Porchlight Volume 527 is ON !

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  1. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hey everydobby,
    It was about time for a new porchlight to be turned on so I did it. Please check out everyone on the other side.

    Teacher's concert is over (YAY) and she said it went well but will tell us about it later on.

    Brought some more choc chip cookies so if anyone wants any they had better hurry up before Bill eats them all up.
    Maybe I will get to check in again later on tonight since I have no where to go. That is the only night this week I get to stay home.

    Love to awl,
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    BILLCAMO New Member

    I tried to start # 527......Granni beat me to the punch......so , I deleted mine....

    Blessings to all ! :>)


    BILLCAMO New Member

    A few minutes ago , I got a phone call.

    Caller ID said a "Phone Scam"....

    The female voice said : Hello , this is Rachel from credit card services......

    I immediately hung up.....have heard that before....at least someone was finally honest !!!

    ROFLMAO !!!!!! :>)

    Blessings ,

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Went with DH this morning to "workout"at the gym. We haven't been going much lately. I only walked about 3/4 mile today and walked at a slower pace because I am still over achy from the Beginners Pilates on Friday. I should have gone to the class today but will take this week off and go back next wed and friday, hopefully !! My friend who also takes the class said she was very achey at first too and got less so as she did it more and more. We will see. She does not have FM ! I think it is also similar to yoga in some respects but there are movements (so many times - ugh !!) Have choir practice tonight. They will have fellowship after Mass Sunday but I will not be going was we are going to a Birthday brunch for one of our friends afterwards.

    Julie - glad you got to get away for a bit even if it is just to do some exercises for yourself. Hope Den isn't getting sick now. He does so much for everyone too. Your weather sounds like ours. It is supposed to hit 70 or so but I do not think the wind has changed and it is so dreary and damp out. It was in the 50's I think when we were out. Glad Den got the hot water heater for your parents. He saves you all so much money.

    How tall is Den? Your story of him hitting his head while under the trailer reminds me of my DH. If he trieds to go under the sink or cabinet he is always hitting his head, and on the lamp abpve out kitchen table. He is about 6 ft 1 or so.

    Glad you got your cookies before Bill got them :)!!

    Bill - Hope you are feeling half way descent. Yes, that was funny about that phone call (spam). I usualloy do the same thing every time when someone calls and I know they are looking for a donation. I usually just tell them I am not interested or I can't do so right now and then - I HANG UP ! Otherwise they keep on talking.

    Gotta run for now. DH needs the puter.

    Love ,

  5. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni - thanks for opening up. Pilates seems to be a lot of stretching from the
    pics ive seen of it..ive been doing some little exercises, jogging on the spot,
    hip rotation etc.

    Georgia - your schedule now seems to be just right; lots of time off to do the
    house stuff and then some time to exercise the brains and interact outside.

    Mr Bill - funny about the phone, gee people have all the time to make prank

    Julie - seems like youre feeling a bit better..good to hear you went out and
    all that. I hope Den doesnt come down wth somethng. here the flu like cold
    is going around, my help has it, and a cousin sis, mine is gone thank goodness

    I went and visited my little cousin or rathr DHs cousin that is home on break
    from college. I havent been able to call her over and i was so afraid they might
    be peeved. But it went okay. She is such a sweetheart. Shes trying to get
    an internship position here and puttng together her portfolio (architecture).

    It seems all of them went over to the elder sisters place yesterday to celebrate
    the four year olds boys birthday, and had asked my dh if i could come and he
    told them i wasnt well. Huff, i wish i hadnt missed that family outing.

    My dh is going out of town for three days so now i cant call them over for
    dinner and actually am glad, so much cleaning to do. cant believe how much
    mess collects and i was sick with head pains and dizziness so nothing
    got accomplished in that area. But I'll start now.

    My sons classmate is in the ICU having had her head operated on, and he asked
    me if i could pray for her. She got typhoid three times and third time the doctors
    operated. A bunch of friends went to the hospital before she went in for her
    operation. i asked him yesterday how she was and he said he would rather not
    talk about it. I guess he feels jittery. Apparently this girl has always been very
    sicly. Poor kid.

    Everyone, Elaine, Carla and others, all take care

    God BLess

    God Bless

  6. fibromickster

    fibromickster New Member

    Hi Porchies, i know i have been gone forever but i am still here, same ole same ole with me. The only changes is that Ashley is graduating college in May and Lindsay is graduating high school in June. Time sure flies. I see you are all doing pretty good. I do see some on you on facebook, which i rarely get on anymore either. Work is busy, which is good and things are going great at home.

    I miss all of you and will try to check in periodically. It is hard to get on computer when i am work and when i get home the last thing i want to do is get on the puter, LOL.

    Love you all and God Bless and take care!!!!!

  7. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mickey - what a nice surprised to see you on the Porch. Glad things are going well at home and the girls are basiclly all grownup. Of course Lindsay still has a little ways to go in college. Hope Ashley gets the job she wants after college, especially since jobs seems to rather scarce right now. I figured that you were really busy since you didn't answer a couple of FB mails I had sent to you. I understand also that after you are on the cokputer all day you probably don't want to see it at night.

    Georgia - Glad that you are fully retired but I just can't understand how people can be so rude after you have been there for so long, and not even acknowledge the time and effort you have spent there. Good grief !!!

    Julie - Hope you are feeling better and that things are slowing down some for you at home with your parents. I surely hope that that things tend to get better for you and them both even though I know all about AD and working with elderly people. It is so hard when you are working with your parents. Plus it is good and bad being so close to your parents, I know. It is also bad when you are so far away too. That is surely my experience. Couldn't just afford to go there at the pop of a hat.

    Teacher - Let us know about the concert and I hope Baby is still not causing to much grief, even while at school since she got your letter.

    Thinkiing of everydobby especially since Mickey popped in. Where are you Rock, Carla, Jole amd Elaine (etc).???

    Our big concert is tomorrow night on April Fools day - it should be very funny.. Our dress rehearsal is tonight with instruments, soloists ,speakers and such. Then I have one more night off during the week - yay !!

    Love to awl,
  8. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hey, Mickey! You're back. Glad to see ya! Everydobby
    know the c-w song "The Same Old Me"? You can hear it

    Congratulations to Ashley and Lindsay. You still have Jack?
    He and Zippy are about the same age. Jack every get
    friendly w/ the new puppy?

    Must be tough for Russ to try and sell in this terrible economy.
    I sure couldn't do it. I used to sell encyclopedias door to door,
    but that was 41 years ago. Now encyclopedias and I are
    both obsolete. SOL

    Julie, you walked two miles?! Great balls of fire. Was it
    hard on the balls of your feet? You and Granni and Spring-
    water! I can't imagine exercising anymore. Somedays I
    can barely get up the steps. (19 of the darn things.)

    Granni, are you doing some kind of Pontius Pilot exercises?
    Surprised a good church goer like you...well, never mind.
    BTW, what is the point of you always saying, "Love to awl"?

    (That's not a rude remark, folks, it's a pun.) HaHa!!!

    Bill, did you say Granni beat you to the punch? Well, you
    have to expect that. She's been exercising and packs a mean

    Who is your favorite character on TV? Cookie Monster?

    Georgia, it a good thing we get paid at work. I worked very
    few places where I got any appreciation or thanks. I was at
    my last job 20 years. Got a lotta big promises, but alas...
    the owner still owes me money. If I ever run into him there'll
    be a slugging match between two geezers. About two
    punches and we'd both be exhaustinated.

    Gordon and I went out for Pho last Sunday. It's
    Vietnamese soup; pronounced like the first half of fudge.
    Beef soup w/ noodles made of rice flour rather than wheat
    flour. And you get a plate of what looks like weeds, but is
    actually bean sprouts, Thai Basil, lime wedges, and things too
    fierce to mention that you can add to the soup.

    A chef might describe the flavor as complex as the soup is
    flavored w/ S & P, cinnamon, cloves, onion, ginger, fish
    sauce, etc. Gordon said the jar of chili sauce on the table was not
    authentic; it was for the Mexican customers.

    Hot here too, Georgia. 84 degrees. Zippy is in the back
    yard. He's napping behind a piece of plywood that's leaning
    against the wall. Gives him plenty of shade. I told him he
    could come in and help Daddy post, but he's happier where
    he is.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    (so , I'm a little early......) ;>) Only way I could beat Granni........lol......

    Have a great day & don't be fooled !!!!!!! :>)

    May the Cookie Monster bless you all !!!!!!!

    Blessings ,


    LEFTYGG Member

    im at the rehab center with mom. we had a meeting today with nurses and therapisits. they say she is making progress but some family members hinder it because they do everything for her. so i told her she needs to brush her own teeth feed herself take care of bathroon needs etc. next week we are going to set a discharge date.her mind is getting so bad she doesnt remember who was here day to day.

    georgia glad for your retirement. my dh is retiring but still gonna work. he should have done this at 62 we didnt understand the whole concept of ss. we have to have the insurance.

    granni and teacher the concerts sound fun. i wish i had some musical talent. i cant sing happy birthday in tune lol.

    julie im glad youre getting compensated for the work you do. i hope your friend can help DH with the cpap. kiera is getting so big! my GS will be in kindergaten in sept. scary how fast they grow.

    springwater hows your niece? your son sounds like a good friend to be so concerned about her i hope she recovers quickly.

    rock your weather sounds wonderful! cold and dreary here still. suppose to get to 60 tomorrow. are dogs great? i dont have 1 right now since im in small quarters. never been without a dog.im gonna get 1 though a rescue. i want a small water dog because we go to norris lake in tenn. in the summer. i want to swim with him. my bil and sil have a choc lab and i swim with her. she hates me tho lol.

    ive been on diet and lost 15 lbs right in 2 weeks now nothing. im trying to exercise with DS. hes a personal trainer. i also bought a bike and ride in our neighborhood. if thers a slight uphill grade i am at a crawl lol its a wonder i stay upright.

    watching my mom has taught me two things. i dont want my kids caring for me and to exercise so i can lead a better life. of couse the joke is that my mother never exercised or drank water and is 92 and was healthy till a couple years ago.

    do you all see red sqiggles under words on here? what is that? oh well i hope you all are living a good life. love gail
  11. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie – glad to hear things are chugging along and some good things
    Got accomplished re your father. Also hope you get approved as
    Your fathers CDAC helper.

    Granni – you have been busy these days. Hope you have a nice
    Day at the brunch. Yes, the DH knew I wouldn’t have gone since
    I haven’t been able to have the aunts family over first since cousin
    Came, it would hve been embarrassing.

    Mr Bill C – good to see you pop in

    Georgia – happy you have seen the back of that place, if the
    People there are so rude, they don’t deserve to have peope work there.

    Rock – the Pho sounds like my kind of meal, lots of flavours and
    Packing a punch. Yummy. Talking about Cokie Monster brought back
    memories of me reading Sesame Street to my daughter, and Big Bird
    The Count who stole someonels lightning etc. (smiles).

    Gail - i see you just popped in while i was typing. Goodto know you
    are exercising. Biking is so good for the shanks. Keep them nice n
    toned. My niece is still at the hospital. i think she is bit better. The
    sons friend is recovering from an operation. he and his friends try and
    go there every day and spend a few mins. apparently she can
    talk a little.

    Yesterday afternoon went with DH to this big lunch at a hotel, given
    By someone who was celebrating his grandsons coming of age
    Ceremony. Since the host belongs to the Rana community, (noblemen
    Who ruled this country before it turned back into a monarchy when
    The Ranas were overthrown, lots of elegant ladies in chiffon sarees
    And heirloom jewellery floating around. I amused myself looking
    At them. I find their dress so elegant. Theyre manicured, pedicured
    And salon treated to the max. My hair wasn’t looking so bad neither,
    (Ahem), I had treated it to a nice curd, olive oil and egg pack home,
    hee hee. Only problem was I hoped no one would get a whiff of the
    egg becoz the smell does stay sometimes. Also I had slathered my
    face in mash banana and olive oil. I love the stuff.

    Everydobby take care

    God Bless
  12. teacher

    teacher New Member

    This last crash has been brutal! I couldn't even spell my name correctly. I expect you'll still see some misspellings, but just remember that I'm getting better.

    On with the concert!

    We were very excited because we were going to rehearse at the high school with kids we didn't know. Most of us came to the Music Room on time, but I had to call one class because they had a sub.

    Silly sub dawdled still after I called and those four boys almost missed the bus!

    I had said that I was leaving at 9:30. I did. Rehearsal was scheduled to start at 10:00 and I needed to be there because I drew the short straw for conducting this year.

    We made it on time.

    Rehearsal was wonderful organized chaos. Trying to group four elementaries together that think you're nuts is not easy.

    No worries. I wore my new Easter bunny ears. Pink.

    We did have one darling that decided she was going to totally disrespect her teacher and then have the nerve to challenge me with a stare-down.

    I won.

    She didn't get to practice for a long time. Mostly becasue I forgot about her! hee hee hee

    I didn't have any trouble with anyone else. I guess they didn't want to get called out and thrown off the stage by a crazy woman wearing pink bunny ears.

    Rehearsal was pretty techincal and mundane after that.

    We were scheduled to be there for 2 hours and we rushed to get everything done. After killing ourselves for just over an hour and getting done, the high school guy told us that we still had 45 minutes. His kids weren't practicing with us. We could have killed him!

    We decied to let him live.

    I called everyone back the stage. They groaned, but got up there.

    After we were assembled, I told them that I was ready for recess. They looked at me like I had lost my mind.

    Off we went into "If You're Happy and You Know It". Then into "Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes".

    The 6th Graders thought that "Head, Shoulders" was stupid. Of course it's stupid! It's supposed to be stupid!

    They got over it.

    Then back on the bus and back to school.

    Finally we could go to the bathroom! (I told them to go before we left and they would have to wait until we got back home to go again) I didn't need them getting lost in the high school while I was busy.

    Then back to our classes for the rest of the day.

    We weren't allowed to take our instruments home. We might forget them by accident Tuesday and that would be a bad thing.

    Posting now.

    Tuesday will be coming up next.
  13. teacher

    teacher New Member

    More excitement today than the day before. ALL of the 4th, 5th, and 6th Graders were going.

    Gotta have bodies in the audience, dontcha know!

    Not a happy leaving thoguh. I was supposed to have 5 buses. Only 3 showed up. Not happy was I, bu I couldn't wait for the other 2 to show. I grabbed my performers and off we went.

    Good thing I went ahead. We had left all our drums at the high school and then we couldn't find them the next morning. Lots of scurrying but we finally found them.

    We started 15 minutes late becasue one of the other elementary schools was not picked up on time. And then it was just the performers that got there. The rest of THIER buses didn't show up either!

    What was that about?!

    So. On with the show.

    The Elementary Choir was amazing. We only had one glitch but no one in the adience notieced because thier overall tone was beautiful.

    You know how elementary-schoolers tend to yell instead of sing? Well, ours were singing! It was lovely.

    We ended our part with a sign language song. We signed to "One Moment in Time" sung by Whitney Houston.

    We brought down the house!

    The rest of the concert was marvelosue. 7th Grade Choir, 8th Grade Choir, Mixed Choir, Advanced Choir, Elementary Strings, Elementary Band, High School Strings, High School Band, my Advanced Recorders, Elementary Drum Line, and a High School Piano solo.

    Last year, all of the Choirs joined for a song.

    This year High School Band taught Elementary Band the high school fight song. Then they joined for the concert and it was pretty impressive.

    Everyone was pretty proud of themselves afterward. As they should have been.

    We had quite a few parents in the audience too. Sister came! I made her sit with me instead of sitting with the parents. She acted like she was annoyed, but she loved it. By sitting with me, she was sitting in the middle of all the activity.

    I traded my bunny ears for a tiara, of course. hee hee hee

    Our buses were called one school at a time and we went home.

    We didn't go straight to our classes when we got back because it was time to party!

    The Lunch Ladies were nice and let the performers come in early to pick up thier lunches. We returned to the Music Room and had a blast.

    In addition to the school lunch, we had Bugles, mini chocolate chip cookies, a choice of cheese or pepperoni pizza, and juice boxes.

    We watched Smurf cartoons and Schoolhouse Rock-Grammar. And dd the Chicken dance.

    Then it was time to clean up and go back to our classes.

    After they left, I finished my sub plans and then I went home for 2 days.

    Glad that's over for another year!

    Now I just have to get through our annual trip downtown and our concert at school in May. We will use the same muisc. Weith state testing and Spring Break coming, we don't have time to learn anything new.


  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Teacher - so glad to hear everything went well. Had to laugh at some of the goings on but it sounded like all went well - for the most part.

    Your students must love you, tiaras, bunny ears and all :)!! Glad it worked out well, even with some of the glitches but I would have loved to hear the choirs sing.

    I tell you, we didn't have any of that stuff when I went to school. We were lucky to have glee club and then in HS I couldn't stay for that or orchestra (I played the violin). We were bussed or shall we say reverse bussed since they had no HS in the area to a not so good area moiles away. If I missed the school busy I would have had to walk miles and miles. My mom didn;t drive or have a car and my dad was probablyw orking his wierd hours. So, if anything was after or before school - forget it - no fun for me. Glad your concert is all over with for this year !!!!

    Julie - Yes, it may be hard but keep telling your mom that Leslie said so (I think that was the name you said)and that she needed to do things for herself. I think she is a mite spoiled :)!! Sounds like you are doing a little beter from whatever you had. Hope you stay that way, with all you do.

    Georgia - glad you got your laptop YAY!!

    Gail - My brain just left me and I forgot what you had said. Hope your mom is doing better. Oh, I just remembered that you said that sometimes she doesn't remember who comes and visits her. That is hard, I know. Hope she will do better, is she on meds for her memory? I kow she wants to come home but hopefully by the time dhe gets there she will be a little better.

    Well, everyone I have to go get ready for beddy bye. That takes awhile for me.

    Just remember that I love you all even those who have forgotten where the Porch is :)!! I know they are otherwise busy and doing otherimportant things. Hope they just stoip by like Mickey to tell us they are OK.

    Carla - how are you sweetie and ELAINE too !! Hope to see you sometime tomorrow. First church, then the brunch and then work out I thik - UGH on the last part. That is not my idea.

    Love to everydobby,
  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Been a busy day today. At least for those of us what don't
    gots no energy. Chiropractor visit. Dishes, laundry (including folding
    and bed making), a walk w/ Zippy.

    The walk was nice because the weather is warm now, and
    w/ DS time, it's less scary. Well, LA is full of criminals, ya
    know. Recent statistics. Nearly 500 gangs. Estimated number
    of members: 40,000. More than half are Mexican.

    Last week somebody tried to steal the annual sticker off my
    license plate. Couldn't do it because after I apply the sticker I
    cut it so it won't peal off. Several years ago, I had the entire
    license plate stolen.

    One of the great boons getting healthy again would be that I could
    move away from this toxic metropolis.

    Oh well. Gail, you're right about cold and dreary weather. I
    had a lifetime supply back in MN. BTW, on my computer red
    squiggles under a word means there's something wrong. Not
    spelled right, or needs capitalization, etc.

    Springwater, I can't tell if you're talking about hair treatment
    or describing a salad: egg, curd, olive oil, bananas. Maybe
    either or both.

    Sesame Street reminds me of Cat in the Hat which I read to
    my son roughly 500 times. I liked the early Dr. Seuss books
    like Horton Hatches the Egg and Thidwick the big -hearted moose.

    Teacher, your concert sounds wonderful. Wish I had been
    there. Do you wear the bunny ears during the perfromance?

    Reminds me of a high school concert I went to half a century
    ago in Wilmar, MN, a little town west of Minneapolis. The
    H. S. band and chorus did a great job and closed w/ a rousing
    rendition of Battle Hymn of the Republic.

    Didn't know you played the violin, Granni. Here are a couple
    riddles you might have heard before:

    What is the difference between a violin and a fiddle?

    Answer A: a fiddle is fun to listen to.

    Answer B: No one cares if you spill beer on a fiddle.

    Julie, what do Keira and Amy and Gordon all have in common?
    (Dave Barry would say, "They are all carbon based life forms.")

    Actually, they all got haircuts. Gordon went to the beauty
    school today and got a cut and a perm for $25. A perm?!
    Yup, still wearing the Afro he had had in the 70s.

    He is very cosmopolitan. A Chinaman who is a U.S. citizen
    and listens to country-western and cooks American, Mexican,
    some Japanese, and even a little Norwegian. (His krumkaka
    are delicious. {they are cookies})

    Ha det bra (have it good)

    BILLCAMO New Member

    this is PLV 527......I think that equates to...4 fingers & a thumb......2 fingers more....plus the 2 fingers , 4 more fingers & a thumb......

    Sorry , ran out of cookies.......hope this "food for thought" brings a few :>)s....

    Blessings ,

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to pop in for a minute to see who was here. Glad to see Julie Rock and Georgia. If you get any rain please send us some our way please. It is SOOO DRY here

    Julie - I can't imagine walking so long in high heels and stockings. Did you get holes in your stockings after you took aff your shoes??

    Glad to hear your MOM cooking dinner. Does she cook healthy foods for them? I do hope so. Sometimes older people cut back on the good foods and then just eat stuff they like, like sweets and chips. If your dad has diabetes she probably knows that are not good for him. Does she really cook or does she buy TV or frozen dinners, etc? You are so busy you wear me out sweetie -ugh ! Good luck with all your appointments, etc. Let us know how they go with your parents appts.

    Rock - I could use a perm myself! Trying to picture a man with perm. Now, I think my DH would look rather strange but then I have seen him for more than 50 years with straight hair. Curly hair might look very good on a man, at least some men. Also, my DH doesn;t have enough on top to curl anyway - getting mighty thin up there but not to bad on the sides for being 72 years old.

    Well, I had better ready for beddy bye. Hope to seeyou all soon, maybe tomorrow. I have so much to do but do not know how much I will accomplish. I just think of cleaning and freeze upand then get nothing done :)!! Boy, doi need to vacuum. Where is Mickey when you need her- anyone else want to help. No JULIE - you need to rest

    I know DH wants to go and work out tomorrow we have been bad about going. Trying to go 2x a week but somehow haven't been very good lately. Also so more pains in my right thigh, knee area or wherever in that area. Think it is nerve involvement but to lazy go go and do not want to pay a fortune for an MRI or CAT scan..

    Love to eveydobby,
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Bit in a rush becoz son has brought two friends for 'group study', so i been
    flying around trying to clean up and cook something for them if they need
    to have lunch here too.

    Its two girls so Im trying to clean morethan i would have if they had been
    guys since guys dont keep their rooms as clean normally. The fan blades,
    the bathroom fittings, te ledge outside the windows, the works lol, yes
    i got the help so ive got his part of the house pretty much cleaned up.

    I told him he has to 'study' downstairs in the open area where there are
    some chairs and a table, coz im not keen on his taking girls into the rooms.
    It will set a precedent for later if they come again. This being the first time
    he has brought friends who are girls back home.

    Rock - i gave a great shout of laughter when i read your comments re
    my beauty pack about it being morelike a salad.

    Granni - i hope your leg heals soon; you have been very busy lately
    so maybe he strain of it?

    Julie - nice to know Lindsey is doing yoga. Yes, i think if your fathers
    A dementia progresses much more it will be easier to have him cared
    for by a hospice or something. There is only so much of you to go around.

    Georgia - niceto know you got a newlaptop whch you really like. I have never
    had a laptop although my daughter brought hers when she came and son has one
    although we have not allowed him the internet connection on his.

    Teacher - loved your description of the music event. Sounds like a jolly if
    eventful time. I envy you your musical abilities. lovely to hear about your
    sis and you.

    i went to town yesterday and got me some stuff i needed. also gave myself
    a nice snack of chips chilli and spiced tea in a restaurant. its potato chips
    fried the same way one would chicken chilli. i loved it but it didnt agree with
    my weak stomach. brought most of it home and found out son too loves it
    but 'his body catches fire from inside' when he ate anythng hot. i forgot that.
    so there it sits in the fridge, to be devoured only little by little.

    the summer is here and i have been taking out my cotton shirts and found
    i need a couple of pants. ive worn the three i have to a ....dont know the word.

    Spoke on phone to DH who is in Pakistan. Ive asked him to bring back some
    pistachios because dry fruits are a plenty there and u dont getthem here
    asked hm not to get any onyx decorations because i have no space to
    keep them and frankly fed up of clutter.

    I had a little spat with my chinese friend. apparently she was smarting over
    something i had said a year back and it came up in the conversation when
    i called her to just talk because it had been a while. She was curiously
    rude but i kept my cool and explained my side and told her i would keep
    what she said in mind so i would not say something likethat next time i
    spoke to someone else. told her i was only saying the truth and she told me
    that'sometimes the truth hurts'.

    anyway im glad that came out rather than it festering in her heart because
    i had had no idea she was that peeved. we talked for long about other things
    so i know even she forgave me once we spoke about it.

    you all take care the lights just came so i better get with the vacumming
    and ironing and all.

    God Bless

  19. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    The days have been just right, not too hot because of it being cloudy.

    The sweetpeas are finished blooming somewhat but the daisies in full swing.
    Ive mostly run outside errands because the weather was just right, (I hate
    steppping ut in hot weather).

    Got a great big pile of laundry to fold but have made that my target today.
    Determined not to get sidetracked by anything else.

    The daughter sent me some videos of her dances at College Gala
    its on utube




    pakistan, bangladesh and nepali dance, for FBookers i posted it there

    Hope you all doing well, take care

    God Bless
  20. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Just lost another post. Kinda funny. I was typing vicissitudes at the time.