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    Hi, Kids,

    Please check the posts on #820. I found the PLAC test online.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just woke up from my nap. I was having a dream I've had several times. I
    couldn't view a video on Youtube because the page was crammed with wall
    to wall videos. No place to click to play them. No doubt the cause of this
    manifestation is lack of grapeseed extract in my diet, or something to do
    with karma or possibly numerology is involved. I like to keep my options open.

    Mikie, I have no expertise regarding aluminum oxidation (or much of
    anything else). I remember Carl Reiner on some talk show decades ago
    said the only thing he knew about household hints was that lemon juice
    was usually involved. Heloise would probably have recommended nylon
    net, vinegar and baking soda. How big a surface are we talking about?
    Maybe you could paint it with clear nail polish. My training as a boy
    scout did not cover this sich-ee-a-shun. Good luck with all your
    errands. Don't over do. But as the Gerswin song tells us, it's OK to Do,
    Do, Do.

    Granni, yes, I am reading the new batch of books. I got done with one pretty
    quickly. It was a book of interviews of musicians, singers, etc. The author
    had an amazing talent. She could interview interesting people in the most
    boring way imaginable. After 3 chapters I gave up on that one. Am rereading
    a Dave Barry book. One I used to own actually, but I got rid of almost all my
    books about 3 moves ago. Anyway it's pretty much like reading a new book as
    I had forgotten almost all of it. And I agree with you about modern movies.
    ACCKK! as Mikie says so eloquently.

    Sun, I hadn't thought of marching in the High School band for decades. I was
    always glad I played the flute and not the tuba. We used to march around the
    village after school. Little kids would follow along. Usually we just marched
    at football games; occasionally at a parade in a nearby town. And once we
    went all the way to Minneapolis for the big summer festival, the Aquatennial.
    The first one was held the year I was born. It now has 50 or 60 events as
    well as the parade. Here's an old postcard of same.

    Hi Diane, good to see ya. Never heard of haluski. I have eaten Pierogies before.
    They were from Trader Joe's frozen case. One suspects the home made variety
    might be more tasty. Wikipedia lists 6 ways to spell Pierogies. I suppose
    you have to be Australian to get it right. G'day, Mate.

    Julie, hope things aren't too hectic today. I wish I had some nice family nearby.
    Of course that would mean most of my family wouldn't be nearby. My brother
    had his picture in the local paper again. Playing with the home town band. He's been
    a drummer about 45 years, I guess. The local paper doesn't have a photographer.
    The photos are taken by any anybody with a camera. Staff member, bystander,
    blind person, etc. This latest pic of the band is lit from the back so that the people
    are simply silhouettes. Even a small town paper should have higher standards in
    my opinion. 'Course my brother frequently has coffee with the publisher/editor/
    owner. He could pass on my complaint, but he's much more polite than I.

    Hugs, Everydobby

    Well, Good Grief! That photo I posted got about ten times bigger.
    Sometimes the pics don't change in size at all. All too much for my
    Pooh-sized brain to comprehend.
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    Happy 4th of July, Everydobby,

    I hope everyone has a great holiday weekend whether with family or just taking it easy. I've gotten enough done each day so that I don't have to overdo it and will get my condo ready for the kids' visit. Two of my old Balcony chairs broke so I need to stop at Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up two new ones. I get folding chairs and they will come in handy when we take Andy fishing. With my pasty Irish skin, I can't take too much sun at one time. His favorite fishing place has some palm trees. We can just sit under them, eat lunch and talk. No matter how hot it is, there is usually a nice breeze. We'll likely do that on Wed.

    Rock, what on earth is an Aquatennial? Inquiring minds want to know. I know what to do for rust but not oxidation for aluminum. I'm sure my A/C guy will know. I found a lot of suggestions online. One of them may work. I got in there and used some sand paper to loosen the powder and cleaned it up with a wet sponge. I think that made a difference in how the air smells. My throat isn't as aggravated. I'm sure once I figure out how to treat the oxidation, I can use something to seal it. Just don't want to use the wrong thing and make matters worse. I think pierogis are eaten in Eastern Europe, along with sauerkraut, sausages, and root veggies. AACK!!! Not my idea of good food. My Polish friends are always cooking up some kind of foul-smelling sausage and drooling over it. Not that Irish food is any better except maybe for stew. I'll take Chinese, Italian, Mexican or American cuisine, thank you. Worst smelling cooking comes from the people downstairs. They believe themselves to be health nuts and spend $1,200 a month on food for the two of them. Whatever they cook makes me sick to smell. My recurring bad dream is that I can't find a bathroom that isn't too filthy to use or one that isn't out in public view with some kind of strange looking toilet. In any case, my shrink told me those are frustration dreams, indicating that I was frustrated with something in my life. Hope if you have frustrations, they disappear--poof!!!

    Julie, I don't blame you for not wanting to rent out the house. If it needs repairs, the tenants would likely be a constant source of stress. As you've pointed out, your life has been one round after another of care giving. You deserve some respite and some privacy, which you wouldn't have with tenants. It seems to me that when sis is removed from the equation, GPA doesn't cause much stress by himself. I know he needs physical help with his daily activities and that is added work. I don't have the solution as to what to do with the house. Wish I could help. Don't know whether you saw my post on the last Porch but I found the blood test online, not at the Dr. Oz website. It is a PLAC test and has been around since, at least 2009. It is FDA approved and should be covered by insurance if one has cardio risk factors. I'm also going to ask doc for CRP to find other type of inflammation caused by what ails me. Mine was pretty high when I first saw him but keep forgetting to ask him to repeat the test. Right now, my wrists and hands are swollen from arthritis. I may need another peptide booster. Hope you enjoy your family and have a chance to rest this weekend.

    My dear old friend is coming over for coffee this morning. It is a bit cooler so it will be nice out on the Balcony. I swept it off yesterday morning. Lots of cobwebs and tons of mosquitos and gnats on the walls. It's not good Feng Shui to have a dirty entranceway to one's front door. Again, happy 4th.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Again,

    Sat out for almost two hrs. with my dear old friend. He is intelligent and a good sounding board for my ideas about da hood and he contributes a lot of good ideas. Best of all, he always makes me laugh. After he left, I decided to run out to check out some folding chairs to take to the beach when we take Andy fishing and then to put out on the Balcony. I got two just like one I have now and used my 20 percent coupons for them. I left them in the back of the car til Andy goes home. I also stopped in at Lowe's to buy some new seat cushions for the chairs which match the ones we have. Even though we have several kinds of chairs, the matching seat cushions pull it all together and the Balcony looks great.

    On the way home, I stopped and got a Whopper at Burger King. I almost never eat fast food but I was really hungry. It tasted sooooo good. After I ate, I realized how tired I am so will not be shampooing the carpet today. There is plenty of time to do it tomorrow.

    Julie, I hope the chiro can help with the headaches. I would think GPA would enjoy a nice ride with you as long as he has his oxygen along with him. Of course, it would be better if he could stay home but if he likes riding, it might be a nice relaxing drive. I'm sure you would have to have a script for the PLAC test from a doc but he might give you one if you call him since he's already seen you. I'm drooling just thinking about your pie. One year, I spent my birthday at DD#2's house and she baked me a peach birthday pie. I want to drive up to Sarasota to the Amish restaurant but think I'll wait til it's cooler out. If there were an accident or a breakdown, I'd die out in that heat. We are in the worst of it right now and have at least another month of sweltering heat. It could last longer but, usually, in August, the temps drop by a couple of degrees. That can make all the diff. Take care.

    I will be watching any fireworks on TV. So many of the older folks I know just don't want to fight the crowds any more. We are supposed to get rain again and that could put the kibosh on any fireworks. Glad I experienced life to the fullest while I was younger so that I never feel as though I've missed anything. Whatever y'all do, have a blast!!!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    I don't know if this is a real stamp or a joke. Reminds of the Campbell Soup Kids
    from the distant past. My brother the forest ranger sent me a Hilary Clinton joke.
    I responded and thanked him for the Hilarious bit of humor. Gordon got a
    spam e mail from the place where he bought the bullhorn. He printed out a
    coupon and went and bought something immediately. He told me what it was, but
    I already forgot. Whatever it was, it was 20% off. It's the place where he bought
    the bullhorn. Turns out it didn't really cost 99 cents. It was 8 bucks. Funny, huh?
    When I was a kid you could buy more with 88 cents than you can with 8 bucks today.
    Just consider the price of gas, movie tickets, dinner at a restaurant or a
    Broadway show.

    It's 80 degrees here. Clear skies. On the news this morning a reporter was holding
    a fireworks mortar. It was just a black tube; 3 feet long and 6 inches in diameter.
    Not a word of explanation about how it works. Among the places with fire works
    displays tonight are the Hollywood Bowl and the Pasadena Rose Bowl.

    Mikie, my only experience with the Aquatennial was the parade and a concert with
    Nelson Eddy and Gale Sherwood singing. But there are lots of other things going
    on and, of course, a Queen and her Court to ride on a float. If you are in vital
    need of more info, there is a site. Probably has a list or even a schedule of
    events. Lots of lakes in and around Minneapolis for water related activities. I
    read something about a contest for kids making boats outta milk cartons.

    Julie, sorry the headaches are back. I remember about 40 years ago there was
    an article in the paper about exercises and massages you could do yourself to
    treat headaches. My wife tried them. But they didn't help. Raspberry pie sounds
    da-voon. Don't remember ever having any, but my mom and most of the gals
    in our little town sure knew how to bake pies and all kinds of other great stuff.

    Hope all our porchers are feeling pretty good and enjoying the day.

  6. rockgor

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    Hi Kids

    Julie, I am shocked to hear of a town called Plymouth in Minnesota. I never heard of
    it. Which is surprising because according to Wikipedia it's the 7th largest city in MN.
    Turns out it's up by Minneapolis. About 73,000 people. Not only that, but it's very
    close to a Minneapolis suburb where a somewhat distant cousin of mine lived and
    where I once spent a week house sitting.

    And speaking of Plymouth Rock, Cole Porter referred to same in his 1930s
    musical Anything Goes. Anything Goes was the name of the musical and also
    one of its best songs.

    "Times have changed, And we've often rewound the clock,
    Since the Puritans got a shock, When they landed on Plymouth Rock.
    If today, any shock they should try to stem, 'Stead of landing on Plymouth Rock,
    Plymouth Rock would land on them."

    Like tap dancing, Folks? Go to Youtube and watch Sutton Foster and company
    perform Anything Goes.

    It was a quiet day here yesterday till around 7 PM. Then the neighbors set
    off fireworks till around midnight. Some of those firecrackers sounded like
    shotgun blasts.

    And I'm shocked again, Julie, to hear that you not only played the tuba but
    marched with one. What was the band director thinking? What were your
    folks thinking? I don't ask what you were thinking, because we all know
    teenagers are a work in progress. And sleeping in a bus aisle. Bad as sleeping
    in the subway. Sounds more like basic training than fun times with the band.
    LOL You must have had a very flexible embouchure if you could switch from
    clarinet to tuba.

    Mikie, I remember when Burger King opened a stand in Oxnard, CA. Musta
    been 40 years ago. Probably been about that long since I had one of their burgers
    too. When I was a social worker in Minneapolis I had to correspond with Oxnard
    to get a birth certificate for a client. I thought that was the goofiest name for a
    town I'd ever seen. And just few years later I lived in Ventura, only a few miles
    away. This teaches us a valuable lesson, I'm sure.

    Hope everyone is not too worn out from all the holiday festivities. Thus far I've
    only heard of one case where the fireworks got outta hand and attacked the
    crowd. I never saw a fireworks display till I was in my 20s. It was in a park
    in Mpls. The fireworks were shot off from an island in Lake Harriet. A
    very pleasant evening, and no disturbances of any kind. Well, folks in
    Minnesota are generally well behaved; at least they used to be.

    Hope everydobby has a good day.
  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Kids,

    Hope everydobby enjoyed the 4th. I did as I ended up doing almost nothing but visiting with my old friend and shopping for the new folding chairs. Just knew I shouldn't shampoo the carpet yesterday afternoon. I feel up to it today. It's not all the carpeting; it's just the traffic pattern. I have an indoor/outdoor area rug in front of the sofa and am wondering whether I can shampoo it with good results. I hope so as I like the way it looks. There is a matching indoor area rug now so I can buy a new one if needed.

    Rock, love the pic of the stamp. There is something about it that I like but don't know what it is. All us kids used to collect stamps when we were little. There was a stamp club at school. There were prizes for the best presentation of stamp sets. I was fascinated with foreign stamps. We were always writing to Queen Elizabeth II and hoping to get a reply. Never did. I hate neighborhood fireworks. I worry they could start fires and they are soooo noisy. Fireworks should be left to the pros. Saw on the news that some guy blew off part of his hand. Yikes!!! Hard way to learn a lesson. I always wondered who would name a town Oxnard too. CA is so beautiful that all the towns should have pretty names. I feel the same about names for roads. FL is infamous for naming roads and main streets for people. I never know who they are and why they deserve a street named for them. Maybe our Porch should be on Rocky Road.

    Julie, glad you manage to get some rest in between all the activities at your house. I was tired yesterday too and got a good nap in, the kind where you wake up and don't know what day it is or what hour. Them's the best. I'm with GPA; I'd rather stay home. At my age, I've seen enough fireworks to last a lifetime. Glad you got to visit with kin folks. Visiting with my dear old friend means as much to me as it does to him. We are just simpatico. Always have been and I don't have to watch my mouth with him. Love a dirty-talkin' man. That's why we laugh so much. Men seem to like not having to watch their mouths too. We're not disrespectful or lewd, just dirty funny. Most of my women friends are the same. I think it comes with age. Getting older has a lot of perks. One learns not to care so much what others think. Glad the kids have you. They are lucky.

    I'm watching the CBS Sunday Morning Show. There are always stories on things I'd not normally think about. This morning it's the secret service and how they train. Now, they are doing a segment of the inventor of the Graham Cracker, Sylvester Graham. Ooh, next they are doing a segment on stamp collecting. After this, I'll attack the carpets. Then, I'll feel justified in doing nothing. Tomorrow, I have to go get my license plate sticker. I'll be glad to get that over with. I just need to dust a bit and stop at the grocery store. I've saved the dusting for last so things will be clean when the kids get here--not that they care.

    Hope y'all have a good Sunday.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    My goodness there are so many posts to read that I have missed over the past few days. We were busy at DD's house most of the time and visiting with the daughters and family. We had the party which turned out very good but was a little smaller than anticipated. The twins didn't get to come as they had " better offers" as their mom said. That was OK. There was so much food and it was so good. DSIL had it catered in and it was all bbq with wonderful coleslaw and potatoes salad. DD made beans in the crock pot that was very good. Our DS got to come as it turned out he had off but his dear wife did have to work so she didn't come. The company and the food was great.

    The next day the sister went off by themselves and did some shopping and looking around for themselves. So that gave the others a chance to clean up and relax. The night before the guys went to The Terminator movie or something like that. Whatever it was, was definately for guys. I may have the name wrong. I stayed home and did some stuff around the house. We went out to eat last night at a Sushi place that has also Chinese food. DH is not to much of a sushi fan so we ate delicious Chinese food with shrimp and also tasted some samples of sushi the others had ordered. They were going to stay and watch fireworks that were going to start much later but when they got out from eating we had already left, and they just got to hot and came home and watched what they could over the trees from their back yard. We all had a good time. DD#4 and family left this morning after breakfast.

    Sounds like you all have been very busy and had a nice time for the most part even if you all were pooped out.

    JULIE - I still can't believe how G pa can stand all the complaining from you know who. Why would he want to go back there other than to see his cat. I am sure also he gets more attention from his cat than you know who. Well, why should we surprised since she only cares for one person and that is herself. Glad you are getting the chance to take some naps in between all you do. Good idea for you not to take in boarders or renters as you surely need a break not that you get much. You are still busy enough with Gpa . Hope that all goes well with David and his preaching next weekend. Two hours away isn't really to bad if you are young and like to drive. I cannot believe that you got to the chiro 3 hrs away by yourself. Not for me. Right now I am still sort of limping along with my possible sciatica. It is especially in standing up and getting back down if the height of the seat isn't the right height. Guess it is a bit better but I know these things take time and everything and anything can aggravate it. Maybe if I did nothing it would go away but that is not happening.

    Thinking of all of you. I have read what everyone posted. MIKIE I am glad you got rest a little yesterday and not do to much. You also need a break. HUGS also to ROCK, DAR, SUN ,MICKEY, JOAN and everydobby else I can't remember to mention. It would take to long anyway to do so.

    ROCK - I loved that stamp too !!!

    Love to awl,
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    Julie: I don't blame you for not wanting just anyone in the house. I LOVE my privacy in my back yard....period. My son has mentioned several times that I should rent out a room in my house.....I don't think so. So living out in the country like you guys and having strangers next door....well....I understand. OK.....here's a thought. You said it's historic and all that land around. Did you know that you can register your house for "movie making"? Think of all the movies you've seen that have farm house scenes. Living in So. Calif there are ton's of plain ordinary houses that are used in TV or movies. A movie company usually comes in, empties the house of all it's contents, and the owners have to vacate, sometimes for weeks. And a movie company need lots of space to park all their trucks, etc. Just a thought.

    Mikie: your gentleman friend sounds like a wonderful person to have around. Lucky you. Someone to "throw the bull" around and just have a good time. I was at a friend's family gathering yesterday, and we were both saying that we wish we had a "group" of mixed company who we could travel with, no strings attached....just have a fun time.

    Rock: Love the post card. I can almost feel the texture of the paper, looking at it. Back in the 40s and 50s I loved the picture postcards. Lots of "boom" here last night but I was tired so headed to bed at 9:30 and slept thru everything.

    I headed to Lowe's this morning early to buy some bags of potting soil, and picked up a reduced flax plant, shades of greens and pinks. So one thing led to another and I put in over 3 hrs. in my garden. I don't know what I would do if I didn't have my garden to putter in.
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  10. springwater

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    Hello all

    I hope everyone had a good Fourth of july.

    Rock..loved your vintage stamp. Fireworks are outlawed here...makes sense because we never had the infrastructure to deal with big fires. India was something else...so many fireworks, mostly cheap crackers, noisy and then pollution.
    I love those wheels that go in circles on the ground...less scary than most bang bangy things.

    Julie - people are attached to their homes where they lived their whole lives, i think thats why Granpa keeps wanting to go visit...even though SIL doesnt care for him properly. It must hv been good to catch up with your old friends..a brewk fromthe normal routine

    Hope the chiro helps to get rid of the pesky headaches.

    Sun - time flies when one is doing something interesting..like gardening, its been too wet to go down and garden here..the monsoon is making its presence felt, i too never felt comfortable with too close neighbours, cherish privacy.
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    My brother the Forest Ranger sent me a fireworks video. Most amazing
    pyrotechnical display I've ever seen.

    In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that the comments on Youtube
    are pretty much along the lines of "Wonderful display. But it's fake. Actually it's
    computer generated."

    The display is from China where, as we all know, fireworks were invented in the
    7th century AD. China, says Wikipedia, is the largest manufacturer of fireworks
    even today. The Tang dynasty ruled China at the time. As we all know, Tang
    is closely associated with NASA. From this we can infer that China had a space
    program 1400 years ago. It is not mere coincidence that kites were also
    invented in China.

    Springwater, good to hear from you. For folks who liked the look of the stamp
    and old postcard, you can find lots of old pics and postcards on the net. And
    lots of categories: the old West, WW II, cars, movie stars, famous buildings,
    churches, horses, foreign countries, our various states, monuments, etc.
    Prices on old post cards generally range from a buck to $10.

    I used to have hundreds of old post cards that I found in thrift shops. I used
    up most of them writing to my mother during the last 2 years of her life.
    I started every working day with a post card to Mom. The last time I saw
    her, a few days before she died, she smiled and said she was the envy of
    all the moms in her sr. citizen apt. building.

    Here's a light house at Duluth MN on the shore of Lake Superior. My brother
    went to the U of M there. This gem from the past is available for a mere $1.10.


    Sun, I don't think I've ever seen a flax plant. I'll have to look when I get done here.
    Never heard of a registry for houses to film. In the early days film companies just
    wandered around LA filming in parks, on the beach, in the neighborhood. Mack
    Sennet (the Keystone Kops) was famous for shoving all kinds of stuff into his
    pix without permission or payment. He even filmed a parade and incorporated
    that. Well, if you're making a silent comedy, you don't need to worry much
    about plot construction. I'm glad you have your garden and your painting.

    Granni, sounds like you had wonderful family visit with lots of tasty vitals on the
    table. The guys going off to an action movie doesn't sound too cool to me. Well,
    maybe the gals enjoyed a chance to chat without them around. :eek:

    This post is gettin' too long. I'd better come back later.
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Not much to tell today so won't stay long. I have to read the paper, shower and go to the DMV. Hope all y'all had a good weekend.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good Morning everydobby,

    DH is at the car dealership and getting things changed. I think it might be the hoses, I forget. Anyway I am free to use the computer till he comes home :)!!

    ROCK - Thanks for the fireworks display or whatever it was that made them look so pretty. Most of what we saw was on TV at the Fireworks display from Houston. I think there was also one from Washington which we did not see this year.

    DH wasn't much for sitting out in the still pretty warm weather with the mob of people where we all went after we ate. So we left and then the kids came home they couldn't take it either. They said they came back and were sitting in the yard in hopes to see some fireworks. DH had already taken a shower and I needed to get in and take one. Not moving to fast due to this sciatica or whatever it is but the annoying part is getting from a sitting to a standing position and visa versa. Have been putting heating pad on some when I can.

    SUN - I don't blame you for not bothering with the fireworks and just going to bed. That is more important.. Growing up we never were allowed to do fireworks as we were sort of in the city I guess but I know my parents wouldn't touch them. However, we had great fun with sparklers every now and then and when our kids were growing up it was the same. Sparklers were so exciting to us kids. I still think they are pretty and wouldn't touch a real noisy firecracker . You have to be so careful handling them as they are so dangerous in the wrong hands or ones hands that do not know how to work with them properly.

    MIKIE - Thanks for popping by for a few minutes. Hope to hear from you soon again with more activities from our illustrious condo board President :)! LOL Hope you don't have to wait to long at the DMV. Do need to renew your license? I have to in my birthday month which is coming up soon again. Will most likely have to go down there then and also take another eye test. Those tests used to be so easy now they having you try and read some of the small lines on chart. Time for me to go get my eyes checked again. I think I had better go for bifocals this time. I am getting so tired of switching glasses or trying to read when I do have my other glasses on. I do not need to wear them all the time as I have one eye compensating for the other one. I never wore contacts and am not about to start now.

    JULIE - I don't remember if today or tomorrow you were going to the far away chiro. Hope he can help with your headaches. I could never drive 3 hours by myself to anyone expect maybe if he would take away all my pain then maybe I would risk it. Did you take G pa with you or what? Hope all is going well also with the rest of the family. Is David practicing his sermon to the congregation for next Sunday? I do hope it works out for them even though you will miss them a lot I know.

    SPRING WATER - Hope all is well with you and that it is a little bit cooler for you and the family. Also hope you have no more tremors or aftershocks. That should be so scary I would think.. Keep thinking of you and your family and going about your daily lives with the EQ in everyone's mind I would think. Hang in there sweetie !!!

    DIANE _ Hope you are feeling a little better and that you get some chores done with Kevin home on vacation. Stay well and come back and visit when Kevin goes back to work or you and or you feel well enough to post again.

    Gotta go and get dressed and start some chores and more washing around here. BTW, DD#1 and husband are going to LV on their 30th anniversary . They are also going with a few friends and their daughter who turned 21 this past Jan. It is not the LV we new from before but I told them they would have fun anyway.

    Love to you awl,
    Granni :)
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  14. 10quinnturtle

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    How are you guys doing?
    I'm new here!
    Sooo Whatsup?
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Quinn

    Welcome to the board. Let me give you a quick tour. If you click on "Forums" at the top
    of the page, you can see the table of contents for the different boards. The porch, where
    "The Porchlight is On" is a thread with no topic. Folks just drop by and talk about what
    is going on with them. A good place to chat about kids, relatives, TV shows, movies,
    books, old music, new recipes, pets, pet peeves, etc.

    You can find the board rules at the top of the page (blue line). We avoid contentious
    topics like religion and politics. Click on "Shop" if you want info about supplements.
    "Supplement News" has reports about developments; research; etc. There is a tool bar
    at the top of box where you type messages. You can change the font, add color,
    pick an emoticon, etc.

    If you click on a poster's avatar, you can get some info and pull up posts from the past.

    I have Chronic fatigue syndrome; very little energy; was born during the Roosevelt
    administration. Thank goodness I've kept my stunning good looks and sense of humor.
    Understandably, this board is my social life.

    Is the name Quinn significant? Quin is a name of Gaelic origin. Me great, great
    grandfather come from the Old Sod (Ireland).

    Feel free to ask questions. There is usually somebody with helpful info.

  16. 10quinnturtle

    10quinnturtle Member

    Hey Rock,
    Thankyou so much for giving me a quick glimpse!
    I am named after my great grand father.
    I've been to Ireland.
    I loved it completely
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  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Welcome Quinn, (let us know what you want us to call you), and hi to awl peeking in,

    I see ROCK beat me and everyone else too , including MIKIE who is one of our very friendly MODERATORS. ROCK also gave you a good "TOUR" explaining our board. There is so much on the boards and so many fun and smart people here with lots of info and also many who love to chat :)!! Yes, you can chat about almost everything. There is information on FM, CFS, and other things. If you want to talk about your medical problem go to FM, and CFS or ME. I have FM and have had it for many years and probably some CFS too.

    BTW, please do not feel that you have to write long posts if you have little NRG but some of us just like to if and when we get on here. Some of us try also to post daily but there is no need just come when you can. How about telling us something about yourself. Also, not sure what happened to my profile information. It is no longer there. If deleted it was by accident.

    Bye for now and hope to see you soon again on another post.

    Hugz ,
    Granni :)
    rockgor likes this.
  18. 10quinnturtle

    10quinnturtle Member

    Oh Granni,
    I'm overwhelmed!
    thankyou so much Rock, for briefing me about every thing!
    I will come back soon as right now I have to baby sit my cousin's baby boy!
    This seems interesting.
    Stay blessed everyone!
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning, Porchies,

    Quinn, soooo glad you stopped by the Porch. I hope you stay so we can get to know you. It's a friendly place here and it doesn't take long to get to know us. This is where we can get away from what ails us when we just want friendship and support. We can still talk about our health but we talk about most everything else too. I call these friends my "Online Family" because we really are like a family here. Welcome aboard.

    Rock, you always put out the welcome rug in such a nice and warm manner, here and on the other forums. Thank you for welcoming our new members and helping them navigate the website. Glad you've kept your good looks and sense of humor. Your wonderful sense of humor keeps us in stitches and we all know that laughter really is the best medicine. I'm late coming to the Porch today. We are usually here at the same time. Hope you have time to visit longer.

    Granni, so sorry your back is bothering you. My sciatica has also been acting up. DD#1 said hers was too but hers isn't sciatica. Bless her heart. It's always had to know one's child is in pain. I had to get the new sticker to put on my license plate. I ordered it online and, evidently, it never came. I had ordered a two-year sticker. I got there just as the DMV was opening. There is an office near me and this one is much nicer and more friendly than the central one. It only took a minute. The woman looked it up and, sho 'nuff, I had ordered it and paid by credit card. She poked a button and a new two-year sticker came flying out with my registration printed on the same paper. I put the new sticker on and used my box cutter to cut an X on the sticker to keep anyone from stealing it. It's a big problem here. Good luck when you go to get your drivers license. I have a few more years til I have to get mine.

    Julie, how did things go at the chiro? Well, I hope. Hope GPA was able to stay home. Stop by when you can.

    Dar, hope you and DD are doing better. Let us hear from you when you are able.

    Sun, hope you are enjoying your lovely yard and gardens.

    Love, hugs and prayers to all our Porchies, here and MIA.

    I was so pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to get my sticker. I had been bothered by it all weekend. I stopped at the bank to make a deposit and then went to Publix. Bought too many groceries but, with DD#1 not being able to eat gluten, I had to buy other things she can eat. She and DGS eat Rice Chex so breakfast will be easy. I can also fix bacon 'n eggs. I got fruit for the cereal. I plan to make my seafood pasta tonight. I got lots of stuff for a big salad and DD can just put some of the seafood in with the greens. Ribeye steaks were on sale so got three for tomorrow night. We can have sweet taters and some kind of green veggie. No birthday cake because DD can't eat it and I don't need it. I'll put a candle in a watermelon chunk. :)

    I did get the carpet shampooed. The inside/outside area rug didn't clean well in the soiled areas and along the edge. I will buy a regular inside area rug. Still, it looks nice 'n clean in here. When we get cooler weather, I need to paint the entry way and all the louvered closet doors. Even with just one person living here, over the years, it just gets grimy. Paint is the cheapest redecorating one can do. I keep the main living area white to keep it as bright and light as possible. Also, with white walls and neutral furniture, it's a snap to change the whole look with new throw pillows, candles, lap throws, etc.

    DD#1 called last night. DSIL was out in LA with family. There were lots of memorials for Uncle Dickey. Evidently, Mel Brooks did a very touching, yet very funny, eulogy. They were best friends for decades. Uncle Dickey had a race horse and was a regular at the track. The man who plays the bugle at the start of the races came to the house and played a song on his bugle in memory. So many nice people did kind things like that. It makes the family feel better. DSIL's Mom has systemic lupus and FMS. Kids noticed that she is having problems going out on her own and seems disoriented and confused at times. Like many of us, she got treatment years ago for the lupus and got better but, also like many of us, has never really been the same since.

    Well, I've certainly made up for my short post last time. I have to get ready for condo mtg. this morning. Kids' plane doesn't arrive til after 3:00 this afternoon. They are flying non rev. so hope they get on the plane. This will give me time to haul trash and recyclables to the dumpster and dust in the condo. It's supposed to rain about the time they come in so need to think about what to do to entertain DGS. Maybe a movie. Hope all y'all have a good day.

    Love, Mikie
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Got a couple hours sleep last night. Par for the course. Had to sign in twice
    here. That's also getting to be par for the course. Doesn't really matter tho.
    Not like I am busy doing a lot of things.

    Mikie, good to hear from you. Glad to hear you got your DMV sticker. I always
    slash mine with a knife once it's glued in place. Last year, first time ever, some-
    thief tried to steal it. He gave up because it wouldn't come off in one piece.

    BTW I know a cheaper way than paint to redecorate. My mom was trying to
    talk my uncle into painting a room many decades ago because the paint was
    faded and it looked kinda grimy. He said, "C'mon Sis, I'm on leave from the
    Navy. I spend countless hours chipping off old paint and putting on new." (He
    served on a minesweeper in both WW II and the Korean conflict.) "Tell ya
    what. Here's 2 bucks. Buy yourself some dark glasses."

    Quinn, we use lots of abbreviations. Some are for meds or diseases. Some are for
    other stuff like DS (Dear Son) and DH (Dear Hubby) and GJITL. Oh wait! That
    last one was from Jr. High School. Go Jump in the Lake!

    Tell us about your trip to Erin when you feel up to it. Did you really see 40
    shades of green? Johnny Cash wrote that song in 1959 on his first trip there.
    I saw him in a concert in 1967 with June and the Statler Brothers. He wasn't
    the man in black then. He was wearing denim.

    Oh yeah, you guys know where the Statler Brothers got their name? (Only
    2 of them were brothers.) Answer: From a brand of facial tissues. "We
    were almost the Kleenex Brothers," they were known to say.

    Gordon and I are still coughing. Yesterday he coughed till he threw up. ACCKKK!
    I am holding off on sending the donation for the museum to my brother because
    I don't want to send him a germ laden letter. It's been over a week. He must
    think I've changed my mind.

    Springwater, what's up in your neck of woods? More festivals or have they been
    rescheduled because of the quake? I read in the news that "Senior UCPN (Maoist)
    leader Baburam Bhattarai said on Tuesday that new constitution should be
    promulgated only after fixing the delineation of eight federal provinces."
    Not sure I know what that means. Are new boundary lines being drawn?
    Your family OK?

    Sun, I looked up the flax plant. Found a nice picture of a blue flower from
    the California wildflower, but it's too big. Here's a smaller one of a


    a red flax blossom. These may be different from the flax grown for food (seeds)
    and fiber that becomes linen and linseed oil. Do you use linseed oil in your painting?

    Hugs to Granni, and Barry and Diane and Dar and everydobby.