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    Hi Kids

    Put on your posting shoes and have at it.

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    I'm going to answer on the old thread but not post it. That way, I can reply to everydobby's posts, copy it and paste it to the new Porch. It's genius! It's brilliant! Why didn't I think of this before. Rock, thanks for starting us up again.

    The tummy bug is what made me sick. I was better on Fri. but got really sick yesterday--not nauseated per se but feeling as though I have a virus. Today is better and I'm glad because I really need to get moving. I'm still off my feed bag but will try normal food today. Barb's friend, Joe, who lives across our little pond, came to my door yesterday. I put on a robe and told him I was sick. He said he just wanted another board member's phone number so he could ask her husband about working on their bldg. I had him come into my kitchen to write down his phone number and told him I would call her and give his number to her.

    A lot of our board members don't want people to have their numbers to avoid being inundated with calls over every little thing in da hood. People are supposed to call mgmt. instead. My kitchen is a mess which should have given Joe some idea of how rotten I felt. He kept trying to make small talk about how nice my kitchen is and then started into the problems they are having with their bldg. I just looked at him and said, "Joe, I'm sick." He finally got his head outta wherever it was and left. When people don't have your number, they feel free to just show up at your door with no sense of decorum. I got a note in study hall from Barb that Joe likes me. He is definitely not my type, nor Barb's, as he is socially inept. Yesterday's visit only reinforced that perception of him.

    I watched old movies and TV series in bed yesterday. Both kitties were sooooo good. Both are being good this morning too but it may be because I'm not trying to go back to bed. Tweety cried out on the lanai from 4:00 to 5:00 before I let them in. When she cries and wails too much, Sir Vester thinks she is in heat and climbs on top of her and holds her by the neck. Then, he gets the strangest look on his face because they were both neutered as kittens and he doesn't know what to do next. She just gives him a dirty look as though to say, "Really! Your own sister!" Little pervert. She once beat him up for his incestuous tendencies.

    Just went out to get the paper. Hope there is another great Publix coupon today. $10 ones are rare but they often have $5 or $2 ones. This is the first time the air feels like summer. Our sprinklers ran last night so it's very humid outside our bldg. It smells like the jungle. It's not musty or moldy smelling. It's more like a wet palm tree. The air filter to the cabin of the cars can get wet with condensation from the A/C and smell like that. I got a great idea from the guys who used to do the "Car Talk" show on PBS. About a mile from home, I turn off the A/C and turn the fan up full force. It dries up the moisture on the filter. Don't have to have it changed out as often.

    Granni, hope you enjoyed your Italian dinner. I love calzones but usually don't order them as they take longer than pasta meals. I don't want my fellow diners to have to wait. Oh, produce from one's garden can't be beat. We can grow tomatoes down here but I don't. I don't have room for them on my lanai or in the yard. Man across the pond grows them on the south side of his bldg. inside the hedge around the A/C units. I have palm trees all along the south side on our bldg. so it doesn't get enough sun. We have growers here who let you pick your own tomatoes. I did that once but for what I use, it's not worth it. We are in zone 10 down here and it's considered sub-tropical. A lot of the beautiful blooming bushes which grow in the South won't grow here. I am grateful for the palm trees as they soak up a lot of the noise from the pool and are beautiful just outside two of my bedrooms.

    Barry, I'm sorry your excursion was so exhausting. I always think you are lucky to have such beautiful plants. Also, you live in such a beautiful and private area. I think our Snowbirds have the best of everything. They enjoy the tropical life down here when it's nasty weather at home and then, they enjoy the summer months away from our heat and humidity. On the other hand, everything is so beautiful down here in the summer, as long as we don't get hit straight on by a hurricane. Glad Shorty is doing so well. Rest up and feel better.

    Rock, we have a lot of blondes down here too but they are usually old ladies, like me, who have too much ugly gray in their otherwise dark hair and have decided to go blonde. Haven't decided whether blondes have more fun as I haven't had a lot of fun in recent years. I did have fun at Universal but my sore foot limited me. I love listening to those old tunes of my yute too. Candice Bergen is doing the rounds touting her new book. I don't know what is in the book but she has been talking a lot about how our pasts have led us to where we are now. She talks about "excavating" our pasts to see how the challenges made us stronger and to relive the good memories. Nothing like the music of our yute to bring back memories. Is Marina going to take Buddy home with her for good or just for a visit? He is lucky to have so many people to care about him. Good to know about the sap of the desert rose in case I decide to prune it or ever have a need for poison. ;)

    OK, gonna copy this and go to the new Porch to post.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie: Happy to read you're feeling better today. I absolutely CANNOT do nothing. Even when I had double pneumonia I would take little 20 min. naps then be up wandering the house or yard, looking for something I could manage to do. My DD is like me......also suffers from adrenal fatigue.......and she came home from a little 3 night vacation and crashed. No surprise there to me, so she layed on her bed for 2 days trying to recover. I deal with the bad fatigue so today I'm heading to the supplements section to look for something to help it. I know I've read something about bovine supplements for adrenal fatigue, so might look into that.

    Barry: The lizard finally emerged from the under the couch yesterday, but sorry, nothing that looks like missing energy. Have you checked under your couch? LOL I ran for something to scoop him up in and walked him outside, far away from the house. I'm thinking my cat found him and brought him in as a play toy.

    I had to look up the plants you mentioned. I always learn something new. Wish I had more energy and space to grow new plants but with the water situation, etc. I have to just stick to large succulents. I'm even thinking of hiring someone to come rearrange and remove more in my front yard. I walk or drive around the neighborhoods and find that people are finally wising up and removing their lawns. What a waste of water. There's one house nearby who have installed fake grass, and it's really amazing at how real it looks.

    I love calzones. For a short time when we first moved to this house, I got a part time job working mornings at Round Table Pizza. I loved it! And of course we got a lunch or dinner if we worked so many hours. Many times I would make myself a calzone. Gosh, just thinking about it makes me hungry for one. Perhaps I'll place an order today.

    I bought a new phone yesterday, now all I have to do is understand it! Yes, plugging it in is easy but it's all the programming. I'm so stupid when it comes to reading and understanding directions.

    I spent the day struggling to create my "noodle net", fighting with the stiff wire, etc. In my mind it's just looks different than what I have so far.......grrrrrr.
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    Hi, Sun,

    Lots of e-mailing going on with our board today so came back after checking my inbox. Why not go to the store here and look up adrenal fatigue supps? PH is very good at giving info about them. I've gotten so much help with the supps I get here. Wish everything didn't fatigue you and DD like that. I have good days when I can get a lot done but on days like this, I know to keep my activities to a minimum. I turned the bed and am drying the sheets now so I can change it. I cleaned up the semi-messy kitchen and loaded the dishwasher so it looks pretty good.

    When I turn the bed, Sir Vester likes to lie on it like a little king. He and Tweety got groomed with that nice gizmo you told me about. He gets rats in his long hair and the gizmo loosens the rats up so I can comb them out. I'd rather do that than have to try to cut them out. A squirming cat and scissors aren't a good mix. I already cleaned out the cats' two litter boxes. I need to vacuum up all the excess litter on the lanai but it can wait til tomorrow. Sir Vester is an enthusiastic digger in the boxes. Littler flying everywhere!

    Give thanks you new phone came with directions. Seems to me that most of the tech things I've bought recently assume the user is tech savvy. If Tweety found a lizard, she might play with it a while but would see it as dinner. When I cleaned out our outdoor storage bins, there were tons of dead geckos on the bottoms. My ex got fake grass for his backyard in Denver. Kids say it looks great and like real grass. He goes out and vacuums it. I think it's a great idea but I think if one wants it to look good, it costs a lot. On the other hand, in the long run, it may be cheaper than watering, fertilizing and paying for a lawn mower. It certainly would be easier unless, like my OCD ex, one felt compelled to vacuum.

    The little Italian restaurant I used to work next door to is still in business. I should call and order a calzone and pick it up. Wonder whether they still make them the same. I drool just thinking about them. At this point, not having eaten much for three days, pretty much anything makes me drool. :) I have a slight low-grade temp and am sweating it out. AACK!!! Oh wait, I'm a Southern lady now so I don't sweat, I glow. Boy does that glow stink! :confused:

    Don't think I'll do anything else today. I can deal with recouperating now that I've done a few things around the condo. Won't answer the phone nor the doorbell.

    Love, Mikie
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    MIKIE - Sorry you have been sick but am glad you are doing a bit better. I would think a calzone would be a bit heavy to eat now but maybe later. I do like them but they have so much crust and sometimes so little filling. We all had pizza yesterday which was wonderful. It was so good. DGS who was the one celebrating a late birthday had pasta and some pizza also. Most of us also had salad and helped DGS eat the hot spinach and artichoke heart dip they serve with crusts and also some small bits of dough cooked up that are seasoned and you can also dip in oil and seasonings. We all ate to much but it was soooo good ! DH woke up at 2 a.m. with a tummy ache. I was sleeping. He said he got up and had some coffee, went on the computer and then back to bed. I think coffee, gives me more gas. If I had been awake I would have gotten him some Gasex pills but he didn't think of such a thing :)!!! BTW, the coffee was probably decaff :)!!

    BTW, we didn't go work out today. He will go tomorrow while I am at line dancing with DD.

    SUN - Good luck with your phone. Don't feel bad as I am just like you - duh !!!!! I am not technical anyway and with this fog brain - GOOD LUCK ! Hope you get it all programmed correctly. Hope you are feeling better too. MIKIE you are right about the no direction thing when you buy new stuff. That gets me mad cause I really know so little and what little I have learned was from just trying this and that which does not always work. How about a little book or something for us dummies. I am one for sure :)!!

    It is now pouring out and from what I hear we had better appreciate it when it comes as we may not get much this summer. I sure hope it is not like it was a few years ago when the drought was so bad. Hope you get enough too both SUN and MIKIE.

    ROCK - Hope all is well with you. I didn't get the chance to really read all the posts very well. Just kind of came in at the end. Oh I think you started a new thread :)!

    JULIE - Thinking of you and your busy busy Easter belated dinner and gathering. Hope you all had fun and are staying WELL. Hope Lindsay is feeling better.

    Thinking of everydobby and love you all,
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    Hello All

    Rock - thanks for opening. Verbenas are almost a staple for our springtime garden..theyre very good for adding mass and colour to ones garden or porch. One of my maternal cousins used to work for insurance and climbed up the ladder steadily BUT in the end, it was so stressful, he gave it all up to be with his family. He couldnt hv kids for so long and then they adopted a little boy, and whaddaya know, two years later, his wife was with child and a little girl was born. They say that often happens.

    Mikie - i would love to see my kitchen look nice and spanking clean n tidy. It seems the clutter just does not end! Its always something. Ah, so you hv an admirer coming round every now n then.. thats kind of nice tho irritating if he is not your kind.

    Granni - having yr DD next door is turning out to be so nice for you! So much time together. I hv never liked broccoli, but we do get a packaged soup from malaysia which is superdelicious.

    Barry - i understand about the exhaustion...hooo. Does a number! Puts a damper on an outing. I wish you didnt hv to go thru it. But your trip to buy plants sounds fruitful. Is Shorty behaving.

    I was wondering why Julie hasnt posted and worried a little until i saw she has an Easter dinner to get ready.

    Its raining today..and while thats messy outside, we need what rain we can get. Plus the cooler temps. No saying when the heat really turns on ...if its sunny, it becomes pretty warm. I think prob what Mikies weather is now.

    My help has had a string of stuff happening, her relatives needing hospital care, then someone from her family died suddenly...so not much time left for dithering..in fact im behind in a lot of chores..just realising something needs ta change.

    I saw obama and castro cozying up..and then hilary clinton taking the plunge into presidential candidacy..whew..some chutzpah, the lady has. I kindof liked john kerry going around, trying to negotiate talks around the world, it doesnt seem as stressful as trying to run the worlds most influential country.

    Well, almost finished my tea..and leisure time for the time being.

    God bless
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    Hi Kids

    Did a few errands yesterday. Folded clothes. Did more "water sweeping"
    while Gordon was hosing down the orchids. But mostly I just napped.
    Finished a bio of Louis B. Mayer. I read one about him several years ago.
    Nobody knows when he was born. But it was in Russia. Sometime in
    the 1880s.

    He was always a great booster for America. Where else could a poor
    immigrant boy become head of the world's biggest and most successful
    movie studio? During the great depression of the 30s he was said to be
    the highest paid man in the country.

    We got a report on Buddie, but it was rather sketchy. Gordon called and
    talked to the neighbor. It took a minute or so before he realized
    who Gordon was. His story was that he rushed off to work and left a
    window open with a fan in it. Buddie got out that way. Couldn't get
    much in the way of details. Gordon thought maybe the guy'd been smoking
    MJ. And here I thought people stopped doing that once the 60s were over.

    Julie, I never heard of an ozone machine before. How big is it? Is it
    something one buys or rents? How soon are the results supposed to show
    up? Inquiring minds want to etc. Hope you get good results from the
    far away chiro. (I guess he's some distance away. Or does he just stand
    far away from the patient?)

    Springwater, I have never seen verbenas. Well, not that I know of.
    Found some pics. They seem to be mostly shades of red and purple.
    In the days when I went to a 12 step meeting, we used to drive by a gas
    station that had a long flower bed filled with marigolds. Many shades
    of gold, yellow and orange. They were so cheerful; like a patch
    of sunshine.

    Granni, I haven't had that artichoke dip or pizza for a decade or more.
    I have fond memories though. Glad to hear Texas is getting some rain.
    We had a little last week, but it didn't amount to much.

    Mikie, congrats on your new technique for dealing with two threads-simul-
    you-know. Was reading a thriller a little while ago. One of the characters
    regularly shows up with T shirts bearing piquant sayings. This one was:
    I am indifferent to the apathy movement.

    Candice Bergen has written a couple books. I read one some decades back.
    I think it was a bio of her father Edgar. Used to listen to him and Charlie
    McCarthy on the radio when I was a kid. Years later I used to drive by his
    office on Sunset Boulevard frequently.

    Sun, did you get the bovine supplements? Hope they moo-ve you to a new
    and better place. I wouldn't mind having fake grass, but I sure wouldn't
    want to vacuum it. I remember a news video from a decade or two back.
    Some fellow started a business spray painting lawns. Drove a little tractor
    with a big tank of paint on the back. I bet Julie could do it.

  8. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Porchies,

    Hope everydobby is doing well. Cats let me go back to be this morning. I didn't go back into a deep sleep but the twilight sleep was very refreshing. Sir Vester climbed into bed with me. Miss Tweets slept on the back of the living room loveseat. I got up and gave both of them lots of love. I petted them and thanked them profusely. Both just soak in love. Usually, I love and pet them both all day. They behave better when they feel the love. Tweety just gets ornery now and then and does things she knows she's not supposed to do. Thank goodness, she's good more than ornery.

    So, I'm getting a bit of a late start to the day. I need to get into the shower as the landscape supervisor likes to visit me when the crew is out here. My fellow board member also said he needs to run something about the audit past me. Other board members are feeling comfortable enough now to give me feedback, even when they see something differently than I. I told them I appreciate it. Even with differing views, we are finding solutions which are better than any of our individual ideas. They aren't used to a pres. who values input. It's a new day in da hood.

    Yikes, Julie, you've been soooo busy and it will continue into the week. Glad you are going to see the far out doc--groovy! Planting flowers is always such fun, especially after a hard winter and spring is finally here. Glad to hear Den is sleeping better on the king size bed. I've decided to keep mine until I absolutely have to buy a new one. There are some really good sales but there will always be sales. Our area has grown enough that retailers have a lot of competition. Denver was always a shopper's heaven and it was a shock to me when I moved to this little backwater town that there wasn't much competition from the few stores we had, most of them at the mall. Big ticket items are getting much more reasonable. Try to get some rest and not overdo.

    Granni, now I'm really drooling--all that Italian food. Yummmm! I think I'm up to a calzone but likely won't get it today. Glad you get to spend time with your DD's and families. We did get a downpour last evening and it was so nice. Water is still dripping off the eaves in back. The sun is up and the dewdrops in the cypress tree are sparkling like diamonds. I need to work out a bit to try to get back to what is normal for me. A doc on TV, don't remember which one, said more older people die from frailty than disease. Yikes! Guess I had better get with it.

    Spring, my kitchen isn't sparkling clean but it no longer is messy. A lot of Americans are happy about the attempt to normalize relations with Cuba. We have a huge group of expats from Cuba living in the Miami area. Some haven't seen their families in years. Yes, human rights are a concern but the Castro brothers have been no worse than Batista, the former ruler supported by the U.S. We trade with China, whose record on human rights is horrible. I think normalizing relations with Cuba will help the Cubans and open new opportunities for the U.S. economy as well. JMHO. BTW, Kerry is doing the job from which Hillary just retired. I'm an Independent so I view elections as an interesting exercise in democracy. One-third of us are Independents. That makes things more interesting as both parties have to vie for our votes. Hope your help is doing better and you don't overdo things. Take care.

    Rock, one of my favorite jokes is, "What does apathy mean?" "Who cares!" I used to listen to Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy too when I was a kid. Didn't hear about Candice Bergen until I was grown and had kids. I loooooved "Murphy Brown." Candice had a real gift for comedy. She is doing a lot of shows pitching the new book, "A Small Romance." She was a guest star on "Battle Creek" last night. I don't usually watch it. I fell asleep before it was over. Hope Buddie is OK. I think Mary Jane is as popular as ever, especially in CO. Backers are trying to put medical MJ back on the ballot here in FL. It had a majority last time but not enough of a majority. Naysayers came in with a big campaign against it. Second vote could be a charm. I may not be able to use it but making medical MJ legal may lead the way to recreational use.

    Definitely think it's time to get into the shower. I didn't have time to proof this so please excuse any typos.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning All,

    Here are the last of the orchid photos from last month's meeting. They are in the
    orange/yellow shade. The first on is a vibrant color orange mini cattt. The second is a
    peachy ascasenda which is a member of the vanda family. This is one is from Jim's
    collection. He got this plant from a member who was reducing his collection. He did not
    have another one to trade with me. The last is a Aggregatum. It is a member of the
    dendrobium family (Mikie, dendrobium!!). I just love this orchid and have about 5
    small plant in various stage of health. It's a very SLOOOW grower. Though the flowers
    are spectacular they only last 2 - 3 days. This orchid deciduous and must be kept
    dry from Nov - March. Much too much upkeep. They don't die if watered - they just
    won't develop any flower buds.

    I hope to take more pictures from the meeting this week to share. I also have some
    photos of what is currently in bloom in the shade house and will post at a later date.



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  10. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Gordon, once again you have dazzled us with your outstanding orchid photos. It's hard to pick a favorite but I do love that orange catt. My vanda is supposed to have clusters of orange blooms but it's so soooooow growing that I don't know when it will bloom. I just looked at my old dendrobium and it has four brand new canes poking out of the pot. Thank you so very much for sharing with us. I just watered the two blooming purple phals but didn't get pics. I should do that.

    Probably won't be today, though, the stomach bug is back with me. Not vomiting but feel awful. AACK!!!

    Love, Mikie
  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Gordon: Beautiful orchids! I'm partial to the intense orange one, but that 3rd one I love the cascade, but all that work and time for them only lasting 3 days. Have you ever wanted to go to the jungles of Brazil or Costa Rica to see them in their native habitat? I used to dream about a trip like that.......but at this stage in my life it's only a dream.

    Rock: Yes, I did buy a supplement for adrenal fatigue but didn't want to go with the bovine additives.......apparently it might not be safe for some.

    Mikie: All that talk about calzones so I decided to check Round Table pizza. They don't make it anymore.....darn, so I had to settle for a small pizza with everything. I just finished it for lunch with a big green salad........and a small glass of red wine. It's now nap time!

    My cleaning lady was here this morning so everything is clean and tidy......until I start to make messes in the kitchen again.

    I was really getting frustrated with my noodle net, saw a solar powered gadget to pick up the floating junk so I called......at $500 I think I'll just continue to work on my net.
  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, GORDON those orchids are gorgeous. I love all the colors but the one that is sort of peach colored is my favorite. Thanks so much for posting.

    ROCK - I hope that you aren't to worn out running around with Gordon and , water sweeping, etc. Didn't do to much today but did go Line Dancing with DD and then came home, had lunch and then off to the stores to pick up a few things.

    SUN - Sorry you couldn't get your calzone but that pizza with red wine and salad sounded wonderful to me. Glad your cleaning lady cam and get your house nice and tidy for you. What supplement did you buy for adrenal fatigue? A naps sounds great after that wonderful lunch.

    MIKIE - Hope your tummy continues to feel better and hope you get yourself a calzone soon. Glad to hear that those kitties are behaving for you most of the time and letting you sleep later or go back to sleep.

    JULIE - I am sure you are worn out after the gathering and all the work you did. Good luck on your trip tomorrow - both of you at the far away chiro. Hope he has some answers for you both especially DEN.

    Have to leave and go wash my hair as we sing tomorrow at a father place or a little farther than we usually go. Going there close to lunch time so we get their attention :)! Hope to get back on here tomorrow early after DH leaves for his meeting.

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
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  13. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Got online to a bunch of e-mails dealing with our finances and accounting. Good grief! I'm still not on top of my game from that bug I had and now, I have to try to figure them out. Fortunately, the treasurer is doing a good job and, I'm sure, it's OK. Of course, he and I work together and I know what's going on. I just have to check everything to ensure it makes sense to me. We will be getting an audit on two year's worth of financials, 2013 and 2014. Appears that the bookkeeping and financials, which our mgr. has been doing, are an inaccurate mess. She has a lot of attitude and is defensive. I think when the audit shows all her mistakes, she'll back off the attitude. If not, and if her mistakes continue, the treasurer and I are thinking about taking the financial part away from her and giving it to an accountant in the newly merged co.

    This has been going on since 2011 and the treasurer is going back to try to find more problems. He has scanned hundreds of pages and put them on a flash drive and downloaded them onto our computers. What a mess we inherited from the old board. Glad I have him so we can get things on the right track. I had a hard time keeping on top of him when I was first elected. Now, we have a good working relationship and I'm glad to have him. Am developing good working relationships with everyone on the board and it is gratifying.

    Tweety was nowhere to be found last night when Sir Vester asked to go out. She came into my room at 2:30 and I put her out on the lanai with him. About 4:30, she cried to come in and I gave them their treats and went back to bed. Both were quiet and I slept til 6:00! Yea!!! Again, I loved on them and told them what good cats they are. I hope this positive reinforcement continues to work. I need the sleep. I've been taking afternoon naps and conking out early in the evenings.

    Stomach part of the bug is gone but I still have headaches and feel a bit wobbly. I think changing from my estrogen and progesterone to the pregnenalone may be playing a part. Also, I'm down to 1/4 mg. of clonazepam and that always affects pain in my legs. They not only hurt, they feel like they are shot through with adrenaline. It's a strange excited feeling but only in my legs and no other part of me. Weird!!!

    Sun, I'm shocked at the price of the solar gizmo. I wish you luck with your invention. If you can get it to market, you could make a bundle. Sorry you didn't get a calzone but that pizza and salad with wine sounds delicious. I'm drooling again, which isn't a bad thing for someone with Sjogren's. :) Aah, a clean house is a wonderful thing. I still need to do some cleaning in here. Enjoy yours while it lasts.

    Granni, line dancing, shopping and singing? Wow, sounds as though you are your usual busy self. I think it's wonderful that you do so much. It's also great you can do things with your DD. Stomach and appetite are about back to normal but, as mentioned above, the rest of me hasn't quite caught up. Today is my Tues. morning mtg. at the pool. Will probably come home and take a nap afterward.

    We got a sprinkle last evening and may get a bit more this week. Weekend looks to be dry. With these hot temps, we should start getting our daily summer rainstorms. We need it. I keep hoping to start doing some kind of workout but, just when I think I'll start, I get sick or the heel flares up. Think I'll try walking in the pool tomorrow. If it inflames the heel, I'll have to switch to something else. I should be able to, at least, work out inside with my weights and elastic bands. I need a new large size inflatable ball. The old one lost air pressure and wouldn't hold air. The plastic got kind of sticky and icky. Time to replace it.

    BTW, I saw an ad that Target is going to start carrying Lily Pulitzer clothing as of April 19. That's an upscale brand of what we used to call, Preppy style. She uses a lot of prints in pastels and mixes green and pink. I can't wait to see what the Target line will look like. A couple of nice prints might pull together a lot of the pieces I already own.

    Hope everydobby has a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Not much goin' on here. Gordon has an amaryllis in bloom. It is a medium
    sorta pink. Somewhere we have a dark red one that is more dramatic. It
    usually blooms around Christmas time.

    Mikie, did you see the news article the other day about monitor lizards in
    Florida? It said they get up to 8 feet. HaHa. The biggest monitor is the
    Komodo dragon. Those babies are even longer and sometimes weigh
    over 300 pounds. Uff-da! Don't let the cats bring one inside.

    Loved the apathy joke. New to me. I never heard of Lily Pulitzer. I suppose
    if you get any of her clothes you will prize them highly.

    Pizza and salad sounds good to me too, Granni. When I was a kid there were
    so many things I refused to eat. Funny. When I became an adult, I thought
    they were pretty good. That's why I never insisted my son eat stuff he didn't
    like. I figured whatever it is, (protein, vitamins, etc.) he can get it some
    other way.

    Sun, I've never had a calzone. When my son worked at a fairly nice restaurant
    in the Ventura Harbor, he prepared calzones and lots of other stuff like veal
    Scallopini. Turns out everything was canned or frozen. He just heated it up.
    Good luck with your adrenal remedy. I used to have a vague idea where those
    things were located (the neck?) and what they did. Haven't the faintest nowadays.

    Am reading a book by movie director Peter Bogdanovich. He became famous
    back in the 70s with "The Last Picture Show". The only things I remember
    about it are it was shot in B & W; set in a small Texas town; and Cloris
    Leachaman was in it. Anyway I read a book of interviews Bogdanovich did
    with actors. This time he's talking to Directors. He's very good at both
    interviewing and writing.

    Kawinkadentally I just saw Bogdanovich in a book of quotes by show biz people
    who are talking about other show biz people. I won't put the quote here. P. B.
    is still alive. I wouldn't wanna get sued for libel.

    Hugs to Julie, Springwater, Barry, Shorty, Diane and Kevin and felines, and et. al.


    Hi Julie, Thanks for the great verse. Yup, I miss my mind. As the
    soprano put it in one of the Richard Strauss operas, "Where are
    the snows of yesteryear?"
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings everydobby,

    Just another quick post before leaving to go sing again , a little farther away than usual . So we are leaving about an hour before we plan to sing. Won't be singing next week as we will be gone 4 or so days in the TX Hill Country. Then we may be off for awhile, we'll see, unless our gal who does our bookings is in her upper 80's as is her husband. We keep saying she wants to get away from her husband for awhile :)!! This gal is also in another group that does what we do that I was in for awhile but it got to hectic. At least we are done with Easter practice and our county choral society that she is also in.

    DIANE - How nice to see you here on the PORCH. Glad you are doing pretty well. Sorry about Kevin's bronchitis but that stuff can really linger on. His work situation does sound like it is good for not getting re infected. Hope to get back later.

    LOVE to everydobby,

    I need to go and get ready to leave.

  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: Perhaps your manager is concerned......she knows she's lacking in places. Glad to read you're feeling a tad better today. I've had those stomach bugs that have lasted off and on for over 2 weeks so just take it slow with what you're eating.

    I watched a short interview on PBS last night on this very talented photographer who does those fast movies......you can see flowers or fog or whatever, moving and growing. I watched a few this morning.....if you're interested go to varient3.com

    Granni: Isn't it now that the blue bonnets or whatever they're called are blooming all over Texas Hill country? Wasn't this a giant project of Lady Bird Johnson? If you see them, take a bunch of pics. and try posting some.

    Rock: I have some of those red lilies blooming now. I moved a lot of them to a different spot but I must have disturbed them, because I only have one blooming in the new spot. I have so much gardening to do......but don't know if I'm up to more of it today.

    Got my pool net finished last night and plopped it into the water, now just waiting for the pool pump to turn on to see how effective it is. It's still a work in progress but my brain is tired of working on it.
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    SUN - We finished singing and came home in a rain squall. Luckily I was not driving but all was well. I am eating lunch as I speak. When DH gets home he will want the computer, I know. Hope you get more NRG to do what is needed outside. I know what you mean.

    The flowers you speak of are called Bluebonnets. They and other wildflowers are all around. However, I do not know how to post a picture. If you GOOGLE "Bluebonnet pictures" you will more than likely come up with many pictures. I will see if I can find some good pics if I get the time. Yes, Lady Bird Johnson was really big on the Texas wildflowers. Hope your pool and all works out fine for you.

    Gotta run.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Afternoon, Kids,

    Had a good mtg. this morning. Mgr. had contractor out to give us proposals on building some nice enclosures for our garbage dumpsters. We now have pic of two really nice ones from other hoods. Both are stucco. One has anodized aluminum louvered gates and the other has gates made from recycled plastic which looks like wood. Either style would be a great enhancement in da hood. Now, if we can only find the funds in our reserves, which are underfunded at present.

    Our sweet volunteer has gone back north so I will be watering the flowers at the pool. I did it while I was there for the mtg. It's not such a big deal but my foot is still sooooo inflamed. I hate to see my friends and fellow board members leave. I depend on them so much. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to go out to get a little storage cabinet for the ladies restroom. We need one we can lock to keep people from swiping our supplies. I also need to look at umbrellas for the tables around the pool. The ones we have now are faded. We will leave them up through the summer and put the new ones out this fall after hurricane season.

    Granni, glad you made it home safe 'n sound. Hate driving in those downpours. Kids and I drove through the TX hill country but it wasn't the time of year for the wild flowers. NC has wild flowers all over in the spring and summer and they are beautiful. Hope to be able to get to TX to see DD one of these days. I think travel is really hard for most of us. I know it is for me.

    Julie, that poem does touch the heart. I can certainly relate to a lot of it. Glad you had a good appt. with the groovy far out doc. Hope he was able to help y'all. That was a long day for you. Come back soon.

    Rock, I didn't see the article you mentioned but I have seen some about certain areas inundated with all kinds of lizards. They aren't native and will take over an area. Unfortunately, people responsible for wildlife here don't do anything about them until it is almost impossible to get rid of them. Most start out as pets that people release into the wild. That's how we likely got all those snakes in the Everglades. Our coral reef fish are endangered by lion fish. Evidently they are tasty so fishermen are catching them to sell to restaurants. I've eaten alligator and that's about as far as I'm willing to go adventurewise with eating wild critters. Loved your Pulitzer Prize pun. I didn't read too much into it though.

    Diane, so good to see you on the Porch. Geez, you guys certainly have had the lingering bugs. Hope you both get better. Also sorry for the stress. Glad the kitty kids are doing well. I gave Tweety and Sir Vester some of that Broth which comes in little bags. It's sooooo expensive that I only give it to them on rare occasions. This time, they ate all the fish and carrots. Usually, they only lick off the broth. They are sooooo funny. They snooze in a particular spot for a while and then, one will take the place of the other and they switch things up. Tweety has taken to sitting on the top of the back of the loveseat in my front office. Today, a squirrel was hanging upside down in the red bottle brush tree, eating the bottle brush bloom. Tweety went nuts. It's the perfect place to lie in the sun and look outside. Hope to see you again soon.

    Sun, will be on pins 'n needles waiting to hear how your gizmo works. Let us know. You are right; our mgr. knows she is lacking and tries to cover it up. It just comes across as being defensive. Heck, I admit when I'm wrong and leave it all out there for the world to see. Might as well; no one is perfect. Thanks for the website. I looooove those pics taken over time in which things seem to grow in seconds.

    Well, Kids, I had better go back to see whether I can get my e-mail. Yahoo has been having trouble recently. I hate it when that happens.

    Love, Mikie
  19. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Yesterday while I was napping neighbor Jeff stopped by. He and Buddie were
    out for a walk. Took Buddie's leash off and let him roam around the big
    back yard. He seems just fine. Gordon also got another slightly modified
    version of the how-Buddie-got-out story.

    Jeff told us he and a friend were going out for a steak dinner. They've been
    visiting steak houses lately. The last one they went to reportedly charged
    $48 for the steak. If you wanted something else (like, I dunno, potatoes;
    a veggie.) that was an additional charge.

    Kinda goofy, huh? 20 years ago or so, one of the secretaries told me about
    her big date. Her boyfriend took her to Paris. They had dinner for two at
    some elegant restaurant. Price: $1000. Then they got on a plane and flew home.

    I was stunned. I said, "Wow! Kinda expensive." She said, "But they give you
    a loaf of bread to take home."

    Granni, I have a postcard with bluebonnets on it. Bought it in San Antonio
    when Gordon and I were there some decades back. He was on a business trip,
    and I tagged along. We visited my aunt and uncle; saw the Alamo; admired
    the river walk.

    Sun, never thought about it. Of course amaryllis are related to lilies. The
    flowers look alike! Wikipedia says the amaryllis is a distant relative of the
    true lily, but I don't know what they mean by "true" lily. Reminds me of
    "Ah, Wilderness" by Eugene O'Neill. The original was a Broadway play
    in the 30s. The cast included George M. Cohan. Later it was made into
    a movie (twice) and a Broadway musical. Lily was a rather frail member
    of the family.

    Diane, I hope you keep improving. Yes, be glad to see GB back too. A
    shame we aren't all improving. My regards to Kevin. I saw the vids
    you posted on the Homebound Board yesterday.

    Mikie, are you still concking out? Reminds me of "Our Miss Brooks" starring
    Eve Arden. A radio show I listened to in my yute. Then a TV show. Other
    notable cast members: Gale Gordon and Richard Crenna. Gail Gordon
    played the Principal Mr. Concklin.

    I was wondering about your heel. Do you think doing something like
    using a vibrator on it would stimulate the circulation and speed healing?
    Seems like it's been bothering you for a long time now.

    "I haven't had a lot of fun in recent years." I suspect that goes for most of
    us. I haven't had any fun for years either. Haven't felt up to it. There's
    nothing to look forward to. Bah, Humbug!

    Hugs, Kids
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Hope all y'all are doing well. I'm so-so. Heel is more inflamed. Don't know why; it was getting better. I keep hearing from people that it usually takes a year for this condition to get better. Oy!!! :confused: I'll probably break down and see the doc. Kitties slept after coming in so I did too til 7:00. It's so wonderful to be getting sleep--ten hours last night. I did have a couple of interruptions but went back to sleep. Of course, I gave the kitties their treats and thanked them and gave them tons of love when I got up. I also gave them lots of love last evening. Tweety is sooooo sweet most of the time but when she's not, makes me want to tear my hair out.

    It's been soooo hot out but the mornings are beautiful. I leave the sliders open a bit so the cats can come and go after they come in. The early breezes blow into the living room. We probably won't get rain today but the next few days show more promise. I went out to get the paper today (so excited; on Weds. and Suns., I get a real, hold-in-my-hands newspaper. Otherwise, I read online. Publix is having their $10 off a $50 gas card. Woo Hoo! But, I digress... I checked on the desert rose while I was out on the lanai and it appears all the aphids are dead. I need to put on latex gloves and go remove the dead blooms and dead aphids.

    Yesterday was last Tues. mtg. that will have been attended by the three caballeros from across the street. I will really miss them. Sadly, I didn't get to spend any time with their families. The treasurer, Larry, came over to tell me goodbye and give me a blow-by-blow acct. of how the mgr. took the news that we are doing a two-year audit. He said she seemed OK with it. Despite a bit of a rocky start, he and I are really making progress. Most of it is due to his OCD nature and need to straighten out our books. I'm glad for it. He said he thinks we make a good team and gave me a hug. It's so good to have such a great working relationship. I am so much more relaxed but know I have to keep an eye on the mgr.

    I just checked to ensure that my FL drivers license is valid. Seems that, in many cases, when people change ins. co's., the info for the new ins. hasn't been getting into the FL DMV database. I changed my ins. co. a couple of years ago. My license is valid. When cops stop a car where the ins. hasn't been updated, it shows the driver's license has been suspended for not having ins. The cop issues a ticket and has the vehicle towed. Say what! Yikes!!! :eek: Even if it is the state's mistake, the driver has to pay the ticket. That's probably why we don't have state income tax; they are making a bundle by making citizens pay for the state's mistakes. No wonder the country makes fun of us down here.

    Bealls is having 60 percent off their sandals and and capris and a $10 coupon for $30 spent. It's a one-day-only sale so will likely hobble down there to shop. This is how I manage to clothe myself and spend so little. I need to go to Lowe's to get some sand for the little buckets we have on the pool tables for smokers. I think Larry put kitty litter in them. If people ever wanted something to help them stop smoking, I'd be glad to show them one of those buckets with some dirty brown rain water surrounding the butts. It stinks too! I also need to shop for umbrellas and a little cabinet for the bathroom at the pool.

    Just read an article on how to age better, especially the brain. First on the list was exercise but they admitted that they didn't know which kind of exercise is best. Geez, thanks a lot! I'm pretty sure my Heart-Healthy aerobic, raising of heart rate regimen is good. Next on the list was making sure one is not at risk for strokes and/or heart attacks. Advice was to stop smoking and work with doc to lower the risk. I take my blood pressure and take my BP meds so feel I'm doing what I can. If I can get back to the aerobics, I think I'll be doing well.

    Last on the list was to recognize meds or conditions which are affecting brain function. Side effects from drugs was emphasized. I know my BP meds cause insomnia but I went through a bunch of BP meds before I found the clonidine, so will have to stick to it. If kitties continue to allow me to get my sleep, I think things will improve. The losartan lowers strokes and heart attacks 16 percent in studies so think that will help also. Because I haven't been able to work out, though, I do feel I'm getting a bit frail so want to get back to it. I may push myself through the heel pain because babying it doesn't seem to be working now. I think when one reaches 70, a whole new level or risk is reached. My friends who have turned 80 feel this even more so.

    Rock, I find it strange that Jeff has differing stories about how Buddie got out. Makes one wonder whether he is a competent guardian for Buddie. I'm glad Buddie had a good time running around the backyard. It seems to me that there are a lot of people who love him so perhaps, between all of you, his care can be shared. That's what we did with the cats until the others couldn't, or wouldn't, pitch in. Mom and I didn't eat in the nicer restaurants in Paris. The cost of the food was outrageous. And, it's true; you pay for only the steak and extra for anything else. If they do offer something, it's French Fries. We ate at cheaper places, most of them American fast food restaurants. When we got to Munich, we ate delicious steaks. They smother them with butter over there. Mmmmm!

    "Our Miss Brooks," starring Eve Arden was one of my favorite TV shows in my yute. Richard Crenna also went on to star in other TV shows and Eve Arden had a long career in TV and movies. I remember her in "Grease." I haven't thought of using a vibrator on my foot. Don't own one. I do have one of those machines my Mom had; it's the one that makes you flay around on the floor like a fish. I keep forgetting I have it but studies show it has health benefits. As stated above, when I've had about as much as I can stand with my heel, no pun intended, I'll probably see a doc. I don't have a podiatrist and don't think my orthopod does feet. I may be able to get in to see him saying that I have a sore ankle. It's true; the ankle has been swelling and is now the greatest area of pain.

    Well, Kiddies, I had better close this Warren Peace post. Sending love, hugs and prayers to all y'all.

    Love, Mikie

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