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    Mikie: I know how close you and Barb are so that's good that she doesn't leave until later. Hope you start to feel better. Who knows what hits us and WHY?

    Julie: I admire you soooo much for all you are able to do, and highest on the list is driving so far to get your chiro treatment. I took my visiting dog for a walk yesterday, passing tennis courts where the young kids were getting lessons. One of the parked cars had a mother in it.....seat put back sleeping away......so deeply that her mouth was starting to fall open. That's probably one very tired, overworked mother. I could NEVER sleep in a car, in public.....call me crazy, but then I have troubles even sleeping at home in my own bedroom.

    Rock: I admire Kevin's work so much. He works on yupo which is a type of plastic, originally created for outdoor signs. I was first given a sheet of it years ago and I'm determined I'm going to master it instead of the other way around. I have several DVDs from George James which I think you can watch on Utube. With Kevin's work it's so perfect.....aside from where you see his pencil lines where he sketched. Of course Kevin was originally an architect which means he can DRAW! George James works totally different, but his name is the one people think of most when yupo is mentioned. He basically started this whole different type of painting.

    I took some pic. of my garden....I love the chartreuse and purples with a touch of orange here and there, so I wanted to share.

    Spring: That's really hot to be contending with it so early. Is this normal for where you live or is climate change affecting your area of the world also?

    I'm thinking the chemo is starting to affect my DH. Upset stomach something awful for 3 days now. He came home from work yesterday and collapsed on his bed and slept for a couple of hours. Today he has his second chemo so will talk to dr. about this.

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    So nice to see so many posters !!! Worked out this morning and then off to do some painting outside. Sometime after lunch it was time to go do some practicing for our small groups show next week. Hope it isn't the same day as my Rheumy's appt. I see her once a year just for some meds.

    Spring Water - So glad to hear from you. Yes, it does sound warm for this early in the season . I think it is or was warmer than here. It will probably be hot here pretty soon but can take it easier than the cold. Please get back to us as soon as you can again.

    Julie - I can't believe that you drive 3 hours to go to the best chiro. Not sure I would drive 3 hours to go much of anywhere. It seems sometimes that you spend a lot of time in the car driving back and forth all over. However, you are still nice and young :)!! Not that comfy driving for to long either.

    I have two b days this month as well as ds's yesterday. So I had better look to see if I have some b- day cards to send out. I already send out one to dear son who turned 40 yesterday. Then there is a grandson who will turn 10 and my eldest ddaughter has a birthday on the 9th.

    Mikie - Hope you are starting to feel a little better with some more vim and vinegar :)!! When will your pal Barb be leaving? I don't remember and where will she be going, to a cooler climate I guess. That is what many do here in TX but we don't have to many places to go that don't cost lots of $$. In May we do hope to go see DH's cousin's son and family in Joplin, MO. Don't wish for any more tornadoes like they had a few years ago. We were planning to go there last year but didn't work out. We also hoped to see them a few years ago and it we had a leak in the ceiling.

    Hi again to everyone. I need to start looking for my b-day cards to see if I have to go buy some more.

    Bye for now. Will try and check in some tomorrow.

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