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    Come on in, Folks.

    Pull up a chair. Or the glider. Or a bale of hay.

  2. Alyssa-Admin

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    In superking sized bed - with two cats (on THEIR heating pad)..but my bed does have rollers on it! :)
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon went to his orchid club last night. Brought home more orchids. Or
    to put it another way, just what we expected. The new ones are not in bloom,
    so I can't describe them.

    Good for you, Julie. You are being assertive; not aggressive. That's what various
    books and therapists have encouraged for the last few decades. Similarly I
    read a couple books on the importance of saying "No" to requests.

    Sorry, I can't drive you to the airport at 3 AM. No, I really don't want to attend
    a seminar learning to sell real estate. I'm afraid I'll be too busy that weekend
    to care for your pets. But have a nice trip. Etc. Love the kitty kat kit.

    Mikie, good for you. 8 hours sleep. I don't think I've done that in decades. I hope
    elevating your head improves the reflux problem and also elevates your spirits.
    I don't think I'd want to run into you on a dark night when you're wearing your
    Ninja outfit. Be too scarey (unless I knew it was you). Isn't it wonderful that
    Sir Vester can adapt to his handicap and bang on your sliders. James Herriot
    described a case of a little dog that lost its sight, but learned its way around the
    familiar areas. Could even jump through the rails of a fence.

    Oops! Just clicked on the wrong spot. Both windows shut down. Guess I'll
    quit while I'm behind.

    Oh, Hi Alyssa. Good to hear from you and your kitty. Forgot his name. Afraid
    to look for it. Might run into more snares and pitfalls.

    Hugs, Kids
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    Hi Alyssa......lucky kitties! My cats aren't allowed in my BR anymore since I have breathing problems. It was HARD for them the first 3 months or so. They would bang on the door when I was in, or scratch. Even now I have to be so careful to remember to close the door when I exit otherwise one of them will scoot in under the bed. Only thing I can do at that time is get the vacuum out and use the tube under the bed.....you should see them run then. I'm envious when I read how Mikie lets her cats on her bed but it's a no no anymore.

    Rock: Well, it's to be expected that Gordon would come home with more orchids. Does he know what they will look like?

    Julie: good for you, learning to say NO. And I agree, don't allow the SIL over to rummage. My mom told me that she NEVER wanted me to hold a garage sale of her things. Didn't want anyone pawing over her stuff! So I didn't. Nice pic. of your dad.....first thing I noticed was his nice, straight teeth and that would have been before ther "required" braces. I had a friend who wore them in college and she was miserable all the time, constantly having to go in and have the dr. tighten them. Now you can wear an invisalign type that really don't show and much improved.

    And if there is child care provided I think that's good they can use it.

    I'm so up in the air about selling my house. I did a look online last night, had to register to see the photos and didn't see anything I would want, then within 30 min. I get a call from the realtor....high pressure......and I was highly annoyed. I am having a realtor over on wed. just to walk thru and tell me her opinion about what needs to be fixed or gotten rid of. Then this morning I was outside in my private garden, and the thought came to me that I would really miss it. There's so much I love about my house, just wish I was closer to my DD. But then the thought came to me.......if I was closer she could drop them off anytime she wanted........Julie......are you reading this? Sound familiar?
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    Hi Ho, Everydobby,

    I went to the store and came back and found all these posts. I love it when the Porch is busy. My Balcony won't be busy til, at least, the weekend when it warms up. It was freezing walking from my car to the store in the biting wind. I did pick up a package of Prilosec. Can't try it til tomorrow as you take it first thing on an empty stomach. It says to take it every day for 14 days and then stop. Does that mean it can cure the reflux problem? I sent for bed risers on Amazon. As a Prime member, I get free S&H and bonus dollars. The gizmos were only $9.99 and I had $2 and change in bonus dollars so they only cost $7 and change. They will be here on Mon. I'll be busy on Tues. so plan to raise the head of my bed on Wed.

    Prime membership has other benefits. I got two free new books for my Kindle. I've started one and it's a thrilla. I can't even keep up with what I have to read now but if I wanted to, I could borrow books for free from Amazon, just like the library. I've only started watching movies on my Amazon Fire TV streamer. Netflix's "House of Cards," Season Three starts on the 27th. It's one of the best shows on TV. Hope they start the new season of "Orange Is The New Black" soon. It's great too.

    Julie, OMG that cat in the envelope is cute. There is nothing cuter than puppies and kittens. I'm soooooo glad to hear you're asserting your boundaries in your best interest. It's not easy to do but after a while, it will become second nature. I had to read a book called, "Boundaries," suggested by my shrink, to feel more comfortable in standing up for my best interests and not saying yes to everyone for everything. Oreo is so beautiful and sweet. I'm glad your barn "girls" are doing well. Simon still has all his original equipment but I don't think anyone could trap him. He's made it to a ripe old age by being careful and crafty. He's a handsome devil and, I would imagine, the "girls" in da hood find him irrestible. BTW, my Granddog, Nigel doesn't have liver cancer. He had irregular lab tests but doc said he's OK. Been praying for him. He's the rescue black Chow/Neufie my kids and DGS took in. A BIG bullet dodged! I'd hate for Andy to have to go through losing him at such a young age. He and Nigel are best friends. BTW, your Dad is only five years older than I. Tell him I think he was hot!

    Rock, thanks for the red alert and also for starting a new Porch. I'll close out the old one. Glad Gordon got two new orchids. I'd have more of them if I had room and the money to buy them. I am wearing my Ninja outfit but I don't think it scares anyone. The folks from "the home" were shopping this morning. Their van takes them once a week. I had a horrible time getting around as they tend to mill and cluster. If I looked more fierce, maybe they would have gotten outta the way. As it is, they are so cute so I smile at them. Yes, Sir Vester amazes me. When he wants to, he can run and play with the best of them despite favoring his paw the rest of the time. If it's cold tonight, I think I'll just let them stay in and when they want to go out at 2:30, I'll let them out. Maybe they will sleep til 6:00 again when they come back in or just stay out on the lanai til then.

    Alyssa, there is nothing better than being in a big bed with two cats. They not only provide heat but also bring good vibes into the room. Mine coo and purr when they are happily beside me in bed.

    Once again, Kiddies, I had better get going. As always, I keep all y'all in my thoughts, my heart and in my prayers. Sometimes, we are the only ones who understand each other's challenges and pain. That makes for a mighty bond among us.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Great pic of your Dad, Julie. Looks just like the kids from my time in High School.
    I'm Class of '58. The Statler Brothers recorded a great song called the Class of 57
    which is on Youtube. If you want to see it, look for the one with the thumbnail
    pic of a red 57 Chevy. Posted by Orvil Morris. (Orvil is a good Midwestern name.)
    Anyhoo, the video has lots of pics from the 50s. The video contains a
    graduation photo of the Class of 57 from a little town called Quanah, Texas.
    I guess that's where Orvil went to school.

    Sun, not sure how much Gordon knows about his new plants. He may have
    seen them in bloom before. He did say one had pink spots and looked like
    some sort of sea creature. Hmmm.

    Good luck with moving and all. I've moved something like 23 times in my
    life. The last one was a horrendous effort. I firmly intend that my next
    move will be in the back of a hearse. Hey! That rhymes with verse. Reminds
    me of Thomas Lynch, a noted poet and writer who is also an undertaker. He
    say, "The undertaker is your friend. He is the last one to let you down.")

    Yes, Julie and all of us. As one of my therapists said, "Get the toxic people
    out of your life." When I first started to say No to people, I kept trying to
    be polite. Eventually I found that just led to prolonged discussions. After
    that I found something catchy like: Are you crazy? or Absolute not! was much
    more effective.

    Mikie, does that Prilosec come in a purple box? We got a sample box a couple
    years ago. Couldn't take it even if I needed it because it conflicted with some
    other med I was on. Anyhoo it sat on the desk for a couple years and finally
    I tossed it. Glad to hear Nigel is OK. Who names a dog Nigel? Or even a
    person? Obviously the English.

    Too bad you have to spend money on bed risers. The hardy pioneers would
    just have shoved a couple chunks of firewood under the pillow. Which
    probably would have been stuffed with feathers.

    Hi to Springwater and Diane and Barry and Granni and everydobby my
    poor brain can't think of.

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    Hello to everyone, and thanks for the kind wishes/prayers for our little Shorty. He has been back to the vet to get his serous drains removed, and goes back again in a few days to get his stitches out. He is in no pain and in good spirits. The neighbours were told by other people and they have said they were coming down to take care of the rather expensive bill. So far no go.

    It is nice and sunny today, supposed to be 67 or so. I should start planting the 18 lily bulbs I bought at Costco .... but I'm tired, so tired......! Meanwhile A number of daffodils are in bloom, including some small species. The Forsythia is starting to show colour, and the camellias are in flower, as are Primulas, hellebores, Japanese magnolia, and I am feeling overwhelmed! The weeds are doing pretty well too :mad:.

    Rock, I moved around so much as a kid in the fifties and sixties (and forties too) 'cause my dad was in the military and we were always moving every two or three or yrs. England, Grand Saline, Houston, Del Rio, Roswell, England again, Merced, England again, and so on. I've crossed the Atlantic twice by ship, and flown it more times than I can remember. When I finally moved to the States I drifted from Santa Maria to Santa Barbara. In England we always lived in the villages, never on the bases. I moved to where I am now (with Richard of course) over forty years ago into the forest here and have been here ever since. Except for a quite a few visits to my relatives in England, and friends in Amsterdam and Geneva I have become a stay at homer. I've lived in big cities too --- boarding school in London and a couple of years in San Francisco --- so wanted a country life.

    A boring tale.

    Rock, does Gordon have any group of orchids he is especially fond of? Catts., Epidendrums, Vandas or ALL orchids. Wandering minds want to know!

    Best Wishes to All,
  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone

    I just found out my post which i had posted yesterday, didnt get posted
    after all. Drat!

    Had posted right after julies and rocks post about the cud chewing cow.
    But its gone to join the cow, in the meadow i guess, nowhere to be seen.

    Rock. ..i never expected to see bales of hay on our Porch. What a surprise, brought out my inner child, i joined my hands together and just dove

    into one..

    loved the poem. I must remember never to pose with a cud chewing

    cow. years of brain fog has rendered me wooly headed and im sure i will
    look even more spaced out with an intelligent looking cow in the same
    frame. Anyways i hv an inferiority complex about my chinky eyes, hv
    always taken a moment to stare at and envy cows their beautiful big
    liquid eyes.

    Sun - its always a wrench leaving somewhere familiar, the only place
    I felt only happy to leave was my MILs place..its beautiful, but too
    tied up with unhappy memories.

    Barry - yr place sounds like a paradise right now..my daffys too bloomed.
    Four of them in one pot. I hope those neighbours pay up.

    Julie - good to hear you talking tough. Heh heh heh. Now see it thru.
    A soft heart is so vulnerable to pleas for help. Especially when you know
    theyre genuine . I loved the sound of kiddie camp night with the night
    sound effects n all.! Wish we had that. I do hv the sound of nightingales,
    downloaded from the net. They always puzzle people who hear it,makes
    them look out the window..searching.

    Loved yr presents for your father..what a lucky man, he is.

    Allyssa - hello again..heating pad for cats. Once again... i would change
    places with your cat or Dianes or Mikies in a jiff.

    Mikie - i pray you and Sun heal soon from this flurry of health niggles
    ...we deserve to live in health and wellness.. every man and beast!
    I know you are raring to get on with all your duties..you already
    hv done quite a bit. I know your condo must be warm and inviting.
    And the cats make sure it isnt stiff and scarey tidy!

    My isnt stiff either, but its scarey untidy. Not a good thing.

    Like i said in my disappearedpost of yesterday, our New Year
    wbas day before..we got up, wished each other, had fermented
    rice beer, (tasted) , fried bread khabsey, rice mixed in clarified
    Butter and sugar with raisins n nuts..all must hv traditional

    Then we put on our posher togs and jouned the other family
    members at the monastery to pay respects to the Guru. Long
    Long queue. Getting to the monastery was a. Nightmare,
    Main road getting dug up, for repairs and the diversion
    Road turned out to be a narrow alley..with cars coming
    Both sides..DH even got the car stuck in a muddy stretch,
    but kind passersby came and helped son lift it out..

    Then off it was to MILs place for greeting and lunch.

    The eldest has to host lunch during all festivities.so MIL
    has to do it. Luckily, she has this live in family help.
    Theyd made radish and meat stew, spinach curry,
    And lentils and a fermented radish pickle and curd
    And oranges for dessert.

    Yesterday, it was off to SILs place for new year lunch.
    Didnt feel like going since brother is also no longer there
    but that was all the more reason to go, i thought. My
    middle brothers family was there also. His DD and SIL
    And my grand niece.

    As usual, she had made this veritable feast, snacks
    Et all..eight dishes and pulao rice..i asked her how she
    managed it and she said, she got up at 4am and started.
    Like all enthusiastic cooks and hosts, she was beaming.
    And i thanked my stars i didnt cancel.

    That isnt all, she has invited another batch of relatives, this
    Time her own, today. But one of her sisters is coming to help.
    My DHs family wouldve been thrilled to hv her as their DIL.
    But then, she might hv fallen out with them on other matters,
    She and my MIL are both control freaks of the highest level.
    That does not make for good family relations.

    I hv made this post maroon in honour of our Tibetan new year.

    Take cares, you all.

    god bless
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  9. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Old Pals

    How's Tricks? I don't suppose people say that anymore. Here are some other
    things ya don't hear much anymore. Film at eleven. Double Feature. Typewriter
    ribbon. Roller Skate Key. Howdy Dowdy. Paper Boy. Sock Hop. Barn Raising.

    We went to the library yesterday. It was closed. They have different hours for
    M & W; T & Th; F & S. So you have to know what day it is. I never know the
    day and date anymore. I look it up on the computer every morning, but I forget
    almost instantly. I hope we get to the library today. We have 11 books waiting,
    and I'm down to half a book to read. Plus some paperbacks I bought for a dime @
    but none of them look very appealing.

    We also went to Ralph's what is closing. Gordon asked about buying a display
    shelf when we were there a few days ago. Nobody could tell us anything. Now
    it's gone. A lot of merchandize is marked 25 or 50 % off. I only knew one of
    the checkers working there. He was happy about the move. For the first time
    he'll be able to work in the suburb where he lives.

    Barry, what a lot of places you've lived. Must be why you're so cosmopolitan,
    huh? We have both lived in only one of those places. Santa Barbara. Moved
    there from Minnesota. Couldn't get a job though. We kept hearing: This is an
    old town full of old people with lots of money. You'll never get job here unless
    you know somebody. So we moved 70 miles S to Ventura and both got jobs
    without much trouble.

    I don't know if Gordon has a favorite orchid. He recently said he wasn't fond
    of paphiopedilums. Those are the slipper orchids. The state flower of Minn.
    I didn't know that till Gordon told me. I guess he is most excited about new
    and exotic flowers that he doesn't have and longs to acquire. One of his
    orchid buddies is dividing a plant, and he is hoping to get one of the pieces.

    I kinda think most people need three things in life. Family; job; a hobby.
    Can be collecting salt and pepper shakers or refinishing cars or knitting
    for family friends. Just something to get absorbed in and forget your
    troubles. (And then, of course, some folks seem to collect troubles,
    but we tend to avoid those people if possible; right?)

    Glad to hear Shorty is in good spirits. Sorry you are so short of energy. I'm
    not capable or even interested in doing much of anything anymore.

    Your maroon post, Springwater, reminds me of a game we played when I
    was a kid. It involved colors. We often picked maroon, but none of us actually
    knew what maroon looked like. Turned out I had shirt with maroon stripes
    too. I think there used to be a pop song about finding treasures in your own
    back yard. Probably from the 30s or so.

    What do you mean, you've never noticed our bale of hay? It's always been there.
    There's also an old bean bag chair and a pile of cushions for folks who just want
    to sprawl. And the easy chair and the rocker and the lounge chair and, of
    course, the glider.

    Julie, sorry to hear you Dad isn't feeling well. Hope it's just temporary. I
    see it's going to be cloudy and around 30 degrees in Iowa today. It's going
    to be cloudy here too; only a little warmer.

    Alyssa, come back and chat whenever you have the time and energy. Hugs
    to Diane and Granni and Mikie who is probably typing right now. (Or,
    has probably already posted.) We must allow for multiple possibilities.


  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Watching the early news and a doc is saying that this is the season for all kinds of viruses: respiratory; viral; and, flu. Oy! Luckily for me, I don't usually get what's making the rounds or, if I do, I get a light case. What I am susceptible to are bacterial infections and my recurring Whatever Herpes Family virus. Dr. Cheney 'splained it in a paper he wrote. There are basically two sides to our immune systems. Many with CFIDS/ME are like me--one side underreacts to these threats and the other side overreacts. Too much overreaction can lead to autoimmune illnesses. I'm off the acyclovir and so far, so good. The peptide injection probably helped.

    Yesterday, after I got home from the store, I picked up the clutter in the condo and vacuumed the floors. I cleaned the cats' boxes and swept up the lanai tiles. Tiles will need a good cleaning before I go to Orlando next month but I can do a quick and light cleaning til then. I swept the cobwebs from under the overhang out on the Balcony as the winds cause cobwebs in the dry season. I also put the orchids back in the tree and watered them and our flower boxes.

    Ilona's and Frank's ex DIL, her husband, and his parents (whom I met before) came by to look at the condo. I think they are for sure going to buy it. They love our bldg. and da hood. DIL said Frank and Ilona may rent it for three months next winter. That would be great! After all they've been through with his surgery and her hip, not to mention the harsh Boston area winter, they need it and deserve it. After they left, I called Barb and talked for a few minutes. Then, neighbor downstairs came up and we sat a bit in the sun. It warmed up pretty nicely in the afternoon.

    Today, I will finally have a chance to get into that messy front room and clean and organize it. Yea! It was cold last night and I still have the heat on to keep it 70 degrees in here. I'm wearing socks and my fuzzy-wuzzy robe. It will warm up even more today and get into the low 80's tomorrow. I let the cats stay in last night but at 3:00, Sir Vester came in and asked to go out. Tweety didn't want to go but came in a little after 4:00 to rouse me. No more 8 hrs. sleep last night. I may need a nap.

    Rock, yes, the Prilosec comes in a purple box. Most stores have their own brand but the P was on sale so I got it. I really should check to make sure it's OK to take with my other meds. I don't know why the kids named the dog, Nigel. We aren't English. He's a very noble beast and, maybe, they wanted to give him a proper, noble name. I'll never forget seeing DD, Andy and Nigel coming from the mailbox when Andy was about 2. DD had a stack of mail, Andy had one letter and Nigel had one in his mouth. I didn't have a camera but had something better--the little camera a Mom and/or Grandma has in her mind. When my kids were small, I would hold their little faces in my hand and say, "Can I take a picture of you with my mind so I'll always remember how you look today?" I can still see them and Andy too. I can still see them coming from the mailbox. Of course, I wish I had a pic of it but didn't have a camera when I saw them.

    Doc said to use lumber to raise my bed but I could just see myself stubbing my toe as I changed the bedding and swearing like a sailor. These risers I sent for are smooth plastic with no hard corners. If I do stub my toe, it won't hurt as bad. Also, these risers are more compact so the chances of stubbing my toe are reduced dramatically. There is something about hurting my feet, or biting the inside of my mouth, which makes me swear uncontrollably. I'm probably headed for hell anyway but why make it worse. :)

    Barry, I'm so glad Shorty is recovering. Prayers for two dogs this week and two prayers answered. Those people should absolutely pay Shorty's bills. If they have a grow house, I would think they would not want any trouble in the hood. You've really had a chance to see the world. I'm sure it was difficult, though, having to move as a child, leaving your schools and friends behind. I was in Geneva and we stayed near the lake. It was one of the most beautiful areas I've ever been in. We took the train from there to Zurich but I liked Geneva better. The Alps were spectacular. I'll keep praying for continued recovery for Shorty.

    Springwater, a very Happy New Year to you. I envy all your celebrations and large family but I don't know whether I'd have the NRG to participate, especially preparing food. It's so interesting to read about everything. BTW, my place has been scary untidy a lot of the time. Even before the cats, I wanted a home I could live in comfortably. Very high falutin' fragile looking homes make me nervous. Thanks for your good wishes for improved health. I am feeling much better now that I've had my injection and am back on my meds. I got a lot done yesterday and feel as though I can again today. I pray for NRG for you as you need it, at least, as much as I.

    Oops! I accidently posted before I was ready so am editing my response. Also, looks like Rock was here at the same time.

    Julie, I am so sorry about your Dad's health. Sending up a prayer now.

    Rock, the three things I think we need are love, a sense of purpose and some kind of faith in the meaning of life. Of course, on Mazlov's Hieirarchy, (pretty sure I misspelled his name) this is only true after our physical and safety needs are met. I guess if one is a hunter/gatherer and is being chased by a tiger, one doesn't worry about the higher needs. I think this holds true for when one is too sick or too tired to worry about them. When I'm in that state, I revert to trying to protect myself from the ravages of what ails us. I usually watch TV so I don't have to think. I go into survival mode as prescribed by my shrink. It also works for when one has suffered a horrible emotional wound. I'll bet most of us here are masters of survival.

    It's time to end this Warren Peace post. I'll probably be back later today but, if not, I'll see ya in the funny papers.

    Love, Mikie
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  11. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi All,

    Yes, I was able to get out of our driveway & make it to the Surgical Center for the injections in my back on Wednesday.

    The injections worked & when I see the doctor this week she's going to submit for Authorization from my Insurance Company for the 2nd part of the procedure to be done ------ It's called ----- Destruction of the Nerve Endings. It will be in the middle of my back & upwards on the right side. (That's the permanent part of the procedure & you can no longer feel pain in the area treated.) Hopefully, I can get it done within the next 2 to no more than 3 weeks).

    My Health Insurance Plan this year makes me pay a co-pay of $250 to use the Surgical Center, where last year is was only $75 each time. I switched plans and didn't realize there was going to be such a hefty co-pay.

    MIKIE ===== I can't believe you had to use your blow dryer on your car door during Winter storms!! Shesh, you have to resort to what ever ends up working.

    Today we are getting more snow. Another 3 to 6 inches. Now that our snow blower is working again I'm not overly stressed out about because I know I can get out of the driveway.

    I have to take my car to the Mechanic now because my WARNING BRAKE light is coming on in my car & it's driving almost like the car doesn't have brakes anymore. Got them replaced (front & back) only 7 months ago, so, hopefully, I only need brake fluid. ------ Hopefully!!

    When I went to top off the fluids in my car I mistakenly put Oil in the wrong place. Put it in where it said to add Transmission Fluid.

    I will have to ask the guy to flush out the fluid from the system & replace it properly for me. I will use my Mom's car in the meantime.

    OK, going to wrap up my message so I can get my exercising in for the day before it gets too late.

    Hope everdobby has a great weekend!!

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Sorry I have been gone from e Porch, it seems so much. When on the computer it has had to do with or Ladies group an the new method they w have or are trying out to get in contact with all the ladies about our meetings. I will e interesting to see how this all plays out. Had a bunch of ladies to call and I hope they were mine to call :)!! The ladies in charge both work so will not have much time to contact anyone. The meeting and lunch is Wed.

    JULIE- So sorry you dad I not doing to well and that he didn't get o enjoy h birthday diner with you all. Did he get to enjoy any afterwards, like the cherry pie??? Hope he gets to dong better soon. That living room camp out sounded interesting. Yes, I think that some of those little ones are definitely to young to really enjoy all that good fun.

    ELAINE - Hope you are doing pretty well and that u get to have that procedure soon so you can get out of pain as soon as possible.. Sorry that price has gone up to use the surgical center. I seems all of that medical stuff has gone up, from what I can see and hear. Sorry you mixed up where to put the oil and goofed up the car a bit for you but go you can use your mom's car for a while. Don't feel bad. You know more about the car than I do.

    I had better get off while I still can. Having problems with this typing and so keys are sticking. Our weather is very windy but warm today - low 70 but tomorrow it will rain and go way down again I hear.

    Hi to ROCK, SUN, DIANE, BARRY, MIKIE et al !!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    In China this is the year of the sheep; or the goat; or the ram. Maybe it
    depends on the translation. Anyhoo, yesterday was the day of the
    bamboo. Spent much of the day wrestling with a potted bamboo.
    About ten feet tall. Probably weighs at least a hundred pounds. Gordon
    and his hefty, weight-lifting brother managed to get it out of the pot.
    Been in there 20 years or so.

    The roots have grown into a thick mass kinda like a door mat. Anyway
    the mass was so thick the plants wasn't getting much water; the water
    just trickled down the side of the pot and out the drain holes.
    So Gordon sawed and snipped and I pounded and eventually he
    managed to get it back in the pot. The pot is 3' X 3'. Then we
    added some fresh potting mix. Ridiculous for a 65 year old man
    with a bad back to be doing all that lifting, but that's what he did.

    He had an alternate plan which involved another brother coming
    over tomorrow, but he was afraid the plant wouldn't survive in
    the sun if he didn't get it back in the pot. I hope we don't have to
    mess with it for at least another 20 years.

    Went to the library and got about a dozen books. I found a new thriller
    writer. Wrote and told my brother the forest ranger. The book is set
    in Duluth. My brother went to college there almost half a century ago.

    Julie, glad to hear you weather got above freezing; even if only a few
    degrees. Yes, I think you have lots of purpose in your life. I don't have
    one anymore. Sometimes I miss the fun parts of work. But I am so
    glad to be away from incompetent bosses and ornery coworkers and
    boring meetings, etc.

    Mikie, I loved the mental picture you described: The Three Mail Carriers.
    It sounds like the perfect subject for Norman Rockwell. And I can
    also picture you in your fuzzy-wuzzy robe and socks. I feel sure your
    ensemble is color coordinated and from the hands of a famous designer.

    Abraham Maslow. Gosh, I haven't thought of him for decades. When I
    was a psych major I took a course on the history and theory of great
    thinkers in the field. Maslow and his hierachy of needs. Karen Horney
    was another in the pantheon. Can't even remember the others. William
    James, maybe. Well, what's vital one decade may be irrelevant the next.

    Granni, we may be having the same problem with our keyboards. I don't
    really think of mine as sticking, but I guess you could call it that. Anyway
    there is a slight delay between the time I hit the key and the moment the
    letter appears. Maybe I need to do like Elaine and add oil someplace.

    Hugs to Barry and Shorty and Richard and Springwater and Diane and
    Sunflower and Dar and anybody I inadmitently overtiated.


  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Friends,

    I feel so much better today. Yesterday, I planned to clean out that room but realized I had strained my back the day before. I just rested it and it's so much better today. Oh, thank God for my Amazon Fire TV streamer. It loads movies and TV shows in a snap and there is a lot from which to choose. Cats stayed in til 2:00 a.m. and were yowling to come back in by 4:00. Oy! I forgot to fill their lanai dishes with food and water. Simon came by again this morning. I almost didn't see his sweet little face looking at me through the kitchen window.

    I need a new vacuum. The Bissell I bought works but not well enough. Swore I'd never buy anything but a Hoover but was seduced by the Bissell on sale. Big mistake! I'll probably visit Bed Bath & Beyond and use my 20 percent off coupon. My rug is really dirty but will wait til my kids leave to shampoo it.

    Richard called yesterday and still wants to come down but can't leave his real estate business right now. He's already sold 9 homes so far this year. He's in the lower end of the market but a steady stream of sales is better than trying to hit it big every now and then in the high end, especially when the economy is bad. Before his wife died, there were two of them to run things but now, it's just him. I wouldn't mind driving up to see him this summer but, if he's busy at the business, I wouldn't want to take him away from his sales. He's trying to recoup what it cost him to hire someone to take care of his late wife at home instead of having her in a nursing facility. He is one of the best people I know.

    The real estate market here and in SC is rebounding faster than I had thought. I don't think it'll ever get back to the crazy days of the bubble but it's steadily going up. Condos are at a premium down here because, during the downturn, developers weren't building them. People are getting more concerned about our water and delicate nature preserves and I think the days of the developers steamrollering their developments through may be gone. I hope so. I'm not against people moving here but we need to be more responsible about development. We are finally getting serious about the Everglades and they are getting healthier. We are also putting things in place to make our big river healthier to avoid overgrowth of algae, including Red Tide. Big Sugar Cane is recognizing the need to jump on the bandwagon to help the ecologically sensitive waterways too. 'Bout time!

    Julie, you have love and purpose in spades. I hope your Dad is doing better. Yes, when using a nebulizer, one has to sit up straight to get all the med into the lungs. Most of us don't completely fill our lungs when we breathe and we don't completely empty them either. Deep breathing exercises help. I don't have to use my nebulizer often but when I need it, I wouldn't trade it for anything. I have light COPD, probably from my smoking days, but it usually doesn't bother me nor does my asthma unless something triggers it. In CO, I had asthma a lot. Just saw a doc on TV who said almost everyone will develop some COPD in old age. Sounds as though the cleaning out is going well. Your response reminds me of..."To Everything There Is A Season." My Seasons can change with the day, just like our FL weather. We will be in the 80's for a couple of days. Then, we are supposed to get some rain. I hope so. The weather in our winter dry season is usually beautiful but everything gets dry and browns out a bit. Summers are hot and humid but everything is sooooo green and lush. Good luck with the cleaning out. BTW, if you come upon something which looks like an ordinary can of shaving cream, tennis balls, etc., don't throw it away before trying to open it. If it's one of those safe-keeping decoys which they used to sell, the top should screw off. Someone found one in a dump a few years back and it contained very expensive jewelry.

    Elaine, so glad the injections worked and am praying for success for the next procedure. It will be sooooo good to get rid of the pain. I've developed sciatica in my old age and just the pain from that can be crippling. The car I used to have to use the blow dryer on was a Corvette. They have fiberglass bodies and seem to be more vulnerable to icing up. Usually Vettes aren't good in the snow and ice but, for some reason, this particular car went through it like a 4x4 as long as the snow wasn't too deep. Considering what those cars fetch today, I shoulda kept it. I think the co-pays and co-insurance on most ins. plans have gone up. I dropped my BC/BS PPO for their HMO to cut costs but, if I get sick or need a lot of care, it'll cost me dearly. Last year, I spent more than $1,000 out of pocket when I had several injuries and had to have PT. Illness has traditionally been the number one reason for bankruptcy. With the economic downturn and folks' losing their jobs, I'm not sure that's still true but it's up there as a cause. Keep us in the loop about your back procedure and, in the meantime, I'll keep you in my prayers.

    Granni, sorry your keyboard is giving you such a hard time. Come back when you can.

    Rock, as I woke up, I realized the name was, Maslow. Why can't I think of names when I need to? Too much pressure for my tired old brain. In one class, we studied a lot of thinkers who had similar ideas. One model had us turning more generative as we age. That may be true for most of us but I've seen some mean and miserly old people. I do think it's difficult when age and illness make it challenging to feel as though we have a sense of purpose. In the Bible, Jesus talks about giving another a drink of water, which is the same as giving Him a drink. Deepak Chopra talks about just smiling at another, or offering up a prayer, when we have nothing else we can give. I don't think we have to do grand things for them to count as having a sense of purpose. So many of us were Type A people who did important work at the job or raising families. When we are sidelined, we feel we have lost that sense of purpose. I think just coming here to support others gives us purpose. You are our historian, book and movie critic, raconteur and the one who provides us with humor. Humor is sooooo healing. I can't hardly wait to come here each day to see what you, and all our other Porchie friends, have to say.

    I'm waiting for my Sunday newspaper. It's late. Should be here soon unless there was a press problem. Just called and it's no press problem; it's a delivery person issue. It's after 7:00 and no one here has a paper. I've been missed on Wednesdays twice in the last month. I know paper delivery isn't easy but that's no excuse for incompetence. Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Golly......I'm gone 24 hrs. and so much to read.

    Mikie and everyone: I agree with the 3 things you've listed for our lives. I always felt my purpose was to take care of my mom who died almost 8 years ago. I felt much relieved of stress, though after she passed. Then when my husband got sick I knew no matter how bad I felt he came first. I've tried to fill my life, but honestly I feel like I've been tossed aside and I can't seem to find "my groove" again because everyone's life goes on without me. So Rock, I know how you are feeling. And I've decided I need to stay in my house......so at least will get that thought out of my head for now.

    Spring: Sounds like the dinners you were invited to for Chinese New Year were wonderful. Your SIL sounds like a very talented cook. Lucky you.

    Julie: I pray that your dad gets healthy again. Lots of bad flu going around. Talked to my son last night and he's sick AGAIN. And my cleaning lady is very ill......flu I guess. Her son is still sick, and I think it's going on 8 weeks, so I'm sure she's got whatever he has. No matter how dirty this house gets, I don't want her here until she's REALLY healthy again.

    Yesterday I bought a mattress topper at Target, thinking that the memory foam topper I have on my ONE YEAR OLD MATTRESS was breaking down and I would feel better. But taking off the memory foam and putting on this new mattress topper I'm finding the MATTRESS is already breaking down. We've bought our mattresses from this same store for at least 25 years, so I need to talk to them today and find out what they will do. This was an expensive spring-aire and I'm not a happy camper.

    On the other hand on friday I saw that a neighbor's gardener was taking out all the large aloe plants and tossing them, so of course I asked for them. I paid him to cut down a bush near my driveway and have 3 of them planted. I'm hoping today to plant the remaining 2 after cleaning out an area. I'm trying hard to get a variety of large and small succulents in the front.....but OMG what a lot of work, and I have to be so careful not to do the wrong thing to hurt myself.

    And while talking with this gardener, I learned he has a 4 year old son who is macrocephalic. Talk about heartbreak! He said they have hired a lady to teach him sign language so he's able to communicate a little. Poor child. He's equivalent to an 18 month old, and just now learning to walk. Every time I have a little pity party God moves someone in my sight who has bigger troubles........kinda like saying, quit complaining.
  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    I agree with Julie. My education has been greatly enhanced by all you bring to us, Rock. When I was raising a family, it was the little things which my kids now remember. Sometimes, others see our purpose differently than we do. Being kind to animals is one of the greatest things I think we can do. Sending up a prayer for a friend, or even a stranger who needs it, is a wonderful thing to do. Smiling at strangers is wonderful in that it can brighten their days. I try to give purpose to even the most mundane errands by smiling at someone, being nice to people helping me in stores, and holding doors open for others. It isn't much but I remember from my Girl Scout days that we are supposed to do a good deed every day. Rock, every time you visit the Porch, you do good things for us. You are good for my spirit. BTW, my fuzzy-wuzzy robe is from Charter Club, a medium-priced brand at Macy's but, of course, I practically stole it for $16 on sale.

    Julie, I hope Den is OK. Hope the gunk in his chest clears up. I also hope the weather improves 'cause that can cause congestion. Come back when you can.

    Instead of cleaning out that room (will it ever get done?) I raised the head of my bed more than 5 inches with the things I ordered. They arrived a day early. This involved standing the huge king size mattress against one wall. It's heavy but I leveraged it and tilted it up. Did the same with the box springs but they are lighter and there are two of them. While I had everything off the frames, I cleaned underneath the bed. This is the first time I've had the bed apart to clean in years. It wasn't bad at all. Guess the cleaning I've been doing with the vacuum tools has been effective.

    I revacuumed the air out of the sucky bags I keep spare jackets and coats in under the bed. I am giving away two rain coats which I will never wear. I've had them since the 90's and they are really looooong. Back then, we wore our long coats and our sneakers to walk from the parking garage or bus stop to our offices (think "9 to 5"). Then, we changed into our high heels. One of the coats is a Burberry knockoff with a brown plaid zip-out lining and scarf to match.

    While the bed is apart, I'm also washing the bed skirt and mattress cover. I'll have to iron the bed skirt but it'll look nice. That bed is gonna be soooooo clean tonight when I crawl into it after my soak. Mmmmmm! Aaaaaaah! Oh, the bed skirt is done drying so have to go. Talk to y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Grief! While I was typing you guys came to the Porch. I'm not editing my post cause I'll never remember what you said and, in edit mode, I cannot scroll up to your posts.

    Sun, I think staying in your home is a good idea. You can always move in the future if you know for sure it's the right thing for you. I have some small succulents over in the side garden under the utility boxes. I have to keep the plants low in that area. We have a big agave plant that the landscapers are going to remove and I told them I wanted the bole to make tequila. :) I was just kidding but one of them may do it. It's easy to make. My mattress is 12 years old and, I know, it is time to replace it according to whomever makes up the rules for these things; however, it is still very comfortable and I'm not letting go of it til I have to. I can't believe yours is breaking down after only one year. I understand your sense of a loss of purpose. My kids were grown when my ex and I split up. Shrink said I had PTSD and to just give it time. I was numb but one day, I found myself again. It's kind like getting one's land legs after being on a boat for a while. It'll come and I pray you find great joy in your life.

    Julie, how cool that you found some family history. The Blue Ridge Mountains are sooooo beautiful. I have ancestors from NC. Glad you are finding such interesting things. Wow! Den has done a lot of work on that firewood. I hope it doesn't make his congestion worse. Also hope your Dad is doing better. I don't think we ever completely recover from losing our Moms. It's been almost 15 years since I lost Mom and I miss her every day.

    I had a strange dream about my Mom the other night. She came to me and we walked along a beach where everything was white. It was beautiful and I told her I wanted to collect some shells. I came upon an irredescent transparent shell of a complete crab but it was the size of a medium dog. I was drawn to it and wanted to take it with me but something told me to leave it there. I was enjoying walking with her and, all of a sudden, we came to an alley with brick buildings. A voice said for Christians to take the stairs. I looked and Mom was gone and there were two stairs going up to the buildings. I immediately woke. Of course, often things are symbolic in our dreams. I think the crab was my soul or spirit just waiting for me to return to it. I always make such a big deal out of being a Cancer/crab. I think having Mom leave and my coming to the brick alley was my knowing that, despite how much I miss Mom and how beautiful Heaven is, I still have work to do here before I can go.

    This brings me back to the idea of purpose. In this limited dimension, I don't think we can always see our purpose. Maybe our purpose is to simply work through challenges in this life in order to grow in spirit. Be careful what y'all ask for. I asked God for more purpose in my life and I got these two cats and a seat on the board. I know, I know; it was my choice in both cases but I can't abandon the cats. Right now, I'm all they've got and I love them dearly. The people in da hood need someone who will try to stand up for what they want and who will make this a nicer place to live. I hope I'm the one who can do it. It's already a nice place but it could be sooooo much better.

    My love, hugs and prayers to everydobby.

    Love, Mikie
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  18. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    JULIE - You are absolutely right about ROCK, HE DOES SO MCH FOR US KEEPS US LAUGHING AND TEACHES US A BUNCH. I DON'T WANTTO HEAR ROCK SAY THAT AGAIN THAT HE HAS LITTLE PURPOSE IN LIFE ANY MORE. That is absolutely not true . Sorry to hear Den is now getting sick. Take care of him so he doesn't get worse. Hope your dad is getting better.

    ROCK - The list is to long for us to start making a list for ALL you do for us, the boards, Gordon , the kitty cats, and I'm sure lots more that we don't know about too. We don't want to hear you talk about yourself that way any more. BTW, we also LOVE YOU !!!!! That's it and enuff said!!!!!

    Just popped on to check on my dear PORCHIES again and taking a break fro this new system in contacting the ladies for our ladies club lunches, etc.

    Haven't had the chance to do much else. Did go to church this morning and tried to help some in trying to sign up any interested in joining the choir. Didn't rain as predicted and not to cold but tomorrow is in the 30's with possible ice - good grief ! Where is this stuff coming from - JULIE's place ?? Enuff already , we re spoiled as MIKIE said. PLUS my body just cannot take it and we have choral practice tomorrow night. GEEZ !!! W might even get some ICE they said. Not much else to ay right now. I should now go switch some washes and fold some. Need to figure out dinner too.

    Hi to MIKIE, DIANE, SPRING WATER, SUN and all our many MIA's. Glad you are enjoying your TV Streamer MIKIE and that you are feeling better.

    Gotta run for now and get something done around here.

    GRANNI :)
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I just got back from Target. Called 4 stores to find this product for cat fur, called FurGopet! OMG unbelievable how it removes the loose fur. My DD had found it a few weeks ago to use on her little kitty who is shorthair and probably weighs 7 lb. max. I couldn't believe even on her that fur was coming off. I tried it on my shy cat and she only tolerates anything for just a few minutes. Last year I had gone to Petco looking for something better than what I had. They had a product that ran about $45. Waaaay too much for me. This one, same thing, runs $25.99 plus tax.

    By the way, a most interesting dream you had. Many symbols there.

    Everybody watching the academy awards tonight? I couldn't even tell you anything about any of the movies but I do like to see what they're wearing.

    Julie: My dad's family, Burkett, lived in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Va. , the Shenandoah Valley, since the 1600s. I did a search of your name and found quite a lot. You might want to check them out.
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  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks,

    I just wanted to post a picture of one of the Catts that I got at the club raffle
    last month. It's a reddish mini Catt with a 'mask' and I think IT'S UGLY in
    color and size. I'm hoping to trade this with another club member for
    something I like better.

    Barry: Funny you should ask what orchids I like best. Rock and I were
    watering this morning and I saw my Dendrobium Speciosum were in bloom.
    These are my most favorite - for the moment. They are from Australia.
    I also notice that all but one of the plants that I divided last Spring have
    flower spikes on them - a great surprise. I will post a group picture of them
    later and let you decide if you agree.

    I did get two new orchids from the raffle last week, dendrobiums of course.
    They are a new cross so I don't what they will look like. I also purchase two
    catts from an another member, one being the missing white 'Innocence' and
    he gave me an awarded purple one name Bryce Canyon 'Splendiferous'.



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