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    Thought it was time to start another Porch. Y'all come on in.

    Love, Mikie
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    Mikie - Thanks so much for starting up our new porch. It has been a crazy day here trying to find out PW for our WIFI so we can register the new Kindle. DH's kindle died so he bought another with the white screen. Sounds an looks pretty neat. DH is working at the fish fry and I am here trying to figure this out. I am not even getting any packing done for leaving Monday. What a major pain !!!! They had to bring him to a hospital in San Antonio from a little town where he was. So they may not get to go if he is still in a bad way .. Hope you get to rest and feel better some after a hot shower and all..

    Spring Water - Geez you have been going through a lot to yourself. Everyone please go back and check the last Porch volume where Spring Water and others have been posting. She left a fairly long one at the end. Sounds like you need some more NRG also. Please keep us all updated when you can and hope you feel better soon. All those electricity outages and stuff must be very frustrating. I know we would be to if in that situation.

    Julie - You are probably on your way by now with Den. I hope you both get alittle rest with all the working you plan to do on your workation :)!!

    Hope to get back here tomorrow. Not sure with so much to do . If anyone has any ideas on how to find our WIFI PW let me know. I have wasted my whole afternoon on it. Thinking of everyone that I didn't get to mention.

    Love to everydobby,
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    Granni: did I read this correctly......something happened to your DH?

    And we're having DSL internet problems big time. Earthlink kept dropping us, phone guy was out 2 weeks ago to check, said it was our phone lines. Verizon wouldn't give us a dedicated phone line since we were with earthlink, so everything was supposed to change this morning......sure did.....no internet. I'm at Starbucks right now.

    I posted what happened to my day today (read it on homebound #3) Stress over everything has gotten so bad I'm finding I'm having to SCREAM to release tension......not good. Is this SCREAM therapy?

    Mikie: Great news about your DGS. And I'm sorry you're still not over the crud. Of course doctors will just poo poo that something hangs on. My DS in Portland has been sick with bronchitis and fatigue for months now. I told him the other day to try some oregano oil and surprise.......he was going to buy a small bottle. That tells me he's sick of being sick.

    SW: Good, long newsy post. And thanks for the prayers.
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    Sun - Just time to pop in for a second. No that was not my DH it was the husband of friends we were going away with's Dad, now is that confusing or what??? Just wanted to let you know it was not my DH. Thanks for your concern. This is an older man older than us ( groan) with heart problems and pneumonia.

    Will try and get back tomorrow for a bit. I just hope our friends dad gets better and they can go with us too. Bye for now. Don't scream to loudly you'll strain your throat :)!! Sorry for all the stress you are under.

    Mike - Feel better too hon.

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    Hello everyone......sorry I haven't been here. This winter has been horrible for my pain. It seems like it's been front after front coming through. BUT I had two days this past month that I felt well enough to 'remember' what it was like to feel well :) I managed to get some meals made and in the freezer, and was happy I did because our two teenage GSs spent their Spring Break with us. I'd forgotten how much teens can eat.

    Had my final eye exam Tuesday and my glasses should arrive early next week. I took a risk. Picked out two frames I really liked.....one was brown, with a bit of lime green stripes on the sides. The other was red frames...more a deep, shiny red. I said I wanted the brown ones, and as she went to get the order sheet I changed my mind and got the red ones! She laughed when I said they might be my last pair and I might as well go out in style! But truth be told, I've worn glasses since the age of 6, and every pair I've had have been either brown or black. At my age I can do as I want, right??

    Okay, back to bed........hugs to all......Jole
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    freida - i just saw the homebound chat you started in friendship n support and
    read thru. touched my heart, all the posts and the breathtaking pictures Soul
    put up of trees....

    i hope youre doing okay.

    i keep wishing summer would hurry up and come soon so you can enjoy
    the outdoors...the outdoors where you live is so beautiful.

    jole - good to see you...the green striped specs sound jazzy..and i agree
    its time to do what you want...

    god bless
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    Hi, Everyone,

    Granni, I've never figured out the wi-fi passwords. They ask you to pick a password when you set up the wi-fi, but the passwords never work. You have to input the original key which came with the wi-fi router. When this stuff works well, it's great but when it's too complicated or doesn't work, it makes me want to tear my hair out. Did DH get the Kindle Paperwhite? It's great for reading outside and in the dark inside. Hope DH is doing well.

    Sunflower Girl, hope your DS gets better. I've never seen this crud hang on like it is for so many. Hope the oregano oil helps him.

    Jole, good for you! My one doc wears red frames and they make him look downright handsome. I don't look good in glasses so have ones which are rimless with everything clear in front. The side pieces can be changed out. I have several different colors but not red. They've gotten so expensive that I doubt I'll buy any new ones. I hope you enjoy your stylish new red frames.

    Hi, Springwater, have you gotten any of your problems straightened out? I hope so and hope you do have some more NRG.

    I did take my shower and went to Bealls where I got two pairs of short Capris (not the long ones) in white and pink. They were $44 retail and, with my two coupons, I got them for $19.99 each. I noticed that my old ones were getting a bit worn. These are sheeting material instead of denim and will be cooler for summer. I also used my $5 coupon at Publix and got my $50 gas card for $40. It's so nice when I need to fill up to just use my gas cards I have on hand. I usually end up spending about $2.78 a gallon, figuring in the 20 percent discount on the cards.

    Came home and went to turn on our water and it was off. Outside was the plumber's truck. Seems a water pipe broke next to our bldg. I'm not sure whether it delivers water to us or to the bldg. next door as both come off the same water main. In any case, either they, or we, will have a big plumbing bill. I think it's theirs but am not sure. What a mess; the poor guy was up to his elbows in muck and slime. They left a mess too--got mud all over the side of our bldg. The ground was so muddy, I couldn't get to our hose to wash it off. I'll have to pick up some mulch to replace what they dug up. At least, we got our water back later in the day. We take things like electricity and water for granted until it's gone.

    I need to do some work inside today and think I'll have enough NRG to do, at least, some of it. Hope everyone else has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  8. Granniluvsu

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    Mikie = Haave you heard pf well I got connected finally to the wifi for the Kindle and DH was looking at it and getting excited about it and then poof lost the connection and we had the wrong password which we didn;t. Could the network be the problem ( the wifi net). Now it won't work and DH is all upset saying he's not going to use it any more - fat chance :)!! He just doesn't want to fool with it. Very impatient sometimes.

    I sent an e-mail to amazon and their kindle area to see what they say. Very weird. That never happened before , same wifi but different kindle. Just curious. I have no time for this right now. Trying to pack but now almost beddy bye time.

    Love to awl,
    Granni These gadgets drive me batty :)! grrrrrrrr
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    Hi Kids

    Not really up to posting much. Looks like we all have health problems and electronic problems. I guess you could combine the two if you had a pacemaker.

    I have been watching Youtube a lot lately. Listened to some old hit songs from the 1950s
    yesterday. Used to dance to them. And skate at the roller rink. I guess today's kids
    use those modern skates outdoors.

    Am reading the autobiography of David Brenner, comic who died last week. He was a few
    years older than I. Used to be on the Tonight Show frequently. Grew up in the slums of
    Philadelphia. Unlike so many adults, he recalled his childhood, the games played and
    the homemade toys. Brenner said when he died, he wanted $100 in small bills put in his
    pants pocket. "Just in case you have to tip where I end up."

    Jole, your new glasses sound very stylish. Not to brag, but I have a pair of sunglasses
    from the 99 cent store. They say "Class of 1991, East Orange High School." The
    temple pieces are yellow with black lettering. School colors, I suppose. Do
    they make me feel younger when I wear them? Alas, no.

    Well, Folks, "I'll be seeing you in all the old, etc."

  10. sunflowergirl

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    hi all......this is going to be quick......i'm at a crowded star bucks since our computer connections are capupt until a modem is delivred tomorrow.....sorry can't even backtrack to fix typing. It's been some stressful days, and this starbucks is over the top in noise.

    Granni.....I think your DH and I have about the same amount of patience. Good luck in getting some help on your kindle.

    Diane: Hope you're doing bettr.....saw you're on wanting to chat......never learned how but would love to reply to private messages if you want to.

    Rock: sorry you're having problems again......it never ends.....LOL
  11. Granniluvsu

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    Popping in to say that the Kindle finally went back on. I just tried it again after we got home from church and ate lunch. Also, did it close to the computer, not sure if that helped at all or not. Guessing something with the network but it is a big pain in the neck to have to keep putting in the WI FI PW when it goes out. DH is now thrilled. I have to go finish pack. It got cold again today, in 50's !! Then we will get the same temp tomorrow in NOLA.

    Jam - I know what you mean about stress and sometimes when I get all the duties to try and get us back. Have to carry the PW with us so we have to put it back in if it goes out again. However, then it might just tell you it is the wrong PW which is incorrect. Very bad timing to be fooling with all this stuff.

    Hugs to everydobby, No time to write to all separately and am so behind in packing. I probably won't be back till end of next week. A very busy week this week and then when we get home a bib practice and then performance. Yay and then that will be over ! Almost lost this whole post.

  12. Mikie

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    Hi, Porchies,

    Wow, all these problems. What's going on!

    Granni, it isn't necessary to leave the wi-fi on on your Kindle unless you are downloading a book or app or playing some games. It just uses up battery life. BTW, Amazon is very good with their tech support if you need them.

    Rock, I used to hang out at the roller rink in my youth. I still have my skates. I need to get them out to see whether they have held up. Footwear seems to fall apart down here. Want to check the rinks in the area to see when they have public sessions. DGS wants to skate with me when he comes down. I remember they always played "Harbor Lights" at the rink when I was a kid. I finally took some lessons and competed at the state level. Like everything else, I'm not great at doing anything but can do most things decently well. My neighbor ice skates at a public session down here where our minor league hockey team plays. I need to call their pro shop to see whether I can afford a decent pair of skates. The rental ones are awful, according to my friend. I need more stimulation than this neighborhood can provide. I watch TV and read but I need something more.

    Sunflower Girl, if I had to go to a noisy Starbucks to use my computer, I'd likely blow my top. DD and I were in one in Denver when I last visited and two employees were flirting so loud and ignoring customers that I wanted to smack them upside the head. That's not like me but noise and confusion will do that to me. There was also a grumpy kid on the other side of us. We took our coffee outside in the biting cold rather than stay inside.

    Hi, Diane, geez, another problem. I don't chat--don't even know how. Hope you get it fixed.

    Jam, I hear ya! I'm still using my laptop XP instead of my new Windows 8 Surface 2 because I haven't had time to learn a whole new system. I can do basic things on it but just finding things is a major pain. Blah!

    I read the paper and then got into the tub and got dressed and put on my makeup. Don't know why. I sat outside for only a bit and had to come in and sleep some more. Once I got up, I had some NRG so cleaned the condo. I'm down to only two projects in here and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe when I get those done, I can learn Windows 8. Between the rain we had and the sprinklers last night, it was especially beautiful out this morning. All our flowers and shrubs look beautiful. The hibiscus which had faded to a light yellow is in bloom again. The fertilizer the guy at Home Depot recommended worked and the flowers are now the beautiful orange and purple we first saw on the plant. Our double peach hibiscus is also in bloom and gorgeous. I put some nuts in the mouth of my tree face but haven't seen any squirrels around it. Since I can see some nuts from up here on my lanai, I suspect the squirrels haven't discovered them. Everyone likes the face. It gives the place an enchanted look.

    Sending my love to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
  13. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Well-Known Member

    Have to go fix dinner , then wash the mop and still try and curl it some even though the gal cut it really short this time. That is OK with me esp if it starts getting warmer. My hair grows to fast anyway. I think I packed to much but not sure what we are doing and the weather I packed a bunch as I am always cold. I did go to weather.com to get some idea.

    Jam - The PW is pass word which we will carry with us in the kindle on a piece of paper. BTW, the kindle is still working. it quit and I told DH to turn it off and back on and it went back on. Bit sure if it had anything to do with the fact we were right next to the computer or not.

    Mikie - I know that Amazon is really good on their customer service. Have been using them for some time. The wifi should be on there as you have to go through it to get whatever transferred there, They probably have glitches like the stupid computers do and the networks.

    Gotta run for now.

    Love you all,
  14. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni, not sure I understand what you mean by the wi-fi has to be on to get whatever is transferred there. If one has taken a book off the Kindle and put it in Amazon's cloud, yes, one would have to have wi-fi to turn it on but until one puts book in the cloud, it is in the device itself and is available without wi-fi. Perhaps I'm not understanding. I only turn the wi-fi on if I'm removing a book from the device of downloading a new book.

    I'm so happy to have a clean condo that I think I'll tackle the lanai today. The furniture needs cleaning and so does the tile floor (thank God for my Hoover floor machine). It's supposed to rain today and it looks as though it rained during the night. Just checked for Simon and he wasn't here. He showed up yesterday after a few days away. I got to pet Tweety and Sylvester and it was heaven! She lets them out now and they stay around. She whistles when she wants them to come in and they do because she gives them treats. I'm so glad they are able to go outside so I can see them now and then. Both look really good.

    Tomorrow, we go for our annual feast at Joe's Crab Shack. One neighbor is leaving on April 4 so we don't have much time. I'm bored and need to find some kind of intellectual stimulation outside the hood. Just keeping up the outside plantings and cleaning the condo are about as much as I can handle physically but my brain is atrophying. Thank goodness for my friends here. Y'all are always interesting!

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  15. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    Mikie: I'm impressed.......state level......you must have been really good. Great idea on buying your own ice skates and that would be a great activity for you. Gee.......people are leaving already?

    I'm at my DDs now on her wifi, but having trouble concentrating because my DGD is nonstop chattering...LOL I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all will work once we receive a new modem.....tonight I hope. It's become such a pain!!!!!

    Granni: have a wonderful time......don't eat too many of those yummi begneits.........not sure about that spelling.
  16. rockgor

    rockgor Well-Known Member

    Hi Kids

    We are very busy at the ranch. Gordon is busy cleaning out the garage. It's akin to
    cleaning out the Augean stables. Stuff piled 3 to 5 feet deep. A great deal of it
    belongs to his siblings. There was a mountain bike. After several phone calls and
    failed appointments, he finally got a nephew to come and collect it. My attitude is
    get rid of it and don't waste time with the siblings. They have been over here
    countless times in the last 4 years to look over stuff. If there's anything they
    wanted, they already have it.

    I, on the other hand, am busy reading a wonderful book with a rather ponderous
    title: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society. I am greatly indebted to
    Sunflower Girl who recommended it.

    It is written in letters rather than a narrative. The first novel I ever encountered with
    this structure was "Up the Down Staircase" way back in the 60s. Remember that one?
    It was a huge bestseller, and was made into a movie.

    Jam, I'm sorry you have a difficult neighbor. I think it's inevitable if one lives in an
    apt. In a village you can have a low cost house with lots of space between the houses.
    I have to disagree with your statement that bridge will keep your brain sharp. It
    may have done so for you, but not for me. Neither did crosswords or word games or
    having a collection or etc. Alzheimer's is just too powerful. Good thing I've kept my
    stunning beauty and sense of humor.

    I must have posted that last little joke a dozen times. Too bad it's only half true.

    Mikie, glad to hear that Tweety and Sylvester are fine and that you got to see them. We
    have a cat that visits us irregularly. It's a big, fluffy, black thing that loves to be
    petted and likes to come in the house and explore. We give it food, but it just nibbles
    a bit. Wears a red collar. Obviously lives nearby.

    Granni, I thought you were talking about your floor mop in your post. Then
    realized if you were curling it, you must be talking about your hair. I'm sure it looks
    very fetching. Hope you are having a wonderful trip.

    Diane, hope your electronic stuff is working as well as your meds and therapy.
    Years ago when I had Kaiser Permanente through work I went to some great
    therapy classes for small groups. It was the best thing about Kaiser.

    Springwater, did a recent crossword that had Nepal in it. (Your name wasn't
    mentioned though.) Is Spring busting out all over? Any progress with new help?

    Jole, did you get the new glasses yet? You've worn glasses even longer than I. I
    didn't know I needed them till the county nurse came round to our school and
    tested everdobby. I can remember which room of the school building, but not
    if I was in 5th or 6th grade. That's because both grades were in the same room.
    I hope with Spring coming, you will be feeling better.

  17. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Morning, Porchies,

    Sunflower Girl, I wasn't that great a skater. Won a few medals but never went on to regionals nor U.S. competition. Thing is that it was great to have a sport I really loved and devoted myself to. That was during my junior high years when it's easy to get into trouble or be bored without something to do. I watch ice skating competition today, with their quadruple jumps and am amazed. We did single jumps back then. I've watched old videos of ice skaters and they were only doing single jumps too. Seems to me that skating was more graceful back then before they had to try to cram as many jumps and spins into a routine in order to be competitive. It's less graceful but more athletic. I had to buy a new, expensive modem (I could have rented one from Comcast) but as they upgrade their equipment, it sometimes means we have to upgrade ours too. My wi-fi seems to work really well now (knocking on wood :) Hope the new modem helps.

    Jam, cleaning isn't my life either. I only do it because I like a clean place but I am not always cleaning. Playing cards or board games just isn't my thing. Rather have a root canal. Our mgr. belongs to a bunko group and that sounds kinda fun. Still, it's not that I'm trying to keep my brain sharp, even though God knows it wouldn't hurt, but rather I want to learn something new and interesting. When I lived in Boulder, Seniors could audit CU classes for free if there were extra seats. They don't do that down here and who has money for college? I just need to check around to see whether there are any interesting groups or classes down here for Seniors. If I take up skating, that may satisfy me, at least, for a while. I am glad you enjoy your bridge.

    Rock, don't overdo it cleaning out the garage. My closet presents the same challenge even though I just cleaned it out not long ago. I did clean my lanai yesterday. The black marks came off the chairs easily and my floor machine left my tiles sparkling. I have some plants out there and I just love looking out my sliders to the lanai and pond beyond. I put some little nuts in my tree face's mouth. It's supposed to be a bird feeder but the squirrels would just scatter the seed and it would come up in the grass. I looked out to see a little squirrel hanging on the lip and selecting a nut for himself. He was just a little guy. He sat on a limb and ate his prized nut. Everyone loves the tree face, especially the squirrels. Glad you have a visiting cat. They are best. No need to take them to the vet or empty litter boxes. Tweety and Sylvester seem content to sit outside their new home and come out to say hello when someone they love goes to get the mail.

    I'm up early to have breakfast. It's been raining all day yesterday and all night. It should keep it up until about noon. Our pond is full. We really needed the rain so am glad. I don't know whether there will be a condo mtg. today or not. It's really wet outside. I may forego it. I'm looking forward to having a big boiled pot of seafood and corn on the knob. I usually bring it home in a doggie bag and it lasts another two days for lunch.

    We'll be stopping at Penney's on our way home as they are having a buy-two-get-one-free offer on hair products. They sell the kind I use. I'll go to Target later as they have a $5 coupon for hair care products. I'm starting to run low so, as I usually do, I stock up when things are on sale. Well, that's about the extent of my exciting life. Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
  18. jole

    jole Member

    Hi gang!
    I do try to keep up nearly every day with all of you, but usually don't have anything to say :( Trying to clean house a bit today since my brother and his SO are coming to visit in a couple days. I love him 'cause he's my brother, but he's also the type I don't always like. They're very opinionated and love a good "discussion" with religion and politics. Not my thing anymore. My opinions are just that...mine, and I refuse to argue any more. Anyway, my cleaning is 15 min work, 30 min rest so it will be swiffered floors and dusted furniture at best.....lol.

    No Rock, I'm disappointed because my glasses have not been delivered yet. I called to check, and they should have been there by now. So I'm still reading with the zoom level on my computer set at 150%. Glad it's there!

    Mikie, I still have a pair of shoe skates too from my high school days! They have given the older GKs some hours of fun also, so really are in pretty rough shape. Walking is a challenge these days, but skating sure does bring back some good memories. I belong more to Rock's group of looking up from the ground these days...lol.

    Granni, hope your trip is a great adventure!

    Jam, I'm glad you have your bridge group to enjoy. I've only watched it being played and don't think I'd be interested in being the person sitting out. When we were first married we belonged to two card clubs. We played Pitch in one group, and Pinoche in the other group. Of course all of the couples had young families, so it was more a time to relax away from kids and visit with adults. Out of 12 couples, my hubby and I are the only ones still married. Really makes me think we picked our friends wrong!

    Break's over...back to floors. It's beautiful outside and would rather be sitting on my porch this afternoon. Will catch the rest of you later!
  19. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Well-Known Member

    It's late afternoon and I'm sitting AGAIN at starbucks, freezing out here. No modem YET. We received filters from verizon yesterday but modem wasn't included so they said they would overnight it.......I'm really getting sick of this. Today I brought a left over cup of Starbucks so I would have to buy today. At $2 a pop it can run into $.

    Mikie: I agree. I remember how graceful and elegant the skaters were from 20 years ago, when it wasn't all about how many fancy turns they could accomplish. As far as my ice skating went, and actually roller skating for that matter, I NEVER figured out how to skate backwards! I was lucky to just get around without falling.

    Rock: I'm sooooooo happy you're enjoying this book. I always worry when I recommend one to someone.

    We're going to have new ceramic tile put down in our main bath.........because a cracked foundation is under the existing (the tile is cracked) it has to be all pulled up, then a special bond is applied to foundation before the tile is layed. We also decided to have the old surrounding tile removed from around the bathtub/shower. The house is 50 years old but the bathtub is still in very good condition. The tile guy came this morning to measure and discuss everything.....hopefully it should be started in about 2 weeks. And after doing a lot of searching to replace the shattered light globe it looks like I'll just have to purchase 2 new lighting fixtures. What a pain.
  20. bct

    bct Well-Known Member

    Hi All. Hope your weathers aren't getting you down! It's raining here and I'm so happy. We need it so badly, as I guess some of you have heard.

    Jole, nice to hear from you! I knew you were reading, somehow, and am glad to see you back. I'm like you; read but can't think of what to say. ( Hi, italics, where'd you come from?)o_O And I'm glad you are enjoying the weather at last. And your sunsets and rises sound lovely. My horizons here are all trees.

    Rock and SFGirl, I just requested the Guensey Lit. and P.P.P. Society from the library. I MIGHT have read it already, the title sounds so familiar.... Oh well, If so, I'll read it again.! Thanks for the heads up on this book, Sunflower! I appreciate it.

    Love and Blessings to All you Wonderful Folks