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    Y'all come on in, ya hear? Coffee and bisquits are ready. Or, if you're in my time zone, pour yourself a tall one. I'm about to.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Porchies!

    Granni, a Denver omelet is saute'd green pepper, onion, ham and hashbrowns with an egg, whipped with a smidge of water to make it fluffy, that you fold over shredded cojack cheese so it melts inside. Wonderful. I never used to be a breakfast person either. I had to learn to be after I had the gastric bypass. The doctor made it clear I had to "learn" to be a breakfast person. So I did. Now I can't start my day properly without breakfast. I'm happy to hear DH is doing better. Am praying hard for Charlie

    Spring, Good to see you posting. Glad to hear the thief is movin'! It's inconvenient, all the extra chores, I'm sure. But your peace of mind has no price. Praying for you and wishing you a more peaceful existence.

    Mikie, Yes, I do use epsom salts. Wouldn't be without em'. I see I'm not the only Downton Abbey-holic on the porch. Don't ya just love it!? I've also become hooked on Sherlock which airs here either right before or right after Downton Abbey. Yup! I'm a PBS kid! :)

    I'm so sorry you had to go through that horrid asthma attack. That sounds so scarey. I'm glad you're okay. Let's hope you don't have any more of those anytime soon! :eek: You are in my prayers as well Mikie. Take care.

    Jolie, Yes, I am a Social Director. (Activity Director as they call it here). It is very rewarding work. And, yes, I do love my residents. They are extended family to me. I love my job. It's interesting that you have a nursing home background too. You are right about the lack of compassion in some of the nurses and staff in these facilities. It's lamentable. I've always said, "If you don't love and respect them, you should find another line of work".

    They deserve the best. And I expect to be the best at what I do. For them. This is why I push like a mad woman at work. Yes, I pay for my over exertion and stress. But if I bring just one smile a day to just one resident a day. It's worth it. I figure God gave me a break when I walked away from the car crash that brought on the FM. Through homeopathics I found a light at the end of my tunnel, and with it, this profession. I think of it as "paying it forward".

    Yes, it can be very hard on the head. When a resident passes away, you grieve and miss them like your own as well. You are dealing with the specter of death daily. The only way I've found to handle that aspect is to pray for them and remember that I was privileged to know them if only for so long, and to remember that for some, it's blessed relief.

    I have a resident who loves to chat with me, so I invite her into my office for some one on one time while I eat lunch on occasion. She told me, last week, that she really enjoys talking to me and that she feels like she has a new "sister". (She's only eight years older than myself). It's nice to know that one can touch another life in a positive way. There just isn't anything better. I'm sure you can relate having worked in this atmosphere yourself. You just can't buy that kind of satisfaction, but to have earned it is very rewarding.

    Julie, Slow down and live girl! (I know, I'm a fine one to talk).:rolleyes: You do so much for so many of your family. You are such an inspiration. Remember to take care of you once in a while dear one.

    Rock, It was "Parker" pens that used to be one of the more coveted brand of pens many many moons ago. That came up in our trivia ramblings at work as well. :)

    George Safford Parker, the founder, had previously been a sales agent for the John Holland Gold Pen Company. He received his first fountain pen related patent in 1889.[3] In 1894 Parker received a patent on his "Lucky Curve" feed,[4] which was claimed to draw excess ink back into the pen body when the pen was not in use. The Lucky Curve feed was used in various forms until 1928.


    a Parker Frontier Ball-point Pen
    From the 1920s to the 1960s, before the development of the ballpoint pen, Parker was either number one or number two in worldwide writing instrument sales. In 1931 Parker created Quink (quick drying ink) which eliminated the need for blotting.[5] In 1941 the company developed the most widely used model of fountain pen in history (over $400 million worth of sales in its 30 year history) the Parker 51.[6][7] Manufacturing facilities were set up over the years in Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, France, Mexico, USA, Pakistan, India, Germany (Osmia-Parker), Brazil and Argentina. Parker pens were frequently selected (often as favorite pens of the signers) to sign important documents such as the World War II armistices, and commemorative editions were sometimes offered.[citation needed]

    Parker pens are still on the market today in your finer stores.

    With that tidbit of trivia, I believe it's time for me to hit the pumpkin patch for the night. (Rock, you asked me about retiring to the patch before, which is just my way of saying it's time for me to retire before turning into a pumpkin). :)

    To all on the porch, including MIA's,
    Have a great night and a good sleep,

    Love N' Hugz

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    I've been reading all the posts, just haven't had the energy to reply.

    Spring: Glad to read that your thieves are finally gone. Did you suspect them but couldn't prove? How and why did you keep them so long? I think that's why I've never wanted someone in to clean our house, as dirty and messy as it can get, at least I don't have someone else around to poke around.

    Mikie: glad to read your asthma is again under control. Scary!

    Granni: Hope your brother gets all of that "cancer stuff" under control. Seems like the older we all get it's like a ticking time bomb.

    Julie: Good to read that Lindsey is learning she can manage on her own. How far along is she now? We'll have a new granddaughter arrive the first week of June.

    Dar: you put hashbrowns inside the denver omellete? Or did I misread that?
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Dar, thanks for the prayers. So far, so good on the asthma front but my allergies are still bad. I go nowhere without the rescue inhaler. I keep you, and all our Online Family, in my prayers. Even if we are sick ourselves, we are all overachievers, not uncommon in people with what ails us. A beloved friend, who has now passed, was a nurse. She took a job in a long-term-care facility and loved it. One woman was thought to be catatonic. She just sat all day in her wheelchair and didn't seem to notice what was going on around her. Doreen was doing some physical therapy with the residents and gently tossed a ball to this woman. The woman caught the ball and smiled. Sometimes, there is a key to get inside them if only one can find it. This made it all worthwhile for my friend. You sound very much like her. She was dedicated too. Have you ever seen some of the HUGE collections of pens some people have collected? I've seen them on TV. I'll bet there is a pen museum somewhere. I've loved pens since childhood. A blank journal and a pen is like holding magic in you hand. You can write and create anything. I am doing a kind of journal for my DGS to let him know what life was like for me growing up--much different from his life now. His life isn't that much different from my DD's but vastly different from mine. I am using the computer only because it's faster and, when I had RA inflammation and pain in my hands, it was too difficult to write. Now my penmanship is awful. Catholic school nuns are turning over in their graves everywhere. They took the three R's seriously with writing first and foremost. We practiced our Palmer Method Penmanship daily. You might come out of Catholic school traumatized by the nuns but, by golly, you had beautiful handwriting. :oops:

    Sunflower Girl, hope you feel better soon. Thanks for your kind good wishes for my health. I actually felt pretty well yesterday. Have to go to the eye doc today and can't take my BP meds nor my allergy med in case they need to measure the moisture in my eyes. Both meds dry me up. Write more when you are up to it.

    Just read that ObamaCare is wanting to reduce payments to Medicare Advantage Plans next year. OMG! They have already been cut to the point that we've lost our dental and vision and our co-pays are now $50 for a specialist. Co-pays for surgical procedures can bankrupt a Senior on a small fixed income. It's time someone besides the oldest and poorest in society stop taking the brunt of our deficit. Going to e-mail my Senator who used to be our State Insurance Commissioner. He's a good guy.

    I did get my bills paid yesterday but it took me forever. I kept having to stop and do something for our condo. We are getting ready for our bldg.'s annual mtg. We have to have proxies for those not attending in order to have a quorum so we can conduct business. Then, we had a mixup with mailbox keys and that kept me running around. It shouldn't be my problem but our renters are new and have had enough to deal with with with their green-behind-the-ears rental agent.

    I had a glass of red wine with lunch and I sipped it all afternoon. Barb and I went out on the Balcony, in the shady part we call, The Lounge, and I had a refill. Soon friends and neighbors joined us and we had a load of laughs. I'm so glad we got such nice people in the rental condo. We have nice people in the other rental too. In the morning, there was a crowd for coffee as well. The Balcony has never been so busy. Thank God, someone last night put our chairs all back after I came in; I was being eaten alive by bugs. I put Simon's food under my chair every morning and he sleeps in only mine when he wants to. He won't sleep on any of the other chairs. He's my little love.

    Have to stop at the grocery store after the eye doc. I'm out of fresh veggies and fruit. My freezer is loaded with meat, so I'm OK there. It's dry season here and I really need to get outside and water and do some pruning. I think that will have to wait til the end of the week. Tomorrow night, Barb and I are going to "The Women of Ireland." The theater is just down the street on the college campus. We get all the big shows and names that we got in Denver. Sun. night we are going to a presentation of "O Fortuna," with monks and an orchestra. I have no idea what we are in for. We have orchestra section seats so that should be nice. Supposedly, it's a pretty bawdy tale. I still have to hem my slacks or wear something else. I just hope I don't fall off my shoes. :eek:

    Well, gang, I had better get going. Hope everyone has a great day! :)

    Love, Mikie
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    Where is everyone? I just got back from the eye doc, went to the bank, and shopped for groceries. The eye drops always make me jumpy as they all contain some form of fluoride. Fluorescene is the worst! Four percent of the population is allergic to it and doesn't know it. The just get sick after their eye exams and don't know why.

    Barely got to eat lunch as I was inundated with condo business and helping Barb set up her new Kindle. I am happy to help but I was still jumpy from the eye drops and not getting my lunch. Also, I didn't get to take my meds before I left as they can dry out my eyes. Even without my BP meds, my BP was amazingly low and I have "white coat syndrome." Geez, this working out is working out! Yea!

    I want to thank everyone who helps us find spammers. They are coming out of the walls, trying to use our boards to sell their products. There is no way the mods and admin can be everywhere so we really appreciate the help. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Just a short note as I feel yucky. A few minutes ago my arms started itching like crazy.
    Haven't even taken any niacin today. Perhaps it's a pre-niacin anticipatory reaction?
    And then I made the serious error of eating part of a Salisbury Steak frozen dinner from
    Marie Calendar. I feel like I've been "pizened" as my uncle used to say.

    Mikie, "O Fortuna" is part of a series. There are 3 parts before the 4tuna part. Ha Ha!
    Serially, "O Fortuna" is part of the Carl Orff cantata Carmina Burana.
    "Fortuna Imperatrix Mundi" (Fortune, Empress of the World)". Harve Presnell played
    the lead in "The Unsinkable Molly Brown" on both stage and screen. Illustrating how
    show biz connects everything in the universe he was the baritone soloist on the 60s
    "Carmina Burana" recording which, I read somewhere, won a Grammy or something.

    Dar, thanks for penning the info on Parker. I have been trying to think of the brand
    of fountain pen my mother used. All I could think of was Ester. Finally the second half
    showed up. It was Esterbrook. Once the biggest manufacturer of pens in the country.
    It went outta business when we were all young and pretty.

    Vell, Yumpin Yimminee! The itching has spread to my legs, and Gordon just missed a
    step on the stairs. He was carrying a laundry basket. Don't we all have enough big
    problems without having to put up with small ones too! Anyhoo I gotta find him some
    oinkment for his knee. Oh, no. That's for injured pigs. Well, I'll find something.

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    I'm off to meet for our car pool to the sr. facility to sing. So, no time to really post now but have been trying to read. So, glad to see those of you that did show up today. Hi Mikie, Freida, Sun, Dar, Diane et al.

    Yes, I do remember all those pens including the once we had to put in ink wells. Boy am I giving my age away :)??

    It is sunny and warm out and will get rainy and chilly tomorrow or the next day, not sure.

    Hope to get back later tonight.

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    Hi Porch Dwellers!

    Sun-- Hope you are feeling better. Yes, you did read it right. I do put hash browns in my Denver omelet. I know it's not supposed to be fixed that way, but I like my hash browns in my omelet as opposed to on the side. Weird huh? :rolleyes: How exciting you have a new granddaughter on the way. June is not so far off. How blessed! :)

    Mikie--Good to read you're keeping that inhaler on hand. I found your story about your nurse friend and the resident who appeared to be catatonic so very interesting. It is amazing what happens when you press the right button. I never thought about it, but you're right, we are a bunch of over-achievers. LOL. :) When I look at so many of the people here and how much they do and give of themselves, it is quite amazing for a bunch of "sickies". We are a tough breed! ;)

    I can relate to your fondness of pens. I, too, am a pen person. I get razzed at work a lot and at home by family. If you ask me for a pen I reach into my backpack and pull my hand back out with, at least, 7 to 12 pens in my grasp of all shapes, sizes and colors. I'm truly a pen-a-holic. People ask why I carry so many. I always give the same reply, "I don't like having to hunt for a pen". LOL :D I think it is monumentally cool that you are writing a journal for your DGS like that detailing your experiences. How neat!

    So so sorry to hear about what the RA has done to your hands.
    I guess I've been fortunate that my hands have been unaffected in that way. My hips are trash, but my hands function pretty well, even with the carpal tunnel. So funny, your comment on the nuns rolling over in their graves and coming out traumatized but with beautiful handwriting. LOL. I used to work at Franciscan Hospital at a time when the nuns still inhabited the top floor. Some of those nuns were down right scarey people! LOL. ;) Enjoy your night out with friend Barb and The Women of Ireland. Please come back and tell how it was.

    Freida--Hiding....LOL! :D Funny sense of humor you have. Yes, I was telling Sun that hash browns don't belong in a Denver omelet, I just like it that way. Silly me huh? Though you are right, almost anything tastes good in an omelet. It is so good to see you up to posting like you have been. Good sign that maybe you're having some better days I hope?

    Thanks re: the Parker pens. It's amazing that they are still being manufactured and the company is still productive after all these years isn't it? I am glad to see that some things haven't changed. So many things, as you pointed out, have. Some not for the better. I find comfort in finding old institutions that still do what they've always done and doing it well.

    Rock--Sorry to hear you're "itchy". Hope Gordon is okay after his miss-step with the laundry basket. Oi! Poor guy. Hope the "oinkment" helps. LOL. :)

    Granni--Don't feel like the Lone Ranger. I had an inkwell in my old desk in my bedroom when I was a girl for use with my fountain pen. I miss fountain pens. They always wrote so much more beautifully I thought. (Except, of course, for the occasional drip). But they gave a sort of pretty "edge" to the letters as one wrote. Here I go waxing whimsical. :rolleyes: But I always did love my fountain pen most. LOL. Enjoy your sing at the senior facility. Tell us how it went and stay warm! :)

    Oh, almost forgot! An update on my DD. The paramedics had to be called for her again Friday night. This time she didn't go to hospital. She had an appointment yesterday with an endocrinologist and lo and behold! Her doctor has been treating her for type 2 diabetes for a decade. That was her dx.

    The endocrinologist says she's type 1! So her meds have been changed, he's going to see her again this week to change or add something else to her regimen I guess. If she does not improve, they're going to look into the insulin pump for her. I've been saying for a year she needed an insulin pump, but then what do I know? o_O Anyway at least she is now being treated for the right diagnosis. Please cross your collective fingers and pray for her if you will.

    To all porchies mentioned and unmentioned, you are all thought of and prayed for. Nytol.

    Love N' Hugs
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    Just finished dinner not to long ago so am checking the Porch again. Noting else really new that I know of. Have to go take a shower and get ready for bed. Going out to eat tomorrow 2x . That should be interesting as I keep on gaining weight :)!! Have a luncheon and we all dress in Western gar for go Texan Day as we are getting ready for the Rodeo to come into Houston. To far for us to go so we won't be going to the Rodeo. It is fun though. Then in the evening we are having a monthly celebration at the club for the Feb. birthdays with DH included. Then I probably shouldn't eat for two days :)!!!

    Mikie - Good luck in getting those spammers. Since that last one I haven't seen any others but then I haven't really been on the computer or PH that often. It would be a hard time to catch them all by yourself, even with a bunch of moderators. Good Job Guys and GALS!!!! Glad you have a bunch of friendly people at your condo that you can chat and have coffee, wine or whatever together. That is wonderful !! Hope you get some more NRG back. Thanks for starting us up again by the way.

    Julie - Hope you are surviving all the helping you are doing with Lindsey and all I am worn out just thinking of all the stuff you do.

    Hi to everydobby inc. Leah, Dar, Sun, Rock, Diane and whoever else I have missed.

    Love to you awl,
  10. rockgor

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    Big news. We went to the library. Again! Land O Goshen! We have about two
    dozen library books at home. When the going gets tough, the tough get reading.

    I found a wonderful library book at the Pasadena library the other day. It's titled
    "The Unmarried Sisters" and is by Dale Fife. The only info I could find out about
    the author is that Dale is female. Possibly related to Dale Evans? She wrote 2 books
    in the 1950s which the library has. There are also several juvenile books, written as
    recently as the 1990s. Can't tell if it's the same author or not. The name is the same.
    And then there's some Pastor with the same name that writes religious books. All
    very confusiatin'.

    Anyhoo this is a book similar to "I Remember Mama" or "Life With Father" or
    "Chicken Every Sunday" or "Cheaper By the Dozen". It tells you about the life of
    ordinary people in times past.

    How did the singing go, Granni? Do you have a name for your group? The Senior
    Singers Sing for Seniors? But maybe everydobby in your group isn't a senior?
    I have been thinking of all the lives I'd like to experience: a great singer; humorist;
    song and dance man; cartoonist; playwright. I'd be like Dick Van Dyke or Julie
    Andrews or Bette White or Dave Barry or fill in some other name. One of those
    highly popular celebs who is terribly modest and has a looooong career.

    Hi Springwater, how is the weather in Katmandu? We have rain storms predicted
    for this weekend. I looked on the net. You guys are at an elevation about 4300 feet
    higher than we are in California and get about 38 inches more rain. Funny, you get
    much more rain than my brother in Portland, OR, but I always think of Portland
    as rainy while my mental picture of you is lots of sun and bright colors.

    Must be your sunny personality. Or maybe it just shows our thinking isn't always
    terrible logical. Making any progress on finding new help? What are the
    kids up to?

    Dar, Gordon and I have recovered from our minor disasters. There's an oxymoron for
    you. I didn't understand about your DD and the diabetes diagnosis. Are you saying
    the endocrinologist didn't find anything new?

    Mikie, there was some pen news about Amelia Earhart on the computer recently. I
    think she had some pens engraved; a gift for her husband. There was also a letter
    and some photos on the Antiques Roadshow that were taken a few days before she disappeared. It's all kinda mixed up in my mind. Well, what isn't?

    I hope your improved health continues so long as the grass grows and the
    politicians spew mindless babble. HaHa! Maybe we don't want to cross
    that bridge.

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    There you are, all you Porchies! Hiding!

    Leah, I see you behind those papers. I'm so proud of myself. The only thing I managed to do this week is clean out my paper pile and pay my bills buried in the pile. I try and try to be more organized but self-discipline is not my forte. Wonder why the automatic spell check here doesn't put an accent over the e in forte. I remember when ball point pens were widely available and advertised on TV. My favorite as a kid was a two-toned one in the same shades of green that Packard cars used, just as two-toned cars were introduced. Since we're strolling down Memory Lane, remember when pink and black cars, usually with some white, were popular? This was in the 50's when the big fins on cars were also popular. That color scheme, pink and black, crossed over into d├ęcor for the home. My Mom had dishes in black and pink. I thought we were so avant guarde. Hmmmm, not sure guarde is supposed to have an e on the end. I think it does; otherwise, it would be pronounced as "guar." The French like to leave off the last consonant unless followed by a vowel. Very confusing! :confused: BTW, the only salesmen coming out of my walls are coming from the TV and they pay big time to try to sell me something. They want to come here for free and sell their stuff at the expense of our generous host, ProHealth, who pays for this venue through sales of their products. The rules here state that selling on our boards is illegal but I doubt these snake oil salesmen bother with the rules. So, again, thanks to everyone who helps us out.

    Rock, I hope your itching goes away. That's miserable. Yes, it isn't life's big tragedies which lay us low; it's the little, and not so little, injuries, irritations, and insults which make us miserable. I hope Gordon is OK. The brochure for "O Fortuna" does read, "Carmina Burana, tales of fortune, merriment, and love--as told by some mischievous monks!" It goes on to read, "Based on a series of medieval poems, this 20th century cantata will delight and surprise with its powerful movements and occasional bawdiness, as well as its opening and closing movement, the familiar 'O Fortuna!'" So, you, Sir, are correct, as usual. You remind me of my DD. She calls onyx, "oinks." BTW, does the oinkment work on sties? Is that where the saying, "In a pig's eye," originated?

    Granni, be careful and don't drown in the pool. Don't drive in until an hour after eating. Oh, Lord, here I go again. Someone, stop me! In catholic school, our old wooden and wrought iron desks had inkwells built into the top of the desk. Every kid had black ink stains on his or her hands. Still, between the nuns' threats and our constant practicing of the Palmer Method, we had nice looking writing for little kids. Thanks for your kind good wishes. Yes, if it weren't for our sleuth members, we couldn't possibly keep up with the spammers. The Balcony is a wonderful place with nice people having a really good time. So glad our new renters enjoy us and it.

    Dar, I am a pen hoarder. Wally World sells really cheap ball point pens in animal prints in all kinds of colors. One of my favorites is a zebra print in hot pink and black. I have a yellow/gold leopard pen in my yellow/gold purse. My old phone is a black and white zebra print as are many of my cheap pens. Now, I have a plain old black phone which won't work on wi-fi, but I digress... My Kindle cover is a black and white zebra print and I've had many compliments on it. We women just loooooove our little accessories. According to one of the characters in "Steel Magnolias," 'It's our ability to accessorize which separates us from the animals.' " I think she was correct. ;) I no longer have the pain and inflammation of RA since taking the peptide injections but all that time, when I had the symptoms, my handwriting went downhill. My left hand would get so inflamed and sore that if I just touched it, I would cry. The slight deformaties, a bump on my wrist and two slightly crooked fingers, are permanent. I don't care as long as the pain and inflammation are gone. Wish I had known about the shots years earlier but then, no one in the US seemed to know about them until more recently. Well, better late than never.

    The effect of the eye drops started to take its toll after I helped Barb set up her Kindle. I came home and went to bed. I had to put a note on my door telling everyone not ring me bell as I was resting and on meds. My breathing had become so labored that I had to use my bong (nebulizer) so I could breathe and to avoid another asthma attack. The albuterol in the inhaled mist made me feel all jumpy and nervous. I'm definitely not working out in the pool today and risk exercise-induced asthma. I'm taking it easy so I can enjoy "The Women of Ireland" tonight. Barb and I have been looking forward to this for months. One of the Symphonies had to cancel Sun. night so that's why we got the late offer for cheap tickets to "O Fortuna" this Sun. I should be able to work out tomorrow and Sat. I try to get the aerobics in three times a week but if I miss a couple of days, it doesn't seem to set me back. I'm sure that, eventually, it would but I'm enjoying the benefits so much that I won't let that happen. I guess working out can be a bit addictive but it sure beats some other addictions if kept under control. Is that an oxymoron, an addiction under control?

    Well, kids, after writing another "W&P" post, I'm going to get into the tub to soak. That should set my day up right. I slept til 5:00 and it feels so good. Simon was waiting for me. He now waits til the last moment to go down the stairs to his "safe spot" on the landing. As soon as I put the food down, he starts back up. Tiny baby steps but his trust in me is increasing. I doubt he'll ever trust me completely but it must be a huge relief not to have that fight or flight stuff going on inside him all the time.

    Y'all have a great day!

    Love, Mikie
  12. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hmmmmm, slow day so far. Just deleted another spammer's post. Again, thanks to our alert members.

    So far today, I'm feeling better but not doing too much. I'm about to get the slacks I want to wear tonight to hem them up. I need to walk around in my heels (ha, I posted "hells" which may have been a Freudian slip :) If I don't get it done, I have other dressy casual outfits. In Denver, opening night, people wore gowns and tuxes. No one does that here unless there is a benefit party for the opening. Other nights in Denver, business wear was considered appropriate. Down here, dressy casual is considered OK. Retired people don't always want to dress up or they no longer own really dressy outfits. I think as long as people aren't sloppy and/or dirty, anything is OK.

    Ilona, Frank and Barb invited me to eat Chinese buffet but I politely declined. I fried my tilapia in herb butter and olive oil and dusted it with Cajun seasoning. OMG! It's to die for. I steamed some frozen broccoli and just seasoned it with some of the lemon I squeeze on the fish. For medicinal purposes only, I topped it off with a couple of dark, dark Hershey kisses and a glass of red wine. The asst. at my eye doc's office dips her wine glass in melted dark chocolate for her cholesterol-lowering red wine. Ya know, this healthy living ain't so bad.

    I also decided to dig into the closet in the guest room so I could put the splitter on my cable to reach to the wi-fi and my little digital converter box on my old analog TV. What a great pic on that TV. I have another like it because those old TV's last forever and I don't want to throw it out. No one wants them except for parts and scrap material. I had moved my wi-fi into the center guest/sitting room so it would be stronger in all directions, so I needed to split the cable to access the wi-fi and the old TV. Now I have to clean the closet and put a poison tablet in the back to kill the silverfish that slithered away when I took things apart. They eat fabric and have a venomous sting so I don't mind poisoning them. These little pills attract them and I don't have to spray anything toxic around the room. I use them in my bathrooms back behind the vanities and I almost never see one in there.

    Earlier, I swept up the Balcony, including the eaves, and the sidewalks in preparation to ask God to bless our bldg. and protect us from all the negative energy being generated by some neighbors in other bldgs. I couldn't find my sage smudge bundles so used incense instead. It is as effective. For some reason, I was not meant to use the sage smudge, perhaps because the wind was too strong and it might have been a fire problem. How ironic would it be to set the bldg. on fire, blessing it and asking for protection. Yikes! I used the American Indian feather amulet I bought, which is used by shamans for blessings. The woman said it is perfect for my purposes. I keep it by my Mom's pic as she is the Keeper of the Feathers. I told the neighbors what I was doing so they don't think I've completely lost my mind. They know I'm more New Agey spiritual than religious, and an old Hippie, so they are used to me. The little silver dish, which holds the incense, has rings of prayers etched into it.

    So, it's been kind of a busy day after all. I'm gonna close and go try on the shoes and slacks. I plan on a nice soak in the tub before getting ready. I hope everyone has as good an evening as I'm anticipating.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon to awl of you. Just got back from a luncheon for our Ladies Club and all had our jeans and C and W gear on today for go Texan for the Rodeo. It was fun and BBQ was great. They has a fun C and W fashion show which was great but we were seated way in the back. So it was hard to see and hear. I also have some clogged ears which now I am starting to think may be sinus. I am not coughing much but I think I may be wheezing a bit. I have an inhaler which I may try later on . I may also start taking that Mucinex to try and break up what there is floating around in my head especially.

    Now I am home and have to rest my tummy so I can go out to eat again this evening for the Feb. birthday group. Nothing like two big meals in one day. Oh well, it will be fun . I tried to eat light, had no bread and very little potatoes. wonderful BBQ brisket, salads and pecan pie. I just had to eat the whole thing ( the pie) except a bit of crust. It was very good and even had coffee with it.

    Yesterday afternoon we went an sand at a local Nursing Home and when we got there all the residents or many of them were wheeled in (those who couldn't walk on their own) as well as others who were ambulatory who were all there sitting ready for us. Usually the directors have to get them up and they do not do so till last minute . It was great yesterday and they were waiting for us and were so appreciative of our efforts. It went well and hope tomorrow goes as well.

    Diane - Glad to hear from you my friend . When is your next appointment? I have forgotten. Sorry you still are having these panic attacks . Hope they will start to lessen soon. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers for my brother. I will probably try and call him tomorrow. I have sent e-mails and a text but I haven't heard anything back.

    Dar - That Denver omelet sounds yummy. I have had all but the hashed browns in it. Anything with melted cheese is WONDERFUL !! I never heard of a Denver Omelet but just a ham and cheese omelet that also got onions and peppers if I had them on hand. BTW, I think I am part mouse as my dad was also one :)!! Talk about a cheeseaholic.

    Thank you everyone for your prayers and special thoughts for Charlie. I appreciate it so much and I know he would if he knew. However, my brother is man of little or few words. His wife who is also a dear person is quite the opposite and makes up for my brother :)!

    Hugz to Sun, Rock, Jole, Julie, Mikie and whoever else I may have missed ! Bye for now. Hope to check back tomorrow !

    Love to awl,
    Granni !!:)
  14. jole

    jole Member

    Short note just to say hi today. We had more snow last night, and that always brings on worse pain/fatigue.
    Mikie, I'm anxious to hear about your "Women of Ireland" concert, and wish I were going with you :)
    Rock, for some reason I have times of very itchy skin also. No new meds, but the itching will drive me crazy. Sure do feel for you, because it's really miserable.
    Granni, glad your NH crowd was appreciative. They do love music!
    Diane, it's the strangest things (or sometimes nothing at all) that sets off those attacks. Sorry phone messages did it :(
    Leah, I found you hiding too!

    BTW, I'm still trying to figure everything out on this new board....is there a way to send a private message to people? It seems it was pretty complicated on the old board to do that.
    Visited a bit through FB with my GS in Italy. The 7 hour difference in time makes it a little tricky! He's posted some beautiful pictures of their cathedrals, wineries, and cobbled streets. I'm glad he's getting off base already and doing some sight-seeing for the rest of the family....lol. Back to bed.......
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Good Morning Porchies,

    I slept til almost 6:00 and I slept like a log. How wonderful sleep is and how grateful I am when I don't wake at 3:30, unable to go back to sleep. Simon was sitting in my chair and I talked to him. He jumped down and sat in front of my screen door, not wanting me to stop just yet. I think the conversation is food for his little soul. I've found that if I put extra cat treats mixed in with the food, he eats much more. I also sprinkle a little catnip in it cause I know Jeff used to give it to him and he loves it (Simon, not Jeff :)

    "Women of Ireland" was wonderful. The singers had beautiful voices. I have an ear for music even if I can't sing myself. A LOT of singers today sing off key but these young women were right on. The one with the violin is amazing, dancing around and playing. She doesn't use an electric violin; she wears a wireless mic on herself. There were young girls dancing in and out with one young man who was a great dancer. He could cover so much ground with only a few steps that it gave the impression that he was dancing on air.

    I ended up not wearing my high heels but I did wear the slacks and looked dressed up enough. Most of these things are attended by Seniors and a lot of them dress up and still wear sensible shoes. I wore sandals with a big circle of mother of pearl on top. I had forgotten I had them. We had great seats even though they were in the balcony. We were in the first row just behind the mezzanine. The only thing which just about sent me over the edge (I forgot to take my Klonopin with me) were the really bright spot lights which they would aim right at the audience every now and then. Think they might burn out a person's retinas.

    Diane, don't know whether or not you have tried Xanax. It's in the same family as Special K but works better for anxiety in some. I haven't tried it myself. My Special K seems to work for me. I take the generic, clonazepam and the new one, which is blue, doesn't work as well as the old one, which was yellow. Dr. Cheney thinks we should use the brand name.

    I am going to have to sign out on this post and start another. Something went wrong on the screen and I had to edit my post. Now, however, I can't scroll up to see the other posts.

    Love, Mikie
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  16. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    OK, Part II

    Granni, sounds as though you had a great time. BBQ, mmmmmm! Yum! I think it's wonderful that y'all perform for the people in long-term-care facilities. They are so appreciative. Pecam pie too. Oh, how I wish I could eat some. I do OK without sweets now but pecan pie is one of my favorites. Prayers going up for Charlie.

    Jole, I'm so sorry the snow has brought on worse pain and fatigue. If we get cold fronts blowing through, and the barometric pressure changes rapidly, I still get pain. I am so very thankful that I can do quite a bit on a good day but I'll never be a ball of NRG. Those barometric pressure changes make me tired too. You have more snow on top of all that. AACK! Too much snow, like we've had in so many places, really gets depressing. I get to CO now and then in the winter and get my fill of snow and fly back home, happy to see our balmy weather. I hope you feel better.

    Despite my good night's sleep, I feel sleepy eyed this morning. It rained last night and God washed my car while I was at the theatre. When we got home, Barb parked hers out from under our carport. I hope He washed hers too. Mine was filthy. I really have a hard time keeping up with just cleaning my condo and car. I may break down and send my car off to the car wash where they clean it inside and out. Don't know how I got everything done when I was working. Perhaps NRG, or the lack of it, is the key.

    Sun. night, Barb and I will be going to the same auditorium theatre to see O Fortuna, featuring the monks and the Gulf Coast Philharmonic Orchestra. This time, we will have orchestra seats on the lower level. I'll be anxious to hear the difference in acoustics. Some have complained but I think it was supposed to have been remedied. We are the only ones in our hood who enjoy the arts. We find inexpensive shows and free art fests. It is still possible to enjoy things on a shoestring. Of course, PBS brings us so much we wouldn't otherwise be able to see. I'm waiting for "The Lion King" to come. It's still playing on Broadway so it may be a bit before it goes on the road. "War Horse" was here but I really don't care to see it. Guess "The Wizard of Oz" was amazing but the tickets weren't cheap.

    OK, Porchies, I have to go bring in Simon's bowls. Hope all y'all have the most blessed of days.

    Love, Mikie
  17. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Hi Julie Freida and awl,

    Just got back from another program. The last for another few weeks. Then it will be April till we have another unless we get booked again.

    Most of the residents were in worse shape than in the last place but the other place was more of an assisted living but they have different areas for different stages of dementia, mobility, etc. Some tried to sing or mouth the words which was good for them that did. if not they perhaps just listened and got a little stimulated in the right way.

    Thanks for posting dear FREIDA It is so nice to hear from you. You have such good ideas and advice for all.

    Julie - Sorry about all that bad weather again to keep you from the Baptism. However, if it is so far away it is not a good thing to go traveling with so much snow, etc. You all need to stay home and safe. I can't believe all these awful snow storms coming up on all of you guys in the snow belt.

    It is one thing or another around here.

    My brother is supposed to find out what is what with the involvement of the cancer of his prostate and hope that is all it is and no other involvement. Today I got a note from the hospital where I had my mammogram saying that something was suspicious on the films. I am wondering if that is the same thing they found years ago that turned out to be nothing just very dense breast tissue or something like that after all kinds of test. I don't want to have to take all the tests over with to find nothing. Plus the scare it gives you. I sent a note to the doctor to tell him the situation and I am supposed to notify him too and they supposedly sent him the information too. Now I wait to hear what he wants to do. Wonder if they save the old films and stuff for awhile and how long they do. Not sure I save it. Will still have to do a little more looking but not sure when this all happened and if I saved it. Geez, how dumb .!!

    Gotta go start working on dinner.

    Love to everyone,
    Granni :confused:
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  18. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    Not up to postin' at the moment. My back is being ornery. Like Julie's. If I sit long enough
    to post it will get even ornerier. I wish there were an organization (it would have to possess
    supernatural powers) that could grant wishes. I'd like to have one healthy day before I die.
    Got sick 34 years ago; 5 years later was disabled. You know what Mikie says: Whine,
    whine, etc. Well, some things deserve a good whine.

    Freida, Gordon's knee is fine. It was just a minor owie. Nice of you to ask.
    Granni, hope the suspicious something turns out to be nothing.

    Glad you enjoyed the concert, Mikie. For about 9 years in my yute I used to usher. No pay but free admission to B'dway shows, operas, concerts, plays, symphony, choirs, ballet,
    folk dance, and pop stars like the Kingston Trio. Sure would like to see all that stuff over again.

    Diane explained how to post a video yesterday. I posted two videos on the Homebound/
    Bedbound board under Song Lyrics game, No. 4. I was so delighted. Alas, can't do it
    anymore. I think Youtube is blocking the process. Almost all the videos I can find on the
    net are from youtube; except the news videos.

    Gotta go; hugs everydobby.
  19. Darrae

    Darrae Member

    Hi Porchies!

    Rock--Clarification......My daughter's doc has been treating her for type 2 diabetes for 10 years with no good result. The endocrinologist said she was not a type 2 diabetic, but a type 1 diabetic. Therefore, she'd been given the wrong dx and wrong treatment. He has taken her off the metformin, reduced her novolog and changed the dose schedule
    , changed her diet, and if this doesn't do the trick, he's looking at putting her on a glucose pump. Glad to hear Gordon's booboo is ok. Sorry to hear your back is acting up again. :( Feel better soon.

    Granni--Hope your mammo turns out to be nothing worrisome. That's usually the case. They scared the dickens outa me for 3 years over a "suspicious" looking mammo. Nuked me every six months. (Surprised that I don't glow in the dark). :confused: Then, on the last one, the suspicious something wasn't even there anymore. Now, I just refuse to worry about anything that isn't etched in stone. :cool:

    Mikie--Glad to hear you enjoyed your night out. Sensible shoes are cool too. ;)

    Had a wild day today. Apparently I've become the victim of identity theft. :eek: Yup, you read it right, identity theft. My tax preparer called me to come in to sign some papers because the IRS rejected my tax return stating somebody had filed a tax return with my soc. sec. # on it. She said we'd have to re-send it with a copy of my SS card and Driver's license. Sooooooo, away we go. :rolleyes:

    I had a Target Debit Card. Nuff said? So, I checked my credit report online, called the IRS, called the Federal Trade Commission, called my bank, called Experion Credit Reporting, and stopped by the local constabulary to file a police report. Oi! Tomorrow, (certain that they will be recording these calls for quality assurance), I will call Target and read some unsuspecting innocent the riot act and cancel that card! :mad: I know it won't be the fault of said innocent, and I'm sure to apologize to said innocent for my outburst, acknowledging his lack of control over the situation, but I hope the upper-ups enjoy the tape since I can't reach through the phone and eat someone's face! o_O

    Ok, breathe....breathe......breathe..... anna one-a, anna two-a. Okay, rant over. Feel better now. So, maybe I won't sacrifice the innocent, but I will make my point and cancel that debit card. Ya know, I've spent so many hours, (as I'm sure we all have), asking the question, "WHY ME"!? I think I've, maybe, found the answer............Because a lesser person would flip out! :eek: That's why.

    I think this is key to the eccentric, albeit, off the wall humor we seem to share here on The Porch. When all else fails, ya just have to laugh or go zooey! :)

    I'd love to stay up and respond more to all the posts, but the sandman is beating me to death. Gonna hit the sack. Thanks for listenin'. Everybody have a wonderful night.

    Love n' hugs all,

  20. springwater

    springwater Well-Known Member

    hello all

    sun - the help turned this bad only later..the husband, wife n two kids hv been with us
    for like six seven years...five out of those seven they were all right. when i left the house
    to visit our daughter vfor three weeks, thats when they started real big time thieving
    with me finding out only a year n half later...since i never expected a help to use duplicate
    keys to open doors and steel cupboards, i kept putting it down to first my own carelessness,
    and then later as the disappearance of money n stuff got worse, bad spirits.

    Good to hear your husband is somewhat improved. Praying for complete healing.

    rock - weather gloomy n sunny by turns..its the coldest february we had for years and i
    like it in evenings when we can snuggle down with blankies. im dreading the humid hot

    daughter completed her Masters in Finance and son is enrolled now for a Arts course here.
    arts as in humanities. daughter told me she n her friend bought a plastic sled and sledded
    down the slope in their college compound..its a long slope and was beautifully green with
    trees at the sides when we went there in summer, funny to think of it as white.

    granni - ive seen rodoes on tv tho not lately, and they look dangerous! good to hear
    you and dh had an enjoyable day out...i like tou still make time to go out and perform
    for people inspite of your own bouts of cfs..and high bp. shows grit.

    julie - hope lindsey is keeping up the good health..and both mum to be and baby are holding
    up well. touching to hear of the nice day spent with your father..he is very fortunate.

    mikie - simon slowly but surely seems to be getting tamed..im a hoarder too..mostly
    books..tho im trying to change..i was in middle of throwing out huge piles of junk
    when brothers hospitalisation, passing and prayer ceremonies put a stop. and now
    im too tired to take up where i left off. but i will. By God, I will. I will do the things
    i need to do. here sandalwood and fir incense is very popular for cleansing rituals.

    dar - what a demanding job but you do it all splendidly. I suppose when you love
    your job its most of the battle won. I hope your daughter will have this diabetes
    under control. I hv a school friend went to the US she used to suffer from diabetes
    but stoutly refused to take insulin then since her job (she works in World bank)
    in US had a rule she has to get insulin she started getting it. She had lost so much
    weight when here but nowadays she looks really well, and is extremely active.
    She is coming back this year to get her son married off.

    Frieda - i hope the small improvements become larger and you will find
    real healing. i think the warmer weather also will help. tho it does seem like
    its taking its time to arrive there!

    Diane - i feel the stirrings of a panic attack coming up when i let myself
    think of the future, and what all we went thru with brother. The past
    two years have been excruciating when i think back. I keep saying
    to myself 'I release all my fear and worry over to the Divine. I send all my
    negativity into the light'. Seems to help. I used to get full blown panic
    attacks at one point when we just lost Dad and it wasnt pretty! Good thing
    is i recognize it coming on now and stop it immediately. Take my thoughts

    Jole - its so nice to hear of your GS travelling like that. Its wonderful
    to be able to do all those things when one is young and fit and enthusiastic.
    Well, we do get foreign tourists here who seem well into their 70s. I admire and
    envy them. Their chutzpah.

    Yesterday i cajoled son into accompanying me to a film. I had wanted to
    go see one in a theatre for some time to break the monotony i was feeling.

    I hadnt been sleeping too well. Would wake at around 3am my back
    or hip hurting, or stomach feelng rather bloated and uncomfortable.

    Im trying to get on with daily life. I have to say life feels very drab at the
    moment. Our Tibetan New Year is coming and my MIL phoned to ask if
    i wanted prayer flags and i told her we wouldnt be celebrating since brother
    expired and she told me since it was my brother who died and not someone
    from my husbands side, we didnt hv to abstain from celebrations. I told her
    i didnt FEEL like celebrating. I had LOST my brother. And New Year is about

    Shows the chauvinistic kind of attitude our community follows. Since its not
    the husbands side, no need to grieve.
    She backed down a little. I guess she felt the sadness in my voice.
    And realised it wasnt about rituals and traditions, but about feelings and emotions.
    She hardly seemed to grieve when her own husband died suddenly, so i guess she
    might not understand as well. A tough old bird. But in this world, its better that way.

    Take care

    God Bless

    God Bless
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