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    Hi, Kids,

    I want to go back to read the last posts on #766. Be right back. OK, I'm back.

    Springwater thanks for letting us know about Julie's SIL being in CCU with diabetes complications. Prayers going up and for your friend too.

    Julie, I am so sorry about Clinton. I will be praying for all of you.

    Granni, thanks for letting Springwater know about Clinton.

    So many people sick. Even here in the hood, there is Barb and Frank with his infected hip. Then, there's my friend at Lowe's, John, whose amputated toe is infected and he found out he has diabetes. My friend, Nancy, here in the hood had minimally invasive spinal surgery but her incision has opened up and they don't know why. It may be infected.

    Just wanted to stop in and see how our Porchies are doing. I'm glad I did. Prayers going up.

    Love, Mikie
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  2. sunflowergirl

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    All those newsy posts to catch up on.

    Spring: I admire you so much for pushing thru all those "necessary" gatherings when you're not feeling up to it. Wow.....over 300 guests at the wedding and everyone has to go thru the scarf ceremony. No wonder it takes so long.

    Mikie: My SILs aunt had her hip joint removed back in July and STILL hasn't had it replaced yet. It was my understanding it was from infection in the bones and she needed to have it all gone before getting her 3rd hip replacement. I read that a lot of times this infection comes from the replacement parts. What misery she's gone thru. I hope your friend Frank gets his cleared up.

    And a big scare from that almost accident. You were very blessed to have escaped it.

    Rock: Did Gordon get his shade covering righted yesterday. I heard more rain is coming but so far just blue skies here.

    Granni: busy as usual I see. Good for you. It keeps you young.

    Julie: So sorry to read about more family troubles going on. Did Clinton let his diabetes get out of control? Is he on shots yet? I have a friend whose husband has dealt with this for years and years. So many times he over shoots his med which sends him into bad areas. I think the local paramedics know them after all the calls they've had to make for him. I'll keep your family up in prayer.

    I've been trying to stay busy.......christmas is a hard time for me. I overdid it on saturday with too many hours painting and my shoulder and arms have been screaming. Went to church yesterday morning and then met a friend for lunch at a very busy mall. OMG try and find a parking place! I'm not that familiar with this mall nor the stores and since it's several streets I always forget where everything is. I was there on monday, but had to return something yesterday. YIKES......so crowded.
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    MIKIE - Thanks for getting us started again. I am lucky lately to just speed read what has been posted and hoping that I haven't missed to much ( and remembered what I have read).

    JULIE - How is Clinton doing? Hoping that he is doing at least a little better. Hoping due to his being fairly young the diabetes won't cause so many problems for him. Also hope your tooth is better. Have you gotten to the dentist yet???? So much for you do to . I know worrying about Clinton and Amy hasn't been helpful to you.

    SUN - So glad to hear from you but sorry you are so sore after having done to much, etc. I am glad that I don't have to go to any big malls around here to go shopping. I have already gotten most of the stuff but do have a few gift cards I need to get plus some stuff for the dinner at DS's house on Christmas day. I can imagine how hard it is for you to continue on with Christmas after losing your DH. It is and can be a very hard time for you. Sounds likw you HAVE BEEN TRYING TO KEEP BUSY !!!!

    ROCK - Hoping those storms you had weren't to bad. Forgive the speed reading of posts where I cannot assimilate a lot of what you and others have written.

    ******Wondering if any dumpling makers have ever kept them warm in a slow cookers. These are potato dumplings and are ROUND, not like an Asian dumpling or southern type that look like a noodle. DH insists that I make the potato dumplings to go with the Sauerbraten.

    WHEW - I thought that I lost this message. Better send it on.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Hello All

    Mikie - its someone in Grannis choir whose father is very ill, not my friend.
    Sorry for confusion. I was in a rush so just pasted Grannis post on Worship
    B. And then i missed the part about Julies toothache until i read yr post..

    so prayers going out there too. I hope this crazy bad luck streak ends..
    I hate it when a favourite piece of jewellery comes undone. Your pearls
    sound beautiful, i think you described it before. I wish so many people
    were not ill. Frank and Julie and your friend at the store. I wish them
    all healing.

    Julie - have you decided to repay ALL your accumulated karma in one go?
    It seems that way. That was a joke, tho i know you must not be in a mood to
    joke. Im really sorry for this rather rough couple of days with things
    to deal with popping up one after another.

    Praying for all of you. Toothache is no fun at the best of times. I wish you
    speedy healing. And of course, Clinton.

    Sun - its either push through or be labelled 'mad' 'unstable' 'spineless'.
    About trying to keep up the traditions and social obligations. Its lucky
    I have begun believing in the meaningfulness of the prayers, rituals -
    makes it easier to see it through.

    Sorry your shoulder is hurting so bad from all that painting but im
    happy you have a lovely picture to show for all that effort. I guess
    once one gets into the zone its difficult to stop even if you know you

    Granni - thanks for letting us know about Julie. Mmmm steak and
    mushrooms sound just ...yummy!

    Rock - i had to google Mary Sees. First a lady portrait came up.
    I think she is the founder of that brand. Interesting name.
    Like a book title. Then i saw all those goodies. mmmmmmm

    Also googled Land of Sky Blue Waters..but is it a film you were
    referrring to? An old film on utube came up. Looks lovely. I love
    that time period. gonna look at the whole thing when i have more

    I had a hectic day of it yesterday. I tried to get some chores done
    and then asked DH to stay home until i came back from visiting
    his nephew over at MILs.

    Went at 10am, stopped at the superstore and bought some welcome
    gifts..edibles which i thought would help MIL with her guest. Curd,
    mince meat, sausage, apples, spaghetti, tomato paste, bread, button
    mushrooms. (MIL was pretty pleased with what i brought, heh heh.)
    When i carried the stuff into her bedroom like she told me to, she
    pointed at a tray on which were some boxes of apple juice and
    biscuits and sniffed and said, "uncle ...came yesterday, thats what he
    brought." I was glad i wasnt "uncle..." just then. Tho i sympathise
    with DHs uncle. Their family knows the whole world and visits like
    ten times more people than ourselves and how can one afford a lot
    of stuff to everyone? But of course, MIL wouldnt stop to think.

    Anyways the sun was out, and MIL was sunning herself in the garden
    and we were joined by DHs nephew. Shared breakfast of omelette and
    croissant with him out there with butter tea and they made plans.
    while i listened. He is such a sweet boy. In his twenties but he wants
    to visit a 80 year old grandmother, friend of his mothers MIL, who
    she told him to visit. He was enquiring about her whereabouts. MIL
    was telling him what the heck for did he want to go about visiting
    old people he didnt know, he told her his mum, (her daughter) had
    asked him to. And then told me, he loves talking to old people and
    hearing about the olden days and the geneology. He is trying to trace
    his family roots and put it into his computer. I dont think i know any
    young people like him!

    After that visit, which i wrapped up as fast as i decently could, i scooted
    back home, tidied up here n there, and changed (tibetan dress) to go to the 49th day
    prayer ceremony of my DHs cousin sis. yes, a bit morbid i know. So
    many passings and their ceremonies. Wait, its not over yet. it was the
    one week death prayer ceremony of that DHs cousin sisters 88 year old
    mum who lives nearby. So my eldest brothers wife joined me and we
    went down together and visited. 49th day is the day people are invited
    or they come themselves if they know the date, and are fed along with
    the monks. From DHs cousin sisters, we went to her brothers place
    and SIL paid her condolences, (I had already gone earlier). Obviously
    cousin was devastated by the loss of both husband and mother so
    soon apart.:(

    After that, we went to the stupa nearby, lit lamps, and i had to make
    this visit to welcome DHs uncles (second daughter) coming with'her married family from Switzerland...(told you it was hectic) . I bought
    some groceries as welcome gifts, and luckily on the way there, i called
    and found out they were about to go out, so i postponed my visit, we
    took a detour and SIL reached me before going on to her own home.

    Boy, was i glad to get home! My DH had already eaten at his cousin
    sisters, he had also gone to attend the prayer ceremony but separately
    so i didnt hv to make rotis. the other food was already made so only
    son ate. I just lit the kerosene heater and snuggled down.

    Today is again wet. What freaky weather.

    You all have a good day

    God Bless

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  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    O my goodness ive written the Mother of W & Ps. Pls feel free to skip reading if you dont hv
    time or inclination. i just went on a rambling walk and apparently got lost and kept walking
    along Prohealths posting corridors apparently! sorry!
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    Hi Kids

    Here's a trivia question for you. But it's timely trivia because it regards Fort Dix
    in New Jersey. President was there today. It's also historical trivia because the
    photo in question was taken during the Korean War.

    Two men are sitting on a sofa. One is a famous piano player; one is a famous
    harpist. Can you guess who they are?

    Well, we did some errands today. More rain predicted for tomorrow. I got some
    CDs in the mail. These were the ones I ordered unlike my last tragic experience.

    Granni, that's a great blue you found for your post. You said it looked sorta
    purple. It looked light blue on my screen. Of course we all know men can
    only see 7 colors. Women can see 7 shades of white!

    Glad to hear you were dancing up a storm. Wish I could still dance. Can
    hardly walk these last few years. Good thing I don't have to get anywhere in
    a hurry.

    Julie, Granni relayed the news about Clinton. I hope he's OK. A few years
    back I had to go to the emergency room for high blood sugar. They gave me
    insulin and flushed my blood with saline IVs. Apparently no permanent

    Just read another detective book by John Sanford. Set in Minnesota like
    most of his books. He referred to La Crosse, Wisconsin as the nearest big
    city. Now and then the characters make it to the neighboring states.

    Mike, Gordon says you are right. OK, I dunno what's going on with the computer
    but it's acting crazy. Better go (computer changed the font, not I) before
    it eats my post.
  7. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Again

    It amazes me that the computer (or the internet or the server or the whatever) can
    keep coming up with new ways to frustrate me (and probably all of us). Here's what
    happened. The top half of the screen turned blue. The bottom looked like an invoice-
    shipping form. Lots of white space and some letters and numbers here and there.

    And it happened twice! "Yumpin' Yimminie!" as the Norskies say.

    Anyhoo, Gordon says you're right about the cattleyas, Mikie. They generally bloom
    once a year; about the same time each year. The "Brusha, brusha, brusha Ipana ad
    was in the movie "Grease". Shown on the Drive In screen during intermission.
    I never did hear Red Lantern on the radio, but I did have a Red Lantern comic

    That's my dog Tige, he lives in a shoe!
    I'm Buster Brown, look for me in there, too!"
    I don't remember having any Buster Brown shoes. Maybe they were
    too expensive.

    Sun, yes, the shade structure has been restored. Took Gordon, his brother and his
    sister in law. This is about the 5th time it's blown over in a mild storm. I think
    the problem is that when we replaced the old shade cloth a couple years ago, we
    used a heavier weave. It probably catches the wind better.

    Gordon has another laelia in bloom. It's in a flat, round pottery bowl. He
    brought it in the house today. It has 3 long stems; each with two flowers. Looks
    like the picture I posted on the last thread except the flower is primarily white with
    only a little lavender here and there.

    Springwater, glad to see you are up to posting long, chatty posts. I don't
    understand the scarf thing. Does everyone own dozens of scarfs? Do they
    give and then re-gift? Is it like the fruit cakes in the USA that, according to
    legend, no one ever eats? They just get passed around year after year.
    My mother was the only person I ever knew that actually liked and ate
    the nasty stuff. I think the big problem is the citron which manages
    to be sour and bitter and inedible all at once.

    I read that in England fruitcakes are often frosted. I saw a listing for a
    fruitcake recipe that said, "Avoid the dreaded citron."

    Diane, did you see the dentist? I hope it's all over and all went well.


  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Wow, our new Porch is getting a lot of visits. Sooo glad; I like to know what's going on in everyone's lives. I'm having the same old, same old problem with my keyboard not typing a letter when I hit the key. Sooooo frustrating!!!:mad:

    Sunflower Girl, I just sent up a prayer for your SIL's aunt. Is it just because I'm hearing about more infections coming from surgeries or are resistant germs more rampant in our hospitals? It's scary. I really admire you for getting out and socializing and keeping up with your painting. I'm sorry you are in pain. I hope it goes away. Yes, the strange near-accident happened in my mind in slow motion and when the other driver slammed on his brakes to avoid us, I just sent up a prayer of thanks. Strangely, there was no moment of an adrenalin rush. I had not ridden with this neighbor, who is elderly but in good shape mentally. She didn't see the other car even though he had his lights on (it was dark). I noticed she had problems with keeping in her lane. I found info on how to adjust the headlights. I'm going to look for the adjustment screw and, if I can't find it, I'll call my mechanic.

    Granni, busy as usual. Good for you! Thanks for keeping us updated when you read about someone on FB. It's much appreciated. MMMMM! Dumplings. DH is a lucky. Don't forget to remind him. :)

    Springwater, I'm laughing at, "The mother of all W&P's," and "Paying off all one's Karma at once." It's when we are having a bad time that we need a good laugh the most. Next time everything is going wrong, I'll think of your Karma joke and laugh. You have really been busy. I hope you don't overdo things.

    Julie, it isn't you; it's the SIL's. We know you enough to know what a nice and caring person you are. I've been caught between Barb and Ilona and their meanness at times but I'm not the only one in the hood who sees it. I know it's not me and I know it's not you. Just concentrate on the goodness in so many people and don't waste your NRG on the others. They will drain you. The good people will fill your heart and NRGize you.

    Diane, I'm so glad you came through the dental ordeal so well. Yes, deep cleaning leaves the mouth sore but mouths heal faster than other parts of our bodies. I had it done years ago. Your mouth will be so much healthier now. I pray for a fast recovery.

    Gordon, thanks for your confirming my guess about the Cattleyas. They are sooooo beautiful that it's a shame they only bloom once a year. I'm glad I have the Phals and Dendrobiums to fill in. Our Phals seem to bloom twice a year. The HUGE Dendrobium just keeps blooming, one cane after another and the blooms seem to last forever. I'm sure it will have a hibernation period but, for now, I'm really enjoying it. My baby Cattleyas are growing like crazy out on my lanai with morning sun. It's fun to see them grow from babyhood and not just the mature stage.

    Rock, you've been playing in the crayon box. :) I enjoyed seeing the colors. I'm green with NV. I used to back small loaves of nut and candied fruit bread. It's not like fruitcake and is delicious. It's sooooo expensive to make that I haven't done it in years. Yes, our computers, and the web, find myriad ways to frustrate us. I posted to Duke and it disappeared. Our posts are supposed to be saved in draft form but mine was just gone. I need to go back and respond again. I liked your response to him. I need to look up Laelis orchids. Is Gordon's purple? I remember your posting a pic of a beautiful purple orchid.

    Well, I got my new meds and took my first Avapro yesterday. I got a headache. It is an ARB BP med, like my Clonidine, but the Clonidine only keeps me from sleeping toward morning. It doesn't give me headaches. It was the side effect of headaches which made me have to give up several BP meds before I got on Clonidine. Also, I can feel my heart pounding and my pulse is around 90, even resting. I will take it again today but, if the side effects continue, I'll call the doc. He'll be upset because he said this drug has no side effects. He is such a "know it all." Even the drug co. lists the potential side effects. My BP is just fine but my poor old heart will give out from working so hard.

    I left a message for my handyman but he hasn't gotten back to me. He has a regular job and does his handywork on the weekends. He mismeasured for the expensive cedar 2x4's I need to support the flower boxes. I'm tempted to buy another 2x4 and have Lowe's cut it. They do it for free. I also need to buy some larger screws to hold the box to the windowsill where he predrilled the holds. He drilled them too far in so that I couldn't use the washers in the corners of the box. Had I drilled the holes where the washers would fit, the box would have been too close to the screen. He's a nice guy but I wouldn't hire him again. He is sloppy and his work isn't precise. Mismeasuring crucial pieces of lumber is a rookie mistake. They say, "Measure twice; cut once." My motto is, "Measure three times and cut once." My work is cut out for me today, no pun intended.

    Please know I hold all my Online Family, and your families, in my heart and in my prayers.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just got good news about Julie's SIL Clinton. They may move him today out of ICU. MAY even come home today or tomorrow . Sorry I cannot stay. W just finished singing and we are gong to one of the gals homes to have our Christmas party, lunch. More later.

  10. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, hope you enjoy your party. Thanks for the update on Clinton. Great good news.

    Well, when I went out this morning, the handyman had fixed the flower box. Yea! I planted the pansies. The ones in the other box are all strong and standing up. They look so pretty. It was cold when I got up but the temp became perfect for working outside so I washed off the balcony and put all our chairs, little tables and flowers back. It looks nice and clean. I called our painter to ask him to come out to look at the bldg. to see whether it should be repainted. It has run the lifespan of a paint job and I see a lot of things which need to be addressed. I had to leave a message. He can be a bit touchy so I hope he's in a good mood. If we get it repainted, he will pressure wash the bldg., including the balcony. I will wait to see whether other bldgs. are having their sidewalks pressure washed. If so, it could be cheaper.

    I just about forgot DGS's Christmas gift. I wrapped it and will go to the PO in the morning. I'm resting as it took a lot to clean the balcony and wash the railing. Inside, it feels cold and I'm watching TV in my jammies. I may go soak in Epsom Salts because I ache from the waist down. I just ran the dishwasher so could unload it. I could also do a couple of loads of laundry. That would free me up to go to PO early and clean up this mess inside. There's no end to what needs doing inside and out.

    I'm so glad I popped in to get the good news about Clinton. We need all the good news we can get.

    Love, Mikie
  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Got get off here right away y'all but needed say it to all and DIANE.

    DIANE -Thanks for posting about your dental experience and your post anesthesia happenings. Glad that all went well. I am so happy and am glad that you did well. That was really funny about you almost breaking Kevin''s hand :)!!! he he !! Now hopefully you will be more relaxed next time :)!! I thought about you today but have been so busy I finally got on the computer this evening. Haven't had the time to ready any other posts other than DIANE'S. Wow those letters su are big but I am to busy and lazy to change.

    Love, Granni
  12. Mikie

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    Good Wednesday Morning, Porchies,

    Diane, that is soooo funny. You and I were wearing matching jammie outfits yesterday. I sanded the dead skin off my heels and put on foot cream before putting on my socks. It's leaves my feet soft. Having dry heels down here in flip flop land is taboo. I'm so glad all went well for you and hope Kevin's hand is OK. :)

    Granni, I like the big letters. I have been forgetting to enlarge mine when I'm done so people can read my posts. :rolleyes:

    I have to call my doc's office today. The Avapro he prescribed to help my BP med is causing a high heart rate--90 to 101 resting. Yikes!!! :eek: My poor little heart will beat itself to death at this rate, no pun intended. He won't be happy with this sour turn of events as he says there are NO side effects with this drug. As smart as he is, he can say the stupidest things. Every drug comes with a list of potential side effects. Also, info with med said no NSAIDS! Well, I live on NSAIDS for my body aches and pains. I am not taking the med today.

    Got an e-mail from DD in CO. Her Dad and I got her an engraved stethoscope when she graduated from nursing school. It made her think of me (her Dad still lives in Denver so she gets to see him). She's an RN but wanted to get her B.S. in Nursing and will graduate in May. She starts her masters degree in the fall. She can do most of her classes online so she continues to work as a nurse. It was sooooo good to hear from her. Her Bluetooth earpiece isn't working well so she's getting a new one and will call me. She calls on her long drive home from work. Once she gets home, the commotion is too much for her to have a conversation.

    I just noticed our pool guy left the pool lights on again. What kind of pool guy comes when it's still dark out? He constantly does this and one of us has to turn the lights off. We don't need them during the day. We don't allow swimming after dark, so we don't turn them on at all.

    My Comcast bill is soooo high and I keep seeing ads for those antennas which bring in all the network stations and a few more. One buys the antenna and never has to pay a cable bill again. The only think I would really miss is "Game of Thrones" on HBO. With what I would save, I could buy the DVD's if I wanted to. My desire to cut monthly expenses is greater than my need to have hundreds of stations, most of which I never watch. It's the cable channels which drive up the cost of cable TV service. My neighbor has one of these and I think I'll ask her whether I can see her TV. I can still keep Netflix because I will continue to get wi-fi from Comcast. Does anyone here have one of these antennas for an HDTV? If so, is it true HD quality? Think I'll check QVC and HSN to see whether they sell them. If they don't work, it would be easier to return them. I need two.

    Well, I had better get going. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Diane: I KNEW you would do fine with the dental stuff.....all that bad, hard part is over and you can laugh about squeezing poor Kevin's hand so hard. Yipes> did you break any bones! Obviously your grip works overtime. After all of that going to the dentist is just a piece of cake. And aren't you PROUD of your accomplishment!!!!!! It's a wonderful feeling to conquer a fear. By the way, to help with the face pain fill a sock with rice, sew it up and pop it into the microwave for about l min. depending on the size of your unit. It will really help you feel better.

    Granni: here's a thought about the dumplings. Why not mix them up at home then do the cooking in the boiling water once you get to your son's house? That way they would be nice and fresh and no worries.

    Mikie: I may have asked before, but why not take a pic. of the new shutters and the window boxes. We would all love to see what you've set in motion.

    Julie: Good news about Clinton but he absolutely MUST use those test strips. How much do they run a month? Poor Keira.......dental phobic already. My DGS has already had to undergo a root canal and some teeth fillings. The dentist told them he had awful teeth, formed that way as a baby.......very soft apparently. His uncle is a dentist and has checked his teeth but couldn't do the root canal so he now goes to a pediatric dentist.

    Spring: that was so thoughtful of you to take some needed groceries to your MIL to help with her visitor. And I understand about the young man wanting to visit some elderly relatives. Very caring of him, much to be admired.

    Yesterday I felt pretty awful like I was coming down with something but took several doses of oregano oil and also so cold eaze, so today I feel human again. On monday night I had gone with the family to see a very large living nativity at our local mega church. They even had a very large "Bethlehem village" market place even before our tram tickets which was at 8:10. For those who have never heard of this, do a search for Calvary Chapel Living Nativity on the internet. There are many churches who put this on one weekend before Christmas, to remind us what Christmas is all about.

    I have my lung doctor appt. this afternoon. I've been having to use my inhaler daily and sometimes twice a day, but so far today havent needed it.

    And speaking of conquering ones fears, like I posted to Diane, on friday night my DS is flying into a local airport at 10 PM. I need to conquer my fear of driving the freeways at night. I have my SIL as a backup, but I'm hoping I'll be up to doing this. It's a new life for me and I have to make changes.
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  14. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi everybody, I've been lurking.

    The big storms that were expected to hit us full on, slipped to the south, so we dodged the bullet. There was only minor damage with ditches and culverts getting blocked up, messing up the road a bit. It was not like the '64 flood that washed away whole small towns on the banks of the Eel river, and washed thousands of livestock out to sea. It had been predicted to be as bad, but again we dodged the bullet.

    Good for you Diane. Oops, the computer just asked me if I wanted "Sticky Keys". whatever they are. I told it NO. o_O Anyways Diane, I hope Kevin is able to move his hand comfortably! And you are home with your babies and can relax. How is your weather? I haven't seen the sun in about three weeks. Constant overcast, sprinkling, mizzling, what the Gaels would call dreich.

    Dreich. Say dream and roll your r, leave off the m and replace with a soft non glottal k. Dreary, miserable, grey and gloomy weather!:p

    For the last few months I've been waking too early (6 a.m.) and can't go back to sleep. Before that I slept like a log til about 8. I go to bed at 10:30 and read until midnight. I guess no major problem, just annoying. I always have a nap read/rest from 2-4 pm, until Richard wakes me at tea-time. My nap is about 30 mins., the rest is reading.

    Richard has gone to town and I forgot to tell him to get me some sheep's cheese which I dearly love. Must call right away! And make a cup of tea (I've given up coffee), Oolong, I think.

    Xmas is so consumerist oriented. I am only giving gifts to my dog and cat. I am SO looking forward to the winter solstice, every day a little longer..... I long to see daffodils and crocuses.

    Well, I've gotta call Richard for my cheese and chocolate and kefir now, before it's too late!

    Cheerio to All,
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Here is a picture of a Catasetum Orchid from Sunset Valley Orchid that I want to
    share with all. The color is BLACK. This is a new line of breeding for this type of
    orchids. Some of the plants have won FCC ribbons (First Class Certificate) from the
    American Orchid Society.

    This orchid is deciduous and can't be watered from winter to early spring
    as the plant goes dormant. If watered, the bulbs will rot. I had such a plant and
    left it under the eaves away from the rain. We did have some rain that winter and I thought it was
    safe as the bulbs were still apparent. By the time spring came around and with no
    evidence of growth I felt the bulb and found that it was hollow. I guess it pays
    to listen to the experts. I haven't try growing them again - $$$$.



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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Afternoon, Porchies,

    Julie, as usual, sooooo much going on with you. I pray your tooth doesn't bother you until you can get it fixed. As you know, but men often have to find out the hard way, managing diabetes is vitally important and can be tricky. I think men have so much pressure to be strong and in charge that it's hard for them to have their illnesses be in charge of them. It's hard for us women too but we haven't had the pressure on us that men often grow up with. As with all our Porchies, I keep you and yours in my prayers.

    Diane, that dental office needs to get its act together. I'm so sorry they gave you a couple of bum steers. It's been so long ago that I had the deep cleanings that I can't remember when I started to floss and use the hard rubber stimulator on my gums. I remember it hurt but in a kinda good way, if that makes sense. I have a couple of tender spots on my gums and when I rub them, it hurts in that same way. It's good, though, because I know I'm toughening up the gums and stimulating the blood flow to them. I pray for a good and fast recovery.

    Sunflower Girl, when our weather turned cold, I had to use my nebulizer every morning for a while. I only use my rescue inhaler when an asthma attack is imminent. If I don't stop the asthma in its tracks, it becomes serious. My camera is tucked away so I'll take a pic with my phone. It's just a pain to upload pics from the phone to my computer. I may only be able to get the lower window and flower box but the upper windows have the same shutters minus flower boxes. The pansies in the first box I planted are only now looking decent and not limp. I promise I'll get a pic for y'all. Glad you are getting out. I don't drive much at night anymore and really need to so I'm more used to it.

    Barry, glad you dodged the bullet. My family and I usually don't exchange gifts; we make donations to charities instead. I do sent gifts to my DGS, though. When I lived in CO, I loved the Winter Solstice. I always celebrated it and was glad the days would grow longer. Now, everything is upside down and I love the winter weather. Our summers are soooooo hot 'n humid. I just came in from sitting on our balcony in the shade. It's in the 70's here. I have the doors open.

    Gordon, what an absolutely beautiful orchid! Thanks for sharing it with us. My Cattleya yellow spider orchid bloomed about six months ago when my friend gave it to me and it's about to bloom again. I wasn't expecting it. Orchids can be so expensive that I doubt I'll ever have one like the one you sent a pic of but I really am enjoying seeing it. So dark and mysterious and exotic...and beautiful.

    I'm waiting for my doc to call about my new heart/BP med. I know he'll be an ass about it but I simply can't tolerate it. I also have a call in to our painter to see whether the bldg. should be painted; I think it should. Today, I took my Scrubbing Bubble battery operated scrubber, with the extension handle, and cleaned off the tops of our storage boxes behind the hedge in front. I got up and out early after a shower and hair trim. It turned out well. I sent my DGS's gift, dropped off some contact lenses I can no longer use at my eye doc's, cashed a check at the bank, and did a little shopping at Publix.

    I've kinda lost my appetite for sweets, which is a good thing. I bought healthy stuff and when I got home, I made a smoothie in my Nutri Bullet wit6 spinach, cranberries and pineapple. No, it doesn't taste great but it's healthy. I felt the need for protein and did a boneless steak on my little grill. It was sooooo good. What looks like a small steak in the package ends up making two meals for me once it's cooked.

    That's when I decided to go outside and sit in my rocking chair on the lanai and enjoy our tree, the breeze and the orchids. My neighbor from downstairs came up and sat with me. She brought her cute little dog. I need to have the sidewalks pressure washed but, other than that, our place is looking really great. Good! Maybe now I can finally concentrate on cleaning up my condo. I'm ready to go Home whenever the Good Lord calls me but I asked Him not to call until I have a chance to clean things up. Don't want my kids to see this mess.

    My younger DD sent me a darling little cat with glasses, reading a book. It was ceramic and the whole side was broken. I had actually bought an identical one in metal so I just thanked her and didn't mention it was broken. If she comes down, she'll probably think this one is the one she sent. She also sent an Amazon gift card, which is reallllly nice. It was such a surprise.

    Well, that's about it from my neck of the woods. Hope everyone is doing well and has a good evening. Tweety is bugging me to go out on the lanai with me.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gordon - Those black flowers were really pretty and of course very different. Thanks for posting them.

    I just sat down and actually read all the posts that I have missed, or most of them. I cannot possibly answer them all. I went to WM today and think I got all the stuff need. We'll see :)!!!

    Stopped at the Verizon store this morning to try and get hooked on FB on my phone. Well it was done in a couple of minutes. These dopey phones and error messages they and the computer send out when you are trying to log in. Why don't they say what they mean ??? They said put in PW an said it was wrong when it wasn't but she said when they say that and you can't get in try the phone number and then the PW. VERY WEIRD to me.

    DIANE - Sorry your mouth is so sore. Yes I think the BOOST or ENSURE should be good if you cannot eat real food for awhile. They have so many different kinds. Glad that is over for you.

    JULIE - I cannot believe your sil and all she does. She is very spiteful pers0n. Glad Clinton is OK but he really needs to be more careful about his glucose blood draws or should I say pricks :)!! He sounds like my DH , he would say the same thing Clinton did about saving his test strips.

    DH and I have very early appts for bld work and doc appts tomorrow 8:30a.m and 9:00. Not looking forwards to it and them taking my b/p as it usually goes up with all the rigamarole, up early, no food etc etc. We both will need new meds scripts so we NEED to go. DH is already complaining :)!!!

    Tomorrow afternoon we sing at our last place and am glad that will be done. It is nice though when they respond so positively to the music.


    Love to everyone,
    Granni :)
    Last edited: Dec 17, 2014
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Gordon: Beautiful orchid and most unusual. Sorry you lost yours though.

    OK.....kids....put on your thinking caps. Back in the late 50s early 60s there was a comic strip, Brenda Starr, reporter. As I recall she was in love with a mystery man who wore an eye patch who was always somwhere else searching for a rare black orchid. So.......the black orchid was finally found.

    Tomorrow morning I have another breathing test scheduled at a local hospital then another CTscan. Tomorrow I also pick up a new inhaler, this one with steroids. I'm also being tested, again, for RA and lupus, sigh.
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Granni, glad you got your phone to work. When I got my new one, it wouldn't let me on my wi-fi and kept saying the PW was wrong. I took the battery out and put it back in and, Voila! No more problems.

    Sunflower Girl, good luck on the breathing test. When I took them, I thought I'd pass out from trying to do extreme exhaling. I use Combivent with steroids for the rare asthma attack I get. Doc doesn't like prescribing it and wants me to just use one with albuterol. Well, albuterol by itself doesn't stop the asthma. So, he capitulates. I've told him it's better than going to the ER or dying from the serious asthma attacks I do get when I get them. Co-pay on one inhaler is $90 on my ins. I have some Rx discount cards and, when I have to get a new inhaler, I'll try one of those.

    I took 100 mgs. of my losartan (Cozaar) yesterday after the doc's nurse called and said he'd prescribe it. I slept a full 6 1/2 hrs. last night and woke feeling soooooo rested and good. I took my BP and, alas, my heart rate resting was still 99. I'm so disappointed. Maybe it will take a few days to go down. One way to get a resting heart rate down is to get it up through exercise. It's still too cold to run in the pool so will bite the bullet and do some fast walking in our hood and the one next door. Starting Jan. 1st, I get a free membership to a gym and will definitely do it. I love using the stationary bike.

    I fell asleep during the first hour of the "Survivor" finale but woke up to watch the next hour. I was so pleased with the winner. A lot of times, I don't like the one who wins but they often do a good job of manipulating the others, lying and outplaying them and that's the idea of the game. The woman who won this time really played her heart out.

    I have to go pick up my new script for the higher dose losartan but if my pulse rate remains high, I'll know it wasn't the new Avapro. Strange, though, that the fast heart rate didn't start until I started taking it. I had planned on staying home today but have to go to Target to get the Rx later in the day. I want to get this condo cleaned up. I still have to paint the supports for the flower boxes and get the sidewalks pressure washed but I'm getting there. Without Frank and Ilona coming down, it's all going to continue to fall on my shoulders. I have to get it done before the middle of Jan. in case I get elected to the big board. Good news--Frank is home from the hospital.

    I think I'll use DD's Amazon gift card to buy a watch repair kit if they have them. I need one with the gizmo which opens those stainless backs so I can put in new batteries. Think I might check the flea market first, though. I need new batters anyway and they are cheapest there. Then, I can amuse myself with reading all the sayings on the tee shirts. I saw a good one, which is appropo for me, on a fridge magnet in the UPS store. There was a pic of the cranky old woman on it and it read, "When I'm sad, I sing and then realize that my singing is worse than my problems." Fa la la la la...

    Have a great day, everydobby.

    Love, MIkie
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    HI MIKIE and SUN. I m off to the dr. for or yearly appt. to get more meds. etc.

    MIKIE - I also take Losartan and have a fast heart rate besides hi b/p . I still have it but b/p much better of course. HR is still high, in the 90's usually resting.

    SUN - God luck with your tests.

    Need to run.,

    Granni :)

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