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    Wow, Porchies, when y'all decide to post, you do a bunch of it. I'm so glad to read everyone's posts.

    Diane, thanks for all the help you give our members with our computer issues. Wish I were more savvy about these things. Heck, I haven't even had the time to learn more about Windows 8. Oh well, I'll get there. Been too busy outside working on our garden to do any much, including cleaning my messy condo.

    Julie, I'm so glad your sleep has improved. I really think it's the key to our wellbeing. I hope the chiro treatment helped and you will notice a big healing. I am glad to see you are resting. Hope the snow isn't too bad.

    Leah, feeling a bit better with nothing to complain about is a good place to be. I am glad you are doing better. Many times, for me, just a little stirring toward the positive heralds an upward trend in health and emotions. One cannot separate the two. I pray for continued improvement for you. I don't think Simon will ever be tame but I consider it an improvement that he isn't quite as skittish around me. In a way, I'm glad he is wary of humans. He must have been horribly traumatized at one time and if he won't let anyone too close, it will protect him out there.

    Rock, all the ushers at our theatre are volunteers and they love it because they get to see the shows for free. Not just concerts, but the big name comedians and Broadway shows, like "War Horses." Our lady usher told us that the tornado in "The Wizard of Oz" was so realistic that the audience felt as though they were in the middle of a tornado. I remember in "Miss Saigon" that when the helicopter hovered over the stage, it was so realistic that I almost wondered how they got a helicopter in the theatre. There was a big writeup in the paper today about "Carmina Burana." The Gulf Coast orchestra will have 75 musicians with 100 singers in the chorus. Evidently, this cantata requires what they called a "big sound." Now, I'm really looking forward to Sun. night. I hope your back is better. Mine was killing me after sitting for three hours at the other concert. I may try to find a way to wear my brace under my clothes on Sun. Take care, my friend.

    OMG, Dar. I'm praying for you during the identity theft incident. What a horrible violation to have to endure, not to mention that it affects you financially. I have a Target Red Card which is only able to be used at Target. I don't know whether the ID thieves stole any of my info or not. Likely not since they can't use it for much of anything else but then, thieves can take very little in the way of info and use it to steal from us all. I refuse to own an ATM or debit card. I shread any offers for credit which come in the mail and I obscure my name and address on all my mail which I recycle, even junk mail. I bought a little stamp at Bed Bath & Beyond which stamps out my name and address on the envelopes and elsewhere. When I recycle my plastic pill bottles, I scratch out my name and the Rx number. I just got an e-mail that my bank had changed my contact mailing address. I freaked until I realized that the new address is the same as the old one. I still called their fraud dept. Seems on one of my accts., they didn't have my unit number. When they added it, it generated the e-mail. Whew! One of the worst things which has happened to us is just like what happened to us after the 911 terrorism. We have had to change the way we live. No more innocence! We have to assume our identities can be stolen in numerous ways at any time. I am as careful as can be but if a store is hacked, there is nothing I can do about it. Some stores have been notoriously lax about security. Not anymore. Target suffered financially and in reputation and set an example for other stores. Used to be that all hackers had to do is park outside a dept. store that used wi-fi and they could hack into everything. Now, it could be some hacker in Somalia in an internet café who steals poorly guarded info from where we shop. Yikes! I hope and pray you get it all worked out.

    Springwater, big Congratulations on your daughter's completing her Masters Degree. I'm not a hoarder, per se, but I certainly need to clean out closets again and get rid of unused things. Sometimes, a little bit of hoarding comes in handy. I never throw away TV and computer cables. Can't tell you how often I've come to the rescue of neighbors when they are installing new components or even when I need something myself. Just installed a cable splitter in my middle room so my wi-fi and computer can share the cable. I just went to my little electronic storage box and got the parts I needed. Everything's up and running (knock on wood :) I hate to even refer to myself as an amateur hoarder after watching the hoarders on TV who have newspapers piled to the ceiling and dead rats underneath everything. AACK!!! I do hoard paper products because I seem to use more than my share of them and they are expensive. I will spend no more than 25 cents a roll of toilet paper, 75 cents for a roll of paper towels, and no more than 99 cents for a box of tissues. With carefully shopping sales, using coupons, and buying when Target gives a $5 gift card for buying two packages of paper products, I pay waaaaay less than my limit and save a bundle. The real challenge is to find space in my condo to store it all. I've gotten creative in finding places to tuck the extras in until I need them. I always have a big supply on hand so I never have to pay retail. Yes, unfortunately, it's still "A Man's World" in many ways in many cultures. Women here still make only 77 cents on the dollar for every man who does the identical work. Things are changing but changing slowly. In so many countries, girls don't even get to go to school to get an education. When the men in the family are gone, the women are reduced to begging. There is a woman, who sells jewelry and accessories on HSN. She travels all over the world and helps to set up little cottage industries where such women can make the jewelry and make a living. I admire that. Whether you feel like celebrating the New Year or not, and understandably so, I want to wish you a Happy New Year with many blessings. My this year be a happier year for you and your family.

    Bealls is having a sale with $10 coupons for every $25 spent so I may run down there to see whether I can find some dressy casual shoes. If not, I do have a couple of pair which will do. What I really need to do is clean my condo. I just brought in Simon's bowls as it is light out. I can already hear a blue jay screeching his displeasure out front. They are under the delusion that those bowls of food are for them. At least, those nasty crows are gone.

    I finally found an affordable tree face for the big pine tree out back. I can see it from my lanai. Its jaw juts out and can be filled with bird food. Well, the squirrels use our pine trees and eat the pine cones so they would raid the bird feeder. I don't usually feed the squirrels as they live in a veritable squirrel paradise here but I may put a few peanuts in the feeder. The face is quite gnarly and the eyes glow in the dark. That should keep dark spirits away! I also found a sticker for my SUV's back window with the fish skeleton which reads, "Fillet and Release." I'm not one for bumper stickers but this window sticker just cracks me up. My DGS, who catches and releases, probably won't see the humor in it. Everything is available on Amazon. I love that place.

    Hope y'all have a blessed day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hello Dear Friends

    It is raining here. We've had moderate to heavy rain here all night. Prediction is for
    rain all day. We seldom have thunder or lightning to go with the rain though, and
    rainbows are extremely rare.

    Remember that old song "Rainbows are Back in Style"? Recorded by Wynn Stewart among
    others (like Slim Whitman). Wynn had a hit about the same time; "It's Such a Pretty World
    Today." I lived in Las Vegas during all of 1968. Most of that time Wynn was playing at the
    Golden Nugget. Our office went there for lunch sometimes. It was said that Wynn was drunk
    most of the time, but he never looked unsober to me. Wikipedia, however, reports that he
    did have a problem with alcoholism.

    Mikie, speaking of hoarders, did you every hear of the Collyer Brothers? They may have been
    the champion hoarders of all time. Their brownstone mansion in Harlem was filled with
    over 100 tons of stuff. Search for Collyer Brothers Mansion; you can see pics. A book
    about them called "My Brother's Keeper" was written in the 50s. Or you can just read one
    page on Wikipedia. Among their treasures were 14 pianos and two organs.

    Thanks for the clarification on your daughter's diagnosis, Dar. I've been taking Glyburide
    Metformin for years, but the doc told me my next perscription will be different as
    the stuff is no longer being made. Sorry to hear about the credit-identity problem. Seems like
    we are all victims of vast external forces over which we have no control. That would include
    our government, the weather, the economy and the Kardashians.

    SW, hope you can find some trusty helpers. Something along the lines of Mammy in
    "Gone With the Wind" or Mr. Belvedere in "Sitting Pretty". My dad used to say that if we
    went to a military base or Fort Knox, they wouldn't let us in. But it's the people who
    work at those places that generally steal the secrets, nuggets, whatever.

    Congratulations to your daughter for getting her Master's. I looked at the web site for
    my old law school last week. I don't remember how much tuition was except for the
    last semester. It was $800 which I borrowed. (That was the extent of my debt when
    I graduated.) Anyhoo, the charge today is over $15,000. Hard to believe they can
    find students who can afford it.

    Hugs, Friends
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    whew......what a ton of posts to read and try to remember who said what.

    Mikie: Happy to read the show was so terrific. I watched part of the latest Celtic Thunder on PBS the other night. Apparently the youngest guy has grown up since the last edition was shot. I could hardly recognize him and they've replaced some of the regulars with new cuties. There were two beautiful young women dancing around one man as he sang. One thing that always struck me with the women on both irish programs was how they hold their arms back with an exagerrated pose as they walked or danced. I've always loved the violin player dancing around like a fairy. And all the girls are so beautiful with outstanding voices.

    Dar: so sorry to read that your DD is having health issues. There's a lady I know of who had terrible diabetic problems, really scary. Last I heard was she's lost almost 100 lbs and is now off all diabetic meds. I hope this new doctor is able to help stabilize it.

    SW: great that your DD has graduated. Now what for her? Will she stay in the U.S. and work here or what? What was her degree in?

    Granni: Hope the mammogram test turns out to be nothing, but it's always a worry.

    Leah: Loved your "hiding" post! LOL Good to see your sense of humor coming out.

    Diane: I think you mentioned your doc. visit in a couple more weeks. Since most of us suffer from anxiety at one time or another Im anxious to read if she has some good recommendations on how to avoid them. I agree with SW: if I try not to think of something upcoming, staying busy, I can keep anxiety in the far distance.

    DH had a CT scan a few days ago. Then he'll see the oncologist again to determine the chemo. Having him HOME for over a month now is HARD on me.......he's driving me crazy. I sent him out yesterday to the movies so I could have a breather. He's going to be home another month until he goes back to work. Work for him has been everything and he can't function doing something else. A new schedule for classes just came out....I see one for pottery.......perhaps I can talk him into something creative!
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    Hi Kids

    It's too bad variety shows disappeared from TV and musicals disappeared from the movies.
    Of course the "variety shows" were mostly music. At any rate, when I was a teen
    Perry Como was one of the country's most popular singers. Here he is in glorious
    B & W.


    Oh, My Gosh! It worked. Yesterday it wouldn't. Now it does. This teaches us all a
    valuable lesson. Computers are mysterious creatures. :cool:
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    Hugz to all my dear Porchies. I won't remember what everyone posted. The memory is a bit iffy :)!!

    Went to the dentist for a perio cleaning with DH. Luckily we both ended up done at the same time. Originally the appointments were at different times but one of my hygienists first patients didn't show up or canceled . So, I stepped in and took her place. It worked out well and so next appointment we have the same tie with our hygienists.

    Diane - I have heard about that another snow storm is coming your way. I am sure you all are just sick of it, but what can you do? I know that the shoveling isn't fun either. We did plenty of that years ago when we living in NY. hope all goes well with you and your pschys appt. in the middle of next month. I am sure it will be helpful in the end to get you all evaluated. Yes, if you have an attack in his office then he can make his own decisions and treat you accordingly. Yes, I am sure it wouldn't hurt to take a Klonopin before you go either :)!! Let us know how it all goes when you have your appointment. We'll be thinking about and praying for you to get through it AOK !! So glad to see you posting again.

    Julie - Heard about more snow storms for you too. Gee, this has got to stop already. Glad Lindsay is doing OK. Just try and take it easy sweetie so you don't fall apart.

    Just got a message from daughter #2 whose husband's last day of work in NC was today. She said he was teary eyed. He has worked for that company even before meeting my daughter. He is retiring early. He has been there for so long. They plan on moving here to TX. where his parents live. They hope to move into our subdivision if thy can get a home and fix up their home to sell. His parents live in a rather small town so they could go visit them any time. None of us are getting any younger, for sure.

    Spring Water - Congrats to your daughter who has gotten her Masters. What a wonderful accomplishment for her. I know she has worked very hard and hope she gets a good job that she enjoys after all the hard work. Glad to hear from you and some cheery news at that.

    Rock - Sorry about your back being so troublesome. I know about that as it seems to hurt a lot of most of the time. Hope it feels better soon.

    Really liked your roller skating video. Boy does that take me back. DH and I used to roller and ice skate and Perry Como was really in and my mother just loved him. We used to tease her and call him her boyfriend. The video was great but I still couldn't get it very loud. Love those poodle skirts.

    Have been waiting to hear from my doc on the suspicious whatever on then mammogram and also to hear about my brother on his prostate cancer. Thanks to all who have been praying for him. I will let you all know when I hear something. Hope it is good and better than my suspicions, knowing my brother.:(

    Hi also to Jole, Dar, Sun, Freida, and everydobby else I couldn't or didn't mention. So nice to read all those posts but then I have to remember what everyone has said :)!!

    Love to awl,
    Granni :)
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    Loved the Perry Como clip. Even I had a crush on him........soooooo cute/adorable. My mom had a friend back in the late 50s who claimed she dated him a little, said he asked to marry her, but her dad said NO because what could become of a singer! HA. I once was set up on a blind date with her son (very cute but we didn't hit it off) and her husband was VERY handsome.......an electrical engineer I believe. She could have had a wonderful life though with Perry.

    We've had periods of very hard, intense rain today. I celebrated by buying a new set of windshield wipers! Yahoo.....I can now see while driving. I'm supposed to go to a baby shower tomorrow about 40 min. away.....I haven't driven by myself in such a long time (that distance) and I'm feeling a bit antsy and now this threat of flooding. I want to be a "big girl" and do it though. LOL
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    Sun - You sound a bit like me with driving distances by myself. I hope your weather isn't that bad tomorrow when you have to drive. I know sometimes you have to push yourself and be a little more independent. Have fun at the baby shower. Geez I haven't been to one in eons. I could never be like JULIE and drive for hours by myself to go here and there. Wow, new windshield wipers, what a present for yourself or your car. Have fun at the baby shower and hope everyone is doing well.

    I need to go wash this mop. It is driving me crazy and I really do not want to do it but I must - drat :)!!!

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