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    Hi Kids

    A nice sunny day here yesterday. A dozen or so epidendrums were blooming. Two
    yellow butterflies were performing a pas de deux above them.

    Gordon and some of his family visited 3 cemeteries yesterday. They took flowers
    and food with them. They left the flowers. Brought the food back and ate it.
    I would explain this better if I knew more about it.

    We went to the free compost heap Saturday and filled up a couple bags. Gordon
    is planning to go again this week. I feel we should really be wearing bib
    overalls like the farmers did when I was a kid. Maybe they still do.

    Mikie, I hope you feel better soon. Yes, I remember those magazines with paper
    dolls. Used to see them in the dime store. We didn't have such a thing in our
    little village, but when we went to a big city like Rochester or LaCrosse I loved
    to wander around and look at all the great toys. Almost everything cost less than
    a dollar.

    Oops! I see we crossed in the mail again. Well, shucks a rooty.

    Julie, you're lucky to have nice relatives to come visit. Good luck with the
    new computer. And the new stairlift. Personally the only installing I ever
    do is to plug things in.

    Springwater, I never heard of indoor football. Kinda sounds like indoor scuba
    diving. You see the article on the water shortage to come. In a few
    decades there will be billions more people and not enough water to go around.

    Sun, I'm happy to hear you and the mattress man arrived at an agreement. The
    next step is for him to actually deliver on his promises. One of the advantages of
    living in a small town is that people have a reputation. If you're new in town
    you can ask your neighbors. They'll tell you who is reliable, who isn't, etc.
    We had a handyman in our town who did excellent work, but newcomers were
    warned. Don't pay him till the job is done. Otherwise he'll go on a toot and you
    won't see him for several days.

    Granni, how are things deep in the heart of Texas? Busy week coming up?

    Hugs to Barry, Diane, et. al.

  2. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Mikie, good to hear from you. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Folks, the last post
    on the previous thread is from Mikie. It was posted last night. Good luck with
    moving the bins, Mikie. I hope your role will be supervisory. Hate to think of
    you doing heavy pushing.

    I can't find the pun I was looking for, but I did find a site that had a plethora
    of puns about fish. I had to agree with the fellow who posted, "We dophinitely
    need to scale back on this topic. Reely."

    Julie, thanks for all the great pics. You know the old saying. A picture is worth
    a thousand words. The new saying is a picture is worth 25,000 pixels. I love
    the picture of you driving the tractor. You look happy, healthy and youthful.
    The kids look adorable.

    Gordon is in the front yard doing some gardening. His brother went to work
    early at Whole Foods. I am busy folding laundry. HaHa. I do practically
    nothing that's useful all day. Well, years ago I did plenty. To everything a time and
    a season.

    Hoping all my fellow porchers are doing well: Granni, Barry, Diane, Sun, Springwater.

  3. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    I'm back from the store with my heel throbbing so am sitting with it up. Earlier, I sat out with Barb, Janice and Teddy for a bit. I got the other desert rose up and put on the balcony at the other end. It is going to bloom. It's the same deep red color as the big one. I had bought a flat of pansies for only a couple of dollars and they are already leggy and limp. Not a flower to use down here. Live and learn.

    I came in and got up on the step stool to try to clean that black stuff off the lanai ceiling from when the painters pressure cleaned the bldg. Some of the water passes through the screen and carries all the dirt that's on the screen with it. It's the devil to get off. I'm going to have to do my best and then paint it with Kilz and repaint it. Lucky for me that the painters left a lot of paint. Still, wish I had had them paint the lanai. It would have been worth it to save cleaning it like this. Still have plants from out there inside and the cats aren't happy. They like their plants out there with them at night. Sylvester is all big and fluffy. I brushed them with that gizmo which removes all the undercoat that gets matted. I ended up with a huge ball of fur.

    It's looking outside as though we will get the rain the weatherman promised. I'll be disappointed if it doesn't come. We need it. I'm through working out on the lanai. I bought some Simple Green to see whether it would cut through that nasty stuff. I wouldn't mind putting another coat of paint out there but I hate to have to prime it with the Kilz first. I'll worry about the lanai another day.

    Julie, I'm so impressed with what you and Den are doing on your home. Good for you! It looks like such fun riding around on your mower and planting things. The kids are so cute. Looks as though spring just might be around the corner. Mom always planted her sweet peas on St. Paddy's Day.

    Rock, thanks for getting us going again. Love the fish jokes. Are you swimming in them and up to your gills with them? Tanks a lot for posting them. Sounds as though you and Gordon are playing in the dirt again. That is a good deal to get free compost.

    Think I'll go lie down and watch TV in bed. I hate it when I can't be productive but, until that heel is better, I'll be on the injured list. I may have to break down and see the doc. Oh, BTW, while I was in bed yesterday, I caught up with "Downton Abbey." They had a marathon and I had missed the last two episodes. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    springwater Well-Known Member

    Well, glad to see a new bunch of posts..

    Tho i wish Mikie and Granni were feeling better..

    Julie - im just aghast at how much the two of you hv achieved building that house! It must take so much energy and patience..the whole place looks huge..thanks for the lovely pictures, a whole lotta memories for the lil ones i must say.

    I hope you hv a good time with your visitors. Oh, j.k. Rowling came here east..not Suns place.
    I saw younhad addressed the comment to her.

    Rock - thanks for opening the porch. Do you know what the house would look like if no one folded the laundry? A big mountain of a mess, you are very useful. And so am i. Even if we are picking up things and putting them away the whole day.

    I loved yr pun about the dolphinitely needing to scale back on the topic.

    Mikie - throbbing heel sounds painful. What do you think brought it on? I dont think ive seen a desert rose. Must google. At least Barb seems civil enough to sit with you and hv coffee..progress, it seems. Thank goodness. Hv you tried soaking your heel in Epsom salt?

    Granni - hope the cough gets better soon. Wish you didnt have to miss the singing.

    Sun - i hope youre doing okay. About the stinging nettles, the people here pick them up by using pokers meant for handling coal and scissors. Ive been stung by them once. Owwwwww. Once was very very enough. Isnt it funny what humans being wil eat? Tarantulas, snakes, im sure they eat cacti somewhere. Seaweed.

    Yesterday was a rainy rainy day. Really loud thunder and flashes of lightening. Scared the doggies. We brought in some dozen flowers in pots. Before it rained. So that they wouldnt be damaged. I mean petunias and dianthus which we were growing in pots.

    God Bless

  5. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Cats got me up around 5:00 this morning. When we go back to EST, it will be 4:00. Yikes!!! I brushed them with that amazing brush Sun told me about and got a HUGE ball of fur. Sylvester, who has long hair, looks all fluffy as that brush eliminates the undercoat of fur which matts. Tweety looks even more sleek and plush than she normally does. That brush was worth every Penny. Thanks, Sun. That, and going to the grocery store is all I got done yesterday.

    This morning, I have to go to the condo mtg. Treasurer wants to call a board mtg. to discuss our reserve schedule and allow the board to get quotes from several CPA's for our mini-audit. Mgr. has suggested a firm but we want to reserve the right to look on our own. The treasurer, and his son, a CPA, has found some problems in our financial stmts. and he wants to meet with the mgr. again to try to hash it out. He is a nice guy but gets so zealous that he won't let anyone else speak and he just keeps repeating himself. He came over yesterday and drove me nuts. If we have problems, I want to fix them but don't want to have our mgr. get so exasperated that she quits. He and she butt heads and it usually breaks out into an argument and standoff. As though we don't already have enough problems.

    I got some Simple Green at the store to try to get rid of what remains of that dirt which was sprayed on the lanai ceiling. It seems to roll off the walls but sticks to the ceiling. I hope this works. I'd like to use some of the leftover paint to put another coat on the lanai but have to take care of the dirt problem first. The paint they left after the job is superior to anything I could afford to buy off the shelf. I hope tomorrow goes well when my neighbor and I clean out our storage bins and move one of them to the pool storage area. These days, I have nothing interesting to post about.

    Julie, that is a HUGE job you and Den have taken on. Yes, do these things when you are in your prime as the day comes, for all of us, when we can no longer do work at that level. Thank you for bringing Granni's post over here for us. Watch that spring freezing rain. It can really be dangerous. Praying all goes well with no illness, accidents nor injuries.

    Granni, I hope you get to feeling better. I don't see how you can sing feeling like this. I'm afraid if you try, it will make things worse. It must be heartbreaking to practice difficult pieces only to get sick but you need to take care of you first. I hope and pray you feel better.

    Spring, I love a rolling thunder and lightening rain storm. It's no fun for the doggies, though. I've been seeing vests for dogs advertised on TV. They evidently fit snugly and give the dogs a sense of comfort, reducing their anxiety during storms. I soak my heel in Epsom Salts every time I soak in them. Ice helps with the inflammation; I also take oral anti-inflammatories. Stretching the heel and calf seem to help in the long run. Staying off of it helps too but is highly impractical. Barb is not only civil, she is downright friendly. So nice; I hope it lasts. Asking St. Francis to watch over your doggies.

    Only another half hour before I can get in the tub to soak. After the mtg., I'll come home and change into older clothes to try to clean that stubborn lanai. I hate having something like that hanging over me. I'm also sick of having the plants in the living room. Thank goodness they don't need a lot of light. Indirect light comes in through the sliders when I open up the blinds after sunrise. They face eastward so I have to keep them closed until the sun is high enough in the sky so that it isn't coming into the living room. I watch the sun's progress during the changing seasons based on where it comes up over the roofs across the little pond out back. It's just where it always is during an equinox.

    Hope all y'all have a wonderful day, including our MIA's and anyone I may have missed.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    It's three o'clock in the morning. We danced the whole night through. Or
    however that song goes. It's about time for Gordon's brother to get up and
    go to work. Gordon went to Lowe's yesterday and bought some more poles.
    They are metal; about 7 feet tall. Every year he puts them up and makes a
    string trellis for the long beans. They are long too. About 15 inches.

    Read another Wilder family book yesterday. Due to bad weather and a forest
    fire, the family moved into the little town of Mansfield, Missouri temporarily.
    The population was probably around 500, but Laura and Rose found it
    intimidating. And terribly noisy. Well, a train went through town a couple
    times a day. Those pioneers were tough; they didn't have much choice.

    Julie, I'm amaziated at all you and Dan have done on your house. You definitely
    have that pioneer spirit. Only another week or so and Spring should arrive in the

    Springwater, I had to look up Dianthus. They remind me of carnations.
    I suppose they are named after the goddess Diane.

    Mikie, is your heel any better? Are you putting oinkment on i? (That's the
    recommended treatment for injured pigs, you know.*) "Up to my gills in fish"
    reminds me of one of my roommates. There were twin sisters in our class who
    frequently wore matching scarfs. The decorative kind. Not the keep ya warm
    kind. Anyhoo he always insisted they wore them to conceal their gill slits.
    *Oops! Sounds like I'm calling you a pig. Not my intention at all. HaHa!

    Granni, I hope your cough has flew the coop and your fever faded away. Are
    you treating with home remedies or high tech meds. In either case, hope
    you have fast results.

    Hugs everydobby

  7. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Wowie zowie!!!! all those wonderful informative pics. of the roof and how it's being done. I have to really admire Den......and you......for the sticktuitiveness on your creation. It's a wonder to behold. And love the pics. of the kids planting. They will have such wonderful memories of their growing up years.

    I look back on my early years. My dad built our house, and quite a lot of what we lived with. Of course I was young and only remember what fun it was running thru the house that only had a concrete floor, but it had one bathroom, and walls and windows and a roof and only the bare necessities of furniture. When I was around 10 my dad added an extra bedroom because my brother age 12 and I shared a BR and they felt it was time for our own. I remember quite well as it went up also. My dad gave all the kids (including neighborhood kids) a hammer and a can of nails, and showed us how to hammer. I also watched in facination how the plasterer used his equiptment to plaster the walls......kinda like icing a cake.

    Rock: I LOVE long beans! I've tried growing them but I have very little space for veggies. Hey......folding clothes is a big job. You're doing what you can and that's great. When I go to my DDs house there is always a mountain of clothes to be folding, and an even bigger mountain that needs washing.

    Mikie: I'm sorry your heel is still giving you troubles. Have you tried any of those orthodics to slip in a shoe. I know you like your flip flops.....I do too.....but maybe the heel needs some extra cushioning besides the stretches. I went thru he** when I had plantar fascitis.

    And I'm so glad you're thinking that special cat brush is worth it. My cats just don't like to be brushed period. Abby will lay there for about 3 min. then she's says no more. As for Clair......I have to trap her in the hallway with the doors all closed then she has to give in. But it does remove a mountain of fur.

    Spring: You're right about eating what some of us consider odd/strange. And yes, out in so. calif. nopales paddles......cactus.....is sold in most of the mexican markets. Of course the thorns have been removed. I've tried nopales salsa.....not to my liking.

    Diane: I hope your neighbor's house sells and you get the best new neighbors. Tell your DH to tell his new cubicle neighbor to try oregano oil.

    Granni: so sorry you're sick and that you will miss out on a performance. Get better quickly.

    As for me, yes at times the pain level is up around 8 1/2. I was told by a PT that if it's a 9 you're ready to go to the ER. I've been sleeping OK the last couple of nights which surprised me, but within 15 min. the weight of my whole body bearing down on my spine starts it all up again. My son sent me a link to a good chair yoga video on youtube. So will try that to see if some stretching will help.
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi awl,

    This will be very short. Still sick and off to the doc tomorrow.

    Posted a separate post about an old PORCHIE passing away( who was not old but on here some time ago). Please read it. It is so sad. I know many of you knew her, MIKIE, ROCK, JULIE, maybe DIANE and others I am sure ( thanks for the heads up). I was so sorry to hear this. Another angel in the sky watching over us all ):!!

    Gotta run for now. Maybe more later.

    Love you awl,
  9. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi to awl again !!

    JULIE - I love all your pics. The kids are getting so big and cuter than ever. I LOVE Josiah supervising :)!! Hope to get back soon, maybe tomorrow.

  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Just peeking in, cant stay as my help has someone visiting and wont be coming in today..

    It rained yesterday too..at least its cool, today also.


    God bless
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hello Everyone,

    Well it's been a couple of days since the last orchid meeting and I haven't been able
    to post any of the pictures I took. The raffle sale table was moved outside of the
    main meeting room as we lost some display area and there was sooo many plants the
    members brought to sell on the silent auction table. The speaker was very hard to
    understand as he spoke with a heavy accent and I was glad I wasn't in the room and
    had to listen.

    Mikie, the flower I posting first is a yellow phal. I've never seen one of with this color
    and thought of you and your orchids. The spike was short and there wasn't many
    flowers but I'm sure it will get better as the plant grows. The only other phal. I was
    impressed with had a multi-branch flower spike. The color of the flowers was light
    sand color, the flower has small dark spots and the flower were the size of a nickel.

    I will try to post the rest in another posting. Think purple......


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  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Things are quiet here on the ranch. Yesterday was another "go get compost" day.
    The supply was replenished. The compost pile was a few inches high last week.
    Yesterday it was about 12 feet high. An enormous mound that could have concealed
    4 cars and a wheelbarrow.

    My brother called from Minnesota. He wanted to know if he ever had chicken
    pox. Something to do with shingles, I guess. But I'm 15 years older than he, so
    I was gone while he was growing up.

    Springwater, I did find out why my nephew Ben had a booth at the Farm-Craft show.
    He is signing people up for the Lions Club and advising folks of his availability to
    help with their computers. The Lions is a service club. Does good deeds to help the
    community. Most famously it collects eyeglasses people no longer need and
    distributes them to folks who can use them.

    I read on the computer news that there was snow in my old neighborhood and
    in NE Iowa. My brother said most of it was already gone. The annual play that
    he supervises every year was a big success. Some fellow is the village is growing
    grapes (in Minnesota!) and making wine. The play was a comic mystery. At
    the end, the audience filled out ballots to pick the murderous villain. The
    little old winemaker contributed some of his wine as prizes. Good advertising for
    him and a new wrinkle for the theater group.

    Mikie, I've seen a couple people mention that new cat brush. Can you
    explain how it works, or is it the kind of thing where you need audio visual
    aids? Oh, maybe it's on Youtube? I hope your heel is healing.

    And speaking of heels, you see that article in the news yesterday about
    emergency repairs. What to do when you break a high heel or snag your
    Vera Wang dress while crawling under barbed wire. Anyhoo most
    folks commenting on the article said it was silly. You can't carry a
    sewing kit etc. in your purse. I was gonna post "Don't worry. Duct tape
    will fix it." Some guy beat me to it.

    Julie, I never thought about it before. I guess you'd have to be ambidextrous
    to be able to manicure both hands. I'm told it improves the one's sense of
    well being to be pampered at the beauty parlor. Always good to look one's best
    when driving a tractor or nailing down shingles, right? Are you guys using

    Sun, sorry to hear you are in so much pain. Is there anything that helps much?
    Pills, heating pad, ice, ointment? I would be crabby as a bear with a wounded
    paw. Norman Fang's nursery is having its semi annual open house next week.
    Thousands of beautiful orchids in bloom. The only problem is it's about 60
    miles away. We went for years. The last few years I haven't gone. The
    trip is too much for my back.

    Diane, thanks for the info on the new placement of the Chit Chat board. I was
    wondering if it had moved or if it was my confusiated state. I hope
    Kevin doesn't have a relapse. A shame that most employers do not encourage
    sick workers to stay home. Yes, I know what you mean about people who
    hang on to stuff. We have pickup loads of junk that Gordon's mother
    accumulated. Not likely to get rid of it either. Well, you know what the old
    song says. "If you want the rainbow, you must have the rain."

    Hope you're feeling better, Granni. Hugs to everydobby.

  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Thank you all for your good wishes for my painful heel. It's less faciitis (sp?) and more tendonitis now. I went on You Tube and watched a couple of videos from the Sock Doc. He claims that the last thing one should do is try to stretch. He said when the tendon and muscles are sore, you don't want to try to further stretch them apart. Well, that seems to make sense to me. He also said to wear the least constructed shoe you can find. No supportive shoes, like sneakers and no orthotics. Going barefoot is best. Well, I tried the stretching and sneakers and it made the pain worse so I figure I have nothing to lose by trying this guy's suggestions. He uses massage on the leg from the calf down. I tried it and massaged out the sore spots on the leg; there were many of them. Last night, the heel was a bit tingly--not like going numb but like "waking up." I think the massage increases circulation to the heel. The heel is still sore but I think it is better. I'm still icing it up; the doc said it's OK. I'll report on this new approach as I keep at it. Again, thanks for all you kind good wishes.

    Granni, I answered your other post of the loss of one of our own. I am so sorry. I'm also sorry you are sick. I hope you feel better. Come back when you do feel better to let us know how you are doing.

    Gordon, what a lovely Phal. No wonder they are so popular. They have beautiful blooms and they seem to last forever. Same for the Dendrobians. My purplish Phal has one bloom opened. The plant has two spikes. Barb's deep purple one is just ready to bloom. It has two spikes but one of them branches out into two. It has more blooms than ever. No wonder with those mighty roots. It's a funny looking thing, though. The leaves start about 4 inches on top of the roots upon which the plant appears to be standing. I look forward to your next pic. Thanks!

    Rock, never occurred to me that you might be calling me a pig but I laughed when you said it. My daughter loves pigs. She calls onyx, "oinks." Pigs are actually smart critters. The cat brush is like a regular brush but has only one row of combs on it. It's heavy. It isn't supposed to cut the hair but it comes with a blade guard and, considering the amt. of hair it removes, I'm not sure I believe that it doesn't cut through the hair. No matter because it does remove that undercoat which makes for the matting and snarling of the long hair. Tweety would let me brush her all day but Sir Vester can only take so much. He's the kind of cad, yes cad, not cat, who will tease a girl by rolling onto his back but running away just before I can brush his stomach. It's his stomach hair which gets matted the most. I still think that compost is a great deal. I once worked with a woman who fixed a fruit compote for a pot luck. She kept calling it, "compost." It tasted good, though. I can no longer wear heels and I hate that. I remember when my Mom could no longer buy pretty shoes and was so sad about it. At the time, I didn't "get it. I do now!

    Julie, don't know what I'd do without a tub. Soaking in Epsom Salts is about the only thing which gets me going when I'm in pain. I know you'll do a happy dance when yours is installed. Don't dance too much or you'll need a soak in Epsom Salts. Our temps have been up and down here too but not as cold as where you are. It'll be down in the 50's this coming weekend in the mornings. Right now, it's ugly and foggy out. I have no right to whine as our climate is so nice but temp swings will always be hard on us. Your singing friend's name sounds familiar but I don't keep up with modern singers. I'll have to listen online. Hope the album is a big success. It's awful when there is no competition among stores, especially ones which are necessary to our existence. Down here, Publix has a near monopoly except for Wal*Mart and Winn-Dixie. I hate going into Wally World and W-D so I continue to shop at Publix. If I shop the BOGO's and sales, I do OK. People come down here from the Mid-West and say our prices are so high. I ask them whether they've ever shopped in Colorado. We are cheap by comparison. Oh, we do have one fancy fresh foods store but I still maintain that the same trucks deliver to their warehouses as to Publix's. You just pay more. We have a Farmers Market, open all year round, and weekend markets in the parks. The flea market has fresh produce which looks beautiful but lacks any flavor at all. Wish I could grow my own stuff but like the convenience of condo living in a community with shopping. Don't think I could do a garden any more.

    Diane, so good to hear from you but sorry Kevin is sick. The last time I had bronchitis, I got it from a coworker who wouldn't miss a meeting. She sat by me and hacked all over the place. I was so angry at her. One night, just as I was falling asleep the voice, which often speaks to me, said, "You absolutely must forgive Janice." I don't know whether it's God himself, an angel or a spirit guide but it never leads me astray. When I listen and act, things always come out right. I envy you your reorganizing and clearing out old stuff. Seems I keep doing that but fail to really dig deeply enough. I did feel proud of getting rid of my bike. I hope you get a nice new neighbor. We always hold our breath when one of the condos or townhouses goes up for sale. A bad neighbor can spoil the hood and a nice one can enhance it.

    Sun, I think going through a building project is another thing which is good for kids. They get to see what's inside the walls and know just how all that work gets done. A good drywaller is fascinating to watch. What's hard is to match the texture when blending in new work. I've done enough of it to admire a skilled drywall worker. I enjoyed watching the plasterers redo parts of our bldg. with stucco. It's the same principle and they matched the old stucco pattern beautifully. I got a chance to tell them how good it looks. I'm sorry you are in such pain. Do you think the new mattress will help? I hope so. Chronic pain is sooooo exhausting. My prayers are with you.

    Spring, come back and stay a while when you can.

    I'm about ready for that soak. I slept in a bit and tried to get back to sleep but Tweety was hell bent on keeping me up. I finally gave up but hissed at her and would have nothing to do with her. I had tried to spray her with the water bottle but she's too fast for me, especially when I'm still half asleep. If I try to go back to bed, she will rattle the closet door or get up on my dresser and make noise. I ended up putting her out on the lanai in time out but, by then, was too wide awake to get back to sleep. I let her back in and she hid out for a while. She knew I was really angry with her. Eventually, she came to me to make up. I petted her and gave her a kiss and she is satisfied that she is back in my good graces. I'll definitely be taking a nap today. Might as well as I'll be resting the heel.

    Tomorrow is a board mtg. Our treasurer has never been satisfied that his reserve schedule was ratified and adopted officially. Think I'll let him officiate. He has some valid points but he drives me nuts. He's way too hyper over all this stuff. At yesterday's mtg., I hinted at all the work which needs to be done in da hood over the next 3-5 yrs. and that, in the past, there were not enough reserve funds to cover it. I'm trying to lay the groundwork for an increase in dues so people won't be taken off guard. Of course, they won't like it. I'd like to get one dumpster enclosure done so they can see how much better da hood can look. It's an investment in their property value and will be repaid in spades when they sell. Still, it's a difficult sale to make. Good thing I've worked in sales.

    Hope all y'all have a great day!

    Love, Mikie

  14. Faroese

    Faroese Member

    So sorry to hear about Monica--I remember her posting on the Porch years ago. At least she is at peace now.
    I haven't posted in a long time--(this is Goatwoman--forgot my password, so opened a new account.) I enjoy reading about all the things everyone here is doing. I'm fine, have been retired for almost five years now. I'm still doing genealogy transcription, etc, in my spare time--trying to learn Italian, but the old brain doesn't work as well as it used to. Hugs to all--
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: you're right about matching the texture on a wall......it takes a very skilled artist to do it. I had some painting on our house/outside done about 6 years ago. I asked them to stucco where places were missing. What a mess....it sticks out like a sore thumb. Of course this was a painter who said he could do it.

    I've been using my Icy Hot tens on my hip and it seems to be better. Of course the batteries don't last forever and I thought I was doing good buying one battery at a watch place for $2.50. So I went on line and found I could order them much cheaper.....about .84 cents including the tax, so I ordered two cards.....5 on a card. Would your tens unit help your heel?

    Rock: Thanks for your kind words regarding my misery. I use heat (what would I do if I didn't have two heating pads) ice packs, the tens unit (its small and you can wear it under your clothes and go about your life) ibuprofen, pain pills, AND stretching.

    Norman's orchids are much closer to me so I might try to get there before the start of open house when it will be very crowded. Now that I'm dealing with COPD I find that very humid places aren't good for me either. The last time I was there you must walk thru an outer area.....lots of warm moisture being blown at you and even that I found was hard to deal with. I'm very hesitant about buying anything though since the last 2 orchids/phals I bought from him had the mealy bug, infected all the rest of mine and when I discovered them two days after purchase I took them back to Norman......who was very embarrassed. Those sick "children" were banished to the incubation area to get well again.

    Julie: I have the WORST hands in the world, but they're always in dirt, paint or something. I can't be bothered with acrylics and then fills, etc. etc. But you do need some pampering! I'm happy to read you're putting yourself ahead of others for a change.

    Today is TAX day for me.......I hope I've got EVERYTHING needed and it won't be too stressful. I'm seeing the lady accountant partner today....my DH always went to the man, who I always felt was too arrogant for me to handle, but then......his wife died suddenly in Dec. so don't know how he's dealing with her death. He might have mellowed.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Georgia! Great to hear from you. I remember the smiling goat avatar
    you had. Does your new name mean you are still knitting Faroe Islands
    shawls? And are you still doing bungy jumping? Oh, wait! That was
    someone else.

    With regard to genealogy, I was happy to find a book on line about the Welsh
    branch of my family. Written a little over a century ago. But it's hard to read
    because it has no index, no page numbers, and my computer won't cooperate.

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Georgia - How nice to hear from you on PH. I now you are still alive and kicking since I see you on FB some. Just got back fro the doc. Have antibiotics to use I needed and got a steroid shot today. Think I still have a low grade temp it is now 99.2 it went up to 100.6 yesterday before taking something. They did the flu test swab for the flu which was negative.

    Glad you are having fun transcribing genealogy. I know that is a lot of fun but I would have to stop a lot of other things to do it. Stay healthy my friend and hope to hear from you again some here the PORCH. Hope that Rottie is behaving for you.

    Need to le down and try and take a nap. Got antibiotics and a steroid shot today. Luckily I caught it quickly and it hadn't gone into my lungs yet.

    JULIE, MIKIE, ROCK et al. Monica's PH name was monica33flowers . Does that help your memory???

    Hugz to you and all,
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hello Everydobby,

    Granni, I'm embarrassed to say that I don't really remember Monica. I didn't come to the Porch until recently so I may have missed her. I hope the ABX help you to feel better fast. Don't know about you, but even a little rise in temp signals that I'm sick.

    Sun, good luck at the accountant's office with your taxes. I'm glad you chose a different CPA. You should not have to put up with attitude; taxes are stressful enough as it is. I'm sorry your COPD bothers you. Mine is so slight that I usually don't have symptoms. Every now and then, though, I will have trouble breathing and have to get out my nebulizer and albuterol. Thanks for the heads up on buying batteries online. I guess I could try the tens unit on my calf just above the heel. You can interrupt the pain signal at a lot of places along the pain route.

    Georgia, so good to hear from you. Hope you can join us here more often. My cousin has done a lot of research on my Mom's side of our family but I know next to nothing about the other side, other than the members I've met. What do you think of Ancestry.com?

    Rock, how are you doing? I've seen you posting more lately but miss some of your interesting puns, tales, book reviews, etc. My life is sooooo dull right now. Remember when I wished to be bored? Well, be careful what you wish for. I can't afford to be bored as I have a lot which needs working on around here. Still, if I can't get this heel healed, I'll be good for nothin'.

    I've been lying in bed, resting the foot. I never realized how many bad movies have been made but they all seem to be on Netflix and Amazon Prime. That I'm sick of these sappy young love stores is further proof of my being an old fart. At least, "Survivor" is on tonight, if I don't fall asleep and miss it. Cats have been really good all day. I just hope Tweety doesn't pull her bad tricks in the morning. No matter how angry I get with her, and how contrite she seems, she usually "forgets" her bad behavior by the next day. Sir Vester never gives me a hard time.

    Think I'll wait til before the mtg. tomorrow to study the new reserves schedule. I work better under a bit of pressure. Hope everyone has a nice evening.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie and MIKIE, ET AL,

    Not sure if you saw what I posted before on Monica. Her name was monica33flowers. I have done some searching but not much time. She was on 5 years or more ago and before on Chit Chat (Porch) and other PH boards.

    If you do some checking maybe you can remember her a bit. DIANE, I think did remember some but also did some searching and found her UN. THANK YOU DIANE. I remembered her also since she was also my friend on FB. May God bless her and her family.

    Thinking about everyone. Will get ready for bed soon. Missing out on singing Friday and a restaurant b-day celebration for DS at 41 ( the baby) between sickness and more roof leaks and not sure of the bill on this one, amongst others things - a bummer.

    JULIE - Hope you get to rest soon and enjoy Cinderella. AH I would love to see that fantasy land movie but my granddaughter is in Austin and much to old for cha thing ( I think) and 21 years old.

    SUN - Hope your pain has lessened. I know that is no picnic for sure.

    ROCK - Nice to see you again on here and GEORGIA too.


    Love to all,
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning JULIE, et al,

    Maybe I should have tried some of your Z Quil. Took my usually stuff but it didn't help. I m sure it was t Prednisone shot I got yesterday. Doing better I guess. Coughing but less mucous coming out and colored stuff. Think my fever may have broken last night also. Just trying to rest and now start thinking about Easter. Dinner is here and some singing at church for the Triduum.

    Did Carla know about Monica's passing? That s so sad even if I do not know any details. I have a little while on here since DH is at the men's breakfast on Thursdays.

    So sad also about that plane crash where they now feel the pilot (I think) intentionally locked the co pilot out (couldn't let him back in) when he heard the alarms and all after probably going to the restroom. Wonder also if he had locked him out or the door just locks when someone goes out or not. Also wonder if there was a possibility of the pilot had a heart attack or something. So many sad things happening around us. Try to just keep upbeat and a fairly positive attitude towards things. As you all know, sometimes it is not at all easy. I myself have never had depression per se but I an see also where constant pain can also cause one to get very down and frustrated. I have gotten that way a bit at times.

    MIKIE - I hope you are feeling a little better and get a little time off for yourself besides your presidential tasks. Try not to wear yourself out. Glad your heal and facshitis / or tendonitis are doing better. Hope the walking around barefoot helps you . I am sure those kitties of yours now keep you going and happy:)!!

    SUN - He you are doing and feeling better. Yep, pain stinks is all I can say. I have also been trying Turmeric Extract - Curcumin C3 Complex . I had read that is may help some on the pain of FM and arthritis. It is 1160 (per serving which is 2 caps). Right now I am taking one in the a.m. and one in the pm. Later on I may try two but they are not terribly cheap considering how many you have to take but is cheaper than others I have seen. No big difference at this point but may have to up the dosage to see any help.

    Have so many things to do and other things I need to check on line. So can't chat to all individually.

    Hugz to ROCK, DIANE, SW, DIANE, and anyone else I may he forgotten to mention, as well as our many lurkers :)!!.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

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