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    Looks like this volume is overflowing :) I will go over and start us up a new one...
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    Dar, in case you missed my query on potassium...sounds extreme dosing.

    Dar, looking at your supp list, 2380 mg potassium, I take extra potassium per day in the form of 3-4 99mg caps of glucconate or citrate but your high dose...WHY....when I get my annual labs my potassium comes in on the low end of range, and I take extra for more energy (I hope).......I eat no bananas, they are full of sugar and mold content.....I'm off them.... one can overdose on potassium and get very toxic.....jm
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    Hi Jam,

    I totally understand why you would ask this question. Here's the answer:

    The dosage is the equivalent over-the-counter to what the Herbalist prescribed for me in water solubles. In that the water soluble is no longer available, I calculated the equivalent dose.
    This conversion was done back in 2005.

    The reason for the high dose is that in the Hair Analysis the Herbalist did, my potassium was almost non-existant and my sodium was extremely off balance with it. This created a situation where I retained water so badly that it actually built up between my skull and brain, creating excruciating and debilitating headaches.

    Even though I avoided salt like the plague, watched labels, bought fresh or frozen products only, did not use table salt, never had a pickle, chips, dips, cookies, or hotdog for 12 years! I simply could not have any of the foods that contained sodium. If I bought canned vegetables, I drained and rinsed them before cooking. I was living a life of "No Salt" ever!

    My face, feet, legs, abdomen, hands....everything swelled and I looked really bloated. Sometimes my hands and feet would become so bad they looked like hotdogs getting ready to split, were uncomfortable and felt "tight". Due to the gastric bypass I had in '83, my absorption capability is diminished, and I cannot get what I need from diet alone. I suffered with this for years before the Herbalist did this test. Even before the bypass for that matter.

    Since going on this dose level I've experienced no more headaches, water retention, or any other difficulties related. My M.D. is aware of this and is okay with my dose level. It levels out my potassium to sodium ratio and keeps me in balance. This body just isn't textbook since the bypass. But in respect to potassium, it wasn't before the bypass either. If I do not take my usual dose, I begin to experience the old retention dilemma again and all the problems that go with it. I do not recommend this for others. My physiology is not the norm. The good news is, I can now have a pickle! :) I can eat foods I couldn't have before. Though I only use sea salt and kosher salt and always will. I don't eat much "junk" food to this day due to salt.

    For someone with a "normal" stomach and absorption capacity, who has never had a retention problem, this would not be necessary. I would never advise a "norm" to take this dose. It's the only dose in my regimen that is out of the normal range for most people.

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    Well, you saw this, I moved it to the new porch and here is the answer...so you had a gastric bypass??? ummm, I'm sure that would CHANGE so much in a person's body....thinking about it.

    Wonder how much that dose you take equals OTC, I'd bet SO MANY come in on the low end of their labs and doc just sluffs it off, potassium is vital for heart and helps with energy....a friend here on the board takes higher dosing of OTC and some times 700mg bump...but usually 3-400mg daily as I remember...she deals with challenging CFS....I muscle test, as does she, and our body tells us what we need, usually...

    We do need sodium, I had a friend who is now departed, but she was paranoid about salts as she dealt with HBP and avoided salts, but at the end of her years was passing out while sitting and in the ER was found to be almost depleted in potassium...she thought a banana would be her help...not so. Oh, thru all this with my old friend, she developed horrible pitted edema and I really tried my best to help her but she kept with kaiser and their so called advice....she had taken grape seed ex in some early years but went off it...grape seed ex is great for edema issue. but the other issues are critical to be addressed and balanced.....
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