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  1. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    Hi Friends,

    Hope nobody minds if I opened up a new volume.

    Wow, I haven’t started one up in awhile, so I am a little “rusty”.

    I say ------- let’s all let loose, dance, or relax, eat a lot of food and have FUN!

    I have been running around tackling projects, making my appointments, exercising daily, going out for walks & seeing friends. Trying to get back to more of a “normal life” with non-Toxic people.

    Ah, it feels nice. A big HELLO and warm HUG to all.

    Join in and everyone grab a cookie!

    Have been missing all of you and keeping you in my thoughts.

    I am hoping to get LASIK eye surgery within the next month. I may be able to see clearly.

    HUGS to all,
    == Elaine ……. (Ah, I almost forgot my Username!) ….. I am “tap dancing my way out”!
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  2. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Gee, that was a quick visit but it was so nice to hear from you and to hear all is going well. Hope the Lasik goes well. I would love to have that myself but would need some more $$$ ! Also, as I understand it, not everyone can have it. It depends on your eyese. My eldest daughter wanted to get it but when she went to the doctor he said she wasn't a candidate for it. I forget what her problem was.

    Thanks for starting up the next volume again and it was so great to see you. Thanks for the cookies. DH is gone working on the Lenten fish fry and I was good and switched some of my heavy tops upstairs and brought down the shorts. I already have my capris in my closet from before. Can you believe it is in the 80's today? Still haven't worn shorts though but they were hiding upstairs. I am still missing a few pairs and can't find them. At least I made some progress.

    I got back much earlier than expected from the elemenetary school. It seems the new teaher didn't know the "rules" and didn't give them alot of time they should have to do it, whether at home or in class. I think it was overnight. She or a a couple teachers supposedly picked the best ones to hang up. We usually have a large selection. There were only a few and some not really great but considering they had one day to do it, they weren't to bad. There were , of course a few really good ones with pictures too that got ribbons for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. There were also honorable mention and the others will get a certificate just for doing it. We will have a luncheon for them in May and some will read parts of their essays and they will be recognized. I have one more to do next wednesday. That will probably take a lot longer than this one, if they do it correctly.

    When I got home I ate lunch and even vacuumed part of the house. I needed it so badly with everything that gets tracked in when anyone comes in and out and all the dirt comes in from outside.

    Hope others will come by soon to check in here on the Porch. I am missing so many lately - Carla, Jole, Teacher, and Rock, Mickey.

    Julie - Hope you get a chance to rest even if for jut a short while with everything you do.

    Spring Water - I went on FB the other day and saw your daughter dance and the group. It was really interesting and fun to see. I just wish I could soom the picture in better to see the faces of the dancers.

    Well, better leave for now. Have to set up for a brunch with others tomorrow evening to get ready for the evenet on Sunday afternoon. So we are going to church early (Saturday). Then DH can play in the golf tourney on Sunday and I will go to the brunch.

    Bye for now. Hope to check back later to see if anyone else pops in. Everyone else have a wonderful weekend.

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  3. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Great to see you! Thanks for opening the porch.

    Granni - i think you can go to the utube site and zoom in. (I think).

    Im in a towering rush coz i had enrolled for pranic healing classes two days
    today and tom and i hv to be there at 9:00am. so need to go bathand dress
    and feed doggies etc. Last times two days were the intro only.this time a
    teacher from India will teach us hw to do the healing and we can do it
    ourselves. that way i save money coming for healing.

    unfortunatelly? i found my sis in law and her family from switzerland have landed
    up on surprise visit and ma in law called yesterday saying they will come here
    today i told them i had these two days tied up. oh dear. will visit them in eve
    after the session. hope they dont mind. dh went yesterday night after his

    well, everdobby take care,,,
    Mickey i thought i had addressed u on porch
    last time but couldnt find my post, great that you dropped in and good
    to know about yr daughters.

    God Bless

    everydobby else, Carla, Linda, thinking of you

  4. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    You can zoom in to make the picture bigger but not big enough to really see the faces. At least I couldn't make it work right.

    Sorry about the unexpected company. Sometimes it makes it such an inonvenient time but when it is family you have to make a little bit of time somewhere.

    Were you talking about your meditating sessions, what did they call it?

    Everyone have a great weekend, if I do not see you sooner.

    Hugs and love to all,
  5. teacher

    teacher New Member

    I'm not happy with Cinderella.

    Her carriage hit me on the way home last night and I feel HORRIBLE.

    And I took one look at that stupid shoe and new instantly that it wasn't gonna fit ME!

    Other than that, a lovely time was had by all.

    I'll tell yo about it wehn I can think a little more clearly.

  6. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Granni -my classes are called Pranic Healing classes. Its kind of similar to 'laying on
    of hands' healing which is practised in the west.

    Teacher - i hope you recover soon. when does teaching start again? in my next life
    i want to be able to play music, please God.

    Julie - the amount you do for others, you are a dear dear soul. I always feel ashamed
    of myself and my cringeing when i read your posts. because you do so much and for
    others uncomplainingly and in a matter of fact way.

    Georgia - good to hear the new meds are making you feel better. its always a boon
    when something works as it should. Lol, i do notice you dont have to crib about your
    co workers anymore since you retired. Must be such a restful change. I admire that
    you were there for so long doing the job you were doing.

    I will have to be off again at 8:30am. Its 7 and the lights were there so i logged on.
    It was nice to see all the posts. sometimes i dont see posts and start worrying.

    My class yesterday went well. At the end of it, we had to take partners and heal
    each other. My partner had a bit of upper back strain (we all did from the whole
    days sitting up) and after two mins or so of healing, he was smiling and told me to
    stop. said the pain had just vanished. We hav to do a sweeping motion. and then
    send out healing energy by tuning in to good thoughts and the divine. (for someone
    religious, that would mean the one you worship, Buddha, God, Mary.)

    My back pain went from a scale 3 to a 1. The funny thing was the class was asked to
    give feedback on the results my partner said loudly, Yes, it works! she gave me a good
    one." (He is indian and maybe not too proficient in English). And the teacher, also a
    man started smiling and said "Good. But you have to be careful of the words you choose.

    The teacher is a businessman with a family and he goes to different cities to teach
    classes on weekends. The reason he says he does this is because he feels healing
    has enriched his life, his business is doing good, his family life is good, his health
    is good, so he wants to give back.

    The class also teaches us to 'give' of ourselves. The teacher was asking us, "
    if we want to get love, what do we have to do? The class answered 'give love.
    If we want to get respect, what do we have to do?The class answered
    'give respect" and he said if we want money what do we have to do? The class
    answered "work hard". LOl. No one wants to give money. And the teacher said
    how come it changed? we have to tithe in order to get.

    After classes, i walked down to my MILs place, just a stones throw away and
    met my SILs husband and his daughter. SIL was out with her brother shopping.

    Ive asked them to consult with SIL and see if they can come over tomorrow
    evening for dinner and stil getting panicky about if they accept. im so out of
    practise entertainng and wondering if my energy wil desert me half way.

    All take care

    God Bless
  7. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    gone n invited all three households to a dinner this evening!!! My MILs family including SIL and her family, DHs middle uncle and his family, and DHs youngest uncle and his family. And one
    married daughter of his and her kids.

    Considering i just got home at 8pm last eve and have spent two straight days outside from
    morn till eve at healing classes, you can imagine what the house looks like. hvent dont no
    shopping either. i took a great leap of faith. i thought better now than never or i will never
    be able to coordinate everyones dates. Please send me good thoughts. Im trying not to

    Julie - have fun at the J Deere display and your day out. Everdobby,

    i love you all

    God Bless
  8. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Spring Water - Have fun and good luck with your family dinner. I am sure it will turn out great !! i could use some healing classes myself. Just take some big deep breathes and say, I CAN do it and I know you can !! Some of the dishes you have talked about making, at other times, always sound so good I wish I could be there to sample.

    Julie - You are another one ! Can I come to dinner too. All your dishes sound wonderful. I am so lazy but I remember the days when I had to cook for 8 people every day, kids DH and FIL and myself. Now I have to push myself to get meals on the table for just the two of us. If it was just for me I wouldn't do that much cooking any more but have to cook for DH, plus can't afford to eat out all the time either for sure . If I wait for him to cook we would starve :)!! No, he can cook eggs, open a can, do steaks or hamburgers on the grill etc. He always says he can cook but if I am there he waits for me.

    The brunch I worked on with others turned out great and everyone had a good time. So much good food. Have any of you heard aobut making omelets in ziplock freezer bags? They turned out really good plus all kinds of fruits, breakfast cakes, potato casseroles or hash browns. There were also Mimosas and Bloody Marys too plus coffee, water, etc. We had a good time and glad it is all over so I am done for the year. You should have seen the gorgeous house on the water we had the brunch in- just gorgeous with a pool in the back to besides the lake. Thank God for the beautiful weather.

    Hope to see you or at least some of you tomorrow. That will be another busy day. Choir practice two nights this week for Holy Week-ugh !!

    Oh, it would be a nice to have a DH who loved to cook and to be served once in awhile :)! I have friends who have hubbys that love to cook. I am so jealous ! Somehow this part of my post got to the wrong place and it should have been up where I was talking about having to cook. To tired to redue it.

    Please excuse my whining tonight, it is my turn. I guess I am tired too.

    Hope to see you tomorrow.

    Love to everydobby,
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  9. jole

    jole Member

    Good to see Elaine back for a minute and doing so well. Always a great feeling to see someone actually make forward progress!

    Today I sat out on the porch (for real) awhile. The weather is beautiful, and my tulips are blooming! They're soooo short though. Decided I'd better at least spend a day enjoying them, because tomorrow night is suppose to freeze, and a chance of rain/snow through Friday. Just when I thought Spring was honestly here to stay!

    I too took some time to get out my spring/summer clothes, and am now glad I kept back some sweatshirts and lounge pants!

    Have birthdays coming up in the family so need to get some cards....and groceries....lol. Hopefully in a day or so we'll make it to town.

    Looks like everyone is keeping busy as possible...wishing you all the best.......Jole
  10. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Sorry for not posting; the weather was windy and rainy and the lights were playing
    truant, behaving erratically.

    My dinner went off swimmingly well :) yay, such a load offa my mind. the wonderful
    thing was i was able to get two people to cook at such short notice! reached home
    at 8:30pm and phoned and found two (cooks) free to come the next morn at 10am.
    it cost me dolllars 18.00 fee for the both of them so not so bad. considering they did
    the shopping and dishwashing as well as cooking. had to make for four vegetarians
    as well as the rest of the nonveggies. used cottage cheese mostly for veggies.

    the guests came in really late, 8:30pm becoz everyone was so busy they all came in
    from different places but once everyone arrived very nice atmpsphere. of course the
    two girl cousins and my sis in law and aunt made it so because they love socializing.
    i was so relieved. my son was on baby sitting duty for cousin sis's four year old.

    once uncle chose to skip the dinner becoz he didnt want to face his yunger brother
    other wise everyone else came except MIL who it seems has a sore knee.

    i got a lovely dress material from dh's married cousin sis and a beautiful winter coat
    from SIL.

    trying to upload the party pics on FB.

    Granni - hope the singing prgram goes well. youve been practising so hard. i too
    wish my dh loved to cook. he can fry an egg maybe.thats it.

    Georgia - nice to know you can read all u like now. make sure u exercise your
    legs a lot. i hv weak leg muscles too. but improvd somewhat since taking iron.

    Diane -sweet of u to drop in. i havent got in much fiction reading for a while now.

    Jole - i would love to sit with u on your porch. i dont have a porch as such but
    my garden is blooming lots now. im enjoying it while it lasts. lovely to see you
    drop in. missed u.

    I hope i havent missed anyone. love u all.

    Gods Bless
  11. teacher

    teacher New Member

    Am home. Was supposed ot go to a funeral, but migrane woke me early and am just getting over it.

    He will be missed. Was kinda like another parent. Chin up. He went with no pain and he's free form this crazy world.


    Haven't been able to tell you abotu the ball so will begin. Will be in pieces though since head cna only take so mouch computer.

    On to the dress.

    Go to this link:


    I wore the last dress in the second row, sapphire blue with silver sandals.

    They also offer it in black. I'm thinking of getting that too, for concerts.

    I had my cousing do my hair up and had a tiara on a hair comb that we added when she was finished.

    I was soooo cute! hee hee hee.

    One lady was absolutely beautirful. She wore a very simple maroon formal and her tiara was acutally a simple circlet. I ketp watching her all evening. She was amazing.

    The children there were dressed to the nines. This one little guy looked like he was a 1 yr. old. He had on black pants, a white shirt and a maroon and black vest. Too too cute.

    He won a toy truck at the sienlt auction.

    His parents were glad he won. They had to spend the evening trying to keep him from taking the truck off the table when he first got there. I don't think they wanted to know what would happen if he had lots! hee hee hee

    Gonna stop for a bit. Everyone take care of yourselfes.

    I love you.
  12. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Dave Barry says you could put little kids on a desert island where they
    had nothing to play with but sticks.

    The little boys would push theirs around and make motor noises.

    The girls would cuddle theirs and offer a bottle.

  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Rock - you are right about the little boys and girls and differently they play with things, that is for the most part. That is funny and pretty true !!

    Jole - how nice of you to pop in. Haven't seen or talked to you in so long. Hope you are feeling fairly well. I have been so busy lately tht I have just skimmed the posts rather quickly.

    Teacher - Loved hearing about your pall or at least part of it. That little boy with the truck sounded so cute. I would have loved to see in your ball gown and tiara and to see everyone else too.

    Spring Water - So glad that your dinner went off so well and you could find your cooks so quickly. I wish I could have one here for a change :)!! Yes, my DH made fried eggs sthis morning fir a change. Usually we have cereal and fruit. Glad it is pver for you and you all had a good time.

    Georgia - Hope all is well with you and all your transcribing :)!! I knot should be alo tof fun and very interesting.

    I need to get off here and send off my message to the ladies who are going to come to the luncheon to take their reservations for thismonth. Thank God for e-mails !!

    Bye for now. Will be going tomorrow night to see our grand daughter's Dance Team's Spring Show. We have to drive over an hour to get there and on a Friday evening should be not so good.

    Love to you awl,

  14. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    OK, this is the post to replace the post that went poof!
    Only it really doesn't work so well the second time around
    (in spite of the song to that effect).

    Granni, you said you couldn't picture a man w/ a perm. Don't
    think of Gordon as a man w/ a perm. Think of him as a
    China man w/ an Afro. You remember those 70 do's. If
    you can't picture that, think of a Chia pet.

    Have spent the last 3 days, off and on) watering Gordon's
    plants. Did it again. Left the hose running. I stepped outside
    after watching I Love Lucy just to make sure. I was certain
    I had turned it off, but I hadn't.

    He has several orchids in bloom plus some pale yellow iris
    and some purple cactus and red tea roses. The double delight
    rose is blooming. I think we've had the plant about 25 years.
    The colors seem to be fading and sort of blending together.

    I got a book on gardens of Los Angeles. Showed gardens
    that were 80 -100 years old. But it did not say if the roses
    in them were that old.

    They probably were. Pasadena (home of the Rose Bowl)
    calls itself the city of roses. (So does Portland, OR.) Anyhoo,
    at the library, the garden has lots of roses w/ stumps that are
    7-8 inches wide. The library is about 90 years old. I suspect
    the roses are too.

    Springwater, glad to hear your dinner party was a success.
    Did the dogs participate? Was there entertainment? Did
    anyone put a lampshade on his head? Maybe you don't have
    lampshades. Did you play party games? I always like

    Diane, Yes, start another thread. Kinda sad that we never
    get too many responses though. I am reading about the
    Old West. The Census Bureau said the frontier closed in

    But there were plenty of places where the Old West was still
    rootin' and tootin' for another 20-30 years. Henry Starr went
    down in history as the bank robber who robbed the most banks.
    He lived into the 1920s and became the first to rob a bank
    using one of them new-fangled autos. My dad was in
    7th grade at the time. History is just around the corner.

    Both my maternal grandparents were alive when the last
    battle between the blue coated soldiers and the Indians
    was fought in Minnesota.

    Julie, I would love to visit you and your family. I think the
    last time I was in Iowa was about 20 years ago. Went to
    the Nordic Fest in Decorah. Still have the T-shirt.

    If this Spring has normal weather, you should have had one
    last fleeting snow fall the first week in April. But w/ all
    the crazy weather lately, I don't know.

    Time to go check on Zippy. I gave him some cheese for a
    treat earlier. He is a real connoisseur. Won't eat that processed
    Valveeta cheese food. Wants the real thing.


    BILLCAMO New Member

    All I can add is : 4 packs of cookies , motor noises (while pushing the sticks around) , & best wishes for all !

    I do have to ask , however , what's in the bottle ? :>) lol [almost afraid to ask.......] ;>)

    Blessings ,

  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just hopping in befpre I have to go get dressed and ready for the day. This afternoon we have to drive into the big city (groan) to see our granddaughter dancec with her group. It is the pring Show the dance group is putting on that they do every year. I can't believe that she is already a junior and is looking into colleges. So far she wants to go to Alabama State University (we do not live in Alabama). Her parents were hurt I think that she wanted to go far away from them. She is their only daughter and our only granddaughter. I think they hate to say NO to her. Then when she gets out of college her twin brothers will be going someplace to - double tuition will not be any fun.

    Julie - so sorry your dad was so upsetting to you the other day. Glad that the meds seem to be helping some now though. I surely do hope so.that the meds. continue to help

    Well, I had better get off here and get dressed as DH just came back from the bank. If I don;t get back today hope to check in tomorrow otherwise everyone have a great.

    Rock - thanks for your little "recipe" :)!!

    Diane- if you check in here, thanks again for the salad recipes. Hope you are feeling better today.


    If I don't get back later or tomorrow everydobby have a nice weekend. i LOVE YOU ALL !!

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    I am so busy or should I say I have to much to keep me occupied with music along with trying to clean my house for DH's cousin who will be coming the week after Easter for a few days. I need to get off here but wanted to say hi to awl.

    If I am not back in a while try not to worry. All my work has piled up and have so much music to sort, look over, etc and try and learn a new song to be sing Good Friday with a couple of other gals. Hope they will be there. One is sick, the other's daughter just commited suicide so I do not know wht will happen. Have hardly started cleaning too.

    I also just got a call from good friends whose husband had a heart attack and was having surgery today. There is so much and so many people to pray for lately.

    Georgia - what a nice job to have and paid for..

    Julie - Keep us posted . I am worried about you and your parents especially your dad but then that is bad for your Mom too. (HUGS)

    Have to run !

  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Its very early in morn..found the lights had come on got up to switch them off and
    thouht of logging in.

    Teacher - i tried to go to the website you had posted but it said page not available. but
    i can imagine the dress and sandals :)

    Julie - thanks for the updates on your father..i guess acceptance comes and then its
    easier to deal. good to hear he is trusting you to look after him.

    Granni - hope you had a grand time at your daguhters Spring dance show. Tell us about it
    when u get back.

    Rock - Gordons flowers sound lovely. I can guess how much loving care he gives them.
    And i truly believe plants respond when one talks to them lovingly. they are after all,
    living things. I havent talked to my flowers..too many people around when i go down
    but i would if i found myself alone :)

    Georgia - good to hear you got this job of researching for a friend. im sure this is one
    job you are gonna love. time flies when one is interested in ones work.

    for me, time flies when i am on the computer. just whizzes by.

    I really need to get in some ironing before the lights go off again. i havent visited sis
    in law since the dinner and am worrying about it. i maybe wil go today.

    yesterday afternoon i had a spell of low low energy and felt so irritated. its low energy
    with low spirits also so that is always worrying. i wish to Almighty i were cured completely.

    i took in a movie the other day with my DH. it was quite entertaining.

    well, all take care.

    God Bless

    LEFTYGG Member

    sorry ive been mia i havent felt up to posting. even tho physically im better emotionally im down. moms still in rehab and she looks so sad. she wants to be home. we all have to be in agreement cause we will all be caring for her.

    i went to my sons college friday to watch his football scrimage. i got home today and my GD told me mom was upset because i wasnt there. she had at least 6 visitors but she really relies on me for some reason. my dh and i enjoyed the little trip. my DS has had many issues so we hope he will be successful this time.

    have any heard' ''you can only be as happy as your least happy child'' this is how i feel.

    granni watching GD dance sounds beautiful. did she get your talent?

    georgia doing geneology for a friend is right up your alley. and the library job sounds perfect.

    julie im happy your dad is doing better. i would try to reason with my mom before i figured out she was having mempry loss. she is so smart she hid it. now i just agree with everything.

    springwater sounds like your dinner worked out great. i use to have big dinners for 30 or 40 people. i quit doing it cause id be so exhausted for a week.i didnt feel people relly appreciated it but now they tell me how they miss it.

    Diane i hope youre better. warm weather will be here soon.

    rock the orchids sound beautiful. i remember when my grandfather talked about men and gunfights like in westerns. he died in1971. he said there were in the bad part of town lol.

    wellall take care. love gail
    rock t
  20. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Here I am a couple days before Holy Week and I can hardly talk. Came home from choir oractice last night and I noticed all of a sudden I could hardly talk let alone sing. I found some anatibiotics that were still fairly new that weren't used so we will see if that helps.

    I go this afternoon at a frirends house who is or should I say used to be in our old small group tht had to dispand. We are going to practice and figure out what we were going to see over at the new place where our old Director now resides. She will play the piano and we will sing. Today I wont really sinsg,m just go to see what they decide to sing, etc.for the program.

    Gee I could hardly find the Porch today so had to bump it up so people could find it too.. Hope all are doing well. Thinking of all of you. So much to do this whole week. Hope my throat gets getter. It seems that quite a few of us in the group have been getting this stuff. Even the director sounded bad last night.


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