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    Hi, Porchies,

    Thought I'd start a new Porch as I don't see one but #685 is closed.

    I posted last evening so there isn't much to tell. After our whirlwind day of watching our friend skydive, then driving up the coast for lunch, I came home exhausted. Yeah, I am doing better, and the water aerobics are giving me more NRG, I still get fatigued when I do too much. Today, I have to run a couple of cable boxes out to Comcast. One I not needed and one doesn't work. I'm waiting til 3:30 to leave. I hear that about 4:00 in the afternoon is the best time to go. You take a number and wait. With all the Snowbirds, the place is packed. Comcast's hardware is junk. llona is on her 4th cable box which now isn't working. Barb's HDMI slot doesn't work. She can run it off of her component cables but why have to do that and settle for less picture quality? Even one Comcast mgr. I talked to is frustrated at the horrible equipment they have to use. A lot of it doesn't even work off the shelf.

    My housework has suffered horribly since I've been gadding about. I need to buckle down and clean this place up. First, though, I have to go over to the pool to do my aerobics. I'm seeing too much improvement in NRG and BP to stop. I'm stoked! I did get my freezer cleaned out to accommodate the chicken I bought at the Italian store. I gave some to Barb and some to Ilona and still had a ton to freeze. I got some of those Campbell sauces for chicken and thought I'd use them. I don't usually eat processed food as it's high in salt but had a coupon and wanted to see how good they were.

    I have a lot ahead of me today and I hope that, whatever your plans, they go well.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Mikie

    I have no plans for today. That way they can't go askew. Ha Ha! Gordon went to an orchid
    club meeting last night. He came home with a large, spectacular orchid. It has ten blooms;
    they are clear yellow with a dramatic purple lip. The lip is the middle structure similar to
    the center of a daffodil.

    And it didn't cost a penny. He won it in the raffle. Members can buy tickets; 3 for a buck
    I think. But he had 3 free tickets because he 1)brought something for the refreshment
    table 2) wore his name tag 3) brought in blooming plants to exhibit.

    Recently we were talking about finding things in places where you had already looked. Well,
    last night I found the letters I had written to Gordon in 2007 and 2010. The reason I
    couldn't find them was that I was looking for a steno notebook. Turned out there were
    written on full sized notebook paper. The kind you got in a table that cost a quarter when I
    a schoolboy.

    Saw your two-toilets pun. Did you see the pic in the news of the two toilets in one stall
    at Sochi? Evidently designed for folks doing number two. I'll be glad when this Olympic
    stuff is over. Apparently Die Gotterdammerung is Sunday.

    Jole, how did the hamburger stew-soup turn out? My dad made great beef stew. A couple
    decades ago I had a small cookbook of soup recipes. One was for hamburger soup. It
    turned out to be of those things that sounded better than it was.

    SG, I bet your SIL's birthday in a bi plane was the most memorable of his life. I agree
    about waiting rooms. And lines and waiting in general. It's almost impossible to go anywhere
    in LA (as you surely know) w/o running into huge crowds. I always take a paperback with
    me to pass the time.

    Saw a fascinating video yesterday. Titled "How Wolves Change Rivers". All about the
    enormous changes in Yellowstone Park brought about by reintroducing wolves there.
    Video's not too long. They managed to pack a lot of info into a short time frame.

    Going back to bed.
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    Rock: wowie zowie.....is Gordon lucky. I wish you could post a photo of his new orchid. Ask him if he could do that please. Who donated the orchid? Did I ever tell you that the orchid I bought from Norman's Orchids that had mealy bug on it (which I returned immediately) infected other ones of mine sitting on the table. I immediately took a qtip and alcohol to all of them. One of them still occasionally gets them and it's been isolated from the others for months. I'm still angry at Norman!

    I think I may have watched that Yellowstone program about the wolves. We went to Yellowstone in feb. about 7 years ago.....it was on my "bucket list". I need to work on that list cause I'm not getting any younger nor any healthier.

    Mikie: All that running around you've been doing is sure to slow you down at bit. I've been thinking about what that friend of your's did........a lot!

    An update on DH: He now has to undergo a CT scan......has a bottle of barium to drink at home before the test. After that the oncologist will proceed since a small spot showed on his lung.......but it could be from when he had pneumonia a few years ago. He's put on the weight he lost with all that purging he had to do, and seems to be feeling much better.

    Julie: Hope all is well......we miss your posts but understand how computer time can suck up.

    My sleep schedule is soooooo messed up with olympics and other stuff. I've been going to bed around 7:30 for a couple of nights, trying to sleep longer.
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    Greetings again to awl. It looks like DH may have a tummy virus or something. He feels very nauseous and hasn't eaten much since breakfast. We had eggs and all in the morning but later on he started feeling bad. He doesn't have a fever and had thrown up a little bit and then feels better. I told him to go take a shower and then come out and I would give him some tea and toast and something. Lipton chicken noodle soup didn't even sound good for supper. I even went to the store to get some. Maybe tomorrow. He said that tea and toast might be good thing, with no milk in the tea of course. I know he doesn't feel well but some men are such babies :)!! He moans and groans a lot. I am glad that he doesn't have anything really bad that will last a long time. Hope it is only a 24 hour bug. Not sure what I will make for myself and hope if it is catchy I don't get it. I have enough problems, like you all have too. Hope this is only a 24 hour bug that DH has now.

    Mikie - Thanks for starting up the new Porch volume. I went to do so and saw that you did. I have sort of been in la la land lately. There has been to much going on and DH using the computer a lot and I trying to get PH on my phone. I can do it off Google but then I have to put in my PW. I just have to remember to go look it up. On the computer I rarely have to log in with all the info. Don't wear yourself out with all the stuff youhave been doing lately. You are tiring me out listening to you.

    Leah - Sorry about the other storm that came through. It seems to be one after the other happening. The cold she does no help all of us that feel bad (stiff and sore) to begin with. Hope your throat gets better soon. I imagine sometimes it might get frustrating for you but any little improvement is a good thing. Hope the swallowing gets better for you real soon.

    Spring Water - I think I missed your last post and maybe DIANE's too. Hope all is well with you both. Have missed reading both of your posts lately.

    Diane - I hope you are not feeling as upset as you had been. Yes, it is hard when you have to wait for your therapist's visit. I forget who you had the first visit with after the counselor. Yes, I hope it will be helpful and I think it should between the therapy and meds occasionally, if needed. How has your weather been for you? Have you had any more snow? Hope you thaw out soon and get warmed up and see some SUN. Tha should be very helpful. Do any fun cooking lately??

    Jole - Great to see you posting. Hope you will be back more often.

    Hugs to everyone inc Rock and others I haven't posted to today. I need to go and see if DH wants to eat something.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Read my post after coming home from skydiving adventure and realized just how exhausted I was. Oh well, we usually manage to get our points across despite missing letters and grammatical errors. I woke up at 2:00 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep. I decided to get up and eat and then fall asleep again. Worked great but I slept til 10:00. So, I didn't get to the pool today. It's Ok because, with seven days in the week, I always have a "fudge" day. I'll go tomorrow. I went to Comcast and took back one box and exchanged another. I got it installed and had to go online to activate it. It takes up to 45 mins. for it to boot up. So, I wait. If that doesn't work, I can call a tech somewhere in the world.

    A neighbor wanted to go with me just to get out. Her DH was playing golf and she doesn't drive his big SUV. We stopped at Bealls as we had coupons burning holes in our pockets. I don't need any clothes but used mine to buy my favorite K-Cups. I usually get them on sale cheaper at Costco but when I have a coupon for Bealls, I get the ones which Costco doesn't carry for only a bit more. My friend gave me her $5 Bealls Bucks which I can use like cash to get another box of coffee. Woohoo!

    Rock, I love the idea that Gordon got that beautiful orchid. I'll bet he was thrilled. Glad you found your letters. Yes, I did see the toilets in Russia. That is soooooo gross--EW!!! Not to seem ethnocentric but I feel very fortunate to live here. That's one activity I prefer to do alone. Although, when I had the cats, they liked to come in and watch me on the toilet--little pervs!

    Sunflower Girl, is it the woman with the cats you've been thinking about? If so, yes, it was traumatic but I've moved on and am comforted by the fact that she loves them and they have a good home. We usually take it for granted that we know our friends and neighbors and when they do something so strange, it upsets our view of the world til we get our bearings back again. Heck, I thought I knew my ex-husband--NOT!!! I survived my divorce so I guess I can survive pretty much anything. Again, praying for your DH and his scan. Please keep us updated.

    Granni, glad to start the new Porch. Sounds as though you are your usual busy self. I've been struggling myself with so much going on. My mind is a frazzle. I'm not used to feeling this well and doing so much or having to keep track of so many things. Geez, I need to hire a social secretary. So much of what we do here is spur of the moment, though, so I guess a secretary wouldn't help. Hope DH is better.

    I'm going into my bedroom to see whether my new cable box is actually activated or whether Comcast's website lied to me. They are charging us more and making us do more of the work--such a deal!

    Goodnight, my Porchie friends.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Porchies!

    Mikie--Thanks for starting the new thread. I looked at Sun's last post and panic took hold. LOL. I've never started a thread so I'm clueless. You must enlighten me so I can do so in future if needed. How neat!
    Watching friends skydive. That would make for an interesting day.

    I am so happy to hear you're feeling better and better. Water aerobics did me a world of good. I went through two rounds of PT and they had me working in water. They also wanted me to do the weights and bicycle and all that. That stuff was just too much for my body at that time. So I just stuck to the water. Then I started going to the Y to continue for a long time. Helped a lot with my balance. One of the first things to go was my plantar facia tendons. Messed up my balance. Water therapy helped a lot.

    Rock--Gordon's new orchid sounds absolutely beautiful. How incredibly lucky! Well, maybe not so much "luck" as good planning on Gordon's part. Speaking of finding things.............I spent most of the Christmas holiday looking for my stinkin' thumbtacks so I could put my Christmas cards up. Couldn't find them anywhere. Last week I was trying to remember where I put my tax envelope from last year's taxes, (tearing the house up in the process), and lo and behold, found my thumbtacks in one of the drawers I was searching. :rolleyes: In the words of Rock....Uf Duh!

    Sun--Hi! Your poor DH has been through it. Here's hoping that spot is just a leftover from the pneumonia. That would be a relieving scenario. Glad to hear he's put the weight back on and is feeling better. I can relate to the sleep dilemma. I, too, have fallen into short nights trying to keep up with the figure skating.

    Jole-- I had a heart cath in 2002. It was not a huge deal. The only difficult part was trying to stay awake while twilighted to hear what the doctor was trying to tell me. My BFF was with me, so she relayed everything back to me when I came out from under the drugs. My heart was fine, but I had a 50% blockage in the artery that goes to my right leg. They said that eventually they might want to do an angioplasty. So far, it's still there and there's been no change for the better or worse so I just keep going like the energizer bunny.

    I do not understand, at this juncture, doctors who don't "believe" in FM. It's not a belief system! It's a horrible, painful, sad, life wrecking, debilitating condition that no one in their right mind would ever ask for. Certainly we all would like to be "normal" again. I'd give the world to not have daily pain as an integral part of my own life. Imagine how much more effective I could be in my profession if I didn't hurt! Not to mention how many things we used to enjoy and can no longer do. This is not hypochondria. This is real! Doc needs a wake up call..........And/or to be better informed!

    Freida--You needn't apologize for "booboo's" in your posts. We're just happy you feel up to posting at all. It's wonderful that you're making progress, albeit not as fast as you'd like, but still progress. Baby steps. You will get there. It's going to take time. It took us all time to get in the shape we're all in. And it takes time to gain any ground back. Keep at it.

    Granni--Good to see you posting. It's hard when you can't use the equipment you're used to using. Hoping DH's "bug" isn't catching and he feels better soonest. And yes, men do not have the stamina that women do. It's a documented fact that men can take greater pain in short spurts, but women can take it longer. We do have a tendency to see them as "babies" don't we? LOL. ;)

    We got hit here with more snow, then more snow, then more snow last week and this week. It had gotten to the point where they were running out of places for the plows to pile all the snow. Then, we got warm temps and things began melting and flooding. The street drains are still blocked with snow and ice.

    Yesterday it was wet everywhere and the streets full of huge pools of water. I'd just washed my SUV and before I got home a car in the other lane hit one of these mini-lakes and threw salt water all over my windshield and front end. Like somebody emptying a rain barrel on my vehicle. (So much for the wash job). :( Then, last night it froze. :eek: Oi! We were supposed to get more snow on top of it by this morning, but thank the Lord it went somewhere else!

    I was expecting a very dicey commute to work this morning. I was pleasantly surprised to find the streets fairly dry and navigable. It can get as "poopy" out there over the weekend as it wants. I got gas in the Explorer, food in the fridge, and I'm not pokin' my head outa this house again before Monday!

    Spring, Diane, Barry, Soul, Windy and anyone I may have missed, good vibes. Hope everyone is faring well. Take care all and stay warm and safe.

    Love n' Hugz,
  7. Mikie

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    Hi, Dar,

    When you first click on Chit Chat, just below the banner, you will see a place on the right to click which reads, "Post New Thread." Once you enter a thread, that button disappears. Hope this helps. Glad your water aerobics helped you too. I think any aerobic exercise is good but doing aerobics in water takes the stress off the joints.

    Just had coffee with Ilona on the Balcony and we went down to her condo so we could talk to her DH, who sleeps later. We are the board for our bldg. and it's so nice to have friends to work with. One of our carport lightbulbs keeps burning out so we are replacing the fixture. If that continues, it will be time to call in the electrician. We have bright lights on a motion detector at night. I think it keeps thieves from breaking into our cars. Car breakins in our area are a rarity. They have been common in some of the hoods surrounding ours. It's usually bored teenagers taking the cars for a ride. Don't they know that grand theft auto is a felony? This is way beyond a prank.

    I feel good today but still a tad tired. It's like I could use a nap. I slept late but Simon curled up on my doormat, waiting for his breakfast. Bless his little heart; he's looking sleek and healthy again. I wonder how he manages to live outside without being infested with ticks and fleas. He never scratches. When Tweety and Sylvester had fleas, they were scratching like crazy. One thing the outside cats like is fresh filtered water from my fridge. Once T&S moved inside, they couldn't get enough. Simon seems to love the fresh water I put out with his food.

    I installed my new HD cable box last night and went online to activate it. It takes a while for it to boot up but everything is working fine (knocking on wood). I had the already cooked pizza I had bought at the Italian store. OMG was it ever good. Mmmmmm! I still have some for my lunch, which I'm about to eat. I like a lot of fennel in my sausage and the sausage on the pizza is loaded with it. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. It's time to do more than just think. I'll talk to all y'all later.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Mikie

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    AACK!!! An asthma attack! Just got through using my rescue inhaler. My lungs filled with phlegm so fast I didn't know whether I'd get to the inhaler or not. Thank God that inhaler works sooooo fast. For about a week, we have noticed allergies and yellow pollen on our cars. Several times, I felt as though my throat was closing up until I gulped down some water. This attack hit me out of the blue. I almost never have them here in FL but am glad I still have my inhaler.

    For two days, I've felt exhausted in the afternoons. It had to have been the allergies. I want so badly to sleep but the medications in my inhaler make me jumpy. Jumpy is better than dead so I'm not complaining.

    Love, Mikie
  9. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Good morning,

    Thanks for the new thread info. Mikie. Very helpful. Glad to hear Simon is back and looking healthy. Yay cable box! Have my fingers crossed for you. Your pizza sounds so good. I got up around 9:00 this morning with a craving for something hot and comfort-food like. So I made myself a biscuit and little skillet of sausage gravy for breakfast. (I finally figured out how to make a smaller portion). :) It's lunchtime now, but I'm still full from breakfast! So sorry your asthma is kicking up. My daughter's has been too. No wonder you've been feeling "punky". Get well friend.

    Tonight is card night here at the ranch. Friend David is having very painful issues with his spine and hasn't been able to come play for the last 3 weekends. Donna's been in too much pain and hunkered down in her recliner with blankets piled on her for a month. DD is having serious blood sugar issues. Has been in the hospital twice in the last week and a half. She's very stressed out. Her SSI hearing is coming up March 17th. Larry and Brian will be here, so it'll be 3 handed buck euchre, rummy, dice, uno, dominoes and whatever else strikes our fancy.

    Well, I'm off for a hot soak so I can sit up and play longer later. Everyone on the Porch have a great weekend!

    Love n Hugz,
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    Hi Julie - So glad to hear from you. I knew you had to be very busy when we haven't heard from you.

    So nice to hear from Mikie, Dar, Sun and Rock. Sorry I can't write to everyone personally today. It is already late but thought I would come check the porch.

    My brain feel frazzled and my head and neck are not feeling to well ( not that is a big surprise). I got an e-mail from my niece who I was so surprised to hear from . Apparently my brother has been dxed with prostate cancer. They do not know the extent yet . He will be going to have a nuclear scan on Wed. and just had a CT scan but they hadn't from that yet. The biopsy showed cancer in all sections. I don't think that sounds very good but tried to be upbeat when I e-mail back to all. DH had prostate cancer about 15 years ago but we had been closely watching his PSA lab test rise slowly. One year it spiked pretty high , I forget how high and the doc said time to get it out or treat it. So far so good. He had been going for follow ups now yearly.

    My brother is the type nothing bothers him. Not sure he has been going to the doctor every year. However, I am just guessing. He has also has gain quite a bit of weight over the years which I suspect is not helpful Don't know if his eating habits have changed much but he used to be quite the sugar lover which is not a good thing for cancer. Ca cells love sugar. I sent them a mail gave them some tips on natural cures or helpful things as well as healthy foods. I need to get more info to send them. However, then my SIL might have to watch to see that he doesn't cheat :)! We have lived so far away for so long and don't keep in touch that often but I do try and send cards and stuff or some and now e-mails make things much easier. I also sent the letter sent to me to my /our cousin the retired pathologist who might be able to be helpful in this matter. My niece had enough money to fly to NY to be with her dad which was great. Also nice to have that much money to spend but she is very caring - all the kids are. She married an x NBA player who at this point is not with a team. So who know what they will do. I guess he keeps hoping to be picked up by some NBA team. No happening lately.

    I am so worried about my brother even though we haven't really been that close at least in miles. The whole thing is along story anyway. I think for a time my SIL thought I was being lazy or whatever and not being there for my mother when she got really bad and after she fell the second time and broke her hip that was really the beginning of the end of my dear mom. Don't think she really understood my physical problems too and why some years ago we declined to have my mom come here part of the time to share her. I would have loved to but I know that it would have caused some problems for me and Dh was looking out for me I guess and didn't want to rock our boat, I guess I would say. My pathologist cousin one time I think straightened them out that I do have problems and not what she thought. You look at me and I look fine most of the time.

    Please pray for my brother Charlie. Hope that his tests come out well without any or much spreading. He is such a wonderful person. He doesn't worry about much, at least where he is concerned, He does whatever my SIL says and then some. He is a very hard worker and has or had rental homes to take care of besides other things. He is retired but SIL is still working as a NY (Long Island) teacher. Those two are never still. She is still younger than he and DB is 4 years younger than I.

    Well, I have to run for now. I have been on here to long.

    Love to all,
    Granni :)
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    Hi Kids

    Gordon is napping. I didn't fall asleep, so I am free to report to you on literary matters.
    Just finished "The Last Original Wife" by Dorothea Benton Frank. A suitable book for
    anyone who wants to read about a woman in her 50s who decides to take charge of
    her life and does so with remarkable success.

    I went to the library site to put another of the author's books on hold. Found one titled
    "Porch Lights". How could I resist?

    We went to the chiropractor today. He had a dozen old National Geographic Mags
    that he had bought at a garage sale. They are quite different from the mag of today.
    There is no picture on the front. Just the Table of Contents. (The Reader's Digest
    was the same way when I was young. Furthermore, it contained NO advertising.)

    Anyhoo the old National Geographics had some color pages, but most photos were B&W.
    There were full page ads for travel by rail with the modern and comfortable Pullman
    Sleeper cars. The mags are from the 30s and 40s. In those days ordinary people did
    not fly.

    BTW, two famous men associated with the above. Alexander Graham Bell was once
    the head of the National Geographic Society and Robert Todd Lincoln was head of
    the Pullman Company after inventor George Pullman died. President Lincoln had
    4 sons. Three died young. Only Robert lived a long life. He died in the 1920s.

    The magazine from 1942 in almost entirely about WW II. At the time, the USA
    had been involved in the fighting for less than a year. The back cover ad is from
    Coca Cola. The picture shows a bottle; not a can. There is also an ad from Bell
    Telephone company telling readers not to make long distance phone calls on the
    weekend because the lines were needed for the war effort. (I don't really
    understand that one.)

    Kodak has an ad for its 8 millimeter movie camera. And there were ads from
    Sheafffer's fountain pen, General Electric, Greyhound Bus, Plymouth and Lincoln
    autos and General Tires.

    A time capsule on paper.

  12. jole

    jole Member

    Hope you're all having a good enough day. We woke up to sleet hitting the windows this morning. Our snow is gone which doesn't hurt my feelings any, especially since they've all been very dry this winter. We need the moisture so bad, but that white stuff doesn't do any good if there's no moisture in it. Sure hope Spring brings some nice rains.

    Dar, thanks for relating your heart cath episode. I hope to get a chance to talk to my GP tomorrow for her recommendation. Honestly, I think it's not the fear of it that bothers me. It's more the thought of one more test with 'normal' results (not that I want it to be abnormal). After 10 years of fighting FM/CFS , and being mostly homebound, there are days that I don't see the advantage of trying to prolong this type of life anymore with medical procedures. What is, is.

    Rock, the 'hamburger stew' actually turned out fairly decent...lol. Hubby loves it with lots of cabbage, so he was happy. During the first 10 years of our marriage, the kids at school sold magazines as a money-making project. Each year I subscribed to the Reader's Digest, and loved it. You're right...no ads! I would read every single page of it. The very last part was always a condensed book, and years later I read many of the full versions of those books. The short articles were just long enough to break up the 'motherhood' role of changing diapers, giving bottles, etc. without feeling like I was neglecting my kids :)

    Granni, sorry to hear about your brother. They say though that if a person has to have cancer, it's 'generally' one the patient outlives. Of course, when it's a family member, that 'generally' doesn't mean much. I wish him well... Hope you missed your hubby's bug, and can keep on going strong!

    Leah, I don't know how you stay so cheery being confined the way you are. Winter is so hard...cabin fever doesn't even come close to describing how it feels to be so isolated! Windows are wonderful, but they only cover such a small area of the world. You certainly paint beautiful pictures of what your small world provides though.

    Mikie, my GS has asthma, and had an attack out of the blue the last time he was here. He handles it well, but unfortunately came with an empty inhaler!! The little stinker....

    Wishing the best to you I haven't mentioned....hugs to all!
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Greetings to all this afternoon !!

    Went to church this morning and was dragging and surely didn't want to get up but did. Also had one ear that was semi clogged. It seems to be a little better now. No, yes hairspray. My hair is rather short and who knows if I sprayed some into my ear. Not sure if it was water, wax, or hairspray. I have been told that my ear canals are pretty small and they have used a children's ear piece to peak into it on occasions. I was having a bit of problems hearing this morning when singing. That is not a good thing for trying to get the right pitch.

    Julie - My heavens I can't imagine all the heavy cooking you do. I used to cook a lot when the kids were home and FIL with us too but we didn't have a big meal in the day like you people on the farm. What kind of meals do you all have for supper ( at night) a lighter or another heavy meal? I know usually people living on farms make a lot of heavy meals to sustain them for all the heavy work they have to do. Of course you do what you have to do. When all were home I felt better than now so that helped too until much later on around menopause age I would guess or a little before.

    Thanks for your prayers for my brother. I know a lot about prostate cancer especially since DH had it years ago. However, somehow knowing my brother not sure he was taking care of himself an watching his PSA level. He is an was always so busy doing things. I think we will find out more this week. after he gets results from the CT scan and nuclear scan. The fact that all 12 sections as came back positive from the biopsy does not sound great to me. However, I am still hopeful.

    Hi to Dar Sun, Mikie, Leah ,Diane, Rock SW , Jole and Joan and anyone else I have missed. BTW, DH is feeling better. It just lasted one day so I am guessing it was a 24 hour virus. He is back to his usual hungry self :)! Thanks for asking

    Gotta run for now. I should go do some exercises or at least lie on my Denneroll this afternoon but I am so lazy. I have done so little on the exercises and try to do the Denneroll thing about ever 3-4-5 days. Don't know what it is now.

    Love to you all and those MIAs not mentioned,
  14. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi all,

    Julie, nice to see you back posting again. So wonderful of you and Den to give Grandpa something to do to feel useful and productive. Not to mention him not feeling "pot bound". Your BBQ ribs and sides sound soooooo good! Now I'm craving BBQ. LOL. Thank you for your warm thoughts.

    Today I've done nothing but recharge. I went downstairs and made myself a Denver omelet and blueberry toaster strudel for breakfast, took it to my room and ate lazily while watching the boob tube. Then I made turkey spaghetti sauce over vermicelli for lunch, which I brought up here to the computer to graze on. Last night was a good card night. There were four of us so it was fun.

    I also had a nice long phone conversation with my fella from Sheffield last night. He's been keeping such long hours at work, and with his long commute, that those are rare. He wants to come up soon and go shoot some pool and catch up on some "date" time with me. He's looking forward to daylight savings time so he doesn't have to drive all the way home in the dark and snowy conditions so he feels more comfortable staying out later here to spend more time with me. That's a nice prospect to look forward to. I really enjoy his company. He's a very decent and honorable man. So rare these days.

    Granni, Am so sorry to hear you're not feeling so hot. I will pray for you and for your dear brother Charlie. It's unfortunate, but all too familiar that your SIL didn't understand your medical condition. So often this is the case with friends and family. Just because we "look" ok, we must be shirkers. That's too bad. I'm glad someone straightened her out. It's hurtful to us not to be able to "be there" when things happen to our loved ones, but it just takes such a toll that, often, we just can't be. I'm so sorry, again, about your brother. Keep us posted dear lady.

    Rock, How funny you should find a book with the title "Porch Lights". You'll have to give us a book report when you've finished it. My curiosity is piqued. So interesting those old National Geographics. Schaeffer Pens came up in one of my trivia games with the residents not long ago. Hardly anyone remembered them. But when given the answer in the form of its name, lightbulbs went on! LOL.

    Freida, Thank you for the "atta girl" re: FM not being a belief system. I get rather passionate on the subject. I get so tired of doctors who do not "look" beyond simplistic answers when one's life, and quality of life, are in the balance!

    Also, thank you for your kind words regarding DD and Friend. My friend is taking the loss of her sister in stride. DD's boyfriend had to call the ambulance again for her night before last. Another diabetic episode at his home while watching a movie together. At least, this time, he understands what to do so she didn't go completely "ragdoll" and have to go to the hospital. She stopped by yesterday and looked all in but her shoestrings. I am very worried about her. Please keep her in your prayers for me one and all.

    Keep improving Freida. You are making progress. Better is better, if only a little at a time. You are always in my prayers.

    Jolie, You're welcome for the input. I know how you feel. It's always such a let down when tests come back "normal" because that means still unanswered questions and no light at the end of the tunnel. Though we hope nothing is abnormal, we still want answers and hope. One does get really sick of all the tests though. For 6 years my whole life was all about this test and that test. I'm sorry you're going through this. And yes, I understand you wanting to just stop the madness, so to speak. I wish you luck and love.

    Mikie, Hope you are feeling better. Breathing problems are so scarey. Let's hope you don't experience another like that for a very long time. :)

    Hi to Sun, Spring, Barry, Windy, Diane, gb, and all on the porch I may have missed.

    Love N' Hugz,
  15. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Dar, just posted over on the other thread. Will be in for a minute - BTW what is a Denver omelet? I remember as a kid my mom used to make what she called an omelet. I guess it was the poor mans omelet. It was just egg and milk and setting up in the pan like you do for an omelet. She took it out of the pan spread jam or jelly on it and then rolled it up. It was a lot different from scrambled eggs. I was never a big egg or breakfast eater anyway. Mom had to almost force me to eat. Need to know in case I am missing something ( about the Denver Omelet). Not sure if I mentioned it but DH is feeling fine and eating everything in site.

    Mikie - Yes, I hope you are feeling better after that asthma attack. Glad you had an inhaler there for you to help.

    Julie - I hope that poor Lindsay got the kids to church and back OK and that she continues to hold in this pregnancy. How is she with eating? Is she doing better than when she was pregnant with the twins? Poor kid, from pictures she is such a tiny little thing. I was always skinny and gained wright pretty well when I was pregnant. With the last one, the son who weighed in at almost 9 lbs.somehow I made it through and gained about 50 lbs. No trouble eating !! Hope she is doing better. Take a break for yourself , you are always doing something for someone. Glad you brought ggrandpa out to your house to tinker. I know he just loved that and they love to feel needed and wanted.

    Gotta run for now. Might watch some of the closing ceremonies for the Olympics. Will try and pop in tomorrow.

    Love and hugs to you all,
  16. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Hello All

    Granni -prayers for Charlie. Hope he is fully recovered soon.

    I hv been skimming all the posts. Theres a lot of power cut time
    and i cant use the computer as much. Sometimes when the
    power comes im out and if ive forgotten toplug in the lap top
    it doesnt get charged.

    Plus a lot of things coming up like the solar heater panels
    having to be looked into, and some grill work being done
    on the terrace to reach the water tank.

    also (im happy about this) my help that was stealing has
    moved out, yeah!) he and his wife n two kiddies. now,
    maybe i can expect better energy in the house.

    but that means until we replace him a lot more chores,

    take care all

    God Bless
  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    I didn't stop in yesterday. I had fudged on going over to the pool for several days as it's been foggy out in the mornings and, as I mentioned, the allergies have taken the wind outta my sails. I leisurely read the Sunday paper and waited til the sun broke through the fog. Still, the water felt cold. Only good thing about that is that it makes me move fast! It's gotten easier to do the 20 mins. at target heart rate, even when I throw in jumping jacks and high knee up hopping. I don't know whether I should go 30 mins. or just keep up the 20 mins. As far as benefits go, I don't think it matters as long as I get 20 mins, 3 times a week, of my target heart rate. BTW, for anyone who wants to do this, it's so simple. Just find an activity which is aerobic, even fast walking. Take 220 and subtract your age. This gives you the Maximum Heart Rate that you should never exceed. Then, take 80 percent of that and it gives you the Targeted Heart Rate, the rate which you want to maintain for 20 mins. As long as you can talk while exercising, you are OK. If not, you are working too hard. You can go over the targeted rate as long as you stay below the maximum rate. At my age, the targeted rate is pretty low. I hit that just doing housework.

    Even through all my illnesses, some of my lifelong fitness has stayed with me. Also, growing up at high altitude, and living there most of my life, means my body is more efficient at utilizing oxygen. That's why athletes train at high altitude. When I first moved here, I couldn't believe my endurance. I also couldn't believe how few asthma attacks I had. They have now discontinued my inhaler and replaced it with one without the fleurocarbons which deplete the ozone layer. I got this last one just under the wire. I don't use it often enough to feel guilty about having it. Next time, I'll have to get the new one and just hope it works as well. Truth be told, Primatine Mist works almost as well. I don't even know if they still sell it OTC. One thing this incident taught me is that I absolutely have to take the inhaler to the pool with me. :confused:

    I had bought a cold, fully cooked pizza at the Italian store. I don't usually buy processed food but this one is made from scratch. I still have one slice. Was going to have it for lunch with my red wine, which I drink for medicinal purposes only, (I prefer white), when one of my neighbors brought a drink to me. It was lavender liquid on ice. Well, Dear Porchies, it knocked me out. I want to find out what it is, as it is delicious, but I'll have to drink it in moderation. Yowza! So, I had a nice long nap, hoping to be up to watching "Downton Abbey." I kept falling asleep so will have to watch it On Demand. Buggers! :mad:

    Simon has been coming for his breakfast for several mornings now. I talk to him more as he seems to enjoy it almost as much as his food. I slept til almost 5:00 this morning. With all my naps yesterday and a good night's sleep, I ought to be Superwoman today. I still have to hem up my slacks I'm wearing Wed. night to see "The Women of Ireland." I also have to deal with paperwork and bills. AACK! :eek: I also have to wash off the excess tan I got from a tube. Something's happened to my ability to tan out in the sun. My pasty Irish/German skin just isn't getting nice and tan. I use a ton of sunscreen on my face, neck and chest. I can never get a sunburn on my face cause of the work I had done. Still, I'd like a little color on my pasty bod. There is only one woman here who is whiter than I. She is a friend of mine and we joke about our lack of color. The exercise has finally visibly toned my legs and some color makes them look better. I need to get the weights out and work my arms to try to tone them. Can one turn wrinkled flab into toned muscle? Even a little? :cool:

    Dar, gravy and bisquits sit in my gut like a rock but you are right; they fill you up and keep you from getting hungry for hours. I am so glad your friend is coming for a visit. I don't care for cards but it's a moot point as I can't sit on a hard chair that long anyway. You are smart to soak first. Do you use Epsom salts? They really help.

    Julie, wouldn't mind having one of those roller slides myself. I often think that our downhill slide begins when we stop playing like children on the playgrounds. If I could find a bar and still hang by my knees, it would take all the pressure off my spine. Too bad I got rid of my incline table. I need it more now. I do hang by my foam noodles in the deep end of the pool to decompress. Also, the water pressure at the deep end massages the lymph nodes and gets the fluid moving to rid the body of toxins. But, I digress... Is it OK for Lindsey to be up and about now? I hope and pray for her.

    Granni, so sorry you are frazzled and having trouble with your neck. I'll pray for you, DH and DB. The doc is right, sugar is one of the worst things for everything which ails us. I've cut it out of my diet, along with most bread. I do get to eat two dark chocolate Hershey kisses cause it is good for lowering cholesterol. They are so rich that two is almost too much. Again, I only eat them for medicinal purposes as I like milk chocolate more but those days are over. I'm finding it easy to pass up pastries and candy now. In a test, one group with high cholesterol ate a low-fat diet and one group ate a low-carb diet. The ones on the low-carb diet lowered their cholesterol but the ones on the low-fat diet not only didn't lower their cholesterol, some of them increased it! Yes, cancer feeds on sugar, just like yeast. My children are so disgusted by their father's eating and also afraid for his health. He had six bypasses a few years ago and thinks that means he can eat anything and everything. He ate four pieces of cake when my DD was there. She said he and his now-wife have their kitchen counter lined three deep with candy, which they eat nonstop. Both have gained sooooo much weight. She works for a doctor and should know better. I don't want him to get sick or die. It just devastates the kids to see him doing this to himself. I think addiction to sugar is extremely difficult to break. My cholesterol is still within normal rates but it's been inching up and my doc is proactive and wants me to bring it down now before I have to take a statin, which I don't want to take unless I have to. Again, prayers and good luck to all of you. BTW, I'm from Denver but can't remember what is in a Denver Omelet. I'm sure you can look it up.

    Rock, there is nothing like old mags to make us remember things we have forgotten. I can remember when there was only one reason young boys wanted to look at "National Geographic," the first topless mag available at the library. My guess is that weekends was the only time soldiers could call home if they weren't in battle. Also, long before telex and fax machines, documents and pics were sent through the phone lines with the help of operators who had passed a background check. It took special machines and training. Later on, the news agencies sent their pics that way. My Mom was an operator for Ma Bell. I remember once when they were negotiating a new contract (they were unionized), Mom put a bumper sticker on her car which read, "Ma Bell Is A Cheap Mother." I might read that book. I was forced to take control of my life in my 40's when my ex and I divorced. I went back and finished college and had a great job until all my illnesses sidetracked my progress. Oh, the best laid plans...(or is it the best layed plans?) I'll bet you know the answer. I tried not to think of "What might have been," because those really are the saddest words.

    Leah, thanks so much for your sweet good wishes. I am so glad that you are progressing. I know that progress is slow but hang in there. I pray for your continued healing. You are such a strong person but I wish you didn't have to be burdened with this. You deserve better, my friend, and I pray for it for you.

    OMG, Jole. "Little stinker" indeed! I'm glad he survived it. I never knew how bad asthma could be, even all the years my daughter had it. We did end up in the ER a few times. Then, one of the twin girls, who lived down the street, died of an asthma attack before the ambulance could get her to the ER. It devastated the family and, eventually, the parents divorced. After my attack this week, I believe it can happen. My lungs filled with phlegm soooo fast and I couldn't get air in or out. It's a horrible feeling.

    Well, once again, I've written "W&P." So had better go. My best wishes for a wonderful day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    Mikie - just found you posted.Hi. Im happy to hear Simon is looking very well. Take care
    of your asthma. It sounded a scary attack. My Chinese friend has it from when she was
    20 and she used to hv it bad but now happy to say it seems to hv been receding until i
    hardly hear her talk about it. She must be about 56 now.

    God Bless
  19. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Springwater, we must have been posting at the same time. Sorry I missed you. Glad the thieves are gone. It isn't worth it to have help if they steal everything. Are there no honest people to replace them with? I hope so. I also hope the solar panels and grill work out for you. Solar panels are still so pricey here. It's too bad cause I live in FL, "The Sunshine State." We ought to be using them everywhere. The more people buy them, the more they will go down in price. We won't do it until there is a power grid emergency. Same with drought. Our country is surrounded with water but no one, except in a few places, is investing in desalination of sea water. CA should have seen this coming decades ago and been prepared. There is one plant I know of in San Diego. We are not very proactive. We wait until there is a disaster before we act. Politicians want jobs; well, just these two areas could produce jobs in abundance and improve our infrastructure at the same time. Fixing our crumbling bridges would be another good place to start. Even the collapse of one of our big bridges hasn't gotten them off their duffs.

    I understand that your power, and, hence, your available time online, is limited but we would all love to hear more about where you live.

    Love, Mikie
  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Ha, Ha! Once again, we post in tandem. This is tooo funny.

    Love, Mikie