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    Mikie - I agree with you but we have so much space for weeds and stuff to grow on. I surely wish that we had the $ that we could have someone else do it. That and painting, especially outside is not my cup of tea either. If I would have forseen in the future when we were looking at this house I would have chosen another with just grass to mow or less, if that is possible.. Gee, what 13-15 years can do your body ):!!

    I was going to do some spraying too for the weeds and we do have the weed killer but the stuff I had to do today was easier pulled out. Not even sure of what it is other than green long thingys that sort of stick to your gloves after you pick them out. They come out pretty easily from the ground which was one good thing. We have plenty of real weeds too that I need to get out by spray or pulling. Some of it wouldn't bother me to much but it bothers DH.

    I agree with you about missing so many friends when they are not around.

    Julie - I hope you get to do a little resting sometime soon. I know that is almost impossible considering all the help needed by Lindsay and her little ones and others, I am to far away to give to much help to others. There is good and bad to both (helping and not).

    Spring Water - Hope you are OK and maybe having some annoying blackouts in your area. Miss seeing and hearing from you. Hope you have enough NRG to get through what is needed.

    Dar - Hope you are feeling a little better after your flare.

    Sun - Thinking of you and your DH. You both have so much on your plates. Hope at least your weather is a little better.

    Diane - Also thinking of you and hoping that your stress has gotten at least a little better for you. We are all trying to pass on happy thoughts to you . Hope your weather is behaving itself too or at least trying to. Every little bit hopes I know. Hope that you, Kevin and kitties are all warm , toasty and happy. Talk about a fast year so far already. I can't believe tomorrow is April and Easter will be coming soon.

    Better run for now. It is my baby son's 40th b-day today. Doesn't that make me feel OLD :)!! OMG !!

    Love to you all,
    Granni :)
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    Mikie: I'm also feeling that "antsy" feeling.....needing something new (perhaps just energy would be nice) and so much is up in the air around here. Any luck with searching for skates? And I suppose all your winter friends will soon be leaving?

    Granni: My youngest son turns 39 in another month. Hard to believe! Will you be seeing him for his BD?

    Rock: When Gordon gets done with his garage and house perhaps he would like to come here and clean mine out? LOL

    Haven't done much lately......that old fatigue is getting me down. I did force myself today to take my new WC painting I bought to Michaels to price frames, etc. and then to Aaron brothers. Michaels won out so I've left it there...it should be done in about 2 weeks. I don't normally buy a painting......actually I've only ever bought greatly reduced ones at estate sales, but I love this artist's work, and before I knew it I said I wanted it. If you're interested do a search for Kevin Davidson, artist, on the internet.

    Speaking of paintings at estate sales.....I blew it big time years ago. And I learned a very important lesson to ALWAYS lay your hand on something while thinking about it. I had been standing back looking at a painting over a couch, and a guy/dealer walked in and snatched it right off the wall in front of me. Later that week I was talking to a local dealer and apparently this guy had sold it to another dealer for over $3,500 and was crowing about it. And of course this second dealer probably upped it another $l,000 or more. I had to tell myself it wasn't meant for me.
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    Hi Sun - Sorry years ago you didn't get the painting you wanted but glad you did get something this time. No I won't be seeing our son for his Bday, today. However, I did speak to him and also chatted with him on the phone. He is doing great. His wife bought some time on a fishing boat for him and a few friends. Our one SIL who was invited to go was home in pain with sciatica. He will be having an MRI sometime this week. Poor guy ! I understand about sciatica. It is NOT fun and you can be in so much pain with it, been there and done that but I never have had an MRI, just waited it out doing as little as I could get away with and using the heating pad as much as possible.

    Hope you get some NRG soon. I really don't have much but force myself to do stuff, especially if I enjoy it. The weeding and painting are not one of them :)!! Hope your DH is getting a little more NRG and positive thinking going on there. Hope your weather is a little warmer than it has been for you both and nice and SUNNY.

    Gotta run an say good night to you and all who might be reading. Might not make it back tomorrow but now that the days are pretty out there is SO MUCH TO DO outside as well as inside..

    Love to you and all,
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    hello evrybody

    nice to read updates, in a rush here, myself..hv to go out
    in coupla moments..thought id go out, visit a temple hv
    lunch out with this middle brother of mine, he called ysterday
    but i was too busy to see him, now that im oldest in family,
    i feel like i gotta make especial time for each pf my sibs,

    my other SIL, (dhs sis ) i met her the other day, went morning
    to MILs and the busy self she is Dhs sis, she had woken her
    family at 4:30 am and taken all to get blessings of a high priest
    at monastery south of town. theyd got back by time i visied at
    9am albeit looking sleepy.

    that day was so hot, it was 89 F at nine in morning, oh come
    onnn...weather, give us a break!!! and i found our a/c has
    broken down and needs a new compressor!!! aaargh..at least
    my a/c, filters, the walls, mirror got a good clean coz the
    workmen were coming...im evenmotivated to give my bedroom
    windows facing the street a good washdown with soapy water
    and brush...third degree treatment.

    we just got our tv setbox back and i was able to watch some fav
    ourite programs, i am beginning to think there is a plot afoot
    to hv some electrical thing or other out of order, here. they
    showed a real estate kinda docu on new york n manhattan i
    felt such a yearning for those places, loved it so much when
    we visited.

    rock - did u like the Borrowers book? it is a fav of mine,
    so much so i asked my daughter to send me the three
    books i didnt hv...and i now hv all of the set..five of them..
    my fav is Borrowers Afield, no surprises there, theyre living
    in the outdoors, in a boot n hidden in greenery, and thats
    fantasy, to live with the wind blowing in my face at all
    times, smelling fresh grass and drinking in fresh air 24 x 7.

    mikie - that soul ache and feeling of something missing is
    what led me to Pranic Healing and wanting to do something
    outside of myself..unfortunately, my friend and i joke,
    karmic syndrome kicked in, and i got beset with problems.
    its part of the practise that as our meditations become more
    regular and practise more intense, our past accumulated karma
    which we HAVE to pay off, is accelerated so that what we could
    take lifetimes to negate, can be be paid off sooner in shorter
    times...hoo, never realised the severity of this karmic syndrome,
    however....but i hv to go thru what i hv to go thru...all the time
    praying for Divine intervention and grace.

    julie , granni, sun - enjoyed reading yr updates..

    wil come back again..after returning,

    god bless
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    Sunday...make that Monday evening, lol! I keep thinking it is Saturday or Sunday since Den has still been home. He heads back to work tomorrow and I drive three hours to the chiro.

    I took another long (three hour) nap this afternoon...I am thinking the pain is what has made me extra tired and sleepy. Hope this chiro can help, and that I can get to him more often.

    Springwater, I was just thinking about you, and there you were! I know things are crazy-busy for you...hope they calm down a bit.

    Granni, speaking of yard work...I need to be getting out there too. Seems the grass always needs cut before we have the yard picked up.

    Sun, hope they do a wonderful job on your frame for the paining. Have been thinking of you and your hubby too.

    Mikie, lol, now you can say, "I made you look! I made you look!"

    Rock, I'm so glad that Gordon is getting the garage cleaned out, and has some help too. We actually got up to 73 degrees, but had a big thunder and hail storm early in the evening.

    I need to get things done this week...David is leaving next Monday for a two week training...too far away to drive home every night, but might get to come home the weekend. Unfortunately, he has Guard drill this weekend (Friday-Sunday)...may get home Sunday night just in time to turn around and drive to wherever his training is. Glad he is getting out of the Guard next February...now there's a guy who is burning the candle at both ends...

    I guess I can say Happy April Fool's a little early...hope everyone has a great week!
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    Hi, Porchies,

    Granni, I loved living in my family home, even by myself for three years after my separation so my DD would have a home to return to between school breaks. I kept it clean and did all the yard work on a big corner lot. I cannot even imagine that now. I was forced to move into a condo and was quite depressed at losing my home. The first weekend I lay at the side of the pool instead of doing yard work, I thought, "Hmmmm! I think I could get used to condo living. Have lived in condos ever since. We have gardeners but they just get weed killer all over everything--our plants, our lawn, etc. I told them to stop spraying for our weeds. I'd rather do it myself. They will be trimming our bushes and I'm dreading that. I already put signs, in Spanish and English, on two hibiscus bushes not to trim them. Right now, we are trying to decide what to do with the metal railings on our bldg. I think the only way to do them right is to use electro-static painting. The machine they use gives the paint a neg. charge and it only sticks to the pos. charged railing. No need to mask or put out drop cloths. It's pretty neat. It also makes metal look like new and last a lot longer than ordinary paint. Expensive though.

    Sunflower Girl, I'm so sorry you missed that painting at the sale. I haven't been out to look for skates as I've been exhausted with allergies and then, whatever Herpes-Family virus which rears its ugly head when I get run down. I'm taking my Acyclovir. Thank God for it. My lymph nodes aren't as swollen and my throat is no longer sore. Yes, our Northern friends are starting to leave. One leaves on Sat. The others in a month. Barb doesn't go home until late June until the end of Aug. She prefers it here but wants to be with her kids for a while each year. So, skates are on the back burner until I feel better and take care of some more pressing problems.

    Springwater, wow, that's hot! Who would have known how hot it is cradled in the Himalayas. Shows how little we know about other places. Sounds as though you've been busy and dealing with all kinds of problems. I also believe in Karma. I recognize that I've paid off one big Karma debt in this lifetime and, I suppose, these illnesses might be a Karma payment. A psychic once told me that not every challenge is Karma, though. Some are challenges we chose before we came here so we could grow in spirit. I'd say all of us with these illnesses are taking a quantum Karmic leap! I realize that I've not kept up with prayer and meditation as I should be. Perhaps my antsiness is due to my neglect.

    Julie, yes you made me look :) Mention cats and I'll look every time. Simon was here again this morning looking all sleepy in my chair. He didn't look as though he wanted to get up. When he came back up the stairs, he stopped and looked inside through the door as though he wonders what goes on in here. Don't think he'll ever be tame but he's a lot less scared around me. Yes, Happy April Fool's Day to everyone. BTW, wonder how AFD got started. Maybe Rock, our resident professor, will know.

    Have a condo mtg. this morning. Need to shower first. I forgot some things at the store so will make a Publix run. I'm out of Abbreva. If I have time, I may stop at Home Depot for some mulch and weed spray. Who knows, maybe the spirit will move me and I'll go shopping for skates. I hope everyone has a good day.

    Love, Mikie
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    Hi Kids

    Well, we had some rain after all. It is supposed to stop in about an hour. Then I'll
    put out some kibble for the critters. SG, will try and post a pic of Balboa Island.


    There. I hope it stays there too! Balboa island is near the small city of Newport Beach in
    Orange County which is just south of Los Angeles County. Balboa Island was
    originally a sand bar-mud flat. About a century ago the island was created and it
    is now home to lots of rich people. Wikipedia says a 2 bedroom house can cost
    3 million bucks!

    SG, I loved the paintings by Kevin Davidson. They remind me of Utrillo's work.

    Springwater, yes, I love The Borrowers. I read the original and the "Afield" book
    back in the 50s. Just finished "Afloat". I was surprised to learn that Mary Norton
    also wrote the books that became the Disney movie "Bedknobs and Broomsticks".
    I remember taking my son to see it when he was small. The brothers who
    wrote the music for Mary Poppins did this film too. Angela Lansbury was the star.

    Yes, Gordon is making progress on the garage. Once it is cleaned out, he can put
    more stuff in it. Serially. He rents a storage space. Wants to move the stuff that's
    therein to herein. Uff-duh! Well, at least it would save on the rental fee.

    Yesterday we hauled stuff outta the storage unit. There was a 3 piece set of soft luggage
    that he bought at a thrift shop on one of our trips a decade or so back. We never
    actually used it. Yesterday he donated it to the nunnery. They were delighted. Said
    most of the women they help have little or no luggage and have to rely on cartons.

    Well, Kids, I'm afraid the days when I could address you all individually are just gone.
    My back gets worser and worser. Going back to bed for a while.

    Hugs to everydobb; Diane, Soul, and everydobby my failing mind can't think of at
    the moment.

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    Good morning to all! Just a quick note before I head out. I am already allowing time on the return trip to stop somewhere and take a nap in the car...there are a couple truck stops that have plenty of people going through and I don't worry about just locking my car doors and leaning back in my seat.

    I woke up with a monster headache...wish this chiro was closer.

    Rock, don't worry about addressing everyone...we are just glad to hear from you :) So funny about moving stuff out of the garage in order to make room for more...well, it would be funny, if I wasn't in a similar situation, lol! Seems I just keep moving the same things from here to there...a lot of it belongs to my parents and kids, though.

    Mikie, hope your meeting goes well, and you find a whole reserve of extra energy.

    Gotta get ready...will be thinking of you all!
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    Mikie: I know how close you and Barb are so that's good that she doesn't leave until later. Hope you start to feel better. Who knows what hits us and WHY?

    Julie: I admire you soooo much for all you are able to do, and highest on the list is driving so far to get your chiro treatment. I took my visiting dog for a walk yesterday, passing tennis courts where the young kids were getting lessons. One of the parked cars had a mother in it.....seat put back sleeping away......so deeply that her mouth was starting to fall open. That's probably one very tired, overworked mother. I could NEVER sleep in a car, in public.....call me crazy, but then I have troubles even sleeping at home in my own bedroom.

    Rock: I admire Kevin's work so much. He works on yupo which is a type of plastic, originally created for outdoor signs. I was first given a sheet of it years ago and I'm determined I'm going to master it instead of the other way around. I have several DVDs from George James which I think you can watch on Utube. With Kevin's work it's so perfect.....aside from where you see his pencil lines where he sketched. Of course Kevin was originally an architect which means he can DRAW! George James works totally different, but his name is the one people think of most when yupo is mentioned. He basically started this whole different type of painting.

    I took some pic. of my garden....I love the chartreuse and purples with a touch of orange here and there, so I wanted to share.

    Spring: That's really hot to be contending with it so early. Is this normal for where you live or is climate change affecting your area of the world also?

    I'm thinking the chemo is starting to affect my DH. Upset stomach something awful for 3 days now. He came home from work yesterday and collapsed on his bed and slept for a couple of hours. Today he has his second chemo so will talk to dr. about this.

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    So nice to see so many posters !!! Worked out this morning and then off to do some painting outside. Sometime after lunch it was time to go do some practicing for our small groups show next week. Hope it isn't the same day as my Rheumy's appt. I see her once a year just for some meds.

    Spring Water - So glad to hear from you. Yes, it does sound warm for this early in the season . I think it is or was warmer than here. It will probably be hot here pretty soon but can take it easier than the cold. Please get back to us as soon as you can again.

    Julie - I can't believe that you drive 3 hours to go to the best chiro. Not sure I would drive 3 hours to go much of anywhere. It seems sometimes that you spend a lot of time in the car driving back and forth all over. However, you are still nice and young :)!! Not that comfy driving for to long either.

    I have two b days this month as well as ds's yesterday. So I had better look to see if I have some b- day cards to send out. I already send out one to dear son who turned 40 yesterday. Then there is a grandson who will turn 10 and my eldest ddaughter has a birthday on the 9th.

    Mikie - Hope you are starting to feel a little better with some more vim and vinegar :)!! When will your pal Barb be leaving? I don't remember and where will she be going, to a cooler climate I guess. That is what many do here in TX but we don't have to many places to go that don't cost lots of $$. In May we do hope to go see DH's cousin's son and family in Joplin, MO. Don't wish for any more tornadoes like they had a few years ago. We were planning to go there last year but didn't work out. We also hoped to see them a few years ago and it we had a leak in the ceiling.

    Hi again to everyone. I need to start looking for my b-day cards to see if I have to go buy some more.

    Bye for now. Will try and check in some tomorrow.

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    Good Tuesday evening...I am going to go start a new volume, then will chat over there...

    Please don't post anymore on this volume...I will start another one...this one is closed :)