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    It's time for a new Porch. There are some new posts on the old Porch 693.

    I think that my allergies have opened me up to one of my sleeper chronic viruses so am on Acyclovir. I have a cold sore trying to take over a spot on my lower lip and I woke with a sore throat and swollen lymph nodes. Good thing I have nothing to do.

    I want to shower and run down to Target to use a coupon but it's not crucial. Usually, when I shower and get ready, I can do a few things before I have to just lie down. Simon hasn't been by in about a week so either something has happened to him or he's found a better place to eat. I just hope he isn't sick and suffering by himself somewhere.

    Sending love, hugs and prayers to everyone.

    Love, Mikie
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    Thanks, Mikie...for keeping us current :) I'm sorry you are feeling so rough; stupid allergies :mad: Glad you can take it easy, but I know you would like to just feel better so you can keep truckin'.

    Oh, Simon....has he been gone for this long before? Poor guy...but you have given him a safe haven of sorts, at least as much as he could feel safe.

    I woke up earlier than I would have preferred, but dealing with a headache/neckache...had it before we left, also off and on our whole trip. Have an appt. at the "long distance" chiro for Tuesday.

    Hope Granni is having a good time...is she to be back in a day or two? I've lost track of days, since Den is still on vacation, lol!

    Better get over and check on my neighbors. Lindsey needed some laundry detergent, and I picked some up last night, but when I got back from town the house was dark, so I didn't take it in.

    We are almost out of firewood, and it is COLD again...Den has a pile of wood he can split pretty quick. Still trying to "ration" the heating fuel...have made it all winter with just one tankful (would normally have had it filled two or three times by now.)

    Hope you feel better, Mikie....everyone have a good enough day, ok?
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    Hi, Julie, I hope you feel better too. I saw from the last thread that you are your usual busy, busy self. Slow down if you can to just take care of you. I finally made myself get into the shower and get ready to go out. I needed some good food (for my cholesterol diet), including fish, veggies and dark chocolate. This diet regimen isn't all bad. I had a small sirloin steak with brocholi and a bit of cranberry sauce for lunch, with a glass of red wine. I ate a couple of pieces of dark chocolate for dessert. I got some frozen wild caught salmon and sword fish at Target while I was there. They had a $5 coupon for buying $15 worth of hair care products. I spent more than $15 but the products are good and, at least, I saved $5.

    I also had two $10 coupons for spending $25 at Bealls so got a pair of cute B&W print Capris and a pair of black ones with a bit of bling on the back pockets. They retailed at $44 and $46 and I ended up spending $18 and $19 respectively for them as they were already on sale. I love Gloria Vanderbilt pants. They fit like gloves. I've now lost 17 pounds on the cholesterol diet even though I haven't felt up to doing any aerobic workouts lately. I have one pair of pants I'll have to take up or give away and another which is getting there too. I want to lose some weight but it's hard on the wardrobe. Barb lost about 50 pounds and ended up getting all new clothes.

    Simon has been gone as long as 4-5 days before but never this long, about a week. I just hope it's the nature of a homeless cat and that he'll show up. Since being on this cholesterol regimen, I've been sleeping better, and longer, but with DST, it's about the same in real time. It shouldn't have affected Simon. I don't want to just put a bowl out or the possum will eat it all. I did put some nuts in the tree face lower lip and a little young squirrel found it. Guess I'll go replenish the stash. It's fun to watch them find the nuts.

    Hope we get some more people here to the porch. I'm so tired and my throat is sore so may just go lie down a bit. Sending y'all my best.

    Love, Mikie
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    I'm baack !!! However, not much time to post. Had a great time. Have to fix dinner and leave to go to the Choral Society performance tonight. Then that will be done till mid August. Some good songs tonight. Hope they can understand some of these words. The program is about THE AMERICAN SPIRIT and coming over from other countries and across the plains to what is now the USA. Rather moving . Wish some of the people who live here appreciated and didn't take for granted what we do have here,

    Can't get into that subject now. Off to eat and then sing. We got back late yesterday and then I was off to dress rehearsal. Glad it will be over with next week.

    Mikie - Thanks for starting us up again. Need to back read but am now so behind in everything since we were gone. Hope you feel better and can go shop 9:!!

    Julie - Glad you had a good trip too. MOre later.

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    You busy, busy ladies :) Makes me feel like I'm doing something just by reading...thank you!! Julie, your reunion at your farm sounds like it will be great. My brother had one at his farm, and we've talked about it here, but we don't have a big shed that's free. It's sure a lot cheaper than renting a hall somewhere, and the kids have a great time with all the space to run around in. No worries about weather, either. Speaking of which, isn't it crazy how it's in the 70s one day and 40s the next?? We had some snow again this morning. Spring isn't wanting to arrive full force it seems.

    Mikie, congrats on the weight loss and doing it the healthy way. (The wine and chocolate :) ). I have never had you pictured as having an ounce to spare, so that was kind of a shock. This past year I added 20 pounds and have no idea why. Unfortunately, it's a lot harder to find clothes going UP in size rather than DOWN. I'm pretty much okay though, since I rarely need more than one outfit that's not loungewear. Would love new clothes just for the sake of it, but the styles are horrible (I think). Just don't see anything that's both cute and age appropriate, although 'they' say if it fits, it's appropriate.....lol.

    Granni, can't wait to hear more about your trip. Gee, what will you do with all your time without all the performances? I think The American Spirit sounds good, and I agree a lot of people take things for granted these days.

    Our youngest DD and family are coming to visit tomorrow. Looking forward to them a lot, especially since it's just for part of the day.......can enjoy them so much more than if they come for the weekend. I think they're finally getting that it's just not possible for me anymore. Hello to everyone~~ No other news here.
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    Oh yum...wine and dark chocolate! I agree, what a way to diet :p Good job, Mikie!!!

    If I do lose enough weight, I have a complete wardrobe of smaller clothes on hand. Seems I started gaining weight around 2006 or 2007 and just had to get bigger and bigger clothes...lots of stressful events started happening around then, and I am definitely a "stress eater." But I saved most of my smaller sized clothes, in the hopes of being able to wear them again...I am gradually losing (then gaining back, then losing some more) so there is a possibility of being able to fit into some of them again.

    Granni, I'm so glad you got back and had a good time! Busy, busy, busy though...as soon as you get back :)

    Jole, have a wonderful visit with your kids. Yes, sometimes my kids wear me out when they are all here. It seems they come to be taken care of by Mom...but forget that Mom needs some TLC too, sometimes :oops: I just hope they take good care of me when I am older...

    I figured up today that there could be around 40 people here for the reunion. But I will delegate responsibilities, and will try to get much of the prep work done ahead of time so I can enjoy the festivities too.

    Poor Lindsey...had been trying to get time to go to town for her groceries, but didn't want to leave all the kids with her in-laws for too long. Since David was home today to help, I drove Linds and Lorraine to go shopping.

    We got back home just in time to head back in to meet with everyone for supper. David and his dad went to get Den's dad. Den drove one of our vehicles. Lindsey was too pooped to go, so David's mom and I took the three kids. We had a great visit at supper, then did a "Chinese fire drill" of sorts...David's folks came back together in their car, David and Den brought the kids home, and I took Gpa to get some groceries and back to his house (an hour from where we had supper.)

    I was the last one home (almost 9:00 pm) but Gpa and I had a good time...and I drove the scenic route on gravel to get back to his house. We just chatted easily the whole way back. He has a doctor appt. next Friday, so we will have another "lunch date" and errand day then.

    Den wants me to go to town with him in the morning. We are finally going to start working on our house again and need to pick up some supplies. So, I had better get to bed, hopefully before midnight.

    Hi to everyone...have a great weekend!
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    Hi Kids

    Haven't been up to posting. Just the same old, same old. Gordon is working like a Trojan to
    clean out the garage. One of his brothers, the big guy who works out, came over. Moved
    2 sets of box springs and mattresses out to the curb. The bulk trash people will pick them up;
    we hope. Last time we put something out it took 8 days and two phone calls to accomplish
    the task.

    Yesterday Gordon called them again about new stuff to pick up. He asked if they would take
    an aquarium. The response was, "What's that?" Guess he should have said "el acuario".
    In with all the junk are some new items; never used. An igloo cooler still in plastic wrap.
    An electric cooker of some sort. And stacks of magazines going back to 1981. Uff-da! Well,
    he should be done in another 3 or 4 months. I am unable to help in any meaningful way.

    Mikie, I hope your anti viral works, and that Simon comes home. We've had a black and
    white cat around here twice during the past week. I've been putting out kibble and water.
    Sometimes something eats the kibble. Haven't seen the cat again though.

    Julie, glad you had a nice trip. Good luck with the reunion. Our family never had reunions
    when I was a kid, but after I moved to California my Aunt in Rochester started organizing
    them at a state park. It was like a picnic; everybody brought stuff. Gordon and I
    went to two over the years. I thought they were great.

    Gotta go lie down. Back is acting up again. Hugs to everydobby.

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    Hi, Kids,

    Granni, I think your new theme sounds amazing. I think too many of us take what we have here for granted. Our ancestors had to overcome so many obstacles to settle here. I also love the diversification of our people. It would be nice if we knew more about other cultures, some of which our ancestors came from to come to the U.S. A lot of people keep the old ways and languages alive but back, not too long ago, it wasn't fashionable to appear "just off the boat," so families dropped their cultural differences and adopted the American ways. Glad you had a good time on your trip.

    Jole, over the years with these DDs, I've put on a few pounds. I could stand to lose another 10 pounds. I don't worry too much about it but I do want to control my cholesterol. Losing the weight is just the icing on the cake which BTW, I can't eat! :( Exercise is the most important part of my regimen and I have to get back to doing aerobics. My BP is amazing low now and that another good surprise. I'm with you regarding finding appropriate clothing. Good thing we wear Capris, shorts, tee shirts, and sandals all the time down here. Also, we need a wardrobe of bathing suits. The sun and chlorine do them in. Enjoy your DD and family. Even though I'm doing so much better, having my kids here does me in too.

    Julie, don't most of us have our "fat" and "skinny" clothes? Weight can fluctuate and it doesn't make sense to throw everything away. When Barb lost 50 pounds almost instantly, it made sense to get rid of her clothes. She had a heart condition and most of the weight was water. She has nice clothes and one neighbor made out well from the donations. You are your usual busy self. Take time to rest.

    Rock, sounds as though the garage project is coming along well. We can put large items down by our dumpster and call for a special pickup. My Acyclovir seems to be working. The lymph node swelling is down a bit under my chin. The sore throat is better too. I'm using Abreva to try to keep the cold sore from getting any worse than the sore little bump it is now. Simon wasn't here again this morning so I fear the worst. It is raining but he will come out in the rain if he's really hungry. I've said prayers for him that he isn't suffering.

    Well, decided to start using my new Surface2 with Windows 8. The battery was dead so I charged it. The tablet part came on for about a minute and showed it was charging. Then it went off and I can't get it to start again. I've charged it for two days and that ought to be enough for any dead batter. I'll have to find my paperwork, or go to the Microsoft website, to make a claim. I hate it when things don't work, especially new things. :mad:

    It's supposed to rain all day so will try to finish up my closet project. It got interrupted yesterday as I felt horrible and had to go out. Oh, I hear thunder so this will be a real cloudburst. We need it. Once the closet is done, I'll have to find my paperwork and get the Surface in to have it fixed.

    Hope everyone has a great day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi everyone. Let's see if I remember it all:

    Julie is back and is planning a big family reunion. Such energy! I hope you're able to easily pull it off.

    Mikie is losing a ton of weight! And good for you too. I hope Simon is OK, just finding a different bowl of food someplace else. Have you talked to his old "owner" about him? Glad to read you're feeling better. I can always tell when I read about your couponing.

    Granni is back too and raring to get into a new singing routine. That sounds like a good theme for the nursing home people to enjoy.

    Jole is expecting company. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.

    Rock is busy supervising the garage cleaning! Sounds like things are really going good for you. It's amazing how we accumulate stuff. Everytime I drive into the garage I ask myself how it seems to be getting smaller! That means moi has to get out there and toss unnecessary.

    We had a very strong earthquake last night about 9 PM. We basically have a glass house (sliding glass doors everywhere) and boy did this BOX shake. I called my DD and talked to a scared 11 year old GS. Him and his dad were checking the house. I heard him say some pots came down and a statue fell off a shelf and broke. We found out that the epicenter was close to where they live. And apparently my GD slept thru it. Called my DD on her cell......she had been shopping with a friend. She laughed.....said her first thought was to run but her friend wanted to pay for everything she had accumulated in her shopping cart. We NEVER get used to earthquakes.

    I've done something to my neck and back and they've giving me fits of pain again. I had made up a rubber vest that velcroes closed so when I'm covered with it and my rice filled things and a cold pack around my head my DH knows not to bother me! By the way, he gets his second round of chemo IV on tuesday. He went back to work on thursday and his company has given him a computer to bring home....now waiting on a monitor and other stuff. So far so good with the way he's feeling
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    Good Saturday evening! Ended up being a pretty nice day...computer says it is still 54 degrees, my phone says 51...we'll take either one :)

    Sun, I am so sorry about your back and neck. I have done the same thing to mine and don't really know what has happened. Your rubber vest "signal" sounds like a great idea! I was hurting so bad all morning; took some Ibuprofen and napped for about three hours after lunch. Felt better when I got up, but still going to the far away chiro on Tuesday.

    I can imagine that you would never get used to an earthquake...I suppose similar to our tornadoes? We do usually have some notice, though, and can get to shelter.

    Mikie and Rock...hope you get your cleaning/organizing projects done to your satisfaction. I need to get back to my "list" as soon as I recover from our trip :eek: I did go over to Lindsey's after my nap and watched the kids while she took a nice bath. David worked today and his folks went home...must have left pretty early; their daughter posted on facebook before noon that they were home...it is at least a nine hour trip.

    Den and I went to town early this morning...spent over an hour at the home supply store. We were looking for some 4 X 8 sheets of stuff for our roof...their computer said they had 25 pieces, but nobody could find them. So we ended up ordering it instead. Today was the last day of an "11% off sale" and we wanted to take advantage of that.

    Tomorrow marks seven years since Den's mom passed away. Sometimes I think I could have done things differently and had a better relationship with her, but that is in the past and I try not to dwell on that.

    Granni, hope you are recuperated from your trip and getting back into the "groove."

    Thinking of everyone...gonna just putter the rest of the evening, and get some bills paid.

  11. sunflowergirl

    sunflowergirl Active Member

    Julie: one NEVER is satisfied with a relationship with someone who has passed on. We always have some type of regret over......could have spent more time, or be more patient, or done more for them, been more understanding, been more helpful.....well you get it, the list can go on forever, so don't ever beat yourself up. I'm sure you did the best.

    I'm sitting here wearing my cold pack on my head.....using the velcro sewn onto a strong knee hi sock. I had to resort to tramadol several times in the past 24 hrs. along with ibuprofen. I have no idea what brought this on. And the rice filled things I use daily. Driving home from someplace today I was wondering if there is a tiny microwave for a vehicle......maybe the size of a glove compartment. That's actually a funny word for a car anymore......who wears gloves?

    I was determined I was going to go someplace today......determined to have type of a life......so my DH and I drove to a little artsy/antique filled town. Haven't been there in a least 8 years and I couldn't believe how it's grown and changed. And talk about people! I thought they were giving away STUFF! We stopped at an art gallery I've been wanting to visit, then had lunch. By then my head was roaring from pain, so we stopped to pick up my DDs dog and bring her home with us for about a week, while they go on a little vacation. It's spring break for the GKs
  12. Granniluvsu

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    Good morning awl,
    Not sure what is happening and when today. The choir group or some of them will be singing for the dedication Mass this evening for St. Vincent de Paul and the next phase of our building project. ST V D P hands out food, money and other things to the needy. If I can get a ride from someone I will get their for early practice. If not I will just get there before the celebration begins.

    Julie - Glad all is going pretty well for you and that you had a nice weekend so far. Sorry I do not remember everything said. I guess I am getting slowly caught up - little by little. Hope to get back later on - probably not today to chat more.

    Sun - Glad you and DH got to get out some. Many times it helps with your emotional and mental state just to get out and about for a bit. Sorry you ended up with a headache. Is it the usual headache or like mine in the back like someone is sitting on the back of your head. Hope you got to feeling better when you got home. I see you are doggie sitting while the g kids and family are out and about.

    Mikie -If you find any extra NRG please mail some to me - LOL. Hope you are feeling better and found some more NRG for yourself.

    SW - Hope your blackouts are fewer and you get to post more often.

    Jam - Heard of another tremor CA had yesterday but do not remember where it was or how close it was to you. They can be scary I am sure, even if it isn't a bad one and not that close to you.

    Diane - Hope you are feeling better with less anxiety. How is your weather? Hope it is starting to warm up for you and all the peeps living in the COLD areas.

    Rock - Hope you are feeling a little better with some more NRG and that your computer isn't driving you crazy. If so don't feel bad as mine does too at times.

    Thinking of you awl but not much time to write.

    Love to awl,
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    Good Sunday morning! I am actually up and ready for church...yay! Not sure if Den is going as he just isn't feeling up to par. He hasn't had any "down time" yet, since we got home...has been working on vehicles, stockpiling firewood, helping with grandkids, etc.

    It is 39 degrees (F) here, but is to get up to 68...hope it gets even warmer than what the computer predicts, it does sometimes:p After church and lunch, I may try to figure out how to go on a walk with Lorraine and Liora...Isaiah still needs a nap, but those girls just keep "going and going." Not sure I am up to pulling them in the little trailer behind my bike, but could go for a short walk with the double stroller?

    Sun, glad you got out and about...darn headache, though! I'll bet there is a microwave that works on car batteries...seems like they make everything else like it. When I took Gpa to his club dinner a couple weeks ago, a fellow brought chicken in a crockpot that he had plugged in to his vehicle during church. He said he used some kind of adapter, the crockpot itself was just a regular one.

    I'd better get out and feed the cats, then get appropriately dressed. An old t-shirt and capris work for around the house, but not "public." :oops: Although, at the church we go to, nobody would ever say a thing, except to try to help and see if I needed anything. :)

    As I was typing this, a message popped up that someone else had posted...Hi Granni! We are typing at the same time...hope your day goes well.

    Will see if Linds is going to try to get to church...I almost think not, the kids have been having runny noses and cough again.

    Everyone have a wonderful day!

  14. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    Monday morning...have a notion to wait and decide if it is "good" or not, lol! But I think I will go out on a limb here and say, "Yes, it is GOING to be a great day." :p

    I have been up for an hour (since 3:00 am)...probably because I slept from 7:00 last night until I had to get up for the bathroom. Well, I did get woke up a couple times when I heard the kids playing outside and when Keira called and texted...

    We all made it to church yesterday (we helped Lindsey get her kids in the van before we left)...after we got home and had lunch, I went over and watched the girls while Lindsey and Isaiah took a long nap. The twins had fallen asleep on the way home, so Liora for sure wasn't going to sleep again, but Isaiah still needs a good nap every day.

    But that meant Gma didn't get any rest, and I tried to come home after Lindsey got up and "keep going" but my brain wouldn't work and back was hurting. So I heated up leftovers for myself and Den for supper, then crashed. Any bets on when Gma needs a nap today? ;)

    This is Den's last day of vacation, so will be available to help him with anything he wants to get done...but I know he will take a nap right after lunch, lol! And David is off today, so he can cover things over there...

    I am working on getting the wood stove going this morning, even though it is to be nice again today...right now still only 50 degrees outside. Will just get the chill off the house, then let the fire go out later. I have appreciated being able to save on heating fuel this winter, but will be glad to be done with the mess and bother of the stove for a few months...

    My brain still feels foggy, and my back and neck are still hurting...I may need a nap before lunch. Hope everyone can find some good things about today...I'll check in later on.
  15. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Porchies,

    It's early Mon. morning and I thought I'd stop in. Didn't get here yesterday. Decided to just take some personal time for introspection. I've been feeling (think I mentioned this earlier here) dissatisfied but can't put my finger on the reason for feeling a lack of purpose. I am bored with the only activities here in the hood--eating, arguing and gossip. I need more. Of course, it's up to me to fix this but at the moment, I'm at a loss as to how to do this. I still want to go shopping for some ice skates. Perhaps getting out on the ice will awaken something in me. That's only external. Yesterday, I watched some old Oprah shows dealing with the soul and spirit. Gary Zukav, author of "Seat of The Soul," was on in a rerun. I got another of his books, "Soul Stories," and started reading. I realize I need to get more in touch with my own soul and spirit. Think instead of the pool, I'll walk for exercise this morning and just enjoy the beauty all around me. I am still not up to snuff but am better.

    Sunflower Girl, sending up prayers for you and DH. I hope the chemo does its job. I pray also that your pain goes away. A trip to an artsy little town is my idea of real fun, but it's too bad you weren't feeling well. Also sorry about the EQ but glad everyone is OK. I've been through one and they are scary. After more than a week, Simon is back. He looks better than ever so think he has another spot to eat. I won't worry about him from now on if he's MIA.

    Granni, it's so good to hear your church works to help the needy. So many churches do such good work and now we have a new Pope who values service to others. He is so humble and wildly popular. I would also like more NRG. This latent virus is getting better but it's slow to go away. I'm still taking Acyclovir.

    Julie, glad to hear you got the cats fed and appropriately dressed. What do cats wear on Sundays? Just kidding. Most of my wardrobe is Capris and tees. I live in them. Have a few dressier outfits for going out to the theatre or whatever. Still, I love the casual lifestyle. I am always doing something around here and it would be foolish to dress up only to get dirty.

    My new Surface2 will not turn on even though I've charged it. I think the battery is kaput. It's still under manufacturer's warranty so have to find out how to get it fixed. Hope this isn't an indication of how it will perform in the future. Wish I'd bought a Samsung tablet instead. I may feel differently if they fix the Surface.

    Better go brush my teeth and get dressed to go for a walk. Diet has been going well but exercise needs to be brought back into the regimen. Only requirement is to get the heartbeat up for 20 mins. Hope y'all have a good day.

    Love, Miki
  16. lydia1

    lydia1 Well-Known Member

    LOL, Mikie! I had to go back and see what I posted :p I'm sure it would have to be something "holey" ;)

    Here is a cat pun, I found on google "worst puns ever" or something like that.
    Why did the cat want to work at the hospital? Because it wanted to be a first aid kit!

    I've been sitting here quietly since 3:00 am (so Den could sleep in on his last day of vacation) waiting for the sun to come up. Ran outside to watch the sunrise, but it is COLD out there! I may get bundled up and go for a walk, myself. Have to see if I have enough warm clothes I can get to, without going into the bedroom...

    I hope you find something that gets your spirit soaring again. Well, Den just got up, so I can make noise now, lol!
  17. rockgor

    rockgor Active Member

    Hi Kids

    I haven't seen the B & W cat I mentioned in my previous post. But we did have a gold
    cat scarfing up the kibble two nights ago. Last night there was a small skunk. I checked
    a couple hours later. This time there was a large skunk.

    I wonder if skunks wash themselves like cats. Their white fur is always immaculate.

    Julie, what a kawinkydink. 68 degrees in Iowa. It's supposed to be the same temp here
    today. With a slight chance of rain. That means we won't get any rain, but the folks in
    the foothills might.

    Dar, I hope you were able to get your meds/supplements somehow. Terrible to be without.

    SG, glad to hear you had an excursion. Too bad about that headache.

    Gordon is unrelenting in his attack on the garage. There are guys who pick up trash
    that drive around the neighborhood. They are hunting for metal they can sell for scrap;
    furniture they can use or sell. Anyhoo Gordon now has a phone number for two of these
    entrepeneurs. He calls and they come and help carry stuff. Anything they don't want we
    leave outside on the curb. Sometimes folks help themselves. If not, we call the city and
    eventually they pick it up.

    I finished reading one of the supplements to "The Borrowers". (The first in the series came
    out in the 50s. Won a big award for children's books.) I think there are one or two left
    to read. You know what the self-help-be-happy folks tell us. If we want to stay centered
    we need to take of of our inner child. Personally, my inner child somehow got old
    and crotchety in the last few decades. Bah, humbug!

    Saw a banner at the bottom of the TV weather report on a humor site. "Temp minus 23 degrees. Minnesota cancelled."

    Hi to Springwater, Barry, Jam, Mikie, Jole, and et. al.
  18. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Kids,

    Julie, your grammar was perfect; it was I who decided to twist it around just to give a laugh. Loved the pun, BTW. Never let a good pun go by without sharing. I think our temp was about the same as yours when I went for my walk. I didn't wear a jacket because I'm usually so warm. It was COLD! I got in 17 mins. at my target heart rate instead of 2o. Maybe being cold worked me harder. I did enjoy being out in what passes for nature here. We have a nice nature park across the main street but I'm not familiar with all the paths and don't want to get stuck inside, exhausted with my legs hurting. Walking on pavement is hard. Whine, whine, whine! It gets into the 80's around 4:00 in the afternoon but mornings are so cold. Too cold for the pool. I want to keep up the aerobics because that's the key to lowering my cholesterol. The weight loss is just a bonus. Many of my Capris are stretch demin in all sorts of colors and I think they will continue to fit. I may try taking a couple of pairs of other materials which have become clown pants. All I lack is the red nose and big shoes.

    Rock, sounds as though you guys are really making progress on the garage. It should go faster with the help. I think if we relearn to play as children, it may bring some joy into our crotchety lives. That's why I want to skate again. Still, I need to meditate and get in touch with my own self. My depression and malaise may just be that I still have this insidious virus. That, and all the little things which have gone awry lately. Just can't handle much.

    I've struggled to find a fabric softener which won't gum up my washing machine. I decided to buy some Method. It is lightly scented. When mixed with some vinegar, the scent doesn't bother me but alone, it is triggering my agitation response to sensory overload.

    I did my taxes on Turbo Tax but didn't file them. They keep the info on file so if, at any time in the future, I want to go back and file, it's all there. Only reason to do this is something like winning the LOTTO. I don't have much income and owe no taxes so don't file. Still, it's one more thing I've gotten out of the way. I'm really tired so will sign off now.

    Love to everyone, Mikie
  19. Granniluvsu

    Granniluvsu Member

    Darn it - !!! I just almost finished a fairly long post and poof it disappeared. I am royally p----d ! I really want to scream. I was rushing as it is almost time to sit out with DH with our glass of wine.

    Glad to see all is well and posting by most. Nice to see JULIE, ROCK, MIKIE and whoever else I might have missed. Went to Line Dancing this morning for the first time in ages, then had to weed this afternoon. Tomorrow I need to finished the other side of the bridge post I didn't do before going away.

    Julie - Glad it is getting a little warmer for you even if only in the 50's. It was 70's today and will soon be hot but I will take that to the cold. I wish you got to rest some more with all going on around you. When is the new little one due. Oh my I can't imagine how busy all will be then :)!!!

    Hope everyone else is doing well. Will get back when I can, maybe tomorrow evening since the afternoon is singing with our small group.

    Hi also to Jole, Dar, Spring Water, Jam, Barry, Joan, Elaine and so many other MIA's.


  20. Mikie

    Mikie Moderator

    Hi, Granni, sounds like your usual busy self. Weeding--AACK! I can't do it anymore and, even though I hate to use chemicals, I squirt them with Weed Be Gone or another weed killer. We have mulch but it comes full of weed seeds which sprout once it's spread.

    I had to come back here to warn a spammer and answer a message to me so thought I'd drop in to my favorite friends. I hope more of our MIA's can post. I miss everyone when they aren't around.

    Love, Mikie