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    Noticed we had 30 posts on the old thread. I've been exhausted and can't keep up with everyone so will just start up new for now.

    Love, Mikie
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    Yes, I was one of the last posters, if not the last and didn't even notice what number we were on. I figured we were close so I went back and realized it was time for a new one ( after I have already posted). Wasn't sure what number we were on either as far as volume . It was a little confusing as the New volume ( last one) said that that volume was closed , not was opened. So that really confused me, not that it takes much.

    Oh well, thanks Mikie for starting us up again and Julie for reminding everyone to go back and check the posts on the last thread. My news , such as it is, was on the last thread, not there was much :)!! MIKIE - I hope you get some more NRG back soon. I know what you mean. I don't seem to have much either. I am just plaine COLD. I can't imagine your JULIE in your cold weather.

    Stay well and TTYAL.

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    Frieda.....yes, I read your posts and thank you for your good thoughts.

    As to to your gagging, swallowing problems, etc. has your doctor ever requested a type of swallowing reflex test of the muscles of your throat? As I mentioned awhile back, my mom developed a lot of swallowing problems, coughing also....would choke on food. A test was performed at the hospital and it turned out her throat muscles refused to act as they should. It has to do with letting food down a little bit at a time......something on that order. Liquids were very very hard for her.

    And maybe talk with your doctor also about another facility that might be able to help you. You haven't mentioned if you're on medicare or what. And I understand about the very bad fatigue that hits us when stressed......I think all of us can relate to that.........most people who don't have that type of fatigue have no conception.

    From all the stress the fatigue has hit me big time again. And I'm struggling with anger toward my husband......I can't tell you the times I've told him to go see a doctor, but he refused and stuck his "head in the sand" and ignored me. Now the whole family is going thru unnecessary worry and stress because he was basically afraid. We have to be at the hospital at 5:30 am on monday......I doubt if I'll get much sleep.

    And as a further comment, yesterday morning when he got up after the 3 units of blood the day before, i asked how he felt......great...hmmmm.....made me think that perhaps a unit or two might give me some energy! LOL

    Dar; What a group you have working with you. Wonderful how everyone pulled together and that even the residents were cooperative. I was actually freaking out as I was reading about all that water!!!!!!

    Julie........that was awful about their computer. Dangling cords are such a problem. And I'm sure poor little Lorraine felt bad too. I hope they can figure out a better solution. I'm not surprised you're exhausted over all that work.
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    Afternoon all!

    Thanks Mikie. Didn't realize how long the last thread had gotten. Hope your fatigue diminishes.

    Julie, too bad about your computer. Poor child. She probably felt awful. I was glad to read that the information was not lost. I'm sure he had a lot of work put into it. Thanks for the "atta girl" re: the facility disaster. As to working outside for an hour and twenty......you have every right to feel a huge sense of accomplishment. It's not easy when you're like us. And even harder in the cold, frigid weather many of us are experiencing. And loading that big load of wood from that humongous tree! Kudos! Not surprised you are "done in"! You are an inspiration the way you function with family and all the problems that come along. No back seat for you girl! :) Got a kick out of your funny story about your "hot date". Will say a prayer for your Dad.

    Granni, Oh no! What a time to have to figure out what your choir will do without a director. I'm so sorry to read that this has come up. Hope you all find a replacement or something that works before Easter. Will keep my fingers crossed for y'all. FYI, I can't handle the texture of the brown rice either. I know it's healthier, but yuk! I've just resigned myself to the fact that jasmine rice tastes better and just eat it less often. It's a nice treat once in a while. Sometimes I throw a hand full into the pot when I make chicken vegetable soup. Gives it a scrumptious flavor.

    Leah, Oh my dear! This is so sad that you've come away from what seemed like a hopeful light with such feelings of discouragement. I was so hoping this would be a positive avenue for you. It doesn't sound like they have clue as to what your needs or treatment should consist of. Sounds like they're not too professional. I'm so sorry they threw you into a "crash". Am not surprised you had nightmares. Such a hard place to be in for you. But don't give up. There's got to be an answer out there. We're here for you. Love and Light Leah.

    Well Porchies, I have company for cards so must bid you all a fond adeiu.

    Love and Hugs to all on the porch.
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    This is a continuation of my post.........Ipads and this board just don't like each other.

    Granni. Actually it is understandable about your choir director and living far away. I sure hope your pianist can maybe take over or that you find another replacement.

    Mikie: I was wondering what had happened to you.......that lousy fatigue that seems to plague us.
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    Freida: Have you been diagnosed with dysphagia? I did a search and found a lot of info and also where you might find a local doctor to treat you. As to my mother, when she was diagnosed she was almost 99. She died shortly thereafter from congestive heart. Write things out for your husband so he will have something to refer to when you go to another doctor or facility. Is there anyone close by who can also help you? The internet is a wealth of information........use it as your "voice" to ask for help. I've been up early......too much going around in my brain, and I've prayed for you and everyone on the board. I think God sometimes wakes me up so he can talk to me.
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    Thank you Diane. I appreciate every prayer for an easy surgery and good outcome tomorrow. I'm in the middle of a terrible flare, hurting everywhere and the fatigue. I tell myself to take my thoughts elsewhere because I KNOW how powerful the mind is and how it affects us physically.

    I'm so very sorry you're experiencing bad anxiety again. Do you have any meds to calm you until you can get on top of it? I've been there so many times. I think one of the worst was when I was still working and HAD to go into one of my stores and do a special uploading onto the computer. There was no getting around it. I drove myself to the store around 8:30 at night, almost shaking because I EXPECTED anxiety. And yes, it hit me. I was out in front of everyone and couldn't show it, so I just decided I would allow those feelings to wash over me....I knew I wouldn't die. I felt everything and just continued to work, telling myself the sooner it upgraded the sooner I could get home. After about 5 min.........and in my mind I actually told myself......."OK......come on" (I hope you understand what I'm saying) and just as suddenly all those panic feelings left and I felt like shouting with joy. I basically confronted "feelings" and I WON>

    When you fight the feelings, you will continue to have them. We get into an agoraphobia situation because we run from where we had them......then we have it someplace else, so we again tell ourselves we won't have it if we don't go there, and pretty soon our world is very, very small. Honestly, get one of Lucinda Bassett's books.......she went thru it big time.......and explains it so well.

    And by the way, I'm listening to a wonderful book on CD, the Invisible Bridge by Julie Orringer. I told Rock about it and he's ordered it from the library. Very moving, very indepth.
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    Sure is hard to sign in around here these days. Maybe things will improve when I get our
    old computer back.

    Boy, it's a tough time for so many or our porchers. Accidents and flares and new problems popping up. Uff-da! Dorothy Parker used to say, "What fresh Hell is this?" when her phone or doorbell rang." Dorothy was a successful writer, a member of the Algonquin Roundtable, and often referred to as the wittiest woman in America. I read that when she and her husband were working as screen writers in Hollywood, they were making over $3,000 a week. During the depression! That's more than many a working man made in a year.

    But despite all that she was generally unhappy and an alcoholic.

    Well, you see how easily I get side tracked. Read "A Street Cat Named Bob" yesterday. A book
    for animal lovers, but a bit different. His owner was a recovering drug addict who scratched out a living (guess I should say "picked" out a living) by playing the guitar on the streets of London. Once he adopted Bob and had his injury treated, Bob began sitting in the guitar case. Pickings (there's that word again) picked up. Passers by loved the cat, took his picture, brought him treats, and dropped more money in the kitty so to speak.

    A year or two later James Bowen was the author of a best selling book and being interviewed on TV shows. If you're curious, you can see them on Youtube. Even if you're not curious, you can see them on Youtube.

    My brother called from Minnesota. He never writes, but he calls me sometimes. About twice
    a year. Anyhoo one of his sons just had another baby. That's 5! Can you imagine buying
    electronic equipment for five kids!

    Continuing the theme, Gordon's nephew dropped by yesterday to pick up some stuff Gordon
    is getting rid of. Mostly a mountain bike that belonged to another uncle, i.e., Gordon's
    brother that moved out. He brought his 11 year old son with him. When everybody got
    up to go, the boy left his tablet on the sofa. How much do those things cost? Several
    hundred dollars?

    OK, ran outta you know what. Will come back as soon as ...Hugs

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    Hi Kids

    SG, I think that's amazing that you could deal with the agoraphobia so effectively. Does
    this approach work all the time? I developed claustrophobia late in life. Hasn't bothered
    me for several years. Then last week it flared up again.

    Oh yeah. After putting that book on hold, I saw the name of the author (or something similar)
    on the net: Julie Orringer. Now I can't remember where. Youtube maybe? Well, doesn't matter,
    I guess. Life is full of kawinkydinks. So are the plots in Verdi operas. Hope the flare
    doesn't last long.

    Oops! Gordoni needs the computer.


    Just thought of something. Maybe the name I saw was Orange Julius. Wonder if they're
    still in business. Used to get an O. J. almost every day when I lived in Vegas. Our office
    was right across the street. Whatever the main street was. I remember if you went a few
    blocks more you found yourself on the Strip.
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    Sun - Forgot that your DH will be having his surgery , I guess it is tomorrow. Will be thinking about you both and hoping all goes well. You surely have reasons to have panic attacks once in awhile. So glad that you just talked yourself out of your last one. Yay, one big pat on the back for you my dear friend. You were so brave to go out when you thought you would be having one.

    Diane - Will also be thinking about you and hope things will go smoother for you too. I never had agoraphobic attacks per se but I surely can say now I can feel my b/p rise when bad things are happening. So much good advise on here . Never tried Gaba or the other supplement but it surely might help you DIANE when you think one might be coming on. I am sure it is awful especially if and when you are not in your comfort zone (probably at home). Those Docs. can surely be upsetting to I know. I surely have met a few min my day and my b/p can go crazy even when everyone is being nice to me :)! Frustrating too to try and control it.

    Rock - I surely am glad I raised my kids before this real HI TECH age. Yes, and kids or many of them just think they have to have all that stuff. Also some are not that careful with it all . None of them are cheap including CP's for the young ones. I wouldn't get any of my little ones a CP. Also the problem with having 4 girls close together in age was they all thought what the others had. So as a result many of them didn't get - -:)! Saved me money too but they did get enough, believe me. I couldn't afford to get all my kids all the stuff parents buy for their kids now. Cute story about Bob the kitty :)!!

    Thinking of you all, FREIDA too. Better go and do a few things before getting ready for beddy bye again.

    Mikie - Haven't heard from you in awhile. I hope you are feeling better and getting your rest too. Hope your weather is good an you are getting to rest and get out some when it is good and you are up to it. I know you love to shop :)! I do to but I haven't been shopping for myself in sometime. That is what happens when you have a DH who is home most of the time and has his own ideas and isn't that excited about shopping unless it is for them or the house. However, also not thrilled at the moment about spending to much money :)! Also, it isn't so much fun without someone to go with like a gf. It is nice that you get out once in awhile with Barb and shop , have lunch or whatever. We are supposed to go out, 3 of us possibly this weekend for lunch, 2 other girls and I but we will see with the weather and we still haven't heard from one about what day was best for her. I think we will just go eat lunch and chat but I love to shop and or just go looking too, if there are good sael going on ( just like my mom). She rarely had much $ to spend but she did love to look and get ideas and get good SALES !! Hope to see you soon posting MIKIE.

    Spring Water - How are you doing kiddo. Haven't heard from you either in awhile. Still going to memorials for your DB and others who have departed this life? Hope you are doing OK. Miss you when you are not around.

    Julie - I hope you and family are doing OK. Hope the kids get to find that house they are looking for. Was that tomorrow when they were going to look at that one house? Hope also that Lindsay is feeling better wtih this pregnancy. Poor kid hasn't had any time to rest with all her little charges, even though she loves them more than anything, I know :)!!

    Hi also to Dar, Jam, Joan and everydobby else I can't think of at this moment. Yes, where is WINDY?? Hope she is doing well. Haven't heard from her in some time. My brain is so disengaged lately, thinking of other things. You are right Jam about complaining. I try to as little as possible as others also have their own problems too.

    We actually saw the sun today ad it was trying to warm up. It was fairly warm but was quite windy. Tomorrow it is supposed to start down again with a really bad and cold day on Tuesday and Wed. Tuesday, I will have to cancel my dexa bone scan and mammogram at the hospital if the weather is supposed to be bad. DH says he won't let me take the car. So, I will have to cancel again. We even have a practice with our small group on Tuesday afternoon and if the weather is bad I may not get there either, even if is not far away. Crappy weather - bah humbug ):!!!!

    Granni :)
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    Hi all,

    Just a quick peek in before turning in for the night.

    Diane, So glad I could make you smile, (let alone spit coffee)! Glad to be of service. :D The card game went on til' 1:00 a.m.. I had a good time, but was so "stimulated" that I was unable to get to sleep til' 4:00 a.m. this morning. That means I was up for 23 hours before being able to achieve sleep again. Ratttssss!!:confused: Our various conditions always seems to find an insidious way of making us pay for a good time don't they? Ahhh well.....Such is life.

    Rock, Granni, Sun, Julie, Mikie, Leah, Jam, Barry, SW and all on the porch, Sweet Dreams and Goodnight.

    Loves N' Hugs
  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Everybody,

    I am so sorry so many of us are suffering.

    Sunflower Girl, I left a message on the other thread. I am sending up prayers for you, DH and your family. Anger is perfectly normal, considering the circumstances. A person doesn't have to die for us to grieve. Any change can cause grieving. I had to have grief counseling when I got so sick because I was grieving for my old life, which was lost to illness. Denial, anger, depression, and all kinds of other reactions are normal for us. Once we get through our coping reactions, hopefully, we can get to acceptance. I know--it's hard to accept what is unacceptable. Acceptance doesn't mean we've given in; it just means we start to use our energy to deal with what is, in constructive ways. This happens differently for everyone but I know you are strong. I pray for your wellbeing and peace in your life.

    Granni, I do have some NRG but I've been taking on chores and it uses my NRG up so fast that I can hardly get anything done. Whole condo is clean and I just have to clean the tile on the lanai and the walk-in closet. I refinished my table top out on the lanai so there is some sanding residue. Also, my Xmas cactus dropped blooms all over the place. I've moved it down into the outdoor stairwell where it gets no sun to rest until next year. I have reached the state where I really don't need much. So, I've made it a challenge to save as much money as I can. I still stock up on things I use when there are good sales. Publix just offered their $50 gas cards for $40 so I got two more of them. When I have to fill up, it's nice to know I'm saving 20 percent on my gas. I'm about to clean out my closet and drawers to get rid of the things I don't wear anymore. I feel it's sinful for me to have so many things I don't need which someone else could use. Fortunately, I'm not a shopoholic, just like a good savings. Wish you and I could shop and have lunch. Hope your NRG returns.

    Leah, hope you can find help with your voice and throat. If memory serves, Medicare pays for second opinions but check it out. They have tightened up on what they cover. It must be maddening not to be able to talk normally. I pray you can find the answers and treatment to help you. I've noticed that the husbands of married couples living in the hood get stressed when their wives have problems. It seems to take a toll in their ability to focus. Let's hope it's just situational and temporary. Sending up prayers for you too.

    Diane, I'm so sorry about the panic attacks. I know how they feel because sensory overload can start that feeling in me unless I get some Klonopin fast. While I was so exhausted when I had four months of UTI's, I suffered from general anxiety, a sense of impending doom. I just hate that. I had no NRG but when I did, I got up and did some little thing around here so I felt I was in charge of something. That kind of anxiety makes us feel as though the Universe is jerking us around. I didn't want to go anywhere and nothing to eat appealed to me. It's just a horrible state to be in. As with everyone else here who is suffering, my prayers are with you.

    Jam, the GABA in Klonopin helps me sleep and helps with my anxiety too. All my docs (I'm very lucky with docs) and I think it is a miracle drug.

    Dar, hope the cards were a big success. Oh, just saw how late the game went. Guess it was a big success. Come back when you manage to get some sleep. Don't know how you keep going as it is.

    Rock, did that guy just have the cat with him in case? Oh, that one was too easy. Funny that the cat was named, Bob. My friend will be going to Michigan in the spring and she wants me to take her Maine Coon cat in to live with me for three weeks. His name is Bob, The Heart Throb. His brother is named, Bill, The Thrill Kill. Bill lives up North. Obviously, my friend has a good sense of humor. I'm really looking forward to having a cat here with me. Simon was here for his breakfast. He was MIA yesterday but usually is on Sun. mornings when the sprinklers make everything so wet. He's still looking good.

    I hope I didn't miss anyone. I'm up early, waiting to get ready to go to the dermatologist. I have what looks like an age spot on my cheek but one can never assume down here in the Sunshine State. When I get home, I'll try to tackle the lanai. Our big 120 gallon storage bin arrives today UPS. Frank, Ilona and I will put it together and hide it behind our hedge, like our older one. Once, we get all the assn.'s stuff stowed, I can finish putting things away in my walk-in storage closet. Then, I can clean up that room. It's the last vestige of what looks like a tornado tore through here. I've stayed out of there since I fell except to get my vacuum, carpet shampooer and tile floor cleaner. My carpet came out beautifully. I've put a nice black 'n tan runner in front of the sofa to try to keep it cleaner. It matches my colors in here and looks good. Everyone thinks my table came out beautifully. It does look like a new table and saved my having to spend $400 for the one I would have replaced it with.

    Loooooove to save money. I've been taking the challenge to save as much money as I can. My needs are few. My friends are basically in the same boat so I'm not missing much. We just enjoy each other's company. Barb is going on a cruise next week with her family and when she comes back, we are going to see The Women of Ireland. We try to keep any tickets we buy to under $40. We see a show or symphony about once a year. When I lived in CO and dated a lot, I saw a lot of shows and went to the symphony frequently so don't feel as though I'm missing much. Same with most all kinds of socializing. I would spend more on tickets to see The Lion King. Barb didn't want to see Wicked. I'll catch it when it comes around again.

    Well, y'all don't hear from me for ages and then, I write "W&P." Sorry, I've had to choose between getting things done around here and doing anything else. The exhaustion hits and just leaves me almost comatose. Still, the things I've been doing require a lot of NRG so maybe it's not too abnormal for an abnormal girl.

    My love, hugs and prayers go out to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  13. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Hey, Mikie. Glad to see you back. Here's something that sorta popped up while I
    was writing to my brother in Minnesota. Ya know what's East of Eden?
    Nod if you do.

    That's great that you were up to writing a long newsy post. Yes, the guy in London
    carried his guitar and his cat rode on his shoulder-back. If he didn't have both he'd
    start to fret. Glad to hear Simon is OK.

    Just finished the biography of Tim Conway. Guy led a charmed life. Clowned
    around, had fun at work, and got paid lots of money for it. I do think that he
    and/or his publisher made a mistake regarding the cover photo. Seems to me a
    celeb photo should have a recognizable photo on it. Not a generic pic of an old

    Julie, nowadays I feel pretty cold when the temp gets below 50. Time to add
    a sweatshirt or another blankie. When I lived in the far north, we used to say,
    "Well, it wouldn't be so bad if we didn't have to go out in it." It's the going to
    work or the store or the relatives that exposes you to the Hellish elements.
    Or the Hellements for short.

    Do you have multiple stoves with different kinds of fuel? A lot of folks
    in Northern Minnesota had barrel stoves; made from a 50 gallon drum.
    They burned wood. There was lots of wood up there. Chainsaws were
    considered great gifts for Xmas, birthdays, etc.

    Good luck with your tests, Granni. Never heard of dexa bone scan. Can't look it up
    now; would probably lose my post. Will check it out later. Yes, the cost of raising
    kids must be getting astronomical. The college I went to now charges more than
    $30,000 per year for tuition and other fees. I don't know what they charged when
    I went there, but our income level was lower middle class. I remember one year
    in High School we didn't have enough to buy back to school clothes. But we had
    all the necessities. And there was no need to impress the kids you saw year after
    year. Almost never had a change. Same kids year after year.

    Gotta go. Hugs to alles.
  14. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    1. Rock - The scan I am having is just a bone scan to check for the thickness or in my case, the thinness of my bones. However, due to the storm they say is coming overnight and tomorrow I canceled for another 2-3 weeks. Yes, I am glad I don't have to put kids through college either when I think of what we did for them at that time. If we had young ones now they would probably go to a community college here. My daughter with 3 kids, I am sure is hoping her daughter will make it in 4 years as after that the twins start. I am getting tired of this bad weather and I am like you ROCK - if it is 50 or under it is way to cold for me. I couldn't make it in the really cold climate any more. Guess we will make the Chorale Society practice tonight since it isn't doing much of anything right now. I think it is overnight and through the day and maybe evening tomorrow. We'll see if we get any snow or just some sleet and ice which can also be bad, esp if it re freezes and you have to in it.
    2. Hope you all are able to stay warm today and tomorrow. I am guessing Mikie and Jam will be fine in their much warmer climate, like TX but sometimes now TX has gotten to cold for me.
    3. Mikie - Sounds like you have been doing quite a bit yourself lately. Maybe I should hire you to do some work for me in the house :)!! Glad you got some stuff done though and it makes you feel good what at least something gets done ( for a change). Thanks for posting and letting us know you are OK.
    4. Julie - I guess you are as busy as ever. Do you ever rest:)??? Are the kids going to look at that house today or was that last week? I can't keep track. Stay well , you really need to with all the helping out with everyone that you are doing. Hope Lindsay is feeling better and able to eat more. Hope everyone is feeling better than they were. Storage containers are a wonderful idea. I really should get more of them and do some storing all the junk in my closets. Plus I have so many pictures of everyone that I need to do something with but I have no idea of what. se pics are of my family. I also have old pics too of peeps I don't know who they are):!!
    My computer is going crazy or PH is. I had to reboot and come back here . I didn't put those numbers in at all and it locked and wouldn't let me type any more or to erase those stupid numbers.

    Hi to Leah, Jam, Dar, and dear SUN. Please continue to pray for her. She posed on that other individual post. The surgery on her DH went fine and they didn't need to give him any more blood. However, the doc says he doesn't think it looks to good but they will find out on Fri or Mon about it for sure. I am hoping the doctors first impressions wee incorrect. There is always HOPE !!

    Leah - I hope you are feeling a little better today and that there is a smile on your face. Is it still snowing by you. Hugz to you too sweetie ! Is your voice doing any better? Don't give up . A friend of mine had something like that happen to her DH. He is now taking speech lessons and goes weekly, not sure how many day or way but it seems to be helping.

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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  15. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Just checkin' out the posts to see what everybody's up to.

    Jam, I soooo agree with you regarding strangling physicians who say do not research your own condition! You're right. If we didn't, we'd be up Pooh Creek without a paddle! I've gotten more useful information from the internet, this forum, and my herbalist than I ever did from any M.D.. Though, I can't knock my last G.P., nor my present one. At least they were/are on board with my "self treatments" and just monitor what I'm taking when I go in for a visit. Last time I went in, Doc suggested I "up" my niacin dose. That's how he rolls thank goodness.

    I can also relate to your cleaning methods. I used to be a "clean-a-holic" too. Now I clean as I mess and forget the rest until I have time and energy to deal with it. My bedroom closet has been "lost" for 3 years and I haven't seen the top of my dresser in that long either.

    Mikie, So glad to see you posting more of late. I'll bet your table is gorgeous and it's pretty cool how much money you saved. I envy you! I would love to see The Women of Ireland! I've only gotten to watch them on our local PBS channel. I hope you have a great time.:)

    The last good show I got to see was RiverDance when they were here several years ago at the I-Wireless Center/ formerly known as the Mark of the Quad Cities. Afterward, my daughter and I went to TGI Fridays, next door, for a bite to eat and low and behold! Most of the cast had the same idea.

    We got to spend some time visiting with a few of them. We found the women to be very "snooty" and "above it all", (as though we were some lower life form), but the gentlemen were very nice and quite willing to spend some time hanging out with us. Of course we didn't behave like idiotic "groupies" either. We just had some truly pleasant conversation and the fellas were happy to join our table. It was great fun.

    Bob the Heart Throb, and Bill the Thrill Kill. Love it! :D

    SG, Mikie said it well. Prayers for you.

    Julie, Hi. I wish I had a wood burner. Aunt Mavis had one in the farmhouse in Backus. I love the smell. I miss the fireplace in my old house too. So cozy. Stay warm.

    Rock, Enjoying the "Bob" stories and jokes. Sounds like he and his cat had a harmonious relationship. :)

    Granni, I'm with you re: this weather! It was 8 below zero for our "high" today with pretty gusty winds. We got snowed on all weekend. I wore two coats, leg warmers, my sorel boots, a nose mitten, gloves and my lamb skin lined furry hat to work! Still cold !:eek: I walked in looking like Nanuk of The North. :rolleyes: I guess tomorrow's supposed to be even ickier than today was. Needless to say I cancelled our trip to K-Mart. No way am I taking a bus full of seniors out in this arctic tundra! Oi!

    Leah, Thinking of you.

    To all, and those I may have forgotten to mention, Spring, Barry, Diane, Windy.

  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    ive just rushed thru all the posts; so many of them, good to get updated.

    ive been busy/tired. Last prayer ceremony coming up, 6th on finished

    last friday. will be thankful when its over.

    Diane - praying for you to get over the panic attacks. They just suck.

    hv been thru those when father expired just after FIL. You can imagine the


    Leah - prayers for you too. For your voice to cme back. I personally

    havent seen your kind of condition except of course laryngitis and i

    feel for you. Pray for better days to keep coming when you feel

    stronger and healthier.

    SG - praying for your dear DH too. I know its stressful. Its infuriating

    when men dont listen. Try to induce a relaxed state by exercise,

    meditation, music. I dont know which is worse. ones ownself being

    ill or having a loved one be sick.

    Dar - thank you for the bellylaugh..Bob the heart throb and Bill The thrill Kill.

    Admire how you all handled that emergency with the flooding.

    Rock - am kind of glad you moved to LA from cold freezy Minn. Reading

    all the stuff about minus 0 temps in day.

    Mikie- you achieve heck of a lot even when you are rationing your energy!

    i tend to run around like a headless chicken, myself.

    Jam - i love sweetcorn soup in which n egg has been dropped.

    very easy for me. esp when all out of energy.

    Granni - hope you all get a new chorale director. I love hearing about

    your performances.

    Julie - Good luck with Lindseys hunt for a new home. Try and make

    sure the history of the home and the land on which it is built is a good

    one. I dont know how one does that there. Here we ask a priest, take

    some soil for him to test etc. DH didnt do any of that here and boy

    was this house a wrong move. !! Built on a cremation ground no

    less and i can just imagine all the souls who couldnt/wouldnt leave

    this dimension. Hv a few things happening not very comfortable.

    Let my brothers prayers finish off and i will handle. Maybe bring

    in priests or so.

    Its cold inside, But i just went to see from the window who had

    come because dogs were barking and the sun was glinting

    full on the yellow flowers hanging outside the window, theyre

    creepers and i could see a few bees - it just lifted my spirits.

    Warm golden sunshine, flaming orange chilli shaped flowers and

    yellow bees. Just what the doctor ordered. As i try to get enough

    energy to arrange everything for coming prayers and cope with

    my own chores. This time there will be around 60 plus people

    (if they come) so we hav to atleast get everything ready. A lot

    of borrowing utensils and hiring plastic chairs n utensils.thank

    goodness my SIL has a horde of relatives to do the chopping

    and cuttingand washing up!! Bless them.

    Ive been speaking to my pranic healer friend some and we

    both seem to find things to laugh hysterically at. Jokes made

    on ourselves. Our respective predicaments.

    Oh and yesterday i went to this new age store and bought

    myself a lavender essential oil to put in my diffuser.

    and i made friends with the owner girl - she is 28 and a single

    mom and we got talking. Her familys huge bookstore (Pilgrims)

    largest one in the country burned to the ground some months

    before not even insured and then she and her dh separated

    so we were talking upheaval and recovery. (wry smile).

    Take care all

    God Bless
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2014
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Gang

    Gordon hasn't done much baking for a while. He used to do a lot of cakes. Often took
    a pudding bundt cake to work. He hadn't made those lemon bars in a decade. Now he's
    made them twice in two weeks and tomorrow he plans to do a raspberry jam bar. Since
    we both have diabetes, he plans to give a lot of them away.

    I was surprised to read the obituary of the inventor of the bundt pan a few years ago. Turns
    out he was a fellow Norskie from Minneapolis. He got the idea from a Jewish immigrant
    who wanted a pan like they had in the Old Country. His business got big boost in the 60s
    when a bundt cake won the Pillsbury Bake Off.

    Yesterday we donated 30 hardback cookbooks to the library. Gordon got some plastic crates
    that fold up for storage. They are easy to maneuver because they have wheels and a collapsible handle like a modern suitcase. And his sister took away dozens of small
    paperback cookbooks. Can't be more than another hundred or so stashed around this ranch. Some of them are still in the shrink wrap they were wearing when they arrived a decade or
    two ago.

    Springwater, the sunshine on the flowers sounds beautiful. (But why were the dogs barking?)
    We have lots of stuff in bloom here. The poinsettias are still in bloom. And the tea cup
    magnolias are in bloom. They are maroon and white. The regular magnolia trees have
    all white blooms. Be a couple months before we see them. One of our Christmas cacti still
    has blooms. The camellia were apparently fooled by the hot spell we had a couple months
    ago. Lots of buds, but when the weather got cooler, they never opened. Today when
    we were out doing errands we saw several trees with pale pink blooms. Neither of us knows
    the name of the tree.

    I can't imagine a crowd of 60 people. The biggest crowd we ever had in our house back in
    Minnesota was at my High School graduation. Since it's a small town and everydoby knows
    or is related to everydoby, folks just go from house to house all night. So we might have had
    15 at one time. Nothing fancy. Just cake and coffee.

    Jam, cabbage sounds good; stuffed or un. I saw a recipe for cabbage where you assemble
    the ingreedimentations for stuffed cabbage, but just toss in all in the crockpot. Same source
    had a recipe for lasagna where you didn't bother with layers. Just put it all in a casserole dish.

    Dar, are your sorel boots redish? Sorel can be a color, a horse, or a plant. Can also be a General in the Confederate army. Moxley Sorel. Isn't that some name! If you go to Savannah you can tour his house.

    Never heard of a "nose mitten". Would that be like a really small ski mask? Wonder if
    you could use it to rob a bank. Maybe a really small branch bank. Yes, Bob and James
    had a very harmonious relationship. Last I heard James was teaching Bob to play
    the harmonica. Or was it the harmonium? There was some confusiation 'cause James
    was trying to explain the concept of the rest. He said it was a pause, but Bob was thinking
    'paws' so they may call in James' newly hired staff to help out.

    (A harmonium is a small organ. Some so small they were portable; useful for
    musicians who traveled with a circuit preacher. I was a teenage circuit musician
    but nobody give me a harmonium. On the other hand, I got ten dollars at
    Xmas from 3 different churches. Big money in the 1950s.)

    Granni, I was admiring how you carefully organized your last post, and then you said the
    computer was adding the numbers, not you. Ha ha! Yes, we are agreed we don't want to
    be out in bad weather. Reminds me of the Lucy episode where Fred sang the funny song
    about running an Inn on the River Out.

    Mikie, great to have you back. Is "Women of Ireland" a concert group. I'm going to
    Youtube to see what I can find. Yesterday I was listening to Irish music, particularly the
    songs of Percy French. Used to have hundreds of records of music from the British Isles.

    My back is getting tired. Going back to bed. Hugs to SG, Diane, Freida, Barry, Joan, Windy.

  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, sorry your NRG goes fast too but, at least, we all understand each other's dilemmas. Frank put the huge plastic container together with a little help from Ilona and me. Our gardener picked it up like it was nothing (weighs 55 pounds) and just lifted it behind the hedge. We tipped him. I told him it was for beer. He got a kick out of that. I have yet to bring our stuff downstairs because I overdid it yesterday. Hope your NRG returns; you are far busier than I.

    Rock, I give you a Nod of appreciation for your most awesome puns. I hope that guitarist takes an occasional paws (pause) to pet his little friend. I once tried singing to Tweety and Sylvester and it freaked them out. I don't think they had ever heard anyone sing; or, anyone sing as horribly as I. The Women of Ireland Show includes the usual Riverdance-type segment but it really focuses on beautiful women who sing and play instruments. One plays a violin; I think it electric. They have been on TV quite a bit. When my old cat, Mr. Big, died suddenly 16 years ago, I came home from the vet without him. I stayed with him and held him til the end. My neighbors had a wake and toasted to "one hellova fine cat." It comforted me. Mr. Big was such a gentleman cat and visited neighbors with me. I listened to Celtic music and lit candles to grieve the rest of the day. I applaud you and Gordon for donating your books. I have so much respect for books and reading. Reading is something we can share.

    Dar, two of the best docs I have had encouraged me to do my own online research. One knew nothing about our illnesses and wanted to learn. The other specialized in our illnesses and he and I compared notes on the latest research and how his other patients were trying and the results. With illness, and wellness, we have to take responsibility ourselves and hunt until we find good docs. All this on top of our sometimes debilitating illnesses. Oy!

    Springwater, you have a beautiful way of writing about the lovely things which bring you joy and allow us to feel it too. Wow! Sixty people. That would be a large group at our pool. Three people is a crowd in these little condos. I'm glad you will have some help. I hope the grieving rites will help bring peace to everyone. From the mediums I have seen on TV, those on the Other Side appreciate our remembering them in special ways.

    Jam, wish I liked cabbage. Well, actually, I do enjoy raw slaw but not cooked except for sauerkraut on a sausage. Hope you enjoy it.

    Didn't do much today. Condo mtg. was dull, as usual. Was invited to go for Chinese but wasn't hungry. My new cholesterol diet makes me feel fuller. That's a good thing but I need to get in the pool and work out. Only problem is that my left hip is hurting and feeling as though it will go out on me. My Dexascan showed just a little more bone loss but still osteopenia and not osteoporosis. I'm beginning to think it is osteoarthritis. Yikes! Another doctor visit and another $50 co-pay. A lot more than that if surgery is required. Oh well, I'll think positively. The brown spot on my cheek turned out to be a "soft mole." She offered to freeze it off but said it might leave a white spot. I cover it with makeup anyway so decided to just leave it brown. Wants me to come in in three months for a full naked body exam. AACK! My daughter had melanoma so it's important to get these scans. Fortunately, hers was caught early and they got it all.

    My car needed to get out and run so went to small strip mall with Kohl's and Bealls. I was looking for something for the center of my dining table. The tablecloth is tan with white shells printed on it. I found a big white pottery shell bowl on sale and also got my "Fifty and Fabulous" 15 percent discount. It looks good and could be used as a salad bowl.

    Guess I should stop. I think there's another problem reported and I should check it out. Thanks to everyone who reports dicey posts.

    Love to all, especially those MIA and anyone I inadvertently missed.

    Love, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Mikie - You are right about getting those crazy moles checked. DH has so many of them mostly on his chest and back. His dad was the same way. His father never had any checked that I know of. That was surely a different era. No one unless an emergency or very ill went to the doctor. He went not to log for his yearly checkup but it was more like a every 2 year one. Just got busy and forgot and it was nothing that we thought was different that had to be checked. Hope you get rid of any dicey posts around here :)! Some of them are pretty weird. Sounds like you got another great buy :)!! I haven't been shopping for buys in some time. This weather stinks and who wants to get out in it unless absolutely necessary. It wasn't as bad as they thought but there was some ice and sleet that froze all around. Glad our leader of the small group canceled our practice this afternoon. The ice was melting some but in the low 30;s I think. It will be in the 20's overnight. How has your balmy weather been? Glad to see that you were posting and out and bout.

    Yes, I think I saw that same segment with the Irish Dancers and the Celtic Women group. They are very talented.

    I THINK they are called the Celtic Women and not the Irish Woman if my crazy mind is right.

    Rock - I can't believe that Gordon is getting rid of so many cook books. It is funny about collecting recipes and cookbooks. Sometimes we just collect them and don't always cook from them :)!! I know, I have been trying to get rid of some of my stuff too and I need to get a book that was given to me and one that was my MIL's rebound. Hers especially is really falling apart. How could anyone get 60 people in their home? I know some people with huge homes and ours is a fair size but couldn't get close to 60 - OMG.

    Julie - I think I must have missed one of your posts. Hope all is well and you are just resting in between all your many chores and baby sitting, Hope Lindsay is doing OK with her pregnancy and that the others are staying well.

    Sun - Thinking of you and your DH sweetie. Rest as much as you can. I know so much is on your mind but you need to try and rest and eat as well as you can. More prayers going up for you both.

    Diane - Hope you are doing well too ! Thank you so much for your posts on my volume for the Youtube videos. I think I may have fixed the problem but a couple of times then it was too loud. Can't win !! However, also under the video there weren't any icons or whatever you call them that could help. There were a few but they had nothing to do with volume. I appreciate your help so much.

    Jam - That unstuffed cabbage sounds really good. Did it come out well? Did you use hamburger meat? I got the recipe some time ago from Diane and now I have to go search for it again. It was very good.

    Freida - Hang in their hon I hope you get to feeling better and stronger soon. Spring should be coming soon - I hope :)!! We are all waiting for it too.

    I need to go and get some things done before I take my shower.

    Has anyone seen or heard from WINDY? I just realized the other day we hadn't seen or heard from her in some time. I hope she is OK.

    Love to all an everyone that I didn't remember to address properly,
    Granni :)
  20. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Folks,

    Jam, your cabbage sounds so good. I haven't eaten cabbage in ages. The herbalist told me it's a no-no, along with broccoli, brussel sprouts and cauliflower because they slow down thyroid function. I'm also not allowed soy products, coconut, coconut milk, or coconut oil. I miss cabbage.............sigh :(.

    Tonight I made myself a batch of pan-fried frog legs, Yukon gold potatoes with the skins on mashed, and a little apple sauce for din din. I rarely fry, but I had this craving to satisfy. A friend brought me frog legs because he and I share a love of them. The rest of our friends think we are certifiable. o_O

    Sun, Am glad your ordeal is almost finished. I'm sure it'll be a relief to get some modicum of rest. Prayers for you and your DH.

    Rock, Years ago, my "nose mitten" was called a "Snoot Boot" which was very popular and was marketed in stores here. My grandma made me a whole wardrobe of them. I took the one I've coveted for years, (the last one I still had), and a resident made a pattern. She was kind enough to crochet me a few. It's a thingamabobby that has little straps that hook over your ears and the "boot" looks sorta like a miniature clown cap over your nose with a little pom pom on the end.

    My Sorels are green and tan. Heavy duty rubber, triple stitched with leather uppers and major insulation. Good to 40 below. In this weather they've been sorrely needed. I've relatives in Savannah. I'll have to look up Moxley's home next time I go up.

    Speaking of soldiers, did you know a soldier who survived mustard gas and pepper spray is now a "seasoned" veteran? Enjoyed your edification re: Harmonium. Very interesting, left me on a high note. :D

    Well, I'm gonna hop off and go finish my frog legs.

    Have a wonderful night all!

    Love n' Hugz