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    I'll be back after I read the tail end of 671 so I can respond to those posts. It was time to open 672.

    OK, I'm baaaack. Had to read those posts and took brief notes so my responses will likely be brief (or maybe not :)

    Julie, I'm glad DH rerouted the dryer vent. If it was getting clogged, it was a fire hazard. Those vent hoses are supposed to vent to the outside within 6' and no more than 12'. Ours all vent to the roof here and are much longer than that. In addition, the lint all has to travel up against gravity. We have a service come out every year to professionally clean out the vents. Just gotta say, you party animals, that you really know how to ring in the New Year ;) Actually, you guys did more than I; I just went to bed early and fell asleep. Woke to the sound of the fireworks and went back to sleep.

    Leah, I was just joking about being the center of the Universe but thank you for your sweet, kind words. You are the one who keeps us on an even keel, smiling through everything you've had to endure. I usually do my own plumbing if it's simple, like replacing flexible water supply hoses or putting in new fixtures. The biggest problem is having to get down underneath the sink area. I always end up sore and achy. Even though my FMS symptoms are gone, if I do something which torques my body, I feel it the next day. That's torqueing, not twerking. AACK!!! No one wants to see an old lady do that, even if I could :eek:

    Granni, going to an Italian restaurant sounds like a nice way to ring in the New Year. Hope you enjoyed it.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm sorry you are having so much trouble with your iPad. Did Tech Support here have anything in the way of suggestions for you? I haven't had much time to mess around with my new Surface2 tablet/laptop to learn Windows 8. Barb's old laptop died so we went shopping for a new one for her. I set it up and, in the process, learned quite a bit about the Windows 8. Still, when I have time, I want to do one of the You Tube tutorials. A lot of times, the more one knows about the features, the more one gets out of the computer. Most of the time, we only use a small fraction of the features of, not only, our computers but also appliances and other electronics. I've never fully understood my W&D's features but I know enough to use those settings which are the most common ones I need. The user manual is written in English by a German so it isn't that helpful. I've found the same is true of manuals written in English but written by Japanese. I think they were written in the native language and translated to English, which just doesn't work very well. I hope you get your iPad working.

    Springwater, It's not that feathers are that unusual but every time I've told someone about my Mom and her feathers, people who have lost loved ones start to find them and feel that they are a message that their loved ones are still with us in Spirit. Even people I don't know, who have been told by my friends about the feathers, have had the same experience. It's even more profound when feathers show up where no one would ever expect to find them. My Mom died before she could see my GS, her GGS. When my DD would go in to get him up from a nap, she would often find tiny white feathers in his hair. There was nothing in his bedroom with feathers.

    I'm still without much in the way of NRG since this virus, which just hangs around. Think I'll go back to taking my Acyclovir. I don't think I took it long enough. Yesterday, I painted the frame of the kitchen window next to my front door. The painters did a bad job and got the gray field color intruding on the white frame. I use tape when I paint one color next to another. So, I taped it off and got one coat on it. I need to apply the second coat to completely cover the gray. I also got screen material to redo the screen. I had taken the frame for it and sprayed it with a nice fresh coat of white paint. I like the area around my front door to be clean and maintained. It's good Feng Shui.

    My front door could stand a coat of fresh paint too but that's for another day. I have brass unit numbers on it and they need to be removed and polished. I also need to repair the seashell wreath I put out after Christmas. It'll stay til lent and then the Easter Egg wreath goes up. I think I have a wreath fetish. I don't do one for Valentine's Day but I do have some of those gel window decorations I put up. When my kids were little, our whole house was decorated for every occasion. We had dozens of cookie cutters and we made cookies and decorated them too. DGS likes to cook and bake, like his parents, so I put together a few of my cookie cutters for him. Great thing is that they can be used for crafting too.

    Now that I'm on BC/BS, I have to call to make an appt. for my kidney, ureter, and bladder (KUB) x-ray before I see the urologist. I think this is the last test. I've stopped the ABX maintenance dose to see whether the UTI will try to return. Hmmmmmm...I wonder who the patron saint of bladders is. Maybe I should just bring out the big guns on this one and go straight to St. Jude, patron saint of hopeless causes :)

    Well, Dear Porchies, once again, I've written "W&P" here so will sign off. My love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Good morning, everyone! Thanks, Mikie...I saw that we needed a new volume, but just didn't have the energy to do it.

    Yep, I have been after Den to get the dryer vent changed. For such a smart guy, he doesn't always do what I think are the smartest things...guess that's why he needs me around...to nag him until he "gets it right." :D

    I sure hope doctors can figure out how to help you feel better. I'm wondering if I may be carrying some sort of virus too...just have not had much energy myself. Helped Den get firewood in yesterday afternoon...all I had to do was load the pieces into the skidloader bucket after he cut it...when we got done I was exhausted.

    Sun, I can't imagine how frightening it must be for your hubby and for those who love him. Praying that things work out well. My sis-in-law in Texas had her first chemo treatment last Friday. She did fine on Friday, okay on Saturday, not the best on Sunday, really sick on Monday...but felt better on Tuesday and went on to work. She has 8 hour sessions, every three weeks.

    Freida, it really is good to have you back! I'm so sorry you have been through so much...physically, and with all the things breaking down. That would take a toll on anyone, but you seem to keep on "keepin' on."

    Springwater, I am still thinking of you and your family.

    I need to get off the computer now and get ready for the day...waiting to hear from Keira's dad that he is bringing her back out to me. Then will see if she wants to stay here till tomorrow or go on home today. If we go today, I will need to stay overnight and stay till Amy gets off work tomorrow evening. Amy's friend was going to watch Keira tomorrow, if she was home, but Jessica's little girl is sick so doesn't want Keira exposed to whatever she has.

    We have had a bunch of snow, so I may be stuck here till the roadgrader goes through...my little car doesn't plow through drifts very well. :oops:

    Granni, you asked how Lindsey is feeling. Actually, I think she is doing much better than with the twins. They all went to the chiro Tuesday and he had already written in her chart (from the time before) that he thought she was pregnant...last time they were there was the day before she took that positive pregnancy test.

    Somehow he could tell there was "something going on" when he adjusted her the last time. He wrote down either a kidney stone or pregnancy...:rolleyes:

    I can tell that she is functioning a little better than the last time she was pregnant, and she has two extra little ones to keep track of. She is trying to keep hydrated, and keep her nutrition up by eating a lot of beef. I figure, whatever works...going to make her some beef bone broth today.

    Of course, David is home more now, than he was with the other two pregnancies...and he does a lot with the kids and around the house. And Lindsey knows I haven't been doing so good myself, so doesn't call me as much. Whatever the reason, I just hope she continues to do as well as possible this time.

    I saw my dad on Tuesday and he seems to be okay...maybe still worn out from coming out to our house on Christmas....sleeps alot.

    Better go feed the cats and get in the shower so I can be "on call", lol!
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    Hi Kids

    These DDs are so weird. Just don't have any energy. Hope to be back pretty soon. Good vibes
    and big hugs to everydobby.

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    I agree, Rock! Hope you get some energy soon...hugs right back atcha!
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    Hi kids, reading about No Energy here, and on another health group I'm a member of, parasites have been a major conversation lately...some gals talking about eliminating tapeworms...those worms devour all the good nutrients we put in our bodies.....just a thought. I'm OK, just more quiet these days...when I get a good spurt I'll say something.....jam

    Pumpkin seeds and fresh pineapple are know to attack these worms....I don't know if I have any, but wouldn't doubt it, my muscle testing tells me I don't, but living long could bring them on,,,,they love sugars...and I have done more than my share over my lifetime...
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    Energy... What's that? It seems I used to remember. Oh wait! That was when I was hiking Death Valley, or camping in the Mohave or Anza-Borrego deserts. Or when I hiked high in the Sierras. But at least I have the memories, and in a few cases snapshots. :)

    Jam, I doubt seriously if you have tapeworms. If you've ever had a colonoscopy the doc. would have seen them .... they can be pretty big. :confused: Also, if you've ever had a stool analysis they would probably shown up, or indeed in your own poop. And if I knew I had tapes, I would certainly take a vermifuge, not count on pineapples and pumpkins! :rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:

    Richard seems to have come down with a cold/flu whatever, so I am the caretaker today. Have you ever noticed how much MEN whine when they are sick? I have! ;)

    Got to go to my patient now,
    Love to all,
    Barry, B.A. Religious Studies
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    Yikes! Tapeworms? AACK!!! Jam, hope you don't have that.

    Julie, there are so many people around here with viruses. I am back to taking my Acyclovir and am doing better today. I hope you don't have one as they seem to never want to leave once established. DD called last night and she is recovering from the big one--the flu. She was really down and out for a while. Not such a great Christmas for her and DSIL. No kids so no disappointed little ones to worry about. Hope you get some NRG.

    Rock, hope you get some NRG too. Wish I could just send it to everyone through the computer. Come back soon.

    Even though I still have swollen lymph nodes and a raspy voice, I got a lot done this morning. Got up early and showered and got right into my "serious project" outfit--old stained tee shirt and old stained Capri pants. When people see me in my getup, they know I'm on a mission. I finished repainting my window frame where the "professional painters" messed it up. I installed a new screen for that window and it looks sooooo nice. Since the goal is to put away the paint, I decided to repaint my front door and door jamb. The paint has officially been retired to its plastic bin. Now, maybe, I can get that walk-in closet put back together.

    The weather is perfect for painting and there is a nice breeze to dry the paint. Our doors are metal clad with a wood core. Barb's husband used to paint theirs with a tiny roller and it came out very smooth. I like to use a paintbrush because the brush strokes make it look more like wood. I installed brand new brass unit numbers because the old ones had tarnished. When it dries a bit more, I'll put the magnetic brass kick plates back on. My entry is perfectly Feng Shuied but the rest of the condo looks as though a hurricane came through.

    Got yet another bill from the lab for $272 saying they were turning it to collection. I called my ins. co. and they said they had sent a letter to the lab telling them they were in violation of their contract with my ins. co. Lab says they can't call my doc for diagnosis codes. So, looks as though it's up to me to ask my doc to call the lab with new codes. The customer service at my ins. told me they pay for routine screening tests but now are refusing them because that's the code the doc used--routine. Does anyone know what they are doing anymore? These are the kinds of little things which can drive a person nuts. I guess I should be thankful for what is working in my life and refuse to let this stress me out.

    That's about it from here. Just realized it's almost 2:30 Eastern Time and I haven't had my lunch. Guess I'll go do that. In fact, I think I'll eat it out on the Balcony. It's too nice a day to stay inside. We had day after day of gray skies and rain so this is heaven.

    My love and prayers go out to everyone, especially those with ill loved ones and those grieving losses. Let's all just pray for a better year all around in 2014.

    Love, Mikie
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    Barry, I have NEVER done a colonscopy nor a stool analysis...for whatever reasons I resist this....and there is discussion whether docs would see them in a colonoscopy.... Maybe there are archieves here on parasites and comments on what everyone deals with here.....I'll check later.....off to bridge today.

    I doubt I have them, but I doubt a lot of things.....take care...jam

    Just took a tsp of Ribose in some Sobe' drink as I need some stamina to get out of here....Adrenals are huge too with fatigue.
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    OK, Freida.....here's your post from the other one:

    Hello, all friends ,

    Thank you, sunflower....i will explain more about my difficult speaking problem,
    another day, when i feel up to it, but thank you so much, for asking and caring !!

    Always very good to see you too, springwater.

    Kitty is not doing well with the treatment so far, and i am confused and concerned. :(
    Holiday week . Plus major snowstorm, plus my limited voice, and my illness,
    All make it so difficult to call anyone or query vets.
    I hope she seems better the next few hours!

    Big, windy snowstorm, here, and very cold.
    I hope our power and heat stay on!

    Even during this weather, wild birds fly and come to our window,
    Where huz puts their favorite foods,
    For them, and for our delight to see them up close, and to help care for them.

    Kitty loves to watch them, also!

    I used a brief stamina , to make a traditional soup, this morning.
    That brought some comfort and nourishment.
    Huz does most of our simple meals now.

    Good thoughts to all,
    Leah Freida
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    I'm sorry your kitty isn't responding to treatment. We love our pets just like our children and we feel awful when they're sick. Soup sounds good. Hope it did the trick for you.

    Mikie: Painting/work clothes! All those neighbors around you might take a lesson or two from you about feng shui.

    Well, darn it.....thought I was all over this bug and today I'm aching really bad again plus a headache for 3 days now. But at least I think my nose has dried up. Think I'll get some soup going for dinner then sit out in the sun to dry up this bug.
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    Oh my! To those talking about your viruses, i have a friend who has had it for weeks. She had a hemorrage (I give up---tried spelling it different ways and nothing looks right) fro, blowing her nose. It haxs been weeks and she has had Rx for it but---------it hangs on and robs that ENG!!:( Sorry.

    Of course, I have no excuse! Just worn out at times, especially after lunch. I really would like a nap then but don't take it.

    i feel so sad:(. One of my table mates and best friend heard that her son in FL was having Colon cancer surgery the day after Christmas. Of course, she worried and I worried for her. It was one of those (don't tell mom-she might worry things). Why can't they imagine that moms will worry even if they know only a little. That's just being a mom! Well. yesterday afternoon her iother son and DIL came to tell her the news isn't gooid. Ab out 25 min. later they got the call that her son had passed away.:( I was in shock when I heard igt and spent some time with her after supper. What can anyone do to ease the pain with the lose of a child.

    Then today I got word friom a friend at home that who I call (my oldest friend) was ill----had 2 procedures to shock her heart going again. We have known each other since we were 3. Went to school together thru all 12 grades, have kept the friendship going and were in a 6 lady "Lunch Bunch" together.
    We have laughed together over so many idumb things we did together when we were young. Such great memories. She was on her way to FL, stopping first in Atlanta at her daughters and on to Fl for 3 mon. stay in time share. THEN, after that she would have her heart checked. Daughter in Atlanta is cardiac nurse and she said she was in charge from now on and Marg has an apt. with specialist the 7.

    i imagine all, or most of you, are experiencing weather right now. it is 3 p.m. and it has snowed since 9 p.m. last night. Tonight is to be below zero! Sun. more snow and -12 at night! I think that something is going on-----everytime a weather event happens, it alwayx seems to be the "biggest" or the "largest" or the "first time ever". What is it?:confused:

    i wish I could name you all but I just know that most of you are feeling lousy!Sorry about that----will we ever all feel well at the same time? Julie: i don't know who you keep up with all of your family! You are a saint!

    I have 2 new insurances---no not from gov.! These just seemed better to my son so, bless his heart, he got me on them. Now, I am anxious so find out how the 4 new rxs will rate! I was in the doughnut hole on other insurance but really didn't cost me too much. Can you believe the cost of those darm meds. we take!!

    Matinence (why can't I spell anymore?) is here put the shower head back on. She somehow pulled it off when she cleaned. Man said this is the 2nd time she has done that this week. And she said she wouldcall the office and put it on the chore list-----she didn't. Good housekeepers don't last ong---they get burnt out. I see that I need to go over the faucets---hadn't touched them. I have a friend who polishes her own furniture with lemon oil, cleans, cleans, as she said they don't do a good job. I am not about to clean anything likes she does.

    I have chattered long enough and still haven't visited with any of you. I am so sorry but I will think of you.

    Gentle Hugs,
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    Hi Joan et al !!! So ted to the last volume with posts for most of you ):!!lad to hear from you. I posted

    Well I did it again - I posted on the last volume.

    HEY JULIE, can you sent my last one to this volume. What a dummy !! Not paying much attention. Have to come back later after dinner and checking DH's phone. He is trying to figure out how to send an e-mail. I am the one that usually does that.

    Love you ALL,
    'Granni :confused:
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    Granni......I'm doing a cut and paste for you so Julie won't have to.

    From Granni:

    Hi there everyone,

    Have been on here long enough but needed to check on my Porchies.

    Sun - I am sorry to hear about your DH and I am sure, especially with the dark and dreary COLD days and his condition has got him down. I hope his surgery goes off well and they get the darn thing out. It is depressing even when you are feeling fine. Glad they found the problem so they can get to removing it. That is what is great about Colonoscopys. They are never fun although the procedure never really bothered me just the prep. This time I got some blotches but I have recovered, from that anyway. ((((Hugz to you and DH))))

    Freida - What is your traditional soup? Sounds like it might be interesting, with any different ingredients? Hot soup of almost any time is wonderful especially in the awful COLD weather although I can probably eat it almost any time. Hope you dear kitty will get to feeling better soon. When you have more trouble speaking it is hard to communicate with others so a lot of things cannot get done, like calling vets, making appointments, etc.. Hope you keep your power on with your cold winter storms.

    Spring Water - Wow that is quite a jaunt for you to get up to the monastery or wherever you went the last time , etc. for your prayers and all. I am sure it is a lovely place however. Sorry you are having problems with your computer or whatever you said you were using. Sometimes they can drive you crazy. I have to really watch my fast typing that the words go where they are supposed to go. Hope you get it working OK and that you don't get any viruses or anything. It is a shame you have to watch out for spammers. Not sure I saw that last spammer on here but glad we got rid of him. I have been so out of it lately and busy and not always thinking about what I should.

    DH also was on the computer a lot so I can't really do that much on my phone, can't get on my phone to PH. I probably could if I worked at it but didn't want to be bothered each time with putting in my PW and all. Hope your family starts getting a little more normal each passing day after the passing of your DB.

    Julie - Hope all is well with you sweetie and that growing family of yours :)!! It is so cold here an cannot even fantom how you all are in your bitterly cold weather. :eek:

    Diane - Hope you are doing well too and no problems with the cold weather and storms. Make any good hot soups lately??;)

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

    I had better go and some supper started.
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    Thank you, Sun...so nice that we all take care of each other :)

    I didn't get Keira today after all. Not sure if I had mentioned on here that Liora was vomiting the other day; then Lindsey texted earlier today that Lorraine had started in at 4:30 this morning.

    I went over to check on them, just as David was ready to walk out the door with Isaiah, to go get groceries. Isaiah wasn't as excited as usual to see Gma, and just didn't look very good. About that time, the kids realized he had gone from being "just fine" a few minutes earlier to "pale and not looking right". They decided he should stay home (good thing, he is vomiting this evening.)

    So...when Amy told Keira that she wouldn't get to play with her cousins, she decided to stay with her daddy another night. I will go pick her up tomorrow and take her on home...taking supper with me, so it will be ready when Amy and Clinton get off work tomorrow night....then I will head back home.

    Joan, thank you for the compliment...but I am counting on these kids growing up eventually and not requiring so much care :p then maybe they will help take care of Gma and Gpa, lol!

    How sad to hear of your friend losing her son; yes, the loss of a child is especially devastating. Hope your childhood friend gets along okay from now on...

    Sun, hope this "round" of whatever you have doesn't last too long.

    Mikie, I have an outfit just like that!

    Freida, I would love to know what kind of soup you made also...

    In a couple hours I will take Lindsey's beef bone broth off the stove...then it has to be strained, poured into containers and chilled in fridge overnight. Then the white "fat" layer taken off...and it will be ready to warm up as needed. I am going to drink some every day too...and see if it gives me some "oomph".

    Sorry, I know I am forgetting a lot of friends...better get busy, though, so I can head to the couch...I took a nap this afternoon, but it didn't do much good. Just hope I don't get the stomach flu bug again...would hate to take it to my other kids :eek:

  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Sun - Thanks you so much sweetie for cutting and pasting my post onto the latest volume. I have to learn how to do that and move stuff around. All I probably need is someone to visually show me, not necessarily tell me how to do it. I am so mad I do not know how to do it myself.

    Julie - So sorry to hear that Isaiah and Lorraine are now throwing up. When that happens it seems to go through the house or at least through all the kiddos. Hope you do not get it. You are to busy to get sick. Also hope that little mommy Lindsay doesn't come down with it. Stuff in the GSE and wonder if the Colloidial Silver could help to ward that off. I know that GSE seems to help me a lot but we all are different, for sure. Do you have Colloidial Silver? I think I noticed that across the street ( sort of) from our subdivision is a Health Food store. I think they had that there , not to cheap but I do not think most of that stuff is very cheap. However, if it works it is worth it. Please try and stay well dear girl and try and REST - is that possibly in your family????

    How is your weather? They are talking about another storm coming. We are getting really cold overnight in the 20 but si supposed to warm up in the low 50's maybe during the day. How about your weather? That can't be helpful to all the sick ones.

    Gotta run for now. Hope all of you in the cold areas will stay warm and will keep your power.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)

    P.S. Joan - Sorry to hear about your dear friend's son's colon cancer. Hope they get it out. That is terribly scary, I am sure. So glad you posted. Don't worry about not being able to but do what you can. We still love you. I haven't been that great myself either lately ):!! Hope to hear from you soon again. We love to hear from you even if you are making typos ( like me) or misspelling. Not to worry. You are not the only one and we don't care.

    Please stay warm and well my and our dear friend !! Granni off t take a shower !
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  16. lydia1

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    Hi Granni...yes, I am taking GSE...and we all go through a lot of colloidal silver. Put it in our humidifier water, in our noses, etc. The far away chiro refills our bottles so we get it fairly cheaply. Lindsey also does a lot of homeopathic remedies.

    They are thinking that the kids must have picked up something at the mall on Sunday...they were riding those mechanical cars, etc. Even though Lindsey wiped everything down (and the kids' hands) those things were probably full of germs. Well, that is just a guess...could have been from anywhere really.

    I talked to my brother in Texas again this evening. Sis-in-law has a doctor appt. on the 13th and thinks her next chemo will be on the 17th. We could go down a week after that (to give her time to recover from the treatment) or wait till sometime in February.

    Den and I have decided to just go to my brother's this trip and not try to go on to Uncle Harvey's. My brother lives about 11-12 hours away, then it is another 5 hours on to Uncle Harvey. Den (and I agree) would rather spend that extra time helping work on things that my brother and SIL need done, than spend basically two more days on the road and only able to see Uncle Harvey for a short time.

    My brother has some projects that he started some time ago, but with the cancer diagnosis, he has been pretty depressed and not really caring about anything. He has some wiring to do, some small engine work that needs done, his shop needs organized, etc., etc.

    We will go down on a Friday and spend time with them over the weekend, then just work around their place while they are at their jobs during the week. It will be nice to be in some 40 and 50 degree weather, instead of below zero...

    Better get on to bed...will get up and around to go get Keira by noon tomorrow, grab some lunch, then head on to take her home.
  17. Mikie

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    Jam, I don't know whether parasites would show up in a colonoscopy but they would in a stool sample. Colon cancer is a preventable cancer. All it takes is getting the recommended colonoscopies. Colon cancer is very slow growing and polyps can usually be removed even before they reach the pre-cancerous stage. If left in the colon, they will eventually turn cancerous. As I mentioned, my biological father died of colon cancer so I started exams in my 40's. I've had benign and pre-cancerous polyps removed. Had I not been having these exams, I'd likely be dead by now. Colonoscopies are not painful. The worst part is the prep the day before to clean out the bowels. Even that is a minor inconvenience compared to cancer. I'm not trying to be preachy but I'd hate to see anyone get this disease for lack of an exam every 3-10 years, depending on what turns up.

    Leah, I'm so sorry your kitty isn't improving. I'm asking St. Francis and St. Anthony to watch over her. I'm hoping you feel better too.

    Sunflower Girl, thanks for the compliment. I'm laughing because ..

    Barb just came over and wants to go have coffee on the Balcony. I'll come back and finish this later.

    Love, Mikie
  18. jaminhealth

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    Hi Mikie, both my parents lived into 90's and never a colonoscopy...I feel OK with my decision and at 75 don't have problems.....I believe the supps I take are helping me in that area and believe the grape seed extract TOO helps in that area too....perhaps the biggest helper for colon.

    Julie, your SIL if she is open would benefit from GSE to help keep her immune system strong while going thru this...my thinking on this....I tried to get to my former sil on GSE but he wasn't willing to hear from me on this immune system helper...he's gone as the chemo devastated him. I'll bet if you did a search on chemo and grape seed extract you would find info. As I've mentioned here many many times, I started on this powerful antioxidant 18 yrs ago as we were told it MAY prevent cancer.......

    Just one site on this chemo/grape seed extract connection:

    Sep 30, 2013 - Thanks to research coming out of the University of Colorado Cancer Center, and published in the medical journal Cancer Letters, those ...

    Really cold horrible weather going on....jam
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  19. jaminhealth

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    Leah, thanks for the thumbs up on stool testing, I've had probably 3 kits at home from MD's and never did them, guess my "gut" tells me I'm OK....

    Sorry to hear of all your "troubles"....missed you here.....jm
  20. bct

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    Hi Leah. Richard makes a lovely muddy lentil soup too! He puts some carrots and onions, maybe a bit of celery. When it's done, he whizzes it up with a stick blender --- a most valuable tool for making soups smooth. We do the same with split pea soups too. And hey, who says no one loves lentils! I Love lentils in all ways. I especially like the little tiny grey lentils from a part of France the name of which eludes me. Oh yeah, lentil de Puy. We make salads with them in the summer sometimes.

    If you don't have a stick blender, look into getting one. They are not expensive, and are very good to have around.

    I Love Lentils,
    Barry ;)