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    Everyone, please don't forget to check the last volume. Julie came back to say hi for a minute before she probably collapsed !!

    Brought some delicious hot teas and flavored coffees along with some hot choc. chip cookies. Better grab them quick before I eat them all.

    A big HUG to Julie along with Leah, and Sweet Spring Water. Yes, I did call her Sweet water a few times as there is a town in TX called Sweet Water and it is somehow very appropriate for our dear Spring Water.

    Julie - So sorry to hear that poor Lindsey is losing weight and still having problems with her pregnancy. How much longer does she have. Poor girl ! I was lucky with all of my 5 children I had none or little morning sickness, etc. My MIL was sick almost every day of the pregnancy with my DH and couldn't have any more children either. They did try but God know what's best, I guess. My son and DIL are stil trying but I think have given up on have biological children. I know you will be a big help to Lindsay and that is why you know you can't collapse even if you feel like you are going to. There is always someone to help. Then again you are probably about 20 years younger than I :)!! or close ! I forget how old you said you were when we got married. I said you could have been my flower girl :)!!!

    Rock - we are missing you. Hope you are doing OK andit is just the stupid computer or something.

    More later to you all, probably tomorrow. I did shopping at Wally World today - what fun !! Did some work on the computer and then made supper - tacos for a change. Hadn't had them in a very long time. They were pretty good.

    Love to all,

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    Julie I'm thinking of you and your family. I hope your dad is ok. He probably is in shock right now. Poor Lindsey I can't imagine feeling or being that sick while pregnant. My daughters pregnancies were harder on me than my own. She had 4 miscarriages before my dgd was born.im getting 3 grandbabbies this summer from 3sons so I'm looking forward to that. My grand kids give me the most joy. My son is naming his son Grahm after mom whom we called gram. It will be strange at first I'm sure but we will get use to it.

    Leah thank you for thinking of me.when I saw where you didn't have the energy to chew I realized how fortunate I am to get out every so often. Actually I sometimes put off going out. It seems too tiring.

    LEFTYGG Member

    Springwater how horrible your nephew has TB. Do the vaccinate against it?your MIL sounds so toxic. Being around her must make your blood pressure shoot out the top of your head. I'm thinking of ordering the eft tapes from dr mercola. They help deal with emotions pain and such as you know.

    Granni I'm the worst painter. I paint like Lucy and Ethel. More paint on me than wall.i step in the pan etc. it's cheaper to pay someone. I never thought about weeds all year long. Hahaha at least winter kills them.i want a garden but I want someone else to weed it.

    I had a bad situation today. I went to get my 6yo gs at his school 28miles away. 23 stop light lots of traffic. This is my chore for the day. When I get there the school guard is blocking so I can't get to disabled spots in front. I ask if I can I go thru. I have my disability thing in window. He say well several people have told me you're not really disabled!!! I said How would anyone know that? I don't know anyone from here. I'm in Ohio this is Kentucky. He says it again. He let me thru but was so rude to me.

    I called my son and told him how I was treated. He called the school and spoke to the principal.she said they had heard someone was using her husbands disability sticker.i do not like confrontation. Now I hate to go back thru there.

    Well I'll try not to stay away to long because only you all understand. Is anyone truly without problems these days? Everyone take care. Love gail
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    I'm getting goofier all the time. Intended to say, "I think I'm starting to
    get a headache." Instead I said, "I think I'm starting to get a haircut."

    My computer is always doing something goofy, Granni. Last week it
    started to play the videos on Youtube again. On the other hand,
    the number keys have gone cuckoo cocoa puffs. If I hit a number an
    extra number or symbol pops up. For example 8=.

    Anyhoo, I've been popping in to read your posts. Good to hear from
    old friends like Joan, Teacher and Gail. Julie, looks like you're having the
    usual big family bustle.

    Freida, you're right. Being polite and reasonable seem the correct way to
    go through life, but frequently it doesn't get us anywhere. To many
    bullies and thugs to contend with.

    Hope everydobby has a good weekend. Well, good by our standards. SOL

    Ha det bra
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    Just got back form the gym with DH. Wer haven't done that in awhile and I go mostly for the treadmill and the leg pushy thing ( don't remember what it is called). It has been raining on and off. I'm trying not to complain about the rain as we still need so much more.

    Need to get off quickly as DH needs the puter and I have to make some clam chowder soup for DH so he can get ready to go to the Fish Fry and do his cooking of baked fish and bakaed potatoes. Others do the fried stuff.

  6. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, I know what you mean about doing some normal things or trying to ! Hope things start slowing down for you and gettting more "normal" each day and continues at least for awhile. However, your NORMAL seems to be rather busy for you most of the time. Glad your bad time is over and hope you don't have any more for a very long time. There seems to be so many things going for you at once.

    Thinking of you and Lindsay too. Hope she starts feeling better and doesn't have to go for so many treatments and infusions to keep her going. Things, I know will start to get wild again when she has those babies, that is so exciting for you and everyone. Then she will really need help i;m sure. Anxious to hear their sex and if they will be fraternal or identical. Hope your dad continues doing better.

    Good morning to everyone. It is raining today and is supposed to do so all day and tomorrow too I believe. We surely can use the rain so I'm really not complaining,

    DH went to get a haircut. He left a note . I have had no breakfast yet and he too I believe . So, I'd better get off her and get the stuff out for breakfast. He mentioned a big breakfast for a change today. We usually just have cereal and fruit and I have yogurt. DH wouldn't touch the stuff even with fruit :)!!

    BIG hugs to you Julie and to Leah, SW, Rock, Teacher, Diane, and all the missing Porchies you all know who you are :)!!

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    I wrote a post earlier and lost it before sending due to lights going out.

    Granni - thanks for opening up. I have a cold so will take some hot drinks
    and cookies. Having yoghurt for breakfast is healthy. we havent had for
    some time since its been cold. my dh always has egg whites with garlic
    stalks in them. for his blood pressure.

    Leah - how long before you can sit outside and enjoy the weather? here
    its cold in mornings and nights but hot in afternoon. my flowers are in
    full bloom now, most of them. we just keep sowing the easy to grow
    flowers like sweetpeas and calendulas and african daisies. this time my
    snap dragons and clarkia have not come up well. time to get new plants
    looks like.

    Julie - I hope you enjoy your mini break. Good to hear you had a nice
    'normal' time having supper with the neighbours. I hope Lindsey feels
    better soon.

    Rock - so good to see you drop in. that was funny about the 'haircut'.
    I make such bloopers all the time. hope your energy is coming back soon.

    Gail - EFT always helps me. i use it sometimes. mostly when im way in over
    my head into some crisis. these things are so valuable.

    Georgia - I hope you are enjoying your holiday. And that you wil soon be
    back on the porch sharing.

    Teacher - thinking about you. Hope things are going as well as can be.

  8. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    i had such a hectic time yesterday. was recovering from the day before
    when i had taken nephew to doc and was trying to rest and get enuf
    energy to cook some more chicken to take to a family friend who had their
    grandson, whenall of a sudden my dhs little cousin sis walks in.

    she got tired of waiting for me to call her. we had talked about her doing
    up our rooms. i was mortified becoz ive been on the go for the past week
    and had no time to clean. but she was sporting. she just whisked me downstairs
    to the ground floor and asked me what i wanted done, and started taking measurements. LOL. the only way for me to get anythng done is to have a cousin sis like her who wont take no for an answer.

    however, i refused to let her into my bedroom and other rooms. she would have had a heart attack. told her iwould clean and then call her.

    luckily i had a lot of food leftover, chickensesame, chickensalad, potato, cauliflower curry, lentilsoup and rice so i was able to feed her good and so didnt
    feel all of a loser. she had two helpings so i know she enjoyed her meal.

    then i dropped her off to a supermarket where she was meeting her friend and
    i went onto town,picked up the cake i had ordered yesterday,bought some flowers and went and reached those to the family friend. heaved a sigh of relief that that was over.

    ive been coming down iwth a bad cold and when i reached home just collapsed.
    felt really sorry for myself because i was feeling so rotten. i m tired of feeling

    today was better. i had to reach pranic healing at 10:00 am to man the desk
    for the healing camp. so son and i reached pieces of cake to MIL and dhs uncles and then son dropped me off at center.

    i wasnt expecting many people to come since there had been no advertising, just word of mouth to friends acquaintances family of thosewho had taken the ccourse, but to my surprise, 32 people showed up in all.

    There was first a little film on the projector about the pranic healingand then a counselor had to explain. then the visitors woud be led to the main roomand givenhealing. Since im not supposed to heal until imbetter myself, and since im bad with public speaking, the lady had put me incharge of taking down the details of visitors and getting them to fill in feed back forms.

    i think about 10 of us volunteers had turned up. and there were three people who run the center.

    it went until 6pm with a steady stream of visitors. we weregiven lunch there.
    and coffee and tea thru out.

    there were two sweet foreign ladies too who turned up.andboth of them cried
    while receiving healing. turns out one of them had a young relative just diagnosed with cancer. andthe other had relationship problems.

    i was tired when reaching home but glad i took part in the camp.

    God Bless

  9. lilaclover30

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    My DIL was sick every day of her pregnancy! Was so awful!

    Julie: whatever you want to do, do! You need to relax your body and mind. you have been through so much grief, worry, etc. you need this time off.

    My D was here Thur. Her MIL fell and broke her hip and lay there for at least 22 hr.! she is now in NH for rehab-----she was supposed to have a big 80th birthday party tomorrow with all of the family home so~~~~~~ This is how she is spending her BD.

    The D and hubby took me shopping at WM and we had lunch at our special restaurant in town. Then she did all of the calling and sendiing info for me to get Life Alert! She had planned to do that anyway and more so after her MIL awful time. I really wanted to get it as I don't get around as well as I would like.

    I'm not going to spend time on the porch. My four legged friend got me up at 5:30. Had shower, got dressed and worked on hair, put away a basket of cldean laundry, did another load of laundry, had breakfast, scooped litter box, and that was all by 8:30. I don't work fast. Had dinner, took a nap, read all but one piece of paper and deleted 156 e-mails that have piled up.

    I have TWO CLOCKS turned forward. Now, not to forget the others.

    Sorry but I am soooo tired now and can't think straight. ( I lost a new bottle of Rx Thur.----I looked everywhere, even in the waste basket, and then I found it. It was in the what I call the medicine drawer, right where I put it. Ph, us old folks!!!!!!

    Take care and sleep well and turn back your clocks!

    Blessings and Gentle Hugs,

  10. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member


    Well, that's all that's left of my post. Great Balls of Frustration! I think I
    was typing "Gail".

    Yes, Lucy and Ethel. They couldn't paint or paper. Remember when
    Ethel was papered to the wall?

    That security guard should have his buttons ripped of his shirt, vest and
    underwear. (Quote from a comic radio program in the 30s and 40s.) In
    thrillers security guards are portrayed as wanna be cops who can't
    qualify. They are bored w/ their jobs. Always looking for trouble 'cause
    they crave excitement.

    I used to be a security guard at a Foremost ice cream plant. The only
    perk to the job was you could go to the freezer and help yourself to
    whatever took your fancy. I did not carry a gun, but I was armed with
    a clipboard.

    Joan, I think Life Alert sounds like a good idea. Their headquarters is
    in the San Fernando Valley, couple miles N of me. The Valley was
    unsettled until the 50s. Lots of movie stars had homes/ranches there:
    Clark Gable, Roy and Dale, Lucy and Desi, Wm. S. Hart, Gary Cooper,
    Barbara Stanwyck, and many more.

    Julie, thanks for the encouraging words. Know what ya mean about taking
    a long nap and waking up unrefreshed and w/ no energy.

    Better go before this blows up again.

  11. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Just a quick pop in before we leave for church. Right now it is pouring like mad outside. Not complaining though with as dry as it has been last year. However, at this rate we may have to row to church.



    Rock - I am so glad to hear form you. We love it when you come back to the porch. Even when you seem to be having a bad day you sound very good to us. Yes I Love Lucy was to funny. I watched some of it on Nickelodeon not to long ago. It was still hysterical.

    I know what you and Julie mean about waking up still tired. Nlot sure if I have CFS or just worn down from the pain of the FM.

    Julie - More hugz to you sweetie. You have so much on your plate always it seems. I know it is very hard for you to even try and relax but please do try. So many depend on you, it seems. Luckily, in a way, none of mine live close enough to really help. I can lend an ear or send $ :)!! BTW, my daughter is still looking for a job. Please KEEP UP THE PRAYERS !!

    Hi also to SW, Gail, Joan, Teacher, Carla, Linda and everydobby else MIA !

    Will try and come back later to check on all my dear Porchies !

  12. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Yes, as you say life of Earth continues to go on. That is nice that you can go and all visit with your Dad. How far away from home is the care center?? How far away is your brother from you and the care center? Sorry you had so much trouble going to sleep. You have been so busy lately with trying to take care of both parents, then her passing, Lindsay the baby (Lorraine who is getting so big now, I am sure) :)!! Does she realize that she will soon not be the Queen Bee or should I say Princess :)!!! Plus, there will be two to compete with, instead of one :)!!! It will probably be awhile before you can turn your mind off of all your responsibilities, or what you think you need to help with.

    Gotta run for a bit and may try and check in again later to see if anyone else has popped in . It has been raining for 3 days and poured like crazy coming out of church. Need to go now before it starts pouring again. I think some more rain is planning on coming this week too.

    Bye for now.

    Love to you and anyone else who popped in ,

  13. S-Elaine

    S-Elaine Member

    OK, my brain is not very well connected ----- but I will try.

    Exhausting getting here!

    Shesh, they changed the whole website on me. Didn’t recognize much. Looked for the PORCH.

    Scanned through Posts.

    ROCK ====== Yes, remember those I Love Lucy shows. The wallpaper & paint. I’d like to be around them.

    GRANNI ====== Thanks for leaving updates about me. You are a Dear! I will be in touch through email.

    JULIE ====== My sincere condolences. Hugs to you, my Friend. I like to think of it this way …… Now we have more Angles up there in Heaven. They are “gently” brought up there & at peace. They are probably having fun or maybe a Party! (Just how I try to view it.)

    ============= HELLO to ALL the new Peeps I haven’t met.

    OK, energy level is getting lower. I will continue since I got this far!! Yes, I’m on a new medication for my Digestive System & it is for my Intestines.

    Yuppers, lost 18 pounds. Hope this is finally it so I can recover and have some kind of “normal” life! I have started on a new Supplement for ~~~~ “healthy bacteria”.

    Have to keep it in the refrigerator. Would be confusing if I have to go out. My medication regimen is too complicated. I’d have to bring a mini-cooler with me.

    I sort out my medication for 4 days at a time & vitamins for 10 days.

    Don’t ask me WHY I came up with that system. Just did & have those …. Medication containers in 4 different colors.

    I push myself every day to get things done & try to stay on top of work or projects.

    When I was in my Doctor’s office last week I met a man who has CFS & FMS. Had it since 1980. Got some “tips” from him.

    I cannot go to my Counseling Sessions anymore. We tried to do “phone sessions”, but my Digestive issues became “too intrusive” and I don’t know how I will feel on any day at any moment.

    Stick to “bare minimum appointments” only.

    Finally sorted problems out with my Insurance Company by having to resort to telling them, when I recover, I will document a letter with all of the errors they made along with “Reference #’s” and send it off to the Executives of the Company.

    Mysteriously …… within 1 day, they called me to say they fixed everything!

    I’ll get to that letter eventually when I’m well enough. They just finally had to email me their Formulary Prescription booklet because I was able to tell them it had been 6 phone calls now asking for the book & I was able to “coherently” verbalize all of the former “Reference #” they gave me …… and I now considered them as ~~~~~~

    ……..interfering with my health & putting it in jeopardy.

    Professionally, yet very FIRMLY, told a Supervisor ……. “There is no point in arguing the facts. I am a Member of their Insurance Plan and it had become a JOB in me continually calling them. Fix the problems in my File and that was the last phone call I was making. The Formulary booklet is not on their website & they never mailed it to me.”

    Without it …... “They are not providing me with the resources & tools necessary for me and my Doctor to make medical decisions & it is probably un-ethical.”

    Anyway, I received the email that day. Got the Formulary Booklet 3 days later. Received an “apology” call the next day.

    I will report the prior GI Specialist to Medicare and leave it at that. My attention needs to be on my Health.

    Perhaps I might eventually stop by 1 of his offices and start LOUDLY informing the Patients in the WAITING ROOM …… “Go to another Doctor.” Then, I’ll walk out & go mosey on with my day.

    This GI Specialist was insisting the Anesthesiologist “put me under” when my Oxygen level was too low because he wanted to rush the ------ Colonoscopy procedure.

    I blurted out ……. “This is my Doctor. His name is Dr. ________ & I DON’T LIKE HIM!”

    The Surgical Staff & room got ……. Very quiet.

    That was about 7 to 8 months ago & I refused to go back to that GI Specialist. He knows I am not a FAN of his.

    Enough of that. Focusing my energy on my health & trying to recover every day. Can’t exercise yet. Maybe in about 2 weeks I can start up with light weights to strengthen up my body. Hoping to gain weight too. I know I can do it.

    It is like climbing a MOUNTAIN, yet that is OK with me because I know I have done it many times before!

    HUGS to ALL and I sincerely do MISS ALL of you. You are in my thoughts!

    ------- Elaine
  14. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Julie - so sorry to hear about the poor man who passed away like that. How awful for his family and dear ones.

    Your SIL has a nerve. but there are people like her in this world and we have to lump them esp when they are our relatives.

    I understand your raw pain about your dear mums passing. Its quite recent so
    its natural. This is someone who was a part of you.thankfully, we all recover from grieving.

    Joan - thats a whole lotta things you did before 8am!!! sometimes i am in bed at that time. i am always losing things and then finding them right in front of me. makes me feel like the things are possessed sometimes.

    Elaine - wow, glad you made it to the Porch. Granni kept us informed about
    you. thanks for stopping by even tho you are going thru so much, your health
    issues sound so similar to what i went thru for a year. tho i had nausea and giddiness along with the constipation and diarreah. i really do hope you get diagosed right and more important get the right treatment.

    are you doing things to relieve your stress? because i can imagine how much stress you might have been going thru.

    Rock - i wish you could write a book. The way you write makes me want to read a book you wrote. im sure it would be rib ticklingly funny.

    Granni - its nice you are having rain but hope it doesnt prevent you from
    getting around doing what you have to do. we wont be having showers for a while now. till June now, im guessing.

    I have a cold. its not full blown but i hve this stuffy nose feeling and the sneezes. plus the full stomach feeling.

    yesterday was another really hectic day. i attended pranic healing camp
    but had to come away to get ready for evening bank anniversary party.
    so i begged off at 1pm and had to sneak off because there were people
    coming in for healing and not enough of us to attend to all of them.

    i went and got my new dress pieces and then went home and laid down
    because the cold was making me so drowsy. couldnt get up in time and
    had to scoot off and beg the salon ladies to please please give me a facial and
    hair wash and dry. because i didnt have energy to do it on my own. they were getting late and agreed to only do a quick short cut facial and hair job.

    thank goodness. then i went home and dressed and went off. the dh was phoning because the other wives were already present and there was some sort of felicitations function going on. but those were for the bank staff and the founding members of the bank and their families so i wasnt too bothered.

    my dh was allowed to call 10 guests from his side and he had called my chinese friend and her dh. so i spent the evening looking after her since the crowd was a little different from her usual one. she usually has travel agents and hoteliers in her crowd since they run a travel agency. i did manage to mix a little with the other guests too. i had prayed on the way in the car for strength and confidence to have a good time and i was answered. my cold lifted and didnt bother me and i had a good time.

    i havent been eating meat for couple of days and felt no craving for it either.
    i stuck to pasta and tomato sauce and some veggies. my chinese friend said the food was good and i was glad. she does tend to become critical sometimes.

    we had to stay till most of the guests left so got home at 11pm.

    all in all, a good day.

    today, well as it usually happens, i had a late reaction from yesterdays exertions and i crashed. felt really sleepy and the cold raised its ugly head again.

    ive stayed home taking naps and getting some stuff done. theyre painting the whole house so i over saw a bit of that.

    also took a quick grocery shopping trip to the supermarket to buy bread and food so we have fresh produce to cook.

    i do hope my cold is better soon. tried to talk to daughter but she was at her internship at the refugee repatriation center.

    the son just asked me now "what do you do when some things are going right and some things are not going the right way?" i told him to meditate and pray. he didnt like that answer and told me"you realise im not likely to ask you this question again ever, dont you"?

    so i told him " i would be happy that about the things that were going right,
    and try to solve those that werent." he is not specifying so what should i have said? he seemed satisfied with that answer and went down to sleep taking Hobbes with him. HObbes is whining a little. and limping more and more.

    God Bless

  15. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    My mother used to say if you learn a new word, it will almost always
    pop up again in a day or two. And here is evidence of same. I am
    reading a book on economics that refers to GDP. Asked Gordon. He said
    it stood for Gross Domestic Product. (Which turned out to be true.)

    The next day I saw GDP in a news story and a couple of days later it
    turned up in a thriller I'm reading. Ain't that something?

    And last week I was watching the new show w/ Betty White. The episode
    dealt with Spanx which I had never encountered before. Same thing.
    Found it in the news and in a novel. Betty kept saying it was a girdle.
    Do women still wear girdles? Is there a difference between the girdle
    and a Spanx? Inquirring minds want to etc.

    Now here's another question. What kind of oil do I put on a dust mop.
    There is a herd of dust bunnies under the bed. Gordon's mother didn't
    clean for decades. Uff-da!

    I saw a can of spray stuff at the market, but it was $6-7. Can't
    afford that. Can I use cooking oil? 3 in 1? Reminds me of that old
    riddle from school days. If 3 in 1 is oil, what's 4 'n 1?

    Granni, is Texas catching up on its rain? Last year it was so dry for
    so long. Yes, I find Lucy is still funny too. It's because they had great
    script writers. If there are still people thousands of years from now, I'm
    sure they will be watching Lucy. Maybe in some new format. Like the
    images are projected on your glasses.

    Springwater, sorry to hear Hobbs is failing. Zippy is a senior citizen too.
    He's blind in one eye and has vision problems in the other. Yesterday he
    bumped his nose on the door; just didn't realize it was still closed. And
    he is very cautious about going down the 2 steps in the backyard.

    Thank you for you extravagant praise re: writing a book. I wrote one in
    1980 and am still waiting for it to become a best seller. Ha Ha! Actually
    it was for law students. I was never asked to appear at book stores and
    autograph copies.

    If I can find some energy will water the plants this afternoon. We have a
    new crop. Peas! The plants are 7-8 inches high already.

    Big gentle cyber hugs to everydobby.


  16. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    It is actually sunny out now, a lovely day afater all that rain. However, not complaining aboaut the rain as we are probably still under wht we SHOULD have. However, I am sure we are much better. I'm afraid once it starts getting really hot out the rain will just disappear again. I also get to escape from painting some till things dry out and I have a spare day with actual time on my hands. May get to do some on Wed. if the painter isn't here starting the outside of the house, and it doesn't rain again !!

    What a surprise to read that note from dear ELAINE yesdterday. I read it but did have time to stop and actually post. Hope things will start getting better for her again soon !!! I will you all advised when I hear form her again.

    Leah - I hope you have nice big windows to be able to get out and especially look out when the weather is beautiful if it is so hard for you to get out. I ama so sorry that you have so little energy. Makes me feel like I'm the nergizer Bunny which I am not for sure. Do take anything at all for NRG? Or have you just given up trying to find something that really works? I have never taken B12 shots but have taken some sub linqually. Not sure it really helped me cause the pain is still there. Not sure if my low NRG and frustration is due to the constant pain. Just try to keep my mind off the pain by singing, etc, I went to Line Dancing for an hour this morning. Haven't been able to go for awhile for one reason or another but I did enjoy myself, even with the pain. Hope you get to sit outside sometime soon.

    Spring Water - How nice for your dh's cousin's sister (I think that is right) to come and help you organize and clean. That is wonderful !! At least you were able to feed her which I am sure she appreciated.

    SW, Frieda, Rock, Julie and everydobby with fibrofog and maybe some old age problems with memory do not feel bad. The other night I took the ice cream and stuck it in the microwave instead of the freezer. Sometimes I microwave it too a bit before scooping but I was already finished doing that so I would and should have then stuck it in the freezer. When I opened up the microwave to heat my water for coffee, I think, I noticed the ice cream. Well I just stuck it back in the freezer. That evening it was fine but just a bit icey and weird in texture. It did still taste OK and we were still fine after eating it.
    Talk about dumb, that was a good one :) !!!!!!

    Julie - Nice for Lindsey's friend help take over for you babysitting and giving you a break. Hope you start feeling a little better real soon. Hope you can sleep better too, as I know you really need it to wind down. If it goes on you might want to try thaqt Tylenol or Excedrin PM that has a slight sleep aid in it. Just take it once in awhile when you really think you need it.

    Well I have ato run for now. I have some things to do with my music for tonight. Tomorrow after noon we sing (our community small group) that sings for mostly Sr. Facilities are going to sing to two places a little farther than we usually go. Iknow that I will not be driving though :)!!

    Love to you awl,

  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    This will be a very short one. I need to get ready to sing early this afternoon. Hope we do OK. We are missing one of the new gals who is a really great sight reader and singer. No wonder, she retired from being a music teacher to elementary school. However, today she has to go to drive her DH back from the surgeon who will be removing all his wisdom teeth (NOT FUN, I know )! One of the places is where our old leader is now with her husband. The second place is a really upscale one. Hope all goes well. Then we rush back and we have to go to dinner for a B-day celebration with one of our friends and a few other guests. Busy day !! DH is out their painting some on the deck. Not sure when the painter will come for the house. I supposed that I will be painting posts tomorrow some and probably Thursday too after it dries from all the rain and I don't have any place to go during the day.

    Julie - So happy that Lindsay doesn't have to go for her infusions for a few days. Hope her acid reflux quits soon or they can do something about it that will help her. Speaking of chiropracters I think I should go to one but keep thinking about the $ and so nevert do make an appointment. Maybe after we pay off this kitchen project. DH is so worried about paying that off sooner rather than later.

    Have to run and go help DH clean up from painting.

    Leah - Hope you can at least enjoy a sunny day looking outside.

    Love everyone,
  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Surprised you're having such warm weather, Julie. Well, you probably are
    too. Only going up to 64 here today. Last two winters have been the
    coldest I've seen in LA.

    Your personal notes on the cards reminds me of my mother. She always
    wrote notes on her Christmas cards. She would grump about people who
    didn't, but she still persisted in writing to them. That's where I got my
    workaholic, perfectionist personality. But now, more and more, I just
    say, Oh, the heck with it. Doesn't really matter anyway.

    I hope the GI doc can do something for Lindsey.

    Freida, I've been looking on the net for dusting solutions. (Pun intended.)
    Couple sites said water will harm hardwood floors over time. Well, how
    much time? And a couple said make your own solution by adding stuff
    to water. Like olive oil and lemon. (I have neither on hand.) But I
    do have cooking oil and vinegar. I could always do a test patch, I guess.

    Sorry you're feeling so punk. You can always drop by and just leave
    a one or two sentence post. Then, if your condition persists, the next
    time you can say, "See previous post".

    Granni, I haven't done any dancin' since The Sons of Norway. Last
    celebration I went to we had dancing by folks wearing Norwegian
    costumes called bunads. After the show many of us joined in. We did
    round dances. All folk dances are line, round or square. Historians
    have been looking, but have still not found a triangular folk dance.
    Guess they need someone to point them in the right direction.

    W/ re: 2 ice cream, I always put my dish of ice cream in the microwave
    for a few seconds just to give it a headstart on melting. No doubt
    Heloise or Good Housekeeping will be publishing this tip any day now.

    Hugs all round

  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Julie - glad you are feeling almost human and had a good sleep for a change. Sorry you are still hurting. Unfortnatly I hust all the time and hate to keep complaining about it. If I do my dH will tell me he hurts too but he really doesn't have a clue, like he thinks he does. Just because I don't stay in bed all day he thinks I must be doing OK, I guess :)!!

    How nice that your coworkers made so much food for you in memory of your mom. That is wonderful and so thoughtful of them.

    DH went with with some of the men from one of his groups to visit a friend that used to live here but now lives in Sugarland, in the Houston area , in an assisted living home I think. They will have lunch there with him. He is still a fairly active member of their group considering he no longer lives here. Not sure how much he comes up here to visit at their meetings.

    I have to go and start painting some more on the dck posts after it warms up a bit. There is so much dew all around. Hopefully, it has dried a lot since all the rain we had. I do not feel like painting at all but I have to, can't afford to have someone else doing it. It is bad enough we have to pay for someone to come and paint the outside for us. We sang at two places yesterday afternoon. We sang for some of the residents and our old director . They all seemed to enjoy the program and some sang along or tried to with us . They remembered the OLD songs. We all enjoyed doing it and others listening to us.. So, now we get a break and have practice again this week.

    Big HUGS to everydobby inc.- Leah, Sweet Spring Water :) , Joan, Rock, Teacher, Carla, etc. etc.

    Diane- If you are lurking a big HI to you and hope you are feeling better. Please drop by when you get the chance to. Thinking about you, Kevin, Jerry and the whole gang, inc. all those kitties. I suppose you have heard some from Jerry. That is crazy that he couldn't get back in to PH after the change.
    Oh well, you all are missed very much.

    Well, I have a few things to do before I need to go start painting.

  20. wildflowers23

    wildflowers23 Member

    Did you have your gall bladder out?
    I had a ton of GI problems too. Until I figured it out myself!
    I had my gall bladder out went from IBS to constipated.

    Better now thou......thanks to me..yeah me...