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    Hi everyone! We're home from Texas...drove 13 hours today and got back around 11:00 pm. Drove straight thru to get there last Friday and spent some good times with my brother, sister-in-law, nephew, and Sis's sister and husband.

    Sis had chemo Friday and we got there shortly after her treatment. She got along pretty well, but Saturday and Sunday were a little rough on her. After her next round (two weeks from tomorrow) she may get to take a break from it.

    I took plenty of food and did most of the cooking...and tried to pamper her as much as possible. Her birthday was yesterday, so her sis met us where she works...with a birthday cake to share with her coworkers. And we had a little family party last night.

    So thankful that David's folks have been here almost the whole time we've been gone. David has been gone all week, too...when he gets back tomorrow, things will get back to "normal."

    It is after midnight...I tried to skim the posts, but too sleepy to write any more...have been thinking of you all, though!
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Jole, yes, memories from my fearless old days do bring me so much pleasure. Believe me, I'm going to be much more careful this time around. I've been very disciplined about finishing up my closet cleanout project before I go look for skates. Can't clean it out with a broken leg :eek:. Glad the GKs enjoy your skates. My younger DD had to have red metallic skates. That was during the Disco Era when nothing was too glitzy. I remember going to the rink to pick her and her sister up and they would be skating to Disco music, my older DD in her satin jacket. They were tweens then so I didn't want to show up and skate and embarrass them. Now, I'll likely only embarrass myself :). I do like you when my NRG is low; I pace myself and get a bit done at a time. Eventually, it all gets done or, what doesn't get done isn't worth doing.

    Jam, I think you're right. Kids today play on their electronic devices, either independently or online, competing with one another. I just got Candy Crush and Cogs for my Kindle. Don't know when I'll have time to play. I got the guides. Seems kids can just dig in and play. Us older folk need a little help. I think it would be wonderful if you could get some help with cleaning. It's all I can do to keep up with it.

    Sunflower Girl, that's exciting, getting new tile. I actually enjoy tiling but I couldn't do the kind of prep work you will need. Have you picked out the tile yet? Next to painting, nothing updates a room like new tile. There are some really nice light fixtures, even at Lowe's. Goode luck on your project.

    Barry, good to see you post. Hope you can post more soon.

    Julie, glad you're home safe and sound. Sorry the chemo was rough on your sis. It's a cruel joke that it doesn't hit hard until the next day. I'll keep her in my prayers.

    Didn't get here yesterday. I slept til almost 7:00 a.m. When I have to take an allergy pill before bed, I sleep much later. Today, I was up at 4:00. UGH! Cleaning out the closet is going slowly as I'm ironing all my tee shirts as I hang them on the new flat hangers. I think I'll have to take up a pair of my favorite pants, or throw them away, as I continue to either lose weight or shrink. Haven't been on the scale and haven't been over to the pool to work out. It's full of families and lots of kids. I've been so active that my hip and back don't hurt; being active is helpful. Still, it isn't aerobic and won't lower my cholesterol. Kids will be here til after Easter. AACK! Too many of them make the pool dirty and it has to be shocked. Last year, it had to be shocked twice with chlorine and, when that didn't work, the pool man had to use some kind of acid which stained the pool finish. I'm glad my friends and neighbors can enjoy their families during Spring Break but I'll be so glad to see them go and get things back to "normal." Of course, then, the heat and humidity will return. Still, I'm enjoying the best weather we've ever had doing other things. We are already getting some rain so I'm guessing we will have an early summer with lots of rain like last year.

    The brake light on Barb's Lincoln MKZ went out. It's an LED and part of the whole section of lights in the back. It's less than five years old. LED lights should last longer than that. Price to fix--more than $800 as they have to replace the whole bank of lights. They had one on hand so they did the job for $550! They only will give her a two-year warranty on this new set. As new cars depend on the LED's, I guess they will be gouging people for replacing lights. Another reason to keep my 11 year old Highlander. Nothing too fancy on it. Heck, I got a new timing belt, water pump, and my tranny flushed for $850.

    Maybe it's because I'm feeling better but I feel bored with my life. I almost never feel bored but that may have been because I didn't have enough NRG to do much besides read and watch TV or sit out on our Balcony. Balcony has turned into a gossip mecca and I'm not into that. Simon hasn't been by in ages. I hope he's OK. I hope everyone here is OK, no, better than OK!

    love, Mikie
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    internet was out for a day and a half..came back on this morning

    me busy, cleaning, washing, etc

    also my SIL from Switzerland arrives today for visit with her moms

    (my DHs) sis.

    wanted to go for flower show, but no time.

    rock - hvnt found replacement help yet, so bogged down with work

    mikie - i hope simon stops by soon

    granni - enjoy yr trip looking forward to hearing

    julie - good to hear your SIL tolerated chemo well

    jam - since tv came ive lost touch with radio

    our cable tv s et box has to come back from indian border

    after repairs so taking time, im feeling lost without the

    idiot box

    sun and diane - hi

    jole - yr place sound beautiful with the springtime

    freida - lots of birds here, some new kinds..and the

    trees are wreathed in new green leaves - lovely

    dar and all - hope youre doing good on energy or better

    than previous

    god bless
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    Good evening...I think it is Thursday, lol! I tried rereading both of these last porch volumes, but can't think to write to anyone personally. Everyone has so much going on, some good and some not good at all...I do pray for less pain (or even no pain) and for more energy for all my friends on here.

    Den and I are taking our time with getting back in the swing of things. He is still on vacation until Tuesday, so gets to just be home and do whatever he wants for a few days. First on his list was to put David's truck back together...had taken it apart before we left to fix something in the motor, and got it all put back today.

    This morning, I went over to the house to see the twins (David's folks were watching them while Lindsey took Lorraine to preschool.) The babies did not want anything to do with me for several minutes...then Isaiah would run toward me and quickly run away. Liora kept her distance completely, but would smile at me.

    Then Isaiah finally took a run and leaped into my arms to stay. Liora took her time, but when she did indicate that she wanted me to pick her up, she wrapped her arms around my neck and snuggled against me for probably ten minutes or more. Then she was fine and got down to play...

    So funny...when Den went over to see them, they both went right to him, lol! Lorraine was glad to see us both, but I still made a big deal about how great it was that "Mama and Pap" were there to help take care of them while we were gone.

    I took a long nap this afternoon, then went to town to see my dad and pick up some things for Lindsey. He was glad to see me and I showed him pictures and videos of my brother, etc. The flowers I had arranged to have delivered to him while we were gone, were still in great shape...

    David's folks are going home on Saturday, so we are all going out for supper tomorrow night. Someone will pick up Den's dad and bring him to join us. I think it will be too cold and chaotic for my dad, so I didn't even mention it to him.

    Some of you might remember my dad's brother from farther south in Texas...Uncle Harvey. He is coming again this summer, and his whole family will be meeting close to us (daughter and family flying with him, son and family driving from Ohio, another son and family coming from elsewhere in Texas.)

    Harvey's daughter called me the other night and asked if it would be okay to have a family reunion at our farm, while they are all together. I was going to have the annual Father's Day dinner anyway, so this will work out perfectly.

    My cousin wants to help or pay for anything I need, and can pick up things in town as they head here for dinner. She said that she and her brothers haven't all been in Iowa at the same time since they were young children.

    I think it will be lots of fun...hopefully, Uncle Harvey and Dad's two sisters can be here also. And of course, my kids and my brother (that lives an hour away) and his family...it will be quite a big crowd, but we can hang out in the shop and around the yard.

    What better incentive to get things cleaned up around here, lol! Wish my brother and sis that we just visited could be here too, but she wouldn't be able to travel...plus they are both using vacation and sick days for her chemo treatments.

    The weekend after Father's Day is when Amy, Keira and I are taking our "girls trip" back to Texas to see my brother and sis again...then on to Tennessee to see our young friend, Susan, who comes up here once or twice a year.

    Then I will have to stick around, in case that baby comes early...Lindsey is due August 16.

    I confess it makes me tired just to think of what all I would like to get done. But none of that matters as much as getting the family together and everyone having a good time...and we can do that, no matter what kind of mess the farm is in...

    I'd better head to bed...my eyes are wanting to close before I am done typing.
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