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    Hi Kids

    I don't think I'm going to post at the same time as anyone else. Mikie and I are the only
    ones here at the moment. And she has already written Warren Peace (knew a kid by
    that name in school) plus a supplement. On the other hand, it often takes me 45 min.
    to do a post.

    Mikie, it's great you are up to doing long posts. Shows you are in good shape. Well,
    that's what Dr. Warren Peace told me. And your posts are entertaining. And informative.
    I bet you are right about the GIs calling home on weekends. I never heard before that info
    could be sent along phone lines prior to the fax.

    If Florida is the "Sunshine State", Kansas is the "Sunflower State". Long article on Kansas
    in the 1937 National Geographic. There is a color picture of a beautiful park with a
    reflecting pool in Topeka. If it weren't for the long dresses and straw hats on the men, the
    pic could have been taken yesterday. (This, of course, assumes the park hasn't changed.)

    Oh, yeah. Saw a great you know what on the net yesterday. A band of killer whales
    would be an orca-stra.

    Dar, Glad to hear you had a nutritious breakfast. I can't remember what's in a Denver
    omelet. Ham and onion? That's among a lot of other things I've forgotten. I
    don't remember Sheaffer pens, but fountain pens were in use when I was a kid. I
    think one popular brand was Waterman; maybe Parker? I know ball point pens
    appeared in our village when I was ten. I read somewhere that they were invented
    in the mid 30s, but didn't become popular because they didn't work very well.

    OK, I'm just kidding. I never knew a Warren Peace. But I did know a kid in school
    who became a college professor. His first job was in Lawrence Kansas which was
    raided by Quantrill's men during the Civil War. Frank James, Brother of Jesse, and
    Cole Younger were part of the gang.

    Thirteen years later the James and Younger brothers robbed the bank at Northfield, MN.
    That was the end of the gang. This teaches us that everything in the universe is somehow
    connected and only 7 steps from Kevin Bacon.

    Haven't heard anything about Kevin for years. Wikipedia says he's still alive. He was born
    the year I was graduated from High School. That makes him...let's see...well, pretty old.
    But not so old as I. And it's time for this oldster to go back to bed.

    Hugs, All
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    A very quick hi to awl. I just finished eating breakfast at the computer. Need to go get dressed as outside "Spring Cleaning' awaits. DH has made a list to do , not that we will do all today ( Thank God). Doing OK, nothing new here.

    Spring Water - Glad to hear from you. Sorry to hear about your lack of power problems so understand all your reasons why you haven't been posting as much as usual. Glad you are getting rid of your help that took from you. Surprised they are not already gone. Such nerve of these people ! Hope you find some dependable, cheap and honest people that will be of help to you and family. Please post as often as you can. Miss you.

    Julie - Take it easy girl and I bet you are happy the kids are staying :)!!

    Whoops gotta run. DH in in and needs the puter. Be back later if possible'

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    LOL.....Rock, you sure know how to make a person's day...too funny! I love the 'supplement' and the orca-stra. Sunflowers are sooo pretty, and we use to have fields full of them in Ks. But with all the weed killers used these days, they've almost done away with the sunflowers in some areas. When my son was dating his wife (a city girl), she decided to pick a boquet of sunflowers for our table. We told her that wasn't a good idea because the insects love them. She didn't believe us and walked down the road to get them. She came home with a bee sting, and woke up the next morning covered in chigger bites. Poor thing! But she's still part of the family:)

    I remember Schaffer pens. They came two in a fancy box, and nearly everybody around got a set for a graduation present. Later they had one ink pen and one ballpoint pen in a box. We still used the ink wells when I was in school. The teachers threatened us within an inch of our lives with that ink!

    Mikie, the only way I'd be able to get my heart rate up through exercise anymore is through the med they give IV for a heart stress test...lol. Living on a farm, and no nearby ponds, we never learned to swim but I always wanted to. Unfortunately, I swim like a rock! Would love to take water aerobics but the nearest place from us is an hour away. I have an ex-neighbor that goes 3x a week and she's 80...loves it!

    Dar, are you a Social Director? My SIL is, and she absolutely loves her job and the people. I worked in a nursing home years ago, and had to quit. I got so attached to the residents that they became more of my family than my family! I worried about them constantly. Some had no family at all that cared enough to ever come visit, and we all know there are nurses that have no compassion. So many of the residents would pull me down for a good-night hug when we did our last bed check...lots of tears spent over those people. Back in those days, their activities consisted of quilting and tossing a ball back and forth. Once a month someone would come in and entertain them. They loved the little kids the best.

    Julie, is this the house you lived in that has the mold problem? I sure hope they get it taken care of soon. I wonder if that was part of your problem with the fibro?

    Springwater, good to see you and everyone else here. I too am glad you got rid of your help. What all do they do for you? Very few people in our country have hired help, other than for yard work, unless they're well off financially. I would love to have someone come in and help me completely organize my home, but can't afford it. I'm sure it's much cheaper in your country, and hope you find someone to replace him soon!

    I'm going to clean all my electronic stuff today...tv, computer screens, etc. Seems like all the dust we had blowing a couple weeks ago settled everywhere. Hugs to all.......
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    Woohoo, Porchies, I got my bills paid. One would not normally think this worth a "TADA," but y'all don't know what a phobia I have against paying bills. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't make my checking acct. balance go down :rolleyes:. OK, not a great joke but it's all I'm up to this afternoon. It's been a long, confusing day already, mostly condo stuff.

    Rock, did you hear the orca-stra play on your iPod. Get it? Pod--whales... Like I said, I'm not up to much in the way of jokes nor puns. I start to tell a joke and just blubber. Oh, somebody stop me! At the time the military used the phone lines to send things, it was a national secret. During the war, they sent their film and reels home by plane but after WWII, they used the phone lines for pics for news pubs. I'm glad you find my long posts informative and interesting. I also find yours very interesting and a lot more informative than my ramblings. You, Sir, are a true scholar. Loved Warren Peace. One place I worked, we made up pun names for people and matched them to professions like, Mike Rowave, the man who sold stoves. Kitty Litter who ran the pet store. Some are real groaners. BTW, I would love to see that pic of Topeka with the men wearing long dresses with their straw hats ;).

    Julie, I'm glad Lindsey did so well on her outing. You are right; she did just fine without her training wheels. I'm sure the church members felt blessed to be of help to her too. I have a neighbor who always wants to pay me back if I do something for her. I've told her that I believe we are here to help one another. It's a blessing to be of help. If she pays me back, she's just removed my blessing. As religious as she is, it's a difficult concept for her to get her mind around. As always, take care of yourself.

    Granni, don't overdo it. We do our Spring cleaning in the fall when our nice weather approaches. We are totally upside down in FL. No wonder the world makes fun of us.

    Jole, I can swim like a fish but it's the running and jumping in the shallow end which get my heart rate up. I've plateaued at a 15# loss, but that always happens when I lose weight. Muscle is heavier than fat so that may account for some of the plateau. My body is getting smaller and more toned so my clothes are really loose. I got two tube tops to wear with my boy leg short swim bottoms and I can't wear them. They are now so loose that I'd have a clothing malfunction like LaToya Jackson at the Superbowl. When you're almost 70, no one wants to see that :eek:.
    Yikes! One of my profs in college, a city boy, stayed with his family on the farm in Kansas one summer when he was just a kid. He ran through the sunflowers and before he could stop, he saw a HUGE spider. It, and some of its friends, stuck to his chest. Even as a man, many years later, he could barely talk about it. When he told us, I wanted to stand up and do the Icky Dance :confused:.

    Barb and I walked down to get our mail and decided to take the roundabout way home. On the back window of an SUV, I saw one of the funniest stickers I've ever seen. There was a pic of a fish skeleton and the caption read, "Fillet and Release." Now, the reason I find it so hilarious is that I'm from CO where we fished for trout and took them home for our dinner. None of this fish and release; it was fish and eat. Everyone down here catches fish for the sport of it and releases them. I doubt the fish find it very sporting. On the other hand, the trout which ended up in my frying pan weren't likely thrilled either.

    I've decided to wait until tomorrow to hem up my slacks; one big thing at a time. I have an eye doc appt. in the morning so will do it after that. Hmmmm, I guess that's two big things at once. If I put it off much longer, I'll end up wearing a different pair of pants. Otro pantalones!

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm gonna close this Porch as it's at 29. I'll go open another.

    This Porch is closed. Please go to Porch #687 and do not post here. Thank you! :)