim and trim, and limber, KEVIN too :)!!

    Went to the store today to just do some looking around at Home Depot. Checked to see if they have wooden floors and then made a quick look at those shower enclosures. Hopefully we will get ours in a couple of weeks. Will try and something close to brushed nickel or something close to it like stainless steel or silverish. Trying little by little to get rid of the old gold we had. Everything we had in this house was probably close to 20 years old and not in the best shape anyway and trying to keep up with the latest style is stupid but we do need a new look. Nothing stays in style very often it seems. With us we are never sure when something bad will happen and we may have to sell and go into something much smaller or worse (hope not). I could deal with a little smaller though. Thinking it would be nice to enjoy our home now as we are not planning on any big trips that will cost a fortune. I also did two washes and am in the midst of making the bed. I do have the bottom sheet on though.

    Need to do some investigating on line so I need to hop off the PORCH for now.


    Bye for now.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    This is my second writing project today. Earlier I wrote to my friend and her biker
    hubby who had part of his leg amputated last month. I asked if he was hopping
    around the house. Well, he told me he had a wheel chair, but didn't want to use it.
    Wonder if he can play hopscotch. Wikipedia says the game has been around for at
    least 400 years. Used to see the hopscotch grids on the sidewalks when I was a kid.
    Drawn with a brick.

    Got a book at the library the other day. Found a bookmark in it from the last time
    I checked it out some years ago. I know I put it there because it's a postcard from
    orchid grower Norman Fang inviting Gordon to his orchid show. Norman advertises
    that his plants are "fangtastic".

    Granni, I looked up engineered hardwood. It's high class plywood. Made in layers.
    The floors last 20 - 30 years. The more expensive models are thicker and will last 40
    to 80 years, depending on traffic, hobnail boots, etc. These floors are reportedly
    more resistant to moisture and can glued on top of concrete floors or stapled over
    an old wood floor. Prices I saw ranged from $1.60 to $5 per sq. foot.

    Diane, your post reminds us that it takes love, stamina and agility to raise (and treat)
    a cat. Good thing you have Kevin as your backup.

    Julie, hope all goes well for Lindsey and baby. We will all be waiting for your bulletins.

    Mikie, don't overdo with your gardening and shopping chores. Seems like we say that
    to each other all the time. Well, I guess most of us have days where getting outta bed
    is about the most we can do. But still we do more anyway. Is Sylvester OK? Our
    feral cat now spends most of the night in the back yard. Generally is gone for a
    couple hours around midnight though.

    Sun, that's great that your kids were there, and that you have a friend coming to visit.
    I think I'd better look up those watering restrictions. We water almost everyday, but
    only for about 10 minutes or so. I think we might have new neighbors across the
    street. They put a dozen or so blooming, potted plants on the front porch and water
    the front lawn every morning. It's a small lawn; looks beautiful. Our "lawn" is just
    dirt w/ a few brave weeds here and there, so I don't guess we're likely to get into
    watering trouble.

    Remember 20 years or so ago when there was a water shortage? The folks in LA really
    cooperated. Reduced water consumption by about 30%. The water dept. immediately
    raised its rates!

    Asked Gordon how his library book was going. He said, "It's pretty good. I'm down
    to the last 200 pages." Ha Ha! I'm reading a Maeve Binchy in large type. It's over
    900 pages. Easier on the eyes, but more uncomfortable to hold. Or as they
    say in England, "What you lose on the swings, you gain on the roundabouts."

    Springwater, hope you're OK and staying dry.

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    HI ROCK, et al,

    I just popped onto FB to find out if JULIE'S newest grandbaby had been born yet and surprise there was a note from JULIE ! She said pictures were to follow. Not sure if they will be on FB and or PH's CHIT CHAT board. All I know is that IT'S A BOY !!! Sorry that is all I know. Everyone must be so excited in the family as well as friends, etc. I am also excited to hear what his name is. I just LOVE those babies !! Will go back soon to see if there is any more info or pictures to see. So now they are even , Lindsey and David - two girls and two boys. Of course if Keira is there visiting they boys will be outdone, but of course the newest one will have to grow up a bit to help out if those boys are out numbered :) !! I am sure Lindsey is glad to have all that over with, the pregnancy and all. In the Essary household they will now be even( 2 boys and two girls)but Isaiah will have to wait for help from the youngest one. Also, I guessing Miss Lorraine may keep them all in line. at least for awhile. till those boys grow.

    ROCK - I don't know how my DH can read those big books wit millions of pages, or at least it seems like it. He doesn't particularly like the tiny print on some of them but he has o put on his "grandpa reading glasses" as we all call them. Thanks for the info on the engineered hard wood floors. I looked them up to and got some info too. I figured that it was something like that. Didn't know they could last that long though.

    Hi again to everydobby. Will go see if I can find some pics on FB and more info. Maybe later on to she might post some on them on PH.


    Be back later if I can.

    Love you all,
    Granni :)
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    Julie's grandbaby is NAMED JOSIAH DAVID ESSARY. There is also a picture of him. He is so cute and beautiful !! I think his name is beautiful too. He needn't be called HANDSOME yet :)!!! I can imagine how excited everyone must be. Guessing there won't be any new ones in my family until we become great g parents. None are married yet so hope we don't have any for awhile .

    If you have a FB acct go and see Josiah, he is so cute !! Gotta run for now but wanted to bring you the news. I am sure there will be more later maybe on Chit Chat.. I think the hospital is abot 1 hour away and so it might nt be till tomorrow unless she can't sleep.

    Hugz to all,
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    Woo Hoo!!!!

    Congratulations to Lindsey and David, and family. And WELCOME to JOSIAH!!

    I hope that Julie can post a pic here on PH; I'm not a member of Facebook.

    Anyways ..... I'm soooooo happy to read this news!!

    Thanks for letting us know, Granni!

    Love, Diane
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    Congratulations on the arrival of Josiah David. I'm also NOT on FB so look forward to seeing some pics. on this board. So exciting when a new little person arrives on this earth. May he follow in the path of the Lord at an early age, be a blessing to his family and his world, and may God bless him with abundant good health. Thanks Granni, for giving this info.

    Rock: if this is Norman's Orchids........it's got a bad taste in my mouth. That's where I bought two phal orchids last year, had them home only 2 days and found they were heavily infested with mealybug. I still have an isolated orchid of mine (I took those two back immediately) and constantly fight it ongoing.

    It's soooo humid here, although the temp registers only about 84. We in calif. aren't used to humidity. Had a good visit with my friend, went for lunch locally, then came home and talked about lots of stuff. My son is away for a couple of days and my DD and her family are up at Pebble Beach on vacation. I told my SIL when he brought their dog yesterday, that the next vacation I'm coming along! No more sitting at home with a dog as company.

    My son was on Direct TV yesterday, changing things around, and now I've been given HBO and other stations for the same price. Now he needs to call Verizon to discuss bundling.
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    Congratulations, Julie, on the arrival of your new grandson. :)