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    Don't forget to check on the other side to see who has posted besides myself. Lots of yummy choclate Easter goodies are leftover for you all to enjoy.


  2. Sacajawea2

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    Hi-- I just posted to you on your prednisone question...I see you have a bad disk..I have several and it did help with that. I'm too sleepy to go back to the fibro board to edit that but had asked for what reason the doctor wanted to give you that. I'd give it a shot, it's amazing stuff and even helped reduce sciatia pain by a great deal (don't know if that's included in your current pain)!


    Hi all...
  3. Debra49659

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    I am scared of Methadone....I ended up in the hospital. Apparently in can build up in your body please watch for sleepiness, confusion...talk to your doctor. I didn't know and ending up in the hospital not knowing much more than my own name. And...I was on a low dose. I don't want to scare you, just inform you. I'm sure it helps many.

    Please, please, please be careful!
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    Hey Guyz just dropping in to say hi, I need to go out to Lowes and get some things for the guys that are working on my house tomorrow. Hopefully this weekend it will all be done.

    The weather hasn't been cooperating and that has been the hold up, they still have to replace some of the siding, a skrit on my porch and the deck roof. I will be at work all day then a birthday dinner right after for my freinds DH that has cancer.

    So I won't be around much for a few days so am stopping by today.

    Georgia I am sorry you co-workers need to be patients instead of workers, it can't be easy for anyone working there, at least you have your man to come home to. About Urs, sounds like she is bored, Missy will get into the trash sometimes, only when I am in the tub, then she counter surfs and can now reach the bread I keep on the counter and has eaten almost a half of loaf one night. She had plenty of food in her bowl but wanted my bread.

    I don't use pepper much so now when I take a bath or leave and think that there may be something in the garbabge she will go for I sprinke pepper in the garbage, so far so good. Plus getting her out and getting her exercised helps too. Maybe Grandpa can go out play with her a little more, does she like to fetch? Missy will play all day long, Twy likes to go get it but won't bring it back, just runs to you then cuts away so you can't get it. But I wouldn't trade either of them for the world.

    Monica that is so bad about your Dr sometimes they can be so insensitve and God like. I hope you are able to work things out and find another Dr that will help you. Glad you have Randy and Jack to support you.

    Mickey you are so cute about your Jack sneaking into the bed room. I hope your Dh comes around and starts to understand your medical issues soon and maybe you should record him sleeping sometimes, do you have a digital camera that has a movie mode on it, or maybe a freind or relative that has one? Then play it back for him, the stop breathing is sleep apena and is not healthy and needs to be looked into. I would record it as he can't deny that one.

    Some men are just stubborn when it comes to medical issues, sorry guys, I did say SOME not all, but your DH seems to be one of those. What difference should it make to him if you have to take meds to be able to still work and have a live. If I was closer you know I would come over and have a "Little Talk" with him.

    Deb your not a pervert, well darn but that is ok glad to have a new face and loved your hampster story, can't wait to her about he doggies and kitties. I think most people here have critters of some kind. I have 2 dogs and refer to them as my girls not my dogs, lol. They give me a lot joy.

    Cate how is the fetch the chocolate rabbit game going for you? I got a good laugh about that.

    Well I need to get busy and go take care of some errands- Hello to Elaine, Springwater, Rock, Sweetie, granny, and anyone who's name is escaping me right now- Hope all have a good day and the the sun is shining on you- Later-Carla

    I am back again, I made my trip to Lowes and paid $80 for silicone caulk!!! OMG I should get free caulk guns for that price. Geez it is for the firberglass roof that goes over my deck but couldn't believe how pricey that was but I am glad I have the money so won't complain.

    I also bought my new camera, it wasn't in stock so they are shipping it to my house for free so that is great, I can't wait because I can make real movies with now so stayed tuned and will let you know when they "premier". This is my treat for all the work I did on my own roof and see guys I didn't fall off and would do it all over again but very glad I did find a real roofer to finish it.

    Julie I see you are learning quickbooks, it is easy and I assume since you had the hardware store you understand general legdgers and accounts. Once you get that set up, it really is a breeze and you won't have to hire a accountant to take care of things. As long as you set you accounts up you can get any type of report you need or research each vendor as far a payments, invoices and at the end of the year run a report for the bottom line.

    Even tho math was one of my worst subjects, I ended up working as a accounting assistant and other jobs that required those skill and generating those reports, here is lil ole me that can't add more than 3 numbers without a calculator and I was resposible for millions of dollars, really. I know you can learn this and be fine. I use MS Money for my checking acct and love it.

    Granni those pics are my grandaughter, I don't have any of my daughter posted. I love the black and white one the best, like Springwater said sort of Mona Lisa like. That is a croped picture, the original is a full body shot of her standing in front of a barn wall.

    Rock yes I have taken the girls for several rides and will today as it is nice out, I don't know who enjoys them more, me or the girls. I am still having to deal with several vicious dogs and ignorant owners but other than that so glad to have it back on the road again.

    Well better post this before it goes poof- until next time-Carla

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  5. fibromickster

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    My day is done and it is time to close up and go home. It is nice out so i will take Jack for his long walk.

    Georgia I would definelty recommend the prednisone, it does wonders for swelling and achiness for my arthritis. However, I know everyone is different. It is cheap and probably worth a try. I would take it first thing in the morning though as it does make you a little awake when first taking it. Your doctor will probably tell you to take 3 a day for the first week, then 2 the next, then 1 then next week after that. I just take it when i need it for a few days and it pretty much does the trick for my swelling.

    Well, not much to add from my previous posts. Hubby is going fishing after work so i will have the house to myself for awhile tonight, yoohoo.

    Thanks for all the nice things you guys said about my ignorant husband, i wish you could all talk to him. Oh well, i just go on day to day and do what i can and I never complain to him. I have my Dad, daughter, inlaws to be able to talk to so there is plenty of people in my life that do care and back me up 100%. I hope we make it but if we don't no one in my family or his would blame me one bit. LOL Yes, they all know how he is because he is like that with all them too. What gets me is he is so nice and all his friends thinks he is the greatest guy in the world. I just wish he would treat his family and loved ones like he does his friends.

    Oh well, I really didn't want to get on a rant about hubby, so i will stop now. The sun is shining and the weather is beautiful and i saved 300.00 in the last 2 days. So I am a happy camper. LOL

    Love you all, have a great evening.

  6. rockgor

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    It's a quiet day in the neighborhood. At least for now. This morning we had sirens, a helicopter and barking dogs.

    Went to the book sale yesterday and got 7 paperbacks for 75 cents. When I was a kid a new paperback cost a quarter. A hardbound novel cost about 2 bucks.

    Springwater, I agree. Susan Boyle was wonderful. The audience
    reaction was so fast and so enthusiastic. Never seen the like

    I looked up Elaine Paige on Youtube and someone had posted. "Copy and paste if you came here because of Susan Boyle."

    Mickey, is Den (that right?) fishing in the Mississippi? If he
    catches a fish will Jack eat it, like Ursula? Great that Lindsey
    found a prom dress. And right in her own backyard. Post a
    pic if you can find out how to do it. Maybe the tech board will

    Georgia, what was that happy demonstration all about? Who
    was doing it? Management?

    Glad you're up to posting again, Carla. Guess what? Putty
    guns are another high tech item that didn't exist in my childhood. People just used putty knives.

    Which reminds of an old song. The lyrics went "Cement
    mixer. Putty; putty."

    Deb, hard to imagine a fierce hamster. Perhaps what you have
    is a large shrew. When my cousin was ten he got bit in the woods. He said, "A shew bit me" (Had trouble with "Rs".)

    Drop by more often, Sacajawea. Nice to see new faces. I
    have an old face, but am thinking of having it rejuvenated.
    Possibly w/ the new silicone putty gun by Max Factor.

    Well, will come back and post more later.


    This is my second try. I already posted this on the old volume. Tsk, Tsk!
  7. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    Just wanted to post a good night to all msg.

    Rock if that putty rejuvenation works would you let me know please. I got a huge magnifying mirror and every time I look in it I get scared. Who is that old woman?

    SJ hope all is well with you and yours.

    About those shots.... has anyone had an epidural injection of an anti- inflam? I got two in my spine several years ago and my sciatica was reduced by 80%. I received one in my neck last month for a pinched nerve and that hasn't worked nearly as well so I'm going back for another.

    Hope everyone has a good night full of pain free restorative sleep. I'm going to have to put out the cat and dog (maybe boyfriend too) to get one tonight.

  8. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well TGIF for me. Yoohoo!!!!

    Cate, you remind me of me. In the mornings when i am getting ready for work, by the time I am done with my shower, feeding Jack, letting him out and drying my hair, I am pooped for the day. I can't even put makeup on until i get to work. LOL The mornings are so tuff, but i have a regime now and it is working great. I haven't been late to work in about a month. Lindsay leaves my bedroom door open now after she takes her shower and when my alarm goes off if i don't get up Jack will come in and lick me until i do. Works great!!!!

    Rock, my hubby's name is Russ, Den is Julie's husband. But still that was good that you remembered one of our husband's. LOL I also, would like to know if that stuff works to make you look younger. Although, I have been using oil of olay for years and i love it. I really truly thinks it works, i have hardly any wrinkles and i will be 44 in about 2 months, Yikes. I can't believe i am almost 1/2 way to 50 already. Sometimes, which this is very embarrassing, the girls guy friends tell them, man you Mom is Hot. Now, this to me is really embarrassing because they are only about 17 - 22. Hmmmm, I guess if anything did happen with me and hubby, I could go for a much younger stud. LOL. NOT. Boy times really flies by even when you are not having fun. hahaha

    Georgia - did you get the Prednisone, I don't blame you for not getting the methadone, I would be scared to take that too, however, i am sure if you take it like your supposed to it would be just fine.

    Vivian - did have the epidural shots a while ago, about every other month and they only helped temporarily, definetly wasn't a long term solution. I get really bad hip pains too so i was going to a pain mngmnt doctor for those, but have since stopped as I just thought it wasn't worth it for the time period that it worked.

    Oh well, i need to get to work. I will come back porchies. Take care and have a good Friday.


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  9. monica33flowers

    monica33flowers New Member

    here in WI today. Temps will hit 70 degrees and I'm going to do some work outside. Yesterday I stopped at Wally World and bought some bright yellow pansies by the front door.

    MICKEY: So that Oil of Olay stuff works, huh? I'm going to turn 40 in about a month and I need to start some sort of regime to get rid of the wrinkles. How did Jack like his walk? Glad to hear about all the money you saved on prom! Jackson has prom this weekend but he will not be going. I wish he would just go to see my baby all dressed up but that is not his thing.

    GEORGIA: Glad to hear the shot worked! Tordol is a wonderful drug that use to work on my migraines. I wish it still worked for me....it really is a great pain reliever.

    VIVIAN: I had those epidural injections in my neck as well. Only one worked out of 3 shots and it only lasted a month. I still have a lot of neck pain but my pain dr. gave me some of those lidocaine patches and they work great!

    DEB: That experience with methadone sounds so scary! So, when do we get to hear more about your skin eating hamster?

    CARLA: Glad to hear things are finally coming along for your roof. I hope the weather holds out so they can finish up the job. You sound busier than ever but at least your not hauling rock any longer. Take care my friend!

    ROCK: So what is happening in your neck of the woods?

    LYDIA: How are you feeling, dear? How is that adorable Keira holding up with those back teeth coming in?

    ELAINE: What is with all the sewing? Are you making yourself a new wardrobe? I need to stop over for a few lessons. Actually, I have some sewing to be sent to a friend of mine who is going to make me some outdoor pillows for my wicker set. I'm paying her $10 per pillow, does that sound like a fair price?

    Well, I'm off to the shower. My mother stopped to see how I was doing this morning and told me I looked "rough". LOL.

    Sorry if I missed anyone. Have a great day today, Porchies!
  10. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Carla - sorry for the mixup but I think I was thinking of Springwaters daugter that I had seen in her pic. Your granddaughter is still gorgeous ! Hope you finally get everything done on your roof, etc.

    Mickey - yep, I do not have to go to work , thank God but it doesn't really take me much to get pooped out. I could easily spend most of the day in bed but it would not be good for me mentally and physically.

    Georgia - glad that the steroid shot has helped you. Iknow many who have been helped by them but I know they only can be taken a few times a year. Yep, sounds like you people at work are cracking up-literally.

    I know DH will be home soon and will need the computer.

    Thank goodness our big program for our county choral society will be over tonight. It iw a Bluegrass Mass - really different for sure. It does sound good now that the instruments are with us. We practiced with them yesterday and it went better than we expected. I believe their name is Monroe Crossing (the group) and they have been all over performing with other groups and also just themselves I imagine.

    Springwater - Just found out the other day that my endocrinologist is moving out of state and so I had to try and find another closeby. My PCP gave me a couple of names. One, already is going someplace else and the other thank goodness will take me. However, guess when I have an appointment - September. Gee, these specialists surely are busy. Well, I looked her up ontline and found out she is from India, your neck of the woods. The information had a picature of her. What a beautiful young lady. Hope she is as good as I have heard. Hope alis going well with you and you have some NRG and not fighting the blues !! Need some more ironing for me to send to you. Getting ready for JULIE to send me her washing (-: !!

    Hi also to Cate and Deb. So glad to see you heer again.
  11. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Well, shucks a rooty. I never did finish my post yesterday.
    I did post on the Book Club thread. Take a look if you want
    to read something interesting about Lincoln and the assassination.

    Just spent five minutes looking for a refrigerator magnet. It
    is a calendar the size of a business envelope. The reason I wanted it was so
    I could get the phone number of my chiropractor.

    He gave me two of them which promptly disappeared. So he gave me
    another one. Once I stopped looking, it promptly showed up.

    Can't remember nothing nomore. Mickey, I started a list of
    names of spouses twice. Both of them vanished. Great Ball
    a Fire!

    I think " time flies even when you're not having fun" is profound.
    Kris Kristofferson, who is now in his 70s, said
    it's like telephone poles whizzing by. The older you get,
    the faster the years go by.

    Vivian, welcome to the porch. Did I say that already? Can't look to
    see w/o running the risk of losing my post.
    One of the
    few good things I can see about getting old and having a face
    like an unmade bed is that it really doesn't matter much. Unless
    you're in the entertainment business.

    Glad to hear you're back epidurals worked. Used to get med
    reports on them at the office. Some they worked, and sometimes...
    Back surgery was even more risky.

    I'll bet you looked stunning on the coach, Cate. Did you
    invite the neighbors in? I never go anywhere any more except
    to the store or the thrift shop of the EA meeting or the library.
    No need to impress anybody there.

    Don't drink too much of that colloidal silver, Julie. Don't
    want to see you on the cartoon network. "Julie, the new

    Yes, Elaine. Stop ruminating and start reading. "Catcher in the
    Rye" is a short book. Get an audio book, and you can sew

    Deb, never heard of a fierce hamster, but there was a reference
    to a fierce rabbit on an old radio show called Vic 'N Sade.
    Very popular half a century ago.

    Just like the years, fame is fleeting. Who remembers Mary Miles Minter?

    Georgia, chocolate ice cream always sounds good. I think
    Haagan Daz was swallowed up by Pillsbury some decades back. Great to hear the
    steroid shot worked. You must feel like skipping.

    Granni, the B12 patch has not given me energy, which I had hoped it would do,
    but it has lessened my depression. Well,
    I'll settle for that.

    As for what Gordon was cooking, turned out to be pasta salad.
    I guess if you serve the same thing hot, it's a casserole.

    Monica, I'm all confusiated (as usual). Who is having surgery? Is it you AND Linda?
    You already had it, right? Such a muddle. In response to your question as to what
    I'm doing. Not much; reading a lot.

    Here's a little joke I found on the net. You can decide if it's a computer joke or a
    political joke.

    Washington is corrupted. Needs to be rebooted.

  12. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Nice to see Saja, Vivian, and Debra also posting...

    Its that time of the month for me, and one reason to account for the 'sadness' i feel. I had to exert a bit today, washed lots of clothes including a great big bedsheet, which i had to ask niece to help me wring out and dry.

    Not looking forward to tomorrow either. Husband has to go out of town, and theres this wedding he says i must attend. I havent even bought any gift yet. But i think my dress is ready in the cupboard.

    My middle brother popped in and was reeking of beer..pooh; and my spirits plummeted, further.

    After cooking and everything i realised i still hadnt done some chores and felt desperately unhappy. My heart was already palpitating and muscles feeling trembly. I really need to take magnesium and calcium so i dont feel weepy tomorrow.

    This is all i can manage today. Mickey, I missed the post about your DH not understanding your health problems, but I sympathise. Hang in there. Im sure it will turn out all right. Cate, Georgia and all who are having health problems, my thoughts with you.

    Granni - sure hope the new endo from India works out well.

    Oh i saw on CNN. In Russia they operated on a young man and found a fir tree growing in his lungs!!! There was even a picture of it. Yes, folks I said FIR tree. And here i was thinking there couldnt be anythng more bizarre than running through fields full of rye bread heading towards a cliff, (the person running not the rye bread)Oh, and Susan Boyle is gonna be on Larry King Live on Saturday.

    Hugs everyone

    God Bless
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  13. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Boy is it nice outside, I love it!!!!!!!!! and can't wait until 5 so i can be out in it. It is abut 4:20 and am really getting ancy for the day to be over. Not much going on this weekend except Lindsay going to Prom tomorrow night so I have to get lots of pictures of that.

    I just wanted to wish everyone a good weekend. I probably won't post until Monday so I will miss you all.

    Take care

  14. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    S-Elaine...I can understand, I had no idea what toilet paper was:) My mother had to explain it to me!! And that's not the craziest thing that happened!

    I'll check in with everybody tomorrow. And IT"s not a shrew. The little Bast*rd held my finger with both his little paws so he could bit me!!!!!

    Night, Night all, I love this thread you are all too funny...well not when you are serious of course:)

  15. vivian53

    vivian53 Member

    I am with S-Elaine on the Methadone,and Deb is right too. It's some bad stuff unless you need to be bed ridden and unable to think clearly, then it's fine.

    I am glad to be here and thanks for the welcomes.

    It's nice to see folks here from other boards too.

    I am currently waiting for my boyfriend to rid the shower of a snake my cat (aka Kitty Love) brought in just a few mins ago. I have not seen said snake and so I am hiding in a corner of the living room until the deed is done.

    I hope it's small and friendly. If you don't hear from me again.......

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    I made it yesterday, after all, to the wedding. Made sure I didn’t expend too much energy on other chores. So I wouldn’t be too exhausted getting ready. I find it quite bizarre having to allot ‘energy quotas’ like this..and am SO grateful that I live on my own and not in a joint family who would ridicule and chastise me for being So tired even doing nothing. One of the things I need to put down in my grateful journal.

    I bathed nice n early..and had to to go shopping for wedding scarves, and then on to the supermarket to pick out a gift, chose a crystal tray with blue flowers on it. Bought some curd also so niece and son could have that with pancakes which I told niece to make for dinner. I had already made lunch.

    Went back home and got dressed. Phoned bro in law who said they were going to go only at around 5:30 pm…the hotel venue is a stones throw away from their place, so I rested a bit and then went to join ma in law. We walked it to the hotel which by the way is where I used to work aeons ago ?.

    The wedding is given by Tibetan muslims..and I was curious to see if they would do things differently than ours, but it was sort of similar. The bride and groom with two friends on either side sitting on a podium. And we put scarves and give them the gifts. Tibetan tradition demands all the family of either side sit on the podium but this is way easier. Here the girls parents were receiving the guests. They are such a lovely family. Especially the father. I used to know him from my hotel days when he used to do business with the hotel owner. And later I came to know his wifes sister used to stay on rent in our house in India and his sister is my ma in laws neighbour. Such a small world. Seems sometimes. I met all of them there. Some, after 35 years! Lol! My husbands uncle and aunt were there too.

    Today, I have a pile of washing to do ….and the floor mopping. But the energy has come back. Just a mild pain in the legs.

    wil post this and continue
  17. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie – I don’t envy you with the accounting stuff you have to do…math was one of the things I could not make much sense of ever…good luck tho. I know you have the pluck and drive. I had to take a snake out of my drinking water tank once, it was rainy season, frogs were out in full force and got into the tank and a snake followed it in…my man Friday and I rescued both snake and frog. We threw the snake into a stream some distance away.

    Georgia – I don’t understand why we cant even die in peace. What is wrong with us just dying in our sleep? But the human body is so complicated. I wish the hospital staff weren’t so uncooperative with you. And I pray your aunt is in no discomfort.

    Cate – I think all of us have evil twins inside of us. Responsible for all the stupid things we do and regret. Im sure you wil find the book interesting. Tibetan customs those days were….strange in some ways. And some practices cruel. My father used to tell us about it; since he went to a school there when very young. Oh and yes, Im with Rock in that I think you must have made a pretty picture lying there on the couch.

    Viv – I would hate to take a shower with a snake looking on. Please be careful.

    Elaine – you sound like your back up and running full steam now. I have some darning to do and its been lying there for a week now…sigh.

    Debra – didn’t know hamsters bit. Always thought they were only cute. We don’t have them here in Nepal. Many years ago, someone found an animal someplace a lil out of town in a field…and rumours spread about it…it was part human; part animal, part snake..this terrible creature…my ma in law pronounced it as a bad omen…a doom for mankind…and then later I find out what it was …..an armadillo!!! Nepalese had never seen one before and hence the panic.

    Rock – Thanks for another spirit lifting post. I would take no depression over no energy any day. I take vitamin B complex. And iron. Today I have had two stainless steel tumblers of tea already. When I get depressed my appetite for food goes away and I only crave tea. But Im feeling much better today, thank goodness. Like Im ready to face the days chores and lifes responsibilities. Day before, I was feeling like going back into the womb and hiding. Not moms womb. I know she was not taking care of herself when pregnant.

    Granni – I have been listening to choir music on utube. I just found out my old school has some utubes posted of them singing and it brought back memories and they are nice to listen to.

    Monica – 40 sounds young to me now. I stopped counting after 30. I use garnier moisturizer and India makes it so it is cheaper. Oh and I slather banana on if I need a quick fix.

    Mickey- I hope your daughters friends aren’t hitting on you! Lol. Some young guys do go for older women. Having seen your pic I don’t wonder tho. You look nothng like 40s.

    Linda – good luck for the surgery.

    Jole – hope you had a good time with the family.

    Anyone I may have missed hugs to yu and everydobby

    God Bless
  18. Debra49659

    Debra49659 New Member

    Fm is a crazy thing...I miss read your sentence about your brother it thought you wrote...

    "My middle brother pooped in the beer." lol!! I must need a nap!!


    It's late I'll stop in tomorrow:)
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  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    We almost all drowned with all the rain Houston and areas have had the last few days. We were supposed to go to a wedding in Houston and we almost did not make it. The feeder roads were flooded !! Just horrible !! Luckily, we did make it and the exit we had to get off wan't to awful. We almost had turned around and went home (if we could have found an exit that was not flooded.) Luckily we did make it and it was a beautiful wedding along with reception with yummy food and good people. The bride and groom were so lovely !!

    Julie - I hear you when you speak of accounting issues. Oh, I can balance my checkbook but Hubby's and all the big stuff is something else. Glad also that I do not have to do the income taxes. So glad that DH usually does it. I sent you a little note on the worship board. Hope you are feeling better !!

    Springwater - how interesting to hear you speak fo the weddings you went to in your culture. i would love to see a picture of it (video).

    Hugs to everydobby. Sorry I can not talk to you all individualy. Hi to Vivian, Cate, Sac., Deb as well as Rock, Elaine, Carla, Linda, Monica, Joan /Lilaclover and all those MIA !


  20. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Well it worked!!!!! I was able to put Lindsay's prom picture up. So please check it out, isn't she beautiful, I am so proud. Her date is really just a friend, but it was so cute, he sent her flowers by delivery early in the day. I thought that was so sweet of him.

    After i took a ton of pictures, i peeked outside and whoaaa, I couldn't believe it, he even opened her car door for her. My husband doesn't even do that for me. Her date was a very nice, well mannered boy. They had a wonderful time and I am so glad I let her go now.

    The dress she is wearing was Ashley's prom dress and she borrowed a pair of shoes from her friend, so the only think i paid for was her hair and guess what, she was in tears when she got home because the lady didn't even curl it, it looked like a rats nest. Horrible. I called up there and gave them trouble about it. The girls that did her hair even told lindsay while she was fixing it "i hate doing hairdo's because you never know how it is going to turn out". Well one of the other hairstylist overheard her say that and they are going to mail by $40.00 check back to me.

    So the whole thing was free. LOL

    Anyway, I just posted the picture so if you don't see it right away check back in a few minuts. it takes a while to post.

    Love you all and have a great week.