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    Hi all!

    Barry, Leah, Granni, I am also a lover of lentil soup. I just made a batch about 2 weeks ago. I threw some cut up ham, onions, celery, carrots, cumin, sea salt, cayenne pepper, parsley flakes, vegetable base from "Oh Nuts", (my favorite herb and fresh tea shop), fresh garlic cloves, a bay leaf, and just the smallest smidge of ground cloves into the crockpot and let it go on low for about 3 hours. Yum! Lentils are a very healthy legume. It was the first time my daughter had had lentils. She loved it. I don't blend mine. I like it "as is" with a cracker or two.

    Julie, It's been frigid here too. When I passed the bank on Friday morning it was zero with a windchill of 20 below. It's going to get worse. They're predicting by Wednesday it will be below freezing, (possibly between 9 degrees or more below zero with windchills of up to 30 degrees or more below zero). It's horrid. Sorry to hear the younguns' are sick again. Seems endless for you and your family. Hope you feel better soon. Stay warm!

    Mikie, OMG! Concussion? I must have missed that one in all the posts! I am so sorry you fell. Hope you'll be ok. That sounds serious! Please take it easy. Matzo ball soup has been on my list of things to try for some time. Maybe soon. Thanks for the concern. This bronchitis just doesn't seem to want to shake off. Fever was gone by 30th, but the cough and stuffy nose are hanging on like grim death to a sick monkey. I think it's because I have to keep going out in this awful cold. Just when I begin to feel some better, I have to go back out in it. Take care of yourself Mikie. Pyewackett appreciated your complements and says hello. LOL :)

    Joan, My sincere sympathy goes out to you and your friend. To lose a son is heartbreaking. Losing him to cancer, well.....could not have been an easy process. I will pray for him and for you both as well.

    Leah, I hope your kitty improves. It's like watching a sick child. It tears me up when one of my kitties gets hurt or sick. Our pets are "family". We love them like family. I will say a prayer for kitty too. Good luck.

    Spring, the ceremony for your dear one sounds so lovely. I'm truly sorry for your loss. The way you describe the ceremony and the way your family "celebrated" his life is so different from our observances here. So much more "earthy" and "personal". I can't imagine your sadness when the picture of him was ignited as a final send off. Though, I am truly "touched" by the process as you described it and the symbolism that is contained in the act. I send to you my prayers and warm thoughts. God bless and keep you.

    Granni, hope your DH gets some relief soon. Poor man. I also pray the New Year brings you both better health, happiness, and smiles. How goes the exercise regimin? Is it helping? Hope so. You've been so dedicated. I admire the "spunk" you have.

    Sun, I have missed so many posts. I pray this finds you better and with much to smile upon. We're always looking for a happy spot aren't we? A place that gives us a feeling of peace and contentment. Feng Shui indeed. A warm spot in the sun is just the ticket. My best to you.

    Rock, I pray you feel better and your NRG returns. Your posts are sorely missed when you are "down". You and Gordon have had a "weird" year. This year I wish you this Irish blessing from a lovely little Irish Blessing book my mother bought back in 1984 at Inner Harbor, Baltimore, Maryland:

    Wherever there is happiness
    Hope you'll be there too,
    Wherever there are friendly smiles
    Hope they smile on you,
    Wherever there is sunshine,
    Hope it shines especially
    For you to make each day for you
    As bright as it can be.

    Love to all and to those I may have failed to mention.
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    Waiting for my split pea soup to cook. It is starting to smell really good. Went to the store this morning and picked up some split peas, carrots, celery and bread and long with some lentils. Getting ready for the next blast to come through and ours will not be as bad as some of yours, at least no precip., they say.

    Jam - I am like you and usually experiment with things myself when I get crazy symptoms other than skyrocketing b/p. Not sure if we tried anything else on his rash but I may do so before deciding to tell him to go to a dermatologist. It is also in a dumb place that gets no air and especially when it is warm out and he gets sweaty it gets worse. I know all about Desitin ( zinc oxide) and used it lots on the babies. Worked great. Luckily we have insurance and so the antifungal med is pretty cheap. Will give it a little longer.

    Barry - I never heard or saw those other lentils you were talking about. That will probably be the next soup I make.

    Dar - So glad that your new regime is helping you this year and hopefully into this new year too. What natural things are you using? Stay warm ear friend and safe too.
    Julie - You are safe not to think about going anywhere for a few months. I know how that can ago . I remember when we went to my parents home on Long Island where we also lived for Easter dinner. I believe it was in April and we got a big snow storm and we had to carry all the kids into the car with their Easter clothes and all on. Crazy . You never know in some of these places and it seems lately our weather everywhere has really gone wild and off the deep end.

    Mikie - Did you say you got a concussion? I heard you had fallen and hit your head. Did you go to the docs or is that just your assumption? Take care dear YOUNG friend and try and take it easy so your head and all can get better.

    SW - Hi there sweetie. It is great that you have been posting. I am trying to keep up but still need to put away our Christmas decorations. Tomorrow will be a really wild day- first church and then I will have to fix the salad for the old timers K of C party meeting they will be having for the older knights who haven't been able to come to the meetings.

    Then we have to go to a funeral home for a friend whose husband was also a knight and she used to be in choir passed away from cancer, I think lung cancer even though he didn't smoke . Not sure if he used to or not. He was in his 80's but quite active, talkative and a very funny guy. There will be a viewing and Rosary and guarding of the casket by other Knights of Columbus, Not sure if we will get the funeral or not. It will be Monday and they are talking about awful temperatures and winds. We will see how it is at that time although I do want to go.:(

    Hi there to Frieda too. Hope you are feeling better. Your DH is a gem cooking and taking care of you. Sounds like a keeper to me :)! Bye for now.

    Love to everydobby,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie: OMG, I sure hope it's not a concussion. Were you hurrying to get some things done or what? I'm learning to walk a tad slower, and thinking before I do anything. I've fallen in the past, spraining both ankles and I think that scared me. If you're not better by tomorrow you might think about seeing a doctor.

    Spring: that was such a interesting post.....your brother's 3rd week of prayers. I've seen those giant mastiffs.....can't believe they were playful. I can understand how you felt burning his photo.....very moving. When my mom died she had wanted to be cremated. A month later we held a celebration of her life with her ashes being placed into the open grave from my father, who had died 37 years earlier. A strange, sad feeling seeing my father's coffin, and then my mom's container sitting on a table next to flowers and a photo of her. After the sharing from the family we all took a flower from an arrangement and dropped it into the open grave where her container had been placed. A very tearfilled time, but a closure.

    Dar: I've had this bug since the 26.......still a running nose.......I want to scream. I had one night of really bad coughing but remembered my humidifier and have been running it ever since. Bad headache for 4 days.....figured it was sinus troubles though how could that be if my nose keeps draining? Hope you start to feel better.

    Everyone talking about matzo ball soup makes me want to find a good Jewish deli where I could get some. I had it once almost 50 years ago but I remember how good it was. Thanks Frieda for bringing it up. Did you get your sink repaired?

    Hello to everyone I haven't personally addressed. This board is REALLY a problem for Ipads.......and no Mikie.....haven't heard back from the powers that be.
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    Leah Freida,

    Thank you. It's nice to be getting to know you too. Anyone who is a cat lover is always good in my book! Kiss Pearl Kitty and tell her Pye and I are rooting for her recovery. :)

    Granni, The list of things I take is rather lengthy, but here it is: Prescriptions: 800 mg Lodeine XL, 10 mg Flexoril, 125 mcg Levothyroxine. Levothyroxine an hour before breakfast on an empty stomach. Lodeine XL and Flexoril one each in the morning with breakfast. And one each at bed time with a small snack.

    Supplements(All are Spring Valley Brand): 1200 mg. fish oil, 2000 IU D-3, 400 IU Vitamin E, 1200 mg Red Yeast Rice, 2000 mcg B-12, 1000 mg Niacin, 250 mg B-1, 100 mg B-6, 1000 mg L-Lysine, 2000 mg vitamin C, 600 mg Calcium, 2,380 mg Potassium Gluconate, 200 mcg Selenium, 500 mg Magnesium, and 50 mg Zinc.

    Homeopathics & Herbs (All Herbs are Spring Valley Brand): 1000 mg Cinnamon plus Chromium, 1,000 mg Whole Herb Ginger Root, 500 mg Turmeric Curcumin, 84 mg Cranberry plus C, Walgreen's brand Red Wine Extract with grape seed (forget the dosage, just take 1 daily), Hyland's Homeopathic Arnica for stiffness, swelling, bruising and pain PRN (as needed), Hyland's Homeopathic Nerve Tonic for stress relief (can take one or two tablets), Hyland's Homeopathic Calmes Forte (two tablets) to help with sleep along with 6 mg Spring Valley Melatonin. If I'm super-stressed, I will take Spring Valley 300 mg St John's Wort 9.3% sometime throughout the day. Don't need that very often.

    The Prescriptions, Nerve Tonic, L-Lysine, Fish Oil, I take in the morning with breakfast.
    The B's, Yeast Rice, Niacin, Cinnamon, Turmeric, Cranberry, Wine extract, and Vitamin C, I take with lunch.

    The Calcium, D-3, Potassium, Selenium, Magnesium, and Zinc I take mid-afternoon with a small snack. (I never take these with the Vitamin C as it inhibits absorbtion).
    The Calmes Forte and Melatonin I take at bedtime.

    I take the Arnica and St. John's Wart as needed. I also do not drink tap water. I drink only Natural Spring Water delivered by Country Spring Bottled Water. I drink about 6 glasses daily or more, depending on how dehydrated I get at work on a given day. I know it sounds like a lot, but I take my Levothyroxine while putting on my face in the morning, pack 3 pill packs to take to work with the right combinations. And take my night meds and supps when I get home. Took me a while to get this combination figured out. But it's been working beautifully for several months now.

    Love N hugz,
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    Hi Jam,

    I totally understand why you would ask this question. Here's the answer:

    The dosage is the equivalent over-the-counter to what the Herbalist prescribed for me in water solubles. In that the water soluble is no longer available, I calculated the equivalent dose.
    This conversion was done back in 2005.

    The reason for the high dose is that in the Hair Analysis the Herbalist did, my potassium was almost non-existant and my sodium was extremely off balance with it. This created a situation where I retained water so badly that it actually built up between my skull and brain, creating excruciating and debilitating headaches.

    Even though I avoided salt like the plague, watched labels, bought fresh or frozen products only, did not use table salt, never had a pickle, chips, dips, cookies, or hotdog for 12 years! I simply could not have any of the foods that contained sodium. If I bought canned vegetables, I drained and rinsed them before cooking. I was living a life of "No Salt" ever!

    My face, feet, legs, abdomen, hands....everything swelled and I looked really bloated. Sometimes my hands and feet would become so bad they looked like hotdogs getting ready to split, were uncomfortable and felt "tight". Due to the gastric bypass I had in '83, my absorption capability is diminished, and I cannot get what I need from diet alone. I suffered with this for years before the Herbalist did this test. Even before the bypass for that matter.

    Since going on this dose level I've experienced no more headaches, water retention, or any other difficulties related. My M.D. is aware of this and is okay with my dose level. It levels out my potassium to sodium ratio and keeps me in balance. This body just isn't textbook since the bypass. But in respect to potassium, it wasn't before the bypass either. If I do not take my usual dose, I begin to experience the old retention dilemma again and all the problems that go with it. I do not recommend this for others. My physiology is not the norm. The good news is, I can now have a pickle! :) I can eat foods I couldn't have before. Though I only use sea salt and kosher salt and always will. I don't eat much "junk" food to this day due to salt.

    For someone with a "normal" stomach and absorption capacity, who has never had a retention problem, this would not be necessary. I would never advise a "norm" to take this dose. It's the only dose in my regimen that is out of the normal range for most people.