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    We filled up another porch so will start a new one. Can't resist opening with another orchid pic. I love this one. It's a cattleya in bright yellow with cerise stripes. Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Wow - what a blessing to be surrounded by all those beautiful orchids! The more
    I look at the hibiscus pic the more i feel that heaven must be those colours.

    Mikie - thanks for opening. Julie s condition sounds rather frightening and
    not at all the best for her to live alone..I wonder what are her options?I
    hope she makes a change and goes somewhere where theres someone with
    her or someone moves in! It must be stressful for you to phone her.have
    her pick up the phone and then not say anything.And hv to go dashing
    down to see.

    I just saw Sir Vester and Princess Tweetys pics only now . They are gorgeous esp
    Vesty with his long black fur. Quite a supermodel version of a cat.

    Sun - i feel for you about the tests. The whole process and now i even dislike
    making the trip..the traffic, the wait.

    Have a happy TG at your SILs.

    Julie - as usual, lovely pics. Thank you for posting. I hope things stay calm
    and good.

    Diane - looks like you will be busy..your plans all chalked out. I chuckled
    about you having saag in N.Eng. Its a staple here, in fact i made it yesterday.

    Rock - we have rose bushes but not in bloom right now. Our deep crimson
    roses are particularly beautiful..we had a very light yellow one, the
    colour of yellow custard but im not sure its there now. Our white roses of the bushy variety are there
    ...my mantra these days is having flowers that can take care of themselves.

    The DH came back from an overnight trip yesterday, so i tried to cook
    a proper full meal although i ws running late. made chicken curry, saag
    (mustard greens) and yellow lentils. and his rotis. since he didnt eat
    much, i ate some of his..wrapped the saag/potato in it and made like
    a roll. Quite yummy dipped in lentil soup.

    My doggies were in full form yesterday, scooting ahead and trying to
    play so i gave them some extra time and played hide n seek.

    I unearthed some of my sweaters and winter stuff. The nip in the
    air is turning into a bite in the late evenings now.

    i havent met any of my friends lately, and feeling like i should.
    The work is always there..the chores i mean.

    Well, take care, all

    God Bless

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    Hi, Springwater,

    Is the food you cook distinctly Nepalese or is it influenced by Indian cuisine? It sounds so interesting. Of course, I barely cook much of anything any more. I'm struggling to type as I'm using my Surface 2.. It's like the Surface Pro 3 now being advertised but this one doesn't have a pen I can use to draw on the touchscreen and this one, expensive as it was, is nowhere as expensive as the Pro. I hate this little flat keyboard and using the touchscreen to type is even worse. About the only thing it's good for is detaching the keyboard and using it as a tablet. I could have just bought a tablet at half the price. Don't believe the ads that this is the only laptop you'll ever need unless you like to torture your fingers and mind trying to type.

    The cats thank you for you sweet comments on their pics. When people see them, they usually make over Tweet because all white cats are not too common and she has beaut5ful green eyes. She does look like a girl and Sir Vester definitely looks like a swashbuckling little man. Julie is supposed to call me this morning to come over to see them. She called me yesterday when I was in the store to see whether she could come over to visit them. I told her I was not feeling well and was coming home to go to bed. She is supposed to call me this morning. We'll see. I asked her on the phone what happened that she never came down the day before and she had no answer. People here say she drinks on top of her meds. I have never smelled liquor on her so I am at a loss. If she stands me up again, I'm going to have a talk with her. That's just not acceptable.

    Yes, we have been trying to get more color in our landscaping here. There are so many kinds of colorful plants which thrive down here. The pic I took of the yellow orchid makes it look as thought our carport and parking is just below our balcony but it isn't. It's just the angle of the shot. Below is a semi-circle of beautiful plants, including pink and white plumaria and Thai plants. Then, there is a lawn between that and the parking. As much as we need the rain, I wish it would clear up so I can go out on the balcony and sit in the shade of the tree and enjoy the beautiful orchids.

    Think I'll get off this miserable computer. Love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Back on my good old Toshiba laptop. I don't know what I'll do if it ever crashes. I have one more orchid pic. It's a cattleya in mauve. It's beautiful and smells like tulips in the spring. I'm just taking a short break in between housework. I need to sweep up the extra litter and wash the tiles out on the lanai. Then, I need to run the vacuum in here and wash the inside tiles. I've already run the dishwasher and am changing the bed. The sheets are in the washing machine. I am going to wash my quilted coverlet as the cats sleep on it. If one lives with cats, it's possible to get used to their scent and not know whether things smell. These cats are very clean and I can put my nose in their fur and they don't smell but I can't be too careful. Maybe I've seen too many ads on TV for air fresheners.

    Julie was supposed to call me this morning to come and see the cats. She never called. I don't know whether it's brain damage from her last serious seizure or the meds she has to take for it. She's either completely lucid or loopy with no in between. I challenged her as to whether she knew she stood me up on Thurs. and she said she did but offered no explanation. There seems to be a disconnect in her speech at times when she's out of it. People in here gossip that she drinks but there could be other reasons for her behavior. I don't think people are very compassionate about all she's been through. I am going to hold her accountable when she says she's coming to see the cats if she doesn't show. She told another person that she is getting her hair colored today. Well, I've had brain fog so I understand how one can get mixed up.

    Called a neighbor in Buffalo to see how she's doing. She didn't get much snow but her sister and BIL got 5 feet as did her daughter. They are trucking the snow out of Buffalo because when it warms up, there will be flooding. Instead of an oil pipeline, we need a snow/water pipeline from the heavy snow areas to the drought areas out West. CA is draining the aquafiers faster than Mother Nature can replenish them to grow food. This is not sustainable. So, in addition to drought, wildfires and dust storms, our food supply may dry up too. Yikes!!!:eek:

    Well, had better go take my sheets out of the washer. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie

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    Everyone is shopping, yes? I am resting from my doc. visit and town y-day. Mikie, I LOVE the yellow Catt. eith maroon lip. I wish I could grow catts. Maybe I haven't tried enough.

    Got a big roaster chicken {tired of turks}, so will stuff with goat cheese, minced ham and herb under the skin. Hopefully wild mushrooms too. I'll go hunting tomorrow, since no rain....... Wish me luck and NRG!

    Love to all,
    would like to talk more but tired tonight,
  6. Mikie

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    Hi, Barry,

    Growing the cattleyas may just be a difference in environment. It is almost impossible to kill orchids in FL unless one leaves them in the direct sun. The ones pictured are ones I bought in bloom at a nursery. I got some babies at Home Depot for only $5.99 each and they are taking off now. I know it will be a while before they are big and blooming but the difference in price is about $30. My semi-baby sized vanda is also doing well. It will have orange clusters of blooms when it matures. I need to call the nursery to see whether they have any Lady of The Night orchids. They are also cattleyas and put out a scent at night. Very cool!

    Your bird sounds yummy, especially if you find some good schrooms. I have a chicken I'm having trouble getting through so doubt I'll want turkey. It's so hard to cook for one, especially when I'm on Acyclovir and it messes with my appetite.

    Speaking of drugs, has anyone had his or her generic drugs soar in price? I have to go to Target to pick mine up and I'm wondering. I've heard the drug co's have increased the cost of generics up to 8,000 percent. Yes, that's eight thousand percent! Generics were so cheap that many co's have stopped making them, causing a shortage and, hence, the price increase. The govt. is investigating but in the meantime, people are suffering sticker shock. I have a Medicare Advantage Plan with co-pays for generic drugs so mine may not go up but the ins. co. would have to pick up the slack.

    Didn't get everything done in here yesterday--story of my life. I just get to a point where I can't keep going. So, I will have to work on it today. The longer I let the lanai tiles go, the worse they will be to clean. It's hard to believe such little fur balls can make such a mess. Simor showed up for breakfast but our sprinklers came on and he left, probably before he had eaten as much as he wanted. Someone else must be putting food out for him too; he looks sooooo good. I only put it out when he actually shows up at my door. I don't want the possum eating here.

    Looks as though we will be in for some more rain this week. I welcome it because it saves my having to water things. The sprinklers do most of it but I have to water plants on our balcony and our flower boxes when it doesn't rain. The dark, deep velvety red desert rose has been blooming on almost every stem. It is a memorial plant to my Mom whose name is Rose. It blooms year round. We bought it at HD as a baby for $7.00 and it is huge. I like them because they have misshapen boles which can resemble bonsai plants. Very exotic looking. I love strange looking tree trunks and boles almost as much as the rest of the plant.

    I was looking through a "Southern Living" mag at my doc's office and I saw a window with shutters just like the ones we will be putting up. There was a window box full of flowers and it was spectacular. Now, I'm trying to figure out how to get the same look for our two bottom windows where the shutters will be installed. I really get a thrill out of the way our grounds are coming along. I think I'll be replanting the purselane in our flower boxes which hang on the railings on the landings of our stairs. They aren't getting enough sun this time of year for the beautiful pink flowers to come out. They are overgrown and raggy looking. I'll move them to the new garden area. Now, I just need to figure out what to replace them with. I'll leave the dorothianthum (I know I misspelled that) variegated plants which hang over and drape the sides of the boxes. They are so hardy and bloom with tiny red flowers.

    Guess I'll go read the paper. I woke early, as usual, and I think that's why I just give out by afternoon. The clonazepam no longer keeps me asleep all night. I am weaning down on it, taking my time on 7/8 of a dose. I know I'll really feel it when I get to 3/4 of a dose. Hope all our Porchies have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    The big news around these parts concerns the low flush toilet we just acquired.
    Turns out the handle is constructed of both metal and plastic. You don't need an
    engineering degree from MIT to figure out which part broke. We are still
    waiting for a new handle.

    I am really fed up with the modern world. With all the scientific and technological
    advances things should be getting better, not worse; right? And customer service
    is dead as the butter churn, the roller skate key, and the stone axe.

    Gordon called an insurance carrier a couple days go. Didn't get a call back until
    the next day. Only it turned out it really wasn't a call back. The gal who called
    had never been informed of his call. It was one ah them thar kawinkydinks.

    Mikie, I guess Boulder is near Denver, right? Also near Black Canyon? Saw a
    clip from "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" on Youtube yesterday. Harve Presnell
    was singing in Black Canyon. Saw him on stage in the musical in Long Beach in 1988.
    Molly was played by Debbie Reynolds who also did the movie. Both were
    wonderful. Debbie's about eighty-two now. Harve died five years ago at seventy-five.

    Springwater, too bad I can't send you a pic of the neighbor's hibiscus bush. It is
    big. Taller than a person and always in bloom with cheerful yellow flowers. The
    homeowner also has a fountain in his front yard. 4-5 years ago somebody stole
    the statue of the maiden wearing a toga sorta garment who was pouring water out
    of a jug. He promptly replaced it with one a friend gave him. "Oh, I just happen
    to have a statue in my garage. Ya want it?" Hard to Justin Believer.

    Barry, just finished a book about the murder of a diplomat at the United Nations
    plaza. Lots of history about the Armenians and the Turks. Good luck with
    your mushroom hunting expedition. Does Shorty go with you?

    Sun, hope you have a good handyman. This fellow we just found does good
    work, and is very polite, but he has never been on time. Not that it matters too
    much since our calendar is generally pretty blank.

    Oh, yeah. Here's a one of Dear Abbey's snappy replies.

    "I have always wanted to have my family history traced, but I can’t afford to
    spend a lot of money to do it. Any suggestions?

    Sam in Cal

    Dear Sam: Yes. Run for public office."

    Hugs, Folks


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    Oh my I missed so much on the last thread and already into this new one. Those pics are so pretty MIKIE of your flowers. Just needed to tell you all that all is well here and just about have time for reading. Tomorrow starts the mess in the Living Room and not even sure when they will be coming tomorrow but am guessing bright and early.

    DD who is having Thanksgiving at her house started with a UT infection yesterday. I urged her to get it checked out at the urgent care which she did. I can surely can sympathize with her as I have had many such attacks that are VERY painful.

    Gotta run and do a few things here before I run to go see DD for a short bit. This week will be a real busy one. Hope I can get back to the Porch again SOON.

    Love to awl of you,
  9. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Rock, the Molly Brown house still stands in Denver and is an historical site. They used to give tours of it. Interest in it increased because of the movie. I don't know where Black Canyon is but there are gazillions of canyons all along the Rocky Mtns. in CO. Boulder is about 35 miles NW of Denver proper. I say proper because the bedroom communities around the city have spread out in all directions, including the mtns., to the west. You can buy new toilet handles at Lowe's if it's a regular type of toilet and not one of those with a push button on the top of the tank. I work on my own toilets and have had to replace a handle. Actually, every now and then, I have to replace the valves in the tanks and the kits come with new handles. Handles are a snap to replace so don't pay a plumber to do it. Go to the store and someone there will tell you how to do it. Better yet, take the lid off the tank and you can see how easy it is to replace. A lot of the new toilets sit higher than the old ones. I don't like them as they aren't as easy for the body to use in regard to the bowels. They are easier on the knees. I plan to keep these toilets as long as I can and just rebuild them inside the tanks.

    Down here, we cut our hibiscus bushes way back after they bloom so they don't become so large and unmanageable. Cutting them back makes them grow back fast and rebloom. I have a double peach in bloom now and it's waaaaay too big. I almost can't wait for it to finish blooming so I can cut it back. The blooms are beautiful. We have hibiscus trees with double hot pink flowers; they are in bloom now too. If they are not cut back after blooming, they will barely bloom the next year. Love the joke about researching family and running for office. Ain't it true! Yes, customer service is dead, dead, dead!!! :mad: They should not even be able to use the word, "service." Comcast is the worst. Everyone is waiting for Prism to get the fibre optical cables run to our area so we can kick Comcast to the curb. Well, what's to say that Prism is going to be any better?

    Granni, hope and pray DD's UTI is better. Glad she saw the doc. UTI's need to be treated cause if left untreated can lead to more serious things. Also, UTI's make us feel really miserable. Glad they will finally be working on your floor. Let us know how it looks when done.

    Julie, aah, drywall! AACK!!! What a mess that makes. :eek: I've done my own share of mudding and sanding. The fine dust from sanding can travel all over the house and make a mess. Protect your electronics. Glad the kids are having a good time with David's family. Take some time for yourself to rest up.

    I have to shower and get to Lowe's to find a mastic for the letter "r" in our entry sign. The letter is plastic in bas relief, filled with Styrofoam, and it has to adhere to a stucco wall. This is where I need some help. Hope my favorite little guy is working. I'll take the letter with me. Then, it's on to Target to pick up my meds. I hope they haven't gone up dramatically. Don't see how they can for me as I have specific co-pays spelled out in my ins. contract.

    I found the new solution for my contacts isn't more expensive than the usual stuff but it takes a lot more of it to store the contacts. So, I will only use it a couple of times a week and use the old stuff in between. The hydrogen peroxide in the new stuff breaks down proteins which stick to the contacts. Regular solution won't get rid of them. Well, they also make a cleaner of hydrogen peroxide you can rub on the contacts to rid them of the proteins. Then, you just rinse them off with the regular solution before wearing. It's just a bit harder on the contacts because of the rubbing. Just another expense to add to my monthly bills. I keep trying to cut back but things are going the other way. Whine, whine, whine!!! :(

    I think I'll just get whatever food I want at Target and save a trip to Publix. I'd like to go to Costco but it's probably crazy there. I don't have to go there so will wait. I still need to clean in here. Yesterday, I had trouble breathing and just felt exhausted so went to sleep. I think it's allergies but I can't take my allergy pill because it causes my whole bod to dry up, including my eyes--not good for wearing contacts.

    Another day of heat and humidity before the next cold front moves through with possibility of rain. We'll have a cooler TG day. I'm thankful for that. Need to call another neighbor in Buffalo to see how he and his wife are doing and remind him to get his application for the board in on time. He always had an agenda of allowing motorcycles on the property. We don't allow them at all and we want to keep it that way. They are waaaaaay too noisy and we like a peaceful and quiet hood. I used to ride and understand the allure but don't want them here. My neighbor kept his at his son's place here in town. Then, his grand nephew was killed while riding his and my neighbor's wife made him sell his bike. So, I assume his agenda no longer exists.

    The kid who was killed was the grandson of the neighbor I just called up there. I wasn't sure she would ever recover but she has. Of course, one never gets over something like that but one can recover enough to be able to go on. The two women in these families are sisters. They are the nicest people but have been plagued with tragedies involving their loved ones, mainly children and grandchildren. Their best friend and his wife also have a townhouse in the same cul-de-sac right across from us and they just lost their son to cancer. We are like sister assns. and try to watch out for each other.

    Well, Porchies, I had better go. I hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  10. Granniluvsu

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    Well and here we wait - still waiting for the flooring installation guys. Glad DH called to make sure they were coming. It makes me mad when they don't call you to say for sure they are coming. They called us a couple of weeks ago to make the date. However, as you all know that doesn't mean that they ARE going to be here and when. We got up bright and early as we had no idea. It is about 9:15 in the a.m. and so here we are. This will be very interesting.

    MIKIE - Thanks for the mini W and P :)!!

    Can't stay on long but hope I can get to my singing practice this evening. Only a couple more practices.

    Be back later with more flooring installations stories and hopefully no nightmares :)!!

    Love to awl,
  11. sunflowergirl

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    Julie: BE SURE to wear a mask while around all that dust!!!! Hope all is going good with you and your family. Don't use up all your energy though.

    Mikie: Love all the pics you've been posting. Sir Vester looks a lot like Catsinova who lives across the street. His owner said he hadn't been fixed, and still likes to visit my two females......looking at them thru the glass door. He's got a little soft meow, actually kinda cute, and he's a beautiful black and white.....it's just that he had been spraying my windows at one point but he's stopped that.

    Granni: I think we all hate it when we are forced to wait for workers. It will be beautiful though when it's all done. Now that your DD lives close by take some pics. and have her post them for you. I know we would all like to see the finished results.

    Rock: I'm with Mikie on the toilet handle. Just lift the lid and take a look. I'm sure Gordon would be able to replace it.

    Barry: Hope you were able to locate more wild mushrooms. Your chicken stuffing recipe sounds most interesting and tasty.

    Well, I dodged the heart test bullet. I called my doctor on friday and told him I just didn't want to go thru it, because of the injection. I had read that some people can have a heart attack from it and die. Thanks.....but I'll pass. As it turns out he decided I didn't need that one because my echocardiogram came out good so he's sending me straight to a pulmonologist. He now thinks I've got moderate emphysema because my breathing test results weren't good. It just seems like it's more and more that's happening to my broken body.

    I'm waiting for my cleaning lady to come. I'm hoping I can get her to put some wax down on the marble floor in the entry way......it's in dire need of it.

    I've got that stomach bug again!!!!! I'm going to have to pour the water down me for a couple of days, hoping to flush out all the bad stuff. My son called yesterday. He and my DIL and the baby all had this stomach bug too, so I guess it's making the rounds.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Another twist !!!! in the sage of the wooden floor :)!! Two young Hispanics showed up this morning that were not that big to move all the furniture that needed to be moved but somehow they moved it all. However, it turns out that on wooden floors we or thy need to float the floor before they install the wooden ones. Also they cannot start installing till the next day. Geez already, none of this was mentioned when they measured or when we picked out the flooring. They didn't even call to tell us when they were coming as I thought they would have done. They are now busy and chattering away in Spanish. They do speak and understand some English though which is a good thing. Well, hopefully they can finish it all tomorrow.

    Nothing like a nice mess before a holiday. Luckily though we are not having guests for the holiday. Hope it will be done so they can just take a peek at the finished floor. Then it will be clean up and decorate for Christmas. I wouldn't bother putting up the tree since it will not be at our house this year but DH wants to put up the tree and all. Geez, haven't even started my Christmas cards yet - aaack ! I started a letter but haven't made copies and not sure if I wanted to add anything or not.

    SUN - Sorry you have a tummy bug. Just what you do not need especially this time of year I the holidays around the corner.

    JULIE - Hope you are getting a few things done on the kids house while they are gone but hope you do not wear yourself out.

    DH needs to get on the computer for awhile so I best leave for now and work on laundry. Will try and get back later.

    Love to everydobby,
  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    Am tired again this afternoon so thought I'd just sit down and see what's up on the Porch. They called and said my contacts were in so I had to drive over there and pick them up. I decided to drive over to Old Time Pottery to look for a very specific bit jar. I saw one just like it in a furniture store ad on TV. Well, it probably costs a fortune in the store so I decided to look around. I found exactly the same jar for $20. It's a big heavy glass jar, about 18" high. It has rope around the bottom for about 5". It also has rope on the neck of the jar and a rope handle. This one has a wire insert which holds a tea candle inside the jar. A flameless candle would look great in it too. I don't know what it is about this jar or why I felt I had to have one but it goes perfectly with my beachy stuff.

    Then, I stopped at Target to pick up my meds. No increases but they got my clonazepam wrong--AGAIN! :mad: It's likely the doc's office. They aren't too sharp in there. Only reason I stay with him is the peptide injections. I see him on the 10th and will ask for a new clonazepam Rx. I am tapering down on it and have reduced the dose by 1/4 starting last night. I expect I may start having some withdrawal in a day or so. I noticed that noise in the stores was getting to me, especially a whiney kid. Finally, I stopped at Home Depot and got some Gorilla Glue for the "r" in our sign. I tried to glue it back in place but the foam inside the letter has shrunk and it won't make contace with the wall. I'm not sure what I'm going to do. I found some good looking black vinyl flower boxes for the two bottom windows but they are too wide for the sills. I know I can find a way to get them to stay on the sills and, when the shutters are up, they will compliment them and look beautiful. Think I'll go for blue, purple and yellow for those boxes. I'll also find some kind of vines to hang over the edges of them.

    DD in CO called me on her way into work. Says she may come down this summer since I'm not sure I can fly that far anymore in the small seats with no cushion in today's planes. Said DSIL said he wasn't suggesting I take care of his mom--really? Who does he think she would call for every little thing if she were down the street from me? I told DD I didn't want her living anywhere near me. She's too needy and too much of a drama queen. She's the kind who doesn't do as the docs tell her and then needs to be rushed off to the ER. OMG! It sounds like a living hell to me. DD said she thinks DSIL is so sick of it that he's wanting to palm her off on anyone he can. Well, it ain't gonna be me! I not only learned to say, "No," but, "Hell, No!!!" Just because she's family and I love her doesn't mean I can be expected to take responsibility for her. She need to go to assisted living where she can have her own apt. She has a sister in CA and the kids think she ought to live there.

    I put my new contact in the distance eye and it's like I'm seeing in HD. Not used to wearing them all day again and not used to the change in Rx completely, but it won't take long. My brain rewires easily. Got to Target and looked for this "new and improved" contact solution storage system. Well, they had bargain twin packs at a reduced price with a $3 off coupon right on the box. On top of that, I got a $5 Target gift card for buying two. Now that brings it down to a more affordable range. I'm still gonna stop at Publix tomorrow to pick up their house brand solution so I can switch off and on with the expensive stuff. I think I'll use the expensive stuff to see whether it helps the contacts go longer without having to put in new ones. If it does, it may be worth the extra cost. It really is a cool nerdy hi-tech way to clean and keep them. The little vial is clear and when I drop the basket with the contacts in, the hydrogen peroxide bubbles like crazy, removing the proteins from the lenses. They are very comfortable to wear.

    Geez, Granni, it really is a floor saga. What a pain! I looked at the wooden floor slats while I was in Home Depot and I have floor envy; however, I don't envy all you've been through with yours. Yikes! :eek: Just keep thinking of when it's done and you can enjoy it.

    Sunflower Girl, Glad Catsinova (love the name :) has stopped spraying your door. That's nasty. Just realized that "sin" is part of his name. ;) Good grief! Why don't they get him neutered? Sir Vester is soft spoken pretty much of the time too. He can get whiney when he wants something. Tweety is loud and proud. It's amazing what different personalities cats can have, even brother and sister. When I think of what you wrote, I picture Pepe Le Pew trying to woo your girls. Ha! Ha! Glad you don't have to get the heart test and I hope your tummy crud clears up.

    Gonna go take out the contacts. I've been having headaches and I think it's because the barometer has been all over the place lately. Today was hot and humid but it's going to get cool again. I find that if I have to go out to shop or run errands, I just don't have the NRG to do anything around the condo. Tomorrow, I really need to get this place cleaned up. Like Scarrlet, I'll think about that tomorrow. ;)

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Armando, the handyman was here again. I'm happy to report that he brought a
    new handle/arm and made the necessary repair in the bathroom.

    Flushed With Pride

    We bought a low flush toilet, Folks.
    And everydobby oughter.
    It's good for the ecology,
    And don't use too much water.

    Mikie, for someone who is illish and tired, you sure get a lot done. Is "bit jar"
    a typo; did you mean "big jar". Is couldn't find "bit jar" on the net. I found
    several sites about decorating with jars.

    The 2 basic ideas seemed to be that you can 1.) paint or wrap or somehow decorate
    the outside of the jars, and 2.) you can put various things in them. Coins, for
    example, or pencils or flowers or feathers.

    Reminds me of the chandlery store in the Ventura harbor back in the 60s. A
    chandlery sells stuff used on ships (like candles, ropes, sextants). And, in keeping
    with the times, the place was also a boutique filled with incense, greeting cards,
    T shirts and knick knacks.

    Among other decorating items, you could find pale green glass balls that had once
    been floats for fishing nets. They were about the size of basket balls. Often
    called Japanese floats although Wikipedia said the Norwegians were the
    first to use them. It also said that any you buy today are almost certainly
    replicas (or as some would say, "fakes"). "Com'on in, Folks. I'll show you
    my new fake ball."

    Granni, never heard of floating a wood floor. Although when I lived in Ventura
    I was working as an insurance adjuster. We had thousands of claims due to
    a massive leak from an off shore oil well. Many of the claims were for damages
    to houseboats. I guess they have floating floors.

    Sun, thanks for the vote of confidence regarding repairs. Alas, when it comes to
    repairs, most such are more than I can handle. I sure hope the possibility of
    emphysema is a false alarm. You already have more on your plate (your hospital
    tray?) than you should.

    Julie, you haven't been "antisocial". We know you're just busy. Hope the kids
    are having a nice visit in Tennessee. Have you been there yourself? Remember
    the old song? "What did Tennessee, Boys? She saw what Arkansaw."

    Barry, all that stuff you're planning to tuck under the skin of the chicken would
    probably make a good salad or sandwich by itself. I can't remember if I've
    tried goat cheese or not. I have a vague suspicion that I did years ago, and
    the result was rather bland. Didn't make much of an impression. Anyhoo I'm
    sure your Turkey Day dinner will be delicious. Do Richard and Shorty
    help? The bears been around? Will there be treats for them?

    Springwater, I hope there's a video of you playing hide and seek with the doggies.
    I remember when we kids played hide and seek almost every night. Occasionally
    we played Kick the Can (another version of the same game). It wouldn't
    get dark until about 9 PM. No equipment of any kind required for the first
    game. For the second you needed a tin can.

  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Rock,

    Yes, I had to think why I typed "bit jar" myself. I think you are right; I wanted it to read, "big jar." As jars go, this one is pretty big. There are "bit coins" which I don't really understand. They are virtual money so don't exist but you can spend them. My ex and I had quite a collection of nautical antiques. I didn't take too much when I left. I did get the copper and brass ship's lantern. It's in my little front office under a pic of an old sailing ship. I should have taken the boat bumper made of macramé rope. It was old as they use rubber ones now. My Mom had an authentic glass ball. I think her big brother gave it to her when she visited him in CA before I was born. They used to wash up on CA shores from Japanese ships. I don't know whatever happened to it. I'd love to have it now.

    One can put a brick in the tank of any toilet to make it a low water toilet but that might make it a sluggish flusher. The new ones are made to really flush. Also, one can adjust the float valve to allow less water in the tank. Barb's new low water toilet flushes like the ones at the airport. They are like a black hole and I fear if I stand too close, it will suck me down the drain. The new replacement valve assemblies I put in my toilets make them really good flushers. At Lowe's, the toilets are rated, with a five flusher being the best. The new valves have turned mine into, at least, a four flusher. Only four flusher I ever cared for. :D I'll be here all week, folks!

    Illish is a very good way to describe me right now. I'm Irish and feel ill so Illish is very appropriate. I'm also German. People who are Irish and German are called, Germish. That describes me as well when my Whatever Herpes Virus is active. I can't seem to shake it. I'm in more pain and I'd venture a guess that it's because I'm weaning off the clonazepam. Special K interrupts pain signals to the brain. I think I'll get another peptide injection when I see my doc early next month.

    I do seem to get a lot done in the mornings but by afternoon, I've had it. That's why I'm cleaning this messy condo this morning. I should wait til tomorrow when it's cooler out because cleaning the lanai is part of what needs doin'. It'll be hot and humid this morning. AACK!!! Tomorrow, the cold front moves in and I'm looking forward to it. Perhaps I should procrastinate just one more day to clean. It's tempting. I could actually get into that front office and start the deep cleaning/sorting process or, I could clean inside and let the lanai go til tomorrow. Oh, oh! So many options. What shall I do?

    Right now, I shall close out this post before it goes all W&P. BTW, Rock, love your toilet humor.

    Love, Mikie
    rockgor likes this.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Mikie

    Good to start the day with one of your cheerful posts.

    Got to thinking about the term "four flusher". Wikipedia has an interesting article on
    same under the title "Four Flush". Also mentions various films and books where the
    term was used. Oklahoma's first Governor called President Teddy Roosevelt a four
    flusher. No further info provided.

    I've read a few articles on bit coins. Don't understand them either. Seems like the last
    thing I read was that the bottom dropped out of that market or something.

    Dave Barry mentioned low flush toilets a couple times. He thought the legislation
    requiring same was just another example of how inept our Congress was. He also
    had a column about people who drive up to Canada and bring back the old fashioned
    toilets. The boarder patrol people don't care. No law against it.

    There was something I intended to post in my previous effort, but now I can't remember
    what it was. A common occurrence around these parts. Toilet humor? I don't know
    what you are talking about.


    Oh, I know. Some decades back I read a small book about Thomas Crapper who
    invented the modern flush toilet about 1850. Years later I read the book was a hoax.
    Just checked Wikipedia again. It says there really was a plumber-entrepeneur
    named Thomas Crapper, but he did not invent the modern toilet. He did invent
    some other stuff though including the ballcock.


  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OK, Rock, tempting as it is, I'm leaving that line alone. It would be soooo easy...

    Don't know why anyone would want an old fashioned toilet from Canada when the new low water toilets flush so efficiently without using all that water. Typically, waste water is treated and returned to the water supply so using less water to flush isn't enough of an incentive to me to buy a new one. In here, we either have to install toilets ourselves or hire a licensed plumber. Well, if I were to buy a new toilet, I wouldn't want just any old toilet. I'd want a Koehler with a nice large flat decorative top on the tank. I keep stuff on top of mine. They aren't cheap and, by the time I'd hire the plumber, it would cost more than $500 a toilet (I have two). So, I'm going to try to stay financially flush with the flushers I have. Water is expensive down here but our dues cover our water. I have to take Epsom Salt soaks so I'm probably using more than my share of our water.

    BTW, thanks for your sweet words; I always enjoy reading your posts too--soooo funny, entertaining, interesting and educational. Geez, if only school were like that, we'd all be very smart and well educated. I'm wondering whether a four flusher has anything to do with poker. It takes five cards to make a flush and it's risky to bet, hoping to draw just the right suit to complete the flush. Not as risky as drawing to a straight, especially an inside straight. I learned how to play poker at an early age but haven't in years. We didn't have Texas Hold Em' back then. Five-card stud was my game; I'll take a stud over a four flusher anytime. :D Again, I'll be here all week. Tip your waiters.

    I forced myself to take my garbage down before it rains again. I cleaned the cats' boxes before I took it down. Sylvester lost no time in using the nice clean box. At least, he is meticulous in covering up his mess. Tweety just walks away as though it's beneath her to do it. I now know why I've been extra tired with headaches. I'm Herxing again from the Acyclovir. I don't mind feeling poorly if it's for a good cause. So, I'm using my litter box, otherwise known as a toilet, too, doing the Herx Hot Step to get there in time. Oh, TMI? Have I grossed y'all out? OK, my work here is done. Well, done except for one thing--what's with the watermelon? Enquiring minds want to know.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    You're right, Mikie. Four flusher is related to a flush in poker. See Wiki.
    The watermelon? Well, I thought an appropriate icon would be a waterfall,
    but I couldn't find one so I used watermelon. Isn't that sweet? Kinda
    like Agua Dulce, CA. Perhaps you've been there. It's a small town, but
    it has an airport.

    I think Dave Barry was writing in the days when low flush toilets didn't work so
    swell. Sometimes required multiple flushes which sorta negated the water saving

    Yes, I remember the days when household hints told you to put a brick or a
    milk container full of water in the tank to conserve water.

    Thanks for you generous applause, folks. Wouldja please welcome my friends
    Herman and Sylvia Golfbait from Gunflint, Tennessee. They just flew in. And
    Boy, are there arms tired. I'll be here till the end of the week if the management
    doesn't catch my act.

  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Ha! Ha! Rock (or should I say, Shecky), glad I caught your act! It's a hard act to follow. I do love your smiley face. I would love to download some animated emoticons (that's a mouthful) but it's hard to know where it's safe to do so. It's easy to get malware along with the smiley faces. That's the emotion of the hacker when his malware is downloaded.

    I've never been to that neck of the woods in CA. I love CA. In a way, it's like FL in that it's a looooong state with several distinct areas. When I was growing up, CA was the land of milk and honey. The state was rich and offered free college to residents. So many moved there for a year to establish residency so they could go to school free. I'm a beach person so CA or FL is perfect for me. I don't care for the beaches on the Gulf side of the state but I don't want to live on the East Coast here either. What to do, what to do? Go to the pool. I love mountains too and when I lived in CO, we vacationed in CA and FL.

    Well, I'm very proud of myself. I ran the vacuum and washed the tile floors. The lanai will keep til tomorrow. I also went out and swept our side of the balcony and the cobwebs from the eaves. It's bad Feng Shui to have a dirty entry. Yesterday, I fertilized the orchids and watered and fertilized the rest of our plants that the sprinklers don't get. If nothing else gets done, I take care of the kitties and plants. I've got my priorities right.

    Thought I'd take a break and check my e-mails. Glad I did as I hate to have them pile up. Then, of course, I had to come to the Porch to check it out too. Glad I did as your posts always make me smile.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good evening awl !!!

    Just want to see what I have missed all day and part of yesterday . It seems like I have been gone forever, but I know I haven't.

    YAYYYY - The floor is in and it looks great. If I can ever take a pic and figure out how to send it to the Porch I will. Right now it is just the in the room with nothing on anything, just the basics. I am not going to bother with Thanksgiving stuff in there as it will be ready for Christmas stuff in a few days - ugh !! When they were all done they put some kind of protector on it I guess and it looks really nice. DH (Mr Clean :)!!) wanted me to sweep up the area where the guys had tracked back and forth in the kitchen and he swiffered the tile in there . Then I swept the parquet flooring that is next to the LR that they had put the new flooring in. Have to put the rugs back in there and buy some kind of a throw rug in the L.R. where they had installed the new flooring. That may take awhile to find what I want and also a new floor lamp. Basically it almost took one day to lay the floor but yesterday they had to float it and make sure it was all straight and even. That took a day or so to dry too.

    Just wanted to let you all know that the floor is in and another DD comes to stay with the DD that moved here with her DH and son. They will probably arrive tomorrow while the other DD is at the doctors office, checking out oncologists for her rechecks. Luckily they will be staying at DD's house and not ours for a change as some things are still in disarray.

    MIKIE - You wear me out girl just reading what you have been doing and thinking of doing lately. I just read the posts really fast. So glad that you got the chance to post as we would miss you too. You also make us smile as well as laugh too, esp talking about those frisky kitties of yours.

    I really should wash my hair tonight but will put it off till tomorrow night. I will have some things to do tomorrow to get ready but only bringing shrimp, veggies, and MASHED POTATOES. I haven't made them in so long and want to keep them in the crock pot. They even have recipes for cooking them in the crockpot but that takes longer. Also I need enough to feed at least 15 people. I say at least as we have two growing young men (16 years) that eat for more than one or two people:)!!

    Gotta run for now. I will be cleaning and running around tomorrow. Hope to check in again before Thanksgiving but hope everyone has a wonderful day with their families if they are close by.

    SUN - I know it will be hard for you with your DH gone but I am glad you will be with some family this year, even if just for the day. I will be thinking of you sweet girl. I have a friend who lost her son (grown up) years ago from Ca and I think it was around the Christmas holidays. That is always a very sad time for her and of course his birthday. My mom died on Mothers Day in 2004 and that is always sad as well as her birthday which was the date my dad died too. Very sad for sure .

    If not, enjoy anyway with friends, furbabies or whoever you may have nearby. I know one cannot always be lucky to have dear family close by.

    Love to everyone,
    Last edited: Nov 26, 2014

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