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    I'm going back to the last Porch to close it out. I'll post there. Please go back to read the last posts on 788.

    Just watched the Disney video. Sunflower Girl, you were so cute riding in you little car. I don't remember whether or not you told us how you found out you were in the video.

    I was amazed at how many women were wearing dresses. Of course, we all dressed up more back then but to an amusement park? By the early 70's when we visited, quite a few things had been added to the original park.

    I'm still sitting here debating the choice of getting in the shower or just lying around and resting. I'm clean so the shower would only be to wash and blow out my hair. Then, I'd feel obligated to go to the store so I think lying around is winning out. Don't know whether we are having a condo mtg. tomorrow or not. Hope not! Boy do I feel lazy. It's beautiful out and I'm surprised because the weather man said it was to be a rainy day. Don't know why it still surprises me when he's wrong.

    Will come back to read your posts later.

    Love, Mikie
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    our powers out..just checked in..posting so this new Porch is on top..mikie thanks for opening up

    ttyall later

    God Bless
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    Spring: thank you so much for finding that and putting up the link. It comes in so much clearer also than what I could see on the internet. You're so very thoughtful!!!! :)

    Mikie: It was just a fluke that I watched the movie. About 4 years ago I had been telling my son that I had gone in 1956 for the first time, he did a search and gave me the link. So I'm watching it, enjoying the early time of Disneyland when suddenly I realized it was me in the car. Back in 1956 skirts with petticoats is what we all wore. I remember what I had on was a pale pink shirtwaist.......probably one of my aunt's cast offs since I had few clothes......and I was most likely wearing white buck shoes. And about a month ago I was telling my SIL about going to disneyland and the video and how my DH deleted it. So I did a search for it the other day.

    My cleaning lady just left. I showed her the video and we had a good laugh. Her husband was Donald Duck for years so he'll probably enjoy watching the early years. My oldest son's first girl friend for 4 years worked at Disneyland as one of the characters......chip and dale......and she eventually got promoted to supervisor where she got to wear suits, instead of a costume. And strange twist.......My cleaning lady's husband knew her and worked with her for years. That was the girl I had hoped he would marry but alas, they broke up. Last thing I heard was she was divorced with 3 young children, the youngest had/has leukemia.
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    SUN - How old were you in this video. I am afraid that I missed you. I keep going back and did not see a child or were you a teenager driving this car? Or were you being driven by someone else? It is a very interesting video. May go back again to finish and see if I an spot you. Sure wish I could have been a kid in Disneyland at that time but we could not afford to go for sure plus we were on the opposite coast at that time. I was really relating to the hair styles, clothing, etc of that time. Just what we all wore, and pants just creeping in for us gals - YAY !!

    So sorry to hear about your relative who died at such a young age in an auto accident. What a terrible tragedy.

    MIKIE - Went with DH to JCP and DH helped me pick out a pair of small hoop gold earrings that I an wear almost every day. I had a pair that has disappeared. not to long ago. Then DH picked out a shirt and tie and casual shirt for himself that I new he would like.. No really any surprises for an of us this year or really big present other than the flooring and the earrings :)!! Yes, talk about the clothing back them was really something but I did see so ladies in pants and what we called pedal pushers now they are capri's (just different lengths). If I had gone then I probably would have been in pants or pedal ushers. I just LOVED my jeans in my teenage years. What was the year of this video??

    JULIE - Hope you and Keira get well quick and do not pass on the bug to the rest of the gang. That is just what they do not need. Hope they had a great time at their ball. I am sure they did. I'll be Josiah got lots of special attention too esp from the ladies :)!!!!

    SW - Did you repost that video or did SUN??. That is really a neat video and a trip down memory lane even if I never went there. We did as adults go with our children years ago t Disneyworld in FL in our travel trailer. We did miss Epcot Center though as it hadn't been built yet. Thanks for your directions even if I still couldn't find SUN.

    Special Hi also ROCK and anyone else I missed.

    Need to go start dinner.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Julie: I'm sorry you've got a little sick girl with you. It's that time of the year when kids get everything that comes around. Stay heathy is all I can say. There was a 24 hr. bug going around here......nausea, stomach upset, so perhaps by now she's feeling better.

    Granni: I'm 11 years old, driving the turquoise car right after the elderly couple. I think Spring posted the time mark for the movie. So gold earrings for you and clothes for DH. I can't wear my pierced earrings anymore.....head and hand shakes too much to put them in an one hole has closed, so my DGD is now the proud owner of all of them. I had some nice diamond studs but she won't get those until she's around 16 or so. She did wear some other little platinum with tiny diamonds yesterday at a holiday brunch. She tells me right away......Nana I've got your earrings on!

    I've now driven 3 times to the airport! Once to pick up DS, saturday for him to get his rental car, and today to follow him over as he returned it. He's going to rent again after christmas and I told him this time to find a rental place OPEN locally. GRRRRRRR

    Can you believe it hit 72 degrees today. Rock: are you loving this warmer weather?

    Diane: how's the mouth today?
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    SUN - Thanks for clarifying. I think I might have seen you but was looking for someone younger. Also not sure if the time was correct or I had it wrong.

    Time to get ready for beddy bye.

    DIANE - I hope your mouth I starting to feel little bit better, at least. Thinking of you. Warm weather here too but very windy today. Went an got my nails done today. They were in bad shape esp. my toenails.

    Love to awl,
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    Hi Kids

    Nothin' much going on around these parts. I am finishing up a book by Jan
    Karon. She's been writing best selling books for 20 years. Turns out one a year.
    Most of them are about life in a village called Mitford. Some of her books are
    focused on the Episcopalian Priest Father Timothy. In spite of the books being
    about unpretentious people who live far from the glitter and glamor of the big city,
    she looks like a celebrity herself. A real beauty coiffed and groomed and
    beautifully dressed.

    Am also reading a book by Ann Rule who is likewise prolific. Writes true crime
    documentaries. She came from a family with several members who worked
    in law enforcement as did she. She was also a volunteer at a suicide hot line
    in Seattle. Eventually she discovered that her friend and coworker was a
    suspicious character. His name was Ted Bundy. His was the first story
    she wrote.

    We didn't do much yesterday. We have a bag of books that needs to go back
    to the library, but somehow is not making the trip. Gordon did go
    to Costco yesterday. Got me a huge b0x of microwave popcorn. 44 packages!
    They cost about 22 cents @. (I think they're smaller than most.) I haven't
    had popcorn for years because I couldn't chew it. Can manage with this brand.
    Ya know where Costco got its "Kirkland" brand name? That's the town in
    Washington state where the home office is (or was) located.

    Sun, well, I'm glad we figured out which driver was you. Too bad some of
    our highways' worst drivers don't have similar cars. Ones that they can't
    control 'cause the Autopia robot is doing the driving. I haven't noticed the
    warm weather. I seem to be cold most of the time lately. Old age maybe.
    I've been wearing gloves a lot. Fingerless ones that Gordon knit me when
    I'm at the keyboard. Supposed to be 74 today, I read.

    What a kawinkydink! Your cleaning lady married to Donald Duck. I would
    imagine that job paid big bills.

    Julie, I never heard of thieves oil before. I read it's supposed to be a cleanser
    of the system and supporter of the immune system. Several sites have recipes
    so one can make it at home.

    Springwater, come back when you're able. I wonder if it would help if you
    poured some thieves oil on your appliances. On your electric cords?

    Mikie, hope you got some rest yesterday. I just posted "Feeling Groovy" on
    one of the song games over on the Homebound Board. Remember the
    opening line? "Slow Down, You move too fast."

    Here's a comment found on a humor site. "My family says I talk in my
    sleep. Funny. Nobody at the office has ever mentioned it."

    Going back to bed for a while.

    Hugs Everydobby
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    If y'all go back and look at the posts, the exact time of Sun's appearance in the video is given; it's at 27 mins. plus some seconds. It's a great head-on shot of her in the little blue car.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for 'splaining how you found out. You probably already did and I spaced it out. Disney had a very strict dress and grooming code for the workers at the park. I remember how clean it was with workers sweeping up nonstop. Yes, women dressed up just to go to town back then but peddle pushers were so popular that I would have thought most women would choose them for an amusement park. I guess we were just so conditioned to wearing dresses. We wore them, or skirts, to school. I graduated HS in '62 and we were still wearing them. Women down here in the jungle like the long casual dresses and skirts. I have a few of them and like them. Strangely, in the summer, they are cooler than shorts. When I was growing up, we wore dresses and gloves to go to Denver to shop. I wore dresses, gloves and a hat for church.

    Granni, sorry your power is out. You and Kim Jung Um (probably didn't spell that correctly). I say if a country's leader looks like that, dresses like that, and acts like that, he's fair game to poke fun at. Geez, if it weren't for some of the characters in our own govt., our late night comics would have no one to make fun of. Hope you get power soon.

    Julie, I'm glad Keira is doing better. It amazes me how kids can be so sick and, the minute they start to recover, they are full of NRG. Hope she continues to improve and everyone else stays well.

    Rock, that was one of my favorite songs. That we even know what groovy means dates us. Oh well, we lived through some great times and I feel for kids today that they missed it. My DVD player also plays VHS tapes so I showed DGS how we used to watch movies. Before long, everything will be streamed and kids won't know what DVD's are. When I was growing up, I was very interested in the world before I came along. I don't think kids today share that interest. In fact, so many don't even know what goes on in the world outside their own little circles. Sad! Some do seem interested in our music, judging by the turnout at some concerts. Just heard that Joe Crocker died. He was my age. Yikes! Sorry to say that, even with a full day's rest, I'm not exactly feelin' groovy. Still, it did help. Sleep and rest restore a body. Liked your fowl pun. Good grief! What are you doing up at 3:20 in the a.m. I used to wake up at 3:30 but now that I'm on the larger dose of Losartan (Cozaar) and am weaning down on my Special K, I wake up several times but can go back to sleep. Before weaning down, when I woke up, I was wired.

    Still haven't heard that we are not meeting today so will proceed on the premise that we are meeting. Also have some business to do. I don't want to have to drive to the mgmt. office. I hope I have the NRG to redo the larder shelves today. If I get nothing else done, I'll be satisfied. Think I'll go to the store after the meeting. I'm not out of food but need a few perishables.

    Well, Dear Porchies, I had better close this before it turns into a Warren Peace. Sending love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    Just got back from the store. I figure that, since it's Christmas, I could have a few goodies. I'm out of white wine so got a couple of bottles on sale. I'm supposed to drink red but I like white too. It was crowded but I got through without a delay. Nothing much going on at the mtg. but mgr. is merging her co. with another and I think it will enhance their services. I hope so. She and my friend, our current president, came over to see the shutters and flower boxes and both said how elegant they make the bldg. look. I'm sooooo glad I did it.

    I took a shower and dressed up just a bit from my usual rags and did my hair. Just doing this, going to the mtg. and going to the store has left me exhastigated. After sleeping all day yesterday, I should be energized. Don't know what's up with that. Think I'll just start on those shelves of food and see whether I get into it.

    Tweety got up on my lap and wanted to have her head scratched. She goes nuts for that. She used to always do that when she lived outside and I'd have my coffee out on the Balcony. I love to give these cats love. Sylvester jumped up on my ironing board this morning and wanted his head scratched. He likes it when I put my face down in front of his and whisper how much I love him. Don't know what did before they came to live with me. Now, they own me.

    It's going to be 80 degrees today and partly sunny. We are supposed to get rain on Wed. I hope we do. I wish for blue skies and clear sailing for all y'all.

    Love, Mikie
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    JULIE - Please send Keira down here so she can help with some of my chores. I have been trying to get ready for Christmas, food and presents. It is a pain to when having the dinner someplace else and having to bring a bunch of food, not just one dish.. Glad she is being such a big help to you. I say if sis is changing the appointments all the time, that you make, let her or them bring him. I would like to strangle her for what she keeps doing to you. That is o vengeful lady. BTW, if YOU are the one taking gpa to his appts. you should be able to change them back, even if that is a pain. Please get well soon.

    MIKIE- Glad you are enjoying your pre Christmas goings on, even if it is only you, the kitties and a couple glasses of wine. It sounds good to me. To much preparations to cook tomorrow and get ready today. It will be nice to see almost everyone Christmas Day.

    Having problems typing today so it will be very short.

    SUN - Went back and saw you driving the autobot car. What a cutie you were having a great time.

    ROCK- You remind me of my DH, always READING !!!! EXCEPT his readings are mostly historical. Better quit or I will be here forever trying to type.

    DIANE - Hope your mouth is feeling a little better.

    LOVE to everydobby,
    Granni :)
  11. springwater

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    Granni - I couldnt imagine you wanting to 'strangle' anyone..:D..so out of character.
    but Julies SIL is something else.

    We used to wear pedal pushers back in the early eighties too. Funny how fashion
    keeps coming back in circles. But then what else could it do? Mankind has

    exhausted every style design, they even started piercing their body any which
    where. I like the piercings sometimes. like for the nose ring,
    and the multiple ear piercings in a row

    Good luck with your dinner preparations. I can already smell the goodies from here,


    Julie - good on Keira! Looks like she is going to take after her granma. being helpful
    to all and busy. Get well soon.

    Rock - i looked up Jan Karon. true. What a beauty. Elegant. Regal bearing. Well,
    seems that way. Its an achievement when someone writes one bestseller, but 23!
    I saw that movie about ted bundy when i didnt know it was a true story. Sent
    chills down my spine.

    oops phone ...will come back

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  12. rockgor

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    Hi Springwater

    Great Photo! You're looking tres elegant as zee French zay.

    Serially I used to wear an earring myself. When I turned 50 I thought
    I should do something wild and crazy. A trip around the world maybe.
    But that was a little outta my price range. Kawinkydentally, a friend
    gave me a video about tattoos and piercings. So I thought, well,
    why not? I never do anything really adventurous or exciting.

    So I got a small tattoo on a bicep. Didn't hurt at all. And then I got a
    couple more and had my ear pierced at the Rose Bowl swap meet.
    A huge gathering of sellers, buyers and looky loos.

    It was about 25 years ago. I think the piercing was free
    if you bought an earring. Gordon and I went with two neighbors.
    One of them asked the piercer (a gal dressed like a nurse although I
    doubt she really was one) if it would hurt. She said, "Oh, no." He
    asked, "Can you make it hurt?"

    Anyhoo I wore the earring for several years. My boss at the law office
    didn't like it, but what could he do? I trained him. And his law firm
    wouldn't have gotten off the ground if I hadn't worked for free for
    more than a year. (Yes, he did promise to pay me at a later date, but
    you know how those things usually turn out.)

    Glad to see you have electricity again.

  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Rock!! - :D if i were the first picture..I would die of joy to be that beautiful. and
    if i were the second one, well, the lady looks somewhat serene but i would hv
    thought my daily moisturiser use would hv prevented that many wrinkles.
    She does hv eyes which look like theyve seen a lot of life..maybe me some
    years down the line.::rolleyes:

    Sun - youre welcome about the video. Ive watched it a couple of times and
    am struck by how self contained and introspective you looked even when you
    were that little.

    Mikie - when i read about your symptoms, im thinking to myself "she is
    ascending all right". there are too many matches..but, sigh..i wish the
    ride was smoother, much smoother. You do so much, at least by my
    standards so i dont wonder that you felt tired.. As for the board and running
    for it, just the thought of it makes me feel faint. With exhaustion. I do
    admire your dynamism, and courage and grit.

    My little adventure day before was the shopping for groceries i went to
    at the supermarket. My DH came a bit earlier and had omitted to go
    get some stuff i needed..so he offered to look after the home, and i went.

    I just bought my chickpeas, and lentils and yoghurt n all.

    And my daytime help lady of about four months, she had been
    bugging me to get my grey hair roots done..she offered to do them,
    and i let her bully me into finally taking a bath, going up to the terrace
    wheere the hot sun was shining, (she refused to let me procastinate
    any longer saying how did i know the sun was going to shine on
    the next day?) and did my hair very thoroughly. Must say good job
    and i saved $5.00 going to the salon. I give her extra vegetables,
    and sweets for her kids, and time off when she isnt feeling well,
    plus a shoulder to vent on, when her DH comes from their village
    and roughs her up in a jealous fit. Then goes back.

    Last evening, we broke the monotony and DH and me went
    out and caught a Bollywood movie, which was worth the trip because
    it was good. Its about this alien which gets dropped off on earth and
    loses his starship tracker and has to fend for himself on earth and
    learns how complicated earthlings are, especially regarding all the
    different religions in India. its a comedy but has a message in it
    that religion is manmade, and how it has caused more harm than

    God Bless
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  14. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, I'm so impressed with Keira. She's really a keeper. I hope everyone stays well. Put SIL out of your thoughts so you can enjoy Christmas.

    Rock, I got my navel pierced when I was in my 50's. It was a gray day and I had no sales appts. and didn't want to go back to the office. I was bored and had been thinking about it for a while so just stopped at a tattoo parlor where I knew they were clean--they sterilized everything and used a disposable piercing needle. The guy was great and I felt no pain even though he used nothing to numb the area. He was probably in his 20's and was tattooed all over. He said he had everything pierced that could be pierced. From his face, I believed him. I asked him which piercing was the most painful and he said it was his nipple. But, I digress...I opted for a small tasteful thin gold ring (is that an oxymoron, a tasteful navel ring?). I'm glad I got gold so I've never had to remove it for my MRI's. To this day, I absolutely love that ring. If my stomach is upset, I rub my hand over the ring and it makes it better. The only time it's been out was when I had my gall bladder surgery. I put it back in. The surgeon went in under the navel instead of the top where he usually does so there would be no scar tissue and I could replace the ring. It's soooo funny when I see a new doc and he catches sight of the ring. I'm sure those docs are wondering what an old lady is doing with a navel piercing.

    Granni, I'm sure you'll enjoy your Christmas with all the goodies. I know I'll enjoy mine even if it is just me and the kitties. My buddy, Joan, came over for coffee with me on the Balcony and she lives alone too. We both like being alone. She even tells little white lies to get out of invitations for holiday dinners from people who don't think we should be alone. We've both been alone so long that we are used to it and like it. I'm sure if my family lived nearby, I'd enjoy being with them. I hope you enjoy Christmas.

    Springwater, thanks for the pic. I think that lady looks so beautiful. I love pics like that of older people who look different than I. So many older people look so dignified. We are so obsessed with looking young but in other places, people age gracefully, wrinkles and all. I thank you for your comments but I actually don't do that much. I do a little here and a little there and pace myself. Glad your hair turned out so well; I bet you look lovely. I'm in need of a color job. Maybe I'll do it next shampoo.

    I don't know whether it's the weaning off the Special K or what but now, I've got that "what's the point" blues. I just feel listless and lazy. I have a lot of work which needs doing around the condo but am not motivated to lift a finger. I know that once I start doing something, I'll get motivated. Every now and then, I get the lazies and I wait and, sho 'nuff, it passes. Still, I need to get things done before the election and mtg.

    Found out Barb and her kids are setting out Sun. That's at least a week earlier than I last heard. I don't think their rental will be ready. I'm hoping they all aren't planning on staying in her condo. If they bring the dog, I don't see what I can do about it. I wouldn't put it past them to just bring the dog and thumb their noses at us. Barb told a neighbor that she has taken some falls so won't be staying and will go back up with her kids. Then, she plans on coming back down in Feb. with her sister-in-law. If she's falling, I don't see how she can live alone. Oh well, I'll just wait to see what happens.

    So far, no rain. We could use it. No white Christmas here but I'd settle for some rain. Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas.

    Love, Mikie
  15. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. We have no Xmas tree because we live in the forest. All I gotta do is look out the window! We do have a Poinsettia in the house, so I guess it's the only real decoration.

    Mikie, do you wear short tops when you go out so that y0ur navel ring can be seen? I had my earring put in at Selfridges in London on a whim. Wore it for years until, on a whim, my parrot riding on my shoulder ripped it out and threw it into the tall grass. End of ring for me! Usually he just nibbled with it....

    I am feeling low and listless, no energy, bluish. But that's M.E. for you. I've decided not to tell new docs that I have CFS. Myalgic encephomyelitis sounds more serious and makes them blink! Ha Ha!

    Good holidays for all. The Druids worshipped at Stonehenge on the Solstice. At least this year it wasn't raining there. I am glad that winter has officially begun. Can spring be far behind?

    Blessings and Solace to All who need it.
  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    On my feet all day cooing. Then of to church. Not sure if I will get to post tomorrow. Off to bed , bath and beyond - wherever that is. ZONK in my bed. To D Sons house tomorrow with DD and DSIL who is driving - yay !!!!!

    Love you all -


  17. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Granni: I'm sorry.....but you were cooing all day? LOL I'm sitting here getting the chuckle of the day! Sorry, guess I'm being silly, but I imagined you were sitting on your nest? I'm assuming that meant you were cooking?

    Yes, Barry......by all means tell them it's ME. I'm sure you place is wonderful being surrounded by pine trees. Lucky you. I've got houses, asphalt, lots of city trees though, very So. Calif. And do you still have the vicious parrot? Years ago my son kidnapped a large parrot that was in a tiny dark cage at a friend's house. It was one angry bird living like that. He brought it here one weekend when he was going away, for me to take care of. OMG I was scared to death of it. I tried putting out my wrist for him to climb on, while my son was here, and he tried to chomp down on me, so he sat in his cage the entire time my son was gone. Then after a few months the bird became a large, possessive pain to my son and he wasn't home except in the evenings. Not a good place for a parrot to be alone. So he found another good home, kinda like a bird santuary, and gave the bird to them. They can live a looooonnnnnnng time.

    Mikie: I hope you're OK with the fatigue. I remember when I started on the cymbalta.......I wanted to sleep every chance I got for almost 3 weeks. I figured it was catch up time.

    Spring: So nice of your helper to do your hair. I hope you relaxed in the sun and felt a bit pampered. It doesn't sound like her life is a very good one.

    My son in law's mom invited my DS and I to spend the day at their house for an early lunch. We all brought something to share......I brought Julia Child's recipe for french onion soup......2 other soups were there, along with lots of other goodies. Then we all kinda split around 4 PM to go to various churches for christmas eve services. My DS was a bit apprehensive but I think he enjoyed the entire service. 30 min. of singing (he asked me afterwards if it was always that much singing) and then 45 of a really good sermon. And it really surprised me to hear a good live jazz combo playing christmas songs as we walked into the sanctuary. I think it shocked him too and put him into a more relaxed state of mind. And now we're waiting for him to go pick up Thai takeout at a new restaurant.

    Tomorrow we're to go to my DDs house for christmas lunch. I plan on making black berry trifle early tomorrow morning to take.

    I wish everyone a blessed Christmas, and a heathy, prosperous new year. 2015 a nice round #.
  18. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    I was thinking of a local neighbor who usually has about 10 little rescue dogs and walks them daily....or puts some in a wagon she pulls. Thanks for posting that.

    Julie: Hoping you stay healthy and I can understand about the tree. I brought in lots of juniper branches I cut but It's not christmas here.

    My DS and I were invited to my SILs mom and dad to join with their family for christmas eve lunch. At around 4 we all headed out to various churches. My DS had balked about going to church but I told him in no uncertain terms that one hr. a year in church was the least he could do, considering all I've done for him. So my DD, DGD and I went to the church early to save seats.....it fills up fast......with only 2 services and this is a mega church. As we came in there was a jazz combo playing christmas songs in front......what? A big surprise and I just KNEW my son would feel comfortable, which he did. When the service started the small singing group backed up........a poetry rapper! WHAT? And of course my son liked it! (this service was covering all bases for visitors!) Then great singing for 30 min. then the pastor gave a short sermon.......only about 30 min. Going out to the car my son asked if there was always so much singing.....yes. But with a shorter teaching sermon. When we got back to the house I told him to order thai takeout......a totally different christmas eve.

    Today we're heading to my DDs house for lunch and presents. I still need to get to the store for a few things.

    Wishing you all a peaceful, love filled day.
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all!

    I've been so overwhelmed at work with gearing up for the holidays I've not been on the computer for some time trying to rest when I can.

    I wanted to wish all on the Porch a Merry Christmas! You've become like extended family in many ways. More than family. People who love for no other reason than love. I want to thank each and every one for making my life richer and for the understanding and hope you've brought to me for a very long time. There are not enough words to describe how you have all fundamentally changed my life and outlook on so many levels.

    I wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, The Blessings of God, and Good Health!



  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to DAR and everydobby else. So glad that you got to pop in for a bit. We have missed you. Sorry that you have been to pope to participate with us on the PORCH for awhile. I am sure work takes so much out of you. Hope you get to come back and visit us soon.

    SUN - Glad you had nice Christmas Eve with the family an that DS enjoyed the church service. Hope you had a great day today. BTW, you were right - I was COOKING and NOT COOING :)!!

    JULIE - Thanks that sweet story abut the animals and the lady who was such an angel to them all. Glad you can rest some this week. Stay well !!!!

    MIKIE - If Barb is having all of these problems I don't understand all this coming and going for her. Coming in a week , how long they are staying ( she and whoever else) then returning and back in Feb. It doesn't sound to realistic to me. Yes, that cold be a very stressful situation, especially if they come and drop her off and hope people will care for her., esp with Barb's temperament being what it has ben lately. Hang in there sweetie. Hope you feel better son and things get sorted out for the better wit Barb.

    DIANE - Hope you had a nice Christmas with Kevin and the kitties and that your mouth is feeling much better by now so you can rest better and EAT normally.

    SPRING WATER - Hope all is well . . I read what you said and poof I have forgotten it.

    Our dinner was wonderful and almost everything eaten but a few leftovers for us to take home. The dumplings came out OK, at east one batched but a lot were eaten I couldn't use her small microwave very effectively as they were in fairly large pans and her microwave was so small. It is old and they said they hardly ever use it, very different from me who uses ours a lot. I even have a sensor in one of mine that cuts off when some things are done. So they didn't get to warm but had hot gravy to put on them. Everything was delicious and we all ate t much, as usual. Now trying to figure out what to make for next year.

    I was wonderful to have a lot of my family together. If you go to FB and put in Dylan Doss you can see the picture our Christmas group just before one DD and family came She is not feeling well and has been coughing for awhile, her side is hurting from coughing she said but hadn't been coughing to much while here. Going home to nap I think and go back to doc tomorrow. Guessing it might be viral so we will see and hope no one else gets sick.

    Gotta run for now. Hope to get back here some time tomorrow. I'm really pooped not that I did much today but EAT !!

    HI also to Barry and anyone else I might have missed.

    Love to awl,
    GRANNI :)