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    Gotta go read posts on 813. Will be right back. OK, I'm back.

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Another great night--slept til 5:00 when I got up and let the kids in. After they had their snacks, Tweety headed into the bedroom, waiting for me to climb in with her. It's probably confusing that I sometimes go back to bed and sometimes don't. I think they are finally in a good rhythm, going out without protest and letting me sleep later and it only took a year to get here. BTW, the little bob cat found in the brush fire is in rehab at an animal facility which specializes in wildlife here. His mama cat never came back for him. He's so cute but hisses and snarls if anyone goes near his food. Yep! He's a survivor.

    Mtg. at pool was awful. I had drafted a letter regarding gas grills in da hood. One old lady got irate and told me by calling the fire marshal's office to get the info on our fire code, I was just stirring up trouble. After the meeting, she apologized and then, immediately tore into me again. I chalk it up to her stopping smoking. She certainly doesn't hesitate to call me when she needs something instead of calling the mgr. I found out if we don't try to enforce the code and any rules we have here, we are in danger of losing the liability coverage for our board members. Also, found out from fire marshal's office that if someone's grill is responsible for a fire, the ins. co. will try to recoup their losses from the owner of the grill. We have no choice but to send out a letter containing this info.

    Some people will be irate over this as they keep and use their gas grills on balconies. Fire code says this is illegal. There really is no other place to keep them. They can have charcoal grills as long as they use them according to the code. I don't know why anyone wants a big old gas grill in a small neighborhood like this. My steaks taste just as good on my little kitchen Cuisinart $80 grill/griddle as they do cooked on a gas grill. So, I'm likely to be very unpopular in da hood. Oh well, I knew this would happen going in. As I've said before, I can always quit the board.

    Granni, I think for most of us, after decades of cooking, it just becomes a chore. When I had a family, I always tried out new recipes in Gourmet and Bon Apetit magazines. It was creative and fun. Now, with only me to eat, I very seldom really cook. Today, I will be cooking my pork tenderloin and some corn on the cob. That's about as gourmet as I get these days. How's the rain situation there? We finally got close to a gully washer last night and I was delighted. I agree that it's better to cook than to open cans or buy microwave food. I laughed when I read you are using your crock pot. We always called it a crack pot.

    Julie, thanks for the prayers. I appreciate them. OMG have you ever got your hands full, even more than usual. It's stressful to be going to so many doc appts. I am glad to hear the news about the spot on GPA's scan. If he has had strokes, the last thing he needs is the stress dished out by you know who. I know you provide a calm and caring environment for him. Bless you for all you do. Having that concentrator howling every hour must be horrible. Hope they bring a new one that works. Good luck on your cardio workup; I'm praying for you and GPA.

    Sun, way to go to forget your pain by cleaning. I'm laughing about goats but it sounds like a very creative way to keep the grass under control. There is an old goat farm right in the middle of a business corridor near me. I'm sure the family wants to keep the goat farm as long as possible. Taxes are low on agricultural land. When they are done raising goats, they can sell it for big bucks. Last time I saw my eye doc, who is next door to the goats, there were little kids playing in the field. Sooooo cute. Everyone enjoys seeing them. Soccer scandal is worldwide and seems to involve almost everyone at the top of the organization. They are the ones who decide where the world soccer cup will be played and they have been taking bribes. There's millions of $$$ involved. Take care and rest when you can.

    Spring, it's awful that another helicopter crashed, not only for the crew but also for the people who depend on them for food and supplies and for medical attention. It's hard to comprehend such tragedy on this large a scale. Windows 10 will have a new search engine, Edge. It's supposed to be better than Explorer. Almost anything would be better than E. It will also feature Cortana, that is to Windows what Sirri is to Apple. I just got my confirmation e-mail that my version of Windows 10 is reserved. At the end of July, it will automatically download but I have the choice of installing it at that time or not. I will be doing more research into the other features but the main reason I want to install it is so that I can continue to get Microsoft support. I'll likely also update my Surface 8.1 because no one, including me, likes Windows 8 or 8.1. Those lanterns glowing at night does sound lovely. Wishing you and everyone there peace and safety.

    I just read the paper, paid some bills online and came here. My dear old friend called to say he will meet me at the pool at 9:00 to work out. I need to be around friends after that ugly attack yesterday. I left a message for my friend, Nancy, to tell her we would be at the pool if she wants to join us and invite others as well. I realllly need to get to moving this old bod more. Sky is clearing up and we aren't sposeda get more rain until afternoon. That's our normal rainy season pattern. I like it because I can use the pool early and it isn't used and noisy when I'm resting in the afternoon/evening. Hope everyone has a great day and, again, thank you all for your prayers. You are all in mine as well.

    Love, Mikie

    Love, Mikie
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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Mikie, Jim told me his AOS membership lapsed and couldn't get any info but
    I goggle it. I sure you've done that but here is the info I found.

    Floridaplants.com/societes.htm: it gives name address of various clubs in the area.
    Since I don't the the relationship of the various cities to your area I'll leave that up
    to you.

    Naplesorchids.org: I didn't open this one either as I don't know how far Naples is
    to you.

    SWOS.org: Meets at the Faith United Methodist Church on McGregor Blvd. and is in
    your area. They have a beginner session @ 6:30 and the general meeting starts @
    7:30. The meetings are held on the 2nd Tuesday of the month and there is a raffle
    table - yeah!! If the location is not too far for you to drive it sounds ideal.

    NO VANDA....as promised!!!! The president told me she was unable to get a donation
    for yesterday's meeting. I stayed for the meeting but not was not too happy. I
    bought some raffle tickets and got two boring plants - maybe I can trade them with
    Jim for something more exciting.

    I'm posting the last of photos from May's meeting. The first one is a black color
    cymbidium, the second one is cascading cymbidium which was very nice and the
    last one was something from our yard, a yellow catt.

    Well, we'll see what kind of trouble I can get into at the June meeting.


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    Hi, Kids,

    Went to the pool and trotted in the water for about an hour with a few high steppin' moves thrown in. I likely didn't get my heart rate into the target zone but it was close. My hips and legs ache now. My dear old friend only did a couple of laps slowly and said he was done for the day. Hope he is OK. Nancy and I walked together and had a nice chat. The guy from the mattress movers came by and gave my $140 in cash. He is so nice (cute too).

    I'm craving something but don't know what. I'll be roasting my pork loin soon so will have that to gnaw on. Think I'll just take it easy today. It's beautiful out but will probably start to rain later. I hope so. I have the slider open enough so the kids can go out on their lanai. They really love it out there. I sat out there with them this morning.

    Gordon, what great pics. I love orchids which bloom in clusters or cascade. I still love the single blooms but am looking for other things. Thanks for the info about the club on McGregor. It's not far from me. Naples is 30 miles down the coast. Also, it's very congested down there and I hate having to drive it. Lots of wealth down there and the well to do flock to it during season. We have our swells here too but not as many and as concentrated. Thanks again. I'll check it out.

    Julie, so glad you got all new stuff for GPA. He was obviously neglected when he lived at home except for when you did things for him. I laugh thinking about Oreo and a goat. DD#1 and DSIL had a little wire-haired terrier who was hell on wheels. When the kids traveled, they took him to a farm instead of a kennel. He loved hanging out with the other animals and befriended a goat. Before long, he and the goat were terrorizing the other animals and the kids were told he couldn't come back. After he got home, he started butting things, like the fence. Something he obviously learned from the goat.

    Gotta go empty the dryer and fold stuff. Talk to all y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi there y'all,

    Popping in for a few minutes before I need to check a few other things. Then I hope to be back. Went shopping with DH today for a few thins we needed like salad stuff and ssme veggies.

    GORDON - Those pictures are so beautiful. Keep sending when you can. I know nothing about orchids but do know that they are beautiful.

    MIKIE - You are right . If I didn't have anyone here to cook for I probably would do as little as I could get away with. I have always eaten fairly healthy I think. That is the way I grew up but trying to cut back on the starches we all love. That pork loin sounds wonderful. We make them from time to time and then have meals for awhile. I have to try and portion control DH who is carnivorous, like most men :)!!! They are so easy to make. Curious if you have any easy and yummy recipes for the pork loin. I have no recipe but it usually turns out yummy. Just bake or roast it in the oven.

    JULIE- When will you find out about his latest tests that I think were today. I'll be you are all so relieved that it is not a malignant tumor. Let us know when you find out Don't you ever stop? You are like the energizer bunny even if you don't seem to have much NRG. You must be stealing it from somewhere or somebody :)!! LOL If you have more extras please send to me. LOL

    Need to go do a few things on the computer and then hope to come back again. Thinking of everydobby.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up. Went outside and brought in the cat's dish. Got myself
    a glass of fruit juice from the fridge. Then went outside to bring in the
    trash cans. Somehow in 2 minutes the sunny day had become a rainy one.
    The B & W cat was in the yard. She has gone off to wherever she goes to
    stay dry.

    Last night I posted pics of famous movie props on the Homebound Board.
    Here's an example:

    Hasn't been too much response thus far. I read some decades ago that High
    Schools should have classes on the movies. After all, more kids go to the
    movies than read books. Seems like a valid point to me. One thing they
    really ought to be taught is, Just because you see something in a movie
    doesn't mean it really happened.

    Gordon is doing bookkeeping. Poor guy has to do everything nowadays.
    He went to an orchid meeting last night. Brought home a couple plants.
    One has unusual coloring. The petals are a very faded shade of maroon.
    The lip, however, is a brilliant version of the same color with a splash of
    yellow. Maybe he'll post a picture. I can't talk to him right now to ask.
    When he's in bookkeeping mode he's in another world and does not
    wish to be disturbed.

    Mikie, you are quite right about insurance companies. They attempt to
    recover their losses. If A's insurance company pays for repairs to A's car,
    and B caused the accident, the ins. company will sue B to get its money
    back. It's called subrogation. "Sub" of course, comes from the Latin and
    means below, beneath or under. The people who get sued by the ins.
    company generally consider it underhanded.

    With regard to the FIFA the situation is very confusing to Americans since
    most of the world calls soccer" football" and we don't know what they're
    talking about. The latest news is that hackers succeeded in penetrating the
    computers of the FIFA. We now know where the tournaments will be held
    for the next ten years and what teams will win.

    Julie, funny you should mention an oxygen concentrator. I noticed on ad for
    same on my crossword puzzle book. Looked it up. From what I read it is
    an amazing invention that does away with the the need for oxygen tanks.

    About ten years ago my neighbor developed congestive heart failure. He
    needed oxygen tanks. The cost was $800 a month. Fortunately he
    belonged to a show biz union and had wonderful medical coverage.
    When he moved to Palm Springs but also kept the house next to us, I
    would sometimes go over to water the garden and find half a dozen oxygen
    tanks on the front porch left by the delivery man.

    The doctor told him he should get his affairs in order, one year to live, etc.
    Despite the fact that he continued smoking, he lasted for five.

    Wikipedia says the traditional gift for the 40th anniversary is a ruby. So
    you could give Den a ruby tie tac. Or perhaps something more practical
    like a red popsicle or a Delicious apple.

    Good thing you were there to catch Gpa. Reminds me I fell a couple days ago
    getting out of the tub. I guess I pretty much forgot about it 'cause I
    escaped injury. The water broke my fall. Really. I stopped taking showers
    some years ago because my balance got so bad. Have had several falls. Only
    got hurt in one. (Broken nose. Thank goodness it didn't damage my
    classic profile.)

    Hugs to Diane, Granni, Sun, Springwater; Barry, where are you?
    Long time no hear.

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    I'm posting a picture I took this morning of a blooming epiphylium.....or an epidendrum.....I can never remember which and I'm on the computer from hell so don't want to look it up. What a surprise to come out and find that this long branch/stalk grew tall and over an adjacent little bay tree. Too bad it only lasts a day.

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    SUN - What a beautiful flower. It is so very different looking.

    ROCK - How nice to read your post even if I cannot remember it to much other than that picture of that little robot from the Star Wars fame.

    I am so aggravated right now and confused too a bit. Almost all last week I kept getting notices from Amazon - not sure if they are the Amazon.com fame. Sometimes they use the com and other times not. I supposedly ordered a Home Energy Saver and they keep telling me to confirm. I keep sending them a reply saying I did not order or want. I thought they got the message. Well today when I got this stupid message again and I clicked on the side for view details and all of a sudden they are sending t to me. I have no idea of what it is or the cost. Well I have been going crazy trying to find the right e0mail address to send to Amazon.com. I checked my acct and it is not on there. So I found an address to e-mail for stop-spoofing@Amazon.com and sent them some info as well as this last e-mail from the spoofers or whoever they are. I hope we don't get billed for whatever. We won't pay anyhow but it is just a pain in the neck. Thanks to credit cards we just won't pay and say we never ordered, which we didn't. I am so annoyed to say the least. Probably another person working for someone else and using the amazon name.

    Gotta run for now. DH needs the computer.

    Love you all,
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    Good Morning, Kids,

    Always so good to come here first thing in the morning. I got out of bed around 4:00 to pee and found that my hips, legs, and ankle/heel feel much better. I think that exercising in the pool helped, even though I ached later in the day yesterday. Speaking of which--the old lady who attacked me at the meeting called last evening to get help with another neighbor who has two dogs (we are only allowed one per unit). Their little cul-de-sac now has three units with two dogs each. It's getting out of control. Due to FL condo laws, it's extremely difficult to enforce the rules. Geez, if I yelled at someone, I wouldn't have the cahones to ask for something. I think she has a drinking problem based on the huge glass of red wine she drank one day at 9:00 in the morning. That could explain a lot.

    Electrician is coming this morning to remove the old fan in the living room and put in the new one. I'm really looking forward to having a nice new quiet fan. Hope I have the NRG to clean the baths when he leaves. I need to bite the bullet and shampoo the traffic areas on the carpet too. It never ends. I want to go to the pool again tomorrow and try to get there three times a week. I felt so well when I was doing that. I'm on pins 'n needles waiting for DD's cardio workup results.

    Granni, I love pork in almost any form. I just roast the pork loin in my little toaster oven until it's done (I check it with a meat thermometer). I sprinkle some rosemary on it about 2/3 of the way through cooking. It was delicious!
    I have enough for two more meals. When I cooked for the family, I used leftover pork roast for chop suey. Everyone liked the leftover day more than the first day. I also have no recipes for roasting pork but it always turns out great. I do use one of those cooking bags for a larger pork roast. I just follow the directions and end up with a nice juicy roast with a brown crust on the outside. Mmmmm! That Amazon thing sounds like a scam to me. When you order on Amazon, you get a confirmation e-mail with an order number. This may be phishing to attempt to give credit card info. I have Amazon Prime and they have their own credit card and I just charge purchases to that. I doubt you will receive any packages but you can just refuse one if it arrives.

    Rock, isn't that R2D2 from "Star Wars?" That's what we used to call our shop vac. The orchids sound lovely; I also hope Gordon posts pics. I'm anxious for that one of mine to bloom. It's teasing me like the purple one did by taking its own sweet time to open. I don't blame the insurance companies for going after people whose negligence causes damages. When I fell on algae on Richard's boat doc steps, severing my bicep tendon, my ins. co. paid for the surgery but were investigating whether or not to go after his homeowner ins. to pay. For some reason, they dropped it. Thank God because he had a $1,000 deductible. He felt horrible about the whole thing. DSIL #2 used to play on a soccer league and he coaches Andy who has turned out to be a good player.

    Julie, that shopping list is so cute--very detailed and complete. The handwriting reminds me of Andy's. I have you in my prayers as you get GPA's tests. I pray his and my DD's are OK. Glad you got away to see your Dad and shop. Sometimes, just doing some normal chore, like buying groceries, is therapeutic. Let us know how the tests turn out.

    Sun, that flower is beautiful. I think the only time I have ever seen another one was on the way up to the Biltmore Estate in NC. The grounds have beautiful plants and they are identified. They have the most beautiful rose garden I have ever seen. Most of us have seen pics of the big trees on each side of the drive up to the house. Those are tulip trees (not the African Tulip Trees like we have here in da hood). The ones in NC are yellow and orangish pink and look just like tulips. Even the leaves are tulip shaped. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pic. Hope your computer shapes up. Which operating system do you have. If it's 7 or better, you can upgrade to Windows 10. If I were in the market for a new one, I'd wait til after the end of July when all the new PC's will be using it. I hope your pain is better.

    Sending lots of love, hugs and prayers everyone's way.

    Love, Mikie
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    Well, DH had his basal cell growth removed by the surgeon early this morning. Such a pretty and smart young lady. They even let me come in while they were doing it. I could hardly see the darn thing and neither of us knew he had it till the dermatologist upstairs ( they worked together in the same building) spied it with her little microscopic thingy and then took a sample and sent it out. It was basal cell carcinoma. So glad they found it. Who knows how much this will cost but it will be worth it to have it out.

    I know that DH was very worried about it but they took us early and got started. It was marked and then a small layer of skin or tissue removed and then sent out to be tested. While it was being tested went out into a little waiting room to wait, watch TV, Have a snack or read. Luckily we only had to do that one X. One man had something on his ear and had to leave at least 2x to have another layer removed and tested. Then we went back into the surgical room where they gave him some more anesthesia ( local) and did a tad more cutting or shaving on both ends so the sutured area wouldn't pucker and lay flat. So they had to do more stitches than usual . It is in a creased area of the face so it will lay flat and not pucker or have a scar. We go back next Thursday for the stitches to be removed. I wasn't watching all the time but am guessing thee were at least 4-6 stitches, longer than we thought. He is doing well and was told just to rest and not do to much this week, so as to cause heavy bleeding. That will drive him crazy. He is always wanting to get out and do something or I will end up doing it.

    I am happy to hear that after we remove the bandage it just needs to be cleaned with Hydrogen peroxide and then put on some Vaseline. Can leave it open or cover it if you want if we are going somewhere. It might be best just to keep it open if possible to let it heal naturally and let the air hit it and more problems just trying to get it covered.

    MIKIE and JULIE - Hope those tests come out OK without to many problems. Years ago we went to the Biltmore Estates in N.C. when DD and all just moved there. The whole grounds were just gorgeous filled with beautiful flowers of all kinds and the inside was gorgeous to for that time I wouldn't even mind going there again. However, since DD has moved out of NC we won't be going for sure plus it is to long a drive for us anymore.

    That mess with Amazon, I am sure was not affiliated with Amazon.com. I have not sent them any information and have sent their e-mails to that scammer address I posted before. I have it written done but have forgotten it. They may be trying to get my m/c number or something . The whole thing is weird. The whole thing is to much to write it all to you. Will let you know if I hear any more concerning these people causing problems or trying to.

    Hugz to everydobby. Sorry I cannot write to everyone today. Got up much to early today.

    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Supposed to be 70 degrees here today w/ a 10% chance of rain. Just went outside.
    It feels like rain. Can see beads of moisture on flat surfaces. Reminds me of
    the old joke. This would be a nice place to live it had more water and nicer
    people. Of course you could say the same thing about Hell.

    Yes, that was R2D2, the Star Wars Robot. George Lucas, the creator of Star Wars
    said R2 was his favorite character. Stars Wars is now 38 years old. Here's a pic
    from Boston which had a festival for the movie's 30th birthday. Princess Leia,


    (Carrie Fisher) inserted a disc containing information about the Death Star into
    R2D2. In Boston you can insert a letter.

    Granni hope all goes well with DH's recovery. He is lucky to have a professional nurse
    on hand to give him lots of TLC. BTW, in crosswords the clue "What a nurse provides"
    calls for TLC as the answer.

    Mikie, I found a package on the front porch this morning. It contained lots of love,
    hugs and prayers. Thank you very much. Or as the Norskies say, tusen takk.
    Glad to hear your legs are better. Did your GS put on his magic show? Any video?

    Julie, Keira did a great job with her list. Even got popsicle spelled right. Or did
    you help on that one? I had to look it up when I used it in a post yesterday.
    Hope things aren't to hectic at your casa today.

    Sun, thanks for the beautiful pic. It looks like an epiphyllum to Gordon
    and me. An epiphyllum is a cactus and an epidendrum is an orchid. Just
    to make things confusing, there is a cactus called the orchid cactus. Gordon
    has some. One is in bloom right now.

    Gordon is off doing errands. I have lots to read. Got several books at the
    library yesterday including a book from 1912 with stories by Mary Roberts
    Rinehart. Her stories are still funny to me. She also wrote mysteries, but
    they seem out of date.

    Hugs to Barry and Diane and Springwater, et. al.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    ROCK - I thought that picture was of R2D2 and Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker I think his name was. . He or it was one of the few characters I knew from the movie and series of same.. Never did go to see the movie but saw lots of ads and stuff for it. Hope you get a little rain to help with your drought. Wish we could have sent some of our rain overload to CA. Glad you have lots of books to read to keep you busy and your mind very occupied. You are better than I remembering names of exotic flowers like Gordon's Orchids, etc.

    SUN - Not sure if I told you or not about your picture you sent. It is very pretty. I know so little about different flowers , especially orchids. I know a few basic flowers but that is it. Don't ask me to remember the names of the flowers though, the ones you are all sending back and forth. The names are to long.

    JULIE - On Keira's list what is Uncrustables ??? That is cute the Capt. Crunch is still on there and of course good old PB and J. Don't know what some of my kids would have done without it. That was some long list. You had better start shopping now?? When does she come to stay for a week or so? She and Grandpa can keep each other company :)!!! I see there is another kid like one of mine who just likes vanilla ice cream :)!!!

    SPRING WATER - Hope all is well with you today and you are feeling OK and can out and about some. Also hope the weather is not to hot for you and or rainy yet. I forget when you have your rainy season. Hope you and your family are doing well , all things considered what has happen in the area lately.

    Thinking and praying for all of you. Tomorrow is almost the start of the weekend but I have to go in the morning to a funeral. A gal who is such a nice gal and sings when she can with our Choral Society and helps bake goodies for us so we can pay off the a/c bill, etc. Her husband passed away and I didn't really know him or if he had been ill or not recently. She was always taking care of someone in the family and most lived out of state, that I knew of.

    Elaine - I haven't heard fro you in some time. Hope you are doing OK as with other MIA's from our Porch, DAR, JOAN, etc.

    Love to everyone,
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Everydobby,

    Woke at 3:00 this morning and went back to sleep at 4:00 for another hour. I have to get more ZzQuil. I did put 1/4 mg. of Special K under my tongue to help me get back to sleep and get rid of my tinnitus. Kitties had a short game of tag and are running around, in and out on the lanai. I put that new "Wipe Your Paws" welcome mat at the front door and put the old one on the lanai. Both cats are enjoying scratching the mat to sharpen their claws and sniffing it to gather all the smells from out front. I am hoping that, since it is that heavy duty straw-like stuff that they don't pee on it. If they do, out it goes.

    It is only 74 degrees out this morning but, with the heavy humidity, it feels so much warmer and sticky. I will be going over to the pool again this morning. They say it takes three weeks to form new habits. I don't think it took that long before when I was doing it prior to having my heel pain. I'd as soon wait until 9:30 or 10:00 to let the water get back up to 87 degrees but DF (dear friend) Nancy prefers it cooler due to hot flashes. Hope my other DF, the one who has coffee with me, shows up. I worry about him as he is a bit frail but he walks or works out every day.

    I got my new fan yesterday and it is wonderful. The original ones the builder installed are only four-blade fans instead of five. The new one is just beefier and runs more smoothly. Installer and I laughed because it has a 50-year warranty. I got antique brass for the metal parts and plain white blades. The new blades are more smoothly finished to cut down on dust's sticking to them. Installer is good friends with a guy who lives across the street. He called him while he was here and we both said, "Hi." Small world!

    Rock, love the pic of that mailbox. Think I mentioned that my ex bought an old mailbox which had a bent leg from being hit by a car. He restored it to looking like brand new and we used it for a laundry hamper. Kids loved "mailing" their dirty laundry to be washed. No clothes left on the floor. Yes, I prefer people only put mail in the boxes instead of info on a Death Star. Yikes!!! Ex was a fun guy, or was that a fungi? Can't remember. I almost spilled my coffee when I read your comment about Hell. In our family, we will tell one another, "You're going to hell." The other replies, "Yes, but you will be bringing me ice water." Glad you found your package. Y'all are in the Love/Hugs/Prayers of The Month Club through Amazon Prime so they should be arriving on a regular basis. Andy did his magic show but it was recorded from the audience and it was impossible to see what he was doing. Asked DD if they could record his doing it at home so he could be seen. The audience did applaud and scream wildly every time he did something so think it was very well received. It's such good practice to get up in front of an audience to perform. He may have inherited the performer gene from his aunt, DD#1. I could never do that. Good to see you back posting. Hope you continue to feel better and your computer doesn't act up.

    Granni, so glad DH's surgery is over. Sounds as though doc did a little extra removal of tissue around the cancer which is very good. As I mentioned to you earlier, Barb had the same kind of cancer and they had to remove more tissue several times. There is no scar and recovery went so well. I pray for the same for DH. I have got to get my lazy self into the dermatologist's office to get looked over. Skin cancer is so prevalent down here in the hot sun all year round. When I go to the pool, I use sun screen on my face, neck and shoulders but not everywhere else. I have to be especially careful not to get sun exposure on my face where I had topical chemo and under my eyes where they did laser treatment to smooth out the bags I had there from being sick for so long. I wear a big hat and oversized sun glasses. The most common spot for women to get skin cancer here is the backs of the legs. Let us know how DH is doing.

    Julie, I'm thinking about GPA and his tests. I hope that after all these doc visits, you can both rest up a bit. Keep us updated.

    Sun, I hope your pain is better. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers too.

    Spring, thinking about you as well. Hope those tremors stop and everyone is safe.

    Dar, Diane, Barry and all our other Porchies, I hope and pray you all are doing well. Stop in when you can.

    Gotta go answer an e-mail from the idiot board member who seems to have to make a fuss about everything we do. He thinks he should control everything and can do everything better than anyone else. Problem is that he knows next to nothing about how a board works and has the attention span of a gnat. No wonder they pay me the big bucks...NOT!!! Hope all y'all have a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  13. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member


    Very hot down here...makes one limp and lazy...i cant even think of going out ...its 6:30pm..yet its hot!!

    Sun - absolutely astonished by the white flower, it is a poem of poems...Nature at her creative best

    Rock - CP something was R2d2s friend wasnt he.? Or she? I tnought we would be more inundated with robots by now than we are..but i guess the computers just took over..

    How wonderful if they developed a Berta robot like the Richie Rich family had...and Bill Gates gave one free to every household in the name of philanthropy..

    I love Carrie Fishers plait bun hair do over her ears..but not everyone can carry it off

    Gordon ....how do you have room for any more orchids!! That black orchid is so different..

    Granni - so good to hear DHs procedure is over...relief.

    Julie - impressed with Keiras list..very comprehensive and she loves her fruits dont she? We have to remind sonny to have his otherwise he doesnt bother...its mango season now, so we hv been buying those regularly..along with banana and plums, speaking of which our plum tree has given some plums, which are ripening..unfortunately, the birdies are eating them before us..so i asked for them to be picked...im thinking of taking over some for my friend

    Thinking of and sending prayers for Granpa

    Mikie - i tried to unearth my antique fan yesterday, because it was in storage, it was a wedding present but the plastic blades fell apart in my hands!! Still it has been very useful...before we installed ceiling fans
    and the a/c in one room, but the ground floor doesnt need fans..maybe coz of all insulation

    Not at my sprightliest best...just going around in circles and then resting...it was also Full Moon recently,,and the moon sometimes has that effect on me, a wet rag which is feeling the heat is how one could describe me at present

    Take cares, all

    God bless
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    A very quick hi to awl. Need to go get ready to go to a funeral this morning. I am getting picked up. Nothing else new here really to post about.

    MIKIE - What a pain to have a board member or two who like to run things and can't leave well enough alone. So glad you got and like your new fan. Hope that helps to keep you cooler and more comfy.

    Everyone - wait till you hear the story I read from Julie that happened last night I guess, on FB. She had a encounter with a dear but was fine then her headlights wouldn't work right on the way home unless she held the on the whole way. Lucky gal though. Then she got home to see all the wonderful work some of the sweet Amish ladies did in her kitchen for her, Lovely story and I am glad she is OK but what about her car??

    SW - Sorry it is getting so hot for you. We are getting into that season now too. Thank God for fans and a/c.

    Sorry everydobby I need to start getting dressed for the funeral. DH is a the grocery store. Hard for him to sit still and will have to wait a few days at least before he does any work outside, especially in the heat.

    TTYAL. Sorry no time today to mention everyone.

    Love you all,
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Just came in from harvesting the crop. We picked another 5 or 6 dozen tomatoes.
    Now Gordon's doing some gardening chore in the front yard. I used to fix omelets
    a lot. Tomatoes always make a nice side dish, I think.

    From reading ladies' magazines in waiting rooms I know that "Tomatoes and
    Basil are soulmates". I never used any though. Well, Norwegians generally don't
    use any spices except cardamom in cookies. Like the old New Englanders, we
    believe in plain living and high thinking. I suppose that's no longer true.

    Granni, thanks for the news about Julie and the deer. Glad to hear she's OK.
    Deer are a big menace. According to USA Today as well as other sources, 200
    people die in this country from collisions with deer every year. And a billion
    dollars or more in vehicle repairs.

    Sometimes it's more than a collision with a deer. A family from Illinois lost 7
    members when their car hit a deer and was subsequently struck by a semi
    truck. Sharks, on the other hand, have killed about ten
    Americans in the last decade. The worst states for deer accidents are in
    the Midwest and the West including IA and MN.

    Springwater, you're right. The Star Wars robot was C3PO. He was a translator
    who knew over 900 languages and was built by Anakin Skywalker. Anakin
    was a Jedi Knight; father of Luke Skywalker.

    What kind of plums do you have? When I was a kid we had only one plum
    tree in our village. The plums were small and yellow. Very good. Have never
    seen any like them since. The plum tree is gone now. It stood next to a small
    sinkhole. Sometime in the last decades it got filled in.

    Glad you're happy with your new fan, Mikie. I remember the electric fans
    before the days of plastic. They had a protective grill except the spaces were
    so large a kid could stick a whole hand in there.


    Oops! Couldn't find a smaller pic. Well, actually I did find one, but it wouldn't post.

    Too bad the video of Andy's magic show didn't work out. Some of the home videos on
    Youtube are so hopeless I wonder why anyone posted them. Especially the ones made
    in a theater with a phone. Yikes!

    Guess I'd better quit. Gordon needs some help in the front yard.

    Hugs Everybody
  16. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Rock: I used to have one of those old fans, but my son claimed ownership. He loves old stuff, like me. Friends come in to visit him and spend time just looking around at all the "stuff" he's got here, there and everywhere. By the way, I'm almost positive you've had dill in your food or soups......almost a staple up in the Norwegian/Swedish countries. I always put a bit in potato soup when I'm making it.

    I read about this facinating blown glass exhibit at the Corning Museum of Glass. And there's also an exhibit at Harvard by the same talented glass blowers......a father and son who are long gone.


    Granni I know your DH is happy everything is over with the procedure. I've got some moles on my back that obviously I can't check out so I guess I should see a dermatologist. I'll put that on the list of "stuff to do" that I never get around to......like that colonoscopy.

    Mikie: How's the gas grill controversy going? Unbelievable that people would fight something that isn't safe for them or anyone else around your complex. And has your DD gotten her further tests run yet? Glad to read you now own as new fan.

    Julie: I'm sure you're extremely busy as usual today......having the headlight fixed for one thing. Did you wound the deer? Hope you're OK....just shook up I'm guessing.

    Spring: I absolutely HATE humidity so I don't envy you. How long does this season last? But I'm sure it's good for your flowers.

    I drug myself out of bed early this morning to get ready to go to my DGD's award ceremony. A gold medal for having read a certain # of books. We're so proud of her....once she learned to finally read and not fight it she really took off. Now she asks for $ or gift certificates for the book store.

    Coming home I did some errands, most of them useless because the stores were out of things I needed, so now I'm ready for a nap.
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Dear Ones,

    Didn't get up til 5:00 this morning. Cats now seem to be willing to wait until I let them in. This just keeps getting better and better. We are now into 90-degree days with scattered showers. We should be getting heavy rainfall every afternoon/evening. I'm worried about the lack of rain this year. We just started the "rainy season" so guess I'll just have to bide my time. I went to the pool yesterday and got my heart rate up for 30 mins. It's amazing how much faster it goes when I have a friend to talk to. Nancy is still a bit slower than I from her back surgery so I just run in place or run fast but don't travel far forward. Our dear old friend came but he is having too much trouble with balance and has decided he can't walk without falling under the water. I'm concerned about him. He and Nancy will likely come over this morning for coffee. Unfortunately, this running in the pool seems to be exacerbating my hip, leg and heel pain. Damned if I do and damned if I don't.

    Those two board members are drama and control freaks and are upset that I decided to send out the gas grill letters without calling a board mtg. to let everyone vote. It is my prerogative to make that decision myself. I did not have the luxury of waiting for them to discuss the issue ad naseum in long e-mails. Liability coverage for our board members was on the line. They don't seem to grasp the importance of the issue. When I responded to the worst one, saying if he thinks he can do a better job as president and the board agrees with him, I'll resign immediately, hHe wrote back and said, "Looks like someone blew a gasket." He's so passive/aggressive; he drives people nuts and when they have had enough of him, he tries to turn it on them. I let him know that doesn't work on me. Got a nice letter from the mgr. to hang in there. He said I'm doing a good job. It was nice to see. I will be getting the paperwork I have ready to turn in and my resignation letter typed so I'm ready to bow out any time.

    Haven't heard from DD#2 on her tests. Not sure she has the results yet. Even if she does, she may need some time to herself before talking with me about it, especially if the news isn't good. All I can do is pray; it's in God's hands now.

    Julie, I am overwhelmed by the kindness of those girls. Sometimes when we are exhausted by life, some kindness is what gets us through. What a blessing! I am so glad you got home OK with those lights on the blink, so to speak. DD#1 lives SW of Denver in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in a beautiful semi-rural area. There are always dead deer along the road home. She is very careful when driving that stretch. The deer will bound out in front of cars without warning. I think it will be a lot better when GPA's things are at your house. It may move him a notch closer to putting some distance between himself and you know who. Thought of you when I read an article in our paper and saw the pic. In Switzerland, they are using sheep along the steep sides of roads and railways to keep the grass under control. If memory serves, though, sheep pull the grass clean out of the ground instead of chewing it off. I think goats are a better choice for "mowing." I thanked God for watching out for you and asked Him to help you.

    Spring, it's horribly hot 'n humid here too. How long does this season last for you? It doesn't start to cool down here til after Halloween. Every home built down here has ceiling fans in all the rooms so we don't have to have the portable ones. I remember before the days of A/C and ceiling fans in most homes, my Mom would place a bowl of ice water in front of our floor fan and it really kept things cool. Glad the full moon doesn't affect me that way. It usually gives me NRG but not now. It's been too cloudy to see it. We still have two weeks before the sun starts its march to the south. At least, the mornings are still in the 70's. It's my favorite time of the day for sitting out on the lanai. Keep cool.

    Granni, it seems that at some point in our lives, we have so many funerals to attend or we hear of deaths in areas where we can't travel to pay our respects. Thanks for sharing Julie's harrowing ride home. Yikes! Glad everything turned out OK. Stop back in when you can stay.

    Sun, how nice they do awards for reading at you DGD's school. Andy's old school did that. He also didn't like to read, except on the computer or his Mom's phone. After I gave him the Kindle, he took off too. He got some kind of reward for reading so many books. I like old things too but left so many of them for ex after the divorce. We had an old brass candlestick phone and a crank wooden phone. Ex loved those old store scales, like the butchers used. They are iron and brass and he restored them. They look lovely with a plant on them. Letters regarding the grills went out so I'm off the hook, as are the other board members, when it comes to our liability over the grills. Idiots don't know when someone is trying to protect them. Please don't put off your medical exams too long. I've put my skin exam off too long so I shouldn't be saying anything. Take care.

    Rock, thanks for the pic of those old metal and brass fans. I remember when every office had one. I think it's sad that kids today don't know how people lived before this electronic age. If they didn't have cell phones and had to look for a pay phone, it would probably be traumatic for them. Don't get me wrong; I'm all for the safety and convenience cell phones have brought us but I hate to see kids not knowing about how their parents lived. I grew up knowing what things were like when my Mom was young. Yes, tomatoes and basil go well together. A yummy Italian salad, Caprizio (likely misspelled), uses slices of tomato on a bed of basil leaves with fresh mozzarella cheese. The cheese has to be the fresh type, usually sold in a small bag with water in it. Just some vinegrette dressing or Italian oil dressing finishes it off. We love it in our family.

    Gordon, the guy who installed my fan raises orchids too. He said when bananas get too ripe to eat, he breaks off little pieces and lays them on the bark around his orchids. It evidently works like a fertilizer. I've never heard of that; have you? The purple splash orchid is almost gone but the other catt is ready for the little pods to open. There are three on one stem. Of course, it seems as though it's taking forever. BTW, when one is finished eating a banana, Dr. Oz says to rub the peel on one's feet to soften them. Those bananas are one heckova fruit!

    OK, Kids, I'm gonna get going. Hoping everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids
    Just watched an old Jack Benny TV show. From 1954. It was titled "The Road to
    Nairobi" on accounta Bob Hope was the guest. Jack said it was difficult to rehearse.
    Hope kept changing his lines and ad libed all the way through the program which
    made it difficult for Jack to stay in character. Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis made
    a surprise visit at the end of the show. They were on camera for about 20 seconds.
    I wonder how much they got paid for that.

    Mikie, I don't know as banana skins on my feet would be terribly appealing. I do
    know the neighbors recommend that the stag horn fern be fed a banana every now
    and then. It worked for them. They had one about the size of an elephant's head.

    A shame that the exercise that's supposed to be good for you is exacerbating your
    extremities pain. I wonder if it would help to sit on some sort of float or beside
    the pool and just kick your feet in the water.

    Julie, glad to hear your deer accident wasn't serious. When I was a kid we would
    sometimes go for a ride at night in the country. People had simple pleasures
    in those days. Not even TV then. Anyway the air always had a fragrant scent; now
    & then a tang of skunk in the distance. It was pretty common to have a deer cross the
    road in front of us. They were so athletic and graceful. Sailed over the fences as tho
    they had wings. That was really great of your Amish neighbors to come and help.
    What a nice surprise.

    Sun, I think you're right. In Norway they use dill with salmon, in bread, etc. But in
    Minnesota we never used it anything. It just showed up in dill pickles, but my
    mother never canned. Lots of women did though. You'd hear them in the market.
    "Yes, I'm getting another crate of peaches. I've got 3 dozen quarts of fruits and
    veggies so far. Need to do a few more."

    I checked out the glass exhibit. Amazing. Those sea creatures don't look like
    they're made of glass at all. When I was in school we used to have educational-
    entertaining shows every couple months. I think they were called lyceum
    programs. Can't remember for sure. Anyway we had a glass blower one year.
    The little animals and a gold ribbon he made were kept in the school's trophy
    case for years. When I went back about 20 years after graduation, they were
    gone, and the school had a new gym. Our class picture was still hanging in the
    corridor along with all the previous classes though.

    Hugs Everydobby, Springwater, Diane, Granni, Barry.
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    :)Wow, what a sleepy porch. Of course it is Saturday and everyone is busy doing other thing most likely rather than lollygagging on our PORCH. Thought that I would at least check the PORCH to see if anybody had stopped by. DH's wound appears to be doing well. I took off the dressing as instructed by the doctor and it looks really good. They said it does not have to be covered but will do so possible at night. It is up to him if he wants it on when we go to church. It is in the crease and you can't see it to much other than a very slight swelling and those black sutures. Just supposed to clean with Hydrogen Peroxide and put on Vaseline.

    Glad to see ROCK come by any way. I was speed reading your post ROCK and couldn't figure out what you would be doing with all those fruits and veggies. I knew that you wouldn't be canning them. I finally figured it after reading your post again. Guess what, we bought a cheese from Norway I think and it has bits of dill in it. It is really delicious. The cheese itself is good without it and also with. They have at least 2 kinds you can get from Sams. WHOOPS I went to check and the cheese is HAVARTI from DENMARK, not Norway but they are in the same area. We had never had that cheese before and it is really good for those of you on the porch that love good cheese. Now we got DD and her DH eating it as well. It is not a cheap cheese but is very creamy and delicious. Yes, Jack Benny and Bob Hope were hysterical and Jerry Lewis and Dean Martin too. I may have even seen that episode years ago. Their comic timing we fantastic and there are none like them I am sorry to say.

    MIKIE - I hope you are feeling better with a little less pain. So sorry to hear that. I hope the pain will go away real soon. Can't remember what else you said in your post and the page has turned over here. Just try and take it easy some if you can and not push it to hard. Hope those pesty board members aren't bothering you so much again.

    JULIE - I can't imagine how tired you must be with everything you have been doing these days even with G pa being such a good patient and all.

    SUN and SW - Hope you both are doing well and not to tired and worn out. Also hope your pain is not to bad SUN. Done any more painting? SPRING - I hope you are keeping busy but not wearing yourself out either. Hang in there with the heat. Any more rain in the forecast? If so maybe you can send some to SUN if they are too dry. Wish that could be so. Have to run and do some more chores and work on the computer.

    Love to everyone,
  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    Its early morning here and i hve the fan on at full blast...the sun rises early and it becomes so hot! i have difficulty deciding what i should do upstairs and what to leave for later because the upstairs gets so hot. Nowadays its touching 91 degrees in daytime.

    Its all quiet here so i felt happy to have the empty kitchen to come to, put on some tea and switch on the computer. Nothing like really really 'me' time. where you dont have to get up to make tea for so and so, pass this, pick this, boil that.

    Mikie - keeping your DD in my thoughts and prayers..i know you will be worrying till you know one way or other.Any contraption which could go up in flames is dangerous in a building with houses near each other is dangerous im thinking. So easy for fire to spread.. Some people never learn until the worst happens. I hope they see the sense and stop haranguing over it.

    It seems to me there is a lot of power play going on out there. Your co members of the board dont seem to like being told what to do and take it as a mortal insult if you put your foot down. Maybe you could send them literature on the hazards of having gas grills and how no other building allows them...and that it for a very good reason. Though it does seem like you have washed your hands off the whole thing and decided resigning is the way forward.

    The thing is, whether you are the president or someone else, this kind of tug of war is going to continue to happen if someone doesnt point it out and find some sort of solution. How stressful and pointless. Are they going to keep changing Heads of Boards then...if for some reason yur building does decide on keeping the gas grills, how efficient are your fire fighting devices.?

    Julie - wow. close shave! im so glad you managed to get home safely with your precious cargo. Indeed looks like God is trying to let you know that He's got your back. Okay. I think thats the first time i heard this phrase, Gods got your back. I can imagine how you must hv felt coming back after that scary incident to find your work done and you can rest. It reminded me of the Elves and Shoemaker. Seems to me like most of us here could do with some elves. preferably the kind who are good cooks too.

    Rock - i really loved the picture of the old fans...so artistic they look all three of them in a line! Lovely decoration to put in the living room. I love anything old. especially grandfather clocks. When my DH and i were visiting a cousin we saw a faux old style grandfather clock in her living room...and we both liked it. next thing i know my DH has got one for his office...without telling me. I would hv loved one here but thought the better of it, while i am in the process of decluttering. And of course with the earthquake happening i dont want anything which can topple over.

    Our plums are the slightly bigger kind which go dark red when ripe. They are very delicious if picked at the right time. Later on we will get the green ones in the market and the little yellow ones too. I love plums. Better than peaches.

    Sun - congrats on your DGD winning a medal! how proud her parents and you must be. My own DD likes reading. she is not a bookworm but will read any books recommended.
    not so my DS. I think the one book he read and liked was his literature book Julius Caesar which i find absolutely a bore. Its strange, he looks a bit effeminate, he is thin and pale with girly features but he liked wrestling when a kid WWF was really big at that time, and car games on computers and really got into the grngy phase at one time. I would hv liked an arty preppy child. Which neither of them are.It was fun discussing books with DD. I gave away a lot of her princess diaries, harry potter books after she went off. She has a cousin sis so its easy to pass on stuff.

    Granni - our rainy season normally starts around mid June..its already started in South India. The monsoons travel from there and up to where we are. This year we are a bit apprehensive tho...what with the earthquake loosening the soil and all.

    i had to get up several times in between posting because the house woke up.

    Sons friend had stayed overnight because he lives a 12 km away and his bike broke down at night while he was in town. so son went to get him and got him here. gave them breakfast of french toast and tea.

    The milk is boiled the DH and doggies fed..

    just time to grab the newspaper and see whats what and then get on with the day

    take care all

    God Bless

    Last edited: Jun 6, 2015

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